Libya: Bani Walid vs. Democracy

2 October with. Mr. Obama, after consulting with the loyal Tseerushniki and loyal men of the Pentagon, thought and decided that it was time to repeat some tactics of democratization in Libya. The secret mission of the CIA and the US Department of Defense, as it became known from articles in the New York Times, involves the punishment of militants involved in the grenade attack on the consulate general in Benghazi, as a result of which four Americans were killed, including Ambassador Mr. Stevens.

By order of Obama, who is ready for much, if not for everything (they say, he is ready to strike Iran, so some Libya is for him!), The command of joint operations immediately began developing target packages with information on suspects I mean the Islamist group Ansar al-Shariat.

It is assumed that the Pentagon, in collaboration with the CIA, will set targets and then organize air strikes and carry out a special raid. Unmanned reconnaissance planes have been flying over Libyan land for a week already.

It may well be that the location of “Ansar al-Shariat” strangely coincides with the coordinates of the city of Bani Walid - the stronghold of the Kaddafists. We often talk about the Americans that they adhere to the policy of double standards, and they still love with one stroke of two birds with a killer.

Hearing about the deadly droneswho are about to rush to the aid of the flimsy Libyan democracy, and also upset because of the recent death of Shaaban (Gaddafi's killer), temporary workers from Tripoli pulled to Bani Walid Tanks, Grad installations and pickups with machine guns. But in response, far from cowardly men from the tribe of Warfall stated the intention to protect Bani Walid to the last drop of blood.

October 9 in the press messages appeared about the first clashes between the besieging Bani Walid, pro-government militants and city defenders. The Libyan authorities were going to attack the 5 October gaddafists, but human rights activists from Amnesty International, as if imploring the Gaddafists, demanded to lift the siege. And, while the crux of the matter is, sympathizers with the right cause of Gaddafi have arrived in Bani Walid. And in Tripoli, outside the parliament building, a rally was held in support of Bani Walid. By the way, this city was stormed before - in May and July, but the attacks were repulsed on the approaches.

October 10 around Bani Walid began fierce battles.

The army of Libya took the city into the ring. The transport communication was completely blocked, access to the city with trucks with water, food and medicines was blocked. In Bani Walid, neither doctors, nor representatives of international organizations, or journalists were allowed in. Residential quarters were fired by shells, and Bani Walid in front of his eyes turned into ruins.

Abdel-Hamid Shanduli, a resident of Bani-Walid and head of the information center, in an interview with the Voice of Russia рассказал:

“There is a shortage of food, medicines, in some areas electricity has been cut off for us ... Schools and universities are closing down. Shells fall on residential areas every day. Recently bombed the Al-Mardum quarter After this shooting, 25 cases of poisoning with an unknown gas were recorded in the city hospital - and there are children among the dead. Very often, residents do not have time to run out of those houses in the area of ​​which the artillery is under way, the roofs are crumbling, and people are buried alive. The common misfortune rallied us: the neighbors are trying to help each other, sharing food and medicines. Homeless families move to their relatives ... Having a government that destroys its own people is a shame not only for Libya, but for the entire world community. ”

Abdel-Hamid Shanduli believes that by means of bombings in the city they are searching for suspects in Shaaban’s death.

As for the Libyan media, the national TV channels broadcast that in Bani Walid the government is “restoring order”. In this regard, it is curious that the government, represented by the Chief of the General Staff of Libya, stated that the army was not involved in the attack, and that the city was being stormed by groups from Misurata. That they want to avenge the death of Shaaban.

Human rights activists from Amnesty International, according to various sources, claim that efforts to punish the murderers or free the hostages in Bani Walid turn into a siege.

Belgian resource RTBF reports that the main collisions occurred in the Mardum valley, 10 kilometers east of Bani Walid.

Journalists of the France-Press Agency count them.that it was the death of Shaaban that increased tensions between the residents of Misrata and Bani Walid - neighboring cities and historical rivals who fought on opposite sides of the barricades last year.

Lebanese newspaper "Daily Star" пишет on the order of the National Assembly of Libya from September 25, which allows the ministries of defense and internal affairs of the country "to use force if necessary" - in order to find and roughly punish the murderers of Mr. Shaaban. That is why both the army and the militia gathered at Bani Walid. Everyone wants to use force.

Also, the newspaper reports that October 10 siege was partially removed from the city, and representatives of the International Red Cross had the opportunity to enter. They have already made the first trip to the city hospitals.

Data on the victims of the shelling are given: from 5 to 10 people, including at least three children. It is impossible to confirm or deny this data.

Here, perhaps, all that is known about the siege of Bani Walid.

The commentator of the Egyptian newspaper "Al-Vatan" believesthat Libya is moving towards "chronic instability."

Isn't he right? Wherever peacekeepers from the United States and NATO have visited, “chronic instability” immediately arises. At first, the symptoms are similar to the euphoria of a revolutionary victory, but then comes a heavy and painful hangover. A strong country is crumbling to pieces, plunging into chaos of anarchy, and it is planned across the ocean — not even in the name of American values, but because of the pre-election rating — to bomb it again. Similar is treated by similar. Instead of offering the alcoholic to sober up and recover, the crazy democratic doctor again and again prescribes him the opohmelka ...

Observed and translated by Oleg Chuvakin
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    1. Lech e-mine
      12 October 2012 08: 04
      Lord, when will this BLOODY BACCHANALIA in LIBYA end.
      PAN GI MOON - AUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, where are you zasr .... nets.
      1. +7
        12 October 2012 08: 14
        Quote: Leha e-mine
        PAN GI MOON - AUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, where are you zasr .... nets

        They found someone to shout at AU, he had long forgotten about Libya and the victims no longer bother him, now he is worried about Syria. Where America is there and this is a pseudo-independent UN Office ... nicknamed PANGIMUN.It is in the faithful service of the United States.
        1. bask
          12 October 2012 16: 29
          Pan-Gimun Though pan, but a trifle. They gave the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union. For bombing in Libya and killing civilians by EU countries around the world. Obama will be re-elected to him again. There will be twice a laureate, a dove of peace. ........
      2. +2
        12 October 2012 10: 44
        Lech e-mine
        Mr. PAN GI MOON will not hear you buddy ....
        This infection hears the owner’s current call (for now, this is Obama)

      3. +1
        12 October 2012 11: 49
        And it wouldn’t start if the Mediterranean squadron of the USSR Navy approached.
      4. biglow
        12 October 2012 16: 56
        Leha e-mine,
        when the Libyans, Iraqis, Syria and others, others, others
      5. SSR
        12 October 2012 17: 47
        Seeing this .. knowing about this ... with all my heart I wish there were Hell and Paradise
        I really hope .. that even there the bloodsuckers will be rewarded for this ...
        Children should not suffer .. Children are Holy.
        21st century and for some people .. people are just a tool .. pawns in their game and fuel for their banking systems.
      6. 0
        12 October 2012 23: 14
        But he wasn’t unfastened for this topic, what is it to procrastinate.
    2. +6
      12 October 2012 08: 06
      The real scenario of brazen-Saxon democracy in action, the oil and slush were squeezed out, and now cut, slice, cripple and kill each other more !!!
      But really, Gaddafi once built a state in which everyone tried to do for the citizens. And now, with the approval of the democratizers, this is a territory without power, filled with warring groups ...
      1. +3
        12 October 2012 10: 49
        After some time, they will surely see clearly, and will bite their elbows, recalling COLONEL GADDAFI, and his time, and his power ...
        1. Gavrilon
          12 October 2012 13: 12
          Quote: submariner

          + + + 1

          And they say that the state can not rest on one person, here is an example !!! Gaddafi was removed and a lot of national Libya in the internecine war !!!

          Yo * pigs from washington !!
    3. +2
      12 October 2012 08: 09
      The author forgot to quote the word peacekeepers, with such peacekeepers, warriors don’t need to, they will destroy everything. They overthrew Gaddafi with victorious cries, now they got what they themselves wanted to receive and complain not at all. There was no democracy, but there was a country with a high standard of living, which crowds of tourists visited, now there is democracy, only there is no country and the standard of living is rapidly dropping into the abyss. hi
      1. Lech e-mine
        12 October 2012 08: 27
        Baths VALID on fire - will soon begin to resemble a DESTROYED STALINGRAD.
        1. itr
          12 October 2012 09: 10
          They don’t smell of Stalingrad. They have a civil war.
    4. zol1
      12 October 2012 08: 15
      A sick "crazy democratic doctor" should be treated and treated without a hitch. Otherwise, his mental lawlessness will plunge the entire civilization into chaos!
      1. Lech e-mine
        12 October 2012 08: 20
        As always, because of such DOCTOR DOCTORS, innocent children are killed. When Lukashenko spoke about the death of thousands of children at the hands of democrats.
      2. Che
        12 October 2012 09: 30
        Nothing can help a democratic doctor - he is hopelessly ill. Should die - would rather. People look forward to it.
    5. Law
      12 October 2012 10: 36
      The United States will answer for all these actions against humanity only if they themselves experience all these bombings and killings of civilians under the pretext of fighting for human rights, if it goes on like that, soon people will not be left behind whose rights and freedom they are fighting like that!
    6. kov
      12 October 2012 10: 40
      The picture of the destroyed city recalls how tanks entered the city in 2011
    7. Nevsky
      12 October 2012 12: 12
      Who and when in the world will all this stop? stop
      1. Gavrilon
        12 October 2012 13: 19
        And no one !!! Our generation will leave and that's it !!! The current youth do not care under whom! It’s good for them: there is money, a booze and an excuse to fuck *, do not give a shit about the rest, they easily swallow all the mura from telly and Internet because education is not what all collapsed (Cattle easy to hoist). And it makes me sad request
    8. Steering wheel
      12 October 2012 12: 35
      Western media controlled by Jews are silent, but they are ringing about Syria - actively supporting the terrorist opposition
      1. +1
        12 October 2012 15: 02
        And why show the democratized Libya and the fruits of this democracy, there was no indication. All this shows how vicious the West is and what its values ​​represent. They are jumping. They have to answer for everything.
      2. 0
        12 October 2012 23: 43
        Steering wheel
        You answer for your Nazis first. Or did the grandfather from the SS "Galicia" not tell how he fought with the "Jews and Yami"?
        1. OSTAP BENDER
          13 October 2012 02: 16
          Aron, and you do not want to answer for your own? Well, for example, for the Red Terror? Or the gulag? I do not want to list more!
    9. JIGIT
      12 October 2012 13: 23
      And our media? To whom are they controlled?
      1. ded
        12 October 2012 16: 25
        And our media? To whom are they controlled?

        Jews in 1917 realized that it was not the one with the army and weapons who won, but the one with the radio and cinema (now television and the Internet). It was not for nothing that the semi-Jews Lenin said that the most important of the arts is CINEMA, and when the power was seized in 1917, the main goal was the telegraph. With the help of a telegraph (cinema, radio) in five seconds you can tune the people of the country against their own army!
        1. +2
          12 October 2012 21: 52
          Yes, our media have long been sold, or on the hook of an advertisement, so as not to blather.
        2. 0
          12 October 2012 23: 46
          Did Lenin know that he was a semi-Jew? laughing And then his dad somehow being on the table of ranks an official turned out to be equal to the general?
          1. bask
            13 October 2012 00: 10
            Yes, it was Lenin who invented and introduced into the consciousness of the Russians the MIF about ,, Great-Russian chauvinism ,,, and divided Russia into separate national ..votchiny. We are reaping the fruits of his policy now.
            1. -2
              13 October 2012 00: 16
              And what does "semi-Jewishness" have to do with it? By the way, it was the Bolsheviks, led by Lenin, who destroyed the Zionist movement in Russia (USSR) and banned the free emigration of Jews. So we have our own score for the bald man.
              1. +1
                13 October 2012 02: 35
                Quote: Aron Zaavi
                Bolsheviks led by Lenin destroyed the Zionist movement
                Well, not Lenin, but Stalin, and tell me at the mercy, the fuck of Russia, Zionism?
    10. delakelv124
      12 October 2012 19: 43
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    11. 0
      13 October 2012 01: 20
      not funny, but true
    12. 0
      13 October 2012 18: 26
      Similar is treated like.
      Someone still needs to be put in place, or lowered from heaven to earth.

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