ATGM "Chrysanthemum-S" in the Special Operation


"Chrysanthemum-S" on the march, February 2022

Since the end of February, the Russian army and militia of the two republics have destroyed several thousand Ukrainian armored vehicles of various classes and types. Self-propelled anti-tank systems 9K123 Khrizantema-S and their crews take an active part in such forced demilitarization. Due to the high tactical and technical characteristics, such ATGMs are capable of hitting any samples of armored and automotive vehicles available in Ukraine.

Complexes in battle

The combat use of 9K123 anti-tank systems became known already in the first days of the Special Operation. At the end of February, footage with such equipment on the march and in firing positions appeared in the media. It was reported that "Chrysanthemum-S" in different areas identify and attack Tanks and other priority targets, thereby supporting the offensive.

Not so long ago, new videos of the work of Russian anti-tank systems and their calculations were published. A small video on this topic was shown on July 14 by the Kherson Herald telegram channel. Apparently, the video was filmed shortly before its publication in the region of Kherson. According to the caption to it, the development of the use of missiles against Ukrainian armored targets is shown.

Two Chrysanthemum-S self-propelled combat vehicles in position in the field got into the frame. One of them raises the launcher and prepares to fire. Its operator through the optical channel finds and takes on tracking a remote target. Then there is a launch, and the rocket flies into the distance. Unfortunately, the moment the missile hit the target and the hit/destruction of the latter are not shown.

However, the press, military correspondents, bloggers, etc. repeatedly showed Ukrainian armored vehicles knocked out by Russian anti-tank systems. Among the destroyed objects were the targets of the Khrizantema-S complexes. At the same time, the effect of armor penetration, internal damage and fire is almost always the same - the enemy combat vehicle adds to the list of losses.

ATGM on the defense of Kherson, July 2022

Missiles in service

The future self-propelled ATGM 9K123 "Chrysanthemum-S" was developed by the Kolomna Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering. The project started back in the mid-eighties and incorporated the newest ideas and developments at that time. Work progressed well, but at the end of the decade, their pace slowed down due to well-known political and economic factors.

It was only in the nineties that it was possible to start testing experimental complexes and missiles. The process of working off and fine-tuning also turned out to be slow. In addition, the main customer, represented by the Russian army, did not have the financial ability to take the new ATGM into service in the near future and order its mass production.

The situation changed only in the 9s. In the first half of the decade, the 123K2005 Khrizantema-S complex passed all the necessary tests, and in XNUMX it was put into service. The Ministry of Defense placed the first order for serial equipment. The production of machines and missiles was mastered at the KBM and the Saratov Aggregate Plant with the participation of a number of other enterprises.

Serial ATGM "Chrysanthemum-S" are supplied to the ground forces and coastal troops of the Navy. They are intended for anti-tank units of motorized rifle and tank formations. With the help of such complexes, high-quality reinforcement and fire support of other forces and means are provided.

In the recent past, the 9K123 complex has been developed. The improved ATGM 9K123-1 is distinguished by an expanded composition of self-propelled vehicles. New command vehicles have been developed, the crews of which must manage the work of entire units. This increases the efficiency of detection, distribution and destruction of targets.

Launcher in firing position

The main customer of the Khrizantema-S ATGM is the Russian army. In total, at least several dozen such products were delivered. Perhaps the number of complexes has already exceeded 100-120 units. Azerbaijan has become a major customer of such equipment in the recent past. His army acquired 35-37 ATGMs.

Technical advantages

9K123 Khrizantema-S is a self-propelled anti-tank system with guided missiles. The basic version of the complex is based on the 9P157 combat vehicle and 9M123 series missiles. A set of auxiliary tools for teaching calculations, servicing products, etc. is also provided.

The upgraded ATGM 9K123-1 includes a self-propelled launcher 9P157-2, as well as combat vehicles of platoon commanders and batteries 9P157-3 and 9P157-4, respectively. The platoon commander's vehicle has standard weapons and additional means of communication and control. Instead of missiles, the battery commander's car received advanced optics and unit controls.

All combat and command vehicles "Chrysanthemum-S" are built on the chassis of the BMP-3. Due to this, high running characteristics and cross-country ability are provided. In addition, the machines float and can carry out launches from the water. ATGMs can accompany motorized riflemen, and unification simplifies operation and maintenance.

To survey the terrain, search and track targets, the gunner uses optical and radar stations. The fire control system has automatic and semi-automatic modes of operation. In both cases, the electronics track the target and the missile, and also controls the flight of the latter. At the choice of the operator, guidance is carried out by radio command or by flying along a laser beam.

Target search via optical channel

The machine has a lifting launcher with mounts for two missiles in transport and launch containers. It is possible to use both ammunition at the same time, provided that it is aimed in different ways. Inside the hull there is a drum stack for 15 TPKs with missiles. Reloading and preparation for launch are carried out automatically.

The 9K123 ATGM includes 9M123 series missiles. These are approx. 2 m, caliber 152 mm, weight 46 kg. They are made in elongated hulls with folding rudders and stabilizers. A unified solid-propellant engine is used, providing a speed of up to 400 m / s and a flight range of up to 5-6 km, depending on the control method. The engine is located in the middle part of the hull, and the tail compartment is given over to the control equipment and the laser radiation receiver.

The base rocket 9M123 is equipped with a tandem cumulative warhead weighing 8 kg. Penetration - at least 1100 mm of homogeneous armor behind dynamic protection. Product 9M123F carries a thermobaric warhead of the same mass. With the help of such missiles, Khrizantema-S can hit a variety of targets: tanks and other armored vehicles, fortified buildings, manpower and aircraft at low altitudes.

Combat potential

"Chrysanthemum-S" in its original and modernized form has high tactical and technical characteristics and is an effective tool for combating a wide range of targets on the battlefield. The effectiveness of the combat work of this ATGM is determined by several main factors and their successful combination.

Combat and command vehicles are built on a common chassis, and unification with one of the main types of armored vehicles of the ground forces is ensured. Due to this, all 9K123 tools have high mobility and are protected from bullets or small-caliber projectiles, and are also easy to operate and maintain.

Launch 9М123

The 9M123 missiles have fairly high flight characteristics and carry effective warheads. So, a missile with armor-piercing equipment is able to cope with dynamic protection and break through the frontal barrier of even a modern tank. An 8-kg thermobaric charge is comparable in its parameters to artillery shells of 152 mm caliber.

In terms of flight range, 9M123 products are inferior to newer domestic developments. However, even 5-6 km is enough to hit targets in the proposed theaters. In addition, even such a range allows you to stay outside the zones of destruction of tanks and other armored vehicles of the enemy.

Of particular importance is the OMS with two target channels. The presence of an optical and radar station simplifies the detection of targets, regardless of the presence of interference. Two missile control options also increase resistance to various interference. In addition, the complex gets the opportunity to simultaneously fire two missiles and direct them through different channels.

Opportunities Used

In the current Special Operation, crews get the opportunity to fully use and realize all the capabilities of their anti-tank systems. "Chrysanthemum-S" escort, cover and support other armored vehicles or infantry. At the same time, it is possible to regularly hit enemy targets and help the general processes of its demilitarization.

The events of recent months generally confirm the high potential of anti-tank missile systems of various kinds and their need for troops. At the same time, Khrizantema-S demonstrates the capabilities of such systems on self-propelled armored chassis. Such a demonstration is successful and contributes to the achievement of the goals of the Special Operation.
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  1. -10
    25 July 2022 06: 13
    Now the couch generals, in discussions, will build weapons on the Chrysanthemum-S, up to the Terminator, and even more.
    1. +4
      25 July 2022 15: 25
      ... and build it;)

      Optics-camera on a periscopic retractable rod, I would make it mandatory for all "boxes". Plus a couple of all-round copters: one in the air, the other is charging on the "nest".
      1. +3
        25 July 2022 16: 58
        And the flag on the post, I'm HERE
        Let me explain, copters unmask the car, you can create a scheme, spotters with UAVs with data transfer
        1. +1
          25 July 2022 18: 50
          Quote: tarakan
          copters unmask the car,

          What is it like? The copter flies and transmits information, how does it differ from the UAV?
          I don’t know what you mean by unmasking a vehicle, but every vehicle doesn’t need copters, but command vehicles are needed to detect targets, while the rest receive target designation from the command vehicle.
          1. +2
            25 July 2022 21: 06
            The copter has a small radius of work, where it buzzes, there is a "shaitan machine" and what for is a chrysanthemum commander's car?
            Received the CLU from the infantry, aviation, "mushroom pickers"
            Moved forward, worked and with ..... sya. The less you shine, the more you live
            1. +1
              25 July 2022 21: 26
              Have you read the article?
              The upgraded ATGM 9K123-1 includes a self-propelled launcher 9P157-2, as well as combat vehicles of platoon commanders and batteries 9P157-3 and 9P157-4, respectively. The platoon commander's vehicle has standard weapons and additional means of communication and control. Instead of missiles, the battery commander's car received advanced optics and unit controls.
          2. +1
            31 July 2022 20: 33
            They can calculate a place for landing a copter. there are special equipment .. And then mines fly there.
            1. 0
              14 September 2022 11: 47
              It is possible to calculate, but it is problematic to CALCULATE. How? millimeter wave radar? Try such detectives in ukrovoysks! And through binoculars, only approximately the coordinates can be determined
              1. 0
                14 September 2022 20: 58
                Read the Internet, if so smart. Cases of calculation and suppression by mortar fire too.
                1. -1
                  15 September 2022 10: 53
                  Why put a copter in your location? He landed in a few hundred meters from their positions, took them away, and left until they fired
                  1. 0
                    15 September 2022 16: 03
                    And you are funny. wink
                    1. 0
                      16 September 2022 09: 06
                      What is funny? And what surprised me so much, since I received such a short commentary? By the way, spelling asships always look funny
              2. 0
                14 October 2022 00: 29
                And through the compass, the coordinates are calculated exactly. Even more precisely - a rangefinder, stereo, laser. There is also a conjugated NP, etc. Arta knows his business even without UAVs.
        2. 0
          26 August 2022 23: 46
          Soon there will be HUNDREDS of them over the battlefield - you can figure out where, whose and whom he "unmasks". A simple fighter will have 6 pieces in the directions and one on top.

          The war goes to cyber-piece of iron battles, where people will "play" with them.

          This does not contradict the fact that a serious war will have to end with stones and sticks.
        3. 0
          14 September 2022 11: 45
          Watching how to launch the copter! Why shoot it vertically up? You can fly off along the ground for several hundred meters, and then lift it up. There is a variant of an aircraft UAV - similarly: you fly away from the carrier, and then up
      2. +2
        25 July 2022 22: 04
        Camera optics on a periscopic retractable rod, I would make it mandatory for all "boxes"

        For sailors, it is called in a simple word - periscope.
        1. +1
          27 July 2022 22: 12
          And, let there be a periscope - formerly optical, now digital - the essence is clear to everyone. If from a thin, inconspicuous "stick" with a camera you can see from 10-15m what is not visible from 3 meters, this is necessary.

          Buzz at the adversary should always be "in both ears." Here is the idea! Irradiate the adversary CONSTANTLY with a sound frequency that imitates a copter. Let it go crazy ;)
          1. 0
            14 September 2022 11: 49
            Yeah, and for such irradiation to fit giant machines that will be destroyed by the very first cannon of the enemy. Although the idea is cool)) You can come up with buzzing and whistling shells)))
            1. 0
              14 October 2022 00: 35
              Tried. The floor of the razor blade is clamped under the fuse. Howls all around laughing
              1. 0
                14 October 2022 17: 20
                And what, the razor even drowns out the sounds of shooting?
                In general, the idea of ​​​​sonic weapons in the early and middle of the twentieth century was very popular. But for some reason no one did. And everything they did was cumbersome
                1. 0
                  14 October 2022 19: 53
                  Shot just a second, and the projectile flies and howls from 10 seconds to a minute. And flies before the sound of the shot.
        2. 0
          31 July 2022 20: 36
          He's not a sailor, so he's not talking about perescoping. I, too, immediately visited the same thought as his. On the bar to place optics and a laser and the ability to rise to the level of missiles. this will allow you to work from behind cover.
          1. 0
            14 September 2022 11: 51
            Yeah, and immediately on the equipment on the bar with any binoculars you will see where to shoot. And the laser will also give target designation for shooting
            1. 0
              14 September 2022 21: 00
              Don't be fooled. Big-eyed you are ours. visibility through 8x binoculars is not that great, at a distance of 4-5 km.
              1. 0
                15 September 2022 10: 29
                In addition to binoculars, there are many other observation devices. In any case, something sticking out, and even with equipment on it, will be noticeable. This is not a telescopic antenna! And if it is 10-15 m high, this is definitely not a surf stick, but a rather solid structure (otherwise the first gust of wind will break it), which will definitely be noticeable. And it will not work to remove it quickly during the shelling. Rather, it will work, similar to a helmet on a bayonet to detect snipers))
                1. 0
                  15 September 2022 16: 05
                  Don't believe in fairy tales. I hope you are already an adult.
          2. 0
            11 October 2022 12: 44
            This is what Germany did .. back in the 80s.
            They had an ATGM project with a lifting platform on a rod.
      3. -5
        26 July 2022 00: 46
        a couple of copters? .. for a start it would be nice to learn how to produce these same copters ..
      4. 0
        2 August 2022 11: 20
        This is asked for every tank and self-propelled guns .. But they will say it is expensive and difficult, although by the end of the SVO everyone will agree with this ..
      5. 0
        26 August 2022 20: 57
        in Germany in the 80s this device was developed.
        1. 0
          14 October 2022 17: 18
          Already developed. At the last Eurosatory exhibition, a new German Panther with an onboard copter is presented (I don’t remember exactly, maybe even with two)
  2. +6
    25 July 2022 06: 46
    The technology seems to be good. True, not a word about losses, but this is an important indicator and confuses the number. For a serious war, apparently, a hundred pieces will not do.
    1. -4
      25 July 2022 07: 53
      Quote: Ros 56
      For a serious war, apparently, we can’t get by with a hundred pieces

      For a serious war, "Chrysanthemum" is already outdated ...!
      1. -1
        25 July 2022 10: 58
        Well, so, something better ground-based yet. Well, except for the wunderwaffle
      2. +3
        25 July 2022 14: 44
        Excuse me, from what realities did you write such nonsense?
      3. +5
        25 July 2022 15: 29
        ... anything is better than a calculation with half a dozen anti-tank systems on quadric buggies or a jihad mobile ... Still "goose" can dig through the swamps, and "wheels" - only a detour ...
    2. -6
      25 July 2022 07: 57
      The technology seems to be good. True, not a word about losses, but this is an important indicator and confuses the number. For a serious war, apparently, a hundred pieces will not do.

      What a hundred of them are in service with 28 pieces, of which it is good if half participates in the NWO, hence there are no losses, that the beast is the rarest
      1. +6
        25 July 2022 08: 43
        According to Khramchikhin more -
        As for Chrysanthemum-S, approximately 60 of these vehicles are in service with the 2nd Motorized Rifle (Taman) Division of the Western Military District (ZVO), the 8th Artillery Regiment of the South Military District (deployed in Crimea) and two artillery brigades: the 291st South Military District (Ingushetia) ) and the 120th Central Military District (Yurga, Kemerovo Region).
        And this man answered me - I don’t know where you got the yurga and Taman. But in fact they are in Ingushetia, Crimea, and recently they were delivered to Kaliningrad. Everything. This is in addition to foreign users.
        There were also plans for Buryatia
        This information is from a year ago.
        1. -3
          25 July 2022 09: 29
          According to Khramchikhin more -

          Yes, there are probably 2500 thousand armats in service
          This is in addition to foreign users

          And what about foreign users?
          1. 0
            25 July 2022 10: 12
            And what about foreign users?
            Because it's a quote.
            That is, Ingushetia, Crimea and Kaliningrad - there are for sure, but I don’t know what is there with Buryatia and 2msd.
        2. +1
          25 July 2022 12: 38
          Plus Korenovka is also a new division.
      2. 0
        25 July 2022 17: 55
        More 28
        Wikipedia knows everything
        There, the calibers flew 500 km, yeah
        1. 0
          14 October 2022 00: 39
          They represented the R-500 from Iskander-K for a short range. Trump was offended and tore up the INF Treaty.
    3. +1
      25 July 2022 12: 41
      I can tell you the exact numbers, and also the fact that our own units and the DPR tried 74%. And laughter and sin
    4. -10
      25 July 2022 13: 54
      Quote: Ros 56
      The technology seems to be good.

      Unparalleled in the world (barely wrote wassat ). Single shot, manual reload wassat hi
  3. -14
    25 July 2022 08: 07
    But how is she protected from Javelin?
    if she sees the enemy, then he is her!
    aiming at the object occurs optically? - there is no network-centric association with UAVs, and the range of anti-tank systems is not over-the-horizon.
    Why such a machine of the RF Armed Forces?
    What tasks can she solve, even in the NWO?
    1. 0
      25 July 2022 08: 12
      Why such a machine of the RF Armed Forces?
      What tasks can she solve, even in the NWO?

      And which one is needed, a T62 tank? wink
    2. +6
      25 July 2022 10: 24
      But how is she protected from Javelin?
      better than Javelin from Chrysanthemum (although they were not created for dueling situations).
      if she sees the enemy, then he is her!
      where such a deep conclusion?
      aiming at the object occurs optically?
      yeah, and also on mm-radar
      Another significant innovation, also designed to increase the effectiveness of the combat use of the Khrizantema-S anti-tank systems, was the introduction of a set of control automation equipment (KSAU) by anti-tank formations into the combat vehicle. Due to this, the updated BM 9P157 received modern means of communication, an integrated navigation and orientation system - inertial and satellite, as well as means for receiving target designations from the battery commander's vehicle, their automatic testing, displaying the tactical situation on an electronic map of the area and receiving combat orders and instructions. KSAU was developed by JSC "STC" Rubin "(Penza).
      So there is a KSAU, but nothing is said about pairing with a UAV - neither yes nor no.
      What tasks can she solve, even in the NWO?
      Designed to destroy tanks (including those equipped with dynamic protection), infantry fighting vehicles and other lightly armored targets, engineering and fortifications, surface targets, low-speed air targets, manpower (including in shelters and in open areas)
      And yet, it can really amaze
    3. +6
      25 July 2022 11: 01
      But how is she protected from Javelin?

      In! Woke up! Javelin has already been removed from the list of prodigy laughing
    4. +7
      25 July 2022 14: 49
      And here you have a logical question. Javelin is not the fact that he sees. For a double-barreled gun and optical and radar guidance means are located above the body of the machine. Well, and if you really need to zankatsya, then Chrysanthemum can raise one shot to a height of 2,5 meters and also raise the radar.
      What are the tasks? The Chrysanthemum missile destroys any target in the military theater of the NWO. Only it is used targeted, since Cornet is enough for the eyes. Here the Polish tvards will arrive with new armor and the SLA, then the Chrysanthemums will start shooting. Against the Chrysanthemum missile, the DZ is useless.
    5. +3
      25 July 2022 15: 43
      ... so as not to walk with ATGMs. Yes, at the age of 20 you can also use an “elephant” on a hump, but at 50+ it’s better to drive up;)

      Even today it is better to go on the attack on a T60 tankette than on foot.

      The adversary must still have a Javelin, plus he must be able to use it, charge the battery, etc.
      1. +1
        14 September 2022 11: 54
        Yeah, on the T-60 ... before the first machine gun
    6. 0
      25 July 2022 17: 56
      Javelin will not finish
    7. 0
      31 July 2022 20: 42
      Just the javelinist may not see her, since she works at 5-6 km., And the javelinist at such a distance even knowing that she will not reach there with his 2.5km range.
  4. -5
    25 July 2022 10: 10
    The car is good. But she will have to be removed from the army, to remove herbs.
    There is a Cornet. Hermes will be here soon. Everything else is from the evil one, and lobbying the manufacturer.
    1. +6
      25 July 2022 11: 03
      The most powerful, as far as I understand, ground-based missile. Similar only carry helicopters. No portable competitors
      1. +2
        25 July 2022 11: 22
        Quote: Bobik012
        No portable competitors

        There is a Cornet-T. Essentially an analogue of Chrysanthemum. Very similar platforms with similar missiles. Chrysanthemum has the advantage of radar guidance. How much it is really in demand - there is no information.
        1. +3
          25 July 2022 15: 49
          from practice. A weak civilian radar in fog and pitch snowstorm is a thing! With an optical visibility of 15-20m on the road, you can clearly see the oncoming lane and a hitch up to 1km on the screen.

          The military, I think, is a bit better;) And no one canceled fogs, snowstorms, dust and smoke screens in hostilities.
          1. 0
            25 July 2022 19: 06
            Quote: Bayun
            A weak civilian radar in fog and pitch snowstorm is a thing!

            What is a locator?
            1. 0
              31 July 2022 20: 44
              They put on cool cars for auto-braking and maintaining distance when driving on cruise control.
        2. 0
          25 July 2022 21: 41
          Cornet-T. Essentially an analogue of Chrysanthemum

          I immediately remembered the anecdote about the Armenian radio "Is it true that citizen Sargsyan won a hundred thousand in the lottery ..."
          Cornet and Chrysanthemum have a similar chassis only. Everything else is completely different. Well, where do you get such literacy!?
          1. 0
            25 July 2022 21: 45
            Quote: Bobik012
            Cornet and Chrysanthemum have a similar chassis only. Everything else is completely different.

            Tell us how the rest differs from the word completely. I will read with interest.
            1. 0
              25 July 2022 21: 49
              To begin with, increase your general level of education. I'm afraid you will be very confused. It seems to me that the characteristics of both are in the public domain. Or can't you read? And what outsiders are not supposed to know, I wouldn’t even know
              1. 0
                25 July 2022 22: 32
                Quote: Bobik012
                It seems to me that the characteristics of both are in the public domain.

                The answer is clear, thanks.
                1. -3
                  25 July 2022 23: 50
                  To health. Primer to help you
                  1. +1
                    26 July 2022 00: 01
                    Quote: Bobik012
                    To health. Primer to help you

                    I see that your education surpasses even your erudition.
        3. 0
          16 October 2022 14: 12
          Quote: DenVB
          How much it is really in demand - there is no information.

          The radar does not allow the target to take cover behind a smoke screen.
      2. -7
        25 July 2022 11: 28
        And excuse me, why keep another type of anti-tank systems? For power? There is an Attack, there is a Whirlwind, Hermes is on the way. For the sake of radar guidance?
        Actually, because of such fanaticism, we will never leave diversity in the Armed Forces along the way. We will make infantry fighting vehicles instead of normal infantry fighting vehicles, we will produce 3-4-5 types of anti-tank systems, we will produce Buk M3 and S-350, Tor and Shell.
        1. +4
          25 July 2022 12: 20
          Radar guidance is a big trump card, it greatly simplifies the search for a target. Cornet is not lying around
        2. 0
          25 July 2022 21: 44
          There is an Attack, there is a Whirlwind, Hermes is on the way
          Sir! Your attempt to show your own erudition clearly demonstrates complete incompetence.
  5. +4
    25 July 2022 10: 18
    It's good that they managed to replace the Ukrainian manufacturer of the optical sighting system, now it turned out to be VERY important
    1. +2
      25 July 2022 17: 31
      In Sarov, I somehow saw the result of Chrysanthemum hitting homogeneous armor 1000 mm thick. Very impressive. The hole in the armor really looks like a chrysanthemum. It was impossible to take pictures, of course.
  6. -4
    25 July 2022 10: 42
    Azerbaijan has become a major customer of such equipment in the recent past. His army acquired 35-37 ATGMs.
    Given the current experience, no matter how we have to wash ourselves with tears, or something more serious. In future... . sad
  7. 0
    25 July 2022 12: 19
    A completely horse racket, and even with radar guidance. Only the mark on the screen is visible
  8. +3
    25 July 2022 12: 45
    Somehow the title of the article does not match the text.
    Where is the description of combat use?
  9. +1
    25 July 2022 12: 58
    I wonder how useful a target detection radar is in real conditions?
    1. 0
      25 July 2022 15: 53
      Inspired offtopic: "very useful, but very expensive. That's why it's expensive because it's useful" (C).
    2. +1
      26 July 2022 13: 22
      Look at the Military Acceptance, there is a series about Chrysanthemum. Strong smoke, fog, rain, i.e. everything that does not allow the use of a laser beam to illuminate a target is more than compensated by the radar.
  10. -1
    25 July 2022 15: 00
    "Successful demilitarization", meanwhile, has been going on for 5 months.
    1. 0
      25 July 2022 15: 28
      There is an opportunity to speed up, "did you sign up as a volunteer?"
      1. 0
        25 July 2022 16: 01
        There is an opportunity to speed up, "did you sign up as a volunteer?"

        In urya-troops on this site how are you? feel
      2. -6
        26 July 2022 13: 21
        So why aren't they speeding up?
        "Did you sign up as a volunteer?" - I am for peace, the war must end even today.
        PS Do you write from the Kherson trenches yourself?
        1. +1
          27 July 2022 13: 19
          end on what terms?
          1. -3
            27 July 2022 14: 50
            Great question. And what are the goals of the "special operation"? Those. What did we want to achieve by starting it?
            1. +2
              27 July 2022 15: 10
              defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, recognition of Crimea and Donbass by Kyiv
              1. -4
                27 July 2022 20: 06
                Well, in my opinion, these are impossible goals. More likely, kmk, may be the announcement of a truce and a further transition to something like what was agreed in Istanbul. With further discussion of the status of Donbass and Crimea.
                Actually, recognition by Kyiv (renunciation of claims to) Crimea and Donbass is possible only as a result of the defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. If you consider such a defeat possible, then, if not difficult, in what time frame?
                1. -1
                  28 July 2022 05: 29
                  there is a defeat of the combat-ready part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the defense is not an army, let there be 500 thousand of them, this will not affect anything
                  1. 0
                    28 July 2022 09: 12
                    So, i.e. we already won, it turns out. It remains only to wait for our recognition of the Crimea with the Donbass. And when will this happen?
                    1. 0
                      28 July 2022 09: 25
                      the final victory is far away, the Donbass will enter the Russian Federation when the Donetsk region is completely cleaned up, Kherson and Zaporozhye will not be included in the Russian Federation yet
                      1. -3
                        28 July 2022 10: 43
                        No, Anastasia, I don't see the logic. If you claim that you are completely defeated and the defense is worthless, then why can’t the million-strong Russian army force Ukraine to peace and force it to sign peace on favorable terms for the Russian Federation? What prevents us from occupying Kyiv and beyond, up to Lvov? What prevents overthrowing the Kyiv regime, holding "elections", after which the new government will sign everything we need?
                        "The final victory is far away" - yes, really. We have been fighting for 5 months already, "far" is how many more months / years?)
                      2. +1
                        28 July 2022 11: 51
                        what is the millionth? about 250 thousand in total are fighting and this is with the LDNR, and they are not in a hurry because there are not enough personnel in all directions and they don’t want to suffer heavy losses, it’s easier to grind everything in the steppe in the Donbass than to storm cities of millions
                      3. -2
                        28 July 2022 13: 06
                        Millionth - in the state. 250k fights - ok, I do not argue.
                        There is not enough personnel - this is how one should have thought about it before starting the war. If you didn’t think before, then now you need to increase the number. Or is there no such possibility, and 250k is all that Russia is capable of today?
                        They don't want to take losses - what are the losses if the APU in your metaverse has already been defeated? The enemy army is defeated, who is stopping you from taking the capital?)
                        For the nth time I ask: how long do you consider victory acceptable?
                      4. 0
                        28 July 2022 13: 11
                        200k is almost all the ground forces, from the strength they can still 150k, this is the limit, 250k is all that the Russian Federation can do without mobilization, in what time? somewhere until next spring, we'll see
                      5. 0
                        28 July 2022 15: 33
                        Well, wait, I have no more questions.
      3. 0
        28 July 2022 15: 47
        There would be a normal theory adjusted to this "svo" with clear goals and specific plans from those who want to end the night. And voluntarily participate in a booth where the president demilitarizes, the Foreign Ministry protects the Donbas, and I arrange goodwill gestures, no thanks
    2. -1
      25 July 2022 18: 03
      How much do you need and how?
  11. -1
    19 September 2022 07: 41
    Actually, initially Chrysanthemum had an ATGM radar guidance channel. This was the main difference and advantage of this complex - the possibility of firing in low visibility conditions. But now the radar antennas on the body, no, the Soviet galoshes are over, and effective managers have optimized the car by throwing out the radar as unnecessary.
  12. 0
    16 October 2022 15: 10
    Nevertheless, the Chrysanthemum in the SVO is a piece goods. On the frames, mainly Assaults are "highlighted", and not even S.
  13. 0
    17 October 2022 13: 32
    And what is the fate of Cornet-D, which are on the Tigers? Nothing is heard about them.

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