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Exhibition Weapons and Hunting 2012 - part of 1

In Moscow, from 11 to 14 in October, the Gostinny Dvor hosted the regular International Exhibition Weapon and the 2012 Hunt. The main theme of the exhibition is hunting and sporting weapons, self-defense weapons, hunting and sporting ammunition, equipment and optics, weapon care products, as well as equipment and accessories for hunting.

This year the number of participants, especially foreign ones, has increased significantly. In principle, the exhibition is also a fair, and at almost every stand you could buy something themed, optics, for example, or accessories, parts for tuning or clothing.

Photo report from Moscow International Exhibition ARMS & Hunting 2012. The main themes of the exhibition are: hunting arms, shooting sport arms, gun components and machining, ammunition and reloading, optics, knives, special clothes and hunting accessories, shooting sport accessories.

Rifle ORSIS T-5000 .308 Win

Rifle ORSIS SE F-Class

The entire line of Glokov assembled under license at ORSIS facilities. 9x19 Glock 17 (Full line of Glocks assembled in Russia at ORSIS factory)

9x19 Glock 34

.40 Glock 35

After Glok, ORSIS has established a licensed assembly of the Italian rifle MAROCCHI (ORSIS company also recently strated assembling of MAROCCHI rifles)

.30-06 Browning BAR rifles: Light Long Trac Gr.1, Light Long Trac Hunter Nero and Light Long Trac Lux

.300 WM guns Browning BAR Light Long Trac Composite Moinf and Browning BAR Boss, as well as .30-06 Browning BAR Light Long Trac Eclipse Gold LH

12x76 shotguns Armsan RS-X2 and RS-X1

Rifles 4.5 BSA Ultra Multishot Beech and BSA Ultra Multishot Tactical

Rifles 4.5 BSA R10 Walnut and BSA XL Lighting Beech

Reincarnation Lange Р08

Carabiner from Hammer Vepr-15 (VPO-140) .223 Rem (.223 Rem Vepr-15 (VPO-140) rifle from Molot factory)

7,62x51 carbine KO-91 / 30М (7,62x51 KO-91 / 30M carbine)

9x19 carbine VPO-132 (9x19 VPO-132)

7,62x39 Carabiner Vepr-1B VPO-126 (7,62x39 Vepr-1V VPO-126)

7,62x39 carbine OP SKS (7,62x39 OP SKS carbine)

.223 Rem carbine Vepr-1В VPO-125-01 (.223 Rem Vepr-1V VPO-125-01)

.308 Win carbine Vepr-308 SOK-95 (.308 Win Vepr-308 SOK-95)

12х76 Carabiner Vepr-12 Hammer VPO-205-00 (12x76 Vepr-12 Molot VPO-205-00)

Modified model 12x76 carbine Vepr-12 Hammer VPO-205-00 (Another version of the Vepr-12 Molot VPO-205-00)

9x19 Saiga-9 carbine (Saiga-9 19x9)

Brugger & Thomet APR rifles .338 LM and .308 Win

RPA Rangemaster .338 LM and Zbroyar Z-008 .308 Win rifles

Zbroyar Z-10 .308 Win Carabiner

.223 Rem Zbroyar Z-15 Basic and Z-15 Professional Carabiners

.223 Rem H&K MR223

.22 LR rifles CZ 455 Evolution and 455 Thumbhole

CZ 550 Synthetic .308 Win

.338 LM rifle SAKO TRG-42, .308 Win H&K MR308, .223 Rem Schmeisser AR15-M5 and 9mm AR-15

.308 Win H&K MR308

Schmeisser .223 Rem AR15-M5 and 9mm AR-15

Beretta A400 Xplor Xtreme Unico Synthetic 12 / 89

Colt M16 R .22 LR

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  1. Brother Sarych
    Brother Sarych 18 October 2012 09: 22
    I would go and see everything live ...
    And if from the pictures - I personally don’t really like all this, essentially ruined reliable things with all sorts of rubbish for wealthy Pinocchio, imagining themselves hot peppers ...
    Moreover, all this causes a wild rzhach, when some newly-minted "great white hunter" in Africa from such a cartoon with an optical sight the size of a small telescope shoots from a stop from perches at an elephant from about seventy meters ...
    1. Joker
      Joker 18 October 2012 14: 01
      This is an exhibition, therefore everything is in ruffles, if you want to buy something, then you can order materials for production yourself.
    2. Burbulator
      Burbulator 18 October 2012 16: 48
      I will support you in this post.
      Take a bow, arrows, spear, knife - and forward, to the beast.
      The beast must be protected.
  2. hohryakov066
    hohryakov066 18 October 2012 09: 39
    Nard asks - the firm does. They are not just like that - they are buying all this, which means there are grandmas for the development of production, the development of their models. In a purely military and applied sense, all this is in the majority of husk, but since they buy, it’s a sin not to use it.
  3. borisst64
    borisst64 18 October 2012 09: 51
    Yet weapons are beautiful. Pulls to press the butt in the shoulder, exhale and ......
    1. Brother Sarych
      Brother Sarych 18 October 2012 09: 53
      Magical attraction, who argues ...
  4. Vanek
    Vanek 18 October 2012 10: 04
    Handsome men, well, those in the photo.
  5. Skavron
    Skavron 18 October 2012 10: 52
    And I like the "boar" ....
  6. Ahmar
    Ahmar 18 October 2012 11: 29
    -15 boar looks at least reminiscent of H&K or Colt
    1. Basarev
      Basarev 19 November 2013 16: 16
      This is Colt - the captured Georgian M4 Hammer was finalized and named Boar 15.
  7. black_eagle
    black_eagle 18 October 2012 11: 38
    The weapon is still art!
  8. lesnik.
    lesnik. 18 October 2012 12: 09
    I watched the program "Serving the Fatherland" and was pleasantly surprised. Here's a cut out piece on the topic.
    1. Joker
      Joker 18 October 2012 14: 08
      We have something to be proud of soldier It would only be necessary to establish life in the country and everything will be fine, it’s no secret that the best soldiers are Russian drinks
  9. Tatar-in
    Tatar-in 18 October 2012 12: 49
    Did I see everything correctly ??? 650 thousand for a rifle .... Is it made of titanium? Kalash guys cost about 11 thousand .... you can arrange a hunt and a small war))
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 18 October 2012 15: 26
      Brugger & Thomet APR 338 sniper rifle
      The Brugger & Thomet APR 338 sniper rifle is designed for firing at live targets at long ranges, as well as for hitting unarmored material and equipment of the enemy. To do this, the rifle uses a powerful sniper cartridge .338 Lapua Magnum.
      The new 8.6x70 caliber rifle was developed in 2007 by the Swiss company Brugger & Thomet (B + T) based on the Brugger & Thomet APR 308 rifle of the same company.

      Brugger & Thomet APR 338 main components

      Unlike the APR 308, the new Brugger & Thomet rifle APR 338 is only available in the Military Model for use by the military.
      The Brugger & Thomet APR 338 sniper rifle has a modular design, which is based on an aluminum tire - the chassis. A receiver is installed on it with a bolt group and a cantilever-hung barrel, as well as elements of a box.
      The rifle mechanism uses a longitudinally-sliding rotary bolt with three radial combat stops in front.
      The trigger mechanism is adjustable.
      The manual fuse is conveniently located above the pistol grip of the fire control.
      On the barrel of the rifle is a special muzzle brake having an external thread for installing a silencer, also manufactured by B + T. As a rule, an anti-mirage tape is installed above the barrel.
      The rifle is equipped with a plastic forend and a side-folding butt with adjustable butt pad and persistent cheek.
      Additionally, there is a folding bipod and folding rear support under the butt, adjustable in height.
      The rifle is equipped with a Brugger & Thomet TRS (Tactical Rifle Scope) 3-12X optical scope, manufactured exclusively for Brugger & Thomet by Schmidt & Bender. The sight is mounted on a standard rail type Picatinny rail. In addition, the rifle is equipped with redundant open sights in the form of a folding front sight and rear sight.
      Cartridges are supplied from detachable box magazines with a capacity of 10 rounds.
      The accuracy of the APR 338 rifle is less than 1 minute of arc (1 MOA) at all firing ranges up to 1500 meters. When using the manufacturer's recommended cartridges (.338 LM Lapua Scenar 250 grs), the rifle provides with a probability of 99% destruction from the first shot of a target the size of a human head at a distance of 600 meters, and with the same probability of hitting a "chest target" at a distance of 1300 meters (also one shot).

      Brugger & Thomet APR 338 in a case for transportation.
      1. black_eagle
        black_eagle 18 October 2012 15: 59
        Pancake! Plane! Want Want want!!!
    2. Region65
      Region65 19 October 2012 15: 21
      and where to buy? here is what you said for 11 thousand ???? bully
  10. Lucky
    Lucky 18 October 2012 12: 54
    Weapons are beauty!
  11. mar.tira
    mar.tira 18 October 2012 15: 33
    Gunsmiths gain experience over the years! I have conflicting feelings from what I saw, and a terrible envy that is far from me. I was pleased with the OP SCS, the length of the barrel indicates range. Although most likely it has already been redone under a weaker cartridge, and the characteristics of the barrel are different compared to the combat SCS. Many beautiful , and expensive trunks. It's a pity to climb windfalls in the rain, and mud in the autumn forest. Yes, and you can’t turn around with such optics! We need a compact lens with a quick-opening lens protection cap. I didn’t see sports small-caliber pistols. And so thanks to the author, pleased the soul! We are still waiting for something interesting!
  12. Rooney
    Rooney 18 October 2012 16: 19
    Saiga is just a miracle!
  13. Kir
    Kir 18 October 2012 18: 32
    Watching a lot of the "delta" done! the only thing I didn’t understand was why the color was blue? Well, the Luger, of course, pleased my grandfather for how many years, and everything is at war, damn it! By the way, no one does not have information about what pneumatics can still be taken at the limit without a license, just don’t pisipi, there will not be enough parts ...
  14. sergant89
    sergant89 19 October 2012 23: 31
    Quote: Brother Sarich
    Moreover, all this causes a wild rzhach, when some newly-minted "great white hunter" in Africa from such a cartoon with a telescopic sight the size of a small telescope shoots from a perch into an elephant from about seventy meters away.

    good buy unrealistic at least see
  15. Bosk
    Bosk 20 October 2012 12: 17
    BSA Ultra Multishot Beech and BSA Ultra Multishot Tactical ..... look cool ..... I wonder how it lies in your hands?