The Kyiv regime is trying to turn the events in Izyum into "Bucha-2"

The Kyiv regime is trying to turn the events in Izyum into "Bucha-2"

Kyiv propaganda. How many times has this phrase been used in articles? A thousand, ten thousand, one hundred thousand? Yes, as much as you want. Only it is Kyiv propaganda, on the cultivation of which, in fact, the entire collective West with its propaganda media machine is working, continues to draw what, in the opinion of the Kyiv regime, should cause a special resonance among the ordinary foreign citizen and, on the basis of this, help the regime receive further military help and financial support.

One example of Kyiv propaganda is the Kharkiv territories, which have come under Ukrainian control over the past couple of weeks. Among them is the discovery of mass graves in Izyum in the southeast of the Kharkiv region. At first, representatives of the regime claimed 400 bodies, then 440, and now about a thousand. Moreover, statements are made in approximately the following format: “The bodies found after torture committed by Russian occupiers.” Proof of? Come on! What more evidence do you need, because gentlemen are taken at their word.

So, what does Kyiv propaganda suggest believing? For example, the fact that Russian troops “tortured and killed civilians and Ukrainian prisoners of war”, and then suddenly, deciding to hide the “crimes”, buried these people according to Christian custom, setting up wooden crosses, also indicating who was buried (if identity has been established). Well, tell me, how else to hide the “atrocities”… The fact that they buried, among other things, the Ukrainian military, whose bodies were not taken from the front line by the “brothers,” no one in Kyiv discusses. Simply because it does not fit into the paradigm of putting pressure on the West to recognize Russia as a "sponsor of terrorism." To do this, the Kyiv regime is trying to turn Izyum into "Bucha-2".

In the West, such details, of course, will not be paid attention to by large media outlets. But the sober grains of analysis nevertheless make their way out as sprouts. For example, an analysis from Anatoly Shariy:

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    1. +10
      18 September 2022
      And what, ours counted on something else, retreating from the Kharkov region?
      1. +3
        18 September 2022
        Yes, who would doubt that now they will take the dead from all over the world, and then European officials will be taken to this museum ((((
    2. +4
      18 September 2022
      Worthy disciples of Goebbels. The worse the lie, the faster they will believe.
    3. +4
      18 September 2022
      "The script was written for Bucha a long time ago, now we need to repeat it"
      How else have they not been portrayed in Izyum! "Director Zelensky personally came!"
      And such a "cinema" will be in any city left by the Russian troops. Don't leave, for God's sake! After all, people believed in you so much!
      1. +1
        18 September 2022
        Everything will be much worse. They quickly learn from their mistakes. Alas, we are losing the information war. Even in Russia.
        1. Kim
          19 September 2022
          especially on the forums
          "The General Staff are idiots, the command is to shoot", etc.
          couch warriors of light...
    4. +2
      18 September 2022
      Wait for Butch "it will seem like childish talk." Now they will attract such Hollywood that we gasp. There will be witnesses and those who escaped from "Russian murderers."
    5. +1
      18 September 2022
      It won't work anymore. By the way, yesterday the West admitted that all the actions of the White Helmets in Syria were staged))
      1. +1
        18 September 2022
        Quote: chingachguc
        It won't work anymore.

        still how it goes, read the Western media, the more incredible the lie, the faster they will believe in it
        Russians need to be equated with animals that can be killed, this is exactly what the West is doing now
    6. +2
      18 September 2022
      everyone was surprised!!!
      otherwise when it all started with the "regrouping" it was not clear
    7. 0
      19 September 2022
      However, I must say that the Italian news is talking about the found bodies. Unlike what you write, this case is no match for Butcha. Three elements in particular are wake-up calls: the orderly nature of many burials; the presence of coffins rather than mass graves and the explicit indication of the location of the burials, in contrast to the disorder of Bucha; finally, the uncertainty of the nationality of many of the victims. It cannot be denied that among the buried there may be Russian soldiers.
      Thus, most of the deaths are related to the bombings. For some dead, therefore not for all, we are talking about the dead found with their hands tied.
      While waiting for new elements, Izyum nonetheless reminds us of the madness and brutality of the conflict that has engulfed Ukraine and Russia. In which, in the fog of war, all sides come out, wounded in their own way, which has caused hatred and divisions that are difficult to heal in a short time.
    8. TIR
      19 September 2022
      Judging by the photo and the inscription on the cross, these corpses lay for a long time and decomposed in the heat in the summer. For this reason, no one began to engage in identification. Most likely there were already bones in the remnants of the skin with an unbearable cadaverous smell. All the same, in the summer there was a slow advance and the bodies could lie in no man's land for months. This is how I understand the bodies of those who are listed as missing in the ukrosvodka
    9. 0
      22 September 2022
      A highly anticipated performance. Will there be awkward confessions later, like it was after Bucha?
    10. -1
      22 September 2022
      In the Russophobic society of Western Europe, you can believe in anything. The West is waging a psychological war against Russia, and, unfortunately, we have big gaps here. I have little contact with Russian politicians and do not explain what is true and what is false. There is no friendly country on our side. What do Serbian newspapers write and that it is a friendly state. It is difficult to defend Russia. (I'm doing it) am

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