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Tracked "Scorpion"

Tracked "Scorpion"

The caterpillar modification of the Scorpion light assault vehicle will be tested in the Moscow region in December. Instead of wheels, the car has four tracked propulsive devices — devices of a triangular shape that create tractive effort by rewinding tracked belts.

- Now two such sets are made. We are doing a unified chassis, so we can install propellers on any car, all of them were originally prepared for this, ”Alexander Shore, general director of Zashchita Corporation, which manufactures Scorpio LSHA, told Izvestia.

According to him, a wheeled vehicle can turn into a tracked vehicle even in field conditions.

- To replace the need: two people from the crew, a jack and a set of propellers that are installed on regular places, initially having factory training for their installation. The trained crew will make the replacement in literally 20 – 25 minutes.
It is assumed that the "Scorpion-LSHA" on tracked engines can be used in the Arctic brigades.

... Alexander Shor told Izvestia that the car will have winter testing at one of the landfills in the Moscow region.

“When we reach the snow cover from 50, we will experience again,” he noted. - In the future, if the Ministry of Defense determines the need for this modification, so-called type tests will be carried out - additional: not for the full cycle, but only for the difference between the car and the base modification. In the case of their successful passage, the modification will be accepted for supply, but this can be said not earlier than the fall of 2013 of the year.

He especially stressed that the Defense will offer the Defense modification of the tracked modification after the Scorpion base armored car is accepted for supply.

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  1. JonnyT
    JonnyT 19 October 2012 10: 30
    And Emilien is driving!)))))))

    But seriously, then you need it !!!!! But let's wait that the tests show!
    1. dimanf
      dimanf 19 October 2012 10: 57
      Quote: JonnyT

      And Emilien is driving!)))))))

      Took off the tongue.

      And it is Giber. He is a furniture maker.
  2. YARY
    YARY 19 October 2012 10: 31
    I bet they don’t. There were already such products in Soviet times. Dusting on shelves.
    1. urzul
      urzul 19 October 2012 10: 43
      They can also accept the Arctic ones, since such a mover has the main problem, the tendency to lose tracks, and in the Arctic, mainly directions
    2. crazyrom
      crazyrom 19 October 2012 20: 46
      In Soviet times, there were no such materials. Most likely those tracks were steel, like a tank, and since the engine is not like a tank, the car probably barely drove. And these are light, rubber, rollers in general made of plastic, they are both cheaper and easier.
  3. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 19 October 2012 10: 33
    here it all depends on the build-up of the stool laughing
    1. dirty trick
      dirty trick 19 October 2012 11: 13
      Quote: sasha 19871987
      here it all depends on the build-up of the stool

      Taburetkin has already made his choice in favor of Iveco - and without any reason!
  4. Z.A.M.
    Z.A.M. 19 October 2012 11: 00
    Simply - request fool
    Above, here, they say about the Arctic ... Yes ...
    And for Mars with the Moon ??? fool
    Somehow, it’s necessary to be more adequate ... to be ...
    1. cvx
      cvx 19 October 2012 14: 50
      Really. Suddenly, God forbid some kind of malfunction in the Arctic with such caterpillars will happen. What to do then?
    BARKAS 19 October 2012 12: 43
    A caterpillar mover which is somehow flimsy in appearance, probably this one is more suitable for the arctic brigades being created, and it’s just the time for the hunt itself
  6. Blat
    Blat 19 October 2012 17: 34
    And why did you decide that if the rubber is immediately flimsy. The rubber is reinforced. By the way, rubber products are used on many snowmobiles. There is simply nothing new in this. These kits have long been developed and are actively used in agriculture. When instead of wheels on a tractor or harvesters install just such propulsors. These kits are universal and have been purchased from some foreign company. Exactly such kits can be installed without problems on a Lada
  7. Kyrgyz
    Kyrgyz 19 October 2012 21: 44
    It will burrow in the snow at 50cm, quadrics with such bells and whistles only ride away, the toy is better
    Is that to try to increase the width of the pieces
  8. Shilovr
    Shilovr 19 October 2012 23: 33
    What Landrover recalls)