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Obama wins second round of debate

Obama wins second round of debateIn the United States, a second round of debate took place between the candidates for the presidency. Barack Obama has again come face to face with his political rival.
The previous round of candidate debates ended with an impressive victory for Republican Mitt Romney, whose rating immediately surpassed the rating of the current American president. On the eve of the second round of debates, many evil tongues said that Mitt Romney would completely overthrow the Democrats during the second round and place political crosses to the grave (of course, also political). However, today it became clear that no final victory of the candidate Romney took place, since Obama decided to go on the offensive, and this time during the debate was more convincing than in the previous round.
The White House’s current host team took into account all of their punctures at the previous stage of the presidential race, and decided to prepare a truly impressive performance for Obama. This allowed Obama to turn from a mummy into an energetic politician who is able not only to talk about the possible failures of his opponent, but also to declare his vision of solving some pressing problems.
As you know, the presidential election in the United States is scheduled for November 6. Today, opinion polls show that Romney and Obama go almost nostrils to nostrils. At the same time, after the second round of debate, it turned out that Obama could get about 46% of voters, and his main opponent - about 43%.
As you can see, the percentages are within the statistical error, which means even greater tightening of the election race. Today, in order to achieve victory, candidates are trying to use all the means at their disposal. It may even happen that a victory during a debate will play a cruel joke with Barack Obama, who will again believe in his victory even before the start of voting. To prevent this from happening, the coaching staff of the current president is working out a strategy for the last pre-election stage. It is this stage that will last about 2 weeks will be decisive in the presidential race.
Today, Obama’s and Romney’s chances for bookmakers are about equal. None of their candidates in the race is considered a favorite, which means that the presidential election campaign in the United States can be protracted.
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  1. andrei332809
    andrei332809 18 October 2012 10: 35
    I will not have any other comments for the situevina elections in americosia, except for one that I already used once: "the game was equal - we played two go-to-na"
    1. JonnyT
      JonnyT 18 October 2012 10: 39
      I would like to say that there is a choice between awl and soap, but gov .. it suits better, only one of the warlike w .... py stupid macaque, the other from the calm w ... baboon
    2. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 18 October 2012 12: 41
      Someone writes better than Democrats, someone writes better than Republicans, someone understands that any president is a doll in the hands of the military-industrial complex of America

      Here we look at the history of of_military_operations_United States_America
  2. itr
    itr 18 October 2012 10: 43
    Their debates remind me of "Big wash" With Malakhov at the head
    1. Ross
      Ross 18 October 2012 12: 15

      I am joining! Well said! +++++
  3. strannik595
    strannik595 18 October 2012 10: 57
    Obama perceives reality more adequately and does something for the poorest segments of the population ............... although the military component of politics is no better than Bush Jr., the Nobel Peace Prize, apparently, was allowed to develop the brewery laughing
    1. Норд
      Норд 18 October 2012 11: 32
      Do not entertain yourself with the illusions that one of them is better, and some worse. They are both derivatives of the same system and are absolutely controllable. By whom exactly I hope it is not necessary to explain. They are distinguished only by rhetoric and, excuse me, face muzzle. Therefore, regardless of the outcome of the elections, a friend of Russia will not appear in the White House, and the state’s foreign policy will not change. Everything else is a show for hamburger eaters on which nothing really depends.
      1. Gluxar
        Gluxar 18 October 2012 18: 01
        They have always had a show, since the days of the wild west. It’s interesting not what is happening there, but how everything “has become a pattern” there. Moreover, so much so that the fans of big macs themselves began to understand this.
        So what comes to the fore is how much the candidate will gain in third place. And this is the wind of change.
  4. Manager
    Manager 18 October 2012 11: 07
    Like it or not, Obama is at least more or less adequate. Romney is a man whose friend McCain ..... What else can you say. Better be a democrat than a republican. 3 world as it is not very desirable.
    1. bddrus
      bddrus 18 October 2012 11: 18
      each president wages his own war - and Obama unfortunately is not an exception, it seems to me that they have nothing to do with the president at all - they all instill democracy
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 18 October 2012 11: 41
      Quote: Manager

      Like it or not, Obama is at least more or less adequate

      Vote for Obama, vote for the future of America laughing
    3. Gluxar
      Gluxar 18 October 2012 18: 18
      The third world will be in any case, only the initial positions of countries can be changed.
      Who is better for Russia? Mister zombie in my opinion. Such a candidate. Better of two evils, Romney. He is simply not adequate, but the puppeteers will not allow him to start a nuclear war tomorrow. Plus Romney is that he is going to increase spending by reducing taxes. A very forward-looking and forward-looking strategy. And along with his "social" statements, he is likely to start a civil war in the United States, or at least civil riots.
      Obama is more mistaken about missile defense, but whether dismantling the current phony missile defense is needed remains open. The funds spent on this program are truly enormous, and the effect is ephemeral and most likely political. Considering that the APR becomes the main area of ​​US interests, all the attempts in Europe on missile defense are a blank shot.
  5. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 18 October 2012 11: 15
    but what a plague, what cholera ... they are both disgusting to me, the first has already shown that the Cold War has not passed in the minds, and the second is already speaking badly about us ....
  6. AAA
    AAA 18 October 2012 11: 30
    I don’t remember who said that every American president should have his own small victorious war. The frame already has, and if Romney, who is next?
  7. Averias
    Averias 18 October 2012 15: 19
    Certain circles in this pre-election race cover up sickly bucks. Therefore, the ratings are so strange jumping. Run around, fuss, give out impossible promises. And the result is one - one devil is deceived. And if the expression of patriotism among the Americans is expressed in the purchase of T-shirts, flags and other election attributes, thereby contributing to the enrichment of financial elites, I feel sorry for the Americans.