Israeli Air Force intercepted an unidentified UAV

Israeli Air Force intercepted an unidentified UAV

The Israeli Air Force reported on 6 October interception of an F-16I fighter aircraft of an unidentified UAV that invaded Israeli airspace in the south of the country. The vehicle was shot down in Israeli airspace in the northern part of the Negev desert.

In place of the alleged fall of the UAV, units of the Israeli Armed Forces were sent, which searched the area in order to detect the wreckage of the apparatus and determine its belonging. The results of the investigation were not disclosed.

According to a press release from the Israeli Air Force, a UAV was detected before entering Israeli airspace and was accompanied by fighter jets before receiving a command to destroy.

Palestinian media have suggested that this is a UAV developed by Hamas specialists. In the Gaza Strip, October 6 held an exercise by the security services of the organization, within which the unmanned aerial vehicle could be launched.

Earlier, the Israeli Air Force twice intercepted UAVs. During the Lebanese war of 2006, the 2 of the Gods Ababil apparatus, which belonged to the Hezbollah movement, was shot down over the Mediterranean.
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  1. fern
    October 10 2012
    And who knows, maybe they shot down an alien reconnaissance drone lol . Revenge will be cruel
    1. +3
      October 10 2012
      No need to say! Wait aliens are preparing to bring them their cosmic democracy! laughing
    2. Dimon
      October 10 2012
      yes, the Russian press brakes .... the news is a bit old, and most importantly, that shot down, and which enemy shot down, so it’s side ... :))))
      1. +3
        October 10 2012
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        1. +1
          October 10 2012
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      2. +5
        October 10 2012
        Dimon, deignly to write correctly the nationality of the press. Probably he himself received education in the Union or in Russia.
        And you are from these regular emigrants. Migrant worker?
        1. Dimon
          October 10 2012
          Quote: Veter
          Migrant worker?

          Yeah, a guest worker, with the rank of Sergeant of the IDF and working as a programmer at IBM :)))))))
    3. Hysnik-Tsuzoy
      October 10 2012
      Quote: Farn
      alien reconnaissance drone

      What kind of drone is it, the guys arabian kite launched))
  2. +1
    October 10 2012
    serious incident wink
  3. 0
    October 10 2012
    Ah, how I love such news. This is necessary, an unidentified UAV, but I can’t laugh. And who ento launched it, huh? Well, the intrigue and secrets of the Madrid court are straightforward. Speak directly - how many grams to hang. In general, perhaps they started moving in Israel, or they don’t know what to say. And suddenly the alien ship is in active transformational camouflage - and it was shot down. And now they fear the orbital strike of the green men. They had few problems with Iranon, so now the wrath of the brothers in their minds has brought on. What to do, now to whom the red line should be drawn. Or does Katz offer to give up? Or all the same, from the side of Pakistan, the Shtatovsky flew in, they circled and fired a lot there. But Israel shot down, then on earth the flag identified whose he was, and scared. Now they don’t know what to do
    1. +2
      October 10 2012
      There is nothing news, the given moment is known that
      1. The UAV left Lebanon, flew through the Mediterranean Sea and entered the airspace of Israel near Gaza

      2. The device is relatively modern, not made in Sharashkin’s office of Hezbollah, since it flew over 150km

      3. Unarmed or crammed with explosives

      4. flew on course to Dimona and was shot down at 30 km of the reactor

      IMHO provocation of Iran
      1. 0
        October 11 2012
        Quote: Rumata
        IMHO provocation of Iran

        Hmm, but Israeli UAVs over Iran’s territory is not a provocation?
  4. +1
    October 10 2012
    but it seems to me that this is the drone that bombed Turkey, the U.S. did not have time to warn Israel that it would fly through them, so they accidentally shot it ... wink
  5. +1
    October 10 2012
    It's time to think about the issue of state recognition of drones. Otherwise, soon the endless mochilo will begin.

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