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For courage and heroism: Colonel Olga Kachura was awarded the title of Hero of Russia posthumously


Colonel of the NM DPR, commander of the rocket artillery division Olga Kachura was awarded the title of Hero of Russia (posthumously) for his courage and heroism. The corresponding decree today, August 4, was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Recall that the death of the legendary commander of the NM DPR became known yesterday, August 3. As military commander Alexander Sladkov writes in the TG channel, the car in which Kachura was located came under fire near the village of Verkhnetoretskoye.

It is worth noting that hardly anyone in the Donetsk People's Republic has not heard of the commander with the call sign Korsa. Olga Kachura stood at the origins of the formation of the republic and was directly involved in the battles in Ilovaisk, Avdeevka, Uglegorsk, Debaltseve and other hot spots.

At the same time, Olga got acquainted with such a concept as the army long before the start of hostilities in the Donbass. The legendary Korsa grew up in the family of a general and knows firsthand what honor and love for the Motherland are.

After graduating with a degree in software development for ballistic missile guidance systems, Kachura worked in law enforcement for 16 years. At the time of leaving the service, she had the rank of lieutenant colonel.

When in 2014 the Ukrainian nationalist formations launched an attack on the Donbass, Olga voluntarily joined the ranks of the defenders of the republic and took command of the BM-21 Grad MLRS division.

However, the activities of Olga Kachura were not limited to military service. The legendary "Korsa" headed the Gorlovka Powerlifting Federation and was involved in this sport herself.

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  1. Aag
    Aag 4 August 2022 10: 51
    Another sadness: the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the drama theater - the place of farewell to the Hero ... (((.
    1. Asad
      Asad 4 August 2022 10: 59
      Ghouls!!! Burn in hell bitches!
    2. Napayz
      Napayz 4 August 2022 11: 03
      Reported in the news - TWO missiles am Just Nazi scum, there is no forgiveness for them anywhere !!!!
      1. bouncyhunter
        bouncyhunter 4 August 2022 11: 08
        Quote: Napayz
        Just Nazi scum, there is no forgiveness for them anywhere !!!!

        Geeks have nothing and no one sacred, except for the same offspring. Yes, and they believe in the horned-tailed. angry
        Olga Kachura was awarded the title of Hero of Russia posthumously

        A well-deserved award, it's a pity that posthumously ...
        1. ABC-schutze
          ABC-schutze 4 August 2022 12: 22
          Well, the Kyiv revolutionaries have created a "precedent". If they are already shelling the places of "farewell" ...

          Now the Republics of Novorossiya also have a full moral right (even an obligation ..) to "commodify" all the places where Bandero-Nazis will be "solemnly" buried. Not "ashamed" of the audience present at the same time. Whoever she "was" ... And no matter how much she "was" ...

          From the Carpathians, to Odessa and Nikolaev...
        2. CARLSON
          CARLSON 4 August 2022 12: 50
          For people like her and hundreds of other heroes (living and dead), about whom we know practically nothing or know very little, I would return the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.
          This would be very symbolic and very relevant for the continuity of generations and understanding what and who we are fighting there.
          1. ABC-schutze
            ABC-schutze 4 August 2022 13: 37
            So, after all, Russia is a LEGAL SUCCESSOR of the Soviet Union. And the ONLY...
  2. antivirus
    antivirus 4 August 2022 10: 52
    It was necessary to take Novorossia back in 12g? After Che football.
    And cream. With Odessa.
    Gas - father and oil - mother led astray.
    1. U_GOREC
      U_GOREC 4 August 2022 11: 11
      Quote: antivirus
      It was necessary to take Novorossia back in 12g? After Che football.
      And cream. With Odessa.
      Gas - father and oil - mother led astray.

      belay I'm trying to understand the logic... After the European Championship 2012 is it something for UEFA not to upset?
      And under Yanukovych, what is the reason for taking Novorossiya, krimya и Odessa?
  3. major071
    major071 4 August 2022 10: 53
    "Corse" is an eternal memory and a worthy reward, there's not even anything to say here, she is one of those who created the NM of the DPR.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  4. Asad
    Asad 4 August 2022 10: 53
    Kingdom of Heaven Olga! A real woman warrior.
  5. kill the fascist
    kill the fascist 4 August 2022 10: 55
    Land in peace and eternal memory!
  6. kor1vet1974
    kor1vet1974 4 August 2022 10: 56
    Bright memory! Remember!
  7. Paul Siebert
    Paul Siebert 4 August 2022 11: 01
    How wonderful she was!
    Find xoxlyatsky freaks and kill! Ruthlessly. am
  8. Vladimir Vladimirovich Vorontsov
    Vladimir Vladimirovich Vorontsov 4 August 2022 11: 07
    And when he roars, when he burns out and pays off,
    And when our horses get tired to ride under us,
    _͟И͟ ͟k͟o͟g͟d͟a͟ ͟n͟a͟sh͟i͟ ͟d͟e͟v͟u͟sh͟k͟i͟ ͟s͟m͟e͟n͟i͟t͟ ͟sh͟i͟n͟e͟l͟i͟ ͟n͟a͟ ͟p͟l͟a͟͟
    Wouldn't forget then, wouldn't forgive and wouldn't lose...

  9. Vladimir Nizhegorodsky
    Vladimir Nizhegorodsky 4 August 2022 11: 14
    Worthy man!!!!
    Hero of the DPR and Russia!!!!
    Her hero star is well deserved!!!!
    Rest in peace!!!!
    The kingdom of heaven to a woman warrior Olga !!!
  10. aszzz888
    aszzz888 4 August 2022 11: 20
    Blessed memory, Olga! soldier
    Death to the fascist invaders!
  11. iouris
    iouris 4 August 2022 11: 54
    And it was not clear what they were trying to inflict.
  12. Ivan Ivanov
    Ivan Ivanov 4 August 2022 12: 17
    It is necessary to look for someone who pointed, I’m sure, it’s not just that she came under fire.
    1. ABC-schutze
      ABC-schutze 4 August 2022 14: 29
      "Indicate" the States. As in Syria, against representatives of the Russian command ...

      Their means of the entire electromagnetic situation on the "ground and in the air", CONTINUOUSLY, monitor ...

      Hypothetically, in some "ditch" or "window", there could be an "uncleaned" corrective Natsik. But, then he needed to know both her transport, and the fact that it was she who was in it "now". And her route...

      So, for now, the US means of monitoring the electromagnetic situation, wherever they are in the zone of the NWO (or even outside it, but within the reach of Russian suppression means) "crush" (up to "irreversible burning", and not just "jamming" ...) will not start effectively and promptly (EVERYTHING - from UAVs, AWACS to "satellites" ...), such "picking" will continue ...
      1. ABC-schutze
        ABC-schutze 4 August 2022 14: 38
        By the way, don't get me wrong...

        Sladkov himself could track the RTR of the States (NATO). Like a beacon of sorts. And, LONG and PATIENTLY ...

        And already according to the statistics of his routes of movement, location coordinates, contacts, etc., "indirectly", to calculate the most dangerous and consistent opponents of the Kyiv Nazis and their curators ...
  13. Obolensky
    Obolensky 4 August 2022 13: 52
    Deservedly. Too bad it's posthumous...
    Eternal memory to her!!!
  14. kind
    kind 4 August 2022 19: 35
    To this woman, a monument should be erected gilded and not anywhere, but in the center of Donetsk!
  15. Normann
    Normann 4 August 2022 22: 39
    took command of the BM-21 "Grad" MLRS division

    How's that?
    1. pensioneree
      pensioneree 5 August 2022 12: 34
      According to education (see biography). Everlasting memory!