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Self-propelled mine Gnom Kamikaze: Ukrainian implementation of an unsuccessful concept


Gnom Kamikaze mine in working configuration

Despite the predictable result, Ukrainian enterprises are still trying to develop new weapons and military equipment. So, earlier it became known about the development of a project with the speaking name Gnom Kamikaze. He offers a curious design of a self-propelled anti-tank mine and a robotic minelayer unified with it. At the same time, the value of such a development is questionable.

"Kamikaze Dwarf"

The new project was developed by the Kyiv company Temerland Military Solutions. Previously, she repeatedly offered certain robotic systems, and even boasted that some of her developments were being tested in Ukrainian formations. Now the company is busy with new concepts.

In mid-May, the company presented a short commercial dedicated to the new project Gnom Kamikaze (“Dwarf Kamikaze”). It showed a self-propelled mine based on the existing Gnome platform and available anti-tank munitions.

In mid-July, a similar video was shown with another development of this kind. This time, a mine delivery vehicle was made from a wheeled robotic platform. Instead of built-in ammunition, they proposed using a system for transporting and dropping such weapons.

Lid up - layout demonstration

25 of August news The Gnom Kamikaze project was published by Forbes. From the development company, it learned that self-propelled mines had passed the design stage and reached production. The equipment is already being produced and transferred to unnamed Ukrainian formations. It is assumed that in the near future they will be used in a combat situation.

Despite the claimed existence of real samples, their photographs are not given. The company-developer is still limited only to computer images of equipment. In addition, nothing is yet known about the use of new mines.

The aim of the project was to create a self-propelled robotic platform capable of carrying an anti-tank mine. The possibility of using other payloads is also not excluded. The advertising materials feature another version of the platform, capable of carrying and dropping a mine - such a minelayer, unlike the basic sample, will not be disposable.

It is assumed that Gnom Kamikaze products will be present at given positions and expect the appearance of enemy armored vehicles. When it appears, the operators will direct the mines to the targets and undermine them. A similar task, but with its own specifics, will be performed by unified minelayers. It is proposed to use unmanned aerial vehicles to detect armored objects and lay mines.

Overcoming an obstacle with a controlled suspension

The Gnome Kamikaze is reported to be easy to operate. The basic course of the operator is also not difficult. However, to organize complex operations with actions at a great distance, etc. additional preparation may be required.

Forbes compares the Ukrainian development with the German Goliath heavy self-propelled mine from World War II. This weapon had a number of serious shortcomings and did not live up to expectations. The developers of the "Gnome" believe that their product is devoid of such shortcomings. Attention is paid to various issues, incl. disguise.

platform with a mine

In terms of design, the Gnom Kamikaze is a remote-controlled self-propelled platform. The published images show a product with a flat body on four wheels. An anti-tank mine, electrical components, controls, etc. are placed inside such a case. At the same time, the exact composition of the equipment is not reported.

The TM-62 mine is used as the main combat load. It is made in a cylindrical body with a diameter of 320 mm. Depending on the type of fuse, the height of such a mine is 110-130 mm. The dimensions of the mine allow us to imagine the approximate dimensions of the "Gnome". So, the length and width of the body should be in the range of 600-700 mm. Case thickness - approx. 100-110 mm. The wheeled chassis increases the dimensions.

Apparently, Gnom Kamikaze has an electric drive. Batteries are installed inside the case next to the mine; there are also propulsion motors. Chassis includes four wheels on balancers with controlled suspension. Perhaps, motor-wheels are used to simplify the layout of the platform.

Mina drives under the target

The platform has a remote control and is controlled by the operator by radio. How exactly the operator should monitor the condition and location of the product is unknown. Perhaps the mine has its own optics. In addition, they talk about the possibility of tracking mines using a separate UAV. At the same time, as stated, the management of a mine can be mastered in just a few minutes.

The range of the complex, according to Forbes, is "about half a mile" - 800 m. Using an additional repeater allows you to double the range.

The TM-62 anti-tank mine is used as a warhead. This product weighs 10 kg with an explosive charge of up to 8 kg. A pressure fuse with a force of at least 200-250 kg is normally used. In the Ukrainian project, the pressure fuse is supplemented with an electromagnetic one that reacts to the field of an armored object. In addition, the operator can give a command to undermine. The fundamental possibility of installing other mines, incl. anti-personnel.

The robotic minelayer is as similar as possible to the Kamikaze Gnome, but has noticeable differences. So, its body is thinner and accommodates only the necessary units. At the same time, a cargo platform for laying mines is placed on the roof. The platform is made swinging, which allows you to unload the mine on the ground according to the principle of a dump truck.

Doubtful prospects

It is quite possible that Temerland did develop and manufacture a number of its own self-propelled mines - there is nothing complicated in their design. Such products could have ended up in Ukrainian units in the combat zone. However, the practical value and necessity of such developments is questionable.

Reusable minelayer

A light wheeled platform is really capable of transporting a mine and "rushing" under an enemy armored vehicle. At the same time, effective work of this kind is possible only under ideal conditions, while the real battlefield will impose various restrictions and create problems.

So, the operator must constantly monitor the mine and the target. To do this, optical or technical means must be used. Visual observation is not always possible or unsafe. The enemy can notice the approaching mine in time and destroy it. Satellite navigation and telemetry transmission also do not solve all problems, because signals can be suppressed with known results.

Raises questions wheel undercarriage lowered profile. The patency of such a chassis on the ground can be very limited. Accordingly, the "Kamikaze Dwarf" may encounter insurmountable obstacles in the form of bumps, ditches, embankments, etc.

The range of a self-propelled mine does not exceed 800 m. Because of this, the operator must be directly on the front line and be exposed to risks. The control is carried out by radio, and data and command channels can be detected and suppressed. In addition, it is possible to hit the control panel as a source of radio signals.

Mine drop

The TM-62 mine was used as a warhead on the Gnom Kamikaze platform. This is an old product, and its combat qualities are no longer sufficient. Various samples of modern armored vehicles are designed to detonate 8-kg charges under the chassis and / or under the bottom. Accordingly, the Ukrainian "Dwarf" can only damage them, but even the withdrawal from the battle is not guaranteed.

Finally, the economic aspects of the project are questionable. For all its simplicity, the robotic platform is disposable. In addition, it has a certain value, which can also grow due to objective reasons and the corruption factor. A reusable minelayer on the same platform is more successful in this regard, however, it is not without drawbacks.

Another attempt

Thus, a small Ukrainian organization is trying to revive not the most successful concept and create another self-propelled mine. It is alleged that Gnom Kamikaze products are already being manufactured and transferred to Ukrainian formations. This means that the latter will soon be able to test them in a real environment - and understand from their own experience why all other projects of this kind have failed.

However, now all the shortcomings of the Gnome-kamikaze are the problem of the operators. At the same time, the Ukrainian army is already facing a lot of threats, and the shortcomings of a self-propelled mine will not be its main problem. And the manufacturing company has probably already received payment - and can again engage in dubious projects.
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Temerland Military Solutions

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  1. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U 31 August 2022 16: 04
    Judging by the wheels of the "destroyer" - mines can only be transported on asphalt roads. For terror, and therefore for the ukrovermacht, it will do.
    1. Greg Miller
      Greg Miller 31 August 2022 16: 07
      It is expensive! It's easier to put a TM-62 on some "Taras" and send it under a tank ... Who in Ukraine considers these "Taras"?
      1. Vladimir_2U
        Vladimir_2U 31 August 2022 16: 10
        Quote: Greg Miller
        Who in Ukraine counts these "Tarasovs"?

        I don’t think that there are such ideological ones, but there aren’t even such stupid ones there. In short - you will not find conditional "Tarasov" for this case.
        1. Greg Miller
          Greg Miller 31 August 2022 16: 15
          Well, after all, they are walking across the steppe under artillery fire, like sheep to the slaughter ...
    2. alexey sidykin
      alexey sidykin 31 August 2022 16: 33
      Yes, drive a drone under a car and then blow it up is the maximum that can be done with it.
    3. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 31 August 2022 16: 35
      Quote: Vladimir_2U
      Judging by the wheels of the "destroyer" - mines can only be transported on asphalt roads. For terror, and therefore for the ukrovermacht, it will do.

      For terror it will do, in cities with civilians, shops, cars, and blow up under the windows of restaurants. Terrorists have one thing sharpened in their heads "to blow up - to kill" and to do all this not in battle, but "from around the corner" in a vile way. ISIS, UGIL all of the same batch.
    4. Mister X
      Mister X 1 September 2022 07: 54
      Progress is evident laughing
      In 2014 there was already a similar "project".
      Then Pan Pasechnik from the city of Lviv offered a reconnaissance robot

      As conceived by the author, the robot could deliver ammunition and equipment to the battlefield, and evacuate the wounded from there.

      Fundraising was organized.
      All Lviv collected the amount for 2 tanks.
      With sin in half, they collected one copy, and delivered it to the front line.
      After driving about 30 meters, he smoked and died.
      It turned out that the engine from the washing machine is not suitable for military products.
      Volunteers sued the developer.
      The money was never returned.
  2. Leshak
    Leshak 31 August 2022 16: 38
    Looking at the picture, I want to supplement the device with a rope for which dill will roll it through the streets. Here is such an association. repeat
  3. stankow
    stankow 31 August 2022 16: 48
    Obviously, a prototype is shown, which is very far from the real product. In terms of cross-country ability, you need to work very seriously, radically rework. Set up multiple cameras. Ensure the reset of the mini and the return of the carrier. And try. Something that might work.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  4. gromit
    gromit 31 August 2022 17: 18
    Radio-controlled car with anti-tank mine. Simple and cheap. The saboteur will sprinkle it with earth or snow near the road, and he himself will observe in the distance, again, he will not unmask the position. After the explosion, you throw out the remote control and you will distinguish horseradish from a civilian.
    1. Nexcom
      Nexcom 31 August 2022 17: 36
      it's easier to turn the key and wind it up like a child's toy - cheap and cheerful. laughing
      1. gromit
        gromit 31 August 2022 18: 15
        We have already laughed at the copters in our time.
        And over the UAV and over the Hymars.
        The article did not give me an answer why this crap will not kill our soldiers.
        Because 80 years ago, the Germans unsuccessfully used wire-controlled goliaths? Not convincing.
        1. Nexcom
          Nexcom 31 August 2022 18: 21
          they successfully used them during the suppression of the Warsaw uprising - they blew up the fortifications. in other cases, our fighters destroyed them well. these devices did not bring the expected turning point in battles.
          1. gromit
            gromit 31 August 2022 18: 58
            “Torpedo tankettes can be used to attack tanks from ambushes, most often near roads. However, the effectiveness of such a tankette-torpedo was low. With a clearance of only 160 mm*, it encounters insurmountable obstacles everywhere (stones, logs of firewood, etc.). She has enough power supply for only 5-8 minutes of movement. It is difficult to hit such a torpedo under a moving tank even from a distance of 100-150 m. - the conclusion of the Soviet military. Not useless - expensive and inefficient.
            At the same time, the goliath is a hundred-kilogram cart 150 * 85 cm with wired control.
            With radio control and tiny dimensions, is it just as inefficient?
            1. Nexcom
              Nexcom 31 August 2022 19: 06
              and what, did he increase his permeability from this? plowing or broken tank track? by autumn thaw? through shelling craters?
              1. gromit
                gromit 31 August 2022 19: 21
                Why let this kid go through plowing and funnels? I dug a small shallow hole 200 meters near a country road, covered it with a net, but at least sprinkled it with snow and wait for the column. It is cheap, easy to operate and does not unmask the operator.
                Traces of the installation of a mine on the road are noticeable, you still need to get out of the RPG, and they will immediately calculate it, and any Volkssturm soldier can easily master such a machine. It is not necessary to blow up a tank, you can also blow up a truck.
                1. cat Rusich
                  cat Rusich 31 August 2022 22: 11
                  Quote from Gromit
                  Why let this kid go through plowing and funnels? I dug a small shallow hole 200 meters near a country road, covered it with a net, but at least sprinkled it with snow and wait for the column.
                  On country roads - unpaved roads, it is customary to dig a mine into the ground ...

                  Quote from Gromit
                  Traces of the installation of mines on the road are visible, . .
                  A normal miner sets a mine (land mine - IED) without traces of his activity.
                  1. gromit
                    gromit 31 August 2022 22: 54
                    In today's world, much is designed for non-professionals. Gamify the process - the mine will be more expensive, but easier to use. Not everyone will be able to quietly place a mine on a rolled dirt road, especially on an asphalt one. And to put this infernal machine in the bushes or in the alley to fill up with garbage - any.
                    After that, you only need to direct the machine across the column from a safe place.
  5. DO
    DO 31 August 2022 17: 39
    Raises questions wheel undercarriage lowered profile. The patency of such a chassis on the ground can be very limited. Accordingly, the "Kamikaze Dwarf" may encounter insurmountable obstacles in the form of bumps, ditches, embankments, etc.

    One can certainly agree with this. Insurmountable obstacles for funny small-parquet wheels and microscopic ground clearance can be even tall grass, not to mention bushes and branchy burdocks.
    The control is carried out by radio, and data and command channels can be detected and suppressed. In addition, it is possible to hit the control panel as a source of radio signals.

    But with this emphasis, you can not agree. For this is a fundamental drawback of any military robots controlled by radio. Which in practice does not interfere with the widespread use of combat drones (air, ground and surface) in modern military conflicts.
  6. DeGreen
    DeGreen 31 August 2022 17: 43
    The level of Ukraine is a revolver, with a cartridge for Kalashnikov, and a Peremozhnik hand gun. On the Polish PPS 43, with a wooden butt, they simply put a bipod
  7. GcleanD
    GcleanD 31 August 2022 17: 44
    a radio machine for, say, $100-500 that any first-grader, sophomore of robotics can collect for 200 UAH (400 rubles)? doubtful... No.
  8. Mikhail_Nikolaevich
    Mikhail_Nikolaevich 31 August 2022 18: 03
    Will it reach Bankova Street in Kyiv?
  9. Pavel57
    Pavel57 31 August 2022 19: 34
    For sabotage in the city can come in handy.
  10. Nord11
    Nord11 31 August 2022 19: 40
    There is a base much cheaper and more efficient. This is a stoned, rabid lad, to whose back such a mine is taped with tape.
  11. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 31 August 2022 20: 52
    The idea is interesting.
    If you increase the radio monitoring to 1.5 km approximately
    (add antenna)
    That could be a dangerous weapon
    against vehicles moving on dense roads.
  12. Electrical
    Electrical 31 August 2022 21: 29
    Next Svidomo Dumko get rich!
  13. DO
    DO 31 August 2022 22: 53
    If the Ukrainian plant manages to master this carrier before the end of the NVO with the denazification of Ukraine, each Russian convoy will need radio channel jammers.
  14. Rasp
    Rasp 1 September 2022 08: 36
    Heh, why didn’t the company think about attracting not only investments, but also a couple of calibers?
  15. GAndr
    GAndr 1 September 2022 11: 55
    They take an example from their heroes - Fritz ...
    They just forget how they ended up.
  16. APASUS
    APASUS 1 September 2022 14: 13
    Remote control up to 800 meters. This means that any problem or electronic warfare will instantly disable
    1. agond
      agond 5 September 2022 15: 26
      A similar mine can be made walking, for example in the form of a turtle
      1. APASUS
        APASUS 5 September 2022 15: 35
        Quote: agond
        A similar mine can be made walking, for example in the form of a turtle

        You can fly, crawl, jump, the problem is in the control distance