Next year, military pensions will index twice.

Next year, military pensions will index twice.

In the near future, the government needs to decide on the indexation of the monetary allowance of the military.

In fact, their salary should grow by the percentage of projected inflation for the next year. These numbers will be called in the budget-2013. However, the Ministry of Finance asks the Cabinet of Ministers not to rush to make a decision. The fact is that under the new military-financial law, the increase in payments to servicemen was divided into two stages. The first one - since January of this year - has touched only the Armed Forces and the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. At the second stage - in January of 2013 - the salaries of servicemen from other ministries and departments will significantly increase. Immediately lay in their new salaries inflationary component is not accepted. Index the monetary allowance after its increase - too. Therefore, according to the Ministry of Finance, the soldiers and officers of the FSB, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the FSO, and some other structures will be in a disadvantaged position compared to their army and political colleagues. Hence the proposal to the government - to make simultaneous indexation of payments to all military men in 2014.

The desire of financiers to save state budget funds, especially when there are good reasons for this, is generally understandable. After a serious increase in the salaries of the Russian military beggars can not be called. And a temporary delay in the indexation of army salaries will not bring much damage to their wallet. Even departmental economists agree with this. The main thing, they say, is that this practice does not become the norm in settlements with servicemen.

But what about military pensioners, will they be paid for some payments next year? Financiers answer this question with a definite "yes". True, the scheme of increasing their pensions may be different. For example, for retirees, it directly depends on whether military salaries are indexed or not. It will be done, say, at 5 percent, which means that pension payments will be recalculated accordingly. No, it doesn't matter either. In this case, there is a presidential decree N 604 obliging the government to ensure that indexation of payments to retirees so that the annual cash supplement to their retirement benefit by 2 percent exceeds the figures for predicted inflation.

To implement the decree, a special mechanism has been developed. Even if military salaries do not increase, departmental pensions are calculated from the virtually increased allowances. With regard to the draft budget-2013, the growth of retirement payments must occur twice. Since January 1, pensioners will no longer be paid 54 percent of the base military salaries, as was the case this year, but 56. And since October, this figure should grow to 58,5 percent. What version of the indexation of the monetary allowance of military personnel and payments to military retirees will eventually be approved by the government will be known after the adoption of the 2013 budget.
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  1. +2
    October 15 2012
    Retired military personnel must be respected and not distorted, decrees are said to index the Ministry of Finance according to a given formula - let the point also work.
    1. Mikado
      October 15 2012
      This all comes from top management, who either do not understand the work of their subordinates, or deliberately speaks one thing to the camera in order to earn ratings, and perform another. Here again, they said to raise the allowance for the military, but what did they mean by the words "military"? All who serve in the Ministry of Defense or all who do military service, or all who do any service at all? They will say without specifics, sit and figure it out.
      1. 0
        October 15 2012
        Laughs the one who laughs last.
    2. 0
      October 15 2012
      No need to argue, saw off half of the stool for matches and everyone is happy and nose in tobacco, huh?
  2. +2
    October 15 2012
    Started Again! First they promise, then they look for reasons to cancel. What a mess! The financiers would have reduced themselves, then we'll see how they sing.
  3. 0
    October 15 2012
    I agree, raising pensions is a good thing, yaz! but many questions like what numbers! otherwise we’ll index it, and they’ll give a gulkin tail!
  4. 0
    October 15 2012
    "There is a decree of the President of the Russian Federation N 604, obliging the government to provide such an indexation of payments to retirees so that the annual monetary addition to their pension allowance is 2 percent higher than the projected inflation figures." The notorious 0.54 should become 1 in 23 years. Putin, however, once let slip that they may not increase the increase by 2%, exceeding inflation, but by 4%. But he probably already forgot about it. As for money for others, our rulers tend to lose memory. This should be done regardless of whether salaries have increased or not. Plus a% increase in salaries. And they stir up again. Let's look at the manifestation of another manifestation of the decency of our military-political leadership.
  5. and77287487
    October 16 2012
    Gentlemen, there is a catastrophic lack of money in the country! They are simply NOT! The Olympics and the growing appetites of the richer class, everyone knows where they will lead a great country! And what about raising pensions! In Russia, everything is growing, except for pensions and salaries. Pleasant expectations to everyone, and let them come true !!!

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