The project of the family of combat reconnaissance vehicles "Glyba"


BRM "Glyba-G" on the BMP-3 chassis

At the last military-technical forum "Army-2022", industry and organizations from the Ministry of Defense for the first time presented a promising family of combat reconnaissance vehicles "Glyba". BRM of this line is proposed to be built on different platforms and equipped with a unified complex of target equipment. Due to this, different versions of the "Lump" will meet the requirements of operation in different branches of the armed forces.

Exhibition exhibits

Promising BRMs got to the Army-2022 forum in the form of scale models. Three representatives of the family were demonstrated - the tracked vehicles "Glyba-G" and "Glyba-GD", as well as the wheeled "Glyba-KD". Samples on a tracked chassis, along with other modern developments, were presented at the exposition of the Research Institute of Armored Vehicles of the Ministry of Defense. The wheeled BRM was at the stand of the Novosibirsk VVKU.

The layout called "Glyba-G" was the chassis of an infantry fighting vehicle BMP-3 with a new combat module and a reconnaissance equipment column behind it. This BRM is being developed to re-equip the ground forces. The Glyba-GD product is intended for the Airborne Forces and is built on the BMD-4M chassis. At the same time, combat equipment and target equipment are unified with the "land" BRM. Also for the Airborne Forces, it is proposed "Glyba-KD" based on the "Typhoon-Airborne Forces". Such a machine also carries reconnaissance devices, but it does not receive a full-sized turret with weapons and is limited only to a machine gun.

Unfortunately, additional information was not attached to the models, and in general, the Glyba project was given a minimum of attention. Nevertheless, it is of great interest and deserves separate consideration. At the same time, even the available data allow us to draw some conclusions.

"Glyba-GD" based on BMD-4M

According to known data

According to open sources, in May 2016, the Tula NPO Strela received a state contract from the Ministry of Defense to carry out development work with the code “Glyba-SBA”. Subsequently, this ROC was mentioned several times in open documents, but its goals and objectives remained unknown.

Apparently, the Glyba-SBA ROC was directly related to the current Glyba-G / GD / KD projects. There are also obvious reasons to believe that, in addition to the Strela, the Nizhny Novgorod Central Research Institute Burevestnik, the Tractor Plants concern and the Remdizel enterprise participated in the latest projects. They are responsible for self-propelled platforms and other components of a promising project.

To date, the Glyba project has gone through the early stages and has reached the stage of developing specific BRMs for several models. In addition, the results of the project can already be shown at a public event. So far, they exist only in the form of models, but in the foreseeable future we should expect the appearance of full-fledged prototypes.

If the Ministry of Defense approves the further development of the Glyba line, then prototypes will appear and be tested in the coming years. Further development of the technique will take some time, but the use of ready-made platforms will speed up these processes to a certain extent. As a result, in a few years the army may have to decide the issue of adopting new models for service.

"Glyba-GD", top view

However, the current state of the Glyba projects is unknown. The plans of the Ministry of Defense for such equipment were also not reported. Perhaps the situation will clear up in the near future, and not only models, but also full-fledged prototypes will be shown at the Army-2023 forum. Of course, if the current R&D will be developed.

Technical features

The Glyba project provides for the construction of three variants of an armored reconnaissance vehicle for different types of troops. Such equipment is built on a modular basis, which allows you to place the target equipment on different platforms, incl. combined with various weapons.

The presented BRMs are built on the BMP-3, BMD-4M and Typhoon-VDV chassis. These platforms are well mastered by the ground and airborne forces, and their operation as a base for the BRM will not cause difficulties. At the same time, they have a sufficient level of protection and high mobility. In addition, the chassis for "Glyby-GD" and "Glyby-KD" are suitable for parachute landing.

Tracked armored personnel carriers "Glyba" receive a full-size combat module with machine-gun and cannon armament. Apparently, this is a BM30-V product from the Burevestnik Central Research Institute, presented several years ago. Such a module is equipped with a 30-mm 2A42 cannon and a coaxial PKTM machine gun. It is possible to mount a block with an automatic grenade launcher. Next to the gun is an aiming station with daylight, thermal imaging and rangefinding channels.

Due to the specifics of their work, BRMs need to increase protection. Models from a recent exhibition show that this issue was resolved by installing additional smoke grenade launchers aimed in different directions. In this case, the installation of hinged armor or other similar elements is not provided.

"Glyba-KD" - based on "Typhoon-VDV"

The key component of the Glyba project is the reconnaissance equipment complex. Apparently, it was he who was developed by NPO Strela since 2016. The complex includes a telescopic mast mounted on the roof of the carrier. It has a rotary device with optoelectronic means and a compact radar station. An operator console is also provided, located inside the armored hull.

The technical characteristics of the intelligence complex have not yet been disclosed. At the same time, its general capabilities and potential are clear. In its composition, such a complex is similar to the equipment of existing domestic BRMs and has similar functions. With the help of optical and thermal imaging equipment, Glyba will be able to monitor and detect various objects at any time of the day, from individuals to large buildings. Own radar will complement the optics and increase the likelihood of timely detection of objects. The detection range can exceed 5-10 km.

During operation, the automation will calculate the coordinates of the detected objects and transmit them to the command post or other consumers. Data from Glyba-G/GD/KD can be used both for general coverage of the situation and for target designation of fire weapons and fire adjustments.

Maximum unification

Like other new developments, the Glyba project is of great interest. It shows how the domestic industry proposes to solve the issue of updating the means of military intelligence. At the same time, even the available information makes it possible to understand what features and advantages the new BRM family has, and why it should go into service.

Combat module BM30-V

The basis of the "Glyba" is a set of reconnaissance tools of modular architecture. It is suitable for installation on different platforms and does not impose special requirements on them. This has already been shown on the example of three variants of the BRM on the chassis, operated by the ground forces and the Airborne Forces. It is quite possible that other machines will become carriers of special equipment in the future.

A similar approach has been taken in the field of armaments. The reconnaissance complex does not impose serious restrictions on the combat module and gives a certain freedom of choice. The samples shown have two options for combat equipment, and new ones may appear.

The use of different chassis and combat modules available for different branches of the armed forces provides obvious operational and tactical advantages. At the same time, the unification of the equipment of different troops in terms of reconnaissance instruments is being achieved. Accordingly, a more effective integration of the BRM into the systems and contours of command and control of troops and forces is ensured. In particular, there is the possibility of a simpler and faster exchange of information between different branches of the military.

It should be expected that the new reconnaissance complex for "Glyby-G / GD / KD" differs from existing analogues in increased detection range and accuracy or has other operational advantages. The combination of the high characteristics of all armored vehicles and the interspecific unification of such equipment will significantly increase the effectiveness of reconnaissance and its benefits for the troops.

Reserve for the future

Thus, the Ministry of Defense and enterprises of the defense sector continue to develop all key areas in the field of armored combat vehicles, and reconnaissance equipment also receives the necessary attention. For several years, a new project "Glyba-G / GD / KD" has been developed, and the industry is already ready to show its results, even if in the form of small models.

How soon full-fledged prototypes will appear and be tested, and when they will be shown at an open exhibition, is unknown. However, the benefits achieved through the main ideas of the new project, allow you to make optimistic forecasts. Apparently, the Glyba ROC will give the desired results and form the basis for the future re-equipment of the reconnaissance units of the two military branches.
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  1. +11
    26 August 2022 16: 18
    Looks like BT 5
    1. +2
      26 August 2022 16: 48
      Looks more like a T-38 when viewed from the side
    2. 0
      26 August 2022 19: 02
      Looks like BT 5
      Similar to the BMP-3, BMD-4 with the BM-30 "Spoke" module. A mast with optics and radar from NPO Strela and equipment in the troop compartment. Although modern BRMs were needed at the beginning of the NWO, and now when the UAV is saturated, are they needed at all request
      1. +1
        27 August 2022 02: 10
        Right now, with a remote mast and optics, you need it like air to detect small drones and copters. Another would be a means for their destruction to her.
    3. +2
      27 August 2022 19: 50
      Quote: Tlauicol
      Looks like BT 5

      To Valentine. smile
    4. +1
      28 August 2022 14: 33
      Exactly, at first I thought from the picture with the announcement that it was some kind of device from the BT-5-7 family. However, he gave a miss. lol what
    5. 0
      6 September 2022 23: 47
      I took it straight off my tongue)
  2. 0
    26 August 2022 16: 19
    The tower does not have circular fire, the reconnaissance equipment column interferes. Or the column is retracted into the case?
  3. +2
    26 August 2022 16: 28
    It's time to make reconnaissance saturated from the ground and air, with unmanned vehicles, so that the information is processed in real time. The technique must be equipped with an infrared, excellent night optical observation device. With the issuance of coordinate positions on the ground. And everything is being fenced with boxes for suicide bombers-scouts.
  4. +2
    26 August 2022 16: 45
    The place of conventional reconnaissance vehicles on the BMP / BTR chassis should be occupied by robotic mobile unmanned platforms (wheeled, tracked, flying ...) operating in a single information field.
    1. +3
      26 August 2022 18: 29
      I'm afraid it will take a long time to reach our "retrograde" General Headquarters, judging by the fact that they recognized the drones only after they were drenched in the mud with their faces No.
  5. +6
    26 August 2022 16: 45
    Not a word about the UAV. Troop. In real time. And without an eye in the sky???? On the platform of the same Lancet, you need to make consumables with good optics. Vertical launch from the TLU in the stern.
    And what is included in intelligence equipment ?? For example, there is a laser pointer for Krasnopol and analogues ???
  6. +14
    26 August 2022 16: 59
    Previously, similar toys were made in the Houses of Pioneers in other "Skillful Hands" circles, practically for free. They were demonstrated at the exhibitions of NTTM (Scientific and technical creativity of youth).
    And now adult uncles for such toys, made on the subject of research, do not earn frail money. Therefore, single copies of "having no analogues in the world" are taken to exhibitions, and Iranian drones are used in the NWO T-62 and Iranian drones.
    Fortunately, those who can do the S-500, Kinzhal and Avangard still remain in Russia, so all is not lost.
  7. +4
    26 August 2022 17: 51
    It's good that new projects are constantly appearing, it's even better if it's an initiative development without attracting budget funds. (Good examples are the activities of KBIS Lobaev, the Kronstadt company.) It is bad when the number of projects exceeds the number adopted for service, it is even worse when budget funds are used due to this.
  8. +1
    26 August 2022 21: 38
    The other day, I dug up a video on YouTube, where a piece of BMP-2 armor, and then a piece of BMD-3 armor, is scoffed from the anti-tank guns of the Second World War. The armor of the BMP withstood easily and simply, the armor of the BMD was full of holes with any cartridges. What is it, really landing equipment is protected according to the ersatz principle ?! It's not right, iron is nothing - People Everyone! And they are again building equipment "on the basis of bmd".
  9. +1
    26 August 2022 21: 55
    Looking at the photo of the layout, I decided that the article was about some domestic tank of the 30s of the last century.
    Outwardly, something is not very ... this turret is somehow completely archaic.
    "Glyba-G" ... hmm ... Maybe it's not in vain that they say that whatever you call a ship, it will sail ...
  10. -1
    27 August 2022 03: 46
    In modern warfare, as practice has shown, the best means of reconnaissance is the UAV. On this ashes that it is not visible. Therefore, I think that an ordinary truck with a couple of drones and control and communication equipment will be much more effective than all these platforms with guns and antennas. It seems that even the developers of reconnaissance equipment, as well as the customer, have not yet understood this and continue to create equipment from past wars.
  11. 0
    27 August 2022 07: 11
    I would now close all R&D on new platforms for the next 15 years! The army is fighting on the Soviet backlog, promoted Kurgans, boomerangs, armats and others like them only in the form of ostentatious samples. For many years they cannot bring them to mind, they will soon become hopelessly outdated, at such a pace to create and refine them! In terms of armored vehicles, the world's largest zoo of the mass of various armored cars, the army requires a dozen samples for itself, the Russian Guard also has about a dozen completely different parameters / characteristics, but there is also the FSB, there is separately purely for police ... And, at the same time, they allocate money for the creation of new platforms !!! Almshouse, honestly! And, in parts they fight on BMP 1 BMP 2, on T62, and T72, including the "Ural product" of the very first version of this a long-suffering tank! Give the army a massive T90M, the Coalition of the SV, launch at least a Kurgan into a large series, or something. And so, money down the drain, there are a lot of mock-ups, junk and enthusiasm in the troops, but new, truly new, not modernized-turned, namelynew technology, a little more than the hair of a completely bald man on his head. Where does it fit???
    1. 0
      17 October 2022 19: 04
      Thrifty, what are you, but “kickbacks”, and “cutting” - there are many who want to eat tasty and sleep softly at the expense of budgetary funds! That money is not enough! Russia will win and ukroreich will sink into history as its progenitor Hitler's Third Reich! This I know for sure!
    2. 0
      22 November 2022 07: 26
      Quote: Thrifty
      I would now close all R&D on new platforms for the next 15 years!

      And in fifteen years they would have switched to the Mosin rifle of 1931 with a reconnaissance tube of the TP4 type. winked I don't think the thought can be stopped. Otherwise, like an ordinary muscle, it will atrophy and will not work at the right time. As for the car under discussion, it is also not so simple. Back in 2012, tests were completed and adopted by the Russian Guard "..... service-combat reconnaissance vehicle (SBRM), designed to equip reconnaissance units of the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. The Tiger SBRM was created on an armored chassis according to class 5 according to GOST R50963-96 car "Tiger" with a four-door armored body ...". For those who are interested, look online. In this case, we are obviously talking about a more advanced machine for MO. Already in the NWO, a reconnaissance vehicle with a mast-lifting device for an electron-optical "head" based on the BMP-3 was lit up. So the work is going on and, I think, at an accelerated pace, taking into account the experience gained in the operation. Given that, judging by the statements of the country's leadership, they are fully aware of the very possible prospect of a "military crisis" more global than the NWO. It's just that not everything and not in its entirety is signed in the media from the new that I wanted to see from the couch. An attempt to "pull" on oneself the role of a kind of "all-knowing mentor" capable of teaching people doing real work is simply ridiculous to the point of impossibility.
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    27 August 2022 10: 57
    Models are made qualitatively, it should be noted.
  13. +1
    27 August 2022 15: 47
    To be honest, 5-10 km is nothing for modern military operations, at least the UAV was included in the composition.
  14. 0
    6 September 2022 23: 49
    If they make dist fuses to 30mm, then it will be interesting. Without .. it's easier to apat 3ku. And invest R&D in oak trees at 57mm.
  15. 0
    22 October 2022 10: 37
    The tower is just awful. Is it really necessary to fence this for a cannon and a machine gun? Below, after all, the photo "Combat module BM30-V" is much more "pleasant" ....