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FSB learned all the secrets of the nationalists

FSB learned all the secrets of the nationalistsOn October 15, the Gagarinsky Court of Moscow will consider the criminal case against the ideologist of the Russian nationalists Peter Khomyakov. The hearings will be held in a special order, since the accused made a deal with justice, within the framework of which, as Rosbalt managed to find out, the FSB officers told a lot of interesting things. In particular, Khomyakov said: on whose funds the powerful nationalist group "Northern Brotherhood" appeared; why was it needed for the political associations "Rodina" and "Fair Russia"; why the group was assisted by the Yulia Tymoshenko bloc; who was the curator of the Nazi Vyacheslav Datsik named Redhead Tarzan; as members of the Northern Brotherhood, they participated in the embezzlement of 8,8 billion rubles allocated by the state for the construction of the Ring Road.

Under the control of "Motherland"

As follows from the story of Peter Khomyakov, until 2005, he worked at CJSC MIKOR, whose president was Valery Vdovenko. The latter has repeatedly stated that he is connected with the special services of Russia and has connections in the presidential administration and the government apparatus. According to official information, Vdovenko at one time was the chairman of the executive committee of the “Party of Russian Regions” Sergey Glazyev. And when this party joined the Rodina bloc, Vdovenko joined the presidium of the All-Russian public organization Rodina. Congress of Russian Communities.

According to Khomyakov, the politicians participating in the creation of the “Motherland” gathered in the MIKOR building, most often in the office of Yevgeny Yermachkov (later became a member of the “Rodina” presidium). At one of these meetings, the participants decided that the strength of the organization would be to gain unofficial control over most of the counter-system opposition of a nationalistic nature. For these purposes, it was decided to “buy” the “Slavic Union”, defeat the “Movement Against Illegal Immigration” (DPNI), and on their base create a new force, to which small nationalist groups should gradually be joined. The management of this conglomerate was supposed to be conducted indirectly, in the interests of the "Motherland". As Khomyakov assures, after the party entered as a whole in “Fair Russia”, the goals of “seizing” the nationalist opposition remained the same.

The whole project was headed by Valery Vdovenko, who constantly stated that he was coordinating his actions with representatives of the special services of Russia. According to Khomyakov’s narration, he himself initially solved various local problems. In particular, in 2006, he held a series of meetings with Alexander Mironov and Anton Mukhachev, who was at that time in the leadership of the DPNI. During these negotiations, there was a certain Vitaly, who represented a high-ranking officer of the Customs Committee of Russia. The meetings discussed the creation of a new nationalist grouping, which would become the basis for the conglomerate. Its concept was developed, and several variants of the name were invented. They passed Vdovenko. He, after consulting with someone, stopped at the Northern Brotherhood. As conceived by the creators, the group was supposed to act within the framework of the law, but on the verge of criminal acts, and its online resource - to enjoy authority among the radical strata of the population. At the same time, with the help of Mironov and Mukhachev, it was decided to launch an operation to “disintegrate” the Movement Against Illegal Immigration and to discredit its leaders. In particular, it was supposed to "split" the participants in the movement into pagans and Christians and sow enmity between them. As Khomyakov confessed, as a result of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration, it was only possible to “substantially weaken”, then they figured out the conspirators and expelled Mironov and Mukhachev from this organization. Following them, a part of DPNI supporters also moved to the Northern Brotherhood.

Gradually, the Northern Brotherhood grouping, which received good funding, became a popular "brand" in the nationalist milieu. Her activity was controlled by Vdovenko, who also resolved financial issues. Mironov and Mukhachev supervised work directly with nationalists, the activities of the site, etc. They also created the so-called "autonomous groups" - combat units of the "Northern Brotherhood" in Moscow and the regions. Khomyakov was responsible for the ideological component. On the basis of his book "The Catastrophe of 2012", the nationalists' national liberation program of nationalists (the NORNA program) was created. According to Khomyakov, as soon as the Northern Brotherhood, which relied on paganism in its ideology, there were competitors in the regions, money was immediately allocated to local policemen who conducted operations against such structures, closed their websites, etc.

In September 2007, all the leaders of the Northern Brotherhood gathered in the city of Alexandrov, Vladimir region. To attract new supporters, they decided to hold several mass actions in Russia, as well as launch the Internet project “Big Game”. He stipulated that young people would humiliate visitors, set fire to their stalls, cars, draw swastika on these objects, and send video reports to the Northern Brotherhood. Instead, skinheads could count on promotion in the grouping hierarchy and financial gratitude.

And soon there was a split among the leaders of the Northern Brotherhood. According to Khomyakov, Mironov and Mukhachev believed that the group should become more radical, conduct real power actions, buy weapon and prepare a coup in the country, and not engage in disorderly conduct. Khomyakov objected to this, fearing arrests. Both sides began to go to Vdovenko and complain about each other. It got to the point that the website of the Northern Brotherhood appeared calls for the physical elimination of Khomyakov.

Gradually, the project to create a moderate-scale mass nationalist group in Russia emerged from the control of its curators. Moreover, the “Northern Brotherhood” could at any time turn into a terrorist structure with an extensive regional network. As a result, in 2009, the FSB officers conducted an operation against the leaders of the Northern Brotherhood. In particular, Anton Mukhachev and Peter Khomyakov were detained. The latter began to cooperate with the FSB. But as soon as he was released on a written undertaking, he fled to Ukraine.

Redhead Tarzan and Yulia Timoshenko

Pyotr Khomyakov, who actively maintained relations with many prominent figures of the nationalist movement, during interrogations told a lot of interesting things about them. For example, he said who was in charge of the nationalist Vyacheslav Datsik, who made a lot of noise with his escape from the special forces and mysterious appearance in Norway.

"Spinning" the "Northern Brotherhood", Khomyakov often communicated with the former deputy of the Lensovet, the leader of the National Republican Party of Russia Yuri Belyaev, who is also the creator of the movement and the site "Ruscentr". The latter, according to the accused, once confessed to him via Skype, that he closely interacts with a certain skinhead criminal grouping, member of which is the participant in the championships in fights without rules Vyacheslav Datsik (known by the nickname Redhead Tarzan - Rosbalt). In August 2010, Redhead Tarzan escaped from a psychiatric clinic, where he was placed by court order. According to Khomyakov, after the escape of Datsik, the administrators and moderators of Ruscentre (all immigrants from Russia) living in this country in Norway accepted it. And when Tarzan the Redhead surrendered to the Oslo authorities, his patrons left Norway through Denmark. They moved to other European countries and Russia.

According to Khomyakov, the Northern Brotherhood also tried to use the political forces of Ukraine for its own purposes. It was to this country that he fled from the FSB of the Russian Federation at the invitation of one of the founders of the UNA-UNSO, the head of the Brotherhood organization, Dmitry Korchinsky. He promised to organize Khomyakov political asylum and decent funding for its activities. In 2009, in Kiev, with the participation of Khomyakov and Belyaev, a congress of the “Russian radical opposition” was held. According to the leader of the Northern Brotherhood, during this event official representatives of the Yulia Tymoshenko bloc approached him. They said that they are carrying out a pre-election project in the interests of Yulia Tymoshenko, whose goal is to win over the Russian-speaking active electorate of Ukraine with the help of the authority of nationalist groups from Russia. For this block and organized a congress. At the same time, it is important that Khomyakov appears to be the leader of the “Northern Brotherhood”, since this group is extremely untwisted. However, in December 2009, the Yulia Tymoshenko bloc abandoned the project with Russian nationalists, and Korchinsky lost interest in Khomyakov.

But the fugitive leader of the Northern Brotherhood did not remain without business. In August, 2010 was invited to Georgia by the chairman of the Confederation of Caucasian Peoples Zala Kasrelishvili and the leadership of the First Caucasian Information Channel (PIKK). They wanted Khomyakov to make a program there where Russia would not look in the best light. At the time of his work he was provided with housing, food and necessary medicines. Khomyakov prepared draft programs, but he was never given a job at PIKK. As a result, in November 2010, he returned to Ukraine, where, by his own admission, he was engaged in political begging.

In June, 2011, he had completely finished all the funds, and Khomiakov returned to Russia through Belarus to get his pension. It is noteworthy that this fact remained unnoticed by the FSB of the Russian Federation, although the leader of the Northern Brotherhood was on the federal wanted list. Khomyakov settled with a friend in one of the villages of the Pskov Region, from where he communicated with colleagues using the Internet. Once one of the familiar nationalists gave him the email address of a wealthy citizen living in Germany and ready to finance Khomyakov’s projects. Peter entered into a correspondence with a potential sponsor, however, he convinced him that he was allegedly hiding in Georgia. When he offered to meet on the territory of this country for the transfer of money, Khomyakov confessed that he was in Russia. As a result, the parties agreed to talk in one of the hotels in the city of Pereslavl. When 27 August 2011, Khomyakov arrived at the hotel, he was detained by officers of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation.

Billion rubles for data from the encyclopedia

As part of the deal with the investigation, Pyotr Khomyakov gave detailed testimonies about how the theft of 8,8 billion rubles, allocated by the state to design the Central Ring Road (CRR), was committed. Peter, together with another nationalist Sergey Volkov (living in the United States, was declared wanted by the FSB of the Russian Federation), being prominent scientists, were invited to Spetsmetroproekt LLC, which worked on the Central Ring Road. They headed the department of geoecological surveys (OGEI), which immediately hired about ten members of the Northern Brotherhood. These people did not do anything, did not appear in the office, but they regularly transferred their salaries. In "Spetsmetroproekt" on such things "turned a blind eye," because, according to Khomyakov, they were involved in large-scale embezzlement of state funds.

According to the leader of the nationalists, since November 2008, he participated in all the production meetings on the Central Ring Road project, during which they directly declared: it is necessary to imitate the active work, allegedly carried out since the summer of 2008. But in fact, they buy archival materials in order to subsequently issue them as fresh research on the Central Ring Road project. Since the official receipt of archival materials required a long time, special funds were allocated to acquire the necessary materials illegally from the staff of archives and specialized institutions. By the beginning of December 2008, the OGEI spent 28 million rubles. This money went to rent offices, payroll, purchase those archival materials. However, the leaders of the companies involved in the project demanded that Volkov and Khomyakov be able to draw up within two weeks (on December 12) an estimate that OGEI allegedly spent 1 billion rubles. No objections were accepted. Scientists have only been given advice on how best to imitate vigorous activity. For example, take a picture of the place where the Central Ring Road should run from the car and attach the pictures to the report, presenting them as expensive “route surveys”.

By the time when it was necessary to submit a report on the work done, Khomyakov and Volkov did not have time to receive archival materials, so they compiled it based on data from encyclopedias and textbooks, as well as information preserved from 1980's from one of their acquaintances. The leaders of the Central Ring Road project said that there is nothing terrible about this, the main thing now is to show the customer (that is, the state) at least something, and then it will be possible to make a convincing imitation of the work. Soon archival materials arrived, on the basis of which by December 25 was prepared the final report on the expenditure of funds. At the same time, according to Khomyakov, in fact, practically no work was carried out.

In January, 2009, Khomyakov was again summoned by the management of the Central Ring Road project and he was announced that the EGEI should begin to prepare a report for writing off another 2,5 billion rubles, which the state allocated. The scientist took one of the interlocutors aside and asked how much his department would actually receive. And he received the answer: no more 190 million rubles. To Khomyakov’s objections that such frauds are extremely dangerous, the interlocutor objected: they say, everything is coordinated in the higher structures and there is nothing to worry about.

To participate in the further embezzlement of funds allocated to the Central Ring Road, Khomyakov was prevented by the operation of the FSB of the Russian Federation against the leaders of the Northern Brotherhood. Counterintelligence is also conducting an investigation into the theft of 8,8 billion rubles allocated for the design of the Ring Road. Khomyakov appears in it as a witness.

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  1. crazyrom
    crazyrom 11 October 2012 07: 20
    It’s easier to say what he’s not guilty of than to make a list of crimes. Once he had laid it all down, he needed to replace the execution with a life sentence at least.
    1. dimanf
      dimanf 11 October 2012 11: 05
      it was necessary to join united Russia.
      none of them is imprisoned for theft.
      1. mongoose
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        will you answer for the market? that they don't put anyone in the ep? crowing?
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    Now everyone will be tackled and it's high time, the whole opposition turned away from Navalny after the Anatomy of Protest 2.
    1. alexng
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      Yes, it's time to put things in order at home. Stop looking at the West, they still do not value anything in this regard, but only carry out raids.
      1. Dmitry23RUS
        Dmitry23RUS 11 October 2012 19: 33
        I read the article. No. One thing I did not understand, how are these *** races involved in the nationalist movement, and let's say to me in particular? ? what Ordinary bandits and nothing more, do not fucking mix poop with honey! You can also write about * FSB has revealed all the secrets of communists, Zionists, Satanists, femenists, liberals and other rally riffraffs *. laughing But again, these bandits have nothing to do with the real Nationalists. am
        1. Dmitry23RUS
          Dmitry23RUS 11 October 2012 19: 37
          By the way, I know many real leaders of the Russian National Movement and I see these names for the first time.
  3. Vanek
    Vanek 11 October 2012 07: 55
    Everything secret, sooner or later ......................

    Hello to everyone.
  4. Averias
    Averias 11 October 2012 08: 36
    It's all clear and it's all good. But this is all strange. Did our special services not know about this before (or did not guess)? I will not believe. Such things are happening in our country almost everywhere (only the amounts are different), I think that it will not be difficult to take them under the hood (if they do not put them). So why don't they. Yes, it is clear why, pull the string - such a ball will unwind, shootings will begin again, unexpected fires and other related things. And at the expense of all these "brotherhoods" and a no brainer that they need someone. They can always be used in the dark for certain interests. And then say - what are we and we are nothing. This is what a villain they are. And the fact that these villains did lewdness with their tacit consent and not a public protectorate is nothing, it's normal. Since it is not provable.
    And the main question, the article does not say - who all the same sponsored them.
    1. Ross
      Ross 11 October 2012 08: 53

      A very correct formulation of the question. Read Bunich's "Polygon of Satan", everything is there about such things. Excerpts from the archives of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union during the Gorbachev era, when the KGB, on instructions from the party, created the opposition at the end of Gorbachev's reign with the money of the same party - these are the nationalist movement of Demushkin and the party of Zhirinovsky and other projects.
    2. Leisure
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      It's just that their time has come.
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    valokordin 11 October 2012 08: 53
    The article is strange, I have not heard anything about the Northern Brotherhood, who is Khomyakov and others, it is not known what relation these people have to Fair Russia, it is not clear, I know that the Rodina party was led by Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin, and that he is also connected with them? And who is Vershov, his passwords, appearances, pseudonym, safe house, bank account, credit card.
  6. tan0472
    tan0472 11 October 2012 11: 06
    FSB learned all the secrets of the nationalists

    It is bad that the FSB did not learn all the secrets of Muslim extremists. Then you look - and respected people in Kazan would not have died.
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        You seem to have seriously annoyed someone. The question is neutral, and you are being minus.
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  7. understudy
    understudy 11 October 2012 11: 41
    To be honest, the article caused bewilderment. Why wasn’t they taken for himon at an early stage of the “organization”? Funding issues are also somehow modestly hushed up ... but the mention of "tarzan" "killed" me. Only this speaks of the frivolity of the operation carried out or of the journalistic pursuit of sensations, this figure and her role in the nationalist movement were initially artificially inflated. Such "fighters without rules" are a dime a dozen. Moreover, with the presence of medulla in the frontal part of the head.
    But is it not an elementary run over Rogozin and Glazyev?
  8. Cadets
    Cadets 11 October 2012 12: 12
    Games of politicians and special services using jackals of all stripes!
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    neri73-r 11 October 2012 14: 31
    And who finances the nationalists never wrote !!!!!!!! I heard that they are also Anglo-Saxons! They feed the liberals with one hand, the nationalists with the other, and push the Caucasian Islamists with their feet, and all this is against us !!!!!
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    Quote: Dmitry23RUS
    You can also write about * FSB has revealed all the secrets of communists, Zionists, Satanists, femenists, liberals and other rally riffraff *

    It is not necessary to put communists and liberals on the same line.