Geopolitical mosaic: Obama and Netanyahu are carrying out anti-Iranian plans, and the list of American values ​​includes motherhood, apple pie and solitary confinement

From Houston to New York. The US court accused the illegal export of microelectronic components of the employees of the Texas Electron company - Russian citizens Alexander Fishchenko, Alexander Posobilova, Anastasia Dyatlov and Victoria Klebanova - will be transported from Houston to New York, reports correspondent ITAR-TASS Igor Shamshin.

“According to the order for transfer of the case, signed by the judge, this should happen as soon as possible,” said lawyer Alexei Tarasov.

Prosecutor David Rieker, who arrived from Washington and is in charge of counterintelligence activities, asked the judge: “Where do you usually start such processes?” - To which he received a clear answer: “In the city where the airport is located, through which illegal export went, or in Washington, where the US Department of State is located, whose divisions issue export permits. ”

Now the case of Anastasia Dyatlova, whose interests are protected by counsel Tarasov, sent to the court of Brooklyn. In this New York district, there is an airport named after John F. Kennedy, through which, according to the materials of the case, its persons engaged in the illegal supply of high-tech components.

Today in Houston, the correspondent reports. ITAR-TASS, in 13: 00 local time (in 22: 00 Moscow time), a court session will begin at which the issue of release on bail of Alexander Fishchenko and Victoria Klebanova will be considered. Lawyers believe that the Russians will be denied.

The case of “Russian espionage,” we add, was on the hands of both presidential candidates. If Mitt Romney can now criticize his rival for throwing nets to the traffic light chips in his presidency in America, then Barack Obama can boast about how quickly justice stops illegal attempts to profit.

NATO will help fraternal Turkey. In the event of an escalation of the conflict on the border with Syria, NATO will support Turkey. This was stated by the Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance after meeting with the defense ministers of the participating countries in Brussels, "Vesti".

Anders Fogh Rasmussen said: “We have developed various plans to defend Turkey. For obvious reasons, I cannot go into details. But, of course, Turkey can count on solidarity from the Alliance. At the same time, I repeat, the international community should focus on finding a political solution to the Syrian conflict. ”

Syrian troops are winning. According to correspondent ITAR-TASS Dmitry Zeleninreferring to SANA, the Syrian troops repulsed yesterday the invasion of militants from Turkey and Lebanon.

A detachment of mercenaries entered the mountainous region of Tell-Nahb and tried to block the highway passing through the mountain pass Jisr al-Shugur, but the Syrian army soldiers entered the battle, several militants were destroyed, the rest took refuge on the Turkish side of the border.

In addition, in Khirbet Nueimat, on the Lebanese-Syrian border, two armed detachments with a total number of 300 people were trying to break into the rescue of the insurgents surrounded by the city of El Quseir (30 km south of Homs). They fought back and retreated to Lebanese territory.

In Homs, government forces yesterday entered the quarter of Khalidia, which for a long time served as a stronghold for the Syrian Free Army. During the sweep, over a hundred militants were destroyed.

Saudi armory logistics. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine said that the country does not supply weapons to Syria. The statement followed in response to an investigation. "BBC", during which it became clear: Ukrainian-made weapons intended for Saudi Arabia could be at the disposal of Syrian rebels in the city of Aleppo.

“Ukraine did not and does not deliver such goods in Syria,” said Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Dikusarov. But he added that in 2010, "in full compliance with international requirements and national procedures," Ukraine signed a contract for the supply of military goods to Saudi Arabia.

How did the Ukrainian weapons fall into the hands of the Syrian rebels? The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine replied to this question: “We cannot make any assumptions about how this cargo is used after receiving the cargo by Saudi Arabia or another party to the contract.”

"BBC" previously found some evidence that weapons of Ukrainian production, intended for Saudi Arabia, could be at the disposal of the Syrian rebels. The correspondent of "BBC" saw three boxes of military cargo sent from Ukraine to Saudi Arabia, on the basis of the Syrian rebels in Aleppo. How these boxes reached Aleppo is unknown. By the way, the journalist "BBC" was not allowed to remove their contents on camera. Saudi Arabia declined to comment on this issue.

Journalists have suggested based on the labeling. On the boxes found in the mosque in Aleppo, judging by the marking, there is a weapon obtained from the Ukrainian company Dastan. She specializes in the production of marine weapons and missile systems. The manufacturer is Lugansk ammunition plant, which has been the largest manufacturer of small arms ammunition since Soviet times.

However, a company representative did not comment on reports of Ukrainian weapons in Syria and only stressed that Dastan has no contacts with Saudi Arabia.

The correspondent of "BBC" Ian Pannell, who visited Aleppo, said that in the end it remained unknown what these boxes contain.

The main export item of Lugansk PZ is now the cartridge caliber 7,62 mm for AK-47, widely used by both the Syrian army and the rebels. And their presence indicates that some in the Gulf countries are helping the Syrian rebels in their fight against President Al-Assad. So says Ian Pannell. In addition to this, he reports: “In the tangled trail of deliveries of military goods to the Syrian rebels, attention is drawn to the attention and message of the Ukrainian media of three years ago. According to their data, in the spring of 2009, the Cyprus company Woodex Holdings, Limited bought 25% of the shares of the Lugansk cartridge plant. Three American companies, Elmora Ventures, Clymer Finance and Holmgard System, are also co-owners of the plant in equal shares in 25%.

"Patriots" in the suburbs of Haifa. October 8 Israel unfolded in the suburbs of Haifa battery SAM "Patriot". Reports about it "" with reference to France-Presse.

Anti-missiles in Haifa were deployed 2 days after the penetration of Iranian UAVs into Israeli airspace. The drone was shot down by Israeli F-16 over the Negev desert.

Two hours or two days. Authoritative American analyst David Rothkoff believes that the United States may strike Iran in the near future. In an article written for Foreign Policy magazine, this expert claims that Washington is already actively negotiating the details of the operation with Tel Aviv.

Mr Rothkopf writes: “The US and Israel plan to strike Iranian nuclear facilities. The operation from the air will last from two hours to two days. It will involve bomber aircraft and Drones».

Geopolitical mosaic: Obama and Netanyahu are carrying out anti-Iranian plans, and the list of American values ​​includes motherhood, apple pie and solitary confinement

He does not exclude report "Vesti"that Washington could strike before the presidential election (November 6). Barack Obama, by pinpoint Iranian surgery, would be able to raise his rating by responding with verbal reproaches of his rival Mitt Romney. In addition, a blow to Iran, according to Rothkopf, "will ensure the security of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and the entire Persian Gulf, will give an unequivocal signal to Russia and China, will affirm American influence in the region for at least a decade."

"", referring to the same article in the Foreign Policy, writes that the Americans managed to convince the allies that the overall scale of the potential operation should be substantially less than that discussed now in the media. As for Obama's election "points", the current president will be able to give Mitt Romney an answer with the help of "surgical strikes" on Iranian facilities - and he will have to admit that he is wrong and, moreover, support Obama's actions.

Recall that in recent days, according to polls, aggressive Romney began to overtake the relatively peace-loving Obama. And since the people want aggression, the president is forced to fulfill his will. But at the same time take away from Romney what a strong competitor is. In one fell swoop two birds with one stone.

In addition, Obama approved a package of sanctions against Iran.

Another package of sanctions. As transmits correspondent RIA "News" Maria Tabak, the US president approved yesterday the list of measures necessary for the implementation of the next package of sanctions against Iran, adopted by the Congress of 2 on August.

The document provides for sanctions against anyone who cooperates with the enterprises of the fuel, petrochemical or gas sector of Iran, helps the country's oil and gas industry to acquire goods, services, technologies, infrastructure elements, helps Iran to buy equipment for jamming radio and television signals, tracking devices, and as well as equipment and special means for dispersing demonstrations. At the same time, those bad comrades who are involved in human rights violations in Iran and Syria will be subject to sanctions.

As a result of these measures, according to the official representative of the US National Security Council, Tommy Vitor, Iran will not be able to obtain nuclear weapons.

In itself, this statement, we note, should be regarded as black political humor. Following the logic of Vitor (more precisely, Obama and those behind him), the expulsion from Russia by USAID, the creation of some effective obstacles to the activities of forest, child and human rights NGOs, and the departure from the air of Radio Liberty should give rise to Russian nuclear arms race.

The reaction of the oil market. As transmits correspondent ITAR-TASS Alan Badov, amid growing tensions in the Middle East region, oil prices rose.

By the end of yesterday's session on the London Intercontinental Futures Exchange, the value of contracts for the supply of Brent oil blend has risen by 1,61 dollars, and by the end of the day amounted to 113,43 dollars per barrel.

Price increases were also noted on the New York Mercantile Exchange. The price of a barrel of Texas light oil at the intermediate mark of the trading session was $ 91,27, an increase of $ 1,52.

Oil prices rose despite the decline in the euro against the dollar.

The factors that caused the rise in prices, the analyst believes, were the threat of a US-Israeli strike on Iran, as well as the decision of the Turkish parliament allowing the direction of troops to the border with Syria, which is fraught with a military conflict between the two countries.

Four billion. In the second half of 2012, Iraq concluded several contracts with Russia for the supply of weapons and military equipment, reports "" with reference to ITAR-TASS. Information on military deals is contained in documents prepared for the meeting of the Prime Ministers of Russia and Iraq, Dmitry Medvedev and Nuri al-Maliki.

What kind of weapons and military equipment in question is not specified.

Earlier, the media wrote that Iraq had bought from Russia 30 attack helicopters Mi-28H and 42 anti-aircraft missile systems "Pantsir-S1". Today, Iraqis are planning to acquire a number of MiG-29М / М2 fighters and heavy armored combat vehicles. UPI reports that during the visit of al-Maliki, contracts worth a total of five billion dollars may be signed.

Athens: tear gas and batons. More than two hundred people were detained by Greek police yesterday during protests against the arrival of German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Athens, reports "" with reference to the RIA "News". Of the 217 detainees, 24 were later arrested. They were charged with violation of public order.

The police used tear gas and batons to disperse thousands and thousands of demonstrators. Protesters threw stones in response. They tried to break through the barricades to the building where negotiations were held between the Greek authorities and Mrs. Merkel. The Greeks do not like the austerity measures introduced in the country, initiated by Germany.

Sakharov short list. Maria Alekhina, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Ekaterina Samutsevich (in other words, “Mad Vaginas”) were included in the short list of the Sakharov Prize for 2012 a year. Reports about it "" With reference to "Interfax" and to the representative of the press service of the European Parliament Satu Helina.

The laureates of the award will become known on October 26 at a meeting of the factions of the European Parliament. The award will be awarded 12 December in Strasbourg.

The Andrei Sakharov Prize, recalls Lenta, is awarded each year for achievements in protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms, developing democracy and upholding the rule of law, respecting international law and protecting minority rights.

Former Georgian law enforcement officers disliked Georgia. Some high-ranking Georgian officials, including the former Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia, Bacho Akhalaya, and the Deputy Minister of Defense, Date Akhalaya, left the motherland in a hurry.

As transmits Rosbaltreferring to the Georgian media, the Akhalaya brothers left the country on the night of October 6. Passports and visas they brought directly to the Ministry of Defense.

The brothers said goodbye to each other and drove away in different cars. According to eyewitnesses, after the distribution of cadres of torture in prisons, the Akhalaya brothers lived on the 9 floor of the general staff, in the so-called "Apartment Akhalaya." Rosbalt reports that the head of the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia Nino Potrzhebskaya could neither confirm nor deny this information.

There is information that high-ranking police official Megis Kardava and Minister of Justice Zurab Adeishvili left Georgia. Former Minister of Defense David Kezerashvili and head of the parliamentary committee on national security of the past convocation Givi Targamadze allegedly left their homeland.

Finally, David Chakua, ex-chairman of the Department for the Execution of Sentences, parted ways with Georgia. Among those who left Georgia are also those involved in the murder of Buta Robakidze, former head of the patrol police Zurab Mikadze and ex-employee of the department of constitutional security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Georgy Dgebuadze.

Che Guevara: 45 anniversary of the death. As transmits correspondent RIA "News" Dmitry Znamensky, the diaries of the revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara, written by him in the last months of his life, became available to Internet users.

Che diaries can be read for free. Originals are stored in Bolivia. In 1980's, they were bought from an unknown seller at a London auction.

"", referring to France-Presse, specifies that photocopies of the diary were posted by researcher Carlos Soria Galvarro on the website dedicated to the life of Che Guevara in Bolivia for the 45 anniversary of the death of the revolutionary.

Published handwritten notes were made from January to October of the year 1967.

Link on diary.

Romney ahead of Obama by four percentage points. Presidential candidate from the Republican Party, Mitt Romney, for the first time overtook the current head of the White House in popularity. Of the respondents going to vote, 49% is ready to cast their votes for Romney, while for Obama - 45%, writes (Anna Bolshakova), referring to The Guardian. The survey involved more than one and a half thousand adult Americans.

Analysts believe that Obama shrank after the very first debate between the candidates. They were recognized as failures for Obama and quite successful for Romney.

On the eve of the Republican presidential candidate from the Republicans, speaking at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, criticized the current administration's foreign policy and aggressively stated that if he wins the election, he will change the course in the Middle East. And he promised to implement the missile defense program, despite the objections of Russia.

“I will implement an effective missile defense program to protect against threats. And in this matter there will be no flexibility with Vladimir Putin, ”Mr. Romney quoted the New York Times as saying. Romney also said that "Putin’s Russia casts a long shadow on young democracies."

The Republican candidate also noted that “the US has lost historical the opportunity to make new friends who share our values ​​in the Middle East, ”and if so, then he, Romney,“ will strive for American leadership in this region. ”

Since it’s impossible to find friends, we’ll add from our own, America, by its old habit, will find enemies.

And in order to find those faster and more, Mr. Romney promised to end the Syrian conflict by helping the "rebels". In order to increase the number of enemies to a critical value, he announced a tightening of pressure on Iran. Finally, Romney decided that the time had come to reconsider relations with Egypt and settle once and for all the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The sad record of advanced democracy. Comrade Jose Ignacio Torreblanca from the Spanish newspaper "El Pais" (translation source - "InoSMI"), referring to the study of the magazine "New Yorker", spoke about how many people are languishing in American prisons and how it is beneficial to America.

Neither Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney is talking about it now. Still, how can we explain to Americans and the whole world why this country, which is the flagship of democracy, has more than 6 million people in penitentiaries - that is, more than in the Soviet Union in the era of Stalinist repression?

The problem lies not only in the incredible number of prisoners, but also in the extremely harsh conditions of their detention. About 50 thousands of prisoners are kept in complete isolation, without the right to communicate with anyone. They are allowed to play sports alone for 1 hours per day. About 70 thousands of prisoners are abused every year. Finally, America is leading in one more indicator: hundreds of teenagers are sentenced to life imprisonment.

In the year 1980, in the United States, 220 people were detained for every 100 thousand inhabitants. In 2010, the rate of prisoners per capita increased threefold - 741 people per 100 thousand inhabitants. In Norway, for every 100 thousands of residents account for 66 prisoners, and in Spain - 144. Plus racism: the likelihood of being imprisoned for black people is 7 times higher than for members of the white race. Statistics show that the number of convicted African Americans held in prison and released on parole exceeds the number of slaves in the country in 1850 year.

The penitentiary system in the United States, under the control of private companies, has become a large and very profitable business. As an example, the journalist considers the state of California, which allocates 50 thousands of dollars a year for the maintenance of one prisoner, which in every possible way exceeds the cost of each student. “The priorities,” the author of the article believes, “are clear: 20 years ago, the cost of higher education in California was two times higher than the cost of maintaining a place of detention. Today, the opposite is true: the cost of maintaining prisoners (10 billions of dollars by almost 150 thousand prisoners) is twice the cost of higher education. ”

But the traditional values ​​of Americans - motherhood and apple pie, not to mention the long-forgotten right to life, liberty and the search for happiness, as stated in the US Declaration of Independence.

There is no need to comment on the article of a progressive Spanish journalist, but perhaps we will have to add something.

"New Yorker" is not the first time that draws the attention of readers to the US prison system. Back in March 2009, the magazine was published article (author - Atul Gavand) on the conditions of solitary confinement in the United States (it was placed under the heading "Chronicle of Human Rights"). Several facts from the article deserve our attention.

John McCain once wrote: "This is terrible - solitary confinement." This man spent five and a half years in captivity in Vietnam, and more than two years he spent in isolation in a cage measuring fifteen by fifteen feet. He could not communicate with other prisoners of war; the only means of communication was an enamelled cup that could knock on the wall.

"It destroys your spirit and weakens resistance — far more effectively than any other form of ill-treatment." So wrote McCain.

These words belong to a man who was constantly beaten, whose arm was broken twice, his leg was broken, and he suffered from dysentery in a chronic form.

EEG studies, which have been carried out in the USA more than once, show a diffuse deceleration of brain waves in prisoners — after a week of their imprisonment in solitary cells.

In 1992, fifty-seven prisoners of war, released an average of six months from camps in the territory of the former Yugoslavia, were studied using EEG tests. Records revealed brain abnormalities.

The author of the article spoke with a man who had spent more than five years at that time in isolation in a prison in Walpole, a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. Within a few months, he, imprisoned in a “loner,” talked to himself, experienced panic attacks, and screamed for help. He had color hallucinations: the walls of the chamber seemed to change color. Over time, this person completely lost the experience of communication with the outside world. He could not even talk to his lawyer; panic swept over him.

Craig Haney, a professor of psychology at the University of California at Santa Cruz, received rare permission to study the hundreds of randomly selected prisoners at Supermax, Pelican Bay, California. He managed to prove that after several months or years of complete isolation, many prisoners "begin to lose the ability to initiate behavior of any kind, to organize their lives around activities and goals."

Almost 90% of these prisoners were characterized by manifestations of "irrational anger." Many prisoners in solitary confinement thought only of revenge, richly fantasizing about this topic.

In American prisons, the author writes, now sits 25% of all prisoners in the world, and probably "the vast majority of prisoners who sit in solitary confinement for a long time." But it was not always so. In 1890, the United States Supreme Court had already approached single isolation as an unconstitutional punishment. Judge Samuel Miller noted that the experience found "serious objections" against imprisonment in solitary confinement. A significant number of prisoners, even after a short period of time in isolation, fell into a state of mental clouding, out of which it was almost impossible. Others turned out to be violent madmen. Still others committed suicide.

Many prisoners, the author writes, have saved the mind thanks to difficult mental exercises. They built houses in their heads, from beginning to end, from the first board to the varnish. McCain recreated in his mind all the films that he had previously watched. Yuri Nosenko, a KGB defector who was mistakenly accused by the CIA of a double agency who spent three years in complete isolation, made chess out of threads, a calendar and food — just to be discovered and destroyed.

In 2008, presidential candidates, both from the Republican and the US Democratic Party, firmly declared the prohibition of torture and the closure of the facility in Guantanamo, where hundreds of prisoners spent many years in isolation.

But did Barack Obama or John McCain address the issue of solitary confinement? No, that would be political suicide for them, the journalist said. The fact is that if in Western Europe steps are being taken to reduce solitary confinement, in the United States solitary confinement is supported by public opinion.

And public opinion, we will add on our part, is supported there by the penitentiary system, which with all its might ensures the safety of civilians who stand up for this very security. A vicious circle from which you never get out.

With a grenade, knives and bags for corpses - on the plane. At Los Angeles International Airport, a man with a smoke grenade, batons and knives was detained. Reports about it "" with reference to the Los Angeles Times.

Yunda Juan Harris, a 28-year-old US citizen of Chinese descent, taking the items with him, was sent from Japan to Boston, and was detained on October 5 during a transfer to the Los Angeles airport.

Under the raincoat, the passenger was wearing a bulletproof vest and flame-retardant pants, and in his luggage there was a smoke grenade, knives, police batons, shackles, gas mask, protective suit, dog scaring device, and at the same time bags for corpses.

В the original articles (blog "L.-A. Times") reported that the customs officers detained the passenger because they ... embarrassed his clothes. By the way, in addition to four batons and knives, a friend had an ax with him. Now, the US customs and border guards are wondering: why hasn’t the passenger’s carry-on baggage checked in Japan yet?

But who, we add, in samurai Japan will pay attention to some kind of knives and an ax? Especially - transported complete with bags for corpses. This means that the passenger is a neat person and will always take care of himself.

Observed and translated by Oleg Chuvakin
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    1. Hysnik-Tsuzoy
      10 October 2012 12: 20
      Each event has its own background, its own idea: that is, a cause-and-effect context, outside of which the event cannot be understood. In this sense, the genre of geopolitical mosaic is completely mediocre - it is such a dump of facts with the subtext: "But there is still something like this that happened." The article "minus in a cube".
      1. +12
        10 October 2012 13: 57

        There are no comrades for taste and color. The article does not pretend to analyze the cause-effect relationships of events taking place in world politics, but gives only a MOSAIC picture of what is happening. From the pieces (events) of which everyone is free to collect this or that picture and draw conclusions independently.
        1. Hysnik-Tsuzoy
          10 October 2012 18: 36
          Try to look at this material from the point of view of reader's pragmatism: the mosaic genre on the site has turned into a kind of news, only, how can I put it more easily, slightly outdated. Everyone knows about them, everyone read about it and even left their comments on the same site. Therefore, in terms of informative material, it has zero effect. Let's look at it from a debatable point of view: such a motley selection of facts that are heterogeneous in meaning and degree of coverage leads to the fact that people discuss, as a rule, one, maximum 2, so-called news or is limited to monosyllabic comments, for example, "the world is heading into the abyss" ... This is understandable: "you cannot grasp the immensity."
      2. +3
        10 October 2012 14: 23

        Tsuza You are Tsuza wink

        Do not understand us Earthlings wink
        1. Beck
          10 October 2012 19: 02
          Somewhere a separate page posted the news about Iraqi military purchases. But there is a review here. Therefore, I will comment.

          Hurray to the patriots I give the command - FAS to this koment. And add and remember.

          How many screams there were - "Iraq is a US colony. America occupied Iraq only in order to get oil for free, and not to overthrow the dictator. Iraq is under the heel of reptile amers. The new Iraqi government is US puppets that the amers will say so. America is its own. will not withdraw troops. There will be American bases in Iraq. "

          And all that. People who spoke differently were sentenced to a red number.

          And on you. must this happen, the United States withdrew its troops from Iraq. And now and not at all in unison with hurray-patriots. This "puppet" government, without looking back at its "owner", took and ordered weapons from Russia for as much as 4 billion dollars, the Bellens were overwhelmed. And most importantly amers, bastards, and do not yap. And only because the Iraqi government itself takes into account the interests of Iraq.

          Amers draw oil for free. The latest news. In 2012, LUKOIL invested $ 1 billion in oil projects in Iraq. In 2013, it increases investments to 4 billion. Rat good people! Where has it been seen so that Amers give their free oil, Iraqi, to some Russian company? And only because the Iraqi government respects the interests of its and only its state. It is necessary for the patriots to get pierced in this way - the main trump card in their hands is a bit of an independent oil policy of Iraq.

          The two news, at 8 BILLION, speaks of only one thing. Iraq after the overthrow of the dictator is on its feet. His government acts only in the interests of Iraq. And amers him not a decree. And the United States had no other interests in Iraq as soon as the dictatorship was destroyed.
          1. 11Goor11
            11 October 2012 02: 13
            Is this a joke?
            So they turn out to be completely disinterested, and does sacred American democracy really exist?
            Wow! As if there was no cruel awakening from stupid dreams after the collapse of the USSR.
            And half a million children who died in Iraq is quite a worthy price for these dirty intrigues of the White House, and the money that their ruling elites earned in the war?
            That is, when they come to you to kill your dictator and "quite by accident" spill white phosphorus on your head - rejoice, you are not a vain sacrifice, nevertheless this "democracy has come"
            Have you ever wondered that being a "Urya" -patriot of your country is more normal than being a Kazakh or Russian "Urya" -patriot of the United States?
            1. Beck
              11 October 2012 02: 56
              Quote: 11Goor11
              Is this a joke?

              If our dictator will poison his people with chemical weapons, then he must be overthrown.

              It’s bad to be a patriot of any country. Being a PATRIOT of your country is commendable.

              The US has a bunch of flaws, like everyone else. Without flaws there is no life, there will be nothing to correct.

              Facts. Hussein unleashed a war with Iran - yes. Occupied Kuwait-yes. Poisoned his people with chemical weapons - yes. He threatened the countries of the region - yes.

              Other facts. The United States threw off the dictator - yes. The USA has strengthened the new statehood of Iraq - yes. The United States withdrew its troops - yes. US buys oil - yes.

              Iraq independently decides where to place its defense and economic orders - YES.
              1. 0
                11 October 2012 06: 04
                Quote: Beck
                If our dictator will poison his people with chemical weapons, then he must be overthrown.

                Dear, could you give a link about the weapons of mass destruction found after the overthrow of Saddam? otherwise I can’t find anything on this subject!
                1. Beck
                  11 October 2012 09: 23
                  Dirty tricks.

                  What to mess with. It was not him. Why then was Hussein bluffing and threatening the region with weapons of mass destruction. Before bluffing. And even the occupation of Kuwait was enough to overthrow Hussein, coupled with the chemical poisoning of its own people.

                  After the first Iraq war, when American troops, fulfilling the UN resolution, stopped 100 kilometers from Baghdad, Shiites and Kurds revolted against Hussein. But America, executing UN decisions, withdrew its troops. Then Hussein, to suppress the uprising, and used chemical weapons.
    2. +7
      10 October 2012 12: 20
      Barack Obama could have improved his rating by performing targeted Iranian surgery by responding with deeds to the verbal reproaches of his rival Mitt Romney.

      Amazing frankness!
      1. +2
        10 October 2012 16: 56
        cool name from the Israeli prime minister ... NOT, TANH, I-HU laughing
    3. +6
      10 October 2012 12: 34
      Well, as I said: both American candidates will go to war only to win the presidency. No human values ​​remained with the Americans. Bl ..., they would kick the fuck for the whole world and sell them to Nigeria for slavery! And we did not just bring troops into the Caucasian republics under the pretext of combating local terrorism. We are strengthening the borders and getting ready to defend ourselves. What will lead the attack on Iran, even leading political scientists find it difficult to answer clearly. A maximum of two days they want to manage. They’ve been sitting in Afghanistan for 10 years. And Iran is far from being not Afghanistan. Assholes.
      1. Bashkaus
        10 October 2012 20: 52
        I will tell you more, that week unplanned headquarters exercises of the Civil Defense Ministry of the Ministry of Emergencies were held ... They lifted everyone, including medicine.
    4. Legion47
      10 October 2012 12: 35
      Every time I read a new hepolytic smear and other news, I am becoming more and more convinced that the world is steadily sliding into the abyss of madness and that even worse, people believe that everything should be so !!! am
      1. +3
        10 October 2012 14: 23
        20 years ago, I came to the conclusion that normal people remained only in a madhouse - they hid there from the surrounding reality and the bastards doctors want to throw them back into reality
    5. +6
      10 October 2012 12: 39
      Barack Obama could have improved his rating by performing targeted Iranian surgery by responding with deeds to the verbal reproaches of his rival Mitt Romney. In addition, a strike on Iran, according to Rothkopf, “will ensure the security of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and the entire Persian Gulf,ast unequivocal signal to Russia and China, will approve American influence in the region for at least a decade».

      As the GDP would say-two crap !!!
      Finally, oh ** li! You, in fact, who are you? Dad with mom? You, comrade American partners, NOBODY! And to call you in any way. Do not run up!
    6. cool.ya-nikola
      10 October 2012 12: 43
      Sakharov short-listers. Maria Alyokhina, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Ekaterina Samutsevich (in other words, "Mad Vaginas") were included in the short list of the 2012 Sakharov Prize.

      With all my deepest respect for Oleg, I cannot but express my bewilderment, how he could, along with the above "joyful" news, not inform about another no less "pleasant" event, namely, for the Nobel Peace Prize, was nominated the leader of the radio station "Echo of Moscow" Mr. Venediktov ?!
      So, there is every chance for Mr. Venediktov to join the glorious cohort of winners for various merits in the "great" business of "screwing up" Russia! ...
      Although, of course, after the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Barack Obama, it’s probably time to stop being surprised at the brainwaves of Western "liberals"!
      Indeed, verily - whom God wants to punish - deprives the mind!
      1. +2
        10 October 2012 12: 55
        Quote: cool.ya-nikola
        With all my deepest respect for Oleg, I cannot but express my bewilderment, how he could, along with the above "joyful" news, not inform about another no less "pleasant" event, namely, for the Nobel Peace Prize, was nominated the leader of the radio station "Echo of Moscow" Mr. Venediktov ?!

        Guilty, sir, Nikolay.
        1. +3
          10 October 2012 14: 24
          Well, if it's my fault, I fell out!
    7. +6
      10 October 2012 12: 46

      Romney ahead of Obama by four percentage points

      YES at least forty. It is absolutely not a fact that the one who is supported by the majority will be elected. There is no democratic election system in the United States. The absence of direct voting and the presence of only two parties that differ only in symbols are a vivid confirmation of this. At one time A. Gor was the leader in all respects before the elections. And who did you choose? Bush. AND selected the president will be appointed who will be more beneficial to the true rulers of America. (We will not point the finger)
    8. 0
      10 October 2012 12: 59
      More than two hundred people were detained by Greek police yesterday during protests against the arrival of German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Athens.

      Now, let the Germans feel in our shoes Yes when you feed, you feed freeloaders, and when you stop doing this, they with wild squeals declare you an enemy of the people, an invader Yes That is why it is not necessary to feed the unfinished, let them survive as they want, because then there will be no gratitude. For others, all this will be a lesson.
      he also promised to implement a missile defense program, despite Russia's objections.

      It seems to me that Obamych will lose the election, so you need to prepare for Russophobe Romney to come to power, at least this harek openly said that we are the number one enemy, therefore, in the event of the deployment of missile defense, you do not need to ask for any papers, he himself confirmed that she is against us , so you can safely bawl at them with the Iskanders, we warned they say Yes
      Putin was in Germany the other day and talked about missile defense, the Germans said they would support us. By the way, did you know that Putin used to live in Germany? 5 years in my opinion, it was in the 90 years.
      1. +6
        10 October 2012 14: 29
        Quote: Joker
        By the way, did you know that Putin used to live in Germany?

        A colleague ... umm ... he didn’t quite live there ... as I understand it ... that he was there .... ahem .... worked !!!

        But the Germans he likes is a fact ...... by the way, many in Russia like them, this is a paradoxical fact ..... like the fact that the Germans themselves (if we take the Baltic states for comparison ... Poles ... .Western ukrov ..) we have no complaints at all ...... apparently something we have in common with them .... at the level of .... genes and psychophysical foundations ....... and if even in the ABM issue, they will support us, and they will leave NATO (oh dreams) ... then all the kapets are a hedgehog ... in the sense of amers.
      2. 0
        10 October 2012 17: 25
        Romney is hardly a Russophobe. As they play in Americanophobia in Russia, so in America - in Russophobia. The usual thing. This will not affect the real situation.
    9. vladimir64ss
      10 October 2012 14: 02
      Anti-Iranian rhetoric intensifies amid Assad’s success. But even 2 hours of bombing will deprive Obama of support for those who now do not want to fight in the states. And this is a mandatory failure. Aggression also has a limit. Georgian rats ran, maybe the people of Georgia will take a breath and complete the job by deporting Saakashvili to South Ossetia. Thanks for the review.
      1. +1
        11 October 2012 12: 14
        Welcome all. Dear Vladimir, you expressed my idea about "rats". Rats are running from the sinking ship !!! They may not be deported (although I am not against this situation), but I hope he will run away too.
    10. 0
      10 October 2012 14: 40
      A few days ago, we argued at a forum about the possibility of a war between Syria and Turkey, it seems that those who claimed that they could not do without NATO would be right. Turkey alone will not dare!
      1. 0
        11 October 2012 12: 17
        for Andrei, I got the impression that Turkey, all this time, was persuading and negotiating with NATO about the beginning of the war with Syria. True, what did they persuade representatives of NATO? The fact that the Turks themselves will conduct land actions?
    11. +2
      10 October 2012 17: 25
      The Andrei Sakharov Prize, recalls Lenta, is awarded each year for achievements in protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms, developing democracy and upholding the rule of law, respecting international law and protecting minority rights.

      You can find out from the organizers for what exactly the prize is to the sluts from the "pusyaks":
      a) for antics in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior;
      b) for stuffing a dead chicken into a "mad vagina"
      c) for hanging mannequins;
      or a combination of the above?
      1. Bashkaus
        10 October 2012 20: 59
        I don’t know what the prize is for these sluts, but I can tell you for sure, the one who has these th ... well tr ​​.... no - will receive the hero of Russia. And if you have enough strength for Novodvorskaya, there’s also an order)
        1. +1
          10 October 2012 21: 04
          Quote: Bashkaus
          forces also on Novodvorskaya, also an order)

          I don’t know such a hero, I think this is the case when vodka does not help!
        2. +1
          11 October 2012 12: 18
          for Sergey, you forgot about Navalny.
    12. +1
      10 October 2012 17: 39
      Georgia disliked former Georgian security officials.

      Ratsyatnik jerked off the sinking ship. That's what the US aid went to! Fortunately, it is not the ship that is sinking (ie, the wonderful country - Georgia), but the Caudla that brought the republic to its "handle". And to Georgians - good health and happiness!
    13. cool.ya-nikola
      10 October 2012 17: 47
      Quote: Mart
      Guilty, sir, Nikolay.

      Yes, no, dear, Oleg! This is, so to speak, my "joint", the word bewilderment I had to "quote"!
      And, here's the continuation of the topic: - only that in the news on the channel "Russia", journalists asked the father of Madame Tolokonnikova how he felt about the presentation of his daughter to the Sakharov Prize, in light of the fact that this can be regarded as an unfriendly attack on Russia ... The answer was: "... Russia deserves to get a good kick in the ass! ..."
      So, an apple from an apple tree is longer in text!
    14. Odessa
      10 October 2012 18: 06
      Oleg, thanks for the interesting review! good
    15. wolverine7778
      10 October 2012 19: 18
      Mr. Romney promised to end the Syrian conflict by helping the “rebels”
      The command of Mujahideen "Jabhat al-Nusra" reported that the Mujahideen of this Islamic movement on October 3 organized and carried out a series of coordinated operations against key Alawite objects in the center of Aleppo. The Shahid attack was carried out in the style of the Taliban: using mined cars and a group of fighters, disguised in military uniform. The objectives of the operation "Destruction of obstacles" were the following objects:
      1. The officer club on Saadullah al-Jabiri Square is considered one of the most important and largest centers of the Alawite army and Shabiha. At the time of the attack, there were a large number of officers in the building, and in front of it were military trucks and cars with mounted DShK machine guns.
      2. Tourist hotel on Saadullah al-Jabiri Square: located in front of the square and a few tens of meters from the “Officers Club”. The Alawites used the hotel as the headquarters of the military command of operations in the city of Aleppo, and it was precisely because of its strategic location and strength that the headquarters of the Assad troops were located in it. All roads leading to the hotel were blocked by road barriers and army checkpoints, and a large number of Alawite soldiers, officers and intelligence members were guarded.
      3. City Palace (“municipality”): a skyscraper with a height of 30 floors, is considered the tallest building in the city. The building housed a large number of Alavite snipers, and at the highest point - heavy machine guns DShK, with which the troops fired at the liberated rebel territory. The palace was transformed into military barracks.
      4. Hotel Amir: it is considered safe from clashes and open fronts, the zone is located more than 555 meters from Saadullah al-Jabiri Square. The hotel consists of 25 floors and was used by the regime as a residence for the employees of the headquarters of the Alavite command, numerous snipers were placed on the building.
      At about 5:45 a.m., a suicide bomber blew up an officer club with a car bomb, turning it into ruins and bringing down walls on the heads of Assad’s troops. Two minutes after the first explosion, a suicide bomber looking for another suicide bomber blew up the Tourist Hotel, which was the tallest building in the city.
      After the second explosion, the rebels Jabhat al-Nusra, dressed in military uniform and consisting of three soldiers, launched an assault on the surviving Alawites, a fierce clash ensued, which continued even after the third explosion.
      At about 8:05 a.m., the rebels remotely detonated a car bomb parked at the main gate of the palace.
      At 10:30 in the morning, a car stuffed with explosives was parked in front of the Amir Hotel. It was blown up at a time when Assad troops sappers examined cars standing next to the hotel.
      In an interview, one of the Islamic commanders, Abu Musab, highlighting the situation of armed groups and the ongoing battles against the Alawite troops, turned to the Islamic Ummah and the so-called international community represented by the United States and France - he emphasized that the Syrian Mujahideen did not count on anyone's help and support, except support from Allah.

    16. Kshatriy
      10 October 2012 20: 07
      ..... "A strike on Iran, according to Rothkopf," will ensure the security of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and the entire Persian Gulf, will give an unambiguous signal to Russia and China, and will assert American influence in the region for at least a decade "... .. ".......
      Mr. RothKopf (red head?) .... sorry not for ScheiseKopf .... already decided that they are all in white and on white camels so easily can ignore Iran's air defense .... ??? Or maybe Iran will bury its head in the sand, like an ostrich and wait for these gentlemen to process its bare ass? Or maybe Iran will react to such "execution" adequately and try to make everything that flies as much as possible? Insanity grows stronger !!!! A pearl about an unequivocal signal to Russia and China ??? Vaascheee --- swan song .. So you can agree to chiseled-surgical strikes on Reutov and Balashikha, for example, so that the missiles are not released, but I don’t see the difference ...
    17. sxn278619
      10 October 2012 20: 54
      All the oil that foreign companies produce in Iraq, then they are sold to a state company. For example, Lukoil at the cost of production on its site 1 dollar per bar sells at 2 dollars.
      From here it is clear where Iraq got the money to buy weapons.
      True, they are not buying it.
      Their own experience shows that they need automated systems with elements of artificial intelligence.
      To press the button and into the trench.
    18. Bashkaus
      10 October 2012 21: 05
      What do you think, and what if you put in Iran a certain number of destroyers? If we don’t swear at us during the battle, maybe it’s a ride ...
      And of course, it is urgently necessary to import C300 barges there. Oh, I have to ...
    19. 0
      10 October 2012 21: 22
      The question is who these fighters will do. AU - the remains of Sukhoi and Migov! In 1943, several SOT aircraft were produced in the Soviet Union on the same day! What about now? How much a year? And where ?
    20. 0
      10 October 2012 23: 47
      Quote: Beck
      How many yells there were - "Iraq is a US colony. America occupied Iraq only to get oil for free, and not to overthrow the dictator

      Beck, I won’t know how it goes in terms of Iraq, but you're damn right! It turns out not so much Iraq and the puppet. Although, quite possibly, the Americans simply do not have time to follow all the processes, because too many of these processes have been launched.
      1. Beck
        11 October 2012 00: 23

        Respected. The USA did not need the lands of Iraq, its bowels, no place for the notorious base. The US needed Hussein. Hussein was a threat to the region. His senseless attack on Iran and the 8 year war. The occupation of Kuwait. Saudi Arabia threat. Threat to the whole region.

        Therefore, the United States overthrew him. US troops lingered in Iraq exactly at that time, during which the new government gained strength, and state institutions rose to their feet. As soon as the amers realized that the Iraqi authorities were able to provide internal security, they withdrew the troops.

        And now the Iraqi government itself decides, in the interests of its state, whom to give defense and economic orders to, where there is a profit. It’s not just that LUOIL, it means he offered the most favorable conditions than English, American, Japanese, and hell knows what. In the same way, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt are now independent, and there will be no bases there.

        Objectivity for the sake of. Bush also had personal accounts with Hussein. After the first Iraq war, waged by Bush Sr. Hussein at the Baghdad International Airport, on the floor of the entrance to the main hall, laid out a mosaic portrait of Bush the elder. And all the passengers trampled on this portrait. Hussein did nothing in vain.
        1. 0
          11 October 2012 05: 14

          His "senseless attack on Iran" was carried out with the filing and, with the support of the United States. Iraq itself ceased to be an ally of the United States only after Hussein became aware that the United States was supplying weapons not only to Iraq but also to Iran (there were at that time a couple of scandals "Iran -gate "and Iran-Contra"). The Americans have never been peacekeepers, and never will be ..
    21. adolph1
      11 October 2012 01: 29
      (simply put, "Mad Vaginas")

      Thanks neighing!
    22. +1
      11 October 2012 06: 10
      Quote: cool.ya-nikola
      With all my deepest respect for Oleg, I cannot but express my bewilderment, how he could, along with the above "joyful" news, not inform about another no less "pleasant" event, namely, for the Nobel Peace Prize, was nominated the leader of the radio station "Echo of Moscow" Mr. Venediktov ?!
      So, there is every chance for Mr. Venediktov to join the glorious cohort of winners for various merits in the "great" business of "screwing up" Russia! ...

      he is not in the photo, but the meaning is the same:
    23. 0
      11 October 2012 12: 47
      "Neither Barack Obama, nor Mitt Romney are talking about this now. Still - how to explain to the Americans, and the whole world, why it is in the country that is the flagship of democracy, there are more than 6 million people in penitentiaries - that is, more, than in the Soviet Union in the era of Stalinist repressions? "- The United States is a police corporate state, not democratic at all. Purchasing special ammunition, patrolling cities and towns of UAVs by police, preparing for future riots, wiretapping phones and intercepting SMS and e-mail, information cleansing of the brains of the population, everything is done to keep their people in fear and ignorance.
    24. +1
      11 October 2012 17: 50
      I would still separate flies from cutlets. If Obama / Romney is in the forefront of the task of being re-elected / elected as well as maintaining control over the sources of Middle Eastern oil and the routes of their transportation, then Netanyahu has a more modest and more serious task: to prevent the destruction of the state of Irail, which Ahmidejan always threatens. Until the latter has a vigorous bomb, Israel can react to these threats with conventional methods, such as you hit us with the hands of Nasrallah or Hamas, and we will hit you on those hands. But when the bomb appears, which is quite likely, then whoever managed to eat it. This is not the 67th year or even 73rd, when Israel was taken by surprise, but it managed to resist and even seize the initiative. Further, Netanyahu, unlike Obams and Romney, is a military officer and he perfectly understands how long it is possible to play games, and when to put the cards aside and pick up the machine gun. That is why relations between Israel and the United States have been very tense lately. Those. The United States strongly doesn't want to solve Israel's problems. They would have to solve their own, and the forces to solve it are less and less. So there is a buzz around the Iranian vigorous problem. In the meantime, it goes on, everything is quietly preparing, including Russia and China, which also wants to control what the United States now controls and even more. And when in some place the selfish (sorry, national) interests of such strong players collide, then twist it, but there will be war. All wars began because of oil, it will begin now because of the same and how it will end only Allah knows. It is quite possible that only he will remain to conduct debriefing. Those. you can continue to drive a blizzard about the malicious Zionists, but the matter rests not only and not so much on them. The case just smells of oil and the victory of one idiot over another in the next idiotic elections in which no one and no one chooses.

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