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Memory 69 apib through the eyes of a soldier

Leningrad Region, Siversky-2, regiment of fighter-bombers. Long. Autumn check, in my opinion.

The regiment is alarmed. Vanity, fuss - everything is familiar. The scout of the weather took off. So, there will be flights - to the landfill, to air combat and something else. They also explained that this is a test. That is, every pilot flies, every plane, every task is performed. The people ran. It is necessary "not to disgrace"! They worked from the heart - and the regiment knew how to really)

I served in the AFS (aerial photo service) regiment - like, "intelligence"). But we had to work with the films of "Phase", which stood on the RFC. Therefore, from time to time someone from our group was at the RFQ. From there and scooped information - from conversations of senior bosses and inspectors. They informed the head of the group, he was in the squadron and the regiment.

It seems that everything was in chocolate - the testers are satisfied so far.

Then someone from the group brought - the testers are not happy with the result, all is too good. Decide what to do ...

Leonas Shapis, who changed the “Phase” once again, told the following - the inspector looks at the next landing of the aircraft after completing the task and gives the “introduction” to the regiment commander - the pilot did not release the landing gear, your actions? The commander grabs the microphone, communicates with the launch command center, through him - with the pilot: Board ..., go to the second round, check the release of the chassis! ...

The verifier selects the microphone - wrong! If you have a squadron commander of the "carriers" forgets to release the chassis, you have one way out - shoot yourself!

In short, they wanted to "eat" our commander.

The regiment was one of the best in the Air Force. The former commander flew to Syria, it seems, an adviser. For him was the deputy. But someone wanted to see there "his". And under the p / p-ka Andrianov "dug." From the conversations of the pilots knew it all.

And now - the moment of truth. If the pilots bombed the ice at the mouth of the river near Arkhangelsk (if nothing messed up) without problems - the commander remains. Bargaining some, damn it!

The regiment prepared for the task. By the time I start. intelligence "gave way" to the regiment PDS. There we were preparing to take airplanes (you never know) with landing on the ice. Not on the river, of course, but in the ocean already - everything is closer than to the house. The whole regiment plowed like devils, however - as always on flights. And now - departure ...

It was the “carriers” that were bombed - from the principle, probably. All bombs went where necessary! Along the way, the civilians asked - and under the bridge you can?

The issue of prestige. The commander thought, and decided - you can. The same komeska is flying, to which the inspectors "got to the bottom".

The ice is split! The townspeople clapped their hands. I saw pictures from the US-45 - people are standing on the bridge and watching, morons! And bombs are flying under them ...

No problem, no incident.
I am proud to have served in the USSR Air Force!

Twice flew landing on the ice. Obviously, we only took (and laid) brake parachutes, but, citizens!, This is on the ice of the ocean!

As I remember, I told him so. God forbid the current Air Force to catch up with the Soviet on raid, on use, on respect!

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  1. crazyrom
    crazyrom 16 October 2012 21: 09
    Well done, you won’t defeat anyone!
    1. SenyaYa
      SenyaYa 16 October 2012 22: 24
      nothing to say ... be quiet
      1. s1н7т
        16 October 2012 23: 33
        What do you know about this to evaluate? Then no one could defeat us.
    2. d.gksueyjd
      d.gksueyjd 17 October 2012 00: 44
      "She remembered when she was a girl." how the USSR was drunk on drink, during this time EVERYTHING HAS BEEN Touched by the "DEMOCRATS"
  2. predator.2
    predator.2 23 October 2012 17: 58
    What kind of cars were in service with the regiment?
  3. воронов
    воронов 16 January 2013 01: 29
    I liked it cool !!!
  4. pilot8878
    pilot8878 23 July 2013 19: 09
    su-17, then su-24
  5. Pehmore
    Pehmore 2 October 2013 16: 14
    They went to serve, not to serve.