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SCO-2022 summit. The first major meeting of the "Eastern Bloc"

SCO-2022 summit. The first major meeting of the "Eastern Bloc"

Related activities and events

The largest summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization since its founding has taken place. The strategic importance of this event is characterized not only by the largest number of participating countries and the range of issues under consideration, but also by a number of related activities and events. In a short period of time fit: an extremely sensitive counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region, a serious outbreak of hostilities between Armenia and Azerbaijan, a visit by the Roman pontiff to Kazakhstan, a simultaneous visit to Astana by Chinese President Xi Jinping and, as a “bonus”, a two-day military marathon on the Tajik- Kyrgyz border.

For a long time already, international forums have not been held in such a cloud of events, and even in different directions. In this regard, it would be a serious oversimplification to consider the talks on the sidelines of the SCO and their outcomes outside the above context, but most importantly - outside the Russia-led NWO in Ukraine. In addition, along with the long-announced expansion of the SCO organization, it was necessary to show the focus and practical ability to collectively solve complex problems, the main of which, of course, is Afghanistan at the moment. However, along the way, we also saw how the United States de facto excluded Armenia from work in this organization, and its entire “space” was logically occupied by Turkey and Azerbaijan. However, with the explicit consent of the ruling bloc in Yerevan itself.

For the Russian society, the results of the SCO are also important because for an attentive reader and viewer in them, especially in the final press conferences following the results of the negotiations, one can finally penetrate the information fog of the SVO and look at its initial tasks, intermediate results and processes, with which it was accompanied in terms of work with partner countries: India, Iran, China, and Turkey.

First of all, it should be noted the preliminary double visit to Kazakhstan by Pope Francis and Chinese President Xi Jinping. The author in a number of articles has repeatedly emphasized that Russia has rather strongly distanced itself from the problems and issues in Central Asia, fully concentrating on the "Western Front". Back in July, the contours of a kind of form of self-organization of the Central Asian countries became visible during the IV Consultative Meeting of the Heads of State of Central Asia, which marked the beginning of the practical work of a new regional format "3 + 2" (Kazakhstan - Kyrgyzstan - Uzbekistan plus Tajikistan - Turkmenistan) under the informal chairmanship of Astana. After the stabilization of the internal situation, Kazakhstan made attempts to take a leadership position in the region, which are supported by a significant package of reforms in the future. There were also noticeable attempts to form separate investment programs based on the resources of the Middle Eastern monarchies.

The visit of the Chinese leader to Astana before the SCO summit was, on the one hand, a form of support for K. Zh. Tokayev before the launch of reforms, on the other hand, it removed one of the most discussed issues in Kazakhstani society from the agenda: the threat of separation of the Russian-speaking population. Now it does not matter that this question is rather hypothetical and frankly provocative, in fact it is seriously shaken up in the media sphere in Russia, and in Kazakhstan itself this is a favorite horse of nationalists.

“No matter how the international situation changes, we will continue to strongly support Kazakhstan in protecting its independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, firmly support your ongoing reforms to ensure stability and development, and categorically oppose interference of any forces in the internal affairs of your country.”

This quote from the Chinese leader, albeit taken out of context, is now roaming the Kazakh public.

In fact, we see that China acted as a guarantor of the territorial integrity of Kazakhstan, moving this issue down from the top of the rating. At the same time, ten agreements on economic issues and investments were signed, which broke a pause of several years. Thus, before the SCO, China "blessed" K. Zh. Tokayev for reforms, writing him a kind of "mandate of heaven" in the Chinese tradition.

For Russia, this is important because China, while the Kremlin is busy with the western direction, is taking on the role of Kazakhstan's curator as the center of the Central Asian economic hub. At the same time, the same direct blessing was received from the Vatican, which represents the economic and political interests of the so-called aristocracy. Old Europe. But the role and essence of the pontiff's visit to Central Asia will need to be discussed in a separate article, since the issue is both non-trivial and broad at the same time.

Alternative center for the development and implementation of large-scale initiatives

And now, after such “preparatory work”, after it, meetings begin directly within the framework of the SCO, where the participants initially set the most important task to reach the level of an alternative center for the development and implementation of large-scale initiatives. It is quite logical that the participants also initially chose the Afghan issue as such a trial balloon. Formally, Afghanistan is part of the expanded structure of the SCO, but was not invited as an official delegation for purely protocol reasons, since its current government is not legitimized at the international level.

We have already considered the fact that Afghanistan is artificially put on a “financial diet” by the US, and through the new government in Pakistan, Washington is gradually pushing the leadership within the Taliban to one of the most notorious paramilitary groups. But today, Pakistan itself needs all possible support after the flood. And now, within the framework of the SCO, the President of Russia is voicing specifics on the implementation of the long-frozen TAPI gas project (Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India). TAPI cannot be carried out in the current conditions without the support of literally all the participants, because such a gas pipeline will require not only Turkmen gas itself, but also Russian gas, which is already in excess of production, as well as free funds and military guarantees.

In addition to the construction of the gas pipeline, the President of Uzbekistan Sh. Merziyoev proposed to create within the framework of the SCO and a special fund for the humanitarian support of Afghanistan, that is, to form just the same mechanism for parallel financing of Kabul, in addition to the United States. However, we note the following phrase of Sh. Merziyoev:

“I would like to especially thank my colleagues for supporting the recent Tashkent conference. Participation in it of the Afghan delegation, representatives of many states and international organizations, including the SCO...”

But this is already a direct reference to the very landmark IV Consultative Meeting, where the new “3 + 2” format was formed for the region. Because the Tashkent International Conference on Afghanistan was held immediately after its completion, in fact, non-stop. And such a formulation of the question suggests that this format will continue to develop, with Kazakhstan as a moderator and China as a regional curator. At the same time, the Uzbek leader called for the formation of an international assistance program for Pakistan.

Thus, we see that the SCO members in a particular direction have really integrally approached solving problems with the support of the “moderates” in Kabul, pulling Pakistan along in this direction and forming a project in which almost the entire region is involved. Such integrality is the very feature that separates regional political and economic forms of organization from geopolitics.

Two full-fledged armed conflicts took place right during the SCO summit - the Armenian-Azerbaijani and Tajik-Kyrgyz. Both conflicts have a different background, but, obviously, already have a different fate. If Armenia, represented by its leader, actually abstained from negotiations with Baku, refocusing on the promises of the White House and the visit of the old Shapoklyak-2022 N. Pelosi, then Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan jointly froze hostilities precisely on the sidelines of the summit. But these issues will be dealt with substantively (the hostilities will probably still flare up in episodes) will begin already within the framework of the same “3 + 2” group, which unobtrusively and without fanfare has become an informal part of the SCO. And in this matter, the group will demonstrate its effectiveness, but without activation within the framework of the CSTO.

Unfortunately, the situations that took place during the SCO and immediately preceding it clearly showed that the CSTO format has finally turned into a nominal structure. At the meeting on Karabakh a day before the summit, no one expressed a desire to form even nominally a peacekeeping contingent, and all the Central Asian states are already afraid to use the Russian armed forces, so as not to pull on the “national question” under the guise of maintaining sovereignty. This is such a stalemate, because no one formally wants to leave the CSTO yet, but does not see the need to use the structure for substantive resolution of issues. Why such a strange position? And because Afghanistan is close at hand. If something really threatening happens on this track, and here you will have to ask Moscow. Not the most "allied position", but a pragmatic one: "After all, we simply do not distract the Kremlin from the most important thing."

Meanwhile, the Kremlin itself was in dialogue with China, Iran and India, and even modest and well-formatted press conferences following the results of the negotiations showed how many underwater threads and ropes were stretched behind the NWO curtain. Each of the three press conferences is unique in its own way and reveals in a special way the international aspects of Russia's campaign in Ukraine.

For Iran, and this was once again officially announced, joining the EAEU is one of the priorities. And this is actually a promising step, since it gets access to a colossal sales market compared to the previous period, close geographically and logistically. The phrase about the "non-negotiability" of the United States and the actual incapacity of the EU, in fact, emphasizes that Iran no longer has the highest hopes for the so-called. "nuclear deal".

An example of a responsible world power...

With India and China, the situation looks much more complicated. The Americans (for example, the first edition was Politico), who closely followed the meeting with the Chinese leader, instantly drew attention to the following words of the Russian leader:

“We highly appreciate the balanced position of Chinese friends in connection with the Ukrainian crisis. We understand your questions and concerns in this regard. During today's meeting, of course, we will explain in detail our position on this issue, although we have spoken about this before.”

In other words, it is obvious that circumstances develop in such a way that some special separate explanations are required, on which attention should be focused. This is the first episode of its kind since the beginning of NWO. The fact is that the leaders of the countries have repeatedly discussed both the causes of the NWO and its prerequisites, as well as, at least, the framework and general contours of the campaign, and its time limits. The Chinese leader was relatively brief, saying that

“We are ready, together with our Russian colleagues, to set an example of a responsible world power and play a leading role in putting such a rapidly changing world on a path of sustainable and positive development.”

And this emphasis on “responsible power” also sounded rather unusual.

At a meeting with an Indian colleague, we hear similar notes:

“I know your position on the conflict in Ukraine, your concerns that you constantly express. We will do our best to stop this as soon as possible.”

And N. Modi's answer:

"I know that this is not an era of war... Democracy, diplomacy, dialogue... I welcome the opportunity to get to know your point of view."

All news The tape was bypassed by Xi Jinping's phrase:

“China is ready to support Russia on issues affecting the fundamental interests of the two countries,”

however, it was not included in the official final transcript and was already transmitted through the Xinhua news agency, as if "from inside" the negotiation process.

If we try to translate all these signals and gestures into a language understandable to the layman, then Russia's largest partners - India and China during the meetings wanted to get an answer to the question of how Moscow sees in specifics not the NWO itself, but its result. Kharkov events of recent days did not add optimism in this matter, from the word "absolutely". And now the answer to one of the main questions in Russian society this year is clear: “What were the initial framework of our NWO”?

And the framework was such that the NWO was indeed not envisaged as a long-term military operation, one of the consequences of which would not only be the formation of a multipolar world, but also the collapse of European industry and demand in the European market. Now it is clear that one of the results of the campaign should have been only the weakening of the grip of that octopus, which we call, albeit rather conditionally, “globalist”, on the neck of European industrial capital. And if in the summer we could explain the delay by changing the format of the NWO, tactics, etc., then after the September events, all this began to raise questions from those partners who substantively support Russia under sanctions pressure, and it has a colossal and boomerang effect on the economies of these states .

All this explains just the fact that Russia, until the very last moment, even causing sincere bewilderment in the Russian society, did not seek to cut the gas and oil threads with the European Union, constantly leaving itself some space for dialogue, even if it put up with growing internal criticism. Of course, our media told us that the EU would “freeze” and experience all the charms of the Middle Ages, but few could have imagined that the leaders of the EU were leading to this, consciously and purposefully. Yes, the rational message for Europe and its certain circles was clear, but the very goal-setting of dialogue as a generally understandable final stage of the conflict was erroneous.

As a result, even the “rational delay” of the operation on our part began to play against not only the EU itself, but also against the economies of India and China, but this, apparently, was no longer included in the plans, and, in fact, could not be included. The position of the EU leadership is not a collective form of schizophrenia, but a purposeful and conscious policy to collapse its own market. The Kharkov events, of course, did not “defeat” Russia, as the Western media write, and some of ours too, but highlighted such a wave of problems in the organization that everything froze in place.

And now Russia finds itself in a very difficult, even stalemate situation - the main partners are ready to lend a shoulder for some time, which, for obvious reasons, is not known, but can be roughly determined logically. During this time, Russia must either achieve its original goals militarily, or reduce the operation to a dialogue. But, given the very goal-setting of the EU leadership, such a dialogue is impossible in principle. Not on terms A, or B, or C.

Therefore, in a conversation with N. Modi, the Russian leader said bluntly, but, leaving himself room for maneuver in the future,

“Unfortunately, the opposing side, the leadership of Ukraine, announced its abandonment of the negotiation process, declared that it wants to achieve its goals by military means, as they say, “on the battlefield.”

European Broiler 777

The problem is that the EU leadership is behaving like the pilots from the famous Broiler 777 series: “Captain, we are falling! Yes, navigator, of course! ”, And our main partners in the SCO convincingly insist that the Broiler 777 flight should be anything but prevented from touching the ground. In the current situation, this is about the same as forcing a patient to eat by force, only the problem is that the patient is hiding from you with armed guards.

This is a truly unique dilemma - in order to defeat Ukraine in a real time period, it is necessary to kill the EU economy, which (the economy) cannot be finished off, and therefore it is impossible to end the conflict in a real time period. This Gordian knot can be cut either by some very radical military steps, or by freezing the conflict, with the understanding that after some time the war will break out much more seriously and on a larger scale, since Kyiv will build up strength during this time, and it will not do anything else and not necessary.

It is obvious that none of the partners imagined such a lengthy Russian operation in Ukraine, perhaps no one, even the Ukrainian curators themselves, imagined this, but the fact remains, and so far it remains only to nod at themselves.

The SCO summit showed the realistic outlines of a new partnership in the future "Eastern Economic Cluster", and it cannot be said that they are not positive in general. We got less than we planned, but much more than we could have given the scale of the economic turmoil.

Yes, we see Turkish hyperpragmatism when we exchange anti-sanctions partnership for the provision of grain for the Turkish hub (as one of the results of negotiations with R. Erdogan in Samarkand), the cunning position of the Central Asian neighbors and partners in the CSTO in the context of the threat to Afghanistan, but, on the other hand , Iran, China and India are willing to take on some of the burden while Russia is at the forefront and not demand the impossible.

Nevertheless, Russia’s time reserve for solving the “Broiler 777” dilemma is far from infinite, and steps here will have to be taken very harshly and decisively, because if Russia “eats” and “plays” this handicap out of habit, then we will have to live practically alone, spending all the resources to fight the Kyiv psychiatric clinic.

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  1. dzvero
    dzvero 20 September 2022 16: 22
    It's just that no one expected the US to organize Christmas for a European pig so quickly.
    1. Sergio_7
      Sergio_7 20 September 2022 16: 42
      Yes, the Gayropians themselves are happy to rush at full steam to this Christmas as the main dish!)
  2. rocket757
    rocket757 20 September 2022 16: 34
    SCO-2022 summit. The first major meeting of the "Eastern Bloc"
    . There are many and different epithets, assessments ... in general, it will be interesting to see how events will develop further.
    1. yuriy55
      yuriy55 20 September 2022 17: 45
      Quote: rocket757
      There are many and different epithets, assessments ... in general, it will be interesting to see how events will develop further.

      The development of events activates not the SCO, but referendums and the admission of the LDNR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions into Russia.
      The SCO should be considered ONLY as an alternative to the Anglo-Saxon model of the world order. So far, everything is damp and is based on receiving preferences. It is necessary to develop and deepen cooperation by creating new ties independent of sanctions.
      Turkish banks Is Bankasi and DenizBank stopped servicing cards of the Russian Mir system

      And Turkey set out to join the SCO ...
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 20 September 2022 18: 37
        Many events are different, multidirectional for us ...
        We live in an interesting, dynamic time ... if only it all did not end with a big, global, badaboom!!!
        1. Reptiloid
          Reptiloid 20 September 2022 20: 37
          It is very interesting and important, in my opinion, that with these complex interweavings listed by the author, there are Arab countries that not only want to participate in the SCO now, but also as soon as possible. laughing The Emirates asked for this.
          1. nikolaevskiy78
            20 September 2022 20: 42
            The UAE sent an appeal to accept them, bypassing the intermediate statuses and procedures. It is also important that the reconstruction of Afghanistan and the formation of humanitarian funds that will allow Kabul to get out of the financial stranglehold of the United States largely depends on these monarchies, and after all, the Saudis, the UAE, Qatar, and Bahrain, who are themselves each other, are joining the SCO. a friend recently tripped
            1. Reptiloid
              Reptiloid 20 September 2022 21: 06
              Quote: nikolaevskiy78
              ..... after all, the Saudis, and the UAE, and Qatar, and Bahrain, who themselves recently tripped each other, are going to the SCO

              hi changed, perhaps? wassat we saw that there are those who want something stronger than footboards recourse do
              1. nikolaevskiy78
                20 September 2022 21: 23
                Pragmatism. To some extent, they see more of ours and politicians, and even more so political scientists. They all studied with the Western elite together. Even Assad and Asma, his wife studied in England. They are well aware that the Western world has been captured not by an abstract "US hegemony", but by a very specific religious sect. And they don't want to have anything to do with it. In the US and the EU themselves, the story is similar, there are also industrial circles that are not going into this strange digital trans-communism. Therefore, they are insured, because it is not at all clear whether these so-called. "liberals" to keep the economy. But this is such a "broad" aspect
                And in a narrower and more specific format, the situation is as follows - there is an alignment of the cost of raw materials (base) and the cost of an intellectual product (add-on). For a long time, the skew was crazy. At SPIEF, Miller announced that the time when we sold real raw materials for air has passed. The cost of raw materials will be adequate to the cost of products in further processing and in the intellectual sphere. And then they have bread for 1r, and a video on Yu-tube - 1 million. No, that means bread (and oil will cost accordingly). These processes are fully supported by the monarchies and they are not going to yield in this matter. Therefore, they do not increase production. And they won't.
                1. Reptiloid
                  Reptiloid 20 September 2022 22: 10
                  Quote: nikolaevskiy78
                  Pragmatism. To some extent, they see more of ours and politicians, and even more so political scientists. They all studied with the Western elite together. Even Assad and Asma, his wife studied in England. .......

                  Well, yes. Since childhood, being at the top by birth and means, they have no illusions and mistakes regarding Western elites.
                  While our ----- representatives from the Soviet elite, who betrayed their homeland and kowtow to the West (Gorbachev, Yakovlev, Shevardnadze, ...........
                  damn caste
                2. IS-80_RVGK2
                  IS-80_RVGK2 20 September 2022 22: 37
                  Quote: nikolaevskiy78
                  The cost of raw materials will be adequate to the cost of products in further processing and in the intellectual sphere.

                  This is much closer to communism than the struggle for the rights of certain categories of people to hold parades and consider themselves non-binary individuals.

                  Quote: nikolaevskiy78
                  strange digital trans-communism

                  How tired of this verbiage with hanging a label with the inscription "communism" on every muck that is not even remotely it.
                  1. nikolaevskiy78
                    20 September 2022 22: 54
                    I didn’t set out to offend the communists, it’s just that in the same USA liberal ideologists have been called that for a long time, because the ideal there is a society of total distribution in the end. So after all, a liberal can be offended, because the Western liberalism of the current version and the economic libertarianism of the past are not even relatives. I just should have made a clarification before I used "trans-communism" in what connotation it is used.
                    1. Reptiloid
                      Reptiloid 21 September 2022 06: 53
                      Quote: nikolaevskiy78
                      I did not intend to offend the communists, ......... just had to make an explanation before I used "trans-communism", .....

                      As soon as everything is clear. Everyone knows about Trotsky's communism, Pol Pot's communism.
                      it's different

                      than Stalin's communism. As soon as Stalin died, the purges in the nomenklatura stopped, the Soviet party bureaucracy began to think about how to get the opportunity to transfer the property and privileges that they had to children .... and came up with
          2. rocket757
            rocket757 20 September 2022 20: 45
            Dmitry, we will only know what we were deigned to tell!!!
            Let's look at the results of this "performance".
            Events are precisely multidirectional and it is understandable, to a certain extent, will be THEN.
            In the meantime, go about your business, important, and in general, all sorts ... at least, there can be more benefits in every way than yuduk in the fog that the politicians have lit.
            1. Reptiloid
              Reptiloid 20 September 2022 21: 02
              You see, Victor, at the moment this shows that Russia is not isolated now, that these countries do not consider it a monster. Don't demonize. So I understand
              1. rocket757
                rocket757 20 September 2022 21: 18
                Everyone has their own interests!
                At the moment they crossed here and now!
                What is the core, the place of dressing??? Russia and China are forced to cooperate and hold on to each other, although their main goal may be different ... BUT, the enemy is one, which can only be resisted by supporting each other!
                That's around this and everything is welling up, and okay, if only not to get confused in particulars, which is of little significance at the moment, in this situation.
                Dmitry, let's treat ourselves ... objectively and self-critically, it will be much more useful this way!
                1. Reptiloid
                  Reptiloid 20 September 2022 21: 56
                  Victor, what are you talking about?
                  Quote: rocket757
                  .... Dmitry, let's treat ourselves ... objectively and self-critically, it will be much more useful this way!
                  Whoever you mean when speaking "about yourself", it has long been proven that what is impossible objectively and self-critically. This is immediately a mistake, because the specks are visible in other people's eyes yes
                  As for relations between the Russian Federation and China, I completely agree with you. They are not easy, I do not like it when they are categorically simplified.
                  1. rocket757
                    rocket757 20 September 2022 22: 28
                    Self-critically, this means that you need to understand that the world does not revolve around GDP, and if they are in line for admission, then those who are in line have their own interests that they want to realize with our help, or even at our expense .
                    1. Reptiloid
                      Reptiloid 20 September 2022 22: 32
                      Do not argue with this. In the past, there were more than once such situations, both in the USSR and in the Republic of Ingushetia
  3. Bioorganism
    Bioorganism 20 September 2022 16: 48
    Interestingly written, well described processes. It is a pity there is no main thing that the leadership of the Russian Federation can and should do.
    1. nikolaevskiy78
      20 September 2022 21: 28
      Decisions are already being made. As I understand it, we don’t have long time, because partners also cannot wait and support indefinitely. Now EU storages are filled with gas by 90-93%. That will be enough to weather the storm that comes after the referendums. Here, too, you can see the time frame - about four months.
      1. Bioorganism
        Bioorganism 21 September 2022 08: 54
        That is, optimists think that they will complete the SVO in 4 months? Very interesting. Let's see.
        1. nikolaevskiy78
          21 September 2022 14: 16
          Let's see. It can be seen that they accelerated and accelerated decently.
  4. Vladimir61
    Vladimir61 20 September 2022 16: 59
    Everything will be arranged and returned to its "places" only by the quick and complete fulfillment of the tasks of the CBO! Only in this way, those who want to play by their own rules, but with a substitute player in the form of the CSTO, will come to their senses!
  5. free
    free 20 September 2022 17: 16
    Thanks to the author, interesting, compact to the point, incl. about the CSTO
    1. Reptiloid
      Reptiloid 20 September 2022 21: 09
      Quote: Free
      Thanks to the author, interesting, compact to the point, incl. about the CSTO

      Join hi
  6. Ruslan_Karmanov
    Ruslan_Karmanov 20 September 2022 17: 22
    China gives money, and Russia troops?
  7. cash
    cash 20 September 2022 17: 23
    yeah, only it would be necessary to solve questions with Kazakhstan after that, there is cave chauvinism and Nazism, to all non-Kazakhs, there are simply more Russians and they get more often, Uyghurs are also pinched ... somewhere we have already seen this
    1. Asad
      Asad 20 September 2022 17: 42
      Have you read the article? China directly said that Kazakhstan will not give offense. And we have nowhere to go but China. It used to be west, east, east remains.
      1. cash
        cash 20 September 2022 23: 19
        there is also the south in the face of the African continent, and China also doesn’t really like Kazakh kookies
        1. Bioorganism
          Bioorganism 21 September 2022 08: 55
          To get to Africa, you need to fly through China or Kazakhstan. And you plan to quarrel with them.
          What kind of "kookies" of Kazakhstan do not like China?
    2. Bioorganism
      Bioorganism 20 September 2022 20: 45
      Neo-Nazi-Kazakhophobes can only be corrected by the grave. It is no longer possible to do something, but they still dream of destroying Kazakhstan, and thinning out the Kazakhs. Directly the triumph of "humanism", in the footsteps of the Nazis ...
      1. cash
        cash 21 September 2022 00: 00
        what the hell? northern Kazakhstan was built by Russians, and the cities there are Russians, no matter how you rename them, no matter what decorative Russians you keep there, who will say that everything is fine, the statements of one Askar Umarov are more than enough to understand that the Kazakhs followed the same the same way as khokhils, so there is no need to talk about innocent Kazakhs here, whose cardboard statehood was saved in January, apparently in vain
        1. Bioorganism
          Bioorganism 21 September 2022 08: 51
          As I understand it, dear, that Astrakhan, for example, Kazakhstan can take for itself?
          And neither the Russians nor anyone else could build northern Kazakhstan, this is a territory. I'm telling you in educational program mode.
          But I'm interested in something else, Askar Umarov's statements are enough for you to destroy hundreds of thousands of people and bomb a dozen cities? Are you a livelier?
          Well, in addition, how exactly are you going to liberate Kazakhstan from the Kazakhs? Just wondering.
          1. cash
            cash 21 September 2022 21: 53
            leave the Kazakhs to yourself, they live in Russia and fight for Russia, and northern Kazakhstan, where there are more than 3 million Russians, and whom the Kazakh Nazis deliberately insult and humiliate, just because they are Russians, we will return home.
            if this is a territory, then why did cities appear there only when the Russians began to build them? oh yes, the Kazakhs at that moment in the villages were eating up their horses and wiping their backs with sand, but the evil and terrible Russian oppressors came, who built cities, education, medicine, statehood, raised national cadres.
            Central Asia, and indeed the whole of Asia as a whole, understands only force, fawning, agreements are not perceived due to mentality.
            General Yermolov once said: “I deliberately created such glory for myself, deliberately clothed myself with horror. I want and must that my name guard our borders stronger than chains and fortresses, so that my word would be more true, inevitable death for the Asians. Europeans can be convinced to conscience, to touch with meekness, to bind with forgiveness, to enslave with good deeds - but all this for an Asian is an undoubted sign of weakness, and with them, right out of philanthropy, I am inexorably cruel. One execution will save hundreds of Russians from death and thousands from treason. "
            I am glad that not all Kazakhs have accepted this brown plague yet, but for those who have done it, pray to anyone that such as Yermolov does not appear.
            As for Astrakhan, as well as Omsk and Orenburg, about which you would say in the future - the picture is the same as with khokhils and stories about digging the Black Sea, the Kazakhs did not build a single city, because they are nomadic people
            1. Bioorganism
              Bioorganism 22 September 2022 06: 15
              ""and northern Kazakhstan, where there are more than 3 million Russians""
              Now, if there are 3 million Russians in all of Kazakhstan, it's good.
              "whom the Kazakh Nazis deliberately insult and humiliate, just because they are Russian""
              Like it's mutual? After all, you are a Russian Nazi (more precisely, a neo-Nazi) insulting the Kazakhs and, in principle, all Asians. For example: ""Central Asia, and indeed the whole of Asia as a whole, understands only force, fawning, agreements are not perceived due to mentality.""
              As for the cities, "" if this is a territory, then why did the cities appear there only when the Russians began to build them? ""
              Actually, you are wrong. There were cities in Kazakhstan before. For example, the same Taraz is much older than the same Moscow. It's just that earlier there were no such agricultural technologies that would allow other forms of management in the conditions of central and northern Kazakhstan other than grazing. And of course it is more convenient to do this by the nomadic method of managing. Even now, in our time, these territories are classified as risky farming areas. Compare, for example, grain yields.
              And we still eat horses. National cuisine you know. And horse meat is much more expensive than the same beef.
              And the question is, do you have at least some scientific knowledge, or only the legends of the local court? So far, you have not said anything that I could not refute using the scientific literature.
            2. Bioorganism
              Bioorganism 22 September 2022 06: 17
              In order for you to continue to operate with more recent figures to promote hatred between peoples, I am throwing off the data of the last census in Kazakhstan.
              Since 2009, the number of Kazakhs has grown by 33,7%: from 10 million in 2009 to 13,4 million people in 2021, and the share in the ethnic composition of the population of Kazakhstan has increased from 63,1% to 70,4%.

              The share of Russians decreased by 21,4% from 3,7 million to 2,9 million (more than 800 thousand people). In percentage terms, in comparison with other ethnic groups of Kazakhstan, the share of Russians fell from 23,7% to 15,5%.

              Also, the largest ethnic groups in the country are: Uzbeks - 456 thousand people (3,2%), Ukrainians - 333 thousand people (2%), Uighurs - 244 thousand (1,5%), Germans - 178 thousand (1,2%) .
  8. Olga
    Olga 20 September 2022 17: 26
    Russia until the very last moment, even causing sincere bewilderment in the Russian society, did not seek ...

    You should not give out your thoughts on behalf of the Russian community. This is not appropriate.

    And now the answer to one of the main questions in Russian society this year is clear: “What were the initial framework of our NWO”?
    And the framework was such that the NWO was really not envisaged as a long-term military operation

    How did you decide that?

    the CSTO format has finally turned into a nominal structure

    This is where I partly agree. So far it looks like this. But, with the word "finally" you should not rush. So any organization (in a short period of time) can be characterized as nominal.

    There are no specifics in the article, only the opinion of Mr. Nikolaevsky (with some references to the "opinion of the Russian community").
    And, even as an opinion, it is not convincing. There are many questions on which one could speculate, if not for:
    If you try to translate all these signals and gestures into a language understandable to the layman

    - ahh, yes. It's like a professional psychologist.
    1. nikolaevskiy78
      20 September 2022 18: 08
      The article was written outside of a specific agenda and between existing agendas in the media. I hope that answered the question.
      1. Olga
        Olga 20 September 2022 18: 32
        So much the worse. Emotions are not your best friend.
        1. nikolaevskiy78
          20 September 2022 18: 50
          I read the comment before editing.
          You offered me to discuss in the narratives of the "party of peace" and the "party of war". Not directly, of course. But I'm not very eager to enter into such a moderated discussion. Our media and Telega are already overloaded with this. As well as the discussion "for mobilization"\"against mobilization" and dozens of this kind. I'll somehow try to pass between the trees on the way))
          1. Olga
            Olga 20 September 2022 19: 13
            Do you really think that to consider such events (SVO) at the moment and, moreover, after only one week to evaluate the results
            Kharkov events of recent days 
            - it is correct?
            Or banal self-flagellation?
            1. nikolaevskiy78
              20 September 2022 19: 52
              And where did you find "self-flagellation" in the text?
              And about the time of evaluation... The SCO ended a few days ago, today we are discussing referendums.
              1. Olga
                Olga 21 September 2022 08: 30
                And where did you find "self-flagellation" in the text?

                And now Russia finds itself in a very difficult, even stalemate situation...
                During this time, Russia must either achieve its original goals militarily, or reduce the operation to a dialogue...
                The Kharkov events of the last days did not add optimism in this matter, from the word "absolutely" ...
                The Kharkov events, of course, did not inflict “defeat” on Russia ... they highlighted such a wave of problems in the organization that everything froze in place ...
                It is obvious that none of the partners imagined such a lengthy Russian operation in Ukraine, perhaps no one, even the Ukrainian curators themselves, imagined this, but the fact remains, and so far it remains only to nod at themselves.

                The real self-flagellation.

                And as for
                With India and China, the situation looks much more complicated ... And if in the summer we could explain the delay by changing the format of the NWO, tactics, etc., then after the September events, all this began to raise questions from those partners who substantively support Russia in the sanctions pressure, but it is colossal and boomerang affects the economy of these states ...
                As a result, even the “rational delay” of the operation on our part began to play against not only the EU itself, but also against the economies of India and China, but this, apparently, was no longer included in the plans, and, in fact, could not be included. ..

                Do you consider, for example, the Chinese leader and the Chinese leadership to be living according to the "here and now" principle? That is, they do not see how the West is launching programs for the development and production of weapons, increasing funding for their military industry and announcing all this by 2027?!
                China sees no strategic threat? Are you seriously?
                1. nikolaevskiy78
                  21 September 2022 14: 20
                  It is to mix warm and round. I do not see any cognitive dissonance in the simultaneous desire to preserve the EU as a market and the simultaneous buildup of military power and the preparation of the army by China for a possible operation in Taiwan and confrontation with the US and its satellites.
                  1. Olga
                    Olga 21 September 2022 15: 10
                    And I'm not talking about your warm and round. Aspirations, as well as the process itself, are understandable.
                    I'm talking about the obvious risks in the future. about the degree of risk. Against this background, the concepts of "military buildup" and "confrontation with the United States" become ephemeral, vague and meaningless.
                    Or do you consider China to be 1000 ... 00% self-sufficient state that does not need allies?
                    1. nikolaevskiy78
                      21 September 2022 15: 19
                      Did you really read the article? From it you can draw different conclusions and conduct a discussion in different ways, but not the kind of questions you ask. Those. you bring me to the dialogue on some of your topic.
                      1. Olga
                        Olga 21 September 2022 16: 12
                        Are you sure you read my comments? (start with the first one) I had very specific questions.
                        Ornate answers, for example:
                        discuss in the narratives of the "party of peace" and the "party of war". Not directly, of course.

                        or not at all on the topic of your own article:
                        And about the time of the assessment ... the SCO ended a few days ago, today we are discussing referendums

                        - never build a conversation.

                        I won't distract you anymore.
                        Good luck with your publications!
                      2. nikolaevskiy78
                        21 September 2022 16: 26
                        Yes, thanks for your understanding. I don’t really like it when a discussion is turned into a manipulation of narratives.
  9. Nikolay Malyugin
    Nikolay Malyugin 20 September 2022 17: 59
    SCO is a union of equals. But the most developed state always plays the dominant role. For China, the main thing is transport routes. Where to? Of course to Europe. Which we are leaving. China needs it in any form. But other countries will not be at a loss either. Each of them will receive more than she is currently receiving.
    1. nikolaevskiy78
      20 September 2022 18: 07
      Well, this is exactly the dilemma of Flight Broiler 777. This is perhaps the most difficult part of the whole policy - not to let the EU die and at the same time achieve at least the basic goals of the NWO. A very non-trivial task.
  10. Tank jacket
    Tank jacket 20 September 2022 18: 00

    The photo is called: "The guys agreed on new rules of the game"

    The summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization countries in Samarkand (September 15-16) has become a landmark in a number of ways. The SCO unites the economies of the largest countries, huge markets and over 40% of the world's population. These centers of power have defended their sovereign voice in world affairs. It is no coincidence that during the summit, the Russian President stressed: "Attempts to create a unipolar world have recently taken on an absolutely ugly shape and are absolutely unacceptable for the vast majority of states on the planet."

    The SCO is becoming a geo-economic benchmark for an increasing number of countries that do not want to put up with the instruments of protectionism and illegal sanctions used by the West.

    A striking example of such a discriminatory policy is the decision of the European Commission to lift sanctions on Russian fertilizers only for the EU countries, while poor and developing countries are actually denied access to them.
    In the context of the need to ensure global and regional food security, Russia seeks to help poor countries. And we are talking not only about the readiness to transfer the 300 tons of Russian fertilizers accumulated in the EU seaports to developing countries free of charge, as Putin said at the summit, but also plans to provide them with grain, especially against the backdrop of serious problems with the implementation of the grain deal. In 2022, Russia exported 30 million tons of grain and plans to increase exports to 50 million tons. At the same time, about 90% of Russian food goes to the most needy countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

    At the same time, trade and economic relations with key Asian partners, China and India, remain in the center of Russia's attention. If last year the trade turnover between Russia and China amounted to $140 billion, then in the future the figure of $200 billion may become real. The trade turnover with India is also growing, including due to the supply of fertilizers to the Indian market, which increased by more than 8 times.

    Today, the SCO is one of the structures of a sustainable future for Eurasia and the whole world. And Russia occupies one of the leading places in the organization in terms of security, technological potential and economic opportunities. The role of the Moscow Region in building up opportunities for cooperation with the SCO states has been and remains very noticeable. (C)
    Filimonov LIVE.
    1. nikolaevskiy78
      20 September 2022 18: 05
      It remains to be understood and assessed how much of this is a "net increase" in trade turnover, and how much is replaced - the same "parallel" imports and exports. It is too early to give such assessments. Probably, only according to the results of the 1st quarter of the next year, which is still worth living. But in the current history, the growth of the substituted turnover is a positive factor, which means that the sanctions framework is not strong.
      1. Tank jacket
        Tank jacket 20 September 2022 18: 09
        Does your comment look like an attempt to downplay the importance of the summit? Yes+ No -
        1. nikolaevskiy78
          20 September 2022 18: 10
          Not). What I wrote is a positive factor
          1. Tank jacket
            Tank jacket 20 September 2022 18: 14
            Xi left for the first time in how many years? And you are "too early to give estimates" ... if we live to see recourse
            1. nikolaevskiy78
              20 September 2022 18: 19
              Well, for a qualitative assessment of the turnover, of course, it's too early. There is a redistribution of commodity flows. I will tell you from personal experience that it takes at least 4 months to redirect the channel if you have not prepared the ground in advance. And here it’s not just to redirect the container, here the raw materials go by new routes, but that’s okay - there are also their own forms of payment, barter transactions, financial offsets. All this needs to be worked out.
              The positive thing is that, in principle, they agree to help us do all this, though they ask us to speed up the NWO and not finish off the EU markets.
              1. Tank jacket
                Tank jacket 20 September 2022 18: 22
                In vain you are talking about barter. He saved many people and businesses in the 90s... Chubais and Gaidar banned barter.
                1. nikolaevskiy78
                  20 September 2022 18: 32
                  I do not evaluate barter negatively. This is the norm in foreign trade. When I worked with Iran, almost everything went by barter, because there were technical problems with payments. Barter is a normal phenomenon for international trade.
  11. LCA
    LCA 20 September 2022 18: 22
    To understand the processes occurring in the supersystem, Mankind cannot do without the theory of supersystems (Stalin: Without theory, we die ...).
    There are two main methods of concentration of control of regional centers in a supersystem:
    THE FIRST. Destruction of full function control in competing regions and absorption of their fragments.
    By all external signs, the Euro-American system, controlled by the biblical concept of managing globalization, acts as such a conglomerate in modern civilization.
    But there is an objective alternative to this destruction and unification of debris as a way of concentrating control.
    The SECOND way of realization of concentration of management is possible — anticipatory inscribing.
    The center-leader, which has overtaken some competitors in development or is preparing to leave the state of competition with them once and for all, reveals them and its own objective and potential vectors of goals; includes in its information-algorithmic support models of their behavior and thus information-algorithmically absorbs their structural and unstructured management; on the paths of their independent objective development in the matrix of possibilities, he proactively unfolds his activities so that “competitors”, having reached a certain level of development, themselves join his activities.
    Thus, he closes their control centers on himself in a structural and unstructured way and all the time takes care of establishing and maintaining the maximum depth of the identity of the vectors of goals for himself and for his “competitors”, whom he embraces and includes information-algorithmically.
    Over time, this leads to the identity of conflict-free management carried out by different centers without destroying regional management, structures, infrastructures and the element base of competitors. The leading construction of structures and infrastructures by the leader - the concentrator of control - takes place, which in the future will be used both by him and, as it were, competitors “absorbed” by him.
    In its most perfect form, with proactive inscribing, any action of a competitor or adversary is not perceived by the inscribing party as damage, but brings it some positive effect.
    The proactive entry is based on the principle: "ends and means are justified from above."
    Anticipatory fitting generates a hierarchy of structures with a minimum number of defects in comparison with destruction for the integration of fragments in its entire set of target vectors.
    Anticipatory inscribing is also accompanied by a tendency towards the formation of a conciliar intellect - a collective internally conflict-free intellect.
    In the process of proactive inscribing, a multi-regional bloc is formed that has a colossal margin of stability in terms of the depth of identity in all its set of objective and potential vectors of goals in comparison with a conglomerate controlled by an inter-regional center.
    Today Russia is such a MULTI-REGIONAL BLOCK on the historical arena, which has entered into a clash with an INTER-REGIONAL CONGLOMERATE — Western biblical civilization.
    In addition to multiregional blocks, the supersystem may include regions that have been developing in information isolation from the rest of the supersystem for a long time. Isolated independent development under such conditions makes the isolated region and the block related: they (jointly and separately) have a higher margin of stability of management in terms of the depth of the identity of the vectors of goals.
    Such mono-regional blocs in the historical arena today are China, India, partly the countries of the Islamic region, and to some extent Japan.
    The concentration of control can go in two ways simultaneously in a supersystem at some stages of mastering its development potential, but some control centers are objectively more prone to proactive inscribing, while others are more inclined to destroy the control of competitors and integrate fragments.
    The actions of the bloc in relation to the regions of the conglomerate are the same actions that the interregional control center will have to take on its own in order to maintain itself in conflict with the hierarchically higher (embracing) control, which involves mastering the development potential of the supersystem.
    Therefore, in its actions, carrying out a proactive inscription, the bloc does not contradict the trends in mastering the development potential; the actions of the interregional center in the past and in the future contradict this trend.
    This is manifested in the proactive inscribing of high-frequency processes into low-frequency ones; if this is not done, then high-frequency, not inscribed processes give rise to modulating (embracing) uncontrolled low-frequency processes, which results in an unorganized release of energy with the destruction of the structures of the supersystem, its elemental base, and the loss of information by it.
    It looks like a failure of control and, in essence, is a kind of catastrophic resolution of uncertainties due to an error in solving the problem of predictability of behavior (or refusal to solve such a problem).
    To avoid this, the management process must go in accordance with the hierarchically Highest comprehensive management, which must be able to identify in the multitude of information flows of simply external management in relation to the supersystem and not reject its warnings, the expediency of which may even be incomprehensible at the level of awareness of the supersystem.
    Hierarchically, the Highest management differs from simply external management in that, from its point of view, it is expedient to eliminate defectiveness in hierarchically lower vectors of goals, but at the bottom, the freedom of intellects can go so far that help from Above will be rejected either as hostile to local subjectivism, or as unrecognized, not responding to its own target vectors. In this situation, there is a loss of control, although the crisis of conceptually undefined control could be overcome and outlived if help from Above is accepted.
    A supersystem is a set of elements that are at least partially functionally similar to each other in a certain sense and therefore at least partially interchangeable. In addition, all its elements are self-governed (or managed from the outside) within the hierarchically higher enclosing management based on the information stored in their memory; each self-managed element can be controlled from the outside, since they can all receive information into memory; each of them can issue information from memory to other elements of its set and the environment and therefore is capable of control, and (or) through it it is possible to control other elements and the environment; all processes of displaying information both within the elements and between them within the supersystem and in the environment surrounding it are subject to probabilistic predeterminations expressed in statistics.
    The depth of the identity of the vectors of goals of different management subjects in relation to the same object is the coincidence of the lists of their goals in the order of decreasing their priorities to the first non-matching pair of goals on any priority.
    The objective vector of goals is the vector of goals, for the implementation of which the management system objectively works, regardless of the declared goals.
    A potential vector of goals is a vector of goals for which the system does not work, but for which it is in principle capable of working if there is an appropriate goal setting.
    Upon completion of mastering the development potential, the supersystem can serve as one of the foundations for the next step in evolution.
    But these are the stages of the still forming future development of the supersystem Humanity of the planet Earth.
    And the SCO-2022 summit is not only the first major meeting of the "Eastern Bloc", but also a confirmation of the fidelity of the theory of supersystems, set out in the work of the VP of the USSR DOTU (enough of the general theory of management).
  12. runway-1
    runway-1 20 September 2022 21: 01
    If we try to translate all these signals and gestures into a language understandable to the layman, then Russia's largest partners - India and China during the meetings wanted to get an answer to the question of how Moscow sees in specifics not the NWO itself, but its result.
    India and China are wary of the NMD, in this respect they cannot be called our allies.
    As for the CSTO, the situation with it really looks so-so. Things are clearly better with the SCO, but this organization still looks more like a club of interests, and not like a serious integration association...
    1. nikolaevskiy78
      21 September 2022 00: 43
      And here we saw the first "trial balloon" in Afghanistan. The SCO has great potential.
      As for the allies, and they are not allies, but "his involuntarily friend." Without them, we will not withstand the sanctions pressure, and not China, not India, do not have the nuclear power of Russia, which is the only thing holding back the United States.
  13. ada
    ada 21 September 2022 00: 15
    A wonderful article, especially against the background of today's "military-political rubbish" of other authors, in relation to NWO - in particular.
    However, I suggest the author to pay attention to the military aspect of the situation in relation to the NWO. Here, I see some fallacy in assessing the course of the SVO, which comes (as it seems to me) from the general information background and the momentary reaction to it, disappointment in the current results. Of course, for a deeper understanding of the processes, you need to know the elements of military planning of the US, WB, US-NATO and European forces (and these are elements that are different in direction, timing, tasks and volumes with some common resultant) in the European theater of operations. The relative unifying role of NATO in long-term military planning in the Eastern strategic direction made it possible to concentrate their efforts to develop a strategic concept for the bloc's allied forces in the overall strategy of the West (conditionally) to contain Russia, organize planning for their use and application, documenting and mastering plans by military command and control agencies and troops. Ukraine as a whole, as a geostrategic foothold, provided the possibility of implementing this planning with the completion of its preparation and use of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on a par with other national armed forces of the bloc countries. And it took them almost three decades to do this, not to mention material costs. Probability of this planning being put into effect by 2025-2027. did not raise any doubts, but the rapidly changing balance of power not in favor of the US plans forced them to go for a premature escalation of events with the expected sacrifice, which caused a disproportionate reaction from Russia in the form of an NWO they had previously expected. Moreover, disproportionately small in volume and depth, which does not allow to effectively apply even part of the US-NATO military planning mastered early (in particular, air and air-ground operations with a marine component), but not in terms of time wassat As a result, all US-NATO long-range planning and timelines go into the wastebasket. Therefore, the NWO should be viewed not as a separate operation, but as a stage of preparation for the Great European War, and the longer it is, the better for us and the worse for them, and all participants in the process clearly understand this, "hence the twitching of the West" with attempts to pull our aircraft to the depths of the theater of operations and "all kinds of self-will of the third world." If we take into account the timing of the planning activities of the NATA and the "disgrace on Nezalezhnaya", then earlier than 2027 - 2030. they will not be ready for a big war on their territory. The question is - will they risk starting earlier, with the expected departure of the US-WB to the side? Not sure. Will they withstand training until the turn of the 2030s? I doubt. Will third world countries try to take advantage of the situation? Undoubtedly.
    In my opinion, this is what determines the timing and course of the CBO.
    1. nikolaevskiy78
      21 September 2022 06: 35
      Thanks for the rating. The material was actually not easy to make. Here you have made an interesting alignment from a military point of view, but the problem does not have three dimensions, as we are usually used to seeing: military, political and economic. But there is another thing - religious. This is what our political scientists are usually silent about and generally do not intend to include in the analysis. Because it's not rational. And this primacy of rationality, but in fact naive short-sightedness, it does not allow to cover the entire clearing. Here's an example of why Europe is pushing itself? We are told that the United States wants it that way. But we were told a lot of different things about the USA. In particular, the United States wants to replace us with its gas, it turns out that there is not so much gas available for production. The United States produces oil, and the United States without Venezuela will not be able to be kings of the mountain on shale. Do you remember the "Qatari gas pipeline to Europe" during the explanations why the Syrian crisis erupted? And why is the US strangling its economy today? Isn't it more rational to support both yourself and the EU in tandem? No options? Yes, but no one needs them. Green energy is designed to increase the cost of hydrocarbons, all right, but not at the same price.
      And now everyone is surprised that the US and Europe have gone to pieces, allegedly for the sake of hegemony. But to build hegemony on the ruins of the EU, when the EU should be the economic base for American goods and capital (that's what smart people say, after all), but how logical is that? But no way.
      We are told that liberalism is supposedly such an ideological appendage of financial globalists. Yes, only the financier is initially a very rational person, and the liberal is irrational. And all because modern liberalism is a religious sect. And as soon as you look at all these so-called. "projects" you will surprisingly see not insanity, but the logic of building a new society, though not really considering the costs.

      Only in these 4 dimensions can a complete picture be created. And our leadership understands this, having moved the date of the speech to September 21.09 (look at the calendars, including the Orthodox one). There are those in our leadership who think that it is possible to preserve good Europe and defeat bad Europe. You can win, but save only fragments.

      Right here, the Pope's trip to Astana threw up a whole story, which gives a lot of valuable information, including on the topic of NWO, or maybe already WHO. I will try to process and lay out for reflection and discussion
      1. ada
        ada 21 September 2022 22: 36
        Very interesting. I will wait for the article.
        As for the processes that are visible today in the United States and Europe, in general they are quite consistent with measures to increase the factor of influence (internal influence) on government bodies, political and economic groups, law enforcement agencies and the population as a whole during the period of advance preparation for war. As a rule, such factors of influence pursue the goal of creating, both in certain circles and among the masses, a consolidated public opinion, a common image of the enemy, a conviction in the need for armed struggle, while socio-economic upheavals and the deteriorating general situation in countries are one of the conditions contributing to this. . Once upon a time, there was theoretical work on managing the escalation of major regional conflicts, most likely completely behind closed doors, but today familiar characteristic phrases flash in the information - "The Great War in Europe", etc. All the necessary measures to create the appropriate conditions have long been developed and they are based on existing and probable (created additionally) circumstances - factors of influence, and religious relations are one of the most significant and easily manageable with great potential and a huge number of conductors - agents of influence.
        Good luck with your work on the topic with "dad".
  14. ada
    ada 21 September 2022 22: 53
    Quote: LCA
    ... it is necessary to be able to identify ...

    - in-in, to be able, or to be able! good