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Russian TSAMTO turned out to be a scam

Russian TSAMTO turned out to be a scamFloor, finger, ceiling - these are three reliable sources of predictive information for the analysis center of world trade. weapons.

With the abbreviation TSAMTO, an inexperienced citizen of our country may feel that this center is a huge multi-storey building made of glass, steel and concrete. On each floor, hundreds of highly qualified personnel monitor the situation on the world arms markets in real-time and give well-grounded forecasts of the further development of the situation in the field of military-technical cooperation (MTC). However, in reality there is no building. The number of employees - one full-time unit. The office is registered at the address of either a swimming pool or a kindergarten. Near whether the bakery, or auto repair. Authorized capital - 10 thousand rubles. Self-appointed director - Igor Korotchenko. In their work, these unique weapons "Horns and hoofs" use only secondary information. Representatives of the domestic expert community have repeatedly drawn attention to the lightness and inaccuracy of the forecasts of TSAMTO, sucked out of three "P". Our story is only about one of the last punctures of this center.

To begin, pay attention to the "Moskovsky Komsomolets" № 26050 from 25 September 2012 of the year. A newspaper correspondent asks the director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST) Ruslan Pukhov (we give the question and answer in full):

- Usually they say that Russia consistently ranks second in the world in arms sales after the United States. How long are we able to hold on to these positions? Which market segments are losing, which ones are increasing? Which regions of the world and countries are turning away from us, and which we still hold in the field of our influence?

- Russia's stable second place in arms exports is an old and very tenacious myth. Since there are not so many reasons for national pride, it is strongly supported. In fact, with the exception of literally a couple of years, we have always been ahead of the UK, which, on average, exports weapons to 8 billion pounds per year, that is, depending on the exchange rate, it is somewhere 13 – 15 billion dollars. Our exports last year are 13,2 billion dollars. So in the last seven or eight years, we have often been the bronze medalist. And at the beginning of the 2000s, Russia was ahead of the French as well. Then they had a period of extremely low sales and we were ahead of France. However, with the 2008, the French are gradually increasing their sales, and when deliveries under contracts, such as naval systems to Brazil and India, begin, Paris will return its third place. The Israelis are stepping up on our heels as well, which are already reaching sales in 10 billions of dollars.

As for our bestsellers, these are Su-30 fighters, air defense systems, non-nuclear submarines, and to a lesser extent Tanks T-90S. Combat helicopters and airborne helicopters are selling excellently; sales of training equipment have been growing rapidly lately. But from the losses, I would first of all note our forced withdrawal from the military transport segment aviation.

If we talk about markets, then for the foreseeable future, India will remain the largest buyer of Russian weapons, with which work is being conducted on a long-term basis within the framework of ten-year programs. Although competition in this market is intensifying. The Indians themselves are gradually going into the niche of expensive high-tech weapons, where we are weaker than the Americans and Europeans, but there will still be a place for Russian products there.

We have a very good friendly and comfortable relationship with Vietnam. At the beginning of the 2000s, the Vietnamese bought in Russia only 100 million dollars of weapons each year, now annual purchases exceed a billion.

The Arab revolutions have a very mixed effect on us. It is believed that as a result of them, we lost the Libyan market and are now forced to stop deliveries to Syria. But on the other hand, Western intervention in Libya spurred Algerian purchases, which seem to have already compensated for lost Libyan demand. And in Libya itself is not so clear. It’s not at all true that as the situation stabilizes, the new authorities will completely reorient themselves towards Western sources of weapons.

In the same Iraq, we already see that the Shiite government pursues a much more independent military-technical policy from Washington than could have been expected. Hopefully, there are still pleasant surprises waiting for us.

But the truly major catastrophe in the MTC system in recent years has been Russia's accession to the embargo against Iran. As Talleyrand once said, the French foreign minister of Napoleon’s time, is worse than a crime, it’s a mistake.

Let us pay attention to the assessment of the prospects of military-technical cooperation with Iraq by the director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies Ruslan Pukhov: “I hope that pleasant surprises await us here.”

Of course, Igor Korotchenko, the self-appointed director of TSAMTO, got out right away with his forecasts in one of the news agencies and online editions. Here is what he literally said about this, commenting on media reports that in the coming years, Baghdad could buy weapons and military equipment worth 4,3 billion dollars from Russia:

“The US will block any large purchases of Russian weapons by Iraq. Over the past four years - from 2008 to 2011 - Russia has sold weapons to Iraq worth 246 million dollars, mostly helicopters. At the same time over the same period, the actual supply of weapons and military equipment of American production amounted to 6,56 billion dollars. For the period of 2012 – 2015, Russia has no weapons contracts at all.

Based on these data, we can say that the United States fully controls the policy of Baghdad in the field of arms procurement. Expecting that this trend will be changed and Russia will get contracts worth 4,3 billion dollars is unrealistic. The United States will block the conclusion of such contracts. Russia has certain opportunities to increase arms exports to Iraq. However, this is most likely possible only in the nomenclature of the Mi-17 type helicopter and its maintenance. As for the projected Iraq’s procurement of Mi-28HE impact drums and MiG-29М / М2 fighters, this seems completely unrealistic given the dominance of American aircraft in this segment. ”

That is, the self-appointed head of TSAMTO extremely negatively assessed the prospects for military-technical cooperation with Iraq.

However, at that time, informed sources warned that it was planned to conclude contracts for the sale to Iraq of MiG-29М / М2 fighters, armored vehicles, air defense systems (namely, 42 combat vehicles of the Pantsir-C1 complex), and 30 combat helicopters Mi -28HE. At the same time, Iraq will actually become the launch customer for the Mi-28HE. The first package, rightly assumed in the expert community, will include “Armor-С1” and Mi-28НЭ.

And that's what is called news under the heading "at the last hour." Last week during the visit and. about. Iraqi Defense Minister to Moscow, the governments of the two countries agreed on the purchase by Iraq of Russian weapons and military equipment. Moscow will supply Baghdad weapons and military equipment worth 4,3 billion dollars. Such a treaty is signed for the first time since the American invasion of Iraq.

On the issue of restoring arms purchases, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki met in the spring and summer of this year. Even then, real experts predicted that in October, during the visit of the Iraqi delegation to Moscow, a major contract would be signed. This is what happened. The meeting between Dmitry Medvedev and Nuri al-Maliki, which ended in a series of negotiations on the supply of weapons and military equipment, was held last week.

The signed contracts deal with the delivery of 42 gun-missile anti-aircraft systems "Pantsir-1" and 30 helicopters MI-28HE. According to the deputy director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies Konstantin Makienko, Russia also plans to negotiate with Iraq about the sale of MiG-29М / М2 fighter jets and armored vehicles.

The signing of one of the largest contracts in the field of military-technical cooperation for all the latest history Russia and Iraq, where the US troops are still located, explained Pukhov by three factors.

“Firstly, it is obvious that the US influence on Iraq is too exaggerated. The Shiite government of this country is beginning to pursue an increasingly independent policy from Washington, looking increasingly towards Iran, ”said the expert. The second important factor he called the personal contribution of the former head of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation MTS Mikhail Dmitriev, who, as director, repeatedly stated that “you shouldn't give up” and “you need to continue working with Iraq”. In addition, Pukhov noted, over the past 10 – 13 years, Russian arms exports have found tremendous support from the Kremlin. “In such a sensitive area as the military-technical cooperation sphere, the political support of gunsmiths from the country's leadership is very important, and they have received it and are getting it so far,” the head of the TsAST said.

According to forecasts of the publisher of the magazine “Arms Export” Ruslan Pukhov, Russia, India, Vietnam and Libya will be strategic buyers of military equipment and weapons in the near future. And although the revolutions in the countries of North Africa and the Middle East negatively significantly reduced the demand for Russian weapons, yet Russia’s accession to the embargo against Iran was a real catastrophe.

Let's return to TSAMTO. As we see, the forecast made by its leader does not correspond to the real state of affairs in the vast majority of positions. And no wonder, if we turn to the personality of the self-appointed director of this office, Igor Korotchenko. He has education in the volume of a provincial military school (he never studied anywhere else), served in insignificant officer positions in the Armed Forces for all 12 years (did not command either a platoon or a company, and was dismissed from the army as a lieutenant colonel in an extremely disgraceful article), OPK has not.

Therefore, one can only be surprised at the positions of representatives of some TV channels, news agencies and online publications, publishing extensive forecasts and comments by the self-appointed head of TSAMTO. All this is sucked from the finger. TSAMTO does not have its own and exclusive sources of information; it does not receive any reports from its agents, supposedly rooted all over the world, so all forecasts, assessments and comments of TSAMTO are nothing more than the opinion of a single person. And such experts with a net in their hands on an area of ​​three stations can catch an entire tank in an hour. But the value of their statements and forecasts, this must always be remembered, will be no more than twenty kopecks per bundle.

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  1. TRex
    TRex 17 October 2012 06: 42
    Who are all these experts - Korotchenko, Pukhov and other camarilla? What kind of "Institutes", "Centers" and so on, and so on ... You look at the TV box - some crooks, like ... I so repent ...
    1. Varnaga
      Varnaga 17 October 2012 07: 50
      The answer is simple. The chairman of the editorial board of Vpk-news-Igor Ashurbeyli, who, according to the full program, is urinated by Igor Korotchenko. A. at one time was the director of the Almaz-Antey concern, regularly doing various frauds, while the same Korotchenko wrote in detail about a number of them.
      1. nagual
        nagual 17 October 2012 11: 19
        Uh-huh. After the personnel reshuffle at Almaz-Antey, the "military-industrial courier" became ... kind of softer ... slightly oppositional. Especially in relation to Korotchenko personally, who in many respects pulls out from under the carpet what is behind Ashurbeyli's resignation. The fact that the National Defense magazine and the VPK newspaper have not gotten along for a long time is not news. Korotchenko even sued them (with "VPK"). I would be surprised if they wrote well about him wink
    2. mongoose
      mongoose 17 October 2012 09: 30
      Duc, I will continue a number of "specialists" Fomenko, Rezun, Dolboslavs
  2. andrei332809
    andrei332809 17 October 2012 06: 57
    "And who are the judges?"
  3. smel
    smel 17 October 2012 07: 00
    As long as zhurnalyugi will receive money for their own harmful writing for an hour, until they are punished for disseminating false information, nonsense of various agencies, institutes, centers, etc. will be claimed.
  4. Normal
    Normal 17 October 2012 07: 05
    When this "expert" said that the situation in the military-industrial complex is a derivative of the general situation in the country, it became clear who this expert was.
    Since then, Korotchenko appears here and there more and more often. With its active boltology, it reminds me of yet another "pisa casket" - Rogozin.
    1. bask
      bask 17 October 2012 07: 22
      Normal Yes, there are practically no experts. Russia should have one principle for arms export. The dog ((amerovskaya))) barks, and the caravan (((weapons)) goes And only where it is beneficial to us ..
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 17 October 2012 07: 27
      Quote: Normal
      With its active boltology, it reminds me of yet another "pisa casket" - Rogozin.

      I will register my "reputable expert" company and you will read here what was not and is not laughing It is time to add the word expert to the list of synonyms for the word LIAR. !!!
      1. bask
        bask 17 October 2012 07: 39
        I agree . The liar is it. But in the same, basket, it is necessary to add almost all POLITICIANS. Already those are so liars !!! Experts are resting ...
  5. sir.jonn
    sir.jonn 17 October 2012 07: 07
    Russia's participation in the arms embargo on Iran may not be a bad lever of pressure on aggressive neighbors and non-neighbors too.
  6. understudy
    understudy 17 October 2012 08: 28
    In order to have an idea of ​​the level of "expertise" of the same Korotchenko, it is enough to turn to his "combat" biography with a very primitive list of positions in military service. Here, at the Forum, the verbal delights of the person involved were discussed, dubious in competence. There is nothing new - a dummy, in time to hurry up in front of the authorities. Another "Mainejer", so to speak.

    Quote: sir.jonn
    Russia's participation in the arms embargo on Iran may not be a bad lever of pressure on aggressive neighbors and non-neighbors too.

    Explain how and why?
    1. Varnaga
      Varnaga 17 October 2012 08: 59
      Here, many poztreotiki fap on the general-adjutant of His Excellency Ivashov, a mego expert. From unfulfilled:
      On March 30, 2007, the vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical Sciences, Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov, added fuel to the fire, saying at a press conference in RIA Novosti that the Pentagon plans to launch a massive air strike on Iran's military infrastructure in the near future. "I have no doubts that there will be an operation, or rather an aggressive action against Iran," Ivashov said.

      IVASHOV: By the way, I propose a bet that in a few years Belarus will be independent. Negotiations will be held on accession ... Lukashenko, of course, will be removed from power, there is no doubt about that. Negotiations will be held on Belarus joining the European Union, and NATO is possible. If by that time we don’t reorganize or something ... do not become wiser, we will suffer.

      L. IVASHOV Just the statement that Iraq is ready to use weapons of mass destruction confirms my idea that nuclear weapons can be used by the USA and Israel
      And I spoke before the war, and already during the outbreak of the war I said that the use of nuclear weapons from the anti-Iraq coalition would be preceded by a provocation about an alleged chemical strike against the troops.
      25 March 2003 year

      report from ward number 9
      Says Leonid G. Ivashov, President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, retired Colonel General:
      - There were huge German settlements around Antarctica. And these were the real secret bases on the surface of the oceans, entire German garrisons - both in Latin America and on the islands closest to Antarctica. And of course, it is no longer a secret that the Germans, especially in the 45th year, actively exported valuable research workers and huge material assets exactly there, into the underground cavity, into the new Swabia.
      -In 1938, an agreement was signed between the NKVD and the SS on cooperation in this area. And already in the year 39, our intelligence, our scientists who worked in this area, in particular, our intelligence officer Savelyev, brought from Germany information that the Germans were closely engaged in the problems of civilization based on new principles, the problems of fundamentally new weapons and equipment in general .
      -We went there with the sole purpose of exploring the routes that the Germans went and determining whether Mr. Adolf Hitler was there or not. This task was set for our submarine. We went on German maps, but were attacked. First of all, the cruiser was attacked by incomprehensible technical means, which under water acted completely differently from the way submarines and submarines operate.
      - In 47, the Americans already took into account our experience. They captured 2 crews of the special convoy of the Fuhrer, received data on the possible flight of Hitler. And they equipped the expedition, creating a powerful squadron led by an aircraft carrier. There were guard ships, deep-sea vehicles, and a submarine. But - also received a crushing defeat. And in the personnel, and the aircraft carrier, in fact, was returning in a half-flooded state. And the Americans were completely unable to understand who was attacking them.

      Debriefing (One of many)
      Denis Mokrushchin
      1. Varnaga
        Varnaga 17 October 2012 09: 00
        Companions at the Academy of Universal Galactic Problems, consisting of 3 and a half onolitegoff.

        Vice President of the Russian Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Academician Araik Sargsyan.
        In order to divert public attention from its domestic political problems and dissatisfaction of citizens with the past elections to the State Duma, Russia is ready to provoke a war in Iran, Nagorno-Karabakh or Syria. As a REGNUM correspondent reports, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Academy of Geopolitical Problems, representative of the candidate for president of Russia Leonid Ivashev Araik Sargsyan stated this at a press conference on December 16 in Yerevan.

        Another debriefing of another hobbyist Mego-problems

        By the way, Ivashov’s experience, in addition to being on duty at the reception and providing domestic services, Ustinov has only the post of head of the Main Directorate of International Military Cooperation of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, is very outdated (1996-2001). No one recalls how international relations developed under Father Yeltsin? yes
    2. nagual
      nagual 17 October 2012 11: 33
      And what is wrong with the biography? He graduated from the Tambov Military Aviation Institute, the Academy. Frunze, He served in the TEH and in the 406th laboratory of the General Staff of the Air Force, reserve colonel. Do you have a cooler track record?
  7. mnegda783
    mnegda783 17 October 2012 10: 06
    AND WHY SO ???
    why do young girls show their bodies?
    probably they don’t think at all that they should still be mothers ...
    some even write that they can provide sex services ...
    found this on the site
  8. Cripple cross
    Cripple cross 17 October 2012 10: 22
    But in my opinion ... in general, the article does not carry any payload, so .... just chatter on a bench about a neighbor ....
    The author explain - did you want to ask a question about TSAMTO (which few people have heard about and few people are interested in), or did you want to speculate on foreign trade policy with weapons, or did you just pull out the statements from past articles? (by the way, I already read them).
    Author, what did you want to say?

    I see people here discuss anything in comments, but not your article.

    And your statement about Korotchenko
    and dismissed from the army with the rank of lieutenant colonel in an extremely shameful article

    I do not know Korotchenko and was not interested in him. But it seems that he is your very old acquaintance and lent you 1000 rubles to paycheck, but he’s not in a hurry to give it back and you decided to roll on him a dubious little article.

    I don’t care who is doing what in Horns and Hooves. But according to you, this office does not even deserve your little stuff on the site. Do not write more such nonsense))))