Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation: For England, the sun of empire has set forever


The Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation published a post on his Telegram channel, which he titled with two words “The Englishwoman is shitting”. In this post, the speaker of the lower house of the Russian parliament notes how Britain has tried to resist Russia over the years and constantly literally climbed to the Russian borders.

An example is an attempt to weaken Russia in 1853-1856, when the British, together with the French and Turks, tried to wrest Crimea from Russia during the Crimean War. It is noted how the British authorities gave "shelter" to Russian revolutionaries by financing their meetings, including in London.

Viacheslav Volodin recalled the attempts by the British crown to create a so-called "sanitary corridor" in Europe after the 1st World War, when they tried to isolate the USSR.

State Duma Chairman:

Before the start of World War II, she tried to direct the expansion of Nazi Germany to the east. During the Afghan war, it provided support to Islamist militants, and in the early 2000s it became a haven for a number of criminals who are subject to criminal prosecution in Russia.

Viacheslav Volodin notes that London is still conducting anti-Russian activities today. According to the chairman of the State Duma, the British authorities are trying to convince the Europeans that it is necessary to fight against Russia to the last Ukrainian.

According to Vyacheslav Volodin, England has a habit of living at the expense of others, and London will never get rid of this habit. The speaker notes that England is trying to assert itself, acting fussy: either leaving the EU, or trying to find contacts with Russophobic regimes in Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic states “for leadership”.

According to Volodin, these are attempts at colonial revanchism, which cannot and will not lead to anything good.

Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, commenting on the famous English expression that the sun never sets on the British Empire:

For England, the sun of empire has set forever.

Volodin recalled that today Britain is inferior in the economy to its former colony - India.
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    1. +15
      2 July 2022 09: 46

      Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, commenting on the famous English expression that the sun never sets on the British Empire:

      For England, the sun of empire has set forever.
      Maybe. But impudent, and in the dark will crap.
      1. +13
        2 July 2022 09: 58
        Volodin recalled that today Britain is inferior in the economy to its former colony - India.
        So she always lived by robbing colonies, the island itself does not represent something great (especially when there is no one to deal with its development except Johnson). But the habits remained with manners.
        1. +5
          2 July 2022 10: 18
          .... the habit of living at the expense of others, London will not get rid of this habit in any way ....

          And he's not even going to! Volodin built a phrase, as if this London is trying, trying, but not succeeding! In another way, not at the expense of others, it is not even considered. Because there is NOTHING of your own for a prosperous life! No resources, no territory, they are used to taking it away from someone. This is what they have been living for more than 500 of the last years
          1. +1
            2 July 2022 14: 21
            Therefore, the easiest option, no England, no problem. And there will be no one to worry about, except perhaps our liberals like Kudrin and K.
      2. +1
        2 July 2022 17: 27
        Motto: If you live at the expense of others, then you have to shit always and everywhere, even when you are ticking, now I understand the meaning of the English proverb, leave in English without saying goodbye, but the meaning is clear stump, leave without showing your crap pants, hide shame, shame, and around the corner with a colossus shake out the feces! laughing
        1. 0
          6 July 2022 11: 02
          Oh, this Volodin ... I have a little mongrel dog at home, he just got me sick with his expressions of love - he always strives to slobber, expressing his love and affection. And on a walk, he gets tired by the fact that he strives to bark at any dog, at the same time he clings to my legs and shakes in horror, but “bravely” barks, looking at me, like: “this is for your sake, you will protect me, in case of what? "... Why, it's me... I don't even know.... recourse request
      3. 0
        6 July 2022 19: 37
        Will. But, I hope, only for myself.
    2. +5
      2 July 2022 09: 48
      With the hands of dill, naglitsy, Russia will definitely not be defeated. And they crap cooler than mattresses, this is a fact.
    3. +10
      2 July 2022 09: 49
      Do not give rest to the laurels of Zhirinovsky. No, everyone likes it, and it's popular. But this is already a well-known fact and is said as they say for the sake of a big word. Now it is necessary not to look at the Naglichans, but to improve life in the liberated territories. Because their propaganda is simple and understandable there, the Russians are coming, you have no houses, and possibly lives. And ours should interrupt this, establishing a peaceful life, working transport, payments, banks operating public utilities, everything that is necessary for life. And this is the second front, no less important!
    4. +9
      2 July 2022 09: 56
      The Chairman of the State Duma (or the entire State Duma) is clearly not doing their job. Or did Peskov and Zakharova go on vacation?
      1. +9
        2 July 2022 10: 02
        Yes, there is Andrey Klimov, he is on the commission to counter interference in the internal affairs of Russia.
        They usually make such statements.
        And the chairman of the State Duma would be better off leading and managing his motley colleagues in the State Duma, it would be more sense.
        And if you already have something to say, then say it from the podium there.
        Or write a book.
        And there are so many unresolved cases in the country.
        Beyond the talking shop
      2. +9
        2 July 2022 10: 16
        Peskov always chews snot, whitewashes liberal-minded comrades, is afraid of offending Western masters, otherwise property and money will inadvertently be arrested.
      3. -1
        6 July 2022 11: 36
        The "first" at the dacha eats strawberries "on camera" .. yes ... Well, and the "second" ... maybe it is necessary to settle family affairs behind the cordon?
    5. +6
      2 July 2022 09: 58
      Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation: For England, the sun of empire has set forever
      I don’t believe it. I personally don’t believe it from the word at all!
      You lied so much. That ... I don’t believe it!
    6. +4
      2 July 2022 10: 04
      Once I go into the elevator, and there an Englishwoman with a lifted skirt is shitting ...
      For me, the ignorance, tyranny and corruption of some Russian officials will be worse than all the Englishwomen put together.
      Mr. Volodin would sit, but keep quiet
      1. +1
        2 July 2022 14: 30
        Totally agree!
        ps The number of "patriots" like him has increased markedly ...
    7. +13
      2 July 2022 10: 15
      It is necessary to work for this, and not to proclaim. To think about and take measures that harm Britain everywhere, the most that suggests itself is Argentina with the Malvinas Islands and the IRA to revive and support. We demand the territorial integrity of Ireland, and for the Cromwellian genocide - to pay and repent. Here, even in the United States, there is a response - many influential families of Irish origin.
      To make our investment in British assets toxic: I bought a castle or a football club there - I lost an aluminum plant, some kind of nornickel or oil fields here. Choose.
      These are proposals to Mr. Volodin personally. And then chatting ... out and Medvedev, as if not in power - wow, what a hawk he has become in words. And when in power, he didn’t spoil the British, but the population, for some reason. And Mr. Volodin helped him push through the pension.
      1. +1
        2 July 2022 10: 29
        bought a castle or a football club there - lost an aluminum plant, some kind of nornickel or oil fields here
        And your sanctions are targeted. laughing
    8. +3
      2 July 2022 10: 22
      For England, the sun of empire has set forever.
      Let's hope, but so far there are still opportunities to spoil Russia.
    9. +8
      2 July 2022 10: 22
      how much they have been talking with Dimon lately .. as if it’s all up to them or it depends on them .. they’re just PR to the fullest .. the current is incomprehensible - they think their people will fall in love sharply now if they suddenly start saying the right things (after “go to business, etc.)
    10. +4
      2 July 2022 10: 23
      What smart our deputies. Again la-la. Where is the action?
    11. +4
      2 July 2022 10: 28
      I do not think that the nation can be to blame for anything, but if Britain had died 300 years ago, then exactly half of the wars in the world would not have happened.
      1. +1
        2 July 2022 20: 11
        It is unlikely that a holy place is never empty.
    12. -2
      2 July 2022 10: 29
      I wonder who will be the first to ask for Poseidon - the British or the Japanese?
    13. +9
      2 July 2022 10: 30
      Words words. After the exchange, despite the statements that the "Azovites" are not subject to exchange, any populist statements on the part of the deputies mean nothing to me. Chatter. When words do not meet deeds, trust is lost. How many strikes on decision-making centers were promised to us? And what, Washington with London in ruins? Like - no. So it's just another word that doesn't cost anything. It's my personal opinion.
    14. +5
      2 July 2022 10: 30
      Volodin, chairman of the State Duma, finally get down to business: the Englishwoman is hindering him ... - even by the fact that the sun has set on her.
    15. +1
      2 July 2022 10: 52
      If he hadn’t spoken tongue twisters on the topic of who is attacking whom, trying to have time to explain everything to everyone on time ... otherwise, calmer speeches, especially reposts of historical events in text form, are no longer perceived after that. In his place, I would reduce the pathos and for a while would leave telegram channels alone. An exception could be short messages from him, as from the chairman of the State Duma, important for everyone, and not just for the intellectual Volodin.

      On my own behalf, I want to add that I am infinitely sorry to be a witness to the plot shown in the video. Today, we still lack such problems.
      All the same, I would like to believe that people with the necessary abilities and competences that are combined with each other, and do not contradict one another, are appointed as the chairman of a government authority. I would like to believe that the situation will be corrected not only by blocking this video all over the Internet in Russia, behavior correction is also necessary.
    16. 0
      2 July 2022 11: 09
      For England, the sun of empire has set forever.

      Volodin recalled that today Britain is inferior in the economy to its former colony - India.

      But nostalgia for its former greatness, Britain has not left, as you want to sing to the fullest: "Rule Britain, Rule the seas!", Yes, the fleet is no longer the same, and the seas are already alien, even China gave a kick in the ass to Britain in the Pacific Ocean region. There remained the Dover, English channels, and the Strait of The Hall, and the Antarctic coast, meaningless and unnecessary Malvinas Islands.
    17. The comment was deleted.
      1. +1
        2 July 2022 11: 56
        "Hindi - Rusi - bhai, bhai!" ("Old Man Hottabych")
        Import substitution is impossible due to export sanctions.
    18. +3
      2 July 2022 11: 52
      "9-00 - war with England. 10-00 - a feat."
      "England has surrendered!"
      ("The same Munchausen")
    19. -2
      2 July 2022 12: 09
      Not bad, Volodin interfered in the barrel, eq boiled up))))))
      It seems that in addition to the first comments, the rest were commenting straight from the English club.
      Or did he say something wrong?
    20. -1
      2 July 2022 12: 50
      Yes, where did he find an empire there, you can’t see a stub of some pipe on the world map without a microscope.
      1. +1
        2 July 2022 20: 09
        And even such a stub easily makes us economically powerful ...
    21. 0
      2 July 2022 12: 52
      "... business must be dealt with, business .. ".. (c) One's own among strangers, a stranger among one's own ..
    22. +1
      2 July 2022 13: 03
      The clown Zhirinovsky, who was numb from covid after 8 vaccinations against covid, Karaulov found 4 billion dollars. And then all 6 billion. Question: if such a clown had so much dough, how much dough did the rest of them have? How many budgets of Russia?
    23. +1
      2 July 2022 13: 04
      is this what is so dangerous about Volodins like this? And they are dangerous in that, correctly stating the decline of the Anglo-Saxon empire, they are unable to see the rise of the Russian Empire ...
      However, speaking about the decline of the Anglo-Saxon empire, Volodin is not original. Well, he doesn’t have anything of his own, Well, straight from the cheat sheet with a quote from Byron:
      Here are the towers of Moscow's semi-wild
      Before you, in crowns of gold,
      Burning in the sun ... but alas ...
      That is the sun of your sunset.
    24. GNM
      2 July 2022 13: 13
      today Britain is inferior in economy to its former colony - India.

      The Indians eventually won.

    25. -3
      2 July 2022 17: 54
      English pirates will never be able to destroy Russia
    26. 0
      2 July 2022 20: 06
      Volodin recalled that today Britain is inferior in the economy to its former colony - India.

      Now, if it were inferior to us, in terms of GDP per capita (by the way, is it okay that the population of India is equal to twenty Britains ?, that is, with a larger total GDP, each Indian is several times poorer than the average Englishman), the standard of living of citizens, then we would have every right troll the English. In the meantime - whose cow would moo.
    27. 0
      4 July 2022 04: 03
      what are you doing? now the enemies of our country will not have deposits and real estate on the ruble? take away all steamboat factories?
    28. -1
      4 July 2022 04: 09
      Do not talk to Volodin, build roads first

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