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The newest attack helicopters Mi-35М were tested on the Kuban

The newest attack helicopters Mi-35М were tested on the Kuban

At the Korenovsky airbase, located in 70 kilometers from the capital of Kuban, the first test flights of the new improved Mi-35M helicopters took place. Three combat vehicles took off at once.

In total, the air base of these machines four. As already reported, the last two attack helicopters arrived here in mid-August right from a Rostov manufacturer.

To manage new products, the pilots underwent special retraining at the Center for Combat Use and Retraining of Army Flight Personnel aviation in the city of Torzhok, Tver region.

“Five crews have done so far - ten Kuban aces,” says the pilot of the air base, captain Andrey Skidanchuk. - At first, everyone went through theoretical training, then everyone flew with an instructor. It all took about a month, approximately 150 training hours. In principle, there was no difficulty, because managing new cars is much simpler than its predecessors.

The Mi-35M helicopter is an upgraded version of the Mi-24. According to the military, it is intended to destroy the enemy’s armored vehicles, evacuate the wounded, and transport goods in the cabin and on the external sling. The machine has a mobile unit with a gun barrel GSH-23 caliber 23 millimeter and anti-tank guided missiles of the "Sturm" type. One of the design features are lightweight non-retractable landing gear and shortened wings - such a machine weighs much less than its predecessor.

In addition, the Mi-35M has a more powerful engine than its predecessor. The height of the flight of the car has also increased - now it is more than six thousand meters.

The helicopter is equipped with night vision devices and a thermal imaging surveillance system that allows you to detect and recognize objects at any time of day at a distance of several kilometers. There is also a modern satellite navigation system associated with the on-board computer. This reduces the time for determining navigation parameters, calculating the route and issuing it to the monitor screen of the crew commander more than twice.

Miracle cars military pilots not only lifted into the air, but also tested their equipment. At the airbase held small exercises. Three crews on the brand new Mi-35M shot from all weapons on land targets.

According to the press service of the Southern Military District, it is planned to send six more such vehicles to parts of the district by the end of 2012.

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  1. klimpopov
    klimpopov 18 October 2012 11: 19
    It is interesting to us when they reach ... I like painting, they look stylish, I would buy ...
    1. tronin.maxim
      tronin.maxim 18 October 2012 11: 47
      Quote: klimpopov
      I would buy..

      For example, why, officials to shoot or stool? lol
      1. Vadivak
        Vadivak 18 October 2012 11: 52
        They were able to do technology in the USSR
        1. YARY
          YARY 18 October 2012 12: 38
          Saw - watched - delighted!
      2. klimpopov
        klimpopov 18 October 2012 13: 20
        Yes, there would be money, but use, for example, in Arkhyz to eat meat for the weekend, but in passing a green salvo for prevention ... And hunting and rest ...
    2. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 18 October 2012 12: 47
      And here is the video for the news. In this video, the same pilot as in the photo for the news.
    3. viruskvartirus
      viruskvartirus 18 October 2012 17: 35
      I think ... it’s possible, a lot can be done for money, but only without weapons ... eh, I would have had MI-2.
    4. Bars90
      Bars90 31 October 2012 01: 24
      Not stylish, but STRONGLY .... smile
  2. vel77
    vel77 18 October 2012 11: 20
    Handsome ..)) ... Respect
  3. Check
    Check 18 October 2012 11: 22
    A good upgrade of the legendary car!
  4. Lakkuchu
    Lakkuchu 18 October 2012 11: 34
    From childhood I admired the "Crocodiles" that regularly flew over our town. This rumble, downcast nose, predatory formidable look - handsome! Visually, the most formidable and spectacular helicopter in the world is unambiguous.
  5. leon-iv
    leon-iv 18 October 2012 11: 43
    Imperial Armor))))
    IMHO the most beautiful machine.
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 18 October 2012 11: 52
      Quote: leon-iv
      Imperial Armor

      Have you read the Strugatsky?
      1. leon-iv
        leon-iv 18 October 2012 12: 20
        And not only them)))
  6. Havoc
    Havoc 18 October 2012 11: 45
    The main thing is that it is shock - transport, i.e. two in one, no one has these. A bunch of all kinds of weapons can be hung on a transporter, but this will not make it an attack helicopter.
    1. saturn.mmm
      saturn.mmm 18 October 2012 12: 06
      Quote: Havoc
      shock - transport, i.e. two in one, no one has

      Well, Americans have two in one.

      ACH-47 Armed / Armored Chinook is an attack and transport helicopter developed by the American company Boeing-Vertol. At the end of 1965, the strike version of the CH-47 Chinook multipurpose transport helicopter was first shown. Significant carrying capacity of the helicopter made it possible to place powerful weapons and armor on it to protect the crew and vital parts of the helicopter.
      1. Wedmak
        Wedmak 18 October 2012 12: 08
        Only now they are not visible anywhere. And our flocks fly.
      2. nik6006
        nik6006 18 October 2012 14: 57
        To be honest, the freak is this ACH-47 Armed / Armored Chinook. But our crocodile is a predatory and damn dangerous handsome man!
        1. Per se.
          Per se. 18 October 2012 20: 18
          Yes, Mi-35M handsome, sorry the chassis were not cleaned, they used to be, the view was cooler before. Clearly, it has become easier, more reliable, cheaper.
        2. saturn.mmm
          saturn.mmm 18 October 2012 21: 24
          Quote: nik6006
          To be honest, this freak is the ACH-47 Armed / Armored Chinook.

          I agree, but two in one.
      3. Havoc
        Havoc 20 October 2012 13: 08
        Dear that the Chinook was supplied with additional weapons, it did not become a shock because of this, with the same success it is possible to infuse everything in MI-6.
  7. Jin
    Jin 18 October 2012 11: 55
    Yes, all this certainly pleases ... except for one thing ... the scales! Well, God bless him, the main thing is to do and fly, already progress. The age of the crews is also pleasing, there is apparently still flight and helicopter personnel in Russia ... otherwise in civil aviation it is completely byad (and in the Air Force, however, which is sad. You need to read the TTN of this turntable. "Sand Demons", on the modernized MI-24, were extinguished by "assaults" of the islands. You will lick your fingers (not counting as bloodthirstiness, amazed by the skill of the pilots)
  8. Petrucho
    Petrucho 18 October 2012 11: 58
    Wow, the 24th in the 91st was worn right over my house like angry bees. Thank God they just flew, but the feeling when such a bandura is above you at a height of just over a 12-story building flies certainly strong. He was then a kid, you lift your head - you admire ... Now, of course, you are already thinking, but it is better to stay away from such beauty. what
    And about the Mi-35, I certainly believe that they are better - but in appearance it’s not right. And the wings are scanty, and especially these non-retractable landing gears .... Charisma is gone.
  9. Jin
    Jin 18 October 2012 12: 02
    The Americans were shocked by the losses.
  10. Lakkuchu
    Lakkuchu 18 October 2012 12: 10
    Quote: Petrucho
    And about the Mi-35, I certainly believe that they are better - but in appearance it’s not right. And the wings are scanty, and especially these non-retractable landing gears .... Charisma is gone.

    I agree, I noticed it myself. Without a chassis they looked meaner.
    I do not remember who exactly, some Afghan field commander said - "We are not afraid of the Russians, but we are afraid of their helicopters."
  11. Andrey_K
    Andrey_K 18 October 2012 12: 26
    What is beautiful?
    Stealth is a form and does not smell.
    Helicopters are aerodynamically less sensitive than airplanes - they can be made angular with flat faces.
    And this one is visible for many kilometers and any rocket blindfolded will find.
    1. Jin
      Jin 18 October 2012 12: 34
      Sorry of course, but any angularity affects aerodynamics, here at least a loss of speed, poor handling and increased fuel consumption become a minus! Least! I'm not an expert in helicopter performance, but it’s obvious!
    2. d1m1drol
      d1m1drol 18 October 2012 12: 38
      Well, not every one will certainly find it. And in case he finds it, I think there are countermeasures there at least, and more modern than 24x. A stealth technology in helicopters so far only with amers and then ... in blockbusters)
    3. Wedmak
      Wedmak 18 October 2012 12: 39
      Sense in stealth form to an army aviation helicopter? He is always visible visually. That armor - yes, weapons - yes, but the stealth there didn’t give up. There are heat traps to divert missiles. And not every radar will notice it in rough terrain.
      1. desava
        desava 18 October 2012 18: 24
        I will fully support you. The adversary over there wanted to launch a helicopter with this technology, until the prototypes were being developed and tested, they realized that the game was not worth the candle. The cost is an order of magnitude more than "Apache", but the vulnerability is the same.
    4. Joker
      Joker 18 October 2012 13: 51
      And this one is visible for many kilometers and any rocket blindfolded will find.

      specially for you MI-24 against Americans with MANPADS hi Something they with open eyes from several attempts could not bring him down lol
      1. Wedmak
        Wedmak 18 October 2012 18: 10
        I didn’t see something to shoot.
    5. leon-iv
      leon-iv 18 October 2012 14: 25
      Emm Helicopter and stealth are not compatible by definition.
      1. Andrey_K
        Andrey_K 18 October 2012 15: 10
        Why is that?
        Never has any advantage, even the smallest, been superfluous.

        Not all missiles are thermal, there are those that have their own radar and explode when detecting obstacles in the area of ​​destruction by fragments.

        And recently there was an article about helicopter mines - they discover with their own radar a helicopter flying near and shoot down it.
        1. Wedmak
          Wedmak 18 October 2012 18: 14
          Have you forgotten about the price of stealth money? Why throw such a LOT of dough if this advantage is used in one case from 100? And not a fact that will help. Can it be better to invest this money in protecting helicopters from MANPADS? It will be more useful in my opinion.
          And as for helicopter mines - they do not catch radar, they are guided by the sound.
          1. Andrey_K
            Andrey_K 18 October 2012 18: 30
            What big money?
            No need to paint with any expensive coatings and use carbon fiber.
            All you need is to make a flat face instead of a round muzzle, replace all rounded bulges with square ones, and make the sides of flat surfaces.
            All change is the shape of the hull.
            What is the rise in price?

            And mines - if now they use sound, then this does not mean that radar mines do not appear.
            In addition, different army modules for monitoring the combat situation are now appearing — now they are just radar.
            If helicopters are worse off monitoring the enemy, then this will also be an advantage in battle.
            Just for army use.
            1. Wedmak
              Wedmak 18 October 2012 18: 55
              Well, how would I tell you ... Americans of the 10 years tested the RAH-66 Comanche, also a stealth type. Then it came to them, which was expensive and useless on the battlefield. Or maybe the drones said their word.
              About the square shapes. There is such a science - aerodynamics is called. AvtoVAZ still does not know her very well. Recall also the famous F-117. That brick is still ... Although the PR was powerful - both inconspicuous, and it was supposedly supersonic, and carries nuclear bombs, and super-maneuverability, and much more. Zilch came out. Our radars saw him perfectly, and it strayed as it turned out at a time. It flies - just as it looks, i.e. like an iron that got kicked. As a result, he flew only at night, high, only with high-precision bombs, efficiency below the baseboard.
              Let's move on to the helicopter - it flies low, it can fall under the shelling of artillery, MANPADS, hand weapons. Don't you think that flat panels will easily catch shells at right angles to the plane? Where is penetration possible? And what about the twists from the corners, joints? Of course, I’m not special, but it’s clear there, he writes out such pirouettes, and the plane never dreamed of. A helicopter spends a lot of energy on maintaining itself in the air, and then an iron hangs under a screw.
              What I’m all leading to - it’s not possible to hang the iron there - is unprofitable.

              And mines - if now they use sound, then this does not mean that radar mines do not appear.

              Mmm ... why?
              1. Andrey_K
                Andrey_K 18 October 2012 21: 19
                Circle or rhombus - the difference is small.
                Let's see Wikipedia:
                - aerodynamic drag of the ball: 90%, and a flat plate perpendicular to the flow: 100%
                And this is only due to the fact that behind it, an area of ​​reduced pressure forms.
                Those. and a round helicopter and a rhomboid will provide almost the same resistance - the main thing is that there is a drop-shaped tail, so that an area of ​​low pressure is not created behind.

                And radar mines appear after silent helicopters appear ... or who can disperse their sound unevenly.
                (Remember, in "White Sun of the Desert" Sukhov put his hand to his mouth when he spoke - he did this so that Abdula did not shoot at the sound - people already knew how to fight with "sound targeting")
                1. Wedmak
                  Wedmak 18 October 2012 21: 30
                  Let's say. At maximum speed in 320 km per hour, the difference can and really is small. But how much is it almost? Is it worth sacrificing speed and less frontal resistance for the sake of the mythical stealth?
                  1. Andrey_K
                    Andrey_K 19 October 2012 00: 25
                    In an age when radars begin to play such a large role, it would not turn out that this is the only and decisive thing that can generally help save a helicopter's life.
                    1. Wedmak
                      Wedmak 19 October 2012 10: 14
                      Nevertheless, in the first place they pay attention to flight characteristics and only to the second to radar invisibility.
  12. Black Colonel
    Black Colonel 18 October 2012 13: 59
    Why is it interesting to him to shorten the "wings", what is the plus? recourse
  13. spirit
    spirit 18 October 2012 14: 29
    stealth technology)))))) that I don’t have enthusiasm for American warriors to buy expensive comanches to bomb Dushmans in Agan))) and which turntables they buy there?)))) right !!!
  14. bubla5
    bubla5 18 October 2012 14: 29
    Upgraded Veteran
  15. Hedgehog
    Hedgehog 18 October 2012 15: 00
    Was and remains my favorite combat helicopter and I consider it the best in this business!
  16. Navuxonastupil
    Navuxonastupil 18 October 2012 15: 10
    Quote: Petrucho
    And about the Mi-35, I certainly believe that they are better - but in appearance it’s not right. And the wings are scanty, and especially these non-retractable landing gears .... Charisma is gone

    I believe that with the departure of the charisma, there is more chance for the crew to survive after what is called a "hard landing"! Pay attention to the chassis of almost all amerovskoy turntables, or skis or powerful, equipped with hydraulic dampers with wheels. The retractable chassis gives an increase in speed and a decrease in fuel consumption to some extent, but it weighs, I think, a lot ..
  17. to4kavserdce
    to4kavserdce 18 October 2012 15: 19
    Such biaxial Americans, in Afghanistan, were knocked down on the road, and the motors refused !! And our MI-26s dragged them at the request of the United States ... armor armor so ....
  18. rudolff
    rudolff 18 October 2012 17: 35
    Unbreakable helicopters have not yet been invented, and the human factor has not been canceled! I wonder why in the pictures you can not see the boxes of the exhaust diffusers? It seems like additional protection against MANPADS. Does anyone know
  19. Rodriques
    Rodriques 18 October 2012 19: 06
    Drooling? But in vain! Mi-8 mn, amtsh, mtko perfectly coped with night tasks. By navigation in SMU they are much more efficient and safer. Why veteran Mi-24 these nightly trinkets is not clear. And the fact that the latest guided missiles, with increased range and autonomy, can not develop and implement in any way is a fact. All this is dust in the eyes!
  20. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 18 October 2012 19: 43
    The Mi-35M has been in Budenovsk for a long time. By the way, they, like those who entered Korenovka, are armed with a 23 mm artillery system in the NPPU ... And as far as I know, flights are made regularly. So "thirty-fifth" in the sky of the North Caucasus is far from news ...
  21. cyberdamn
    cyberdamn 19 October 2012 00: 26
    some kind of fat man ...