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Khasavyurt guillotine for Russia

More than 16 years have passed since the signing of the so-called Khasavyurt Agreement. Aslan Maskhadov and Alexander Lebed signed the document on behalf of the presidents of the Republic of Ichkeria and the Russian Federation. Officially it is believed that Khasavyurt'96 put an end to the bloody war in Chechnya and confirmed the complete and final victory of the Chechen army, supported by international separatists of various stripes, over federal troops; the victory of the then Chechen leadership over Yeltsin and his political circle. Naturally, such a version for a long time served as a life-giving balm for supporters of the rejection of the North Caucasus from Russia, followed by the creation of the so-called Caucasian caliphate, able to stretch from the Black Sea to the Caspian.

However, both the agreements themselves between Moscow and Grozny, and their background even after years continue to remain extremely contradictory and give reason to doubt that the victory of Chechnya over the federal center was solely due to the military superiority of the first over the second. And there is a whole range of evidence, many of which have a verified documentary form.

So, once again, dryly and officially: the Khasavyurt agreements of the 31 model on August 1996 of the year were signed by the Chief of Staff of the Republic of Ichkeria Maskhadov and Secretary of the Russian Security Council, General Lebed. Here are the points defining the relationship between Grozny and Moscow according to the Khasavyurt paper:

1. An agreement on the basis of the relationship between the Russian Federation and the Chechen Republic, defined in accordance with generally accepted principles and norms of international law, must be reached before December 31, 2001.

2. Not later than October 1 of 1996, the Joint Commission is formed of representatives of state authorities of the Russian Federation and the Chechen Republic, whose tasks are:

monitoring the implementation of the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 25 June 1996 of 985 and the preparation of proposals for the completion of the withdrawal of troops;

preparation of concerted measures to combat crime, terrorism and manifestations of national and religious hatred and control over their implementation;

preparation of proposals for the restoration of monetary and budgetary relations;

preparation and submission to the Government of the Russian Federation of programs for the restoration of the socio-economic complex of the Chechen Republic;

control over the coordinated interaction of public authorities and other interested organizations in providing the population with food and medicine.

3. The legislation of the Chechen Republic is based on the observance of the rights of a person and citizen, the right of peoples to self-determination, the principles of equal rights of peoples, ensuring civil peace, interethnic harmony and security of citizens living in the territory of the Chechen Republic, regardless of nationality, religion or other differences.

4. The joint commission completes its work by mutual agreement.

Moscow undertakes to withdraw military units from Chechnya, to direct funds for the restoration of the destroyed republic, to provide Ichkeria with food, money and medicines. A kind of indemnity that Moscow must pay ...

However, this is not the main thing. After all, Moscow and today is financially helping Chechnya ... The main thing here is to take the phrase that is contained in the first paragraph of the principles for determining the relationship between Grozny and Moscow. It is a question of such a thing as “in accordance with the norms of international law”. In other words, the Chechen Republic de jure should have been recognized as a subject of international law, leaving Russia for the next five years. Journalist Andrei Karaulov speaks of three years of “waiting” for complete independence for Ichkeria. Three years or five years - by and large does not matter. And what matters is that on behalf of the President of Russia a document was signed in which Russia not only acknowledges its defeat in the North Caucasus, but also creates a precedent for the North Caucasian republics to leave the federation. After all, it is hardly possible today that someone has doubts that the separation of Chechnya from Russia would not have entailed the so-called domino effect, when the whole country, already without economic and political problems, began to crumble.

Let's not forget that in August 1996 of the year and five years did not pass after the signing of the notorious Belovezhsk agreements that put an end to a big country. It turns out that in the 1996 year, Yeltsin, who recently celebrated an extremely dubious election victory, in fact received the status of a state leader who managed to take part in the collapse of two states (first the USSR and then the Russian Federation) for less than five years.

But was the hand of Boris Yeltsin traced in the Khasavyurt agreements, or was he not the most important figure in someone's big game?

Answering this question, it is worth considering the background of the Khasavyurt agreements themselves, under which Ichkeria could become an independent state in a few years and become the “first sign” of the total destruction of the Russian Federation. The rationale is that the Khasavyurt agreements were signed on August 31 after Chechen militant units occupied Grozny, knocking out federal troops, but according to reports of Chechen Republic Council secretary Ruslan Tsakayev, the agreements were prepared by General Lebed at least a month before the Chechen attack separatists. According to him, the attack on the Chechen administrative center itself was an event that should have justified the signing of the paper in Dagestan’s Khasavyurt.

It turns out that the Russian authorities at that time needed a reason to end the war on the territory of Chechnya, but the withdrawal of troops without an obvious reason would have looked completely ridiculous. The fact that many people knew about the 6 attack of August 1996 on Grozny was confirmed today by politicians and journalists who were working in Chechnya at that time. In particular, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Chechen Republic, Yuri Plugin, says that he unexpectedly received an order to remove the Ministry of Internal Affairs officers from several checkpoints at the entrance to Grozny and for obscure reasons send them to the villages of the district to exercise passport control and control the situation on rural roads. Moreover, just before the militants attacked Grozny, General Vyacheslav Tikhomirov, the commander of the Russian forces in Chechnya, went on vacation, and General Vladimir Shamanov (at that time the commander of the Ministry of Defense forces in the Chechen Republic) was unexpectedly summoned to study at the Academy of the Russian General Staff in Moscow . In essence, the army group was decapitated, and it was clear that someone was very stubbornly and methodically clearing the way for international terrorists in order for them to calmly seize the Chechen capital. Only in Grozny, according to information published by the separatist information agency head Mayrbek Vachagayev, the 887 people entered almost unhindered, and after several days of confrontation with representatives of the Chechen militia loyal to Moscow, as well as units of the Ministry of Defense and Internal Troops that remained in the city, took Grozny under their control.

It was after this that Moscow, or, more precisely, those who stood behind it, and there was a motive to withdraw the troops from Ichkeria, in effect declaring the defeat of the federal troops. The motive, as mentioned above, in the scenario version was painted before the so-called storming of Grozny by the militants.

After signing the paper in Khasavyurt under the controlling eye of OSCE diplomats, General Lebed in Russia was accused almost of high treason. But if, say so, to wind back time, it becomes clear that he was not the person who played a serious role in this big game. The fact is that Alexander Lebed, as you know, in 1996, ran for president from the “Congress of Russian Communities”. At the same time, in the first round of the presidential campaign, Lebed managed to take the third place, gaining more than 14% of votes. It is obvious that Boris Yeltsin needed the votes cast for the general, and he made an offer to Lebed, which he could not refuse. Yeltsin put General Lebed on the post of presidential aide for national security and secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, who was popular among the troops.

Apparently, immediately after the appointment of Lebed, he was told how it is necessary to complete the Chechen campaign. At first glance, it is surprising that the general, who managed to distinguish himself in Afghanistan and Transnistria, went to the shameful proposal to conclude agreements with the separatists, in effect pandering to the fact that Russian servicemen were left in Grozny for an obvious death. Betrayal? .. Ignorance of the situation? .. Vanity? ..

The answer to this question may be the words spoken by Lebed in an interview with the German edition of Der Spiegel. In particular, in 1996, General Lebed stated that he was ready to assume the presidency and did not see any potentials in the sick and aging Boris Yeltsin.

In other words, Lebed could have signed the Khasavyurt agreements, including in order to show the world who actually stopped the war in Chechnya. Probably, the idea that it would give him some political trumps, and especially trumps will appear in his head, when the West supports him in the event that Yeltsin retires in connection with the state of his health. It turns out that it was vanity that could push the military general to such a very dubious move as a handshake with Maskhadov and other representatives of the separatists. Obviously, Lebed knew well who really was behind the militants in Chechnya, and therefore he wished them to enjoy as a general peacemaker.

But the aspirations of General Lebed did not come true: the West, led by the United States, supported Boris Yeltsin, who already in the middle of October 1996 (since the Khasavyurt agreements) sent Alexander Lebed to resign. The situation resembles the one in which General Lebed, who relied on someone's help in pushing his candidacy for the highest state post, skillfully used and then simply merged ... Yeltsin took advantage of the moment, received votes from Cygnus, gave him an extremely unpopular case in Russia and then gently pulled the drain rope ...

Thus, for many, Lebed is now associated with a man who was ready to have a hand in the collapse of Russia, but in fact he only participated in a rather short period of a large geopolitical party. At the same time, President Yeltsin himself acted as a statistician, who, obviously, was not going to become a two-time destroyer of the country, because this could completely bury his chances of continuing his political career, which by that time was under considerable doubt. Yeltsin, who, according to his associates, received active funding from abroad for his election campaign, had to pursue a policy that was interesting to the West. At the same time, the Khasavyurt Agreement is one of the stages of such a policy.

In simple terms, President Yeltsin himself became a hostage of those forces that at one time asked to support themselves in the elections. These forces supported him, but under conditions capable of putting an end to such a state as Russia. For obvious reasons, Yeltsin was addicted to this addiction, and he wanted to let his character show itself, once and for all, cutting the western Gordian knot with which his hands were tied. At the same time, Yeltsin delivered his main blow to those who decided to finally tear Russia to pieces in 1999, when, without coordination with Western "partners", he decided to make the second and then the first person in the state of Vladimir Putin first. It is clear that Putin did not fit into the Western concept of the Russian leader, if only because it was thanks to Putin that the very Khasavyurt agreements, apparently dictated in 1996 by a certain group of foreign “specialists” and which became a pass for Yeltsin for the second presidential term, were buried , and the Caucasian people are consolidated against the separatist movement in the Caucasus. The events of 1999 of the year in Dagestan, when Chechen fighters decided to consolidate their positions, and the people of Dagestan gave them a serious rebuff, vividly illustrate this.

The big political game, in which Russia was given the role of a quilt, each part of which was supposed to snap at neighboring parts, turned out to be completely different from what those interested in the disintegration of the country had expected.

This can be judged by the Western and Russian excessively liberal newspapers of that time, which peacefully narrate the victory of law and democracy in Chechnya, the joyful day of the possible independence of this North Caucasian republic from Russia at first suddenly became somewhat taken aback, and then began to pour mud on the new leadership of Russia, accusing the "oppression" of the Caucasian peoples and the new "imperial ambitions". And this mournful record is already turning 13 for a year in a row, confirming the thesis that in 1999 year, Yeltsin, having signed the document on Putin’s appointment, confused the cards to someone in the most serious way ...

Materials used:
The program “The Moment of Truth” 5 channel from 01.10.2012
Documentary film “On the Other Side of the War - Hasavyurt”, NTV
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  1. erased
    erased 9 October 2012 08: 19
    Does anyone still seriously doubt the external management of the Russian Federation? Then it was obvious, for a more ridiculous war is hard to find. Stop orders, sudden stops, the supply of bandits from the MO depots, the bombing of their own, and as the apogee - a deal, essentially equivalent to defeat. And is it in a war with some area?
    but who will let you dig deep now? After all, such names can come out that there will be one big scandal.
    There is no Yeltsin and Grachev, the rest are still alive and they will not allow a real investigation and digging in political shit.
    1. mnemonics
      mnemonics 9 October 2012 11: 26
      At least the Swan is not alive and will not be able to trade the Motherland anymore; the rest, it seems to me, also do not live.
      1. crazyrom
        crazyrom 9 October 2012 22: 11
        In time, his reptile was soaked, the pilot of that helicopter only felt sorry ...
      2. wax
        wax 9 October 2012 22: 53
        In Bialowieza, under the agreement, in addition to the signature of the EBN, there is a signature on behalf of the RSFSR of the now surviving State Duma deputy Burbulis. There were visas, in particular, of sound Shahrai. Gorby is alive. Everything is not so simple with these gentlemen.
    2. thatupac
      thatupac 9 October 2012 11: 37
      The war was not ridiculous. Just everything, as in the civilian world at that time, was measured in money. That deal, the Khasavyurt agreement, was the result of paying a very decent amount to the higher officials, as well as Lebed’s desire to be promoted before the presidential election. Nothing personal - just money. in war you can earn a lot of money, a lot.
    3. wax
      wax 9 October 2012 22: 42
      What to investigate? Details only. But in fact, everything was not hidden. In the Kremlin, Americans openly worked as advisers. They determined and tracked each step of the EBN using the 5th column of high-ranking officials, such as Berezovsky, Chubais and others, and his plans. He became like a prisoner on a throne. However, a certain unpredictability of people like Yeltsin presented the Americans with an impulsive (like a march to Pristina) surprise of the agonizing, but still not zombied, President. He hit the mark with Putin. The next step - the abdication and transfer of powers without elections to Putin, followed from the first. These two actions can be credited to EBN, they indicate that EBN has finally begun to understand what he has done and that he himself cannot get out of this situation. Because Putin was essentially a dark horse, the all-powerful environment of the EBN did not liquidate Putin immediately, and then it was too late and too much. Here is such a mysterious Russian soul: in the most calculated and programmed situation, there are emotional outbursts that negate the game when the opponent has all the cards in his hands.
    4. valokordin
      valokordin 11 October 2012 05: 19
      They say good things about the dead, or nothing, so there’s nothing to say
  2. mar.tira
    mar.tira 9 October 2012 08: 28
    I consider Khasavyurt, one of the most serious crimes of the then leadership of the country, along with the crime of the White House. Only for this, Yeltsin and his servants should burn in hell. Although, in the name of the devotees, and our soldiers killed, I did not see the shame of Russia as a nation more severe !
  3. DikRoss
    DikRoss 9 October 2012 08: 46
    The time of troubles throughout the betrayal and betrayal.
    1. valokordin
      valokordin 11 October 2012 05: 24
      and they are still hello.
  4. d.gksueyjd
    d.gksueyjd 9 October 2012 08: 53
    Traitors to their people were, are, and regrets. will be! am The history of civilization confirms this, but for centuries there remain the names and deeds of heroes. It is very disappointing that in Russia there is such a huge number of traitors for whom: power, money, momentary glory above all else.
    For the Chechen war, for betrayal, for the execution of deputies, B. Yeltsin and his clique curse the RUSSIAN PEOPLE!
  5. dusha233
    dusha233 9 October 2012 08: 58
    I wonder when Gorbi will be hanged for treason in Russia ?!
    1. vorobey
      vorobey 9 October 2012 10: 22
      Quote: dusha233
      when will Gorbi be hanged for treason in Russia ?!

      let him live longer and be aware of which country is prosral. he’s a corpse anyway.
      1. Set
        Set 9 October 2012 10: 56
        You think he is repenting of something. He lives behind a hill, he has a foundation, there he is a hero, there he is the savior of the world, an advertising star and a Nobel laureate. He celebrates the anniversary there, because all his friends are there. He doesn’t give a damn about the country that has remained and that which is no longer there.
      2. wax
        wax 9 October 2012 22: 55
        He does not recognize them, but puts his deed to his credit.
  6. The gentleman
    The gentleman 9 October 2012 09: 38
    Russia is a tough country, but not cruel, and according to the rules, traitors must be hanged or at least judged. Gorbachev must be tried in order to answer. But in general, a group of people stupidly "split *** a" a country that just needed to be changed and made it is wise
    1. mnemonics
      mnemonics 9 October 2012 14: 14
      it was necessary to this group of people during the disconnection, everything was normal with the country
      1. The gentleman
        The gentleman 9 October 2012 16: 54
        everything is correct, they don’t wave their fists after the fire ... but again, I think that the similarity of such characters is in the following persons: bulk, daredevils, human rights defenders. Only this should be decided by the people themselves. For this, groups of young people are created who they will strive for the development of the state and they won’t be told I’m older, you are younger, I’m smart, you are stupid ...
  7. Mikado
    Mikado 9 October 2012 10: 17
    In fact, everything is so, only Lebed was not merged because "he did his job", Kerzhakov wrote in his book that Lebed was very much afraid in the Kremlin, that he could make a military coup, authority in the Airborne Forces and in the army in general he had, so he could. Therefore, they got rid of him in the literal and figurative sense, like other generals. By the way, Troshev in his book spoke very unflatteringly about Lebed, he was a very vain man.
    1. ramzes1776
      ramzes1776 9 October 2012 11: 26
      Quote: Mikado
      In fact, everything is so, only Lebed was not merged because "he did his job", Kerzhakov wrote in his book that Lebed was very much afraid in the Kremlin, that he could make a military coup, authority in the Airborne Forces and in the army in general he had, so he could. Therefore, they got rid of him in the literal and figurative sense, like other generals. By the way, Troshev in his book spoke very unflatteringly about Lebed, he was a very vain man.
      Being in 1996 all our school students voted for him, but after he gave his votes to Yeltsin, and after signing these agreements, our respect and authority for him completely disappeared. After a while, they completely forgot him and, if they remembered, only with the negative side!
  8. Alexander 1958
    Alexander 1958 9 October 2012 10: 23
    Good afternoon! Agreeing with the main provisions of the article, I would like to disagree with the nuances. The phrase [... At the same time, Yeltsin inflicted his main blow on those who decided to finally tear Russia to pieces in 1999, when, without coordination with the Western "partners", he decided to make first the second and then the first person in the state of Vladimir Putin. [/ quote] raises at least questions. The author portrays Yeltsin as a person who took an active part in the collapse of the USSR and Russia, and suddenly Yeltsin decides on the appointment of Putin, which goes against what he has been doing for the previous 10 years. Such somersaults speak of some kind of pressure on Yeltsin inside the country. With uv. Alexander 1958
    1. V. Salama
      V. Salama 9 October 2012 11: 56
      [quote = Alexander 1958] At the same time, Yeltsin inflicted his main blow on those who decided to finally tear Russia to pieces in 1999, when, without agreement with Western "partners", he decided to make first the second and then the first person in the state of Vladimir Putin . [/ quote] raises at least questions [/ quote] You think correctly. This is the author's clumsy attempt to "separate and whitewash".
      [quote = Alexander 1958] Such somersaults speak of some kind of pressure on Yeltsin inside the country. [/ quote] But there was no pressure on this issue.
    2. IllI4
      IllI4 9 October 2012 14: 40
      Maybe conscience leaped? In any case, the fact that Putin is in power is the merit of Yeltsin. Though thanks to him for that.
      1. KuigoroZHIK
        KuigoroZHIK 9 October 2012 16: 24
        and who said that it was the drunk who brought Putin to the presidency? Maybe Little Johnny took this very fight for the causal place, or simply seemed to him a "worthy" successor. I doubt that Yeltsin had any patriotic twitching in his soul ... there is something else here.
        1. Nicola
          Nicola 10 October 2012 21: 13
          Dear, a year ago, Yeltsin’s wife gave an interview. It was said very clearly-they came, threatened, if he did not give up power (Yeltsin) -will be like in Romania. Well, and there the whole family of the president was shot, I think they all remember. I had to give the power to Yeltsin and GDP had a hand in this. It was a quiet coup, however.
  9. anchonsha
    anchonsha 9 October 2012 11: 06
    The backstage affairs of Western, and most of all the Clinton (he was then the President of the United States) specialists, thanks to the same Yeltsin, who became dependent on the West, Russia survived. Yeltsin realized that the longer he was in power, the more damage the country would bring. And, being a patriot of his country, he left, leaving at the helm of the country a reliable country for Putin. For this, Yeltsin and thanks. Russia would no longer be, probably, if someone else came to power instead of Putin.
    1. ramzes1776
      ramzes1776 9 October 2012 11: 29
      Just for some reason, just before Putin’s election, houses began to explode and Czechs entered Dagestan. Doesn’t this seem strange to you.
      1. thatupac
        thatupac 9 October 2012 11: 41
        The Arabs, who staged a trip to Degestan, appeared in Chechnya as early as 97. Terrorist attacks were committed by militants as a deterrent to the Republic of Armenia, so that it would not interfere in the creation of a new Caucasian Caliphate (otherwise they will receive a terrorist attack).
    2. V. Salama
      V. Salama 9 October 2012 12: 18
      Quote: anchonsha
      The backstage affairs of Western, and most of all the Clinton (he was then the President of the United States) specialists, thanks to the same Yeltsin, who became dependent on the West, Russia survived.
      I won't get it, Russia survived thanks to what (to whom)? - The West, which planned to destroy it, or EBN, who "got" to him "into dependence?"
      Quote: anchonsha
      Yeltsin realized that the longer he was in power, the more damage the country would bring. And, being a patriot of his country, he left, leaving at the helm of the country reliable for Putin’s homeland
      I wonder what materials are these statements based on? I did not suspect them of such qualities. There are published materials that the EBN (decided to leave beautifully) appropriated 500 million dollars allocated by the Americans for the destruction of our weapons and they put an end to it, well, and put its man in power, who will provide him with the necessary guarantees.
    3. Vladimir 70
      Vladimir 70 9 October 2012 14: 23
      Yeltsin realized that the longer he was in power, the more damage the country would bring. And, being a patriot of his country, he left, leaving at the helm of the country reliable for Putin’s homeland
      To call EBN a patriot of your country is too much. And he left Putin at the helm of the country, because he was afraid not to die by his death. But I must admit that this was the best option for Russia.
  10. Leisure
    Leisure 9 October 2012 11: 12
    In other words, General Swan, the fool and used him. Silver pipes became an impenetrable obstacle to power for him. Ponty, above all!
    1. Ruslan67
      Ruslan67 9 October 2012 16: 14
      The swan himself admitted that he was an army oak and in politics he had nothing to do; he wondered who had persuaded him and what he had done.
  11. strannik595
    strannik595 9 October 2012 11: 21
    in 100 years we will find out the truth, when access to the archive appears, who is Yeltsin, who is Putin ............. but for now ..... by their fruits you will recognize them ...... no worse when the military generals begin to climb into the second most ancient profession, Gromov, Swan and others
    1. borisst64
      borisst64 10 October 2012 10: 57
      Quote: strannik595
      in 100 years we will find out the truth

      Is not a fact! About half of the documents of the Second World War are still classified!
    2. Mite27
      Mite27 10 October 2012 17: 48
      We will not know. So many do not live!
  12. Prometey
    Prometey 9 October 2012 14: 16
    Yes, it’s already clear that Yeltsin at that time simply did not control the situation in the country and in fact did not decide anything. They made a wino and a pawn out of him. The backstage masters of politics were in charge of all matters - and one of them was Berezovsky, who was one of the authors of Khasavyurt.
  13. Brother Sarych
    Brother Sarych 9 October 2012 14: 23
    Here recently they ran into Grachev, but for me it’s Swan the personification of betrayal! Thirst for power and dullness in one bottle ...
    1. borisst64
      borisst64 10 October 2012 11: 02
      He knew Lebed personally, was my immediate boss. A man of a living mind, a fair commander, makes decisions and is responsible for them. Accordingly, he considered himself a leader, which brought him to power and subsequently ruined. Whoever comes across politics knows what kind of undercover games are there and how honest people are used and then poured into the toilet.
  14. Farvil
    Farvil 9 October 2012 14: 25
    And now what, the army has only one name left, no more. If you look at the realities deeper, your hair will stand on end, from what is happening in our country.
    1. Prometey
      Prometey 9 October 2012 14: 27
      Unfortunately, the military themselves confirm this.
  15. illarion
    illarion 9 October 2012 15: 14
    These are those who did not even want to move from St. Petersburg to Moscow? They chose to go to the reserve, just not to go.!
    1. Maximars
      Maximars 9 October 2012 17: 52
      Brother Sarych,
      And they rightly ran into Grachev. It was Grachev who was the first to commit treason by shooting the White House. The fate of our homeland depended on his actions
      The military veteran General of the Airborne Forces, in his interviews with a smile on his face, talked about the assault on Grozny on December 31, when the Maykop brigade was killed. Only a fool would believe in childish babble like: "What tanks, I have not seen them in Grozny." He could stop both the accession of EBN and the unprepared and deliberately failed assault on the Russian city of Grozny.
      Let steamed with EBN-th drunk fried in a pan in Hell.
      1. pinachet
        pinachet 9 October 2012 21: 36
        Grachev’s biggest sin is the surrender of weapons in Chechnya. how much I read by the year 91 in Chechnya (there was only the JCC) there were almost two army sets taken out of Armenia after the earthquake and ayzerojan after their events.
        until now, these weapons shoot and explode throughout the Caucasus.
  16. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 9 October 2012 15: 50
    These events are a consequence of the TRIUMPH of Western values ​​imposed on Russia by shit-mongers on the basis of market relations, when everything is bought and sold, when the main goal is to make a profit and the power that ensures it, and at any cost, and such "old-regime" and simply human concepts such as honor , patriotism, conscience, decency, etc. poured down the toilet as not meeting the spirit of the times and unpromising and even harmful from the point of view of new market relations. This philosophy penetrated, first of all, into the power structures and brought up the crowd of "market people", for whom there was nothing sacred and they were ready to betray and sell anything and anyone to achieve their goals. But Yeltsin, obviously, nevertheless realized that he was rowing in the wrong direction and laid a bend, which his sponsors obviously did not like.
  17. Oleg14774
    Oleg14774 9 October 2012 16: 17
    It could be assumed that there were several goals of the war in Chechnya.
    This is to build an oil pipeline bypassing the Russian Federation (what was done is the first pipeline that did not pass through Russia).
    This will destabilize Russia and ultimately break it down. Because if Chechnya had fallen off, the Far East would be next. There the situation was such that the people were already prepared morally so from poverty and hopelessness that they were ready even to join Japan for a piece of bread. They did not supply fuel oil, the infrastructure collapsed, it was suggested that Moscow was not in the Far East. The same General Lebed (his merits are nothing compared with betrayal, he is not a general, but the corrupt, but history will condemn him) yelled that Moscow is not a decree for us, we will live without it!
    Putin, when he awarded officers who fought in Chechnya, said that you did not just win, you saved Russia! Remember such a phrase of his ?!
  18. Ares1
    Ares1 9 October 2012 18: 40
    Yeltsin, Grachev, Swan ... About the dead either good or nothing. It would be better to keep silent ... But, the fact that many patriots want to see the Motherland strong and wishful thinking is real is sad and somewhat dangerous. Since through the external transformation they do not see that there are no special changes.
    The country still didn’t turn from the path of collapse and there are a lot of indirect (so far) confirmations - these are the new admiring borders of the capital (what is not the ready state of Muscovy?), This is also the transfer of some levers of power from the federal center to the places, this is the election of governors this is the same “minister” of defense with his “co-operative" Rosboronservis ... He probably wanted to stay and "strengthen" the army even more? And the fact that they stopped blasting and firing at each other on the streets is because there is no one else. Because, all those who need to be laid down or seated for a long time. And who is smart - he dumped himself or prudently refused claims to the pie ... Everything is divided. There is indivisible Russia, while ...
    In fact, I really want to make a mistake and believe in the future of the Motherland ... However, read the Apocalypse - everything is written there ...
  19. sams
    sams 9 October 2012 19: 07
    I heard that this agreement was also ritual in nature.
    With whom he had to greet Swan's hand, they were personally seen in cutting off the heads of the Russian soldiers.
  20. NKVD
    NKVD 9 October 2012 19: 13
    The military should fight in the war, and then politicians went to war. Here they got the second campaign. Our military won the first war, the nits, led by Yeltsin and Lebed, played
  21. dmb
    dmb 9 October 2012 20: 19
    Ai well done Mr. Volodin. How cleverly the rogue let him down. Here's a blockhead and a careerist Lebed. He really is like that. Here are the mysterious "dark forces evilly oppressing us." The names of the forces, out of habit adopted from the "prophet" Karaulov Andryusha, are naturally not called. Against their background, the state criminal Boris Yeltsin in 1992 organized a conspiracy with accomplices to seize power, judging by the article, and not a monster at all, but even more than that, a man of honor. I quote in the original "In simple terms, President Yeltsin himself was a hostage of those forces that at one time asked to support himself in the elections. These forces supported him, but on conditions that could put a fat point on such a state as Russia." deep decency Boris Nikolaich. Well, he could not fail to fulfill his promises to sponsors. And because of this decency, he "wanted to show his character, once and for all, cutting the western Gordian knot, which bound his hands. At the same time, Yeltsin delivered his main blow to those who decided to finally tear Russia to pieces in 1999. year, when without agreement with Western "partners" decided to make first the second, and then the first person in the state of Vladimir Putin. "Final. The sounds of tambourines and snuffs are heard. You know, the version that the KGB introduced Putin to Sobchak on purpose is also amusing, but still it makes you to recommend the author to take a sedative to a lesser extent.
  22. Bully
    Bully 9 October 2012 22: 48
    Everyone forgot something about Lebed's role in ending the war in Transnistria, where he commanded the 14th Army. It is understandable - it was a long time ago. Lebed regarded the end of the war in Chechnya as a temporary solution in the face of complete betrayal by the Kremlin, which would allow avoiding a large number of losses. He understood perfectly well that without dispersing this rag-tag, they would not be allowed to fight normally in Chechnya. And he went into politics to solve this problem. Those who are older will probably remember that, being the secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation with special powers, in a short time, he was going to create a professional "rapid deployment force" of 50 thousand people. However, he was quickly "figured out" and dismissed - he worked in power for exactly four months.
  23. scorpiosys
    scorpiosys 10 October 2012 00: 24
    Forgive me, but Lebed, like Dudaev, are former officers. Moreover, the middle link. Anyone decides that he can make dirty politics clean.
    1. Alex 241
      Alex 241 10 October 2012 00: 45
      Clarification, not mid-level Swan army commander, Dudaev commander.
  24. Bosk
    Bosk 10 October 2012 00: 43
    The war begins when politics ends ... and our politicians begin to move just when the war begins, and this is even non-politics, but rather PR. And if you count the lope due to these inept rattles of our politicians, we lost lives ....
  25. I-16M
    I-16M 10 October 2012 10: 01
    Grachev and the Swan - the disgrace of the airborne
  26. MakSim51ru
    MakSim51ru 10 October 2012 11: 06

    Come on, talk better with those who in Transnistria took this pack away. Merit Swan in this.

    And yet, the article writes that allegedly in August 96, Chechens knocked out federal troops from Grozny. I would like to ask the author: he himself owns the topic about which he is trying to write. That's about the fact that the troops were forbidden to go to the rescue in the city as they forget to write
  27. algol
    algol 10 October 2012 15: 41
    Take the history of the Russian army. She was framed and betrayed at all times and nations. And the current stage of life in Russia is no more confirmation of this.
  28. scorpiosys
    scorpiosys 10 October 2012 21: 54
    All the same, middle management. Excuse me well, not FLY both. What Dudayev, that Swan - the kingdom of heaven to them - well, two OAKS! Geological values ​​- you understand. True, some even wrote poetry! And we can compose them for hours without stopping - so what are we - Field Marshals probably !!!
  29. enot555
    enot555 31 January 2013 16: 58
    two traitors in the photo. Chechnya, then the business was to step on and grind but forget! and now broke through the sewer
    flowed all over the country. corrupt bureaucrats!
  30. Dry66
    Dry66 16 September 2013 12: 03
    Traitors, much more! Who gave the oath to the USSR, to serve and protect the working people, and then swore another oath too, sadly, traitor! If every officer in the country acted as an OFFICER, maybe the USSR would have defended!
    1. V. Salama
      V. Salama 16 September 2013 15: 56
      Quote: dry66
      If every officer in the country acted as an OFFICER, maybe the USSR would have defended!
      Don't oversimplify or distort. "The people and the Army are one!" - remember? Who, according to the Tbilisi events, spit in the faces of the officers when the guys from "Vzlyad" poured slanderous on the army? The USSR was still alive, but where was the Soviet people, why was everyone silent? Leonidov Kraslerov, Korotich, etc., that the military should also shut up? Aren't you placing too many tasks on the army and taking too little blame on yourself? At that time, the Armed Forces did not have an internal function even in the Doctrine. Probably everyone believed that this was correct when this rag-tag sang that the military were those who "ate our meat." It got to the point that in Moscow a Georgian driver said that he would not go anywhere until these killers (officers, academy students) got off the bus. There was not a single one to even make a peep in defense - everyone sat in silence and waited ... What, will you, too, how will N. Starikov make excuses, saying that by that time we had already been "brainwashed"?
      Quote: dry66
      Who gave the oath to the USSR

      Remember the text of the Oath? Do you know what an "officer" is? I did not receive orders from the Party and the Government to kill my people. But where were your "active life position" and "citizenship", may I ask? So do not go from a sore head to a healthy one ...