How to attract young professionals in the field of defense?

Often we discuss the problem that Russian defense-industrial enterprises cannot fully cope with the obligations imposed on them. Moreover, if before the main problem was the lack of funding and the lack of a systematic approach to loading defense enterprises by the state, then today, it seems, the situation is not better than financing, and sometimes the load is such that it only remains to roll up our sleeves and literally immerse yourself in the long-awaited work.

However, as it turned out, lately, in the field of defense industry has managed to manifest itself and, at least, one problem that hinders the development of the industry. This problem lies in the total lack of qualified specialists who would be able to apply the knowledge gained in educational institutions for their implementation in direct production. The fact is that today, by the most approximate estimates, in the defense industry the number of young specialists does not exceed 20% of the total number of employees. At the same time, the trend, unfortunately, is aimed at reducing this share as well. The average age of specialists in the field of defense industry is far beyond 40. More than a third of the employees of military-industrial enterprises have a pre-retirement and retirement age.

The situation looks even more dubious due to the fact that often the production itself rests on those employees who, because of their age, can no longer always gush with creative ideas in terms of solving certain technical problems. As they say, experience in any business is certainly a benevolent thing, but when the whole industry, directly contributing to the development of the state’s defense capability, breaks the link between generations, and when the accumulated experience, even with all the desire, is simply no one to pass, then there is a direct threat to the industry’s survival in general.

Well, you see, it’s not to solve the personnel problem of defense enterprises with the help of the same guest workers, who, of course, would get down to business with enthusiasm, even without having any technical training for that ...

Members of the Public Chamber also attended to this problem today. In particular, Alexander Kanshin, the head of the National Security Committee of the National Security Commission, outlined his vision of solving the problem of a shortage of young qualified specialists in the military-industrial enterprises. It must be admitted that the proposals of Alexander Kanshin in terms of resolving issues related to the provisions of national security and protecting the interests of servicemen and their families have always been original. In particular, it is worth recalling that the chairman of the aforementioned Commission of the Public Chamber not so long ago suggested that when firing military personnel to the reserve, he was not given apartments, but land in the area of ​​5 ha in any region in which they wished. The new proposal by Alexander Kanshin also looks quite original, but at the same time having a certain logical platform underneath.

So, Kanshin proposes to equate the status of an alternative civil service for young people of military age and work in defense enterprises. According to him, young people who have received appropriate education in the framework of a special state program for training scientists and other specialists in the field of defense, and after that signed a contract with the employer, may well become the so-called alternatives.

The offer is sound. Its pitfalls in it, but still they can be circumvented. The fact is that according to the law on alternative civil service, the ACS itself is a labor activity for the benefit of society and the state. And if the work of orderlies in the homes of veterans and people with disabilities is equal to the alternative civil service, then why not bring this status to work in the defense industry enterprise? Here, with appropriate education and vacancies, there is enough, and workers will always be in demand.

Similar stones in this question may look like this:

The fact is that, expressing the idea of ​​the possible identity of the ACS and work in defense enterprises, Alexander Kanshin mentions the need to implement a new state program to finance the training of young professionals who will later come to defense factories. But at the same time, it is not yet clear how much budget funds will be needed for the new state plan, because it is not clear how many young people will be ready to respond to this kind of proposal. And will it not be that when signing a contract with a defense industry enterprise, the so-called young specialist will only be listed in this enterprise, and all the same gray-haired veteran of the industry will do all the work for him ... Indeed, unfortunately, with the level of corruption that today in our country, many young people will see another loophole in such a proposal, in order to skillfully escape from being drafted into the army.

One of the options that will help solve this problem is that the work of a young specialist in the MIC system may not even be connected with alternative service, but with the military itself. Such an option, in principle, has already been implemented in a certain form in our country: athletes who were and are at the same time military servicemen of the Russian army serving in conscription. In such a situation, a person will be able to help the Motherland much more productively than the one who understands subconsciously that “alternative” still gives a lot more loosening than real service on conscription, although the term of AGN 21 is a month instead of 12. ".

If we consider that tens of thousands of graduates of technical universities, specialized technical schools and colleges are annually called for, then the knowledge and skills of these young people could be applied to the development of the defense-industrial sector. At the same time, the young specialist, with whom the agreement is concluded, is paid the usual wage so that later he could remain at the defense enterprise, and not be eager to go “on the demobel” as soon as possible and forget about the defense industry once and for all.

Such a proposal is also not a panacea, of course, but if it is worked out, it can fully solve two problems: increase the prestige of military service for people with high-quality technical education, as well as get new engineering and working personnel for defense enterprises on favorable terms as for these young people, and for the enterprises themselves.
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  1. +9
    10 October 2012 09: 27
    How how. Babos are normal pay.
    1. +1
      10 October 2012 21: 04
      Not properly
      It is necessary to begin with restoring order and responsibility of leaders.
      Well, what’s the point - where I still work - the budget is 2 billion rubles - and the salaries are for ordinary people - so-so - I’m usually not comfortable mentioning it.

      Indeed, if we now briefly describe the structure of our research institute - all above the head - these are the positions of kickers, chasers, top party-goers, certification leaders and other dregs .. The salary there is more than ... you can buy cars, .. apartments .. and not one .. And this group - and so big and growing at a good pace ...
      1. Volkhov
        10 October 2012 23: 05
        The defense industry complex is a complex technique that competes with the enemy’s equipment and the head of the enterprise must be a person who is keen on topics, who wants to go into space or defend a country like Korolev or Invincible, Sukhoi ... Such people will build a structure for themselves and achieve success, to them young ones will strive for the meaning of the work, and it is problematic to overtake black realtors in the salary.
        People who fell under the bombing created the best anti-aircraft missiles in the world, without super salaries - they had no time to spend. Soon there will be problems with natural disasters, and the survivors will want to learn and create protection, and somewhere in the caves they will deal with physics and the adjustment of machine tools. Young people want to live - this will attract them.
        1. 0
          11 October 2012 20: 13
          The basis of our past successes is that even in Sharaga, the real business was headed by experts - Korolev, Tupolev, ..
          I came to OKB Fakel in 83 .. The Chief Designer there is a protege from the ministry, in the past - a Production Leader somewhere in the Urals (that is, not a developer .. and in the new subject chopped vaguely .. but enthusiasts saved the situation at all level ..)
          In the next place - at the research institute - at the head was first a gray king - a hero of local jokes (.. but the situation was again saved by enthusiasts at all levels ...), then came the General Designer - Honored Machine Builder of the Russian Federation - Academician ... .. ( more than titles .. - but in fact - worthlessness ..)
          Now - at the head - it is thieves - the son of the mayor of Baikonur ... and next - thieves,
          The entire structure of the top of the research institute is a super-party, there are no adequate specialists there (..but there is the entire main division of the dough).
          Just below this party is a ossified layer of very ossified specialists ... If you are not there, there will be a lot of problems with your projects (.. for example, I cut resources in projects for bench debugging of rocketry) ..
          And then it’s very convenient to have a bunch of so-called young specialists.
          .. They can be taught, .. convenient to manage .. there is a kind of natural age hierarchy ..

          There is only whining - that something is missing ..
          And there are not enough results .. and especially for those who, in principle, cannot have them ..
    2. qwerty_zxc
      1 November 2012 01: 27
      will not help. graduates of high schools, morons, I’m not talking about vocational schools at all. No staff, experienced retired or dead. The machines are old. MIC is no longer in fact
  2. Hon
    10 October 2012 09: 36
    A decent salary to make and the shortage of personnel will disappear by itself.
    1. GHG
      10 October 2012 10: 02
      How to give, of course, money, where now without them. Well, plus decent housing, do not wander around in rented apartments. You better keep quiet about the word MORTGAGE.
      Or make it interest free.
      1. Hon
        10 October 2012 10: 06
        If you pay a decent salary, the employee himself will be able to purchase a house, not all the same prices as in Moscow.
  3. andrklimanov
    10 October 2012 10: 01
    I now work in a forge, in general in a metalworking shop, we have 60% of gaster, 40% of gray-haired grandfathers (half of them are heavy drinkers), I am the only Russian who is not retired. and those who want to work "with their hands" every year less and less.
    it seems to me that in order to attract Russian youth to state enterprises for "non-office" work, it is necessary to INTEREST in money (the market economy has corroded patriots and altruists) and wages need to be raised not by 10 - 20%, but by 200-300%, that is, a specialist - a welder, for example, should not receive RUR 20000, but at least 60000 rubles, why go to work in a dirty workshop when they pay many times more in a clean office? so young people go to managers and not to turners and welders! so old people, guest workers and "worthless drunks"
    1. Hon
      10 October 2012 10: 13
      Quote: andrklimanov
      Patriots and Altruists Market Economy Etched

      In Soviet times, defense workers received good salaries, and indeed the work of the worker was paid adequately (in comparison with the general situation in the country at that time). So, not only patriotism was held by the defense industry.
    2. thatupac
      10 October 2012 17: 59
      Eka, they dragged some near-birdies right away by 60 pieces. There, some universities graduate, and receive no more than 20.000. You need to know the measure.
      1. Volkhov
        10 October 2012 22: 40
        The problem with a set of literate people - even after modern HE there are no labor skills - people 25 years comes at 35 thousand, and in everything (except for accounting for his time) as a student. Pay at least 100 - there will still be a zombie who needs to say everything - another 3 years at least preparation is needed, and we have the end of the world in the spring ...
        1. andrklimanov
          12 October 2012 21: 20
          for a year you can train completely (if this is not an insane monkey - a troll, like thatupak)
  4. John from the USA
    10 October 2012 10: 44
    to clean up

    I give a specific example - Chelyabinsk, an enterprise of SKB Turbina, is engaged in gas turbine units for the military-industrial complex.
    The salary of workers is 10-12 thousand rubles, the salary of the bosses is ... I bought every apartment for a year.
    Just BADLESS.

    By the way, the FSB has been crying for them for a long time, but everything was bought there along the way. Alas.
    1. Hon
      10 October 2012 10: 57
      Quote: John from USA
      every year I bought every apartment.
      Just BADLESS.

      Yes, even though locks are bought in London, do not care, the salary of a worker should start from 50 tr.
  5. 0
    10 October 2012 10: 51
    A year or three, in military service or in an alternative specialist, will not do. He will serve and leave, it is necessary to pay a decent salary, reduce the indirect costs of enterprises, use resources efficiently, in short manage, and not expect "manna" in the form of orders from the state for any money.
  6. +4
    10 October 2012 11: 33
    The complete nonsense!
    Give prisoners instead of senders, draftees, migrant workers, alimony, aliens. Salary in the military-industrial complex only allows you to get drunk with a cheap bourd and forget yourself. The average age is drunk, young people don’t go, and pensioners work as you cannot live on one pension.
    And at military enterprises in the USSR, so there was a "reservation". Discovered America.
  7. 0
    10 October 2012 11: 34
    as for me, it is a very sensible idea. and besides, taking into account the fact that the number of contract servicemen in the army is growing, this process can be skillfully used and those young people who do not hide behind the backs of the oligarch dads, and who do not see the point in serving in the army for various reasons: health , physical fitness, poor families are the only breadwinner, 2 or more children, etc. And I don't really want to build summer cottages for generals when you have at least some prospects or opportunities for implementation. Contractors will replace the "golden youth" in the army, but not immediately, but with time. their number is growing, but so far full complement is not possible. you need at least 10 years, and over these 10 years, just the attitude of young people and the conditions of remuneration will grow and this will simply go into the usual way - work in a "non-office" place. In Soviet times, there was an excellent unspoken tradition: a man must have a technical education at least in order not to be electrocuted when changing a light bulb))), but unfortunately this tradition was successfully forgotten.

    I personally have higher technical education and when I was looking for work at enterprises, they told me directly that the employer now does not need engineers, designers, they need welders, locksmiths who work directly with their hands .... I need to raise secondary education (technicians, vocational schools, etc.), and unfortunately nowadays such educational institutions have become almost a brothel for the most backward representatives of our society (I’m not talking about everyone at once, I’m sure that there are decent and smart ones people with a secondary education, I’m just saying what I saw with my own eyes. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ON YOUR ACCOUNT).
  8. +4
    10 October 2012 12: 22
    How to attract? Very simple.
    The first one. Legislatively oblige municipal authorities to allocate land to defense industry enterprises for housing construction or to fix mandatory quotas for commercial housing for young professionals. Or a state subsidy program. Not the point. The main thing is that a young specialist who came to work for a defense company must be sure that he will be provided with free or affordable housing
    The second question is motivation. obtaining housing carries a certain demotivating moment. The main goal is achieved. What to strive for? Therefore, two points are important. The first is a multi-level solution: a room with a neighbor in a hostel or hotel, without a neighbor, a one-room apartment, a two-room apartment, etc. Second - gradual transition to a person from the enterprise the share of ownership of housing. Part of the salary may go towards paying off debt for a person’s housing in front of the enterprise. Better work - more salary - faster debt repayment and transition to a new level of housing conditions.
    The third. if we consider a young specialist as a replacement for one elderly specialist, then his return will not be higher than that of a mentor. Accordingly, the question arises of the fairness of the benefits received by a young specialist in relation to his mentor. Higher returns from the young specialist can be expected, having prepared him a workplace, processes and communications that meet the best standards. This will allow the company not only to increase the return on one workplace, but also to develop this approach, winning not by number, but by job efficiency
    That is, the defense industry complex should in modern conditions be built as a single corporation with a clear system of material and career motivation enshrined in legislation (for example, the Law "On the Status of a Defense Enterprise"). Then it will work PRESTIGIOUS and young people will go.
    In the meantime, Rogozin only came up with a form for the members of the military-industrial complex (military-industrial commission) of orange-burgundy for business trips to places.

    And Kanshin’s idea smacks of a peculiar return to Beria’s sharashka which, under the prevailing conditions of the mobilization economy, were an ingenious move, and no matter what they say, they saved many talented people from death and ultimately ensured the military-technical superiority of the USSR. Now we need to interest people by economic methods, there are opportunities and means for this,
    1. Hon
      10 October 2012 17: 35
      Why make such a complicated garden? Just send high salaries, the employee will buy housing for himself. No one gives an apartment to office workers; however, organizations do not experience staff shortages.
  9. +1
    10 October 2012 13: 15
    Recently watched a survey of school graduates. None! I didn’t volunteer to go to production. Even for a higher salary than sitting in the office. Only a coordinated increase in wages can change the situation. In Soviet times, welding specialists (why I write about them because I know exactly about them) received 400-600 rubles. And cabinet workers are several times smaller. Only returning to that framework will return the prestige of working specialties.
    1. Hon
      10 October 2012 17: 18
      This is probably the Moscow graduates were interviewed. The office is boring, one word plankton.
      Quote: Alone
      received 400-600 rubles. And desk workers are several times less. Only a return to that framework will return the prestige of working specialties

      The employer now sets the salary and if he considers it necessary to pay a lot of money to the office worker, then this is his right, many work on interest, which means that he brought the employer more income than his salary, if he receives, for example, 100 tr. that means the company earned 500 from his activities
      1. 0
        11 October 2012 01: 38
        The fact of the matter is that this "plankton" does not get so much.
        1. Hon
          12 October 2012 08: 33
          It’s different for everyone, someone gets a penny, someone does 100-150 tr.
          1. 0
            13 October 2012 22: 23
            At us, in Yekaterinburg, the officers receive (for the most part) 25-35 each, and the same specialist workers (at least at the enterprise where I work) receive 40-60. But the influx of school graduates, despite the salary colleges and universities are not observed.
  10. 0
    10 October 2012 13: 27
    To be a worker now is to be a poor, non-respected person who only needs enough food to eat. in a place of cultural development, beer on a bench.
    There will be a normal wage, many will return to production if they are still alive and have not completely drunk.
    Another problem, what are you going to work on? Fixed assets are morally and physically obsolete ....
    In short, whoever thinks of how to revive it will be Peter the Great of our time.
    1. Hon
      10 October 2012 17: 24
      An example of BZVM (worked there as a security guard as a student), in 2007, when hiring employees at the factory, they promised 10 tr that, by the standards of Balakov, it wasn’t particularly bad for that period, so in the end you had to work almost a penny in two shifts! And production is also harmful!
  11. andrewk
    10 October 2012 15: 26
    N-yes-ah ... Entertainers still sit in our Public Chamber! True, not only in it alone ... And did you try to appoint normal salaries at these enterprises for the main workers and engineers? No? And if you try? So ... as an experiment ... "a la 5 hectares and alternative service"! What if it works out? feel
  12. 0
    10 October 2012 16: 11
    welded camping - the most difficult profession. But what about engineering, instrumentation, etc. Where are the micron details and tolerances more complicated?
    1. Hon
      10 October 2012 17: 27
      In the union, workers of any specialties made good money; by the way, a welder was a difficult specialty, requiring a lot of experience, and salary was primarily affected by rank.
  13. AlexMH
    10 October 2012 17: 20
    As the classic said, "They sat and thought how to turn their unprofitable economy into a profitable one, without changing anything in it." Talking about "how to attract them" is meaningless given the current state of the Russian economy. Here we need to change the system.

    Deferment from the army and alternative service in production? - they tried, the person worked for 3 years or until he was 27 years old and went to a normal salary, but with experience.

    Mortgage, the provision of official housing? - Global nae *** is clever, and directors will profit from office housing, but we already know everything about the mortgage.

    Raising the prestige of the worker? Yeah, the man of labor was considered shit for 20 years, and suddenly they remembered prestige. Let’s take pictures of worthless films with state money, about the workers, especially the secular party mocking them.

    We live under capitalism. When we were thrown here at the university with a salary increase, which Putin promised, the dean told us at the meeting, "Well, we don't work here for money!" - the answer was the continuous laughter of all those present. Communism has been abolished - if you please pay. And not for young workers, but for everyone - the elderly, engineers, technicians, otherwise such a quarrel begins in the team ... No money? This means that you do not need the defense industry, so what to do - take your money home from offshores, buy tanks in Germany and planes in America for them, if they sell them. And blablabla about "but it would be nice ..." we can do everything here, for this it is not necessary to be a member of the Public Chamber.
  14. 0
    10 October 2012 20: 53
    Return the Soviet "reservation" to the defense industry, or create something similar; to equate the level of wages and the dynamics of its increase with the level of the wages of managers responsible to the President for the defense industry complex; load the OPK with interesting orders so that he would go home and his heart fluttered that today "my plane" took off. eg.
    1. 0
      10 October 2012 21: 44
      Quote: studentmati
      Return the Soviet "reservation" to the defense industry, or create something similar

      here you are not quite right. if you leave the reservation to the enterprises, then with all the desire of the army, none of the children of the head of the department of higher education of the workshop and above will go to serve precisely because of the presence of this notorious reservation. there was one cupcake, arranged not to join the army. but worked in a position that did not fit the list. upon receipt of the summons, he was in such a panic; all the boots were licked and smeared off to the authorities. and then this rot was also made by an engineer, he complained to our superiors
  15. igor12
    10 October 2012 21: 20
    [center] All this is nonsense. Here is an example of how we work in our factory: I myself work in such an enterprise and am a specialist, and more specifically, I, a fitter for the manufacture of parts for aircraft, I am 30 years old, but I think that I will leave the enterprise soon, as the driver is with the cadet or the same a sales manager in a cell salon or a builder gets about an hour more despite the fact that he doesn’t get such harm to his health, I mean vibro-illness is in the first place, and secondly in our workshop such a situation: the prices for parts are very low and for that in order to get the bonus you need to dial about 8 hours a day, and for an hour the part that you make in 2 hours costs 20 minutes, here about the rate in man-hours, even if the part costs 2 hours according to those processes, BTZ by the way doesn’t rightfully put a ceiling rate because they consider it necessary and this rate is always lower than for those processes. They specifically cut prices because they pay a premium for savings, and if we only fulfill the norm for a month, here we had an example in September rma 201 hours, and in order to get a deal + bonus, I need to dial a little higher than the norm, about 208 hours, but since I am gaining more, the planning department raises the coefficient next month, depending on the number of working days, which means next month I need to dial even more, about 215 hours. But with such rates, I have to plow like a damned one. Secondly, I am a specialist in the 3rd category and with an increase in the discharge, the rate increases, but it will not be possible to increase the discharge, the last time the discharge was increased only in Soviet times. thirdly, if the technology is complicated from the original, then the price should increase in proportion to the work performed. I approached the head of the BTZ with this question when I was working on the press, instead of three transitions according to the initial technical process, they converted it into six transitions, because otherwise the metal alloy from which I made the parts was torn, to which they told me "Will you raise this question, we will arrange a good life "It turns out that in six days for the press, I got just 20 hours and should have been 8 * 6 = 48" Thirdly, the boss does not let go on vacation for an hour, arguing that there is no one to replace and so for half a year, and some do not go on vacation for 5 years, it would be okay to somehow compensate for money, so it just burns out and that's it. Now they came up with the idea of ​​depriving the premium for parts that, according to the plan, did not pass on time, 30% for each position, but how will I hand it over on time if it costs 2 minutes and do it 2 hours.

    So there is only one way out, if you want a cheap slave force, take migrant workers. Current planes and missiles will fall in one, and you won't ask anyone from anyone, "Who is to blame? And the locksmith Khalivaliev. Where is he? And at home. And that's all ...
    1. +1
      10 October 2012 21: 27
      to Igor the twelfth.
      everything that you tell is true, but this is only the tip, and the little one, of the iceberg. yes, such enterprises participate in all kinds of government programs. attract young specialists, etc. and such a young specialist is told in the personnel department that he will receive no less than 15. The specialist does not work for fear, but for conscience, he is really interested and likes to work. but then he receives 6-8 thousand and walks at a loss, because he cannot understand the explanations of his superiors regarding the discrepancy between the promised and the reality. and the reason is simple — nephews, sons-in-law, and who else of the acquaintances and relatives are there taking the same position, and they get 15-20 for a couple of weeks, and they came not to work, unlike the specialist, but to attend. I’m a top-level locksmith, I never had a doom, because of these I quit
      1. igor12
        10 October 2012 22: 14
        Yes, we have such a worker in the shop, the boss's brother. So he is paid 2 hours for the part he makes in 5 hours, and he effortlessly picks up the norm. Of course, I will not say that he is not a specialist, he is a good, even excellent specialist. But his price turns out to be higher than for those processes, and ours is lower. And the shop has, how to say, a certain number of hours that should be proportionally spread over the whole the nomenclature of the shop, so this price is overestimated for him and they underestimate for us. It turns out that part of his salary is ours. "These are pies with kittens" ...
        1. 0
          10 October 2012 22: 19
          Quote: igor12
          boss's brother

          Well, no luck to you, not your brother boss. I know all this kitchen is disgusting
  16. 0
    10 October 2012 21: 25
    I work in private security (higher and technical education) to protect the oil and gas field not from a good life, it’s unrealistic to get a job at the field at least as a mechanic (Klanovost, Zemlyatchestvo, Kindred Relationships. If you are a specialist even three times you don’t need to have your own without a specialty and education) the salary of the same locksmith is about 40, and the director general is about 2mln rubles, there is a lot of such variation, but you say they don’t want to work, they want to, but they have to pay decent work, there’s no alternative to the town about 35 thousand population.
    1. +1
      10 October 2012 21: 38
      Quote: sergant89
      Kinship Links be you at least thrice specialist

      Communists did the right thing under NEP. Relatives cannot work in one office if one of them occupies a leading position. the main workers, please, and you are in an official position, I'm sorry, move in
  17. 0
    11 October 2012 03: 49
    Mr. Putin and Co. managed to create such a system in a short time, when sitting in an office or just in a clean, dry and warm office, a person earns much more than in a dirty cold workshop and with harmful working conditions ... Moreover, the worker even theoretically, it cannot solve the housing problem for its salary .. But in the days of the USSR, the allocation of apartments to workers in industrial enterprises was essential for employment and choice of profession ... I wonder how our industry has not yet bent ..
    1. 0
      11 October 2012 06: 57
      Quote: Krilion
      sitting in an office or just in a clean, dry and warm office, a person earns much more than in a dirty cold workshop

      in Soviet times, the director of the enterprise had a fixed salary of 500 rubles (full-fledged Soviet), but a locksmith in some areas received a month from seven hundred to 1200, and the director also beat out government awards for these locksmiths, giving benefits.
      if not for the remnants of Soviet politics, veterans of not only the Great Patriotic War, but also of labor would be bent
    2. igor12
      11 October 2012 10: 32
      Actually, it’s not Putin, it’s the realities of the capitalist system, and there’s nothing you can’t do here.
  18. 0
    11 October 2012 16: 12
    We did not even smell of capitalism, our system is rather "capitalism for our own" ie. close, but for many a mixture of feudalism with slavery.

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