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Long-Range Bombers and Tactical Fighters: Strike Capabilities of the PLA Air Force and Navy


Multipurpose fighter J-11. Photo by Wikimedia Commons

To date, the People's Liberation Army of China has established a large and developed air force and naval aviation naval forces. They are capable of solving various combat missions, and one of the main ones is to strike at ground or surface targets. Numerous formations and aircraft of tactical and long-range aviation can conduct such combat work.

Far Potential

According to The Military Balance 2022, the long-range aviation of the PLA Air Force includes seven regiments and one brigade. These formations are equipped with H-6 bombers of various modifications. Basically, this is the technique of the latest versions, but there are also older samples in the educational units. The total number of H-6s in the Air Force is estimated at 176 units, of which more than 160 can participate in combat duty.

Naval aviation has only two long-range bomber regiments. These units also operate H-6s of different versions, corresponding to the tasks of naval aviation. The number of such equipment is up to 45 units.

Long-range bomber H-6K with cruise missiles. Photo by Wikimedia Commons

It should be noted that the World Air Forces 2022 guide from FlightGlobal provides different data. According to him, the Air Force has only 120 long-range bombers, and 30 serve in naval aviation. Why the information from the two authoritative publications is so different is not clear.

Depending on the modification, the H-6 bomber is capable of carrying up to 10-12 tons of missile and bomb weapons. Guided and free-falling conventional and nuclear bombs have been developed. Cruise missiles of a number of types with different characteristics are also used. In particular, there is a YJ-62 anti-ship missile with a launch range of 400 km.

At the tactical level

The Air Force also has tactical combat aviation, developed in quantitative and qualitative terms. The presence of 22 fighter brigades, 24 fighter-bomber brigades and 6 front-line bomber brigades is reported. These compounds contain approx. 1500 aircraft of a number of basic types. Tactical aviation bases are distributed across the border regions of China with greater density in the strategically important southern and eastern directions.

The most massive PLA fighter-bomber is the J-10 - more than 520 vehicles of various modifications, which were enough for 14 brigades. They are followed by Chinese variants of the development of the Russian Su-27. Thus, 130 J-11B / BS aircraft are operated in eight fighter and one fighter-bomber brigade. Newer J-16s in the amount of 160 units. serve in five brigades. A planned re-equipment of part of the formations is being carried out with the transition to the latest J-20 fighter-bomber. At least 50 such machines have already been mastered.

Modern fighter-bomber J-16D. Photo by Wikimedia Commons

A prominent place in fighter-bomber aviation is occupied by Russian-made aircraft. So, two brigades are fully equipped with Su-30MKK aircraft, and in one more such fighters are operated together with the Su-35. The number of Su-30MKK exceeds 70 units, Su-35s were delivered in the amount of 24 units.

One of the Air Force's most numerous aircraft is the JH-7A fighter-bomber/front-line bomber. There are from 70 to 140 machines of this type in service. They are equipped with six brigades of bomber aviation. The main task of such aircraft is to destroy ground and surface targets. Possibilities for air combat are limited.

Tactical aviation is armed with a wide range of air-to-surface weapons. There are unguided rockets and bombs of various calibers, as well as corrected and guided munitions. Various missiles have been developed and are used, incl. anti-radar and anti-ship. Depending on the type weapons, ensured the defeat of targets both at line-of-sight distances and at distances of 200-230 km.

naval aviation

Tactical aviation of the naval forces is noticeably smaller than land aviation, both in terms of the number of formations and the size of the aircraft fleet. It consists of only four brigades of fighter-bombers, one brigade of front-line bombers and two regiments of multipurpose carrier-based fighters. However, the current development fleet provides for the formation of new units and parts.

Fighter 5th generation J-20. Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Strike capabilities have about 290 naval aviation aircraft. The most numerous are the JH-7 bombers of various modifications - approx. 120 units There are also more than 70 J-11B/BS fighters, 24 Russian Su-30MK2s and at least 20 J-10s. All these machines are based on land airfields near sea lines.

Currently, the PLA Navy has two aircraft carriers with aviation groups of several dozen aircraft. The basis of carrier-based aviation is the J-15 multi-role fighter, capable of attacking targets in the air and on the surface. According to various sources, at least 45-50 such aircraft are in service.

Naval aviation is armed with the same ammunition as in the Air Force. Accordingly, these types of troops have close combat capabilities. However, for obvious reasons, the Navy is paying more attention to basic types of anti-ship missiles.

Today and tomorrow

Thus, the long-range and tactical aviation of the PLA Air Force and Navy is quite large in size, and also has a wide selection of equipment and weapons. Due to this, a sufficiently high potential is provided for solving all the main tasks, incl. to destroy ground or surface targets. At the same time, some characteristic features of the existing aviation fleet are noticeable, and the prospects for its development are also known.

Experienced J-35. Photo

First of all, the specific appearance of long-range aviation attracts attention. This branch of the military is still built exclusively on H-6 bombers - the Chinese version of the old Soviet Tu-16. Various upgrades are regularly carried out, but the potential of the design is almost exhausted, which limits the technical and operational capabilities.

A modern replacement in the form of a completely new H-20 bomber is expected only in the second half of the decade. At the same time, re-equipping all formations and units will take a lot of time, and the old H-6s will remain in service for a long time - with all their limitations and shortcomings.

The state of tactical aviation also has its own characteristics. At the same time, eight types of fighter-bombers are in service, not counting their modifications. There are both foreign aircraft and equipment of Chinese design and construction. All this significantly complicates the joint operation and combat use. However, the oldest models, such as J-8 or Su-27, will be gradually taken out of action and replaced by modern technology.

In order to re-equip and renew the fleet, the production of J-11 and J-16 aircraft continues. In addition, serial production of 5th generation J-20 fighter-bombers has been mastered. In the medium term, the latter will replace a large amount of older technology.

A promising aerial bomb, shown in 2020. Frame from the report of the TV channel CCTV7

In naval aviation, the main development processes are associated with the construction of carrier-based air groups. To equip existing and under construction aircraft carriers, the production of carrier-based J-15 fighters continues. In addition, a carrier-based version of the J-35 / FC-31 aircraft is being developed. Probably, dozens of such machines will also be built, but already for aircraft carriers of the following projects.

In parallel, the sphere of aviation weapons is developing. The Chinese industry regularly demonstrates new guided bombs and missiles of all major classes with different features and characteristics. In the future, some of these samples go beyond the exhibitions, and they are noticed on aircraft on combat duty.

With ample opportunities

Thus, the Air Force and Naval Aviation of the PLA Navy has a large fleet of aircraft of various classes and types with broad strike capabilities. Depending on the nature of the target and other factors, these tasks may be assigned to long-range bombers or tactical aircraft. It is also possible to choose the most effective ammunition for a specific target, combining the required range and power.

The current strike capabilities of the PLA combat aviation generally correspond to the requirements and intended tasks. In addition, measures are being taken to further develop both aviation itself and its means of destruction. All this means that the potential of military aviation will continue to remain at the required level - and China will retain the ability to respond to emerging threats.

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  1. The comment was deleted.
  2. spirit
    spirit 4 August 2022 17: 15
    Don't know! all this amount can show absolutely nothing, a pig in a poke. The main thing here is quality and interaction. America is always at war and it can plunge into a puddle like in Afghanistan. We had experience in Chechnya and Syria, and Ukraine showed that we are learning to fight almost from scratch What will a monkey fight there that has been sitting on a tree for 100 years, and even with such a motley park? A very big question! And the 5th generation of the Air Force and China's hypersound, in general, is more like candy with rotten filling hi
    1. Sergio_7
      Sergio_7 4 August 2022 17: 34
      China in words, of course much! And as it touched to act, zilch. Let's see how it will behave further.
      1. Grancer81
        Grancer81 4 August 2022 19: 31
        What should have been done? Shoot down?
        Or arrange a "disco" with teachings around Taiwan for 365 days?
        1. filibuster
          filibuster 5 August 2022 11: 10
          So if China was not ready for decisive action, why were all these threats needed? The United States most likely miscalculated China and knew perfectly well that the likelihood of any action on the part of China is negligible.
        2. rtutaloe
          rtutaloe 8 August 2022 09: 09
          It was necessary to be silent a little earlier, so as not to be ashamed later.
    2. Paladin
      Paladin 4 August 2022 18: 27
      The Chinese monkey still sometimes descends onto the Huang He shore hi

      The quantitative composition is of course interesting, but the fleet of aircraft with which they can stop the movement of the AUG is outdated. I know these H-16s well, only in our version, a very good aircraft. For its time, one of the best. However, the last of the long-range weapons that we had on it was the KSR-5 with a range of 500 km, and they have 400 in total. Who will let them go to such a distance. It is unrealistic in modern conditions and requires careful study of the waves of impact on the AUG before they can be released, and even then for finishing.
      1. Grancer81
        Grancer81 4 August 2022 19: 29
        It depends on who to beat. If on the US Navy AUG, then there is definitely nothing to catch there.
        1. Paladin
          Paladin 4 August 2022 21: 36
          Well, these were the main goals for our regiments in the Far East. Although there were others. In general, a complex scheme was to destroy the AUG, in several waves, and not only aviation. YES was in the fourth. But after it there was nothing to catch the AUG.
    3. Mustached Kok
      Mustached Kok 4 August 2022 20: 04
      Nevertheless, there were precedents in history when relatively "peaceful countries" suddenly became one of the most dangerous opponents in a war.
      For example... Germany. Now it sounds strange, but in Germany, as a single state, it appeared recently, in the second half of the 1871th century (XNUMX, to be exact). This moment, Germany, it was a region inhabited by Germans divided into TENS of small states. The largest of which beat only Prussia and Bavaria. Although Prussia was an extremely militarized country (everyone heard the expression that Prussia is not a state with an army, but an army with a state), it made up only a part of the general population that was not famous for military training. until the second half of the XNUMXth century. The Germans were perceived as a nation of philosophers and poets, and this extended even to the Prussian Germans. And many of these German principalities were separated for centuries, the culture and language between them even began to differ. And after the unification, none of the European powers believed that a united Germany would be a serious adversary. Many seriously believed that the country would not last long, and would collapse at the first attempt to make war with some kind of GREAT power (At that time, those in Europe were Russia, France and the British Empire).
      But a year before the unification (not all German principalities had yet been annexed to a single Germany, then under the leadership of Prussia), the Franco-Prussian war began. And she showed the whole world that the unification of Germany WILL GENERATE SUCH A SERIOUS ENEMY that will not seem small. By the time of the war, there were still principalities that were not part of the association. But yesterday's nation of poets and philosophers gave such pendels to the nation of warriors (on land, the French army was considered the strongest in Europe, only Russia could resist it, which, slightly inferior to France in equipment and strategy, countered this with an unprecedented number of soldiers and reservists in the army). Against the backdrop of a brilliant victory, the last kingdoms joined and in the Palace of Versailles, in Paris, the German Empire (Deutsches Reich) was declared. German pedantry, combined with a rich scientific school and the traditions of the Prussian army, turned the new country into a war machine. The past of the Germans in the form of a people that was engaged in philosophy, unexpectedly played a cruel joke on other European countries. The culture of scientific research was reborn in the German approach to conduct thorough research, analysis and preparation for military operations. Pedantry did not even give the Germans the thought of missing some trifle in equipment, strategy, law, etc.
      And if a strong land army could still be fended off by Prussian officers. Then when in WWI the Germans showed that they could give a light EVEN at sea, and not to anyone, but to the mistress of the seas - Britain. Something the Germans, before WWI, were never considered good sailors, unlike Britain, which had the greatest experience in waging war at sea. But the united Germany, and here came up thoroughly, having carried out a titanic work on marine science. Having developed industry and using branded German discipline, they created a fleet that was inferior to Great Britain only numerically. The discipline, training and smoothness of the actions of the English sailors were even higher than those of the British, and the British themselves recognized this.

      So the country is without experience. Even if she is young. Even if it is numerically inferior to its neighbors. MAY surpass neighbors in war and politics, subject to the painstaking and thoughtful work of the country's leadership in order to create a strong power.
      1. Grancer81
        Grancer81 8 August 2022 18: 14
        Regarding the First World War at sea and the participation of the Kaiserlichmarine in it ...
        And what exactly could he show and oppose Royal Navy? Yes, there were some actions, there were a number of injections, but in general it all ended in self-flooding in Scapa Flow ...
        1. Mustached Kok
          Mustached Kok 9 August 2022 09: 36
          Self-sinking was caused like cancer by the fact that a significant part of the fleet survived the war. And handing over entire working ships to the countries that defeated you was considered a terrible insult by the Germans, even from the point of view of not national pride, but naval pride. After all, the ships that participated in the war, some of them survived several battles, and just like that, simply because the diplomats cannot agree on how to divide the fleet, letting the ships go to those with whom these ships fought is humiliating for the court. A warship must end its life either as a museum (so that even being "retired" to carry the glory of its time and educate a new generation of sailors) or end its life from a weapon (that is, either die in battle or blow up on a mine). The Germans thought so, and therefore decided that "so don't get you to anyone" and decided to flood the fleet. It was a sound decision from a strategic standpoint as well.
          The fact is that the German fleet, which was going to be sold, was quite numerous. And with some of the discussed options for the division between the countries of the winners, several countries of the winners would have strengthened in Europe. Which in the future would slightly change the balance of power in Europe in the fleet.
    4. TEX-50
      TEX-50 5 August 2022 07: 58
      America plunged into a puddle in Afghanistan (from which, by the way, it did not leave) only in the stories of our propaganda. You can roughly calculate how much money the American intelligence community has made from heroin alone (and heroin is not only money, it is a tool to undermine competitors and direct enemies. One heroin addiction in Iran is worth something!). How much money did military contractors make. In terms of foreign policy, the United States maintained a knot of tension in Afghanistan, diverting the forces of all surrounding states to it. On the Afghan and Iraqi base, proxies of the army of Islamic fundamentalists were created, which were used (and continue) around the world, depending on the need of the United States. Even today's Taliban. who are publicly opposed to the United States, maintain very close ties with American intelligence and are ready for anything for money.

      You should not be like propagandons and CROPs, believing that the enemy is stupid, cowardly, inept and indecisive. Everything is exactly the opposite!
    5. NIKN
      NIKN 5 August 2022 09: 36
      Quote: spirit
      The 5th generation of the Air Force and China's hypersound, in general, it's more like candy with rotten filling

      At the expense of the 5th generation, I strongly doubted something after watching the takeoff of their J-20 in the last report yesterday. On the afterburner, he took off much! less dynamic than their analogue (or maybe not analogue) Su-30. without afterburner, I don’t see and close the possibilities of engines to provide non-afterburner, cruising supersonic
      1. rtutaloe
        rtutaloe 8 August 2022 09: 35
        And why does he need this
        Can you tell me the most "afterburning cruising supersonic"? Or don't you know? Or, you know, like me, that you don't need it anymore. Why is he needed, according to your version?
        1. NIKN
          NIKN 8 August 2022 09: 42
          Quote: rtutaloe
          Or don't you know? Or, you know, like me, that you don't need it anymore. Why is he needed, according to your version?

          I know, and not in my opinion, but in the opinion of the tactics of application
          Response time to calls, timely (faster than the enemy) build-up of forces and means in the desired area of ​​​​the database.
          1. rtutaloe
            rtutaloe 9 August 2022 01: 22
            Nonsense. You are far from aviation. Firstly, battles have long been taking place between units of aircraft, and not between dozens. The latter is extremely rare. Therefore, there can be no talk of any build-up of forces at all. Secondly, it was the Americans who sewed supersonic cruising speed into their requirements for a promising fighter, it was a requirement for the YF -22 and YF-23, because at that time the opponents were mainly armed with the S-75 air defense system, with a very small radius actions that could be slipped on supersonic with stealth without problems. And after the deliveries of the S-300, this lost its relevance, because the latter has a longer range, and speed, etc. The Americans strongly resisted the export of this complex, for example, to the same Cyprus. However, they had to come to terms with this and they deduced this requirement for promising fighters as irrelevant. The F-35 no longer has a non-afterburning supersonic cruising speed. And, despite the fact that couch experts and journalists still want from the so-called fifth generation fighters, the military has long removed "supersonic cruising speed" as a requirement for its high cost and uselessness in the new conditions. In general, all these "generations" are very arbitrary and invented by propagandist journalists. And the military most often requires the development of weapons for certain tactics.
            1. Rustic
              Rustic 9 August 2022 10: 42
              And, despite the fact that couch experts and journalists still want from the so-called fifth generation fighters, the military has long removed "supersonic cruising speed" as a requirement for its high cost and uselessness in the new conditions. In general, all these "generations" are very arbitrary and invented by propagandist journalists.
              Here it is necessary to clarify. American propagandists. They themselves came up with the condition of supersonic, then they themselves changed their minds. But the generation remains the same. Stealth is breathing its last breath, soon it will not be needed either. And by the seventh, neither super-maneuverability, nor supersonic, nor stealth, nor an air gun will be unnecessary. For it is one thing to do what is best, but it is quite another to take the 3rd generation and, through the purchased media, trumpet that this is the seventh thing to eat, because only maid in use is written on it.
  3. Cartalon
    Cartalon 4 August 2022 17: 25
    Well, yes, with such aviation, it’s not worth starting an offensive war in the Pacific.
  4. Thrifty
    Thrifty 4 August 2022 17: 30
    The Chinese may have the largest army in the world, but what's the point when, apart from beautiful promises, there are no real, truly tough actions? They "showed themselves" yesterday - cardboard pandas, not regional tigers. ...
    1. Mustached Kok
      Mustached Kok 4 August 2022 20: 10
      What were they supposed to do? Starting a third world war just to look "cool and serious" ???
      Not to mention that the political tension is greatly inflated by the media. I won’t be surprised if such a hype was specially inflated in the media, specifically to say later “why are you not responsible for the words, or you are just a lot of shit.”
      1. Santa Fe
        Santa Fe 4 August 2022 23: 50
        What were they supposed to do?

        Don't make empty threats. No one pulled them by the tongue

        Why was it necessary to draw up troops and raise fighters into the air, if they knew that they would not use

        Everything would have cost another exchange of diplomatic notes, otherwise it would be a shame for the whole world
        1. Mustached Kok
          Mustached Kok 5 August 2022 00: 40
          Don't make empty threats. No one pulled them by the tongue

          Everything would have cost another exchange of diplomatic notes, otherwise it would be a shame for the whole world

          So I answered this in the same message, it is strange that I did not notice this. All the hype is greatly inflated in the media, and it’s not a fact that it was on purpose, on purpose to create the very image "... and now a shame on the whole world." So the media have learned to use for international and geopolitical purposes since the end of the XNUMXth century
          1. Santa Fe
            Santa Fe 5 August 2022 01: 07
            All the hype is heavily inflated in the media

            What media?

            China lifted fighter jets into the air, civil defense sirens howled in coastal cities

            Why all this noise, if they knew that Pelosi would fly to Taiwan anyway and start a war, they were not going to shoot down each other

            China is to blame for throwing empty threats, and everyone saw it
          2. Kuzja
            Kuzja 5 August 2022 07: 16
            So their Ministry of Defense even released promotional videos about their toughness and determination !? Forgotten rides and muscle games against the backdrop of beaches with people?
            1. gsev
              gsev 12 August 2022 07: 48
              Quote from Kuzja
              So their Ministry of Defense even released promotional videos about their toughness and determination !?

              The Chinese patriot was shown the real state of China's aviation. And this patriot, rolling up his sleeves, will begin to work for the power of the country. It motivated the Chinese much cheaper and more effectively than Putin's spending on sports and youth movements motivated the Russians. In addition, it was only in 2010 that the Chinese began to believe that in a one-on-one war with Taiwan, the PRC Air Force has a chance of winning. That is, the government demonstrated to ordinary Chinese that the PRC has become stronger than Taiwan and Taiwan without the United States is not able to withstand the PRC. The result of the struggle between China and the United States is decided in the design bureaus. If the Chinese are able to create a modern technology of modern microchip production independent of the West, the PRC will win or at least survive, if the PRC will wither away like the USSR withered away, and the capture of Taiwan will not save the PRC in any way.
  5. Gofman
    Gofman 4 August 2022 17: 35
    As Maxim Kalashnikov wrote in the 90s: “...It is extremely dangerous to start with a direct bullying of the Yellow Dragon in America. Although China is roughly the size of the Soviet Union in the 1970s in scientific, industrial and economic power, and Beijing has only a few dozen nuclear-capable intercontinental missiles, the Chinese have another, very formidable weapon: determination. It is in Moscow that they are afraid to press the start button in response to a blow. In China, they will definitely press, and in the USA they understand this very well. Therefore, a handful of Chinese intercontinental missiles cost more than a thousand Russian ones. China is far from harmless. "
    He was wrong exactly the opposite, judging by the way things turned out. As you can see, China's strike potential has increased many times since then, but it doesn't give them any opportunities, the mouse heart doesn't allow it. "... The human spirit has become stronger. There is none - and kingdoms crumble even with the most powerful arsenals. "
    Of course, they say that the Chinese think and plan for centuries, and perhaps Xi is so anticipating the development of history that he is sure that in some 680th year from today there will be an even more convenient moment and Taiwan itself will fall to the then Chinese people in arms. But ordinary, earthly people, when planning their actions, actually have in mind the achievement of specific results for their generation, well, or for their children, without looking further ... And with such leadership, the current one or two generations of Chinese people are unlikely to reunite their country they will see - during their lifetime there will definitely not be a better chance than China's immediate steps right now, until the West compensates for its "subsidence" in the number of weapons, and Russia binds all European NATO members in its theater of operations ..
    1. kytx
      kytx 4 August 2022 17: 47
      Well, I really don't understand you.
      What should China do?
      Drop the plane?
      Start landing on the island?

      China's mistake is only in the fact that they overdid it at the beginning.
      And China will answer. But it will be the answer possibly implicit.
      For China, there is now complete certainty on the issue.
      1. Gofman
        Gofman 4 August 2022 17: 54
        Quote: kytx
        What should China do?
        Drop the plane?
        Do they consider Taiwan theirs by right? And if Pelosi flies to us in Crimea, saying that this is Ukraine, Zelensky allowed her, but she does not recognize Russia's jurisdiction over Crimea? I have no doubt that the same Americans, if they wished, would forcefully land or turn around a plane with some Chavez or Morales even in foreign airspace, without worrying too much about legal norms.
        1. Grancer81
          Grancer81 4 August 2022 19: 33
          And if the plane with "Chavez" or "Morales" comes with an air escort of fighters?
          1. kytx
            kytx 4 August 2022 23: 05
            Here the escort is essentially not important. Even the death star. Castaneda has the concept of "intention" and there is "action".
            Let's watch the circus. :)
            He touches us too.
        2. Revolver
          Revolver 4 August 2022 19: 38
          Quote: Gofman
          And if Pelosi flies to us in Crimea, saying that this is Ukraine, Zelensky allowed her, but she does not recognize Russia's jurisdiction over Crimea?

          No, here it would be more correct to present the cries of Kuev on the subject of a visit ... but it doesn’t matter who, even Lukashenka’s father, to Donetsk. Kuev considers Donetsk his own, but in fact Donetsk has not been part of 404 since 2014. Just like Taiwan has not been part of China since 1949.
        3. kytx
          kytx 4 August 2022 22: 58
          The US Air Force plane will not fly to Crimea. You know why. Don't be foolish.

          And "they" consider Taiwan theirs by right. Moreover, this right is recognized on paper in PM and the USA. I recommend you take an interest in the history of the issue.
          1. Revolver
            Revolver 4 August 2022 23: 36
            Quote: kytx
            they" consider Taiwan theirs by right.

            And the Taiwanese government considers mainland China to be its rightful place. And what?
            From me, of course, a sinologist is so-so, but I know for sure why Taiwan will not declare independence at least until those who were of a conscious age in the 1960s die out, i.e. the children of those who fled the continent in 1949, and these are those who are mainly the Taiwanese elite, not at all those who have lived in Formosa for generations. For them, declaring independence is taboo, since it automatically becomes a waiver of rights to mainland China and the property left there. But the next generation has broader views on these things.
            And you thought they were stopped by the indignation of Beijing? Nu-nu.
        4. the Urals
          the Urals 5 August 2022 12: 45
          Let him fly to the Crimea, arrest and pre-trial detention, of course, immunity is still !? We'll block the runway for a month, and then we'll see
      2. Revolver
        Revolver 4 August 2022 19: 33
        Quote: kytx
        And China will answer.

        Rolls apart and give. Because such is the fate of the downtrodden, and Pelosi's visit to Taiwan brought Xi down to the floor.
        1. kytx
          kytx 4 August 2022 23: 09
          Sorry, but you stubbornly refuse to see a little further than the tip of your own nose.
          A sinologist from you is so-so. :)
      3. TEX-50
        TEX-50 5 August 2022 08: 04
        He should have been silent on the phone. Do not let people from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Defense Ministry open their mouths. Do not carry DF missiles, etc. on the camera. So that later it does not look like it looks now. If you look closely at the correlation of forces between China and the United States, it is obvious that he cannot militarily oppose the Americans, unless the latter begin a land operation to capture. And they never start. At sea, the Chinese fleet, in the event of a conflict, will sink in full strength in 1-2 weeks. And then all of China will be blocked from the sea, and that's all, damn the economy.
  6. hwostatij
    hwostatij 4 August 2022 17: 37
    Thanks, very interesting. It's a pity that the topic of drones has not been disclosed.
  7. Grancer81
    Grancer81 4 August 2022 19: 26
    All this is true or not entirely possible to confirm or refute only by military operations. And the PLA Air Force and Navy pilots do not have combat experience.
  8. acetophenone
    acetophenone 4 August 2022 23: 36
    Hi Rhodus, hic salta laughing
    In the Aesopian fable “The Boastful Pentathlete”, the traveler, upon returning home, begins to brag about his successes, especially highlighting the long jump he allegedly made on Rhodes, and points to witnesses who could confirm his words. The skeptical listener remarks, “If everything you said is true, then no witnesses are needed. Rhodes is here, jump here.”
  9. zenion
    zenion 8 August 2022 15: 35
    Why show an American plane that there are no real ones in your deck?
  10. Sergey Tankist
    Sergey Tankist 10 August 2022 17: 05
    The Chinese have a thin gut. Yes, and they are unimportant warriors. But they know how to trade ...