"Dirty Bomb" Hazard: Armed Forces of Ukraine Target Nuclear Waste Storage at Zaporozhye NPP


Today, the situation at the Zaporozhye NPP has become truly tense and close to critical. Energodar authorities note that the number of attacks on the territory of the station and the territories adjacent to the nuclear power plant by the Armed Forces of Ukraine has increased significantly. At the same time, Ukrainian militants deliberately choose a nuclear power plant as their target, trying to inflict maximum man-made damage.

Despite the calls of UN Secretary General António Guterres to stop any military activity in a certain radius near the ZNPP, Ukrainian troops continued shelling. It is reported that strikes are carried out both from artillery pieces and from rocket launchers, including MLRS.

The leadership of the liberated territories of the Zaporozhye region reports that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are deliberately aiming at the nuclear waste storage facility at the Zaporozhye NPP.

From the statement of the authorities of the Zaporozhye region:

Ukrainian troops are going to provoke a "dirty bomb" explosion.

In principle, such a development of events cannot be ruled out, since Ukrainian rockets and artillery shells explode already in the immediate vicinity of the SNF (storage of spent nuclear waste).

Earlier, the Kyiv regime has repeatedly stated that it is “able to” create a “dirty nuclear bomb”. All this once again proves that Ukraine is under the occupation of an openly terrorist regime, for which the future of the country is of no interest, and all actions fit into the paradigm of following American interests.
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    1. +42
      11 August 2022 18: 57
      Attacks on decision-making centers seem to be...
      Exclusively for world peace...
      1. +29
        11 August 2022 19: 00
        How sick of all this. I can’t understand from our side no one wants to influence the situation or no one can influence it? These are not jokes. It will be worse than Chernobyl, but it feels like no one cares. .Why don’t they hit the firing points firing at the ZNPP in real time? There are no target designation systems or what? Or in this way the Armed Forces of Ukraine want to force us to attack in the Zaporozhye direction they need, where they have fortified areas or ambushes, because otherwise they will allegedly blow up the ZNPP and thereby save the Donbass oporniks, who began to crumble? The tactic is somewhat similar to the one when they thrashed around Donetsk so that troops would be transferred there in order to prevent the release of Severodonetsk and Lysichansk.
        1. +26
          11 August 2022 19: 07
          It is high time to pack this unfinished Führer-drug addict and his accomplices .... otherwise we will finish the game.
          1. +26
            11 August 2022 19: 14
            Quote: Black
            It is high time to pack this unfinished Führer-drug addict and his accomplices .... otherwise we will finish the game.

            Let's play super good. And folk wisdom says don't do good and you won't get evil.
            1. +3
              11 August 2022 20: 48
              Before the NWO, this nuclear power plant provided a fifth of Ukraine's total electricity, and now, perhaps, from a quarter to a third. And I want to turn it off, but they promised to strike only at military targets.
              Maybe they don’t put specially echeloned air defense there?
              Reactors have powerful armor, they cannot be penetrated by a simple missile.
              Waste storage is another matter. There will be no strong infection, but a couple of containers can be opened with a rocket. There will be a "reinforced concrete" pretext to turn off the nuclear power plant and evacuate personnel.
              It will be necessary to clean up from radiation after the end of the NWO.
              And it is possible to supply electricity from Russia to the liberated territories.
              1. +1
                11 August 2022 22: 42
                Nuclear power plants don’t just turn off, they explode on their own without a load, and Ukraine seems to have cut itself out of our power grid for a long time. And this means that the load for Ukrainian nuclear power plants is Ukraine and Europe, and you can switch it to our network, because you need to build a bunch of power lines under shelling with substations, and this is a bunch of sabotage and cliffs due to shelling and other things. There are no large consumers in the liberated territory (destroyed to zero) and there are enough local thermal power plants on dung with a head, there is no network from the Russian Federation yet. Therefore, FIG will drown out these nuclear power plants in Ukraine.
                1. +4
                  11 August 2022 23: 28
                  But shutting down the reactor is quite realistic.
                  At the same Chernobyl, only one reactor exploded, the rest were muffled. Yes, they require cooling even when muffled, but automation can handle it and does not require a lot of electricity.
                  Quote: evgen1221
                  Ukraine seems to have cut itself out of our power grid

                  But the Zaporizhzhya NPP is exactly what feeds Ukraine. Also liberated territories.
          2. +16
            11 August 2022 19: 24
            In reality, the problem is not the drug addict Zele and his accomplices. If it wasn't there, there would be someone else. The problem is our "partners". Do you think he himself makes such decisions? It will be so until we start at least "landing" the AWACS aircraft of our partners.
            1. The comment was deleted.
            2. +2
              11 August 2022 20: 39
              Quote: Vladimir M
              The problem is our "partners". Do you think he himself makes such decisions?

              Journal "Geopolitics and Security" No. 1 (29) 2015:
              At ZNPP at any time of the year winds prevail - east and northeast, in summer and autumn, westerly winds take place.

              Winds blowing east are an occasional rarity. So if these are "partners", then they are not from the EU, because it is known that the east wind blows to the west. If you want to get confused - look at the direction of the wind on the dates of the shelling, I didn’t bother
          3. +3
            11 August 2022 20: 18
            Quote: Black
            It is high time to pack this unfinished Führer-drug addict and his accomplices .... otherwise we will finish the game.

            Pound at Yavorov and Lvov with ammunition with depleted uranium cores, and look at the reaction of all sorts of psheks. am
            1. +14
              11 August 2022 20: 25
              Creating a security perimeter will do nothing. It is necessary to clean up all of Ukraine and demolish this fascist regime. Because there is no guarantee that these scum will not arrange some kind of nuclear provocation at the Rivne, Khmelnitsky nuclear power plants, which are under their control. How many times they have already pierced the bottom. It costs nothing. This regime has long shown that people are meat for them.
        2. +4
          11 August 2022 19: 36
          I probably agree with you. I have the same thoughts, but in an obscene version, but it is impossible to formulate censorship.
        3. +8
          11 August 2022 19: 38
          The United States seemed to recognize that the area around the nuclear power plant should be declared demilitarized.
          This is what happens? We complain to the States, but they make such a decision??? A shame!!! Throw a dagger at the US Center for the Execution of Decisions, urgently ... am
        4. -1
          11 August 2022 20: 56
          I can’t understand it on our part, no one wants to influence the situation or no one can influence it? .... The Armed Forces of Ukraine want to force us to attack in the Zaporozhye direction they need ...

          Well, so it went with Avdiivka. The original plan to strike at Seversk - bypassing the fortified area of ​​Seversk-Soledar-Bakhmut was weakened (my guess, no more!) - at the request of Pushilin, part of the forces was withdrawn and sent to clean up areas near Donetsk.

          The key resource for all is time, they are pulling it with all their might, "smearing" our efforts in several directions. People are not important to them - you can recruit as many civilians as you like. The time won shows the West that Ukraine is holding on: they say, send more weapons and money.
        5. +1
          11 August 2022 23: 30
          I think that it is necessary to take the most severe measures in response, because. The best defense is an attack. First, you need to roll out the place where the shooting comes from. Even if we do not have time to gouge their guns and instead put tens or hundreds of civilians, the end justifies the means, because. on our part, we have a real danger of a nuclear catastrophe, and this is already a colossal number of victims not only in the present, but also in the future - remember that 36 years have passed since the Chernobyl accident, and no one still lives like this). Secondly, it is necessary to warn the Ukrainians that during the next attack on the nuclear power plant (no matter how dangerous and effective it will be), the answer will be a nuclear strike on Lviv or another city in Western Ukraine (namely Western, in order to interest Europeans and make them look through the data on the wind rose ).
      2. +8
        11 August 2022 19: 19
        Yes, this viper must have been bombed for a long time. in Kyiv or in the place where such decisions are made to destroy half of Europe.
      3. +3
        11 August 2022 20: 45
        The leadership of Ukraine is openly wiping itself with all these calls, just as it did for 8 years with the Minsk agreements.
        Well, well, you will scare them with your appeals to the UN.
      4. for
        11 August 2022 20: 56
        Quote: Andrey K
        Attacks on decision-making centers

        By the Pentagon and Washington!
      5. -1
        11 August 2022 21: 03
        Let's start with Lviv with a couple of megatons? There is still no one in Kyiv .. Although it is significant to turn the buildings of state bodies of Ukraine into ruins ..
    2. +8
      11 August 2022 18: 58
      Terrorists they are terrorists, shoot ukrovarbarians on Guterish's head
      1. +4
        11 August 2022 19: 18
        The head of Guterres, not the ZNPP, if they hit his head, there will be no nuclear catastrophe.
        1. +1
          11 August 2022 20: 12
          Quote: parusnik
          The head of Guterres, not the ZNPP, if they hit his head, there will be no nuclear catastrophe.

          But perhaps smart thoughts will fly into the holes that now they are playing roulette, allowing the cocles to do what they do. Immediately, it is clearly not the salvation of one's country, and the struggle for freedom, but the destruction of as much of the population as possible, as well as the territories, including one's own country .... This is terror in its purest form
    3. -8
      11 August 2022 19: 01
      Honestly, I do not believe in these attacks. They can hit the tank, and they have been aiming at the storage for the second week. Where is the logic?
      1. +3
        11 August 2022 19: 11
        The logic is in the distance and the weapons used.
        1. +7
          11 August 2022 20: 02
          Quote from Alex
          The logic is in the distance and the weapons used.

          15 kilometers to the nuclear power plant from Nikopol. This is closer than from the Kherson front to the Antonovsky bridge. Even 155mm cannon artillery will reach - M777, Pzh2000, KRAB, CAESAR, not to mention the MLRS.
          1. -3
            11 August 2022 20: 24
            Well, it’s problematic to get into a tank from 15 km.
      2. +9
        11 August 2022 19: 13
        Iron logic. There is already an empty place talking in the UN. They want us to get out of Energodar. That's the logic. I hope that there will be no second Gostomel, Bucha, Sumy. I mean, "good signs" .. If such happens, then this is a direct path to Malta, Reykjavik 2.0
        1. +8
          11 August 2022 19: 31
          In the case of a "background", the entire NWO will have to be curtailed, and this is what the ghouls are striving for ...
          1. +1
            11 August 2022 20: 05
            Quote: megadeth
            In the case of a "background", the entire NWO will have to be curtailed, and this is what the ghouls are striving for ...

            Right now they have several nuclear power plants under control, including Chernobyl.
            1. +1
              11 August 2022 20: 25
              According to the alignment of the wind rose in Nikopol, if now it explodes at a nuclear power plant, then until December they will mainly cry in southern Europe. That's where they lingered.
    4. AAK
      11 August 2022 19: 02
      The strange position of the leadership of the Russian Federation and the command of the allied forces ...
      It is possible to ensure constant air watch in the area adjacent to the nuclear power plant at a safe distance from the Ukrainian air defense forces by 3 A-50Us (according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, we have about 10 such serviceable aircraft) with the transfer of information to the artillery and aviation duty forces online mode about any suspicious stirring of dill at a distance of a shot from a long-range artillery / launch of the MLRS-OTR - and equalize everything in the stirring area with the ground ...
      1. +1
        11 August 2022 19: 08
        Looks empty in the bins of plundered Russia ....
      2. +1
        11 August 2022 19: 12
        And what will you see in the forest belt with the A-50?
        1. AAK
          11 August 2022 19: 22
          wood and metal have different values ​​of the radio wave reflection coefficient, and in the synthetic aperture mode, the contrast is enhanced ...
          1. AAK
            11 August 2022 19: 23
            In addition, you still need to get to the shooting position, and the equipment goes there far away from the tunnels ...
          2. +2
            11 August 2022 20: 00
            Doesn't it bother you that you will look for all this in a mess of signals reflected from the ground?
        2. +1
          11 August 2022 19: 24
          what will you see in the forest belt with the A-50?

          Who needs to be seen.
      3. -8
        11 August 2022 20: 21
        You seem to have forgotten what country you live in.
        We have a lot of these A-50Us only on paper, like a lot of other things.
    5. +5
      11 August 2022 19: 02
      just transmitted - the fourth strike on the nuclear power plant, the pumping station was damaged, it also flew very close to the 1st power unit.
      Smoke. There are no serious damages. Backup pumps are on.

      PS to tear off the hands of these arrows. am
    6. -4
      11 August 2022 19: 05
      In fact, I doubt that Ukrainian troops are doing this. They don't need it just like we do. I do not believe in fairy tales that they are so vicious that they are ready to kill even at the cost of their lives. They are cunning, never do what is not profitable for them. Most likely, these are American mercenaries, and Zele was told not to interfere and keep quiet, otherwise his heart would become ill.
      It is only beneficial for America that the nuclear power plant explodes, the rest is not only not profitable, but simply akin to suicide.
      By the way, in America they say exactly the same thing, but about us, that we want to blow up a nuclear power plant solely because of bloodthirstiness ... Such a similarity arouses suspicion that either one copy propaganda from another, or that it is written from one center. Why write different things, if you can replace Russia with Ukraine, and Putin with Zelensky, and it will turn out to be like a suitable material.
      By the way, this also explains why there is no reaction, here it is necessary to react to America, but for now we don’t need it at all.
      1. +2
        11 August 2022 22: 50
        I agree with the mercenaries, most likely Western mercenaries are having fun, but their propaganda rubs them that a nuclear explosion and radiation are no worse than a cold, and they don’t teach history and are generally extremely cavernous in their worldview, plus they don’t fight in their own homeland, it’s not a pity.
      2. +2
        12 August 2022 00: 25
        well, you can also ask, for example, how the same people first put the shells into the same bridge one after the other, into the tyutka, and then again, and still can’t get into the storage. it doesn't bother anyone.
        1. 0
          12 August 2022 02: 25
          It seems to me that the reason is the density of air defense cover, the bridge is still not a nuclear power plant. Even the Defense Ministry's statements speak of dozens of downed missiles aimed at nuclear power plants. If it were not for this cover, they would have rushed long ago. Plus, most likely, electronic warfare complicates guidance with the help of drones.
    7. +11
      11 August 2022 19: 07
      It's a matter of time - sooner or later there will be a cover .. Of course, they knew how to build before, and just like that you can’t destroy anything there - but you can create radioactive contamination .. There are SNF storage facilities at any nuclear power plant, as far as I remember, there should be a "wet" storage facility - six meters of distilled water in each pool above the assemblies .. And if the water leaks .. - it won’t seem enough to anyone .. You need to take out the fuel from there as soon as possible .. The shelling will not stop. In the event of an accident, only Russia will be blamed.
      1. +4
        11 August 2022 19: 09
        The storage must be properly and continuously cooled. Otherwise it will be like at Mayak, Chelyabinsk region. Or like in Chernobyl, when the pumps stopped with a simultaneous uncontrolled "acceleration" of the reactor.

        And the fact that sooner or later they will get where they are aiming - here you are unfortunately right ....
        1. 0
          11 August 2022 21: 33
          I have a question for you. Is it possible to shut down the reactors away from sin for a while and unload all the fuel? And what will it give - in terms of security?
          1. +1
            12 August 2022 05: 01
            you can mute it. and unload TVLs. but where do they go? to the same vault near the station? Or take it to Russia? so we have enough of our own and German working off. Russia recycles mining - it definitely takes it from the Germans. again - you still need to safely take it to Russia. where are the guarantees that these scumbags will not beat the escort with working off?
      2. +4
        11 August 2022 19: 27
        If I'm not mistaken, then according to the standards, the "hot" TVEL extracted from the reactor is stuffed into the ISF for 5 years, so that all short-lived isotopes decay and can be transported.
        What happens if you stop cooling - Fukushima in its purest form, there are problems just because of the storage.
      3. 0
        11 August 2022 20: 27
        there waste in the air and not as in the Russian Federation are closed!
        1. -1
          12 August 2022 05: 03
          cannot be stored in air. working out constant cooling is required so that there is no warming up. read because of what the Lighthouse banged at one time.
      4. -2
        11 August 2022 20: 43
        Quote: Dikson
        if the water leaks .. - a little will not seem to anyone

        The Japanese were going to pour their dirty water into the ocean - and - nothing ...
    8. 0
      11 August 2022 19: 14
      The West got into zugzwang from the Zaporizhzhya NPP. We do not manage the Zaporizhzhya NPP. Rosatom is not there.
      1. -4
        11 August 2022 19: 22
        And what difference will it make who manages when the storage with assemblies is destroyed by shelling? Guilty will be appointed very quickly. Even if Rosatom does not manage the Zaporizhzhya NPP, it is able to take spent nuclear fuel out of there. Although it will be that kind of ambush .. - to drag such a train through the territory, where the possibility of sabotage is 80 - 90 percent ..
        1. 0
          11 August 2022 19: 32
          It has already been appointed, the news is everywhere that the Wagner fighters have planted a bomb, now any explosion will have a logical explanation, but the truth is of no interest to anyone, as well as logic.
        2. 0
          11 August 2022 19: 40
          I read the Western press, they are screaming to return everything by February 24. They really don’t want to receive a nuclear strike. And they will have to if they make the wrong decision. Remember?
          1. +1
            11 August 2022 20: 41
            Quote: tralflot1832
            , they shout screaming to return everything by February 24. They really do not want to receive a nuclear strike.

            Well, let them shout to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Zelensky to stop shelling the nuclear power plant. And since they are shouting "to return everything by February 24," it means that it is not very hot yet.
            1. +1
              12 August 2022 04: 05
              Here the point is that at that very moment the idea was activated to appoint Russia as a sponsor of world terrorism, with all the ensuing consequences, political, economic and militaristic, by the way .. Here the accident at the ZNPP will be a very "successful" trump card. And then, based on the decision of the UN and other gentlemen - blue, white, and other rainbow helmets, to declare a crusade, the United States, as a well-known fighter against Ben Laden, Gaddafi and Saddam, with the support of NATO, will receive a legitimate official right to military operations against us. They are all already at war with us, it remains only to document it .. What, in fact, they are doing now .. It's all sad. There is no reasonable and political solution here. The war is on. And all the talk like: "let's bang a couple of megatons in Ukraine" is utter nonsense and provocations that work for the enemy. In Poland, it was necessary to bang when the first NATO aircraft with weapons had just flown .. And keeping the economic and transport structure of Western Ukraine intact allows the West to conduct hostilities for a very long time. But as soon as we destroy the roads and energy of Western and central Ukraine, a national humanitarian catastrophe will be immediately declared, and the UN decision to introduce peacekeepers, dividing lines, demilitarized zones .. and there, you see, indemnities will be forced to pay .. Pat.
          2. +4
            11 August 2022 20: 48
            Quote: tralflot1832
            screaming to return everything by February 24

            for this it was necessary to return NATO to the borders of 1997, we also shouted about this for many years. Now this stuffing can not be turned back
          3. +1
            11 August 2022 21: 29
            Quote: tralflot1832
            While Lavrov is working. Putin's words: We have not yet begun to fight! Remember?

            Remember. But lately, reading the news, we see. The airfield in Novofedorovka, the headquarters of the fleet in Sevastopol, constant shelling of Donetsk and adjacent towns, cities and towns, terrorist attacks in Kherson, attacks on the nuclear power plant in Energodar .. We are outraged, we shake the air, we are indignant. , what's the point? I don't know what to do, but definitely some action is needed. Actions are global ... Not only "gestures of no goodwill". Fuck on ZKP, bunkers, clean up in Kyiv, Lvov, Ivanofrankivsk, Vinnitsa. I see how bitterness is growing on both sides ...
          4. -1
            12 August 2022 00: 43
            Quote: tralflot1832
            Putin's words: We have not yet begun to fight! Remember?

            yes. he is still a balabol..
        3. +1
          11 August 2022 20: 16
          I repeat: only the pulled-out assemblies are phony, God forbid. You just have to wait until everything short-lived decays and you can work with the assembly.
    9. +15
      11 August 2022 19: 16
      Political lack of will is punishable. And the more we play noble d'Artagnan, the worse it gets. The entire territory of central and western Ukraine lives in chocolate, as if there were no hostilities, they sleep sweetly, eat tasty food, go to work, in Kyiv they drink banana smoothies and ride electric scooters, and all they have to do is turn off the lights in a couple of agglomerations ( moreover, capitally and not for a day or two) and all this very patriotic Bendera brethren will go to guano and the Kyiv authorities will have to deal with this issue and spend energy, time, money resources to establish infrastructure ... you look at sabotage and terrorist attacks in less time and desire
      1. +1
        11 August 2022 21: 55
        Or maybe the game is not the noble d "Dartagnan, but the game of the seasoned, dunce and Coward? I specifically only printed it from a capital letter, so that it was obvious. We had to slam this hydra in 14, but then on the Internet, and even now , in hindsight they say that they were not ready.Maybe it’s the same now, he stood up for the Sumerians, but again they are not ready for more?
    10. +3
      11 August 2022 19: 17
      An urgent, swift attack on Krivoy Rog with increased work of artillery and aviation. To create a security zone around the nuclear power plant. otherwise it will be worse than Chernobyl. Amer is only at hand, they do not care about everyone else. To Europe too. After all, they will also get it, or they think that they will carry it. No, it won't.
      1. +1
        11 August 2022 19: 23
        God forbid something happens at the station - our specialists will have to rake it. And the West will again hang all the dogs on us. And don't hesitate.
      2. -4
        11 August 2022 22: 54
        Are you already going to the front or just having fun with strategy on the couch?
    11. -5
      11 August 2022 19: 20
      All this can turn into a large-scale landing operation in the rear of the Ukrainians. I would advise not to spare anyone there and not to take prisoners. Dogs - dog death, and ukrodebilam - let it be ukrodebilny ... from flamethrowers, napalm, phosphorus bombs. Even from "Bird cherry" let them die ... WMD is forbidden to use, but this is not an OPM and nothing was said about the concentration, Let the APU hide in buildings behind civilians, and let our engineering troops be very principled and adamant. Let civilians be taken out or dragged away, those who cannot go, and the rest are poisoned to the end. In general, take no prisoners. Debilizm and unscrupulousness should be punished on the battlefield too. So the case turned up.
      That's when the very security perimeter will arise, on which the fuckers from the UN want to breed us.
      1. +4
        11 August 2022 19: 27
        The landing will not pass now .. - they pumped up Ukraine with weapons to the eyeballs, they knock down the sides with paratroopers and the whole story ..
        1. 0
          11 August 2022 19: 33
          You are too optimistic. But I think that it was precisely this type of operations that the SVO came close to. There is such a thing - carpet bombing, fragmentation and phosphorus bombs. It helps a lot to land troops ... practically, on level ground afterwards. And that's just for starters.
          1. 0
            11 August 2022 19: 45
            I won't argue. I just wrote about two months ago that sooner or later Ukraine will resort to nuclear blackmail - either a group of suicide bombers will seize the nuclear power plant and threaten it with an explosion in order to force us to retreat, or the West will send troops "to ensure the safety of the nuclear power plant" for this matter, in fact, this is what happens.. What does Lviv or Warsaw care about whether eastern Ukraine becomes a dead territory..? This whole vile situation works for the West.
            1. 0
              11 August 2022 19: 57
              You underestimated the scale a little, Lviv and Warsaw just care about this, especially Warsaw. I, unlike you, calculated the area affected by radiation during an accident at a nuclear power plant. And he also calculated the consequences in the medium and long term, even in the 4th year of the institute. If you open the vaults at least at one of the stations, then Ukraine, as a result, will cease to be inhabited, and with it half of Poland too. The rest in the radius are waiting for congenital deformities, childlessness, oncology and genetic decay over the next 20 generations. The economy in conditionally uninfected (more precisely, moderately infected) territories will collapse almost immediately, especially agriculture. And the borders of states will not be an obstacle to this process. It's all about quantity. The area of ​​radiation contamination has a non-linear dependence on the initial amount of the pathogen. There are many in storage. It's a one-way trip, no matter what the military says today.

              p/s By the way, even the economic benefit from nuclear energy covers only 1% (one percent) of the harm it causes to the human environment. Not everyone knows this, but one should be interested in ... irretrievable losses. I won’t talk about how terrible environmental issues will become with the development of nuclear energy, it’s not time yet - they won’t believe and won’t understand. Downs are now actively grown and cultivated in most countries of the world precisely in order to not understand anything until the very last moment. Ukraine is a good example of this. Or USA)) ...
              1. +3
                11 August 2022 21: 02
                Quote: Corrosion_Inhibitor
                even the economic benefits of nuclear energy cover only 1% (one percent) of the harm it causes to the human environment

                are there puffs? what institute did you study at? NRB-99/2009:
                To ensure radiation safety during the normal operation of radiation sources, it is necessary to be guided by the following basic principles:
                prohibition of all types of activity on the use of radiation sources, in which the benefit obtained for the person and society does not exceed the risk of possible harm caused by additional exposure
                Under the conditions of normal operation of sources of ionizing radiation, the limits of exposure doses during the year are set based on the following values ​​of individual lifetime risk:
                - for personnel - 1,0x10(-3);
                - for the population - 5,0x10 (-5).

                In other words, the state considers it normal if 1 out of every 1000 employees of the nuclear industry and 5 out of every 100 citizens who are not employed in the nuclear industry die from exposure to radiation. But millions of people (including you) enjoy the benefits of civilization throughout their lives. And you left your comment solely due to the fact that you have electricity. So do not frighten the people for how much in vain ...
                1. -1
                  11 August 2022 23: 31
                  You've overestimated your numbers. They look like something only for the first 40 years of operation. And then the effect will be cumulative. Even in peacetime, each new nuclear power facility adds its hundredth of a percent to the likelihood of a man-made disaster. Now think about how many percent each old object adds. Zaporizhzhya NPP, due to its extremely high capacity, concentrated in one place, immediately adds one and a half to two percent. And, it's a new object. Guess from the first time how much the old object adds? .. Let me remind you that just one catastrophe at a large nuclear power plant is enough and life in Europe will become very uncomfortable and problematic.
                  And that is not all. The operation of nuclear power plants generates radioactive waste, the half-life of which is measured in tens of thousands of years. They are hidden far underground or stored on the surface, for example, in a state buried in the ground. In the first case, this is a one-time operation - it is no longer possible to get something that develops somewhere deep from there. And there are more and more such "warehouses" in the earth, and they are not always made far from seismically safe places. Now think about what might happen when another state decides to play a "small" nuclear war underground, eventually creating a seismic hazard where it has never existed before. From above, you can dig a square kilometer of earth three to five meters thick in the event of the destruction of containers with waste, load it onto a dry cargo ship and drown it in the ocean, then write many books about why whales are thrown ashore, and how this is connected with the magnetic lines of the Earth and ancient legends and calmly depart to the other world on their own, leaving the children a solid state, but only their own. That's what Europe did, and that's what America did. I'm sure they still do it. But, with underground waste, this will not work. What is hidden deeper will one day stink with renewed vigor, because serious tectonic phenomena on the surface of the Earth occur much more often than once every hundred years. In total, for the half-life period, during which radioactivity decreases only by half, but remains several thousand times greater than the maximum allowable even for a short period of exposure of minutes, and not centuries and millennia, ... during this period, the occurrence of one of the major accidents at nuclear power facility increases in proportion to the square of the number of such facilities. Over time, more and more new underground storages will be opened, but no one will close the old ones and never until their sources dry up, and this will not happen very soon, about 100 years after the last of them stopped being used.
                  With waste stored on the surface of the earth, another problem is that they are relatively easily accessible to external influences unforeseen by technology. If you think that all waste containers are designed for a direct hit even by a gun projectile, you are greatly mistaken. But what if the "temporary" storage at the station is bombed with land mines or even tactical missile weapons? ... Right now, the U.K.R.s decided to try to find out. They might even succeed. Remember what efforts and sacrifices the Chernobyl accident was localized? They were just flowers.
                  And here I have a question for you. Do you really think that the numbers you posted will reflect the state of affairs in the future? …
                  Let me give you a hint, what you wrote today, to put it mildly, is not true.
                  1. +2
                    12 August 2022 05: 59
                    Quote: Corrosion_Inhibitor
                    why do whales wash up on shore

                    A cleaner worked for us, she said that her head hurts from radiation (radon) and the flies die from her in the fall.
                    Quote: Corrosion_Inhibitor
                    Do you really think that the numbers you posted will reflect the state of affairs in the future?

                    Naturally - during normal operation of a nuclear power plant, this is statistics. In case of an accident, there will be more victims, but not so much that the harm from the operation of the nuclear power plant exceeded the benefits from its operation, accidents have happened and their consequences are well described - you need to know where to get information. Germany closed its nuclear power plants because of radiophobes like you, this reduced its competitiveness and now, in the absence of gas from the Russian Federation, they will reopen coal-fired power plants. The volume of your comment is amazing, but there is nothing to take from it, alas.
                    1. -2
                      12 August 2022 09: 55
                      You are still very far from the truth. And the cheap manipulation of the concept "the cleaning lady worked and spoke" in conjunction with the term "statistics" does not compensate for this in any way.
                      If I were you, I'd do the math. I gave you the basic initial data, moreover, in a very simple form. Nuclear power plants operate not according to the instructions of officials and the desire of politicians, but according to the calculations of engineers. But you don't seem to be an engineer. And they never lived up to that title. Otherwise, you are worse than the herds of downs and half-educated people that the current system of "education" breeds in abundance today, practically all over the world ... because then you are not mistaken, you deliberately ignore the obvious and distort reality in front of an audience. In this case, you are not an engineer either, if you know the history of the emergence of this concept, as well as the story of who put on a tuxedo for the first time in the world, a suit that indicates status in society and occupation. Initially, he had precisely this non-primary purpose. Minor, but no less important. How this costume came about, you should also read.
                      By the way, who was the first to put on a tuxedo - the aristocracy, bandits, traders, politicians, someone else? Trick question.
                      1. +1
                        12 August 2022 10: 13
                        Quote: Corrosion_Inhibitor
                        not an engineer. And they never lived up to that title. Otherwise, you are worse than herds of downs and dropouts.

                        You never said which academies you graduated from wink
                        Insults are the arguments of the wrong (c)

                        Have a nice day hi
          2. +1
            11 August 2022 21: 08
            They write to you that you still need to fly somehow before landing.
            1. -1
              11 August 2022 23: 36
              And I write to them that the BTA will not fly at the forefront. Tactical and long-range aviation will fly at the forefront. What she will do, I have already written. Intelligence of all types, including undercover intelligence, will go before them. One or two successful penetrations into the Ukrainian front line of the ground forces of the Russian Federation, and an amphibious landing will be a further logical continuation and development of what has been achieved. Chaos in the rear, which will arise later, will lead to the breaking of the defense line along the entire Ukrainian front within the range of tactical missile weapons.
              Here's what they can do with them soon. It is only necessary to remove the hypocritical Sun Tzu from the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces and return the Suvorovs and Kutuzovs there. And things will work out.
              1. 0
                11 August 2022 23: 43
                Aviation does not fly into the depths of Ukrainian territory at all, because several missiles are not immediately fired from the side of sleeping Buk and S-300.
                They receive accurate data from NATO's AWACS system, which effectively classifies all of our aircraft and missiles.
                And this is a huge advantage for Ukrainian air defense and aviation.
                And unfortunately it's time to admit that our aviation will no longer be used at all in the near future.
                Since Ukraine will be saturated with modern NASAMS air defense systems and probably "Patriot".
                And this completely eliminates the advantage of Russia even in front-line aviation and missiles.
                1. -2
                  12 August 2022 00: 05
                  You would be right if it was about the skirmishes that are going on now, and not about the operation of the level of interspecies connection. There, the preparation is different and the means too. Breaking through the defense - have you heard such a term? At first glance, it sounds stupid, but in fact ... In general, time will tell. In war, the inevitable always becomes real, either on one side or the other.
                  1. 0
                    12 August 2022 02: 38
                    Let's give a link to an explanatory article that really describes the state of affairs:
                    Aviation will probably not be used at all.
                    Firstly, we do not have such ammunition as JDAM and AGM-158 so that tactical aircraft can strike from afar outside enemy air defense zones;
                    Secondly, the loss of aircraft equipment goes by about 7-8 dozen and there is nothing to make up for them;
                    Thirdly, we lost an entire air regiment together with the base in Saki;
                    Fourthly, from "Alligators" and "Rooks" in the front line, the effectiveness is not much higher than from MLRS and artillery;
                    Fifthly, many planes and helicopters of which we have so little mercilessly fly almost every day for six months, developing a resource that is usually about 1000 hours for engines.

                    So nothing can be done without a numerical increase in infantry.
                    And further delay will lead to an increase in Western deliveries of operational-tactical missiles and aircraft to Ukraine, with which it will be able to strike at neighboring Russian regions.
                    1. -2
                      12 August 2022 07: 48
                      Lost 70-80 aircraft? now it’s precisely they strike from aircraft without entering the air defense
                    2. -2
                      12 August 2022 09: 36
                      Aviation will probably not be used at all.

                      The way you write is not possible. You are either a provocateur or an amateur, even for the local public.
                      Nevertheless, I thank you for the link and the desire to explain everything logically. If the miracle you indicated happens, for the first time in the history of wars, and the army goes on the offensive without air support, then I will read your article.
                      And today I can only joke about the fact that maybe artillery will also not be needed, right? ))).. I suppose, and in this case there is a "sensible" article on some site, for boobies and dupes. On the Internet, after all, they don’t write anything today, right?
                      1. 0
                        12 August 2022 17: 52
                        As Ukraine becomes saturated with OTRK with a range of 300 km, they will be able to bring in our rear and airfields on the territory of Russia.
                        As in the Crimea, they have already taken it out.
                        And this means that army aviation such as "Alligators" and "Rooks" will have to be moved further from the border, which will greatly reduce its radius of action.
                        1. -1
                          12 August 2022 19: 39
                          You are a dreamer, dreaming is not harmful. tongue
                          The ultimate price in war is not technology, but unrequited civilians. It has always been, it is now, and it will continue until the end of time.
                          Now the war for Russia is a very troublesome business. Because the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation protect everything that can be saved, and everyone who can. For now, we are allowed such a luxury, because the army of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is cannon fodder, a herd of degenerate fathers who do not remember - they do not know what they are fighting for, and against whom they do not understand. Plus, they have a full paragraph with technology. For starters, it is disposable, and this is already enough not to worry about what NATO will put on Ukraine.
                          Let's say it will be according to you - Ukraine will arm itself, and Russia will wait until Ukraine is finished. Suppose such an extremely unrealistic scenario came into force and Ukraine armed itself.
                          Do you know what will change then?
                          Only one circumstance - the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will no longer protect civilians. In general, no one will be protected. Nobody and nothing. And everything will start not in the east of Ukraine, but in the West, where there are the most European degenerates and where the supply routes pass. In Ukraine, no one has yet created problems for people, except for the illegal Ukrainian authorities themselves, no one has done this. That is why she is able to call on someone else, and this someone has a place to sleep, what to drink and what to eat. Too bad, but there is. But what if everything suddenly changes in one single day? ..
                          It may be a completely different scenario. The Russian Armed Forces can tell the civilian population of Ukraine what to do, where to be at a particular moment in time, so as not to fall under total destruction, for example, under carpet bombing, or under a massive missile strike. And then, either they will be there and survive, or they will perish overnight from a strike on the city of such power, which until now has been shown only in the form of special effects in American disaster films ... A couple of such lessons of courage from Russia will overturn any defense, destroy any power in Ukraine, even the one supported and produced by the entire West, including the US with its printing press.
                          It will be as usual on the front line, but in the rear there will be a fiery nightmare, a black hell in broad daylight, which people have not seen for a very long time, they have forgotten because what a real war is when it is no longer possible to save anyone and nothing. Everyone will run away: both the military and non-military, and the Ukr.s and the American Euroids too - all skipping and very quickly. As they say, Moscow, Voronezh - you will catch up with hell! But, many will be caught by the Ukrainians themselves, who are now waiting for a “bloodless” release, but, in the end, they won’t wait, and they won’t run abroad. They will kill you all there, together with the Nazis, with the nationalists, with the "military" of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with foreign advisers and other rabble.
                          Ukrainian government will change very quickly after that, and then it will change again, and again. There is no one to conclude peace with Russia now and there will be no one later, as a result, the country will collapse completely, and its territory will be pulled apart by the “civilized” countries of Europe. How dogs tear a rag, purely for fun ...
                          Nothing will change from the beginning of the NWO to its end.what President Putin spoke about, except for one thing - Ukrainian cities and the Ukrainian population may become completely unnecessary for the Russian Federation. The reason why this might happen is important. For example, the prosperity of Nazism in a certain area may be the reason for the decision to make a total cleansing with a curfew later, and all the other "magnificence" of measures of influence, too.
                          But there is another reason - Ukraine may become too armed. When that day comes, it's better to run away from Ukraine, wherever your eyes look, indiscriminately. If you suddenly have to crap one's pants on the go, don't even dare to stop to wipe yourself until you are so far away that Ukraine can only be seen on the World map and on TV news.
                          Otherwise, if you don’t have time to slip through, disappear with the rest of the fools ... either in the trenches from a land mine that will fly right into the crown of the head, or in a room with walls that will collapse in one moment and become your common grave, if before that you are not torn to pieces by an incoming right into the window of the WTO ammunition.
                          This is what will happen if everything goes as you write and Ukraine to arm. Do not hope for other options - all trains have long gone. You only have the last option left there - that Zelek will live to the end of the NWO and run away at the very end if he remains alive. Maybe you'll survive then.
                          And Western “help”, prepared for suckers, is better to bypass and stay away. Such are the things.
      2. +2
        11 August 2022 19: 42
        Alas, but this is too fantastic a scenario in the current situation. But what to hide - I really want it to be so.
      3. +5
        11 August 2022 20: 54
        Quote: Corrosion_Inhibitor
        All this can turn into a large-scale landing operation in the rear of the Ukrainians. I would advise not to spare anyone there and not to take prisoners. Dogs - dog death, and ukrodebilam - let it be ukrodebilny ... from flamethrowers, napalm, phosphorus bombs. Even from "Bird cherry" let them die ... WMD is forbidden to use, but this is not an OPM and nothing was said about the concentration, Let the APU hide in buildings behind civilians, and let our engineering troops be very principled and adamant. Let civilians be taken out or dragged away, those who cannot go, and the rest are poisoned to the end. In general, take no prisoners. Debilizm and unscrupulousness should be punished on the battlefield too. So the case turned up.
        That's when the very security perimeter will arise, on which the fuckers from the UN want to breed us.

        Answer who will plan this landing of yours. The same generals who planned the SVO?
        I beg you, as the Jews say. Then you can immediately put an end to it. It is the 169th day of the war, and we are as far from the declared goals as Moscow is from Paris.
        1. 0
          12 August 2022 00: 09
          I do not share your pessimistic pathos, but there is some truth in your words - it may be too early to plan such a thing. I wonder if Colonel Ratnikov is still alive or not...
    12. +8
      11 August 2022 19: 27
      There have been more than one strikes against Crimea, strikes against the territory of the Russian Federation every day, and now they are hammering at nuclear power plants.
      Then they send an atomic bomb, and we write a note of protest?
      This is already idiotic.
    13. 0
      11 August 2022 19: 27
      The leadership of the Russian Federation still does not understand that they are dealing with crazy people.

      PS Holy saints, if it blows, then it will not reach the Black Earth region!
      1. -1
        12 August 2022 07: 50
        Kuban will not hook?
    14. +2
      11 August 2022 19: 33
      What the Ukrainian Nazis are doing causes only one desire: they should go to the end. If we leave a small part of these idiots, then they will multiply again, and we will again have problems - worse and worse. In order to deal with them, no normal human actions, as some suggest, will help - no negotiations, truces are no longer relevant. We have crossed the line beyond which there is nothing left but to crush the Nazi vermin to the end.
    15. +6
      11 August 2022 19: 35
      This is how verbiage about strikes on decision centers devalues ​​these statements. No one on the edge is afraid of any blows. They simply won't. At least once for the shelling of Donetsk or the shelling of the Kursk or Belgorod region they would have tumbled into some significant object in Kyiv, now the Ukrainians would think. Ay, leaders of the NWO, wake up !!!
      1. 0
        11 August 2022 21: 41
        In normally designed operations, this is usually the starting point.
    16. +1
      11 August 2022 19: 37
      The Armed Forces of Ukraine are deliberately aiming at the nuclear waste storage facility at the Zaporozhye NPP.
      Fascism, both in 1945 and in 2022, before its death, tried to take more human lives with it to the grave, Europe does not understand this, or rather does not want to, or it is also brewing on its territory, as in Ukraine. Whatever it was, but neo-Nazism is evident.
      1. +1
        11 August 2022 20: 29
        Quote: tihonmarine
        Europe does not understand this, or rather does not want to, or on its territory is also brewing, as in Ukraine.

        Do they really think that they will not reach them? Or no one to explain what a dirty bomb is? And I agree, take out all the inhabitants of their nearby settlements and mix with the earth all the ghouls that are there.
    17. +2
      11 August 2022 19: 51
      it's time to demolish the hydra in Ukraine's head! the power of the elite of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the commanders, etc., etc., was watered!
    18. +1
      11 August 2022 19: 53
      Hospade, send the Dagger to Cocainissimus and his general addicts already. Or we will really suffer.
      Or launch an offensive against Nikopol and Manganets.
    19. +2
      11 August 2022 19: 59
      that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are deliberately targeting the nuclear waste storage facility at the Zaporozhye NPP.
      So the West must be warned that they will bear the responsibility.
      And "responsibility" is YARS in London.
      "London goodbye!" will be called.
    20. +3
      11 August 2022 20: 08
      Terrorist state throughout
      beauty. They want to win with one blow. If the nuclear power plant really explodes, it will no longer be up to the NWO. If that's not a red line, I don't know what is.
      1. +1
        11 August 2022 20: 35
        Europe and the United States will swear around the Russian Federation, I have no doubt! they don’t care that there in Ukraine they are waging war by proxy and who leads Ukraine and follow orders, they think that they were taken to the elite club of the rulers of the world! so that the Russian Federation has one way out to destroy everything and everything in Ukraine for good!
    21. +3
      11 August 2022 20: 26
      Our "partners" have become bolder, they have ceased to be afraid at all, they have accustomed them to impunity, and this is the result. Reality has shown all our weaknesses, trite, but we were not ready for war and we must recognize this reality. One gets the feeling that the military-political leadership does not have clear plans, statements differ from deeds, and this sooner or later leads to confusion and vacillation in society
      1. 0
        11 August 2022 20: 32
        And how much it is realistic to take out radioactive waste from the storage facilities, they probably accumulated there immeasurably.
        1. 0
          11 August 2022 20: 35
          Then they will rush Rivne or Khmelnitsky ... these are monkeys with a grenade stoned with coke
          1. 0
            11 August 2022 20: 43
            Quote: impostor
            Then they will rush Rivne or Khmelnitsky ... these are monkeys with a grenade stoned with coke

            These won't rip. Well this is Western Ukraine. That's where Europe will not let them take off.
            1. +1
              11 August 2022 20: 45
              Mattresses don’t care, they are behind a puddle, if the Jews turn into a radioactive dump, the amas will not be upset, or maybe they want it, besides, they (Eurozone workers) will not get sour from the Zaporizhzhya NPP in a day with a good wind
    22. The comment was deleted.
    23. 0
      11 August 2022 20: 46
      When they planned the NWO, it was necessary to foresee .... What could be. Didn't the "creative" military realize that they would be accused of the monstrous consequences of the defeat of the FORA nuclear power plant?

      And the statement of the authorities of Zaporozhye with a threat to stop the supply of electricity to Ukraine because of the shelling, this is generally a theater of absurdity.
    24. +7
      11 August 2022 21: 24
      Of course, the RF Armed Forces know better. There is a headquarters and so on. People have education and experience. But for some reason it seems to me that in the situation with the Zaporizhzhya NPP, any agreements with partners should be put aside and an ultimatum should be delivered to the EU and Kyiv - 48 hours to move any strike weapons away from the Zaporizhzhya NPP, otherwise Kyiv and Lvov will be hit by tactical nuclear weapons . If after 24 hours convincing evidence of the withdrawal of weapons is not presented, launch a massive missile attack on the center of the capital of territory 404 with a conventional missile defense system. Everything. But these preludes in this situation - no matter what happens. Yes, it's all over, folks.
    25. +5
      11 August 2022 21: 47
      Ukrainian troops are going to provoke a "dirty bomb" explosion.

      This is the USA, and these sheep are happy to try ...
    26. -1
      11 August 2022 21: 57
      We certainly understand that the ZAS is shelling Ukraine, only the Western media present the information differently, or vaguely. If the storage facilities are destroyed for the population of Western countries, the Western media will blame Russia. Only Krivoy Rog and Zaporizhia can change the situation, or at least significantly reduce the danger of destruction of the station and shift the responsibility for it to Russia. Ukraine needs the ongoing shelling of ZAS to prevent high-ranking IAEA and UN officials from arriving at ZAS who wanted to appear there.
    27. 0
      11 August 2022 22: 09
      The UN, God forgive me, it’s not clear with whom to go to bed and with whom he sleeps, in a way a woman is smart, but in fact a fool is a fool
    28. +1
      11 August 2022 22: 12
      1. I wonder how many bombs are needed to cover Kyiv?
      2. And is it difficult to perform?
      3. And what should happen during the Russo-Ukrainian war for such an order to be given?
    29. GNM
      11 August 2022 22: 35
      Live: UN Security Council meeting on ZNPP
    30. +6
      11 August 2022 22: 59
      With these shelling they want to squeeze the Russians out of the nuclear power plant. Like leave - and the shelling will stop. And all these UNs, the IAEA is on their side, i.e. on the side of the United States, they put pressure on us.
      And we are acting like suckers, crying out to the whole world - "Good people! Yes, this is being done! Why, it can bang!" And they laugh and shoot.
      It is high time to learn that there are no good people there. And it's time for us to take off our white gloves and fight, fight like that. Do you want to blow up your nuclear power plant? Satan will help you.
    31. 0
      11 August 2022 23: 48
      Today, mother asked when solving a crossword puzzle what is a submachine gun? I say weapons, they don’t fit, I don’t really know what I think there, well, they didn’t take the random name of one of the heaps of existing PPs? I looked at the answer, they took it. laughing
      1. 0
        12 August 2022 01: 08
        Stan, let's go... laughing
        1. 0
          12 August 2022 21: 42
          There in the answers "Heather".
    32. 0
      12 August 2022 00: 51
      There is only one solution - a direct threat of nuclear contamination for apricots, or a couple of their bul-bool carriers. All firing will stop immediately.
    33. 0
      12 August 2022 01: 06
      Quote: Corrosion_Inhibitor
      Chaos in the rear that will arise later

      They already hoped for chaos in February-March.
    34. 0
      12 August 2022 01: 13
      500 kt to the suburbs of Kyiv if they so want Chernobyl 2nd for themselves
    35. 0
      12 August 2022 02: 22
      Quote: Watchdog
      e. But these preludes in this situation - no matter what happens. Yes, it's all over, folks.

      Not all. Everything can still happen. The options are varied.
      For example, the need to stop the NWO and sign a peace treaty due to an emergency situation due to the contamination of large areas. And - carrying out measures to eliminate the consequences at the expense of the Russian Federation, of course.
      1. 0
        12 August 2022 13: 34
        Quote: ivan2022
        carrying out measures to eliminate the consequences at the expense of the Russian Federation

        Don't plan anything.
        No one will hold "events" because it will be the "end of history".
    36. -1
      12 August 2022 04: 25
      Stop waving your finger, warn Kharkiv, Odessa, Lvov, Kyiv that after tomorrow nuclear bombs will fly, well, at least vacuum bombs, there are Poseidons in decision-making centers, but this is too much. there will be nothing left from the states, it will not withstand a 100 megaton torpedo and the submarine carries 8, it looks like we want to split the earth, we got this greenery, to shove it to the front line, a clown.
    37. -1
      12 August 2022 10: 37
      And what, the waste cannot be taken out to another nuclear power plant? They seem to be in containers. Apparently, they won’t calm down there for a long time, the United States seized on this topic as a trump card and will not get down until the relevance is gone. The reactors themselves are well protected (there are monolithic walls of 3,8 meters and 1,3 meters thick made of heavy-duty concrete with cut reinforcement instead of crushed stone), but the waste is the weakest point.
    38. 0
      12 August 2022 11: 24
      Against units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine firing at the Zaporozhye NPP, methods should be used that ensure guaranteed destruction. Up to tactical nuclear weapons. In any case, it will be much more humane than allowing the enemy to carry out a nuclear catastrophe comparable to several Chernobyls.
    39. 0
      12 August 2022 12: 45
      They detonate a nuclear bomb on our territory, and we? Correctly. We observe: what an interesting experiment, and how will it end, what will be the result?
    40. 0
      12 August 2022 14: 43
      Russia should warn the Europeans that if the Ukrainians arrange a nuclear disaster at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, the same fate awaits one of the nuclear power plants on the territory of the European Union. The West will not understand otherwise.
      1. 0
        12 August 2022 16: 36
        Bad plan. A nuclear catastrophe using the ZaNPP is unacceptable for us. A good alternative to such a plan is to surrender (although it is clear that they will not be fed in captivity).
    41. 0
      13 August 2022 18: 24
      I have a premonition that the RF Ministry of Defense will make another "goodwill gesture" and give up the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, by analogy with Zmein.

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