Afghan Radio Diary

Afghan Radio DiaryZabul province, the zone of responsibility of the special purpose detachment of the 173. The beginning of spring. Year1986.

The group of the second company during the combat exit in the district of Shahri - Safa, having advanced to the place of the organization of the ambush, discovered the enemy outpost: full-profile trenches, dugouts, slots. Continuing the search, at the bottom of the gorge, located inside a curved horseshoe ridge, the scouts saw an outbuilding. A bonfire smoldered near it, armfuls of firewood lay nearby, a skinned carcass of a ram was hung behind a branch of a branchy tree. Inside the structure lay edibles, designed for several dozen people. Everything said that the owners left this place in a hurry. In this case, the special forces occupied the area secretly and were confident that their appearance was not the cause of the disappearance of the rebels.

It was undoubted luck. Had the group spotted on the march, the consequences for the intelligence officers would be irreparable. The advantage of their position was undeniable.

The guard post was part of the defense system of a powerful fortified area located in the gorge of the Apushela massif. A large-scale planned operation carried out by the 70 th separate motorized rifle brigade based in the Kandahar garrison began a few hours before the group arrived. A fire strike on a large area in several districts at once attracted the attention of the fighters of the guard post, who was away from the “hostilities”. Since the beginning of the fire attack, the Dushmans, alarmed by what is happening in the valley on the approaches to Apushelya and where their main forces and command are located, left their positions and went down. It was at this moment that the reconnaissance group on the opposite slope of the mountain occupied the area. The commander of the scouts, feeling that the enemy was nearby, set the primary task of monitoring the terrain.

Soon the owners of this beautiful place were discovered. Returning to the base, stretching into the column one by one, two dozen dushmans steadily and calmly climbed the mountain. Not reaching three hundred meters to the positions of the lurking Special Forces, their head patrol stopped, turned and moved back. Moving quickly, the Mujahideen soon left the sector of observation. Why the rebels stopped climbing, remains a mystery to the scouts. The group commander immediately contacted the battalion command, reported on the situation.

During the meeting at the headquarters of the Kandagar special-purpose battalion, the commander of the mining company, Captain Kochkin, secretly suggested landing a subgroup of mining to the scouts in order to block the approaches to the area with mines and strengthen the group’s firepower. The calculation of the miner was simple: when the "spirits" return to the base, the minefield will facilitate the task of destroying them. The remaining charges will be installed in the long-term firing points when leaving the reconnaissance group of the mountain. This will be an unpleasant surprise for the enemy and discourage him from using the outpost.

In order to deprive the enemy of the ability to demine the object, it was decided to use the system "Hunting". This non-contact electronic explosive device is a novelty of engineering weapons. It consisted of a command block and a seismic sensor. Up to five charges can be connected to the unit simultaneously. The sensor reads the signals when the surface oscillates, recognizes them and gives a command to undermine only the mine in the enemy's area of ​​destruction. To remove it is almost impossible.

Also, the commander of the demolition men suggested placing mines directed at the side of the road, passing along one of the ridges of the ridge, using the PD-430 subversive radio link.


Such a chance - to carry out complex mining of the area, as well as to check the radio link in the case - was provided to demolition men for the first time. The captain decided to lead the subgroup himself.

Three Special Forces officers are preparing for the exit: an officer and two mineral intelligence officers. I am a radio intelligence scout, my partner is Sergeant Sergey Travkin, a Muscovite, an experienced fighter who has a solid knowledge of subversive business. He has a year of war behind him.

The engineering warehouse is already open, the ground in front of it is filled with mines. Having estimated the volume, we make the decision to use the backpacks that were in the company warehouse for carrying the goods. These are ordinary travel bags with one large compartment and two outer patch pockets, suitable for carrying surround equipment, so radio operators are more likely to use them in the detachment.

Fit had a lot. Three sets of "Hunting", and this, not counting the three command blocks, fifteen mines of OZM-72 weighing five kilograms each. Two dozen anti-personnel mines pressure action - PMN. Four mines MON-50, PD-430 radio link devices, two radio stations, a spare power supply kit for them, night binoculars. A bunch of detonators, though light, but requiring delicate handling during transportation. They use high explosive explosives and TNRS, able to detonate from a strong blow.

In addition to engineering equipment, we take the ammunition to the personal arms. And we also need to pack and deliver water, dry rations, items that ensure our livelihood during the “dnevka”, sleeping bags, blankets, a camouflage net. In a word, we packed our backpacks to capacity. I could move with him behind my shoulders only with jerks, with my legs spread wide, the straps of the bag cracking treacherously. And we have not yet come to the mountains!
It took us no more than two hours for all the fees, and now we are at the checkpoint of the Kandahar airfield. A short document check, the barrier is raised, and the Blue Mule, a blue-colored trophy ZIL-130 used to deliver groups to the airfield, brings us to the helicopter station.

Half an hour flight. We go at low altitude. Soon the G-8, slowing down, sits down. The company, rising from the folding seat, located in the aisle in the cockpit, gives the command to prepare. We put our hands in the straps of backpacks, help each other stand up. The captain pulls the door aside. Waiting for the commander to level the car a meter from the ground. Commands: "Forward!"

I jump off the trimmed door. I manage to stand on my feet. Stress adds strength. Swaying from side to side from the weight of the load, I run a few meters forward into a dry channel and fall to my knees in a small hollow in a steep bank.

The rumble of receding turntables subsides. There is silence. I made a weapon for battle. Anxiously looking around. I hope that the landing was successful, unnoticed by the enemy. I can hear the commander’s radio station rustling nearby. The branch of the reconnaissance group, awaiting our arrival and meeting us, warns of its approach. On razadku scouts go to the landing site. They help us to climb and lead to the gorge.


Moving behind the scouts, we enter a crevice, which, twisting with a snail, expands into the gorge and ends with a large platform. From the air it is not visible. Around is full of greenery, several trees spread their branches. And there is water here! A mountain key flows out of the rock, crosses the platform in a stream and hides in the stones. I look up, the sheer cliffs three meters high abut the sky. In the center of the site under the crown of a spreading tree I see a building. Walls without windows are made of flat stones of beige color. Roof - dense rows of branches, above which the earth is poured. The size of the building is three by five meters. Inside in the corner on the earthen floor there are bags of provisions, on one of them I am surprised to read the inscription in Cyrillic: “sugar”. The ways of the Lord are truly inscrutable!

Happy scouts are here, leaving only the outposts on the tops. Now one of them, making a fire and using the master's utensils, bakes pancakes of trophy flour. A lot of products, no one saves them: the special forces have already begun to destroy the enemy base! I draw your attention to the fact that on a heap of firewood scattered scattered and whole packs of biscuits from the dry rations of special forces, left as superfluous. To follow the example and throw out your “wolf cakes” does not raise a hand.

After the meal, waiting for it to be dark, prepare for the night outing. Having spread the blanket, having laid off one another and sat on it, we discuss the scheme of laying mines by the road. We equip radio link devices, insert power into them, install blocks that encrypt the transmitted signal. Taking a piece of detonating cord, put a detonator on its end. I feel that the cord is inserted to the end, rested in the cup, with my teeth I gently grab the edge of the sleeve. This should be done with a special crimp, but I deliberately violate the instructions. With teeth, I better control the degree of compression, carefully repeating the operation on the other side. All precinct segment LH ready. With his help, we can combine two directional mines to raise them simultaneously with one signal.

It starts to get dark, cicadas begin to flutter. Having laid out the piles of charges from the bags, we stack only the equipment needed now. With mine I don’t forget to put heels of equipped shops to the machine gun. Plus, I put the packs of cartridges in the pockets of my backpack with the stores in my breastplate. Ammunition does not happen much!

In addition to the standard machine gun, I am armed with an APB, a very convenient to use, Stechkin twenty-automatic automatic pistol, equipped with a nozzle for silent firing and a wire butt. Light and quiet, with a large for a pistol (100 – 150 meters) sighting range of fire, with a good stopping effect and low recoil - the ideal auxiliary weapon for the sentinel or demolition man. I often have to act in isolation from the reconnaissance group, under the enemy’s nose, when I have to rely only on myself.

Forward to the foray

The night falls on the gorge, we approach the exit to the plain. We sneak further along the gully and weave into a high embankment. The surface of the dirt road is heavily compressed. Great, there will be fewer tracks. Looking around in the night light, we cross it. From the opposite side along the side of the road stretches a wall of a neighboring ridge. Finding a suitable pile of stones, we hid behind them.

Preparing to install. I take off my bag. I release the belt of the machine at full length, put it on my neck and throw my weapon behind my back. APS I thrust for bib straps. Segments of LH placed in overhead hip pockets. I take mines in my hands, two in each. Sergey connects the detonator to the radio line device.

Without unbending in full growth, we sneak because of the boulders and proceed to install. Holding the plastic case of mine between the knees, I quickly move apart the metal legs for installation. Now turn the remaining three charges. I arrange MON-50, stretching them in one line, a crescent from me. I try to block them as much as possible sector. Spent movement connect them detonating cord.

Now is the time of Sergey. He places the device on which, if necessary, a radio signal will come. The electric detonator is screwing into the mine nest. I lay down on the stomach for charges. Working with brushes from myself to myself, I build the angle of inclination. One by one I am directing mines.

Travkin gently lowers the camouflage net onto the bush and presses its edges with small stones. Now you can, being at a distance of a kilometer from the installation site, give a radio signal and produce undermining. The signal travel time is a couple of seconds.

Get out! After picking up the backpacks, we quickly cross the road, slide down from the embankment and take refuge in the gully. Quick step back to our cleft.
We are already waiting. At night, everyone who rested during the day below must climb the ridge. Mouth hurries, all charges will have to take with you.

Difficulties on the march

First, we climb the path. It is dark so that you can not see the back in front of a walking soldier. But scouts are well heard, guided by the sound. I do not know the route, so I try to keep up with the special forces ahead of them. We pin to the sheer wall, slowly, pressing our whole body to the rock, round the narrow ledge around it. It is very hard to climb. Terribly dark. Moves gropingly. Catch up with the group, stopped breathing. I cuddle my backpack against the slope to compensate for the weight. I hesitate to sit down, I'm not sure that I can climb without help.

I can not hear the sounds coming from the company and Travkin following me. This is alarming. If the group continues, we will lose it. A minute later, I was anxiety I decide to look for partners. Leaving a backpack. I warn the scout neighbor to me and begin the descent.
I go around the skalnik again, stumble upon Sergei. He is without a bag, hastily crawling up. Recognizing me, flushes out alarmed:
- Kochkina bad!

We briskly descend another ten meters. The captain lies on his back, on the slope of a huge boulder. I bow over him, breathing is not heard. Even in such pitch darkness I manage to see the deadly pallor of his face. Serega almost cries from weakness, trampling behind my back. Clasping the neck of an officer under the chin, trying to find a pulse. At this moment he takes a deep breath, makes a long groan. Starting to breathe, opens his eyes: "Guys, just do not throw me." We were taken aback ...

I get up from my knees, fix the belt of the automatic machine, and wipe the sweat from my forehead with the sleeve of the “sand”.

Sergey is trying to calm the commander. I quickly climbed up the hill. Here is the group. I lay down on my back, insert my hands into the straps of the bag. Then slowly roll over on his stomach. I pull my knees up to my chest. I get to my feet with great difficulty.

We rise to the top of the mountain. I run into a big depression, I manage to avoid falling into it, I crawl along the edge. Leave the bag. I'm going to look for an officer.

He is located in the neighboring trench with the scout squad. Reporting an incident. He listens anxiously to news. Orders, if you need help, contact the top of the radio.

Familiar route going down. Around the darkness and oppressive silence.

Here are mine. Captain Kochkin came to his senses. Sergey helps me to put on my backpack. I am taking the machine gun, Travkin is the commander’s satchel. He puts his shoulder to him. He can already go by himself. Slowly, step by step, helping each other, often stopping, we crawl up the mountain.

We descend to our shelter, inflate the “Rain” made of rubberized fabric, make a bed for the officer. He begins to shiver, the body covers shivering. Covers him with a blanket. From two sides we lie down along it, we also try to warm them with the warmth of our bodies. He calms down. Ceases to moan, subsides, falls asleep. We, in turn, on duty, while away the night.

Waiting for opponent

With the dawn I can see the terrain from above. Our ridge - rather extended, narrow, rocky ridge, dominant in height - bends in the shape of a horseshoe, from two sides in its endings topped with peaks. They are divided by a deep rift, turning into a small inner gorge. Top I could see only a small part and the entrance to it. The tops, which are key defense units, are equipped with firing points. At our top there are two narrow but long full profile trenches. Dugouts are arranged at the opposite height. There is part of a special-purpose group, and it was precisely to them that the “spirits” did not reach yesterday.

The outer slope of our part of the ridge is steep, it is difficult to climb without special equipment. Climb to the shelter can only be from the inside, penetrating into the inner gorge. The entrance to it is shot through with our positions.

The defense system of the area is thought out to the smallest detail. All planned correctly, the embodiment as a matter of respect. I note to myself that a dozen fighters can hold back a company. Scouts incredibly lucky to take without a fight so well fortified outpost.

Outside below is clearly visible road, on the side of which laid mines. She passes below us along the bottom of the canyon that separates our spur from the neighboring, lower ridge. The path stretches along the edge of the "horseshoe", then turns away and is lost in the hills. Behind him, at a distance of up to ten kilometers, a large mountain range is visible, where the Apushela Fortification is located.

The shelter in which we are located is not man-made. This is a funnel left, judging by its size, by a large-caliber bomb. The surface of the summit around us is thickly dotted with shards. Everywhere there are jagged pieces of metal, only on one square meter I counted three shanks from NURS. My attention is attracted by the unexploded NAR C-5, millimeter caliber 55, lying near the edge of the funnel. Obviously, these bombardments for the rebels are like poultices for the dead. It turns out that the foot of the "white" person stepped here for the first time.

I am trying through binoculars to inspect the hills, where the "spirits" went. Only part of the valley is visible. The top, on which the second part of the group is located, interferes. High above us in the spring, soft blue sky a pair of eagles soars. Need to eat. While not hot, first of all I eat the most high-calorie: lard or minced meat. Leave pate with biscuits for the evening. After eating, drink heavily, drinking more than a liter at a time. This time, lucky - water can not save.

Kochkin woke up, was able to sit down himself, without assistance. Sipped water from the flask. It is necessary to lower him down, it will be more convenient for him there. At the top for observation remains troika scouts. Watch in turn: one is resting, two are watching. We leave under their protection engineering supplies. We take with us suhpay, radio stations. We start the descent. The company company, despite the fact that it looks unimportant, refuses to help, goes down on its own. From the load he begins to ache behind the sternum. The officer courageously tries to overcome the disease. Stops, sits down, restores breath. Rises again, moves on. I give him my APB, pick up his machine gun. Later. Choosing a secluded place, we prepare him a comfortable bed. He asks us not to leave him alone, fast asleep.

In the crevice of a small rock located above the entrance to the gorge, we equip an observation point. We clean the bottom from sharp stones, we line a special raincoat, put a blanket of camel wool over it, and Sergei pulls the camouflage net over it. Its color is combined with a rock. The review from our position is excellent. Viewed most of the road, the installation area of ​​the MES-50.

The beginning of spring, the day is not hot. Now we pass the time like this: for two hours one of us rests next to the commander, then changes his partner at the observation post. For communication use P-392.

Kochkin sleeps all day, wakes up only towards evening. Drinks, but she refuses to eat. He says he feels better. We report the situation, he is keenly interested. His body got out.

our work

It's getting dark. Our hour is coming. It is necessary to replace the batteries in the radio link device installed with the mines. The device is designed to receive a command radio signal and convert it into an electrical impulse needed to trigger an electric detonator. Battery life - three days - is running out. Check ammunition.

Hiding in large boulders at the exit of our gorge, waiting for the onset of darkness. Dark, quiet way along the gully.
From the place of installation of mines to our near position at least five hundred meters. New moon. Scouts do not even see us with night vision devices. They will not be able to support our withdrawal by fire, in the event that we are watched by the enemy. We'll have to rely only on ourselves. Our chance - stealth movement.

Do not hurry. I spent a long time on a nightlight looking at the terrain ahead, trying to find signs of danger. We move as quietly as the shadows. Here are the familiar stones. Here is a camouflage net. I pressed the wire butt of the APB to my shoulder, directing the barrel into the darkness, made for firing from the knee. Sergey, removing stones from one edge of the grid, gently throws it away, unscrews the detonator from the mine, turns off the device. First, turn on the fuse, then wind up on the mine - this is an iron miner rule when working with electronic explosive devices, a safety net in case of a factory defect or error. Then only the detonator will work, not the charge. Screws a metal cover from the unit, shakes out the batteries in the palm. Hastily puts them in a hip pocket. Inserts new pills. Twists the cap. The device includes, sets in place, twists the detonator. Top mesh, stones. A handful of dust, interspersed with small pebbles, to powder everything from above.

Waste. I am closing, my task in contact with the enemy with a silent weapon is to destroy or detain him, give us a head start. Here is a cleft, we make our way into it, straighten ourselves to its full height, and we hurry along the gorge.

Special Forces have already climbed the mountain. We were met by our commander and gunner group. The company in alarm waited two hours. A smile is visible on the captain's face, he is pleased with our work. Gives half an hour to rest.

Three nights two days

Three nights, two days. Usually, such an amount of time is ambushed by groups in our separate detachment. If necessary, the battalion command can evacuate them before. This happens if the special forces carry out the task: they detect and destroy the enemy caravan; and if the scouts are disclosed. And the worst option: the group is fighting, it needs help.

Three nights, two days. For this period is calculated the amount of power and volume of water that the scout takes with him. SWAT uses suhpay "standard number 5." In addition to canned meat, its composition includes sugar, condensed milk and chocolate. As well as "mountain" rations, designed specifically for action in the highlands. "Mountain" is divided into summer and winter. Summer ration is less calorie, it has more liquid products. Only in its composition there is a concentrated fruit juice and prune soup.

In the ambush, waiting for the enemy, we are already the fourth day. Well, there is no problems with water. With poor nutrition, captured products are destroyed within the first 24 hours. The final suhpay eaten yesterday. On a pile of firewood, where packs of biscuits lay like garbage, now I don’t see any biscuits. All branches are upside down, even the crumbs are picked up. Time stretches slowly. At night, from its summit, we observe fireworks of ruptures. The artillery of the 70 Brigade was activated again and without a special result, it was hammering along Apushela. "Spirits" from the gorges in response snapped, throwing rockets into the valley. In our area, no enemy signs are observed. The command of the battalion can not throw us food. All turntables involved in the "big war". It remains to starve.

Although there is no physical activity, the forces are rapidly leaving our bodies. Movements are difficult. All thoughts of food. While keeping watch, it is harder to focus on observation. It saves that Sergey and I are now on duty together. Only on our commander the hunger strike acts positively, every day the forces return to him.

In the morning, turntables to the entrance to the gorge threw us provisions. One day per brother. In this case, the command sets a new task: hold out for another two days. Passed information that "spirits" can return. Need to endure. The weather is changing, it's spitting rain.

Power in the radio line village, we used the entire stock. We need to remove the mines from the curb. We decide to do it in the afternoon. Of the scouts, few believe that the militants are activated in our area. Is it dangerous. Not lazy, climb the mountain. I ask the sentinels from above to cover us.

Our company commander insists that we be given a cover. Two machine gunners come with us. We move from shelter to shelter, covering each other. We reach the place of installation. In daylight I can appreciate the disguise of min. Remove the charges. Out of habit, I destroy traces at the location. I return all the stones to their former places. Quickly fall off.

A game. Start

In search of food went to grassland. In the creek Travkin discovers local arthropods. Perhaps it is the larvae of cicadas, the taste is quite edible. Sergey collects algae on the surface, tries. You can eat, duckweed helps to drown out the feeling of hunger, to distract from obsessive thoughts about food.

There are starving fainting in the group. The commander is asking for evacuation. From the battalion received good.

That comes to an end of our mission. We must mine the area. Sergey remains to deal with our haven. We Kochkino rise to the dugout.

At the top in the wall of an open trench I see a manhole that goes uphill. After a meter, the turn turns ninety degrees, then the knee stretches another meter and goes into the room. Nora large, ten square meters. Part of the ceiling is made of logs in three rolls, each spilled a layer of earth. Logs at one end are inserted under the rock, which is a continuation of the roof. On top of the ground over the entire area of ​​the roof of the dugout overlapped covered with slabs of stones.

Below the cliff top is a gentle slope. This is the only possible ascent route from the valley. We act simply, we divide the slope in half from top to bottom, and on each of the parts we are preparing to install one “Hunt”. We carry ten min of OZM-72 to the installation sites. This is the most powerful of anti-personnel mines in service. When triggered, the charge jumps over the ground to a height of sixty to eighty centimeters and explodes. Two thousand four hundred ready-made fragments in the form of balls, rollers, torn by seven hundred grams of TNT, mow down all living things within a radius of twenty-five meters.

With a massive scout knife, using his thick blued blade as a small crowbar, we quickly dig holes for charges. Everything is ready, it remains to connect the command block, seismic sensor, screw the fuses on the mines, bury and disguise the system. The time of deceleration of the setting of the explosive device in the combat position twenty-five minutes During this time, we must have time to leave his deployment area. Therefore, we postpone the launch and, having risen to the top, are engaged in arranging "surprises" in the trenches.

In order to effectively set the anti-personnel mine pressure action, triggered when you click on it, you need to put yourself in the place of the enemy and imagine how he moves in the area. The more unexpected the solution, the better. After the first blast, and with such a massive mining, I’m sure it will not be one, the professionals will start fighting: the one who will demine, and we, hopefully, many miles away, but not yet out of the game.

I pay special attention to the dugout. Using the features of its structure, I place the charges where the enemy can not predict their location. To get into the hole, it is necessary to bend and step over the threshold, thick to half a meter. There is a small platform for the foot, I step over several times, I find the optimal point, and it is there that I install PMN. In the same room in the far corner I bury an AUR, I place a break line on the ceiling and walls. In a low dark room, the “spirit” concentrated on the surface will not notice the thin wire hanging down, hooking it, for a cliff is enough effort of twenty grams. Remove the fuse from mines impossible. In the event of an electronic device by more than ten degrees will trigger. My surprise will be in working condition for up to three months. When the batteries are gone, self-destruction will occur - the clinker will lift the mine.

The group that started the descent from the moment of mining is already at the bottom. The commander, having contacted Kochkin, reports the planned arrival time of the helicopters. The captain is in a hurry, we are masking the already connected “Hunt” on the slope. Hiding the wires in the grooves drawn with knives in the ground, filling them with sand on top. Climbing up, for themselves destroying the traces.


Travkin contacted us by radio station and reported that he had finished the work and was with the group. We start the descent, moving along the mountain trail. Mood raised. Right on the trail stands a huge five-meter boulder, split in half. I squeeze between the stones, take two steps, stop. I turn around to answer. Captain overcomes the gap. I clearly see: behind his back, as in slow-motion filming, a gap rises. We react instantly, lay down on both sides of the boulder. The sound of a roll rumbles, fragments whistle down the path in the crevice. A cloud of burning and dust, curling, covers us. On top of the stones begin to fall, the ground pieces.

I opened my eyes. Slowly, tearing off only the head from the surface, I look back over my shoulder. Once again I meet the glance of the commander, he lies in a position like me. We are still for a minute. And then, obeying some kind of internal signal, without saying a word, at the same time we very carefully lift up and crawl down from stone to stone. Thirty meters of get up and go down quickly. Silence passes, we begin to make sounds. A scout squad running towards us appears from behind a pile of stones. Seeing us unharmed, they stop.

Everyone was waiting for evacuation, they knew that the turntables were already coming. They waited for the miners to finish and descend. The group had no visual connection with us, the path was viewed only to the middle. Not seeing that we started the descent, we heard a powerful gap in the place of mining. Radio contact with us was gone, the station refused to fall. Thank God, everything turned out okay.

There is no time to analyze and deal with what happened on the mountain.

An important phase of the combat exit has begun - returning home. With difficulty, at the limit of the forces, the special forces came out of the gorge in the decay. The scouts, who were very bad, were left in the center, hiding behind the stones, the others occupied the all-round defense.

Mi-24 with a roar pass over our ridge. There is permission to land the G-8s. "Crocodiles" stand in a circle on the array. The commander of the group designates a ground landing signal cartridge of orange smoke.

Transport helicopters land quickly. The crew is looking forward to landing. We start to load, not everyone can move independently. Scouts, capable of moving, bring their exhausted comrades into the helicopter. The G8 commander tears off the wheels from the ground, tilts the nose of the car to the ground, pulling the tail up, starts acceleration. Second, second, third. Stones, bushes, prickles, the edge of a rampage rush by in a meter below us. Objects flash faster, faster, with overload the machine soars upwards. Quickly gaining height.

Having built in battle formation, four helicopters rush to the base, to the Kandahar airfield. We are returning to our current home, a special detachment of special forces in 173.
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  1. 8 company
    16 October 2012 12: 25
    Good job. Although almost pierced at the last moment. The 173rd detachment was one of the most successful in Afghanistan.
    1. +2
      16 October 2012 15: 54
      The opinion of the 8th company, as a participant in the events, is especially valuable.
      1. 8 company
        16 October 2012 18: 12
        Quote: Uncle
        The opinion of the 8th company, as a participant in the events, is especially valuable.

        Hi Dmitry. He always bowed to sappers, especially after he himself worked a little with land mines and streamers. How many of them tore to pieces, and how many were shell-shocked ... Just recently, on October 14, 2012, my friend, who served in Kandahar, Akmal Imambayev died. He was burned from a malignant tumor in his head in a few months, most likely these are the consequences of shell shock. A blessed memory to him and everyone who died and died from the effects of injuries, honestly fulfilling his duty ...
        1. 0
          16 October 2012 19: 20
          Hi Andrew! It's nice to see you not in gray tones. lol
          1. 8 company
            17 October 2012 10: 07
            Quote: Uncle
            Hi Andrew! It's nice to see you not in gray tones.

            Witty laughing
        2. sapulid
          17 October 2012 01: 24
          I sympathize with you. In most cases like this.
          Where did you have to feel the mines?
  2. +1
    16 October 2012 12: 30
    Thanks! Let's think, to be continued.
  3. sapulid
    16 October 2012 15: 20
    Crap designed for an inexperienced layman. Excuse me, Afghans, but this "Fighter" did not go beyond the copter.

    “Mom, after a tiring march through the“ full combat ”, only 150 km long, they ran to the airfield of the“ jump. ”Immediately, after loading the landing, our IL-76s soared into space. on a pencil ... "

    Damn, who can say, wet. The rest are filled with nightingales writing "memoirs".
  4. Region71
    16 October 2012 16: 35
    Let’s have more such articles, let them know how the guys fought a little older than me. On the site, almost everyone considers themselves patriots, and they express patriotism with a cry of URA for some promise from the government in the future. I hope for the continuation of such articles.
    1. sapulid
      17 October 2012 01: 21
      This is called "Hurray-patriotism".

      Those who did not sniff are called a mabut in the Airborne Forces, in the I-net, hamsters.