Roscosmos announced the study of the satellite of Jupiter and the monitoring of the asteroid

“Roscosmos” shared its grandiose plans with journalists. Representatives of this organization reported that by the year 2022 they were going to launch a spacecraft into relatively deep space, namely to Jupiter. More precisely, not to Jupiter himself, but to one of such so-called Galilean satellites, Ganymede. The head of Roskosmos told that the spacecraft would descend to the surface of the satellite of Jupiter, and another space probe would install a radio beacon on the asteroid Apophis. It is this asteroid that has an increased likelihood of a threat to the Earth, and therefore Roscosmos is going to monitor its condition.

Initially, Roskosmos announced such an ambitious project in the summer at MAKS, but now Vladimir Popovkin has decided to talk about the details of the project.

The head of the Russian space agency reports that the flight should begin precisely in 2022, as part of the Laplace-P project. Popovkin, talking about the purpose of the expedition of the spacecraft to Ganymede, said that the goal - the search for life on this space object. In addition, Popovkin announced that experts from Europe had already listened to the project, and therefore "Laplace P" could become an international space project to study the solar system.

When flying to Jupiter’s satellite, many problems will have to be solved, including overcoming the gravitational force of the largest planet of the solar system, as well as its magnetic field, which can disable even the best electronics. However, Vladimir Popovki is full of determination and says that 2022 will solve such problems, and the device will start fulfilling its mission.
The head of Roscosmos also reported that between the 2020 and 2022 years, another ambitious project is planned to launch the spacecraft to the Apophis asteroid, which, according to scientists, could reach a dangerously close distance to Earth. Popovkin said that a project was being developed, the ultimate goal of which would be the establishment of a beacon capable of transmitting information to Earth at Apophis. The head of the agency said that mineral resources from the asteroid are not interesting to Roscosmos, and therefore they will not be delivered to Earth.

Earlier, RAS experts reported: it is indeed planned to send a spacecraft to Apophis, which will monitor the asteroid's orbit, as well as to determine the probability of its collision with the planet Earth. This program is part of a large solar system study program planned for the entire period up to the 2025 year.

Today, scientists have information that the asteroid Apophis, whose linear dimensions are about 300 km, in the 2029 year can approach the Earth only 36 thousands of kilometers. If we take into account that geostationary satellites are moving at such a distance from the planet, then the distance really looks small. But in the 2036 year, Apophis could well collide with the Earth if its trajectory remains unchanged.
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    1. +4
      9 October 2012 10: 08
      Fresh tradition - but hard to believe!
      1. +5
        9 October 2012 13: 40
        Something is said about the Moon, there are no people in Roscosmos who are "sick" with space, only businessmen ...
        1. Konrad
          9 October 2012 20: 30

          Something silent about the moon

          In case of failures with the Moon - everything is in sight. Ganymede is far away, it takes a long time to fly, well, the device will perish in the "depths of space, and okay, there will be excuses. For example, the intrigues of aliens who have conspired with NASA or the CIA.
          1. 0
            27 October 2012 23: 19
            Quote: Konrad
            Ganymede is far away, it takes a long time to fly, well, the device will perish in the "depths of space, and okay, there will be excuses.

            or the sultan will die
            or donkey will die
      2. 0
        10 October 2012 01: 38
        but we will believe)))
    2. +5
      9 October 2012 10: 42
      I propose a manned version of the Laplace-Popovkin.
    3. snek
      9 October 2012 11: 11
      It is necessary to send an expedition in order to find out if there is a rational life in the Roskosmos leadership.
    4. Voin sveta82
      9 October 2012 15: 59
      most likely it will be the same story as with "Phobos" ...
      1. 0
        10 October 2012 01: 23
        Well, once Popovkin undertook to "break his head off."
      2. Alex 241
        10 October 2012 01: 24
        We will strengthen the ocean constellation of satellites.
    5. warlock
      9 October 2012 16: 12
      So let’s drink so that our desires coincide with our capabilities!
    6. not good
      9 October 2012 17: 33
      All this will end successfully if you put Popovkin in the spacecraft, which would duplicate automation. laughing
    7. +1
      9 October 2012 18: 29
      in Soviet times there was a joke - that in our country not only the satellite but also agriculture was launched, the current leadership of the Russian space industry somehow literally took it and put it into practice
    8. +3
      9 October 2012 19: 34
      Das ist fantastish !!!
      And, our CHAPTER was conceived,
      with a sharp stroke of the pen
      fly to Ganymede
      to find out there is no life !!!
      But he’s creative,
      and in finance is effective.
      And he would also like
      land on Pluto !!! ... well, probably something like that.
    9. Kir
      9 October 2012 21: 11
      When flying to the satellite of Jupiter, many problems will have to be solved, including overcoming the attractive force of the largest planet in the solar system, as well as its magnetic field, which can damage even the best electronics. However, Vladimir Popovka is full of determination and says that by 2022 such problems will be resolved, and the apparatus will begin to fulfill its mission.

      Well, what can I say to this? He warned about a possible force majeure !, especially since Popovkin himself and other "characters" will obviously not be there by that time, it is possible that the agency itself will not be there either. It remains only to wait for 2022
    10. +2
      9 October 2012 21: 14
      And still I want to believe that with our space everything will finally get better. There would be more such projects in more real time, and not somewhere in the 20s and 30s.
      1. Konrad
        10 October 2012 06: 58
        Quote: sprut

        And still I want to believe

        "I believe friends, missile caravans ..." As in the song.

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