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Afghanistan as unregistered cemetery of the US Army

Afghanistan as unregistered cemetery of the US ArmyThis fall, one of the most debated topics of the American segment of the Internet was the theme of the growth of casualties due to attacks in Afghanistan on soldiers and members of the special services of NATO member states by the “friendly” Afghan police and military. As of September 2012, only 60 of such cases was officially recorded, over one hundred American servicemen died, almost as many were injured of varying degrees of severity. Because of this, the CIA was forced to urgently begin to revise the amount of compensation to the families of their dead employees, who until recently were only 1 (one) thousand dollars for the funeral.

The well-known saying says: the death of a person is a tragedy, the death of tens of thousands of people is a statistic. Another adage states: there are three types of lies - lies, big lies and just statistics. Once again, these rules are confirmed in Afghanistan today, where attacks on NATO forces occur almost every day. In early October of this year, the channel CNN announced a new confirmed number of irretrievable losses of US forces - 2002 man. According to unofficial data, this figure is underestimated, according to the most conservative estimates, by half ... Simply speaking, it is already possible to complete the army cemetery with unaccounted statistics by victims.

First, the main problem is that there is no single independent and authoritative source of information about the real losses of the occupying forces. Therefore, the American military experts in the information and psychological sphere are free to announce any figures convenient to them. This is done according to the Goebbels principle, which at one time laid the foundation for the broadcasting of “radio voices” (“Freedom”, “Voice of America”, etc.): whoever first stated something, is free to interpret what he declared profitable. Naturally, the Americans themselves, in order to prevent the demoralization of their soldiers, report deliberately understated loss data.

Secondly, the official loss statistics takes into account only military personnel - US citizens. However, citizens of other countries are also serving in the American army who are interested in the opportunity to receive a so-called green card - a residence permit in the USA - after serving in a “hot spot”. In practice, the share of non-Americans in the total number of US military contingent comes to 60%. These fighters are somewhere between contract soldiers and mercenaries fighting for money (or a residence permit in the States). Losses among this category of military personnel are not subject to official Pentagon statistics, that is, they are not taken into account.

Thirdly, usually the army reports do not indicate the number of dead military journalists, many of whom, as a rule, are associated with special services, as well as various contract servicemen. The abducted foreigners killed by the abductors are also not counted.

Fourthly, the losses of special services and special forces, traditionally, are not disclosed. parts, which, as a rule, are in the "hell" of the fighting.

Fifth, there are cases when the US command presented the deaths of its servicemen as non-combat losses (such as road accidents, cases of careless handling of weaponsdiseases, etc.). The reports of casualties do not include soldiers who died from wounds in hospitals, committed suicide, etc. This reception with “non-combat losses” was used by the US propagandists back in 1991, during the first Gulf War. Then, two weeks after the announcement of official losses (148 people), it suddenly turned out that in all kinds of accidents and accidents, almost more soldiers were killed and died in 10 times.

Sixth, Washington seeks to “dilute” the so-called international coalition in Afghanistan with as many member countries as possible in order to reduce the number of its losses, including at their expense. According to CNN, since the start of the Enduring Freedom campaign in 2001, at least 1190 soldiers and officers from other countries have already laid down their heads. (This year, although it is still far from over, NATO members in Afghanistan have already been killed almost twice as many as in the past).

Seventh, in Afghanistan (as most recently in Iraq) almost nothing is said about injuries, or more precisely, about the degree of their severity. Simply put, a private soldier who has lost both legs, his right arm and part of his face is not among the irretrievable losses. During the fighting for one killed soldier accounts for 10 injured. This "fairly low" indicator of the death of military personnel is achieved thanks to body armor and Kevlar helmets. However, it is this ammunition, protecting vital organs, according to surgeons, and leads to increased trauma and serious injury. Among the injured Americans returning from the fighting areas, the percentage of mutilated people with amputated one or two limbs and disfigured faces is “unusually high.”

In addition to serious injuries and injuries, there are evidence of many mental problems. According to the medical journal The New England Journal of Medicine, every sixth American soldier returning from the war has psychological problems (depression, post-traumatic syndrome, etc.). Approximately 20% of Americans evacuated from the theater of operations, not because of combat damage and disease, but for "neurological reasons."

Back in the 2004 year, when the Americans were just beginning to get bogged down in Afghanistan and Iraq, there were already up to 5000 deserters in the American army. Some of them (exact data are ignored) tried to find refuge in Canada. In Canadian society, there was even a discussion about the advisability of providing them with asylum.

In conclusion, let us point out that funerals are the most terrible weapon for a fully contract army. Already today, all US military units from the National Guard to the Marine Corps experience personnel shortages. And the new victims are unlikely to lead to an influx of volunteers. I would like to hope that after the number of funerals reaches a certain threshold, he finally clicks the relay in the head of an American philistine, and at least he begins to think that breaking into someone else's house and trying to impose his own orders there is not such a good idea. .

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  1. Lech e-mine
    Lech e-mine 15 October 2012 12: 01
    that's about it OFFICIAL US media write patrol US was fired LOSS AMONG US MILITARY no one hundred Taliban or rebel killed.
    1. tronin.maxim
      tronin.maxim 15 October 2012 12: 04
      This is their reckoning for tyranny and gigemony!
      1. Kasym
        Kasym 15 October 2012 12: 21
        Back in the spring I read in Argumenty Nedeli how NATO is hiding its losses in Afghanistan. The following fact was cited. The UK officially reported casualties of more than 400 people. But if you look at the statistics on the provision of material assistance to the families of those killed in Afghanistan, it turns out that there are over 1600 people. The article also argued that the losses of the coalition had already exceeded the losses of the Soviet Army in the 1979-1989 war.
        I think that if we helped weapons to spirits, like the United States in our war, then Afghanistan would become the second Vietnam for them.
        1. pinachet
          pinachet 15 October 2012 15: 39
          they have very strict military censorship, if we can replicate a photo of a wrecked tank, then they’ll close the newspaper for this ... here’s democracy
        2. aksakal
          aksakal 15 October 2012 19: 07
          Quote: Kasym
          The article also claimed that the losses of the coalition already exceeded the losses of the Soviet Army in the war of 1979-1989.
          - Yes, your words to God’s ears! But alas! Our people died 15 thousand in ten years of Afghanism - in my opinion it is difficult to surpass. And it is unlikely that they surpassed .... But I think that there is no faith in their social statistics either. Then the golden mean (15 + 000) / 2000 = 2 of all NATO losses in Afghanistan.
          Well, there are reasons for this - Russian assistance, not cooperation. Secondly, it’s another tactic to hide behind a carefully guarded base and not show the nose from there - there will definitely be less losses. Ours climbed wherever they got, especially liked to shop in the Afghan markets, where frequent losses occurred - we forget the raging deficit in the USSR and consumer hunger. This is the main mistake of party functionaries and Stalin personally. The fact that he himself went all his life in a simple overcoat and personally shook his boots - does not mean at all that the whole conscientious people are obliged to live this way, from young to old and for life. And where is communism? - where everything is like cornucopia recourse
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 15 October 2012 13: 26
      Clinton will lead you forward to the victory of democracy right at the cemetery on which on the table instead of the constitution of main camphor
      1. Matt
        Matt 15 October 2012 13: 37
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Clinton will lead you forward to the victory of democracy right at the cemetery on which on the table instead of the constitution of main camphor

        1. soaring
          soaring 15 October 2012 14: 51
          Bravo to our designers !!!!!!!!!! And a low bow, they did not bend in hard times and did not make pots and pans at their research institute !!!! good drinks
  2. Odessa
    Odessa 15 October 2012 12: 11
    Afghanistan as unregistered cemetery of the US Army

    With what they fought, they ran into something.
    1. Bekzat
      Bekzat 15 October 2012 17: 15
      Greetings to all. For Esther, thanks for the video.
  3. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 15 October 2012 12: 30
    saving on payments means ... and so ... they got there themselves ... and they get it for their stupidity ... people of a hot dog against people of the Koran ... they got shorter, like the USSR at one time ...
  4. MAB
    MAB 15 October 2012 12: 36
    The amers did not draw any conclusions from the actions of the USSR, although the Soviet limited contingent for all the time of the war in Afaganistan had smaller losses.
    1. UzRus
      UzRus 15 October 2012 13: 24
      Ours not only fought there, but also built a lot - roads, hospitals, schools, etc. I read an article somewhere in which the Afghans themselves said that, unlike the Amers, the Shuravi had built a lot of things, for which I thank them all the same.
      1. Gavrilon
        Gavrilon 15 October 2012 15: 00
        There was a program around the world with our mustachioed dude (I don’t remember my last name), so there I met the Afghans against whom I fought in 86-87. The Afghan man shook his hand tightly and said that it was an honor for him to fight against the Russians, for he did not see worthy enemies except the Russians.
        1. cyberdamn
          cyberdamn 15 October 2012 17: 25
          Quote: Gavrilon
          He said that it was an honor for him to fight against the Russians, for he did not see worthy enemies except the Russians.

          more precisely, he said that the Russians, unlike the Americans, were worthy opponents wink
  5. Strashila
    Strashila 15 October 2012 13: 11
    A long time ago the Emergencies Ministry pilot spoke, said that when he flew over a UN mission in Afghanistan, the Americans asked them to evacuate a fallen helicopter for repairs, flew in ... a hole from a heavy machine gun in the body ... the cabin was all in blood, there were no people there 14 ... special forces.
    1. Bashkaus
      Bashkaus 15 October 2012 18: 21
      Excuse me, about 14 special forces, is it officially killed in a helicopter, or is there a certain number that disappeared missing on the fuselage walls?
  6. UzRus
    UzRus 15 October 2012 13: 15
    Well, Afghanistan was not only a US Army cemetery. Many stumbled there and perished.
    1. Bashkaus
      Bashkaus 15 October 2012 18: 21
      England for example)))
    2. The centurion
      The centurion 15 October 2012 18: 22
      Quote: UzRus
      Well, Afghanistan was not only a US Army cemetery. Many stumbled there and perished.

      Afghanistan is a cemetery of empires. Most of them went to Persia. At least 3 Persian dynasties, together with their empires, have sunk into oblivion, having gotten involved in a permanent Afghan feud. On the honorable second place the Indians, those also got it. The rest were stuck once, including A. the Great, Tamerlane and Chagatai. All enter the same way in Afghanistan to help their take or hold power. The British helped their protege prince become king, the USSR helped the PDPA to maintain power, NATO helped the Northern Alliance take power. They met their own with flowers, but not theirs ... Then they leave Afghanistan, and the withdrawal of the Soviet Army was organized and not shameful. There were worse cases. 2 of the Persian padishah laid down there not only their armies, but also their heads. After a popular uprising, only a few people escaped from the British Expeditionary Force, including the legendary Dr. Watson. Now it’s the turn of the coalition to make legs from there. The piquancy of the situation lies in the fact that in this case even the whole 3 most powerful empires of the end of the twentieth century were embedded: the USA, the European Union and NATO. Which of these stories will be sacrificed is a very interesting question. A couple of years ago, one could thoroughly assume that it would be NATO. But now the European Union is no less claiming the role of a deceased. And then it can be even more interesting. The conclusion is simple: the longer they stay there, the more interesting the movie will be. This is not the first time I'm trying (though not very successfully) to express my point of view. For Russia, the stay of the coalition in Afghanistan is FAVORABLE.
  7. Igarr
    Igarr 15 October 2012 13: 16
    Six months ago (or a little more) I spoke out -
    Afghanistan is a country, after the invasion of which, the coccyx comes to the invading state.
    Empire of Great Britain: after the war in Afghanistan in the 19th century - it fell apart.
    The USSR - after the war in Afghanistan - fell apart.
    USA, NATO - war in Afghanistan in the 21st century - ... ?? Greece is already breathing in the wings, the EU and look - it will fall apart.
    Conclusion: war is a dangerous business. The war in Afghanistan is a disastrous affair.
    1. UzRus
      UzRus 15 October 2012 13: 31
      Igor, good afternoon! Above, this is exactly what I wanted to say. And there is also the imperishable phrase of the paratrooper captain from the "9th company": "No one has ever been able to conquer Afghanistan" (something like that).
      1. Brother Sarych
        Brother Sarych 15 October 2012 13: 41
        Actually, Afghanistan was conquered by all who posed such a task ...
        Another thing is what this task consists of - and already there are nuances ...
        1. Igarr
          Igarr 15 October 2012 21: 33
          I join - to conquer is not a problem.
          Hold is the task !!!!
          Well, Babur, our countryman, founded the Great Mughal state, and did not hold on to the overwhelming gorge in Afghanistan.
          Chip cleared immediately.
          1. The centurion
            The centurion 16 October 2012 06: 41
            Quote: Igarr
            Well, Babur, our fellow countryman, founded the Great Mughal state, and didn’t hold on to the overwhelming gorge in Afghanistan. The chip cleared immediately.

            All enter the same way in Afghanistan to help their take or hold power. But everything comes out differently. Babur and A. Macedon did indeed cut through the chip right away. What Alexander just didn’t do. And he married an Afghan princess, and the warrior married. And he sees the thing smells like kerosene. But he and Babur found a temporary way out. They canalized the military entropy of the Afghans for the great goal of conquering India and did so. And they left Afghanistan with honor and greatness, conquering the “new kingdom”. But the gorges did not begin to hold.
            Most of all, the Persian padishahs, the Delhi and Punjabi sultans and the British were unlucky. A few feet took away from there. The USSR demonstrated the third way, when a chip cleared, brought the army in formation and with banners. But even that didn’t help. I will not argue that Afghanistan is the cause of the collapse of the USSR, but also to argue that Afghanistan does not turn its tongue out of business.
  8. подводник
    подводник 15 October 2012 13: 16
    Yes, they do not care about losses !!!
    On their printed candy wrappers, they will pick up the same amount!
    And were there any calculations among those who went to fight in Afghanistan wishing to acquire apricot citizenship?
    They are kind of like fighters, but not apricots yet, and how many of them there are mowed down, some Taliban know ...
    1. подводник
      подводник 15 October 2012 13: 28
      Sorry, I read the article again, the author already wrote about this!
  9. taseka
    taseka 15 October 2012 14: 04
    I regret not the Amerov soldiers (they knew where they were going) - I regret them mothers!
  10. alex popov
    alex popov 15 October 2012 14: 14
    Attention! You do not have permission to view hidden text.

    The layman, mb. and click. The most that will change is the percentage of blacks and Latinos to whites in the "democratizers". I read here plums from amerskih forums. There, such a thought slipped through that to experience happiness as part of the US Army or Nevy is preferable to being killed by a bullet or knife in the ghetto.
    1. Gavrilon
      Gavrilon 15 October 2012 15: 16
      In the US, a lot of internal problems !!! Therefore, the analogue of our explosives in the states is fully armed !!! Recently, there was infa on them. The internal slaughter in the states is very real. am
      1. alex popov
        alex popov 16 October 2012 15: 37
        The states have an "analogue of BB" - the National Guard ".)) Articles about how the police, NG and other law enforcement agencies are prepared for" internal unrest "in the network in bulk. This is not a bit of that. It's about what even if" the middle class man in the United States will wake up "and vote against the war with his feet, then there will be no radical change, since those who wish can always be in the nearest black or Latin ghetto, this time. And secondly, war is a business. As long as it is profitable. ..
        1. Gluxar
          Gluxar 16 October 2012 23: 00
          Who benefits from this business? Several private companies - yes, the government - no. the government pays for everything, current problems, including due to such wars. Recruiting Latinos and blacks is not a problem, the problem is to train and discipline them. A soldier is not a cigarette butt with a gun. The problem for the USA is precisely in the fact that specialists die there, the training of which takes years and millions of dollars. They are exchanged for shantrapu, but shantrapu is mowed in batches and overall losses increase. The more ignoramuses, the more losses. And the cost of the same outfit and insurance is the same for both the specialist and the bite.
  11. omsbon
    omsbon 15 October 2012 14: 36
    Lies are always and in everything!
    There is not a single historical event in which there are amers chewing gum, that there would not be a heap of trickery and lies!
  12. Che
    Che 15 October 2012 15: 08
    This is done according to the Goebbelsian principle, which at the time formed the basis for broadcasting “radio voices” (“Freedom”, “Voice of America”, etc.): whoever is the first to say something is free to interpret what is stated for an infinitely long time profitable.

    All current wars, the amers have covered on this principle. They had good teachers, however.
  13. Larus
    Larus 15 October 2012 15: 44
    The Amers took into account their "mistakes" with openness in Vietnam and since then there has been zero point of truth in their officialdom in all the conflicts they have created.
    1. alexng
      alexng 15 October 2012 16: 07
      Yeah. One write - ten went to mind, a little paraphrase Arkady Raikin.
  14. understudy
    understudy 15 October 2012 16: 02
    funerals are the worst weapon for a fully contracted army

    Special or accidentally ignored this significant phrase ... But many with foam at the mouth prove, or rather, try to prove that the contract army is the greatest good for the defense of the state and an absolute panacea in the fight against the insidious adversary. Naive people. Conscientiously mistaken chelas or just ... enemies. The one who has the prepared reserves wins.

    By the way, I will support the phrase of Brother Sarych that Afghanistan was conquered when a similar task was set. We did not have it.
    1. Bashkaus
      Bashkaus 15 October 2012 18: 27
      I do not agree with you a bit, the winner is not the one who has the prepared reserves, but the one who has the motivation.
      Here, the US Army mercenaries have a motivation for profit and money. While the enemy is weak, it works. And when they put on a hard typewriter between two bricks, you begin to think about something more sublime.
    2. Gluxar
      Gluxar 16 October 2012 23: 04
      Of course the contract army is bullshit. No one has ever denied this. It is effective enough to perform specialized tasks, but PMCs will cope even better.
  15. AleksUkr
    AleksUkr 15 October 2012 16: 39
    "" "" Afghan was conquered by many. Another thing is that Afghan practically never accepted the ideology of the conquerors. An exception was the case when the ideology of the Turanians was established in Afghanistan in the 8-9 centuries BC, on the basis of which the teachings of the Kalachakratantra originated here, and the adoption of Islam (in the western regions - voluntary) in the 8-10 centuries AD. " ""

    "" "" "" "Afghanistan is the center of Eurasia. The most delicious military base that all world invaders wish to acquire. Strategic directions in all directions. But Afghanistan is inhabited by a stubborn people in numbers almost the same as in Russia. Conquering like the Caucasus is impossible. There is no front, the entire population is warriors who hate the aliens, which cannot be killed and the mountains in which no one can be found. You can only fill this land with napalm, but no napalm is enough and no weapon. The people cannot be defeated. "" ""
    1. Gluxar
      Gluxar 16 October 2012 23: 06
      It’s very easy to smudge afghan. But a slightly different ideology is needed. And so give an order to use bacteriological weapons of a limited time period. 3 months and another half a year of work of punishers and afghan on your platter. Inhabit new people.
  16. Pilot200809
    Pilot200809 15 October 2012 17: 06
    No one seriously fought with mattress toppers. Game "Zarnitsa" with the Taliban. And the Taliban beat super warriors without much support, and the old warriors (Hekmatyar, Dustm, Rabbani, Masud's successor-Saleh) do not get into this fight. If you would climb, there was not enough transport for the mattress mats to take out the 200s. They would have been killed in two or three months.
    1. v53993
      v53993 15 October 2012 20: 26
      Contractors who are non-US citizens are more concerned about how to serve their time, to obtain citizenship and risk their lives in battle. Why do they need citizenship in a cemetery? Therefore, talking about the high morale of such warriors is inappropriate, and therefore about victory.
  17. Stone
    Stone 15 October 2012 20: 24
    All the efforts of the NATO states are aimed at weakening the influence of Russia in this region, so there is no reckoning with losses. Losses are big, what to expect? From the people who, in the tradition of giving birth to a boy, give Kalash!
  18. Comrade1945
    Comrade1945 15 October 2012 21: 05
    But our country needs to do what America once did to the Soviet Union: we will supply the Taliban with weapons fellow
  19. sense
    sense 16 October 2012 00: 56
    Dear friends!
    I speak here from our friends Alexei (spender), Omar (atatürk), (camilla) and (bachasta). My previous nickname is Apollo. Each time I ask, from the site administration, to unban my friends. Not for myself, but for friends. In the flood topic on the site, I repeatedly asked the site administration trying to figure out on what basis the above comrades were banned. The forum administration did not respond to The questions raised also banned me. The conclusion begs itself either the administration was afraid to answer, or there were no answers. The third is not given. Moreover, the forum administration is so intimidated that they instantly erase all my comments. I can make hundreds nudes of accounts, but I do not do this for that reason. that if I’m allowed to the forum, I’ll only speak under my previous account. This and the previous account are used by me only to bring the truth to you. the truth is never half-hearted or it is not there. And the “truth” on the forum consists in the following, freethinking is not encouraged here. Moreover, the administration can not be objected and criticized. God forbid, if any of you begin to be bold, they will not give you warnings, you will receive an ETERNAL BAN. Pay attention to the forum rules, they are blurred and vague , all this gives the forum administration, at its discretion, punish objectionable comrades. Which happened to me. I even proposed to submit members of the forum for discussion (to vote), our ban, the administration did not take this step either. I will explain why, but all because proposal for a ban, would not find support from members of the forum. Thank God that the forum has a lot of adequate. thinking and decent people. Once again, I want to emphasize that I’m not asking for myself, only for the indicated comrades. Until now I have lived without this forum and will live like this now. The only thing I regret is that I can’t communicate with you as before. This is my last appeal, addressed not to forum administration, and to YOU.
    Support together !!! Beat dear people !!!
    Thank you for reading my message to the end.
    1. sense
      sense 16 October 2012 01: 58
      PS few of you paid attention to the fact that there is a flood topic on the site, so that you have a complete picture of what is happening, on the main page in the forum section there is a flood topic on the site. Read pages 4.5,8,13,15, 20, XNUMX, XNUMX and XNUMX .. Apollo's comments .You will be clear.
  20. understudy
    understudy 16 October 2012 09: 08
    Quote: Comrade1945
    We will supply the Taliban with weapons

    Not the most successful proposal, the implementation of which will backfire in the future. "Taliban spirits" on the Afghan border will not calm down. And in order to "force them to peace" our help to the Central Asian "brothers" will be required. And not only weapons. So, the amers got bogged down, and we should watch from the outside.