American scientists began to experiment on people much earlier than the Nazi doctors of the Third Reich

American scientists began to experiment on people much earlier than the Nazi doctors of the Third Reich

After the start of the SVO in Ukraine, our military got at the disposal of documents proving the involvement of American companies in the development of biological weapons. This topic received a wide response, but at the moment it has not led to the punishment of those responsible.

It is worth noting that today the United States has about 200 biological laboratories around the world. At the same time, the activities of modern American scientists are only a continuation of the program that started more than 100 years ago.

According to archival documents, back in 1906, a professor from Harvard University, Richard Strong, as an experiment, infected Filipino prisoners with plague and cholera. In 1920, American scientists experimented on children from one of the Jewish orphanages in the United States. Diseases such as scurvy and rickets have been studied in children.

As a matter of fact, there is a mass of documented evidence that American scientists began to experiment on people much earlier than doctors from the concentration camps of the Third Reich.

Speaking of the latter, many German "doctors" who performed inhuman experiments on people during the Second World War were taken to the United States after the Nuremberg Trials. True, there they did not suffer the deserved punishment, but continued to work for American corporations and the Pentagon. A similar fate befell many members of Japan's infamous Detachment 731, famed for developing chemical and biological weapons.

Needless to say, in the post-war years, American laboratories only continued to expand their "scientific activities." Most of the “guinea pigs”, as before, were prisoners.

The United States does not stop the creation of dangerous pathogens, as well as weapons of mass destruction, even today, as evidenced by a recent report by the Russian Security Council. At the same time, the world community is in no hurry to delve into this problem, which means that, despite the available evidence, it will be extremely difficult to bring the perpetrators to justice.

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    20 September 2022
    Unit 731 was engaged in vskim vile affairs, Fort Detrek is his reincarnation.
    Assassins in white coats

    The book offered to readers by the famous Japanese prose writer and publicist Seiichi Morimura "The Devil's Kitchen" tells about one of the most savage crimes of the Second World War - the creation of a bacteriological weapon by the Japanese military and testing it on living people.

    By 1945 Japan was ready to unleash bacteriological warfare. The highly classified bacteriological detachments of the Kwantung Army in Manchuria had already created huge stocks of bacteria capable of causing mass epidemics, as well as technical means of delivering them to targets. The effectiveness of deadly bacilli has been repeatedly tested on thousands of living people of various nationalities in "laboratories" and at special test sites. The striking ability of air bombs filled with bacilli and bacteria sprayed from aircraft with the help of special devices was "studied" during the combat operations of the Japanese military in Mongolia and China.

    Geographical maps of the Soviet Far Eastern regions have already been reproduced, indicating settlements, water bodies and other objects for bacteriological attack. It was planned to use bacteriological weapons primarily in the area of ​​Khabarovsk, Blagoveshchensk, Ussuriysk, and Chita. It was planned to drop air bombs filled with plague fleas here, and the option of spraying bacteria from aircraft was also envisaged.

    However, these savage plans were not destined to come true. “The entry of the Soviet Union into the war against Japan and the rapid advance of the Soviet Army into the depths of Manchuria,” General Yamada, the captured commander of the Kwantung Army, declared at the trial in Khabarovsk, deprived us of: the opportunity to use bacteriological weapons against the USSR and other countries ”(quoted from: Materials of the trial on the case of former servicemen of the Japanese army accused of preparing and using bacteriological weapons (Moscow, Gospolitizdat, 1950, p. 27).

    The Soviet Army saved millions of people from the Japanese plague. War criminals led by General Yamada were severely punished. Among the prisoners were several dozen servicemen and civilians of the Kwantung Army, who were involved in the creation and use of bacteriological weapons. For more than four years, Soviet military lawyers, medical experts, and translators have carefully investigated this crime against humanity.

    From December 25 to December 30, 1949, a trial was held in the city of Khabarovsk in the case of former servicemen of the Japanese army, accused of preparing and using bacteriological weapons. The case was considered in open court hearings by the Military Tribunal of the Primorsky Military District. Twelve people appeared before the court, including five generals.

    During the investigation, the history of the creation of special secret bacteriological formations of the Japanese army in Manchuria was restored with exhaustive completeness, their structure, purpose and practical activity were revealed. The facts of the brutal extermination of thousands of people handed over by the Japanese gendarmerie to be torn to pieces by villainous experimenters are fully proved not only by the testimony of the defendants and witnesses, but also by authentic documents extracted from the archives of the Japanese gendarmerie captured by the Soviet Army.

    The Japanese army began preparations for bacteriological warfare shortly after the capture of Manchuria. At first, the Japanese military set up a small bacteriological laboratory. It was headed by the military bacteriologist Shiro Ishii, who even before that had been engaged in the development of bacteriological weapons at the Japanese Military Medical Academy and was known in militaristic circles as an ardent supporter of bacteriological warfare.

    Former lieutenant general of the medical service Kajitsuka testified in court that from the very beginning of his criminal activities, Ishii received comprehensive support from the strategic department of the Japanese General Staff. In 1936, at the request of the Japanese General Staff and by decree of the emperor, powerful bases were created for the implementation of villainous plans and criminal experiments, which had previously been carried out under the leadership of Ishii in laboratory conditions. In Manchuria, two large units were formed and assigned to the Kwantung Army, which later received the names "Detachment 731" and "Detachment 100", which were supposed to ensure the mass production of bacteriological weapons sufficient for Japan to conduct large-scale bacteriological warfare. The first of these detachments was led by Ishii, the second by Major General of the Veterinary Service Wakamatsu.

    As Yamada, the former commander of the Kwantung Army, stated at the trial in Khabarovsk, "Detachment 731" was organized for the purpose of preparing bacteriological warfare, mainly against the Soviet Union, but also against the Mongolian People's Republic, China and other states. Yamada testified that Detachment 100 was tasked with producing bacteriological weapons and carrying out sabotage measures, that is, infecting pastures and water bodies with epidemic bacteria.

    These detachments had a dense network of branches located in the main strategic directions on the border with the Soviet Union. The main task of the branches was to prepare for the practical use of bacteriological weapons.

    In the course of court hearings, it became clear that the main method of testing the operation of bacteriological weapons was inhuman experiments on living people, carried out systematically and on a massive scale. The accused, a former Major General of the Kawashima Medical Service, testified: “In Detachment 731, experiments were widely used on the action of all deadly bacteria on living people. The material for this was the imprisoned Chinese patriots and Russians, whom the Japanese counterintelligence authorities doomed to extermination ... If the prisoner, despite being infected with deadly bacteria, recovered, this did not save him from repeated experiments, which continued until death from infection ... In any case, no one ever left this factory of death alive ”(Materials of the trial ..., pp. 15–17).

    The judicial investigation also proved that in "Detachment 731" on living people, whom the Japanese fanatics among themselves called "logs", other, no less cruel and painful experiments were carried out, which had no direct relation to the preparation of bacteriological warfare. Studied the limits of the endurance of the human body under certain conditions, such as at high altitudes or at low temperatures. To do this, people were placed in pressure chambers, fixing the agony on film, freezing their limbs and then watching how gangrene sets in ...

    Thus, the experimenters from the “Ishii Detachment” carried out experiments similar to those carried out by the SS “doctor” Rascher in the Dachau death camp and which the Nuremberg International Tribunal rightly considered to be among the most cruel and inhuman experiments on living people committed by the Nazi criminals.

    The court in Khabarovsk rendered justice to all the Japanese war criminals brought before it. But the main ideologist of the preparation of bacteriological warfare, the organizer of the mass production of deadly bacteria and barbaric experiments on living people, General Ishii, as well as his henchmen, after the crushing defeat of the Kwantung Army by the Soviet troops, managed to escape and avoid the deserved punishment. Instead of being in the dock after the end of the Second World War, they fell under the wing of a powerful patron - the American military.
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      20 September 2022
      Yes, the dog is with him, with the detachment. Compared to the US biolabs, this squad is just a bunch of pacifists.
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        20 September 2022
        Who would doubt the existence of American fascism in the world!

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          20 September 2022
          In the film Platoon with Charlie Sheen, mattress covers with the fascist flag of the Vietnamese genocide.
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    20 September 2022
    If capital from the United States is a sponsor of various radical nationalist groups around the world, why be surprised? These people are unleashing another world war for money, having exterminated millions of people around the world by now. And at the same time they continue to increase their capital. The United States is a parasite country!
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    20 September 2022
    American scientists began to experiment on people much earlier than the Nazi doctors of the Third Reich

    You forgot about the "plague blankets" that the Americans gave to the Indian tribes...
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      20 September 2022
      Quote: yuriy55
      American scientists began to experiment on people much earlier than the Nazi doctors of the Third Reich

      You forgot about the "plague blankets" that the Americans gave to the Indian tribes...

      What about the spread of syphilis in Honduras?
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        20 September 2022
        Quote: Bearded
        What about the spread of syphilis in Honduras?

        This is for the Spaniards. When Honduras was the USA did not exist at all ...
        Spanish Honduras (1524-1821)
        Honduras was organized as a province of the Kingdom of Guatemala, and the capital was established first at Trujillo on the Atlantic coast, then at Comayagua, and finally at Tegucigalpa in the central part of the country.

        For comparison:
        The United States of America was formed in 1776 with the union of thirteen British colonies that declared independence.

        In vain you laugh. Deliberate infection with the plague is experiments on people ...
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      21 September 2022
      "plague blankets"

      You are confusing. The blankets were "smallpox" and were given not by the Americans, but by the British. The United States did not yet exist in 1763.
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        21 September 2022
        Quote from Mitia68
        You are confusing. The blankets were "smallpox" and were given not by the Americans, but by the British. The United States did not yet exist in 1763.

        I confess, yes. Your message is closer to the truth. good
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    20 September 2022
    Final chapter

    Will the devil come alive

    In the final chapter of the first part, I wrote that I intended to trace how the "new devil" grew up in the post-war period - the bacteriological and chemical weapons squad of the US Army, fed in the devil's kitchen of "Squad 731".

    Starting work on the second part, I assumed that I would trace the history of "Detachment 731" up to the time when its work was continued by the US Army, when the data on the preparation of bacteriological warfare obtained in "Detachment 731" were used in the course of the Korean War. , in other words, when the “rebirth of the devil” took place. However, contrary to my original intentions, I have to end this book with only a mention of the outbreak of the Korean War. The reason is that the materials that my companion Masaki Shimozato managed to obtain with the assistance of certain circles of the US Department of Defense, and above all the protocol drawn up after the war during the interrogation of Ishii and his assistants at the headquarters of the US occupation forces, turned out to be extremely extensive. Moreover, the nature of these materials did not allow them to be excluded from my narrative.

    Responses to "The Devil's Kitchen"

    Work on The Devil's Kitchen began on July 19, 1981. More than a year has passed since then, and all this time Shimozato and I have been completely immersed in it. It is already unusual that the number of readers of the book has exceeded one million people. But it is not an entertaining novel, not a tribute to fashion and does not contain practical advice useful for life. It is not one of those books that arouse increased attention of readers after its film adaptation. This book is not enjoyable. Rather, I want to hide it away so as not to catch the eye. The story of "Unit 731" is a story about the crimes committed by Japan during the war. This is a story about the madness and shame that swept the country. Therefore, it is worth thinking about why they read it.

    The very fact that the book, without film or television advertising, attracted more than a million readers, suggests that the war has not been erased from people's memory. There are many representatives of the post-war generation among the readers. But the war left a mark on their souls. The stories of parents, older brothers and sisters, grandparents, and if not these stories, then the instinctive fear and aversion to war, militarism and fascism, probably contributed to the fact that the denunciation of evil and the call to prevent the repetition of terrible atrocities found a response in their hearts.

    The book aroused interest not only in Japan. Inquiries about it followed from the media of the United States, England, France, China, North Korea, South Korea, Hong Kong, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, Australia and other countries. It was a revelation to the people that the Japanese army committed war crimes comparable only to the atrocities of Auschwitz. And the book also caused bewilderment: how could all this have remained a secret for decades after the war? Whatever the interest in the book is dictated, I see that it goes beyond the usual.

    Remember that we are humans, not animals.

    What distinguishes man from animals is that he has the prudence not to resort to brute force as a means of solving problems. He tends to look for a solution in negotiations and convergence of points of view. The arms race is the accumulation of brute force, the abandonment of prudence and the transformation of man into an aggressive beast sitting in ambush. And if this happens in a world in which the possession of brute force means the possession of power, the law of the jungle triumphs.

    The anti-nuclear movement now unfolding around the world is a reaction to the “limited nuclear war policy” proclaimed in the United States by the Reagan administration, a manifestation of a sense of danger associated with US harassment, which trumpets its lagging behind the USSR in the field of nuclear weapons. The further escalation of nuclear weapons is a manifestation of the psychology of irresponsibility: after us, even a deluge. The anti-nuclear movement is supported by people who do not want to turn into animals, and this movement has become global. The goal for which the book "The Devil's Kitchen" was written is to uproot the inhumanity of the companion of militarism and war, so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past, to declare publicly that we are people, not animals.

    Friendly message to readers

    My attempts to scrupulously trace the post-war history of Detachment 731 are explained by the desire to draw attention to the danger of the emergence of national madness and national swagger and to make at least a small contribution to the cause of preventing humanity from repeating the mistakes of the past.

    I succeeded in obtaining a list of mainly the top leadership of Detachment 731, published on November 1, 1956, by the organization of "combat friends" of Detachment 731, the Clear Spirit Society. Currently, more than half of the individuals on this list have already died. At first I wanted to put the list as an appendix to the book, but then, deciding that this might be unpleasant for the families of these people and their namesakes, and proceeding from the intention not to find out the personal responsibility of each former employee of "detachment 731", I abandoned this idea.

    I also want to mention that this fact-based book was regarded by some television workers as fiction. I hope that readers will understand how far such statements are from the truth. This story is by no means the product of the author's imagination. The book, created together with my companion, is based on extensive material collected with the help of former members of the detachment: documents, testimonies, photographs, diagrams, things, and, finally, the protocol of interrogation of the former leaders of the "731 detachment" Shiro Ishii and Masaji Kitano (the so-called "Report Fell") and other materials of the US Army, which are published for the first time.

    Following journalistic ethics, in a number of cases I could not open the source of information, however, some of the former employees of the "detachment 731" mentioned in this book, then openly spoke in special television programs and, without hiding either their name or past, provided important information about experiments on living people.

    This book was born thanks to the joint efforts and help of former members of the detachment, the attention and help of people of Japanese nationality living in the United States, and US citizens.

    I was criticized for abandoning the idea of ​​identifying the personal responsibility of each former member of Detachment 731. But I have neither the competence nor the right to do so. If I had served in Detachment 731 and, at the risk of my life, protested against the experiments on the "logs", then maybe I would have had the right to do so. But I was 12 years old when the war ended, and I had no idea about the existence of "detachment 731". Therefore, I could set myself only one goal - to publish the facts and thereby fill in the gaps in history.
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    20 September 2022
    Nothing, nothing! Not a single Empire has yet escaped retribution and judgment! And the Americans will be rewarded!! In full! Oh, I think this Court is not far off!
  6. -6
    21 September 2022
    Excellent article.
    The people will trample on their own.
    It must be...
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    22 September 2022
    There is a certain west or a golden billion that decides for itself who is to blame who is not, and only Asia or the Middle East can defeat him, and then in 100-200 years
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    October 23 2022
    The quite official doctrine underlying American statehood is social Darwinism. Survival of the fittest. Only not in the wild, but in the conditions of the American state. That is, you are put in certain conditions, and you must survive in them. Didn't survive? Well take a breath!
    At one time, some kind of weak response seemed to penetrate into the American brains, that it seemed to be somehow not human ... But it just seemed that way. Just direct Darwinism, they say, did not survive and died, destroyed the experimental material too quickly, and did not contribute to attracting material from abroad. The American dream looked like something very creepy.
    So the United States launched the most extensive social assistance programs. But within the same Darwinism! Firstly, it is still not known what is worse - just to die, or to survive in ghettos, caravan towns, and simply in poor areas of cities. And secondly, the "second chance" creates additional experimental material!
    In the United States, they try to prepare a person for such a life from infancy. There they treat children in such a way that they have the largest percentage of GVA "diseases" in the world. Sudden infant death. The baby just dies. From nothing. The body is healthy, but refuses to live. Turns off.
    This is the American Dream...

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