Saudi Albert Masmak armored carrier


At Africa Aerospace and Defense 19, held in 23 through 2012 in September in Pretoria (South Africa), South African company Industrial and Automotive Design (IAD) unveiled a new Nyoka Mk 2012 armored vehicle with a wheel formula 2хX4. It is noteworthy that this machine, also called Masmak, is the brainchild of the joint development of IAD and the Streit Group from Saudi Arabia.

Streit Group specializes in the manufacture and modernization of armored vehicles independently or in partnership with well-known manufacturers. The company has delivered more than 20 vehicles to customers, many of which served in Afghanistan and Iraq. Streit's growing order book includes the protection of personal vehicles, cash-in-transit cars, trucks, armored vehicles (AL-KASER, AL-MANSOUR, AL-NAIF and AL-FAISAL) for law enforcement and tactical paramilitary units. At the request of customers, the company makes reservations for mass-produced commercial vehicles, such as luxury sedans and SUVs.

Saudi Albert Masmak armored carrier

The joint venture between IAD and Streit, a motor vehicle manufacturer, means that both companies will be able to expand their production facilities and offer potential customers a wider range of commercial and paramilitary vehicles.

According to Muhammad al-Mutairi, President and CEO of the Saudi company: “There are several types of such vehicles on the market, but Al-Masmak offers a higher level of protection, as the car was developed on the basis of experience from military users and security companies deployed in war zones in Afghanistan and Iraq, Al-Masmak is a response to new ballistic threats and not only from standard 7.62x39 mm AK-47 rounds, but also 7.62x54 mm rounds from Russian Dragunov sniper rifles or 7.62x63 mm Russian ammunition. Al-Masmak is mainly intended for use as an armored personnel carrier for transporting personnel, but the vehicle can also be adapted for other purposes.With a maximum payload of 2000 kg, the machine is capable of serving as an armored personnel carrier, combat medical vehicle, command vehicle and armory platforms to a caliber of 25 mm. "Muhammad al-Mutairi added that three countries in the Middle East have already shown interest in this vehicle.

Construction and protection
Al-Masmak was created according to the standard scheme for an armored personnel carrier with a front engine, the crew is located in the middle and rear of the vehicle. The driver's and commander's seats are located in front of the armored personnel carrier. Eight fully armed fighters are located in the rear of the body, one is behind the driver, one in the tower, three on the left and right sides of the hull, and facing the sides of the car. The seats are equipped with full seat belts. Al-Masmak's body is a monoblock, which enhances its mine protection. Two large bulletproof front windows and four small slitted bulletproof windows on each side of the vehicle provide the same degree of protection as a steel hull. Troopers load and leave Al-Masmak through a double outward-opening door at the rear of the hull. There is also one hatch in the rear upper part of the troop compartment. The Al-Masmak 4x4 armored personnel carrier provides (tested in South Africa and Saudi Arabia) the level of mine protection 4A and 4B according to STANAG 4569 (double anti-tank mine or 14 kg of TNT under the hull, triple anti-tank or 21 kg of TNT under any wheel, 50 kg of TNT on distance of 5 meters from the vehicle) and all-round ballistic protection level 3 according to STANAG 4569 (7.62x54 mm @ 890 m/s and 7.62x63 mm @ 830 m/s). According to the developers, the armored personnel carrier is able to withstand fire from small arms with a caliber of 12.7 mm.

Al-Masmak is equipped with a modern fully protected turret mounted in the front upper part of the hull, armed with a 12.7 mm or 7.62 mm machine gun including a day/night sight, as well as 4 smoke grenade launchers mounted on the left side of the turret. The vehicle can also be armed with a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher or a remote-controlled turret with weapons up to 25 mm caliber. In addition, the vehicle has 12 loopholes for firing small arms.

Standard equipment Al-Masmak includes 48000 BTU air conditioning system, 2 exhaust ventilation port, central tire inflation system, satellite navigation system, radio communication, night driving, fire extinguishing system, siren, towing device and self-pulling winch.

Performance characteristics:
Length: 5.7 m
Width: 2.6 m
Height: 2.45 m
Crew: driver, commander and 9 soldiers, or driver and 10 soldiers, total 11 people
Weight: kg 13000 (15 tons indicated in some sources)
Load capacity: kg 2000 (maximum kg to 3000)
Engine: six cylinder, diesel
Engine power: HP 450 (can be installed engine power in 530 HP)
Power density: 39 (30) hp / t
Torque: 1695 nm at 2200 rpm
Cruising speed: 120 km / h
Maximum speed on the highway: 150 km / h
Acceleration time to 60 km / h: 10.5 seconds.
Ground clearance: 420 mm
Power reserve: 700 km (can be increased to 1200 km)
Gradeability: 70%, reversing 60%
Crossable ford: 1m
Country Developer: Saudi Arabia
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  1. +1
    October 16 2012
    A very interesting modular solution - either a spare wheel or a container, can be added. take fuel, and the spare wheel clearly helps not to sit on the belly. Like it or not - the chip of this particular armored car.
    1. +1
      October 16 2012
      The car is certainly beautiful and the characteristics are impressive. They are able to do the South African techniques must be recognized. Saudi there is only money, I think.
      I can not deny myself the pleasure of mocking about a baboon in a nightgown in the second photo. And how is it going to climb into bibika in this form?
      1. +1
        October 16 2012
        And how is it going to climb into bibika in this form?

        something like this he ride:
        C60 & playnext = 2
        1. orfo
          October 17 2012
          fool on the road, what about s. their nat. music.
    2. Lesorub
      October 16 2012
      see these chips in our BRDM-1 years of production at GAZ 1957-1966 ... lol
      1. 0
        October 16 2012
        I know about the BRDM, there’s something different, here it’s fresh in modularity - like it, like it like that.
  2. -2
    October 16 2012
    yes Russian "Bear" and not lying around. Machine Class!
  3. 0
    October 16 2012
    [media = http: // http: //]
  4. 0
    October 16 2012
    [media = http: // [media = http: // v = meDEkkN9fYo]]
  5. bask
    October 16 2012
    South Africa and South Rhodesia are the founders of the MRAP of mine protection. Why do officials from the Ministry of Defense buy This x .... yu Brys-iveko?. But they refuse to cooperate with private South African firms? Armored vehicles with mine protection designed for all countries Here are the latest technologies, take it for little money. Apparently South Africa does not give kickbacks!
    1. 0
      October 16 2012
      1. At the expense of kickbacks - maybe you are right. sad
      2. "Latest technologies" -IHMO Europeans and Americans are "cooler" in these matters, but your thought is not devoid of rationalism.
      3. Hurray, the patriots would just die ... laughing
  6. dred
    October 16 2012
    Quote: professor
    3. Cheers patriots would just die ..

    You are right, because saliva will still splash. If you look with a rational attitude, the car will do nothing. But the module with 25mm weapons looks ridiculous.
    1. 0
      October 16 2012
      From what? After all, this is not a tank in the end, and for an armored truck is not bad enough.
  7. +1
    October 16 2012
    I suppose white leather trimmed inside
  8. bask
    October 16 2012
    What is the Europeans cooler? When all BAE Systems MRI units are located in South Africa RG 31,32,34,35,41, Wushmaster. All this is the development of the engineers of the South Africa. Not just not bad, but great ...

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