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Balkan Islamism: in step with the times

Balkan Islamism: in step with the times
Every Muslim must be a terrorist
Zakir Abdul Karim Naik

Irfan Al-Alawi, Gethstone Institute for International Policy, in pure English warns: under the guise of the so-called “moderate Islamism” - the fake face of extremism and radicalism - to the Balkans, primarily in Kosovo, considerable forces of Wahhabis, deobandists and other Islamist terrorists flow from all over the world. The "faithful" are concentrated there under the slogans of "Islamic revival," a moderate interpretation of Islam and respect for other religions. Thanks to this question, the Islamists have already achieved a lot.

For example, their “merit” is that the British charity foundation “Rahma” (“Mercy”) feeds the radical sect of Deobandi, which, in turn, serves as the economic inspiration for the Taliban.

The Peace TV channel (“Peace”), the brainchild of the fundamentalist preacher Zakir Naik, serves as a powerful propaganda tool to bring new Islamist forces to the region. It was he who created the 12-hour daily program in Kosovo, where 90% Muslims live.

Mr. Peace’s “Peace TV” broadcasts daily from 9: 30 in the morning to 10 in the evening. Broadcasting in Kosovo is conducted in Albanian. Propaganda TV shows are an effective element of a new campaign to entrench South Asian Islamists among indigenous European (Balkan) Muslims. The programs of Peace TV, the analyst notes, are of a hard Wahhabi nature, and balance on the verge of insults and aggression, frankly directed against Sufis, Shiite Muslims, non-fundamentalist Sunnis, Jews, Christians, Hindus, and others.

Today, for the sake of television sermons, radical Islamists arrive in Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia mainly from Saudi Arabia and other countries of the Persian Gulf, from where the television channel is financed.

The activities of Mira are coordinated in Kosovo by the local “Center for Islamic Studies”, a kind of mysterious organization that does not have representation in the “real” world and exists, as it were, only on the Internet and on TV screens. It is as if this Center is researching and publishing fatwas, but it is not known who is leading it. The sources of financing of the Center are covered by a gloom of secrets.

The TV channel also broadcasts via satellite in English and Urdu, broadcasting to the countries of South Asia; transfers to Kosovo have been going on since 2009.

Mr. Naik, a doctor by training, publicly praised terrorism and praised Osama bin Laden, for which he was condemned by members of the Indian Muslim community. This man was denied entry to the UK in 2010, and then his Canadian visa was canceled.

As for the Charity Foundation, it was created in 1999 year - ostensibly to provide post-war assistance to refugees in Kosovo.

Deobandists and Wahhabis, writes with sad irony, the author seems to believe that the region is in need of an "Islamic revival." Under the guise of a moderate interpretation of Islam and religious tolerance, agitators and extremists consider it necessary to “improve” the moral health of the local Islamic community with global connections. After all, Kosovo is the only part of continental Europe, with the exception of a small part of Turkey, in which Sufi spirituality is one of the main elements in Islamic culture. As many as 40% of Muslims in western Kosovo are Sufis.

Meanwhile, for Zakir Naik and others like him, Sufism is only a pretext for “cleansing” the region from the “deviating”.

Not only in Kosovo, but in Bosnia and Herzegovina, radical Islamism is expanding and strengthening. BiH also covers the wave of Islamization. So считает Professor of Sociology at the University of Banja Luka (Republika Srpska as part of BiH) Ivan Shiyakovich

According to him, here, as in Kosovo, after the war, new trends emerged from the Islamic world - specifically from Saudi Arabia and Iran. Islam has ceased to be moderate, it has become radical. In the Muslim-dominated areas of BiH, it is not easy for the Christian minority to live: the people there are intimidated. They are already afraid to show belonging to a Christian culture. Mostly in BiH, as in Kosovo, Wahhabism. Recently, Wahhabis loudly declared themselves in October last year: a representative of this movement, who arrived in Sarajevo from the Serbian city of Novi Pazar, shot at the US Embassy. Nevertheless, the analyst notes, the item on Wahhabis was deleted from the spring resolution of the European Parliament on BiH.

The goal of local radical forces is the creation of a unitary Muslim state.

Not only in BiH and Kosovo, but in general in the Balkans, the situation is very tense. About this in an interview with the Voice of Russia рассказал former ambassador of Yugoslavia to Turkey and Azerbaijan Darko Tanaskovich.

In his opinion, the political and social situation of the past twenty years has allowed radical Islam to intensify in the Balkans. It was his program that filled the resulting ideological void in the region.

“... The Balkans is a very suitable region, especially since all the states here are experiencing a transitional period, the socio-economic situation in them is usually unstable, which comes to the hand of those who offer alternative“ ways to happiness ”, more precisely, to that what they represent as happiness ... "

D. Tanaskovich explains:

“If to simplify, Islam in the Balkans affects in three directions. The first is through Turkey, which the Balkan Muslims consider their spiritual homeland. Turkey, through its neo-Ottoman policy, is now seeking to regain influence, including in the Balkans.

The second is the gradual introduction of paramilitary groups, theologians, and mujahedin from the Islamic world, especially from Pakistan and Afghanistan, where they have long been leading jihad against the Western world, as is usually the case.

Thirdly, with funding, especially from Saudi Arabia and other rich Arab states, as well as from international funds, such as the Islamic League, missionaries are sent to the Balkans who advocate Islam much more radical than the type that is present there now. ” .

According to theological essence, Wahhabism dominates in the region (by the way, the official religion of Saudi Arabia). Wahhabism has a rigid doctrine, according to which almost all non-Muslims are enemies.

As for Deobandism, explains the ex-ambassador, Deoband is an Islamic scientific center in India, which has gained great prestige in the last century. Deobandism had no direct connections with the Balkans before; however, now preachers connected with the Taliban appear here, and thus with deobandism.

Zakir Naik, mentioned by the media, is by no means a “marginal”, D. Tanaskovich believes. Although he does not have a formal Islamic education, he is an influential Islamic preacher. His books were published worldwide in huge quantities.

With regard to the rapid spread of Islamism in the Balkans, from this region, according to the analyst, radical extremists have the opportunity to "productively influence Europe and the West" - much more productive than from remote Muslim countries. The Balkans are “the soft underbelly of Europe, where you can create what was once called“ White Al-Qaeda, ”where local residents, in which the West does not recognize terrorists and extremists, can be trained, trained - and gradually introduced to Europe.”

Tanaskovich says:

“... Given the general state of chaos in Kosovo, crime, corruption, and violent nationalism that characterizes Kosovo’s society today, this region is an ideal platform. As we know, Muslims in Kosovo make up 90% of the Albanian population, and it is believed that in the spiritual sense they are “abandoned”, and that they need to be “awakened”.

The West, supporting the Islamists in the Balkans, and indeed throughout the world. according to the conviction of the former ambassador to Yugoslavia, it is absurd:

“It’s really absurd that the Western forces support, including in the Balkans, Muslims, who then become a serious threat to their mentors ...”

Tanaskovich distinguishes between "approaches" to this issue of Western Europe and the United States. Europe does not have the strength to solve internal problems today, but spiritually it is experiencing an identity crisis. Therefore, it is not able to develop a unified position and accept the fact of the total Islamization of the Balkans.

The position of Washington is simply thoughtless:

“... it’s not the first time when Washington chooses allies without thinking about what this cooperation will take. Because, as they say in Serbia, “those who plant pumpkins with the devil, that they are about the head and break”.

As examples, the ex-ambassador cites Afghanistan and Libya. In the latter case, last year, al-Qaeda called on all Muslims to fight against the godless Gaddafi, and at the same time with the crusaders from America and the Zionists from Israel. (In fact, the same thing happened that in the eighties in Afghanistan, we add from ourselves, however, there it was not at the same time).

“... At that moment,” says Tanaskovich, “Al Qaeda, apparently, did not listen attentively enough. The strike was aimed at destroying the Gaddafi regime with Western help, and then came the second stage of the program - the fight against the “evil empire”: the United States and the Zionists. ”

Tanaskovich doesn’t give an exact answer to the difficult question of US attitudes towards Islamism. According to him, the US has already realized that Islamists are about to turn out to be a powerful force that will dominate the Muslim world for ten years, or even more, and they will have to somehow cope with this. At the same time, they cannot protect the authoritarian regimes that previously prevented the coming of the Islamists to power.

In general, we note, the States found themselves at a crossroads: on the one hand, “American values” (paired with mineral resources) and the influence of “hegemon” in the world, on the other - the growth of Islamism as a result of the implementation of these very values ​​and the arrival of it somewhere to power - in supposedly moderate forms.

Tanaskovich concludes by expressing the fear that there is no clear understanding in the world of the true nature of these relationships and consequences.

F. Pleschunov (Institute of the Middle East) indicatesthat, if recently radical movements in the Balkans acted in most cases covertly, today the increased activity of Islamists in the region is visible to the naked eye. It is intensifying not only on favorable local soil, but also because many of the extremists were denied entry into the countries of Western Europe, forcing them to “transfer destructive activity to other European states”.

The Islamization of the Balkans Pleschunov finds "a fundamentally new challenge." The analyst concludes that it is up to the Muslims of Kosovo, and then the Muslims of the Balkans, to oppose the aggressive propaganda of extremists parasitizing on religion.

"But the whole question is whether the indigenous Muslims of Europe will be able to be consistent in their actions, or will they be misled when the activity of the Islamists in the region reaches its peak."

Recent authors publications on SETIMS on the subject of Islamism and terrorist attacks in the Balkans, lead statement of the Lebanese extremist Omar Bakri Muhammad. This figure claims that the Western Balkans are Islamic, and therefore will become targets for future terrorist acts.

Bakri lived 20 for years in north London, until he had to move to 2005 in Lebanon. October 4 2012 of the year this fighter for the purity of faith stated:

"When Islam comes to the land, this land becomes Islamic, so in the end Islam is obliged to free it."

Bakri was not too lazy to list the Islamic lands:

"... Spain, for example, is a Muslim territory ... Romania, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia ... Bulgaria ... are legitimate targets."

Such statements, of course, cannot have immediate, direct consequences, but they can give rise to extremist actions or, over time, cause a certain strategic shift in these or other European countries. This should not be underestimated, especially in the Balkan countries, where the threats of radicalism are very strong.

Milan Mikhailovich, a driver from Bosanski Novi, told SETimes journalists:

“To be honest, I'm afraid. If you have noticed, mosques in Bosnia are growing like mushrooms, while other churches are much smaller, although Catholics, Orthodox, and other believers live here. ”

The Balkan theme indirectly troubled the Turkish Prime Minister, whose speech analyzes same "SETIMES". In a speech addressed to the UN Security Council on the Syrian issue, R. T. Erdogan, who is considered a “moderate Islamist,” compared the situation in Syria with the situation in Yugoslavia in 1990 and called on the international community to stop the bloodshed. Erdogan, the main critic of Bashar Assad, said at a conference in Istanbul on October 13 that the UN Security Council "should not repeat the mistakes that led to the Bosnian massacre in 1990's," and at the same time called the UN "helpless." Erdogan is also worried about the fact that about a hundred thousand refugees have already “moved” to Syria from Turkey.

Meanwhile, diplomat veteran Omer Engin Lutem, who held a number of positions at the Turkish Foreign Ministry and is responsible for Balkan and UN diplomacy in 1980, believes that the international community’s response to the Srebrenica massacre "largely explains the current situation around Syria." That is why the "UN mechanism is working very slowly."

The Srebrenica massacre in July 1995 was considered one of the worst atrocities that had only been committed in Europe after World War II. It is believed that the Serbs killed up to 8000 Muslims, most of the men.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, being in Srebrenica in July 2012, also compared the massacre of 1995 of the year to the situation in Syria. According to him, the UN then did not fulfill its duties, failed to prevent the genocide in Srebrenica. And he drew a parallel with Syria: “This can be compared with the current situation in Syria, where the international community is again taking a test.”

Erdogan also said that the Srebrenica massacre happened because the international community was not ready “to solve the questions posed at the end of the Cold War. But how to explain the injustice and weakness in the Syrian issue today? ”He asked.

However, Hayrugin Somun, the former ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Turkey, and now a teacher stories diplomacy at the International University in Sarajevo, does not believe that it is possible to compare the approach of the UN and the international community to today's Syria and the events in Bosnia in the 1990-s. He builds his position on the conviction that “barbarism in Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia” was not due to sectarian disputes, but because of the aggressive policy of Slobodan Milosevic, whose goal was to create Greater Serbia. Hence the genocide against the non-Serb population. “There was a war for territories in the Balkans,” he says, considering it reckless to give hints of other parallels: after all, those can encourage nationalists.

At the same time, the analyst is ready to accept a comparison of today's Syria and Yugoslavia 1990's - but “only when observation focuses on external factors and their struggle for influence in the region”.

If you read between the lines, Somun points out here Erdogan’s desire (just an внешнего external actor ’) to strengthen Turkey’s influence in the region, turning Syria into a cesspool of religious war, where Kurds, Druze, Sunni and Shiites will slit each other with a certain dexterity of Islamist radicals friend She will still be Srebrenica ... Therefore, Erdogan constantly criticizes the UN and the Western countries in general for “weakness”. This very weakness does not allow Turkey to become stronger.

Now, when Islamism is growing stronger in the Balkans, a comparison of the situation in the disintegrating Yugoslavia of 1990's and present-day Syria does not even look ambiguous. His very admission shows how “moderate” Islamism of the same Erdogan, insisting on military intervention in Syria, can be. Indeed, in the event of the collapse of a weakened country according to the Yugoslav scenario, the country immediately, in the form of “provisional governments” (each in the manner of the Libyan PNS), or a little later, as a result of “democratic elections”, various Islamist radicals will come to power, who will promise to unite people under the banner of Allah. It is not for nothing that in Syria, al-Qaeda fighters and terrorists from all over the world, including the Balkans, are fighting on the side of the “rebels”.

Thus, the Balkans, which are rapidly filling with Wahhabism - with the indifference of Europe and the USA and along with the Islamization of a number of countries in the Middle East and North Africa - are the newest enclave of world religious extremism, which, according to analysts, is already a threat to peace in the Balkans, and soon the future will be one of the hotbeds of terrorism for the whole of Europe.

Observed and translated by Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Sakhalininsk
    Sakhalininsk 22 October 2012 08: 03
    The bottom line is that impudent Saxons need centers of instability. The Balkans have historically always been the powder keg of Europe, now the patchwork made by Yugoslavia is actively pumped up with weapons, money from drug trafficking and extremists. At that moment, when the Fashingtos pigeon needs a mess in Europe, the great fighters for universal values ​​and shit democracy do not hesitate to set fire to another massacre in the Balkans, and in the future they will try to draw the rest of the geyropa into this massacre. Thus, there will be a usual Amer’s attempt to undermine the well-being of competitors with the wrong hands, and at the same time they will perform operas about their desire to save the world from barbarians and protect shit democracy.
    1. Civil
      Civil 22 October 2012 08: 59
      Before, the Brittons well, even talentedly set fire to the Cormorants ... there were times
    2. Kaa
      Kaa 22 October 2012 09: 18
      Quote: Sakhalininets
      Thus, there will be a usual Amer’s attempt to undermine the well-being of competitors with the wrong hands

      In 1933, National Socialism was brought to power, now on the agenda is Wahhabism-terrorism, the goals just do not change, a new "good" war that "will write off everything", including 17 lards of the national debt, and if you are lucky, even up to resources of Russia will reach. Old songs about the main thing ...
  2. markevo
    markevo 22 October 2012 08: 09
    most of these states will not join the EU
  3. markevo
    markevo 22 October 2012 08: 10
    most of these states will not join the EU
  4. Che
    Che 22 October 2012 08: 11
    Amer lead to the war of all against all. They hope to sit overseas until dead silence comes to Eurasia - literally.
  5. tekinoral
    tekinoral 22 October 2012 08: 46
    there are no Wahhabis in the Balkans. more so in Bulgaria, in the Balkans all the Hanifi and a very small part of Bektashi and Kyzylbashi
  6. andrei332809
    andrei332809 22 October 2012 09: 02
    all according to plan. the whole world is on fire. it’s just blazing somewhere, but somewhere it’s smoldering. no one will stand aside, let alone the Britons and Amers. they will fly along with everyone, if not more
    1. ramzes1776
      ramzes1776 22 October 2012 09: 19
      Wahhabis didn’t get along badly. They promote radical Islam at the expense of their main enemy.
  7. Averias
    Averias 22 October 2012 09: 03
    Good article, but nothing new. Take, for example, Europe, or rather migrants from the Bolshevik East, or, more precisely, their communities. These communities are essentially closed cells in which young people are trained and brainwashed. There is no control over them, it is difficult to get there. It is strange how it is when people from poor countries, once in Europe, suddenly become radical Islamists, begin to preach Wahhabism, demanding something that is not really clear. This all suggests that they are competently working with. If earlier he had only one thing in his head - how to get a livelihood, now he is a fighter for the "bright" ideas of Islam throughout the world. This means that the problem in a piece of bread has disappeared, which means that the same Europe (subsidies, social assistance, unemployment benefits) and those who inspire them with the ideas of extremism give him a piece of bread. So that the brain is not distracted by "stupidity". It was a shock for me in France, when in the evening at the hotel, before going out into the city, the police chief talked to us and clearly showed and explained on the map - where and why there is no need to go and what the threat is. They are afraid of them - and this is obvious.
    1. dirty trick
      dirty trick 22 October 2012 10: 15
      Quote: Averias
      The article is good, but nothing new.

      there is really nothing new, but this does not negate the fact that it is true and if we forget about it, then who will we look like?
    2. baltika-18
      baltika-18 22 October 2012 12: 18
      Quote: Averias
      Tatya is good, but nothing new. Take for example Europe, or rather migrants from B. Vostok, and more precisely their communities. These communities are essentially closed cells in which they prepare and brainwash young people. There is no control over them, it’s difficult to get there

      Do we have this problem in Russia or something? Almost the same problems. Migrants from Muslim countries pose a certain danger in that in case of conflict they will not be predictable, if not worse, we can talk about the fifth column. Representatives of radical Islamic movements in Russia is also a lot.
  8. donchepano
    donchepano 22 October 2012 09: 12
    The extermination of the Slavic peoples continues according to the plans of the "world government"
    1. mnn_12
      mnn_12 22 October 2012 21: 59
      Islamists have always been manipulated by the United States and were their puppets (I have in mind the times before the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan). It is evident that Erdogan was promised to restore partially the Ottoman Empire - this is explained by the sharp turn of Turkish foreign policy in the last 2 years. And here, not only a speech about the pieces of Syria, but also an offensive in the Balkans. As part of these plans is the Islamization of Kosovo and Macedonia. The systematic and consistent destruction of Bulgarian statehood and the fully targeted demographic disruption of the Bulgarian people is part of the plan for the offensive of the Turks and Islamists in the Balkans. Another result of these plans will be the further loss of the influence of a weakened Russia in this region, where Russia traditionally had a powerful political and cultural influence in the historical perspective.
  9. LTL70
    LTL70 22 October 2012 10: 11
    Sowing wind, reap the storm !! Wisely and forever - now the flight of embassies and representative offices from Muslim countries, whether it will still be stupid amers, small-shavens and other and other, will result in Western dullness sideways !!!
  10. Oleg S.
    Oleg S. 22 October 2012 10: 40
    It's time for us to create something. For example, "Orthodox extremists" or the current "Radical Christians" Let us declare a Holy War on them, and we will go and trample heretics and heirs of the False Prophet. There will be many volunteers, there will be bloody carnage. But if we endure this "antichrist" trash for 1000 years !!! it's time for them and us to be patient!
  11. zadorin1974
    zadorin1974 22 October 2012 10: 45
    yes it’s good to wave flags and shout slogans - all this stability is not directed against the Slavs and Pavoslavia - the pendulum is already swinging mainly in our direction - radical Islamism has long been in such prosperous regions as Tatorstan and Bashkiria, there’s nothing to say about the North Caucasus - newcomers come and squeezing the indigenous population to leave already in the central (RUSSIAN) regions- ANOTHER YEARS 30–40 or not doing anything, many problems will resolve together with dreams
    1. ATY
      ATY 22 October 2012 12: 24
      And who is stopping the Russians from letting them squeeze themselves out? Power? Maybe we should take care of this ourselves?
      1. zadorin1974
        zadorin1974 22 October 2012 19: 22
        and you try, an article for inciting only Russian people to sew on - for the rest, post hooliganism !!!!!!!
  12. escapes
    escapes 22 October 2012 10: 58
    There is only one logical solution to all Islamic issues on the planet - to wipe Qatar and Saudi Arabia off the face of the earth, of course there will be many victims, but this is nothing compared to what they want to drag the whole world into))
  13. Flooding
    Flooding 22 October 2012 11: 22
    Quote: fugas
    There is only one logical solution to all Islamic issues on the planet - to wipe Qatar and Saudi Arabia off the face of the earth, of course there will be many victims, but this is nothing compared to what they want to drag the whole world into))

    The ideological inspirers, sponsors and top managers of the new model of the world are scattered all over the world (probably more correctly seeded). And if you start, then definitely not from the Middle East.
    The most reasonable thing is not to threaten the incontrovertible, but to put things in order in your hut. Pick up a broomstick and sweep all the carrion out.
  14. Oleg S.
    Oleg S. 22 October 2012 11: 26
    Dear Maderators! He did not incite ethnic hatred and did not scandalize anyone! He just offered to punish the "musuli")))) And here you are .... As you call on the heroic people to feats, so Ban. And how easy it is to get worn out and say something abstruse so flap skok hosh ... It is not good for gentlemen moderators to jam the case in the bud! After all, the word is valid when there are deeds under it!
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 22 October 2012 11: 34
      Quote: Oleg S.

      Dear Maderarators! He did not incite ethnic hatred and insulted anyone!

      Your comment has simply been deleted, no one has given you a warning or ban, you think that the comment was not deleted fairly, contact the site administration.
  15. go_by
    go_by 22 October 2012 11: 51
    An interesting analysis of the situation in the "Islamic-gas" aspect:
  16. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 22 October 2012 11: 58
    Islamic Fundamentalism is moving along the plan, the blood of the innocent is pouring more and more, and the world community seems to have seized the stupor from the attack of multitolerast and indifference and it is silent! Was it finally time, openly and loudly, using the UN platform, to uncover the causes of this plague of the 1st century, until it took on the character of an epidemic and led to a world catastrophe, to uncover the forces and countries involved in the spread of bacilli by this fundamentalist infection and to call on the world community, before it’s too late to give a decisive rebuff. Russia could be the initiator of this movement, because the bacilli of the Saudi infection - Wahhabism persistently spread in Russia, posing a real threat to its security. Russia, with its centuries-old traditions of the successful coexistence of early religions, more than anyone else has the right to such a speech, it is necessary to destroy the global plans of the Saudi-Qatari Wahhabi crap and their backstage Western backers trying to use fundamentalist infection for their own purposes.
  17. arkady149
    arkady149 22 October 2012 12: 16
    The trouble with Islam, in my inexperienced view, is that its radical branches preach the lifestyle and mentality of nomadic Bedouins who, due to natural-historical factors, were not interested in creative, our understanding, work. Among nomadic peoples, war and trade are the most worthy pursuits of men. This thesis should be developed, but I think the readers of the comments are already familiar with it, agree that it is not war and (or) trade does not create material wealth, but only redistributes them, productive but work on the basis of science is possible only in conditions of settled life. Climbed far, of course, but I think everyone can continue the logical chain.
  18. Shkodnik65
    Shkodnik65 22 October 2012 12: 39
    radical Islamism has long been in such prosperous regions as Tatorstan and Bashkirя
    By the way, these regions are not at all as prosperous as most Russians think. Somehow it turned out that Chechnya and Dagestan, Ossetia and Ingushetia are well-known to everyone, and what is happening in Tatarstan, Bashkiria and the regions adjacent to them is not voiced either by politicians or the media. Well, there, my radical friends (I draw attention to this) Muslims do not hide the creation of the Volga-Ural caliphate, which should include Tataria, Bashkiria, Orenburg and partially Samara, Chelyabinsk. Russia is cut in half. Once again I note - they do not hide it.
    He lived in Bashkiria for 20 years, there has always been an international there (Russians, Chuvashs, Mordovians, Mari, Bashkirs, Tatars, Germans ...), they have always been excellent neighbors with Muslims, but recently people have simply been replaced. And if one on one you can talk with friends, then the crowd, especially the youth ... Indeed, in the mountainous regions of Bashkiria, even the police are afraid to show up. The Balkans are resting. This is a mine brothers, and worst of all in the government there is no sapper ready to neutralize her.