Nationalism on the rise: the future war in Europe

Nationalism on the rise: the future war in Europe

The greatest threat to European economic and social stability, and indeed to physical survival in general, is the demographic explosion in developing countries, the global environmental crisis, the depletion of natural resources and the globalization of the economy.

The survival of our civilization depends on our ability to solve these problems — we must prepare ourselves for the decisive defense of Europe from the dangers of a collapsing world. It will be a big mistake to solve these global problems separately, as they are interconnected. All of them are different aspects of the Main Problem. An even bigger mistake would be to think that someone besides us is capable and must solve them.

The main problem of our time is the extension of the consequences of the Western scientific and industrial revolution to the rest of the world. The world has lost its balance, because almost all countries of the world are tormented by changes introduced by modernization. The scientific and industrial revolution, which arose in Europe and sent our civilization to the pinnacle of success, spread throughout the world, so that there were no longer any traditional cultures left in the world that would not be affected by modernization.

The roots of the problems: the scientific and technological revolution and the population explosion

The current population explosion has deep historical roots dating back to at least the 18th century. After the Black Death epidemic in the 14th century, the population of Europe was constantly growing. For many reasons, a marked decrease in mortality occurred in the 18th century, after which a strong population growth began - in those years the population of Europe grew approximately as fast as today in the Third World countries.

Population growth was our “demographic weapons”, Which, in combination with the scientific revolution and the developing industry, gave us the means to conquer the whole world.

Today, after a long demographic transition, population growth in Europe has almost stopped, and its decline will soon begin. Historically, we have moved from high fertility + high mortality to the “high fertility + low mortality” phase and then to the “low fertility + low mortality” phase, with a rapidly aging population.

At the same time, the results of the scientific and industrial revolution in the Third World led to the “high birth rate + low mortality” phase, that is, to a demographic explosion.

The question of life and death on the planet sounds like this: how long will the demographic transition last in the countries of the Third World?

If it lasts more 200 years, then Europe is doomed - it will not survive 100 years. In fact, we are not even able to somehow manage the growth of the population. The most important difficulty is raising the living standards of the inhabitants of the Third World countries through the creation of an industrialized society. That is what happened in Europe between 1770-1970 over the years, but for the Third World countries, such an improvement simply seems impossible. The problem is that this is impossible even in principle, since this will require resources in 4,6 times as large as all the resources of our planet.

We must also bear in mind that industrialization cannot absorb the mass of the rural poor even in Europe.

The most important circumstance of our history is that the population growth in Europe was accompanied by the colonization of new lands: both the Americas, Australia, Siberia, the northern and southern parts of Africa, which took millions of Europeans, absorbing the population explosion, and industrialization gave these people work and prosperity.

Today, after 100-200 years, we are faced with new waves of migration, however, already in a situation of overpopulated world. There are no more places left. Migrants from the countries of the Third World travel to Europe, but only minor improvements in life are waiting for them, and on the whole they form a hostile social “under-class”.

So the demographic expansion that was once our strength became our weakness. Today we are in danger of staggering population growth outside of Europe. As happens in nature, growing populations will gradually colonize new territories. The population of the Third World will grow to the last limits, after which it collapses. At least, today in Europe, Australia, the United States and Canada, the influx of immigrants from the Third World is completely out of control.

By absorbing the masses of the population from the Third World, we only contribute to its further growth and bring the global ecological catastrophe closer. It is clear that the rapid growth of the population trying to increase their consumption leads only to a depletion of resources that are limited and a sharp decrease in consumption.

Some optimists imagine that developing countries can avoid our “mistakes” and use high technologies that pollute nature less and require less energy and resources. Of course, these are empty fantasies, especially given the huge scale of the problem - the huge mass of the population and the short supply of time. It is expected that in the coming decades, work will still look for additional 1,2 billion people, and only a quarter of them will be able to get it if everything remains the same.

It is very unlikely that in the foreseeable future science will be able to make such discoveries that will dramatically increase the reserves of natural resources - at least that will be able to satisfy the ever-growing needs of humanity. As resources become increasingly scarce and demand grows, the position of the Third World countries will become worse.

Political collapse

Many Third World countries may fall apart simply because of the growing mass of the population. Many African countries have already ceased to exist as states, and have remained only a dim memory. The explosive population growth caused a strong pressure on social structures, which exacerbated the conflict between the rich and the poor, as the growth of the number of poor people outpaced economic growth.

As tensions increase in society, groups of political and religious extremists emerge - the rise of radical Islam can be viewed as a way to channel irritation of the population of the Islamic world. Modern megacities have already become incubators of violence on a global scale.

The growth of the world population and the depletion of resources create not only internal, but also external threats to poor societies. Future wars will be fought over basic life resources — water, arable land, and maybe even clean air. These future wars will be ecological wars, and the fate of millions of people will be decided in them. The wars of the future will introduce environmental factors into geopolitics.

Third World countries may plunge into chaos, in which government will simply become impossible. The refugee problem today is only the forerunner of the coming chaos. The number of refugees will grow exponentially. More and more people will flee from environmental disasters, not to mention political refugees, and it will be more and more difficult to divide them as the social, political and environmental crisis deepens.


In many ways, the current economic activity in developing countries was the result of the introduction of Western industry in countries with low wages and poor working conditions, in which there are no laws on nature conservation. For decades, economists have convinced us that the erosion of the European industrial base brings us only benefits, and that the whole world is developing, but today it becomes clear that this is not so.

The removal of industry from Europe has given rise to two serious problems:

1. Mass unemployment.

2. Loss of tax revenue.

The loss of mass jobs in industry was not at all compensated by jobs in the service sector — as liberal economic theory suggested. The opposite has happened - poorly educated labor migrants from the Third World have turned work in the service sector into modern slavery, wages have become beggarly, and working conditions are below any criticism. As a result, a huge mass of Europeans suffer from chronic poverty.

Withdrawal of industry has turned vast regions of Europe into depressive wastelands, and people living there into rotten lumpen, doomed to live in poverty. This trouble of post-industrialism is spreading more and more, as the global economy turns the majority of white Europeans into helpless losers.

If we accept this post-industrial madness, we will commit a slow suicide. Power and wealth came to Western civilization through industrial production. If we voluntarily get rid of industry today, we will undermine the very foundations of Western civilization. Television shows and McDonald's will not save our power and strength, nor the pride of our race. We must have the intellectual courage to challenge the dominant economic paradigm that dries up not only Europe, but the whole world.

The introduction of European industry to China and India also led to the departure of transnational corporations from taxes. Erosion of the tax base can lead to a complete collapse of Western countries, since they are no longer able to provide even basic social services for their citizens, and to preserve the infrastructure. Moreover, we can not avoid this trap, just borrowing more money.

By allowing transnational corporations to freely withdraw capital and production, we allowed them to dominate us. We allowed them to act, regardless of the laws, and to receive profits, through the use of cheap labor of immigrants and bribing politicians.

We allowed nation states to become stronger than nation states, allowed us to humiliate, exploit and exsanguinate. We allowed transnational conglomerates to become stronger than European civilization itself. We believed that the prosperity of transnational corporations is also our prosperity. Transnational corporations, in their essence, are nothing more than “paper tigers”. These are completely unnatural communities of people based on blood kinship, common ground or community of feelings. TNCs are essentially markets where people sell their labor. They are based on agreements and a delicate balance between greed and trust. When the trust goes away, the TNCs dissolve. To get rid of TNCs is not so difficult - their power is just an illusion, we can throw them off as soon as we want. They cannot exist without natural human communities. The parasitic nature of TNCs requires the existence of specific natural communities. In addition, corporations deplete the national state, sucking its life energy. They need the state because it provides certain services, but otherwise TNCs behave like parasites, destroying human society.

An important driving force behind modern global capitalism is the contradiction between the influential West and the poor countries of the Third World. Modern capitalism is flourishing, while Western countries are kept on the verge of slipping into chaos. But once they weaken, the forces of chaos break out, and capitalism ends.

Industrial production itself, derived from the West in the countries of the Third World, has become the greatest threat to the ecosystems of the planet. Poor countries, slipping into chaos, are completely unable and unwilling to take care of nature and control enterprises. If industrial production remained in Europe, there would be much more attentive supervision and tight control behind it. Instead, the opposite happens - the competitive advantage of developing economies is the lack of environmental control.

The irony of fate is that Europe is weakening when its industrial forces go to the Third World, which only accelerates the global environmental catastrophe.

Chinese paper tiger

For three decades, we are fascinated by the stunning growth of the Chinese economy. China’s industrial growth is unprecedented in world history. Obviously, he also has an ideological background - we are told that this is an example of the inevitable victory of global capitalism and a liberal economy. China's success is used in controversy, telling us that, they say, the European working class has become lazy, full and cumbersome, while the Chinese demonstrate amazing agility and healthy commercial greed.

However, the question arises - can the East defeat the West? My answer is unequivocal - no!

Considering the history of China, it can be concluded that, despite all the recent successes, China is experiencing the last stages of the so-called “dynastic cycle”. This happened in the history of China many times - the rise and decline of dynasties. The dynastic cycle begins when a new energetic dynasty comes to the country, after a period of chaos, civil war and invasion of the barbarians.

When the dynastic cycle ends, the symptoms of decline intensify. We list them.

Overpopulation In favorable conditions, the population is growing rapidly, but at some point hunger and epidemics begin.

Social contradictions. When the poor become more and more, arable land begins to be missed, and they are increasingly concentrated in the hands of a handful of landowners. Historically, peasant farms tend to split up, then falling into the hands of landowners.

The spread of corruption in the state. Political influence allows the corrupt political elite to exploit the rest of the population.

The chronic inability of the state to fulfill its basic functions due to the lack of funds stolen by corrupt officials; the emergence of super-expensive construction projects and the rising costs of a corrupt judicial apparatus.

Natural disasters affecting overcrowded regions where land depletion is most severe.

Peasant revolts begin, revealing that the system has exhausted its energy, and begins to fall apart. Finally, the whole country is plunging into the abyss of civil war, accompanied by invasions of foreigners. When the emperor loses the trust of the population, the dynastic cycle ends so that after some time a new cycle begins.

All the above symptoms are noticeable in today's China. The Chinese Communist Party is just another dynasty, started by Chairman Mao, a dynasty that cannot escape the logic of the dynastic cycle.

In short, we can say that China is a “paper tiger” - its growth is based on our industrial production, derived from Europe by greedy capitalists. The wealth accumulated by China is, in fact, our wealth, which our liberal elite allowed the Chinese to get. However, all this is coming to an end, as the current economic crisis is getting worse, the purchasing power of Western “post-industrial” countries is falling, and China’s economy and society will simply collapse.

Today, when the very foundations of global capitalism are collapsing, the entire liberal world order is collapsing. Earthly civilization itself will face severe test, but, despite the severity of the problems, I am sure we will cope with them.

Europe on the threshold of revolution

The European revolution will also be an ecological revolution. We will have to solve many problems. We will have to fight the population explosion on the planet. We will have to stop the predatory migration to Europe from the Third World. In biological terms, we are faced with a kind of rodent invasion - decisive measures are needed here, and the stakes are too high for us to be humane and polite.

We must protect nature from the predation of global capitalism. We must stop the exploitation of the corporations of the weak countries of the Third World, where lawlessness reigns. Huge parts of our planet have already been turned into a giant dump. No matter what these shakes work in the Third World, sooner or later it affects us - climate change and nature pollution do not have national borders.

It is perfectly clear that these changes will not be possible if greedy capitalists and corrupt and infantile liberals remain in power. We will never make a new technological breakthrough if transnational corporations continue to sabotage our economy using cheap labor with the help of corrupt Third World governments.

In the coming years, Europe will face challenges that most recently were simply unthinkable. The situation over the past 40 years has changed radically - from the former optimism of the post-war years, we were on the verge of chaos and extinction. However, for us Europeans, defense is not the best choice.

For the first time in history, we are faced with the problem not of separate nations, but of a whole civilization. This crisis forces us, Europeans, for the first time in our history to act together as a European nation - without this crisis, we could not unite. Today, Europe must fight not for life, but for death, but only the struggle will lead Europe to victory.
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  1. +9
    17 October 2012 06: 47
    Tolerasts twitched. if in Europe a mess starts between the newcomers and the local- local kirdyk. or will they again wait for Russia to shed its blood for their well-being?
    1. +5
      17 October 2012 15: 40
      Well, here it’s not worth talking about the whole of Europe. Countries such as Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, this will not affect them. The biggest problems are facing France, Spain and the former countries of the social camp.
      1. Nevsky
        17 October 2012 15: 52
        Germany will be affected by both Sweden and Norway - clashes on national and religious grounds.
      2. in reserve
        17 October 2012 17: 20
        Germany is now full of blacks, and especially many Turks.
        1. +2
          17 October 2012 18: 25
          Quote: in stock
          Germany is now full of blacks, and especially many Turks.
          Well, there are many of ours. So for now there is power parity.
    2. Nevsky
      17 October 2012 15: 49
      Is there really a new Suvorov who will go to shed the blood of Russian soldiers for the well-being of Austria from the emigrant Turks? What is not the analogy of the Ottomans?
    3. +2
      17 October 2012 16: 03
      Europe will demand help from Russia, I emphasize the demand (there for some reason they believe that Russia owes something to Europe). They will demand, threaten, then ask, and if Russia pecks at it, which has happened more than once (the Balkans were liberated from the Turks), then this will be in the hands (as always) of the USA and England ... in general, everything is falling into place. ..
      1. Dmitry.V
        17 October 2012 16: 46
        They will also make guilty of us.
      2. Fox 070
        17 October 2012 17: 41
        Europe will demand help from Russia,

        Probably yes ! Similar hints have already sounded from the lips of some European powers. True, then they tried to solve the problem without the participation of Russia, offering to populate the territory of our country under the pretext that Russia is not able to control its "huge spaces" of Siberia and the Far East. But lately, the agility of the "civilized" has somewhat diminished, apparently due to the fact that the country's defenses have begun to recover and the Russians are still beginning to remember (after an attempt at brainwashing by the Jews) who they really are and whose descendants they are.
        After so many years in Europe, finally, comes the understanding that they are rolling into the pit that they were preparing for us. Good riddance and a successful landing at the bottom ... good
        1. Beck
          17 October 2012 20: 01
          Somehow in the article everything is written pessemistically. If the main thing.

          Aging. For aging, use the criteria of the mid-20th century. Then 60 years old, if not deep, then the old man is unambiguous. Now, at 60, weddings are being played and children are being given birth. Due to improved nutrition and healthcare, the current 80 years are equivalent to the past 60. It is not without reason that in all developed countries they increase their retirement age and not only because of savings in pension funds. In the future, due to the achievements of medicine and genetics, 100 years will be equal to 60 years of the middle of the 20th century.

          Hunger. There is no doubt that it is in developing countries, but by no means because the planet’s resources are at its limit. Technologies simply lag behind population growth due to successes in healthcare and biology and lag in agronomy and genetics. If you flood the Sahara, you can forget about hunger in Africa. If you master Siberia, you can feed China and India together twice.

          Immigration of people. So this is an inevitable process. If it is reasonable for them to manage no tragedies will be. Immigration has been going on for a long time. Wars, empires, colonies, the development of the New World are all this or that immigration. Immigration is accompanied by assimilation and this is also natural. The whole process goes to the merging of peoples (United Europe, federal Russia, multinational America). In the future, whether we want it or not, in a thousand years or in 3 thousand years there will be one nation. Earth nation. Foreigners for us will be the inhabitants of other planets.

          Vobschem man is not an animal he has the mind to prevent self-destruction.
          1. avreli
            18 October 2012 01: 22
            Immigration of people. So this is an inevitable process. If it is reasonable for them to manage no tragedies will be.

            Kai murros
            In biological terms, we were faced with a kind of rodent invasion - decisive measures are needed here, and the stakes are too high for us to be humane and polite.

            So the approach has become apparent: it should be reasonably managed without humanism and politeness. smile
          2. 0
            18 October 2012 11: 46

            Somehow in the article everything is written pessemistically.

            Predatory Globalization has brought the world to self-destruction. A complete paradigm shift is required. Russia must show the world a new fair system, this is its task. So Wang and the other forecasters said. We are not Anglo-Saxons, we are different.
            1. Beck
              18 October 2012 13: 08
              Quote: Ross
              Predatory Globalization has brought the world to self-destruction.

              Of course, there are problems. But this is not the limit to self-destruction. I remember in 60 years in the press there were a lot of materials about the industrial pollution of Europe and in some places the end of Europe was predicted. And it was a pollution. Acidic smog over London. The Rhine turned into a gutter due to the dumping of waste from factories and plants. There were no fish in the Rhine.

              The public understood the threat. Parliaments have passed relevant legislation. Now about smogs and do not stutter. (But he could eat in Beijing, but the Chinese will also rectify the situation). In German cities, from any bridge they fish for fishing rods.

              About Wangi. I do not believe mysticism, fortune-telling, and so on. Nostradamus, Nostradamus. I read his predictions.

              About. After 400 (300,500) years. The sky will open and black miasmas will envelop the earth. Thunder and lightning will rush over the planet killing people.

              Can you draw any conclusions for the future from this? I am sure no. And modern journalists, in the pursuit of sensation, did. They wrote that this prediction is nothing more than Hitler's rise to power and the unleashing of 2MB by him.

              About Russia. I wish you all success in the prosperity of Russia. Russia has all the prerequisites. There are people. There are open spaces. There is scientific potential. There are means of production. There are natural resources.
          3. 0
            20 October 2012 00: 40
            Aging is not about giving birth to a child at 60, but about retirement! And it doesn't work anymore, it DOES NOT PRODUCE! And you can't call on a 60-year-old to defend the country (especially in Europe)! And Europe will probably have to be protected from the "lower races" soon. Moreover, the bitterness can be no less than in religious wars (and those practically will happen!) Of the 16-17 centuries!
    4. Kievan
      17 October 2012 20: 37
      Quote: andrei332809
      Tolerasts twitched. if in Europe a mess starts between the newcomers and the local- local kirdyk. or will they again wait for Russia to shed its blood for their well-being?

      Russia shed blood ....? You will save Moscow first. How many Muslims are there? Million? Two million?
      It is unlikely that the Russian Federation will be able to help with something ... it has already been written that due to the fact that Muslims are not taken to the Strategic Missile Forces, aviation, etc. then in motorized rifle units of Muslims up to 30%.
      Who will save Russia will save?

      And so the article is adequate.
      1. 0
        17 October 2012 20: 58
        KIEVLYANINU: wrote a comment I missed so I wouldn’t write catch +
      2. -1
        18 October 2012 09: 43
        In your opinion, only Orthodox Russians are Russians? And Muslims, citizens of Russia, the same rodents of which should not be allowed into Moscow? From you per mile stinks of fascism. Imagine if Muslims - Kazakhs begin to kick us Christians out of Kazakhstan and call us rats, then what will the Orthodox sing?
        1. Beck
          18 October 2012 10: 52
          Quote: viktorrymar
          Imagine if Muslims - Kazakhs begin to kick us Christians out of Kazakhstan and call us rats, then what will the Orthodox sing?

          Countryman, pluses are not enough to put you. Your words, the Russian Kazakhstani, ten times or more outweigh my words of the Kazakh Kazakh.
          This is the only way to go towards tolerance, mutual understanding and good neighborliness.
    5. +4
      17 October 2012 20: 43
      I wonder who will shed this blood? aren't the migrant workers maybe the brothers from the Caucasian republics, so they don’t serve in the army, and with the modern friendship of the peoples it is not known who will shoot anyone, no, will we send the last best guys to the slaughter for that? OTHER QUESTION Migrant workers and brothers will remain in the homeland from the Caucasian republics, our wives and children ...
  2. 0
    17 October 2012 16: 03
    Into the inputs? From a historical point of view and new reality? Or will we hear a common Western "Oops"?
  3. +1
    17 October 2012 16: 03
    What about the conclusions? From a historical point of view and new reality? Or will we hear a common Western "Oops"?
  4. +3
    17 October 2012 16: 07
    Dude anneals to the fullest.
    Black clouds hung over Europe. The Europeans were finally betrayed by their elites. The size of this conspiracy is unprecedented on the scale of the history of the human race, our ruling elite turned out to be just a corrupt lackey of global capitalism. These highly paid parasites stole from Europeans their livelihoods, their land, their future and even respect for themselves. These whores of the corporate world gave Europe to be torn apart by evil beggars and by all means prevent Europeans from defending themselves in any way. We became powerless, we lost control of our lives, we abandoned our place in this world and our spirit began to leave us. What was once ours was taken away and given to greedy strangers ...
    Under the guise of liberalism, humanism and democracy, the Europeans were persuaded to commit ethnic suicide - the race that achieved so much and survived so much was deceived and now welcomes its own decline and is taking more and more active measures to become a stranger on its land.
    We are witnessing the most vicious and cruel conspiracy in history - a conspiracy to annihilate European peoples, a systematic campaign to erase Europeans from being, first by social degeneration, and then through mental and physical decline to paralyze the people's ability to resist, to poison its biological essence that spawned all the great deeds of the past. In the end, it’s much easier to lead a herd of castrates to death than the once proud race of warriors, creators and travelers ...
    We will defeat the invaders, because our determination is greater, we protect our own land, and our roots are deep in it, we will win, because our very existence is in jeopardy, our strategic advantage in this fight is that we have nowhere to run ...
    The war for the liberation of Europe will finally unite us Europeans together. This is true - economics, technology, and all these artificial political ideals were never enough to create a nation; liberal fantasies were doomed from the very beginning. On the contrary, we need strong pressure from the outside, we need a struggle for life and death, we need to experience an explosion of common emotions - fear, hatred, anger, love, loyalty and courage. In the end, blood is drawn to blood, and we will witness the birth of a nation.
    This common struggle, tears of loss and tears of joy, the memories of those who returned home, and the memory of those who died in battle will create myths that will unite us Europeans until the very end of time. This war will erase our troubled past and give us the future. We absolutely and categorically need this war. We will need another war - the war of all wars, magnificent, glorious, noble, bewitching, enthralling, breathtaking war. We should not be tormented by remorse in recognizing that the resurrection of Europe requires the greatest war that this planet has ever seen.
    While Europeans were at the top of the food chain, leading colonial empires around the world, we did not need to worry about the survival of our race and civilization. Europeans were concerned only with the struggle with other Europeans, and that how to become even more powerful, even at the expense of brothers in the race.
    But now we have lost the colonial empires, and we are about to lose everything ...
    Our enemies, the vile crowds of strangers filling our streets, attacking, extorting money, robbing our people, violating the laws of hospitality, claiming rights to our land, have not yet understood what absolute and mass violence is. They think that we can be subjugated by terror and petty violence of street gangs, but they forgot that when we Europeans take the path of violence, they sweep away races from the face of the earth, completely destroy civilizations, devastate continents and start world wars ...
    1. +3
      17 October 2012 16: 21
      Liberals warn everyone about us and our plans; liberals, like old grandmother clickers, tell terrible stories about what will happen if the nationalists come to power one day. And of course the liberals are right, as soon as we break the chain - the gates of hell will open and His Majesty FUROR EUROPEICUS (European anger) will appear. There is nothing more intimidating in this world than the thirst for revenge on countries affected by injustice.
      We agree that the essence of nature is struggle and that all biological as well as cultural evolution is based on this constant struggle. We believe that the highest form of social and cultural struggle is the struggle between entire civilizations. The age of competing nations has passed, now nations are regrouping and gathering under the banners of civilizations. Civilizations are super-organisms, they compete for living space and resources, and only the strongest will win ...
      What begins on the streets of Europe with fists, knives and broken bottles will end with gigantic clashes on distant battlefields - our front will stretch from the Strait of Gibraltar to Vladivostok, from the Rio Grande to the shores of Australia. In these wars of tomorrow there will be no more Finns or Russians, Swedes and Spaniards, Italians or Irish, because such concepts have simply become obsolete. Warriors of the future will be just Europeans, united by a common struggle, baptized by fire and partaking of power ...

      And he is right. At the intersection of two graphs: population growth and reduction of land resources, we are waiting for socialism, as a form of economic structure of society and nationalism, as a form of political structure. Nationalism of the civilization plan. Because, in general, I have nothing to share with the Finn living in their homeland. But there is something to share with a migrant who came to my land.
      1. Fox 070
        17 October 2012 17: 50
        Quote: virm
        , I have nothing to share with the Finn living in his homeland. But there is something to share with a migrant who came to my land.

        And that is reasonable. True, this political direction is called somewhat differently, the word that the Jews made abusive - fascism (a political movement aimed at raising the standard of living and self-identity of its people, without prejudice to neighboring peoples). Such a political movement was developed in Spain during the time of Franco (not to be confused with German Nazism).
        1. +3
          17 October 2012 19: 43
          By the way, the word "fascism" comes from the word "fascina", i.e. a bunch of branches. Previously, with the help of fascines, they overcame ditches during the assault on fortresses - they threw them into a moat and moved to storm the walls and towers. So fascism in this context is a group of people connected (united) by a common idea and goal. In this case, before the threat of the death of European civilization, something similar will happen in one form or another. am
  5. bask
    17 October 2012 16: 12
    At first, europioids ,,, had ,, - robbed the colonies and engaged in the slave trade. Now immigrants from the colonies will be, “HAVE,” Native Europeans. In France and England, the descendants of slaves and immigrants are in full charge, !!! Russia should not repeat them, their experience, sharply limit the number of guest workers from SR.Asia and China ..
    1. Captain Vrungel
      17 October 2012 17: 07
      Tighten entry from countries of donors of mass migration, up to the introduction of a visa regime. To toughen liability up to criminal with confiscation of business for people using migrant workers without appropriate permits and registration. Strengthen the FPS with personnel and special equipment providing complete control of the state border line.
      Seafarers have already faced the problems of illegal immigrants entering the ship illegally. It is not possible to hand them over at the ports of call. The authorities do not accept. You have to carry it with you, and the ship is blacklisted. Even upon the return of the emigrant to the port, the authorities do not accept. Until they conduct a thorough check. With a short stop (container ship), they do not have time and the "guest" continues the cruise. We have three illegal immigrants in the port of Dakar (Senegal), they worked on washing the slob tank and hid in the casing of the false pipe. Already at the exit, at the port gate, the ship's dog "Bond" found them. For some reason, he doesn't like Arab pilots and African dockers. We lost a lot of time until we surrendered their power. The video of the mechanic helped to prove that they were working as part of the coastal brigade. So, not all states are eager to receive their citizens on the run.
      1. +2
        17 October 2012 20: 02
        Quote: Captain Vrungel
        I have to carry

        In such a case, you need to have an extra boat and let them go peacefully in neutral waters.
        1. +2
          17 October 2012 21: 00
          A boat is not economical. A five-liter bottle from under the water - that's it.
  6. ... in motu
    17 October 2012 16: 15
    "We will have to fight the population explosion on the planet ... Biologically, we are faced with a kind of invasion of rodents - drastic measures are needed here, and the stakes are too high for us to be humane and polite."
    The theory of the "golden billion" + ordinary fascism is nothing new / and can "+" be replaced by "="? /.
    Interestingly at the time, Kapitsa answered all this. When resources are scarce and a crisis sets in, mankind moves to a new stage of development, and this has already happened in history.
    And so the article ... A competent and logical description of the process by the MATHEMATICIAN, not by the MAN from whom his wife / rodent / will be sent to the gas chamber to save resources.
  7. +1
    17 October 2012 16: 32
    There is no salvation for Europe. They will never return to the high social standards that were achieved in the 80s of the last century due to trivial competition with the socialist model created by the Soviet Union. Multinational companies will not set their employees social standards higher than that of a competitor / workers in another region, i.e. thanks to transnational corporations, the level of social protection is equal throughout the world. And one does not have to be a visionary to understand that this level will be tending down.
  8. +6
    17 October 2012 16: 42
    Literally Mein Kampf .... and the worst thing is that the problem is indicated correctly ... the solution is only belated ... the main problem with which the current state of affairs is connected is the export of survival methods of developed countries (antibiotics and medicine) to underdeveloped countries , banally not ready for such a turn of events either culturally or morally. Hence the demographic explosion from scratch ... and then, food production does not keep up with population growth and snotty cries about "unfortunate black children" begin ... and sending them humanitarian aid, which they will gobble up, screw up and go on to multiply and sweep each other friend ... and those who help them ...
  9. +6
    17 October 2012 16: 43
    This topic has been discussed recently. If the problem of migration is not solved by the leadership, the consequences will be sad. It may be worse than in Europe. Instability in the Caucasus, Islamic trends in Tatarstan, migrants from Central Asia, China, Vietnam and even the devil can come from landfill.
    1. 0
      18 October 2012 09: 41
      And the leadership is just decides a problem. Flooding Russia with migrants.
  10. olo-olo
    17 October 2012 17: 13
    it is necessary to create a free social zone on the border of Europe with Africa and Asia, where both sides can fulfill their lust.
    1. Captain Vrungel
      17 October 2012 17: 38
      In the Mediterranean?
      1. +5
        17 October 2012 18: 11
        And deepen the bottom ....
  11. Tirpitz
    17 October 2012 17: 39
    A total war of extermination is the way out. The war is not like it is now in Afghanistan or elsewhere. Napalm, cluster bombs, carpet bombing of cities, nor any civilians and other sentiments. With this approach, it is possible to halve the population (objectionable to the West) on the planet in 1-2 years. Only in Europe itself can about 50 million immigrants be destroyed. The war by Hitler’s methods will bring victory to the West.

    If anyone does not agree, write. We will discuss.
    1. Fox 070
      17 October 2012 18: 01
      Quote: Tirpitz
      . The war by Hitler’s methods will bring victory to the West.

      And maybe the experience of France will help in this matter (I mean "St. Bartholomew's Night"), both quietly and material values ​​remained practically inviolable. And most importantly, it's cheap, you only need to spend money on knives and bandages.
      1. Tirpitz
        17 October 2012 18: 13
        In the modern version it may very well be.
        1. +4
          17 October 2012 20: 03
          Are the effeminate liberals putting on bandages and taking knives? Do you yourself understand what you are carrying? Or again, should Russia save everyone? block your borders and let them fly into the abyss
          1. Tirpitz
            18 October 2012 09: 23
            Liberals made them propaganda. as soon as people begin to process and prepare for a total war, everything will change according to the media. during the year, on all western channels to talk about all that is bad that the West does not like and people at the first call themselves will go to the military commissariats.
      2. 0
        17 October 2012 20: 06
        Quote: Fox 070
        you need to spend only on knives and bandages

        need will be spent on firearms, because the culture of handling cold has been lost, there will be unnecessary torment for both himself and the victim.
        1. gribnik777
          17 October 2012 21: 54
          ... phrase from a speech by Christine Lagarde, Director of the International Monetary Fund: “In the absence of growth, the future of the world economy is in danger, and perhaps the most serious problem will be the enormous legacy of public debt, which currently stands at an average of 110 percent (relative to GDP) of economically developed countries, which is quite consistent with the level of wartime”. In this phrase, the reference to "wartime" is alarming. The audience is supposedly inspired by the idea that peacetime in modern history has either ended humanity or is close to ending. Someone may interpret this phrase as follows: "Tomorrow may begin a great war." Someone will put a different emphasis: "Tomorrow a great war should begin." Other shades of interpretation are possible. For officials at such a high level as the director of the IMF, phrases that go beyond “professional authority” are extremely rare.

          zaplanirovannaya_utechka_informacii /
  12. -2
    17 October 2012 18: 47
    Karl Marx is right and history has confirmed this. But in Russia, the leader of that class is invisible (that is why industry was destroyed and, accordingly, the working class) that could take up the unification of the country. It’s hard for one Putin, but as life shows, he can lean on a narrow kgug of people!
    1. +3
      17 October 2012 21: 06
      one Putin ??? how can we win such wars if people believe in a good king
  13. +2
    17 October 2012 18: 58
    Quote: Tirpitz
    Total war of extermination is the way out

    I'm afraid that destroyed it may not like lol
    All the more, we are talking about significant human resources. It is unlikely that they will calmly look at what is happening.
    And those who come in large numbers can arrange "V.night" earlier than the indigenous people. Personally, I get the impression that Europe is doomed. Who will fight there? Fagots along with lesbians? Complete liberals? Commoners disenchanted by civilization? New hungry and dirty Attilki stand on the doorstep of the West
    Historical development takes place in a spiral, again Muslims enslave Europeans for 700 years.
  14. Kaa
    17 October 2012 19: 31
    There was an overt contempt for the Chinese "paper tiger" in the article. I would not argue so unambiguously, let us remember at least the children's game "stone-paper-scissors". Europe is definitely pulling for a "stone". laughing Who will then be "scissors, that is the question ... winked
    1. +1
      17 October 2012 19: 44
      I, too, this evil attack in the direction of China amused.
      I remembered the pug. I laughed.
      1. Kaa
        17 October 2012 19: 49
        Quote: Onotolle
        I, too, this evil attack in the direction of China amused.

        Mon Sher Onotolle, forgive generously for familiarity, this is not an evil attack, but impotent, one might even say, impotent envy. good
  15. Bashkaus
    17 October 2012 20: 48
    Girls and women! I’m ready to have sexual intercourse with you all, not for profit, but only to improve the demographic situation in the country;))
    1. +3
      17 October 2012 21: 05
      With everyone? A pisyun not erase?
  16. +2
    17 October 2012 20: 56
    When Europe needed cheap labor, they immediately remembered that they had colonies. They began to apologize to the descendants of the slaves and invited them to Europe. As it turned out, there were much more slaves than slave owners, respectively, and their descendants, too. Now let them not cry.
    He smiled about China - indeed - banal envy.
    But the article itself .... what is this if not a hidden call for the destruction of "superfluous" in the name of saving loved ones?
  17. +2
    17 October 2012 21: 35
    If you put aside all the political contradictions of our time, why do you separate yourself from Western civilization, even if Russia is at the crossroads of civilizations, but how can you not turn the Russian Federation closer to the West than to the East, and the problems that are arising now in Europe are much closer to Russia than for example Bangladesh or Madagascar ...
  18. +1
    17 October 2012 22: 46
    The article actually has only a superficial political connotation. In fact, everything that is stated in it is subject to completely accurate mathematical calculations, with very little correction. And only the politician who can strategically assess the essence of the problem will be the wisest.
  19. cool.ya-nikola
    17 October 2012 22: 50
    Kai Murros We will have to stop the predatory migration to Europe from the Third World.

    Well, pardon the fuck, did you need to destabilize the situation in North Africa? Whatever the "brutal" and "dictatorial" regimes in Tunisia, Egypt, the same Libya, and whatever one may say, you had, what no barrier from the influx of emigrants! Or did you think that by changing the "dictatorial" regimes to "democratic" ones, the entire population of the countries "democratized" by you, in one impulse, would rush to the South, to raise virgin lands in the Sahara? Aha, schazz! ... And if you yourself have created this hemorrhoids, now we can only congratulate you and wish you further success in "stopping the predatory migration to Europe"
    By the way, according to Evgeny Satanovsky, (Director of the Institute of the Middle East), according to his data (I don’t know how reliable!), From the depths of the African continent to the shores of the Mediterranean, about 18 million more natives are nominated .. .
  20. stalker
    17 October 2012 23: 49
    To reduce the population, 2 means have always helped - war and an epidemic. Epidemics have learned to win, there is only a war of all against all, unfortunately (... The concept of the "golden billion" was not invented today ...
  21. 0
    18 October 2012 05: 39
    What is the essence of the problem of Europeans?
    They believed that Europe is the light of civilization, and every European is an elected earthling (we all know who we have chosen).
    Superhigh social guarantees, superhard environmental laws, three-room cells for prisoners.
    Youth succumbed to propaganda - if they work, it is only in a leadership position. Women do not want to give birth, men - through one - homosexual.
    Europe, it seems like a pity, but their example, I would like us to be a science.
    Personally, my opinion is: we need hard power, even a king, but either that or chaos.
    1. donchepano
      19 October 2012 08: 30
      sarsu - and the king is already for you
  22. Vanek
    18 October 2012 05: 52
    For many reasons, a marked decrease in mortality occurred in the 18th century, after which a strong population growth began - in those years, the population of Europe grew approximately as fast as today in the Third World countries.

    In the countries of the Third World, now it may be yes, but how could they reproduce after three hundred years of burning women ??? Two men can’t give offspring - FACT !!!
    1. donchepano
      19 October 2012 08: 32
      Now Europeans will begin to be cloned
  23. AAA
    19 October 2012 09: 08
    Throughout the history of mankind, Europeans have captured and enslaved other nations, spreading genocide around the world: the destruction of Indians in America, Indians in India, Papuans in Australia, etc. Now they are reaping their benefits. Nothing on Earth passes without a trace. Under the guidance of their Big They are slowly but surely moving towards the collapse of the European Union, and for Russia, by and large, this is very good.