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An enlarged SCO will significantly surpass the G7 not only in terms of population, but also in terms of GDP


After the start of the special operation in Ukraine, Western countries announced the isolation of Russia "from the whole world." Now the US has finally ruined relations with China. As a result of such actions, everything turned out quite the opposite. In case of expansion of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, created in 2001 by Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, the SCO will significantly surpass the G7 not only in terms of population, but also in terms of total GDP.

After the creation of the SCO, India and Pakistan have already joined the organization. Afghanistan, Belarus, Iran and Mongolia act as observers, while the partners of the organization are Azerbaijan, Armenia, Cambodia, Nepal, Turkey and Sri Lanka. Now ten more countries have announced their desire to become a member of the Shanghai Union: the United Arab Emirates, Syria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Myanmar, Cambodia, Nepal, as well as Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Most likely, the decision to expand the organization will be made at the next SCO summit, which will be held on September 15-16 in Samarkand. The event will be held at the highest level, the participating countries will be represented by heads of state. Admission of new members requires full consensus, so experts believe that not everyone who wants to join the SCO will quickly join the ranks. Most likely, the first participant will be the UAE, which asked to immediately grant them the status of a member of the SCO, bypassing the bureaucratic procedure. According to some reports, Azerbaijan and Armenia may receive the status of a member of the organization in the near future.

In fact, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is a political and economic association that acts as an alternative center for the union of third world countries as opposed to the pro-Western GXNUMX club, which includes Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Canada, France, Japan and the United States. Exactly those countries that today are trying with all their might to harm Russia and China, including putting pressure on other states around the world. So far, they are, to put it mildly, doing very poorly.

According to key economic indicators, the SCO countries already outperform the G7 members in terms of total GDP, which is $44 billion. After the expansion of the Shanghai Union, this figure may reach, according to experts, 437 billion dollars. While the total GDP of the G53 countries is currently $217 billion. Over the 7 years of its existence, the SCO has become the world's largest regional organization - now it covers three-fifths of Eurasia and almost half of the world's population.

The desire of most countries for independence from the dictates of the West, the formation of a multipolar world has already become an irreversible process. And the rapid expansion of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is another confirmation of this.
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  1. Arkady007
    Arkady007 5 August 2022 09: 15
    If only this SCO had the influence of the G7. So far, only a bunch of intentions and suggestions.
    1. IVZ
      IVZ 5 August 2022 09: 30
      There is no influence yet and there are few real deeds, but the very fact of creation speaks of a desire to compete, push, take new positions, etc., and also speaks of dissatisfaction with the status quo, which they are at least not afraid to express ..
    2. aszzz888
      aszzz888 5 August 2022 09: 35

      Arkady007 (Arkady)
      Today, 09: 15
      If this SCO had influence like G7.
      And it is possible from this place in more detail? And the second question - what "influence" does club collected by interest?
      1. Stils
        Stils 5 August 2022 09: 57
        First of all, a very serious financial impact. The GDP figures of the SCO countries mean little when these countries take into account dollars and euros and yen in their calculations. First you need to defeat G7 "on the battlefield". After that, there will be all the prospects for the yuan, the rupee and, alas, hardly the ruble. Here is the joint currency of the SCO, BRICS, this is already more interesting and this is a step towards superiority.
        1. Zhan
          Zhan 5 August 2022 14: 30
          First you need to defeat G7 "on the battlefield"

          With a competent approach, I think the G7 will very soon or lose influence altogether, which is unlikely. Rather, the G7 will have to come to terms with the new alignment of forces. Diktat G7 already got everyone. This does not mean that everyone will seek to destroy this economic bloc. Let's work together and honestly.
          After that, there will be all the prospects for the yuan, the rupee and, alas, hardly the ruble.

          Someone out there wanted to tear the Russian economy to shreds and prophesied the cost of $, 200 rubles for $. In practice, the situation is different.
          You underestimate our capabilities. And it’s not yet a fact that one currency will work, the new economic backlog can be multicurrency.
          And about the "step to dominance." I can say for sure that your steps as G7 have greatly undermined your credibility. And no one will allow the G7 to dominate alone ...
    3. Comandor777
      Comandor777 5 August 2022 10: 11
      After the victory of Russia in the NWO, the influence will increase many times over.
      1. Gorygor
        Gorygor 5 August 2022 14: 56
        To divide the skin of a bear, it is necessary for the bear to be killed and jump over it with the exclamation "Gop"
  2. barclay
    barclay 5 August 2022 09: 19
    The US is now finalо damaged relations with China.
    Rave! Far from a disaster in their relationship. They did everything so that "finally" nothing happened. Their trade turnover with each other is such that we never dreamed of - more than 700 billion dollars. And neither the US nor China wants to lose it.
  3. GNM
    GNM 5 August 2022 09: 21
    Gopnik-rekiter with his shobla ("Big Seven") zadolbali good honest people (SCO) and they decided to deal with them and make the world order "like people."
    Ukraine - fights of local importance.
  4. paul3390
    paul3390 5 August 2022 09: 22
    For the time being, there are no particularly useful things to be seen from this SCO ... What is the practical output from it for all these years, besides talking shops?
    1. Paladin
      Paladin 5 August 2022 11: 46
      What a practical exhaust from her ...

      Exhaust by definition cannot be useful, smelly yes. It is necessary to do the job, not sniff out exhausts hi
      1. The comment was deleted.
  5. arkadiyssk
    arkadiyssk 5 August 2022 09: 28
    And how did you consider the GDP of the SCO countries that they directly overtook the G7 countries? No way it turns out 43 trillion.
    China 17.7, India 3.1, RF 1.7, Kaz 0,2, Kirg 0,07, Pak 0,3. Those. about $23 trillion.
    Where did the other 20 trillion go?
    And what other wonderful economies should join the SCO, that the total GDP will increase by 10 trillion right away?
    The same UAE has only 0.5 trillion of GDP. Indonesia with 1 trillion GDP will join? Who else is on 8 trillion?
    1. Flooding
      Flooding 5 August 2022 10: 01
      Quote: arkadiyssk
      Where did the other 20 trillion go?

      convert to PPP
    2. Vitaly gusin
      Vitaly gusin 5 August 2022 12: 52
      >> And what was the GDP of the SCO countries<
      Looking at the ceiling

      No comment.
  6. rocket757
    rocket757 5 August 2022 09: 39
    Expanded SCO
    Expansion is such a ... serious business! Everything must be done more carefully, inside and out!
  7. Vladimir Vladimirovich Vorontsov
    Vladimir Vladimirovich Vorontsov 5 August 2022 09: 43
    An expanded SCO will significantly outperform G7

    "G7" - Seven kids ("goats" is a verb) ...
  8. Liao
    Liao 5 August 2022 09: 52
    Zelensky should have sought membership in this organization, not NATO. If he joined the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, he would not have to call for direct dialogue with China now, as he could do.
  9. Aleks2048
    Aleks2048 5 August 2022 10: 05
    Of course, the total GDP of the G7 may be less than that of the SCO countries, but the stratification between the richest and the poorest in the G7 means much less and they have more common interests.
  10. Siberia55
    Siberia55 5 August 2022 10: 48
    I read some of the comments and am amazed. Either the GDP was calculated incorrectly, or the stratification in societies, or the currency will not be the same, or the quality of organizations is incomparable ...
    Answer: what, nothing needs to be done at all? Paws up and back to the forest?
    My opinion: the SCO needs to be developed and expanded!
  11. pleschakovai
    pleschakovai 5 August 2022 11: 41
    Excellent SCO, well done, it's time to show the strength and power of the organization to the snickering and insolent West !!! There will be an impact, it all depends on solidarity and mutual understanding!!! G-7 decaying organization!!! Admiration for one "great" economy in the context of the population of Europe (Geyropy) is not progress, but regression !!! am fellow drinks good love
  12. alexion2006
    alexion2006 5 August 2022 12: 07
    Swan cancer pike yet, not the organization. Armenia and Azerbaijan, imagine how much effort the organizers of a small meeting need to make sure that the representatives of the delegations do not collide in the toilet, at the check-in at the airport or throw pencils at each other at the common table. Seeing them off one by one is generally a quest of diplomacy, so as not to break out in the hearts: "Yes, kill each other already and calm down, your mutual insults are already tired." So many people died, and they completely forgot that in Soviet times they could sit at the same school desk. India and China, India and Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. It remains only a couple of Sudans, Ethiopia and Eritrea, well, and Haiti to invite for beauty. So far, only amusing teachings, dialogues about intentions, etc., etc. Let's hope something grows.
    1. Flooding
      Flooding 5 August 2022 13: 10
      Quote from alexion2006
      India and China, India and Pakistan

      Are you suggesting India be thrown overboard?
      The US will gladly pick it up.
      The SCO is a reserve for the future.
      Such global projects in the conditions of a changing world and instability cannot immediately be cast into bronze.
      First, a plaster blank.
  13. solar
    solar 5 August 2022 12: 21
    After the creation of the SCO, India and Pakistan have already joined the organization

    And then there is China.
    or here
    in the near future, Azerbaijan and Armenia may receive the status of a member of the organization.

    Axes from the fire shield will not cut each other at a meeting or at night in a hotel? And then there were already precedents ...
  14. Gorygor
    Gorygor 5 August 2022 14: 51
    Where is the SCO payment system? So far it looks more like a prop. Apparently they are afraid of Uncle Joe's sanctions
  15. Dartik
    Dartik 5 August 2022 22: 20
    But in terms of gross yields.
  16. Dartik
    Dartik 5 August 2022 22: 22
    So far, only in words, not a single country from the SCO countries has supported the Russian Federation. How does the strange SCO help the Russian Federation? How will China get along with India? Who has border conflicts once a year.
  17. The comment was deleted.
  18. Novosibirsk
    Novosibirsk 6 August 2022 22: 55
    Is multipolar possible at all?)