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Unusual case of war

Winter xnum th. Late evening.
Branch goes all day through the forest. 15-20 kilometers are left to the city where the soldiers are going.
However, the night is on the nose. I do not really want to spend the night in the forest / field. The patrol discovered a "rigu" in a forest glade. Examined - sort of order. Abandoned, not used by anyone. Chest decided to spend the night in it.

Unusual case of war

We dined without making a fire (you never know!), Appointed a dress, went to bed. They decided to leave the dress inside - it will be visible outside in the snow, and then, if they hear, they will have time to get ready. Hang up ...

After some time, the attendant shakes the dresser — commander, there is someone here!
Not understood. Who?! Where?!
The duty officer explains. As soon as everyone had settled down, snow creaked outside. As if someone is coming. No one can see through the door. Then it was heard that someone was walking around the barn. Here, listen! ...

Indeed, it was heard as the snow creaks - as if someone is walking.
Like, one. Hm As the door passes, jump out. There - according to circumstances ... Come on!
Pushing the door, we jumped out, ran away. It is already winter night. Silence. No one. Hm Looking for traces - no. None
Damn, I went to sleep. If anything again, wake up. Commode fell asleep.

After some time, the attendant again heard the creak of snow, as if someone was walking. Pushes the commander - again! He cursed, listened. Creaking dog! It is necessary to decide cardinally - separation, lifting! (Almost in a whisper). The soldiers instantly and silently woke up, instinctively checked weapon. Chest made sure that everything is normal. To battle! There is someone outside. By the sound - on the left. We leave, spread out, act according to the situation. Forward!

The branch jumped out of the shed, crumbled, lay down. Night. Winter. Silence. No one. Shoppets! Examined the entire field - no trace. Examined the walls, the roof of the barn - nothing.

Branch gathered in the barn. Discuss. Then someone says - outside the sound of steps! Everyone froze. Someone calmly walked along the wall of the barn. The commander raised his hand - get ready! The steps creaked and creaked. We got to the door. Someone pulled the door handle. Again. Then he pulled with all his might - it was heard that the handle could not stand it, it was torn off. And then there was a terrible roar. Fighters on the team rushed out ...

No one. A torn handle was found in an iron barrel near the door. And - no trace! Until morning everyone sat and waited for the “guest”, without parting with the weapon. But no one else came.

With the dawn the squad moved forward. They decided to have breakfast "on the spot" in order not to spoil the appetite)))

Upon arrival "in place" reported "to whom it is necessary." No traces, except those left by the soldiers, were found. Yes, the doorknob lay in the barrel by the door. Yes, it was not easy to wrest it from the door, but this is not within the competence of the "organs".

Here is a bike. Two of those who were there told her — one of the soldiers and a former chest of drawers. Why do I remember this история? Because no one was frightened by the unusual situation. The guys just took a gun and went to see "according to the situation." Kick, they were not afraid of anything! Well, there was a generation! Bow down

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  1. Moga
    Moga 11 October 2012 11: 33
    Soldiers need to rest sometimes, nothing more :)
  2. Somad
    Somad 11 October 2012 15: 50
    Mysticism during the war! Cool ...
  3. Badger
    Badger 11 October 2012 17: 08
    There were mystical, inexplicable phenomena at the front. Time suddenly, greatly slowed down and the soldier watched, down to the smallest detail, the process of the explosion of the shell, and he managed to hide himself. Subsequently, scientists confirmed that this is exactly how the undermining occurs. Or the soldier turned on foresight and, in a few seconds, he determined exactly where the bomb would hit, thereby saving twenty lives. And the so-called "man-wars"? Which of the fierce battles came out without a single scratch? And what about the Soviet bomber that refueled at a non-existent, as it turned out later, airfield? In general, inexplicable cases happened at the front.
    1. angarchanin
      angarchanin 31 January 2013 15: 50
      I had the so-called "slowdown in time" four or five times during my service. It's just that in an extreme situation the brain works much faster and everything happens like in slow motion. It was both in the air and on the ground.
  4. bistrov.
    bistrov. 13 October 2012 14: 00
    I can also tell a similar case, which I heard from my father, an old front-line soldier: - according to him, they sat down with a friend to have a bite during a halt under a tree, having first spread their overcoat, laid out the food, suddenly his friend gets up and says: - "I am here I won't, "walks away, grabbing the groceries. Having moved about 50 meters, he sat down in a new place. The overcoat remained under the tree. Suddenly explosions of artillery shells were heard around. It was a fire raid. After the raid, there was a crater in place of the overcoat from a direct hit from a shell. Mystic? Quite possibly.
    1. s1н7т
      13 October 2012 16: 17
      No, not mysticism. This is an intuition raised to the highest degree!
  5. anchonsha
    anchonsha 13 October 2012 21: 23
    Nature will do what you want. So here, something anomalous ... but unpleasant and inexplicable.
  6. Captain45
    Captain45 14 October 2012 14: 56
    There is an interesting book by A. Bushkov "NKVD-War with the Unknown", where he describes many such cases from eyewitnesses.
  7. collapse
    collapse 24 October 2012 13: 32
    We had a similar case in the army. We had post No. 1 in our training camp and it went directly into the forest, and through the forest at the shooting range 4 km. So sometimes when entering the post at night, behind the gates, the sound of a stroller (cart) can be heard wheezing and ringing like bottles breaking. The sentry calls up a quick response group - 15 - 20 seconds of running (he ran), and behind the gates of ANYONE !!!!!!!
    Silence!!! At first they laughed, but when you run 3-4 times during the night, it’s not a joke, and the pale hour is standing. Then the old-timers told that it was always like that, and what or who is unknown.
    PS Then this post was put only in the afternoon.
  8. Artyom
    Artyom 29 October 2012 20: 00
    I know the answer, such a creaky sound was made by one of the fighters, he gnashed his teeth in a dream, I already encountered this, if you don’t know something, you can think about it :))
    They say that it is because of the worms;)