Danish armored personnel carriers M113G3DK for the Ukrainian army

Danish armored personnel carriers M113G3DK for the Ukrainian army

Former Danish M113G3DK in Ukraine

Foreign countries continue to supply Ukraine with obsolete armored vehicles. Recently, another batch of such military-technical assistance arrived from Denmark. This country decided to write off and transfer to the "partners" more than fifty old M113G3DK armored personnel carriers. Such equipment has only recently reached the Ukrainian units, but its future is already clear.

After a long wait

Back in February-March, the Danish leadership indicated its readiness to help the Kyiv regime with arms supplies. In the same period, the preparation of the first batches of military cargo for shipment began. At the same time, the possibility of transferring military equipment did not rise until a certain time. Probably Denmark was trying to assess the situation and determine the need for such a step.

This topic was seriously discussed only by mid-April. Then it became known that the Danish army could ship a certain number of M113 and Piranha III armored personnel carriers to Ukrainian partners from the availability of parts or from storage. In addition, it was proposed to transfer a variety of weapons and ammunition for them.

The exact timing of the delivery of equipment did not begin to be called. The Danish Ministry of Defense had to study the available armored personnel carriers and determine how much such equipment could be written off without harming its army. In addition, in the case of Piranhas, permission was required for re-export from the country of origin - Switzerland. The Danish-Swiss negotiations lasted several weeks and ended predictably. Switzerland forbade giving Ukraine its armored vehicles.

Against the background of these events, preparations for the existing M113 armored personnel carriers continued. The Danish Ministry of Defense has determined that 54 armored personnel carriers of the M113G3DK and M113G4DK modifications can be included in the next aid package. Deliveries were supposed to begin soon, but the exact date was not reported.

APC at the recipient

Now it is known that deliveries have already begun, and Ukrainian formations are mastering foreign armored personnel carriers. A few days ago, a video appeared on social networks showing an armored car somewhere in Ukraine. The M113G3DK EXT armored personnel carrier with additional armor and an elongated hull, which received an additional road wheel, got into the frame. At the same time, the landing party does not use such advantages and rides on the roof of the car.

How many of the promised M113G3DK and M113G4DK have already arrived in Ukraine is unknown. However, the size of such assistance suggests that its transfer and transport will not take much time. However, you can also lose all this equipment very quickly.

It is curious that the old American armored personnel carrier M113 is gradually becoming one of the most massive models of armored vehicles in the Ukrainian army. So, back in April, the United States promised to transfer 200 such machines to Kyiv. Shortly thereafter, 20 armored personnel carriers were donated by Lithuania, 15 arrived from Portugal, and Australia sent 14 units. In addition, an unknown number of their YPR-756s were transferred by the Netherlands. Together with a new batch of Danish armored personnel carriers, the total number of M113s of all modifications and versions will exceed 300-320 units.

Danish variant

It is known that all M113s transferred to Ukraine are very old, and the Danish M113G3DK or M113G4DK are no exception. Their actual age is in the range of 50-60 years, which imposes certain limitations. The situation does not change even numerous repairs and upgrades of past years.

M113 of the Danish army in the museum

Denmark at one time became one of the first foreign buyers of the latest American armored personnel carriers. In 1962-64. she received several hundred M113 vehicles in several modifications. These were armored personnel carriers, command vehicles, self-propelled mortars, etc. Since 1967, equipment has been purchased on the updated M113A1 platform with a different power plant. Later, during scheduled repairs, all existing armored personnel carriers and unified vehicles were brought to the state of "A1".

In 1995, the Danish Ministry of Defense launched a competition for overhaul and deep modernization of available equipment. It was necessary to replace the power plant, upgrade the chassis, enhance protection, etc. The best project was proposed by the German company Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft (FFG). This variant of the armored personnel carrier received the designation M113G3DK.

Modernization of cash M113A1 under the new project M113G3DK began in 1996-97. During the first stage, completed by the end of the decade, 97 vehicles from the rapid response units were updated. In the first half of the 257s, another 113 units were passed through repairs and modernization. As a result, all existing MXNUMXs were upgraded.

At the end of the 113s, FFG developed a new project, the M4G3DK. It was similar to the previous "GXNUMXDK", but included the replacement of some units and the installation of new systems. However, no fundamental changes were introduced.

According to known data, until recently, the Danish army had approx. 170 M113G3DK vehicles of all versions and up to 65 updated M113G4DK. To provide assistance to Ukraine, this fleet is being reduced by 54 units, and older cars with a three in the index are being written off.

M113G3DK on exercises. In the foreground is an extended version of EXT

Technical features

The M113G3DK project provided for the preservation of the existing aluminum armored hull. To increase the level of ballistic and mine protection, it was supplemented with overhead steel parts of the system on the forehead, sides and bottom. A block of smoke grenade launchers appeared on the forehead of the hull. Due to the additional armor, the car became heavier up to 15 tons. The G3DK EXT variant provided for a 600 mm extension of the hull with the installation of an additional pair of road wheels. Due to this, the usable volume of the hull and the number of places for landing were increased.

The standard engine and transmission were replaced with a new single power unit with the ability to quickly replace in the field. The block was made on the basis of the MTU 6V 183 TC22 diesel engine with an HP 300 power. and ZF LSG 1000 transmissions. We introduced a new control and braking system, which increased driving safety. We also developed a reinforced undercarriage that is as similar as possible to the original one. New tracks were attached to it.

When the M113A1 was rebuilt into the M113G3DK, the troop compartment was not redesigned. Armament and means of communication remained the same. The modernization of special modifications of the armored personnel carrier was carried out according to the same principle and affected only the protection, the power plant and some on-board systems.

The next project, the M113G4DK, offered a number of smaller upgrades. So, a new anti-mine protection appeared on the bottom, the metal caterpillar from the G3DK project was replaced with rubber, new crew and landing seats were introduced, etc. Such modernization improved protection against explosive devices, while the rest of the performance characteristics remained at the same level.

Obvious prospects

The prospects for the M113G3DK armored personnel carriers transferred by Denmark to Ukraine are generally predictable. This technique will not give the Ukrainian army any advantages and will be exposed to known risks. In this regard, Danish armored personnel carriers differ little from other foreign equipment supplied to Ukraine.

Armored personnel carrier with hulls of different lengths

First of all, the problem is the small amount of transferred equipment. Since February, the Ukrainian army has lost more than 4 thousand armored vehicles of all classes, and most of them are protected vehicles for infantry. 54 Danish armored personnel carriers or even more than 300 M113s from all countries will not be able to compensate for such losses. At the same time, M113s of all modifications are also being gradually destroyed.

Technically, Danish armored personnel carriers are minimally different from other M113s. Despite the installation of additional protection, they are vulnerable to any anti-tank weapons, small-caliber artillery, aviation means of destruction, etc. There is practically nothing to answer them with - machine guns of normal or rifle caliber are no longer a worthy means of protection.

familiar story

Thus, once again one can observe an already familiar situation with a well-known outcome. A foreign country, after a long preparation, nevertheless allocated a limited amount of old armored vehicles to Ukraine. At the same time, obsolete combat vehicles have minimal value and are at increased risk. And in the foreseeable future they will be destroyed or taken as trophies.

However, the equipment leaves Denmark and goes to the war zone, where a natural and predictable ending awaits it. However, the further fate of armored personnel carriers, their crews and troops is no longer of interest to the Danish leadership. By sacrificing old machines, it solves its tasks of a military and political nature. Like other countries sending weapon and technology to the Kyiv regime.
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  1. Cat
    12 July 2022 04: 21
    Ukrainians, like other rural Papuans, tend to create cargo cults. For some reason, they believe that the weapons of the great white sahibs are capable of winning by themselves, even if they are molded from Mr. and sticks. Why is the M113 better than the BMP-1 or BTR-70, I personally don’t understand request
    1. +8
      12 July 2022 04: 33
      It’s better that when there is no infantry fighting vehicle or armored personnel carrier, then how to fight with small arms and such equipment will do.

      If scanty and peaceful Denmark can afford to supply Ukrainians with fifty armored personnel carriers, then other countries will be able to supply hundreds and thousands. In reality, there is a war going on with the entire West plus their allies. This is 60% of world GDP. Will they definitely run out of weapons earlier than Russia?
      1. -2
        13 July 2022 01: 30
        Or maybe someone will finally tell me where these other countries will get all these hundreds and thousands of armored personnel carriers ?? For all these months, none of them even blurted out that in a couple of months we will launch conveyors at full capacity and the equipment will go in hundreds of pieces a month. Such a question is not even raised, absolutely all deliveries are junk out of stock with an incomprehensible resource and equipment.

        There, Ukraine's weapons were, as it were, comparable to what the whole of Europe had together.
      2. 0
        20 August 2022 19: 32
        We are told that it is over. In any case, they will not give them anything relevant in significant quantities, only decommissioned trash. Even if a relatively modern one is being transmitted, how many MLRS installations (M270 and M142) have been transferred? 12 + 16 like? And half of them have already been destroyed. It's not even funny. A certain expert Oleg Zhdanov estimates the need for MLRS installations for Ukraine at 70 pieces. (team). This is despite the fact that Ukraine had more than 400 of them, and the Russian Federation had more than 3600 of them with a much wider range.
    2. -1
      12 July 2022 11: 27
      A closet and a good target, instead of a tractor, it will do.
    3. +1
      12 July 2022 14: 44
      The fact that he is, and on the go.
  2. +1
    12 July 2022 05: 38
    Cunning bastards. They dump junk, relieving themselves of the responsibility for storage and disposal. It's just cheaper to give away.
    1. +2
      12 July 2022 09: 32
      As I expected, some of the captured samples of Ukrainian equipment are already in Kubinka ..

  3. 0
    12 July 2022 05: 43
    so it was asked for on the tongue -
    Hamlet - APC Danish
  4. +4
    12 July 2022 06: 14
    Yes, the equipment is old, but it does its job thereby creating additional difficulties for our troops. All arms suppliers need to impose restrictions in all areas. Our sworn partners have already thrown weapons into the inside, there would not be half of these deliveries, who knows where the line would go front.
    1. -1
      12 July 2022 09: 35
      Rather, it creates difficulties for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, here you can’t load our cartridges, it eats fuel like a horse, and it’s getting smaller, and it’s expensive, there are no spare parts, but it’s worn out to the limit, the dimensions are huge. One RPG hit and a bunch of corpses.
    2. 0
      13 July 2022 01: 31
      Yes, about the same place, maybe 10 kilometers to the west.
    3. 0
      14 July 2022 23: 47
      Can i ask you ? Are you personally connected with production or with the organization thereof? ... I would like to understand your confidence. before that, no way, but now they say how "we will give the country coal"
  5. +1
    12 July 2022 07: 51
    it’s not clear, but what if we are “stupid” to take and destroy the logistics of supplying these and other armored vehicles? we will surely save more than one life of our soldiers
    1. 0
      12 July 2022 09: 26
      But what if we are "stupid" to take and destroy the logistics of deliveries of these and other armored vehicles?
      Great idea, can you suggest a way to do this.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. 0
        13 July 2022 07: 00
        Bomb bridges across the Dnieper, railway junctions, etc.
        1. 0
          13 July 2022 07: 16
          Is it to bomb? If you can think of destroying it with missiles through the Dnieper, then the railway nodes must be hammered in.
    2. -2
      13 July 2022 11: 55
      Personally go to the front and stop
  6. -4
    12 July 2022 09: 33
    An ordinary ancient vehicle for transporting infantry with worn out entrails, while eating a bunch of fuel scarce for Ukraine, useless in battle and expensive to maintain. The usual disposal of scrap metal that littered Danish soil.
    I don’t understand at all how the Armed Forces of Ukraine can still fight with such a motley scrap metal, you will immediately go crazy with logistics. 90 percent will break, half will go to spare parts, cartridges and shells are not interchangeable.
    1. +6
      12 July 2022 18: 55
      But who argues?! No brainer that in KAMAZ with an awning is much safer.
      1. -2
        13 July 2022 08: 19
        You won't believe it, but yes. An RPG hitting an armored vehicle can lead to the death of everyone who is there, but there are no consequences at all in the Kamaz tent, well, maybe shell shock. The same with mines. The task of the vehicle is to deliver the soldiers and that’s all, the armored personnel carrier does the same, what difference does it make for anti-tank weapons, are you covered with centimeter armor or not?
        1. +2
          13 July 2022 09: 06
          And the line of automatic weapons?
          1. 0
            14 July 2022 12: 37
            If you get to an automatic weapon, then you will also get a shot from a grenade launcher, which is why soldiers in Afghanistan are still riding on top of their armor, as this gives a chance to survive when ambushed, including dismounting speed. Automatic weapons are not so creepy, bullets do not lie down like in a movie in a straight line. Choose: guaranteed to die inside when hit by a grenade launcher or ATGM, or have a chance to stay alive?
        2. 0
          14 July 2022 23: 48
          You tell these nonsense .. to children. Maybe someone will believe
  7. +2
    12 July 2022 10: 03
    By sacrificing old machines, it solves its tasks of a military and political nature. As well as other countries that send weapons and equipment to the Kyiv regime.
    Yes, nothing personal, just business, just to get rid of junk and even get money.
  8. +7
    12 July 2022 10: 29
    The article is harmful. A weapon is always a weapon. Traveling in a booked vehicle is better than traveling in the back of a truck. These weapons are free and available, which means they have an impact on the conflict. And it will not be used in a long period of time and the issue of long service is not worth it.
    A problem for military logistics, because of the zoo of technology - yes. But in the Russian army, the situation is the same!
  9. -1
    12 July 2022 10: 48
    The decommissioned r from all over the world flows into Ukraine. And the real cost of equipment is put on Ukraine’s account. I think for another 200 years the rest of the country will have to pay for help.
  10. +6
    12 July 2022 10: 57
    Cyril, stop using the obsolete word as a mantra. Don't compromise the resource.

    BTR-70/80 are very much the same age as these armored personnel carriers. And these armored personnel carriers are now using the RF Armed Forces with might and main.

    M113 is a good armored personnel carrier, the number of those sold for export confirms this. And he, like an armored personnel carrier, is still relevant today.
    1. 0
      12 July 2022 12: 15
      BTR-70/80 are very much the same age as these armored personnel carriers. And these armored personnel carriers are now using the RF Armed Forces with might and main.
      Peers m113 - BTR-60. so it's probably better. The M113 was probably a good car in the second half of the last century, when it was actually sold for export. On the other hand, the NATO countries (it is clear what they bought and not only them) often didn’t really have a choice what and from whom to buy.
      The BTR-60, by the way, was also delivered to a lot of places, but the language will not turn out to call it "relevant".
    2. -2
      13 July 2022 01: 32
      Even the BTR-70 has a turret, which cannot be said about these boxes, not to mention the fact that in Russia the BTR-82A has long been produced in large quantities.
      1. 0
        14 July 2022 23: 50
        This box, as you say, is much better protected. And its layout solutions have been transferred to all modern armored personnel carriers
      2. The comment was deleted.
  11. -1
    12 July 2022 14: 35
    Oh, I feel on the Cuban after CBO there will be a replenishment of the collection! Although it is worth stopping this meat grinder a long time ago. War is not a solution to a problem, but an aggravation of it.
    1. 0
      14 July 2022 23: 52
      This will not help those who are responsible for the concept of the use and development of the aircraft, because these are good but old developments. But maybe ours will learn something from 40 years ago
  12. +3
    12 July 2022 14: 43
    The Ukrainians have unnecessary and useless armored personnel carriers. The Russian volunteers have the necessary and super-hard UNARMORED KAMAZ trucks. Useless Himars and Harpoons have already been rated.
    1. -1
      13 July 2022 01: 36
      Hold 500 pigs, grunted well. True, I did not understand why, in a war without nuclear weapons, KAMAZ is worse than an aluminum box that does not even have a tower. How and who are the "Russian volunteers". As a volunteer, you can come to the draft board, and from there get into the military unit of the regular army, and not into some kind of volunteers. And the Russian regular army does not have a shortage of armored personnel carriers with infantry fighting vehicles.
      1. +1
        14 July 2022 21: 57
        Stuff your hryvnia in your ochechelo, and stick your face out into the street and grunt. There are no options to go through a short-term contract by the sea, but if you don’t have a difference between an armored personnel carrier and a Kamaz, then you are crucifying about what is possible and what is not in the army?
        1. +1
          14 July 2022 23: 55
          A person who is pleasing for a tented KAMAZ .. has a weak outlook and a lack of causal relationships ... underdevelopment in a word
      2. 0
        14 July 2022 23: 53
        People like you are more harmful than the enemy
  13. 0
    16 July 2022 22: 11
    They were called "aluminum coffin" back in the 70s of the last century. Now ammunition even for small arms has become more powerful.
  14. 0
    6 September 2022 17: 35
    Weapon - no matter what it is !!! The main thing is that it brings a problem to our soldiers!!
    Even if it is as old as this armored personnel carrier, or even as old as a mammoth - a spear is all a weapon !!! And it can bring problems!! And therefore, any weapon must be treated with respect! That's why it was done in order to harm organisms, and therefore it does not tolerate disrespect !!! But it requires thoughtful attention! am
    But our would-be cheers-patriots continue to throw caps into the air in their frenzy .. they are not afraid of m113, they can smash it with their left heel in a somersault .. and if they have a machine gun in their hands, they will sew it right through in one burst .. fool