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Indian Air Force decided to reduce the amount of order for fifth-generation fighter aircraft


The Indian Air Force Command decided to reduce the amount of orders for advanced fifth-generation FGFA fighter jets, which are being created jointly with Russia on the basis of the T-50 (PAK FA). According to with reference to India Strategic, the volume of aircraft purchases will be reduced from 214 to 144 units. What is the reason for the reduction of the order for aircraft, is not specified. The Indian Air Force intends to purchase only single-seat versions of a promising aircraft.

According to Indian Air Force Commander Norman Anil Kumar Brown, a promising fighter for the Indian military will differ from the Russian T-50 only onboard equipment. At the same time, FGFA will not undergo significant structural changes. Earlier, Brown said that the Air Force intends to buy 214 FGFA: 166 single and 48 double versions.

The command of the Indian Air Force estimated that the creation of a double version of FGFA makes the entire project more expensive by two billion dollars. At the same time, the effective dispersion area of ​​a two-seater plane in the frontal projection will be 15 percent more than in the single-seat version. In December, 2010, Russia and India signed a contract for the development of a draft technical project of FGFA worth 295 million dollars.

As expected, at the end of 2012, the beginning of 2013, India and Russia will sign an agreement to conduct development work on the FGFA fighter development project. The total cost of the project to create the Indian version of the Russian PAK FA is currently estimated at 11 billion dollars. At the end of August 2012, India announced that it intends to spend about 20 billions of dollars (developing and purchasing aircraft) on FGFA during 35 years.

According to preliminary data, India will receive the first FGFA prototype in 2014. Earlier it was planned that Russia would hand over the first batch of serial FGFAs to India in 2017, however, the Indian Ministry of Defense believes that the contractor will not meet the previously agreed deadlines and delay the delivery of aircraft. According to Indian military estimates, the second and third FGFA prototypes will arrive in India in the 2017 and 2019 years.

The length of the FGFA is 22,6 meters, the height is 5,9 meters, and the maximum take-off weight is 34 tons. The fighter will receive engines with all-round thrust vector control and will be able to fly thousands of kilometers to 3,88. FGFA will be able to reach speeds of up to two Mach numbers (about 2,3 thousands of kilometers per hour). The Indian version of the T-50 will also be exported to third countries.

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  1. Skiff
    Skiff 17 October 2012 12: 16
    Well, the Indians began to cut the back, and it's strange why I'm not surprised.
    1. urzul
      urzul 17 October 2012 12: 18
      It is too early to draw conclusions considering the source who reported TAPE RU
      1. postman
        postman 17 October 2012 12: 48
        Quote: urzul
        It is too early to draw conclusions considering the source who reported TAPE RU

        It can already be concluded, this is the official position:
        The Chief of Staff of the Air Force Chief Marshal of Aviation NAK Brown (NAK Browne) OFFICIALLY said this in an interview with India Strategic, during the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the Indian Air Force (10.10.2012).
        1. urzul
          urzul 17 October 2012 15: 00
          And then there about the financial side of the issue, in general, as usual, they try to get a discount for themselves
          1. postman
            postman 17 October 2012 15: 10
            Quote: urzul
            And then there about financial

            Yes 30MKS is true.
            But even the Chinese admit that if the Hindus receive the T-50, then they get the future.
            And who will spare money for the future (If they are even more so)?
            Only if:
            - offended, so brazenly deceived
            -and there is an alternative (and I think someone hurried in advance, quickly slip a "slightly stale product", which also attracts the "future", or so it is advertised
    2. postman
      postman 17 October 2012 12: 24
      Quote: Skiff
      Well, the Indians began to cut the back,

      Here are the results of the "joint" on the aircraft carrier "Vikramaditya".
      Both with the buyer and the seller.
      1. patsantre
        patsantre 17 October 2012 14: 20
        That is true, but to whom are they doing worse? Not only to us, after all ...
        1. postman
          postman 17 October 2012 14: 48
          Quote: patsantre
          but to whom they make worse

          Maybe you’ve already done yourself a bad thing? when did you contact us?
          Forecast: All autumn is bad. The buyer (India) does not have a raincoat. But it’s very necessary (wet, and the neighbors (China) all laugh with raincoats and a raincoat is sewn at home, only this is difficult, there are no patterns).
          The buyer (India) came to the commission to the seller (RF). Do you have a used raincoat?
          Seller: There is a ring in the corner, well, that is, it lies, I would wear it myself, but it is small in size. But it needs a little repair.
          Buyer: can you? Seller: easily, $ 50 only pay in advance and only in currency.
          Seller: okay. and how much do you do on time? but it’s wet, I can’t walk along the street. Seller: per day (a year, two, it doesn’t matter).
          Autumn has passed. the cloak is not ready, another has come. Buyer: how? I've been sitting here for a year. Seller: Dear, you don’t see much work, and the threads have risen in price during this time. If you pay another $ 50, I'll do it tomorrow. Buyer: ok, paid. Did the seller h / s week. Dressed at the Buyer, went outside to see how it keeps moisture. The cloak has spread.
          Buyer is forfeit.
          Seller: figs to you, you ordered red threads yourself in China (WHY ONLY THE SELLER SAYS ABOUT THIS, and only SPEAKS), these are your problems, these are bad threads. I have nothing to do with it. Come on with another $ 30 and come back in a week to do everything.
          Do not want? I won’t refund your problems, and I won’t give the raincoat either, you didn’t pay me extra for the excess lying (storage) of the raincoat on my table. It’s free.
          Buyer: longingly (three seasons have already passed, paid several times more) looking at the sly face of the seller, gritting his teeth: okay, be your way ....
          Guilty Buyer (India)? Conclusion: UNIVERSAL, it was necessary to go to the next shop, where they do not bred.

          A long time ago, they would have made a floating airfield from Missouri.
          Or Kitty Hawk would be crawling around Indian Ocean.
          It will end up acquiring Enterprise (CVN-65) at the end of 2015, when the Navy will receive Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78)
    3. nik6006
      nik6006 17 October 2012 12: 27
      Hmm and no one is surprised laughing
      Hopefully they are not planning to use "China refractory bricks" in FGFA ...
      1. postman
        postman 17 October 2012 12: 50
        Quote: nik6006
        FGFA use "Chinese refractory bricks" ...

        Do you believe in "Chinese refractory bricks"?
        1. nik6006
          nik6006 17 October 2012 13: 38
          This version was voiced. I don’t believe anything and I’m no longer surprised at anything with regard to the military, and ours, and especially Indian.
          1. postman
            postman 17 October 2012 14: 58
            Quote: nik6006
            This version was voiced.

            Document!? Test report!? Commission act?
            I can’t say exactly how with the ships (but I think it’s not very different from buildings, transport and aircraft).
            If the components are not registered in the Type Approval (building design, IAC certificate of approval of aircraft production):
            Take your car, tell the muffler nozzle (use low springs, blue bulbs from the market), ANYTHING that is not in Genehmigung (TUV, DEKRA) and drive into Germany (not in the Russian Federation). learn a lot of interesting things (if they check)
          2. Blat
            Blat 17 October 2012 19: 25
            everything is simple. they saw how Indians march and thought they were suckers))))))))))))) only suckers refused such a status
    4. ded
      ded 17 October 2012 14: 09
      Well, the Indians began to cut the back, and it's strange why I'm not surprised.

      I have long been amazed at the patience of the Hindus. The construction of an aircraft carrier for them has simply turned into a circus! Not only did the price jump, so all the deadlines came out and the end and edge of this story is not visible.
  2. ShturmKGB
    ShturmKGB 17 October 2012 12: 16
    There is probably no such "motley" army like in India anywhere in the world!) There are Western equipment samples, both Russian and Chinese and their own ... I would not be surprised if the Indians buy F-22 b F-35 ...
    1. Santa Fe
      Santa Fe 17 October 2012 19: 43
      I won’t be surprised if the Indians F-22 b F-35 buy ...

      They have already purchased Boeing P-8 Poseidon aircraft for naval aviation and Apaches for the army.
  3. black_eagle
    black_eagle 17 October 2012 12: 26
    Nothing terrible happened, there are no planes in the series yet, and the fact that they have disowned the combat training version is tricky, they say we’ll save 2 billion and then we will train pilots in Russia, in short, as always, they will pay twice. That's when the series goes then and see how many people order and take
  4. lelikas
    lelikas 17 October 2012 12: 28
    Our people will not receive the money - badly, but for that they will build planes for their Air Force faster - that's good.
    1. postman
      postman 17 October 2012 12: 56
      Quote: lelikas
      Ours will receive less money - bad

      The participation of India covers a significant share of financing for this project (up to 25% only development) + income from the production of components (in the territory of the Russian Federation)
  5. B_KypTke
    B_KypTke 17 October 2012 12: 33
    Jimmy, dance ...
    1. B_KypTke
      B_KypTke 17 October 2012 19: 53
      Well, with humor ... you guys. This is an allegory smile
  6. afire
    afire 17 October 2012 12: 44
    I'm glad:
    - less of the same type of aircraft will be in a potential enemy,
    -all that is not done-all for the better
    - it turned out that it was not our fault that the enemy was the same and the ship would not soon see
    - instead of being built for them, power will be released for themselves
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 17 October 2012 13: 00
      Quote: afire
      - less of the same type of aircraft will be in a potential enemy,

      With what fright did India become our potential enemy?
    2. postman
      postman 17 October 2012 13: 14
      Quote: afire
      I'm glad:

      - not an enemy and never was, practically an ally, we have nowhere to intersect, and why not, but a thread center (base) for repairing, refueling the Air Force, the Russian Navy in Kerala or Tamil Nadu 0 would be very good , even in exchange for a similar one for Indians in the Far East, or on the coast of the Barents Sea (let them fight with us for a piece of the Arctic, against whom it is known).
      -not in this life, but in reality: having lost the market, you can’t get there anymore. The queue is worth it.
      -A friend will not receive an aircraft carrier, and we are justified ..... e. Who will deal with us, if we throw so?
      - Well, if only this, only it (the construction) still needs to be financed, I am afraid that there will be little left after Olympics 14 of the BSF18.
      1. afire
        afire 17 October 2012 14: 43
        it’s sad to hear that Ukraine is also fraternal, but their guides to Georgians have fitted equipment ..... do not build illusions
        1. postman
          postman 17 October 2012 15: 06
          Quote: afire
          , Ukraine is also fraternal,

          complex, it’s difficult to get rid of it.
          After the lion fell ill, everyone suddenly became bolder and blame him for all his sins: he starved him, kicked him, and made him speak his lion’s tongue and forget his mosque tongue.
          They (Ukrainians) will be ashamed. I can’t imagine the situation: Crimean Tatars rebelled, dug up the isthmus, conducted shelling of Odessa, the same Tatars live there and this is primordially our Tatar land). Ukraine decided to protect the inhabitants of Odessa, the operation "forcing peace" began.
          And RUSSIA (Russians) quietly puts the T-90, S-400 Tatars and RUSSIAN INSTRUCTORS taught how to kill Ukrainians.
          Do you believe that? Me not. I didn’t know such my friends in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, maybe now they have appeared?
    3. black_eagle
      black_eagle 17 October 2012 17: 55
      In order to fight this enemy, you must first pass China and then the Himalayas ...
  7. Jin
    Jin 17 October 2012 13: 05
    And it’s a shame for the state!

    While they steal everything and everything, it will be so! With Russia, already for decades proven partners, they are beginning to fear cooperation. Gossip, poverty and corruption (((
  8. anfreezer
    anfreezer 17 October 2012 13: 07
    Ministry of Defense of India: come on, fighters, scratch in your "shovels" whoever has as much as not enough, the air fleet is in danger laughing
    1. nik6006
      nik6006 17 October 2012 13: 42
      What are more beautiful!
      Like cockcakes ...
      1. Jin
        Jin 17 October 2012 14: 19
        laughing handsome in the system, strong in battle !!! Well, or as in your photo good
  9. escobar
    escobar 17 October 2012 13: 08
    Everything will depend on the situation in the world as a whole. It may be necessary to increase purchases by three times. Time will tell.
  10. Igor
    Igor 17 October 2012 13: 50
    That's right, they and these 144 aircraft will wait 30 years.
    1. ded
      ded 17 October 2012 14: 14
      That's right, they and these 144 aircraft will wait 30 years

      At this point, you will need to buy 6th generation aircraft.
      1. Jin
        Jin 17 October 2012 14: 22
        What are we talking about!
  11. Jin
    Jin 17 October 2012 14: 24
    Yeah, and then, after 30 years))), when the world switches to the 6th generation of fighters, the unfortunate Indians will wait for iron for our "birds", if by that time, with this approach, from our military industry in general then it will remain (As our star racers declare: AK does not suit us, we have tanks (((but, the fleet is neither there nor in the red army, there is confusion in the troops, vacillation and hazing! Well, what a damn thing!) Fish- then it rots from the head!

    I apologize! A quarter of a billion stolen I wanted to write .... not lyama
  12. novik225
    novik225 17 October 2012 16: 42
    Having penetrated the polymers! Banduputin Support! ALIVE !!!! ALIVE !!!!
    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. novik225
    novik225 17 October 2012 17: 03
    Thanks for the "-2"
    Understand only that someone did not understand the irony, or, on the contrary, understood and was offended?
    On the subject: procurement plans may change many times. Both in the direction of increasing and decreasing the volume of purchases. There is no reason to scream "everything is gone as always!"
    1. Botanologist
      Botanologist 17 October 2012 20: 55
      Your post is like a flood, that's minuscule. Try to write in a subject, here all the same not absolutely a market.
  14. Santa Fe
    Santa Fe 17 October 2012 19: 47
    with reference to India Strategic, aircraft purchase volume will be reduced from 214 to 144 units. What is the reason for the reduction in the order for aircraft, is not specified.

    And how once paraffin 187 fighter F-22
  15. Botanologist
    Botanologist 17 October 2012 20: 54
    Wanting to buy 240 5th generation fighters is one thing, but buying is another. India is already investing so much money in the army that a couple of extra yards is a very serious economy. And no one says that the contract is breaking. If you like it, you will buy it in addition. Like the Su-30. First, one batch, and then bought in addition, bought in addition, and will buy more. Any weapon must "fit" into the armed forces.