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At the forum "Army-2022" showed robotic complexes "Bogomol" and "Platform-MUL"


At the international military-technical forum, the Russian robotic complexes (RTK) "Bogomol" and "Platform-MUL" were shown. This technique was created by specialists of the scientific and technical association "Avanti".

About this agency TASS сообщил senior operator Alexander Zabelin.

These systems, he said, can be used to solve a variety of tasks, including the evacuation of the wounded and the delivery of ammunition. Also, the robot can become a launch pad for launching kamikaze drones.

The difference between the two models shown is that the Praying Mantis is more intended for combat work, while the MUL Platform is specialized in logistical and related functions.

The Praying Mantis has a turret that can be exchanged for a cargo container or a stretcher for the wounded. It has a load capacity of 150 kilograms. "Platform-MUL" is capable of carrying more - up to 200 kilograms.

The main idea is to be able to bring ammunition and the wounded, as it provides for the installation of a place for a stretcher, as well as the substitution of additional engineering equipment to perform various tasks.

Zabelin explained.

If such RTKs go into mass production, they will be a good help for our military personnel.

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  1. Ratmir_Ryazan
    Ratmir_Ryazan 20 August 2022 16: 17
    The front right now lacks basic things, for example, there are no folding stretchers for the wounded, but here they spend a lot of money on useless crafts.

    How will these crafts move in the forest belt, across the field with pitted trenches and funnels of explosions, or over piles of broken bricks and concrete in the city?!

    No way !!!

    It's time to punish for sabotage and strictly ask for the spent public funds from everyone!!!
    1. Pulkovo1942
      Pulkovo1942 20 August 2022 16: 31
      and they spend a lot of money on useless crafts

      Get some sleep, daddy. Scientists at the forum present their achievements in the field of robotics. And other uncles are already making the decision to buy or not to buy.
      and strictly ask for the spent public funds from each!!!

      The state cannot but finance such projects. They accumulate young scientists and allow institutions to stay afloat. And if you turn off the financial faucet today, then tomorrow you will find these specialists in Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, etc. etc.
      1. Murmur 55
        Murmur 55 20 August 2022 17: 55
        Pulkovo1942 hi, it’s just that there were already advertised) combat robotic platforms and it seems that they even tested them in Syria, only now there is silence about them, only the demining platform flickers. Therefore, there is a lot of skepticism among the people.
    2. Mint Gingerbread
      Mint Gingerbread 20 August 2022 17: 33
      What kind of nonsense are you writing? It is provided by individuals or organizations. This does not apply to public procurement and contracts. People provide the state with their developments, and they already decide what they need.
    3. Murmur 55
      Murmur 55 20 August 2022 18: 03
      Ratmir_Ryazan hi, it has always been difficult for us in frontline medicine, now I don’t know, but before the guard, compare the IPP of the same USA and ours, and most importantly, we have a catastrophically low training of first aid fighters, many don’t know how to competently burn to lie down, how bandage wounds, what to do with shocks, I hope that now the situation has been rectified.
      1. Alexander Salenko
        Alexander Salenko 21 August 2022 08: 35
        And this is very bad, I could have had a nurse’s paper, because I completed a year-long course of medicine, they didn’t give our stream, although they handed it to the next one. But they didn’t really teach anything except theory, even how to give an injection, well, intramuscular is not so tricky, but I won’t do intravenous, despite the fact that I passed medicine at work, i.e. plus independent study of the basics of first aid.
        And modern boys can hardly imagine anatomy, so the problem is raised correctly.
  2. Dost
    Dost 20 August 2022 16: 18
    The main idea is to be able to bring ammunition and the wounded,
    Why should we bring the wounded? It is necessary to take them away and bring ammunition and ammo.
  3. Dikson
    Dikson 20 August 2022 16: 53
    it would be better if they came up with removable protection for "Kamaz" and "Urals" .. Otherwise, the guys are sculpting, who is into what much .. some from logs, some from some kind of rubbish ..
    1. Murmur 55
      Murmur 55 20 August 2022 17: 57
      Dikson hi, for starters, it would not be bad to saturate UAV troops of all sorts with night vision devices and high-quality domestic ammunition.
  4. GNM
    GNM 20 August 2022 16: 54
    Thing! Let's take it!
    There was an episode in Mariupol when our group was cut off in a detached house 100 meters from the main group for several days. They passed BP, water and food in plastic bottles along a stretched rope. There is a video from Andrey Filatov. This is where it might come in handy.
    1. Alexander Salenko
      Alexander Salenko 21 August 2022 08: 36
      It also seems to me that the thing in the household is useful. Do not drag on yourself, but she will come herself, and if they beat her up, then this is a piece of iron. It's a shame, of course, but okay.
  5. Thrifty
    Thrifty 20 August 2022 17: 00
    If suddenly the army buys these toys, although it is not known why they are needed, then, I hope that they will not be made in orange ...
  6. Warrior MorePhoto
    Warrior MorePhoto 20 August 2022 17: 02
    It’s good, of course, to boast on the forums ... it’s not the time, it should be in fact in fact. Those involved must work 24 hours a day, such is the time. People are dying!
  7. Ros 56
    Ros 56 20 August 2022 17: 48
    Let the people offer anything, up to the most fantasy ideas, maybe something will come in handy, the main thing is that the creative thought works. But in practice, to use it already depends on the assessment of the database participants themselves.
  8. Murmur 55
    Murmur 55 20 August 2022 17: 50
    And how is our robot Fedya??? Already mastered what's new?
    1. Adrey
      Adrey 20 August 2022 22: 04
      Quote: Murmur 55
      And how is our robot Fedya??? Already mastered what's new?

      Fired along with Rogozin. I think now his mansion guards.
  9. Al manah
    Al manah 20 August 2022 18: 44
    On the forum - that's good ... And how were their tests in the NWO zone?
  10. Bronik
    Bronik 21 August 2022 17: 00
    These so-called "robot complexes" are bought on aliexpress. Also, like the robot dog presented earlier.
  11. Dkuznecov
    Dkuznecov 21 August 2022 17: 09
    The flasher is so elegant and in its place the main thing.
  12. Kuziming
    Kuziming 22 August 2022 08: 01
    The thing is right.
    1. To fight in urban areas, you constantly need to cross the fired areas, an unmanned transporter will come in handy.
    2. In battles in urban areas, the situation constantly arises of entering a street under fire, when you need to turn a corner, look around and fire a shot. A tankette with a jet flamethrower will be useful.