Results of the week. "Or something happened, or one of two!"

Part I. "Little Raskardash"

Bryansk judicial alchemy

We all know that Russia has two capitals — Moscow (the official capital), St. Petersburg (the northern capital). On Friday, another contender for the title of the capital city appeared in our country - Bryansk. After the decision of the Bryansk Regional Court, this glorious city can easily get the status of the magical capital of our state. The thing is that an event occurred in the city, which in the light of Russian democratic realities is seen as political nonsense. The incumbent Governor Nikolai Denin, who was kept in sacred charm by a member of the United Russia party, was withdrawn from the race by Judge Shkobeneva in the most blasphemous manner, who, in all appearances, didn’t act in Denin’s charm. Maybe judge Galina Shkobeneva has an amulet of even greater sacral power than the crust of United Russia, but far more ...

Results of the week. "Or something happened, or one of two!"

Recall that the lawsuit in the Bryansk regional court was filed by the candidate for governor of the Communist Party, Vadim Potomsky. He accused his main political rival of falsifying signatures and using an administrative resource for collecting them. It would seem that such spells of a communist candidate a priori could not destroy the inviolability of the charms of a party card member of the ruling party, but the member was struck with the help of the mentioned Galina Shkobeneva. She decided that there were indeed numerous violations in the subscription lists, and the administrative resource from Denin was also confirmed.

And even though the Bryansk regional court passed its verdict already on Friday evening, when the political (and any other) life in the country turns into a pacifying course, but Shkobeneva’s witch insinuations could not go unnoticed. Nikolai Denin immediately called on the higher forces, who are the custodians of the cherished party crust and located in the capital city of Moscow, to apply magic against the decision of the Bryansk court. The political council of the United Russia party and even the most magical department of our country (according to Dmitry Medvedev) - the CEC of the Russian Federation - acted as the highest forces. As a result, the mother party, whose fledgling is fledged is Nikolai Denin, as well as the Central Election Commission, decided to defend the right to the candidacy of the current governor of the Bryansk region in the Supreme Court.

In general, the case is really from the field of alchemy and sorcery. Well, judge for yourself when this is the most crystal clear Russian courts handed down similar verdicts? Does the Bryansky court really use some kind of forbidden potion that is brewed in tightly closed cabinets, so that later with it it can level the influence of party crusts, tokens, special passes and other things?

If the Supreme Court also recognizes the rightness of Judge Shkobeneva, then this woman can definitely be accused of witchcraft and betrayed by a nationwide anathema ... Well, this is if this is not about the famous "cleaning of the ranks." If he goes, then Galina Shkobeneva will immediately be retrained to the category of a good fairy.

“I’m gonna grace ...”

The PACE session, which took place in Strasbourg, was marked by considerable attention of Romanian politicians to the Russian Federation. The “Military Review” already covered the topic of how the speaker Giorgi Frunda was concerned about the state of human rights in Russia. But Frunda was not the only Romanian who had claims to Russia. The Romanian senator Badya decided to go even further. He urged Moscow to return the treasures to Bucharest, which Romania had in due time asked the Russian empire to keep in their bins during the 1 World War II. The Russian authorities of that time accepted the petition from the Romanian side, but only after the end of the 1 world warfare, Bucharest decided to thank Russia in a peculiar way for the assistance rendered: he took and occupied Bessarabia, which at that time was already Russia for more than 100. This angered Vladimir Ilyich, who came to power, and therefore, when the Romanians requested their gold, they were shown a characteristic gesture and declared that Bucharest should return Bessarabia first. In general, the situation reached a dead end, which was aggravated by the fact that the Romanian troops during the 2 World War together with the Wehrmacht fought against the USSR. What is the return of Romanian gold from Russia after that ... Moreover, in 1947, a contribution in the amount of 300 million dollars was imposed on Romania itself. No, it’s not that the Romanians were not returned anything at all - generous Nikita Khrushchev transferred part of the gold to Bucharest, but in the case of the “treasures of the Romanian nation” it was decided to put a fat point, because the volumes of Romanian debts to the USSR and, therefore, Russia exceed all imaginable and unimaginable limits.

But here Viorel Badiu and his ideological ally Tudor Pantsyru are not confused by this fact: return, you understand, gold, and that's that! True, even in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, those born yesterday are not sitting. The representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, with the help of a polished diplomatic language, showed both Bade and Pantsyru and others to the Romanian politicians about the same figure that Vladimir Ilyich, along with the rest of the leadership of proletarian Russia, got from the fingers of his fingers ...

In general, the initiative of Mr. Badi at the PACE session was rejected, although they still hinted to Russia that it should certainly return everything to those PACE countries to whom it owes something. Only those who hinted at the debts of Russia, persistently forget about the debts of their states to Russia. If we consider what amounts of Soviet aid went to the countries of the so-called social camp, then we ourselves can fit the full collection of all accounts for our "partners" on the other side of the border with the EU.

In general, they all like to accept gold, but somehow they don’t return it. And why is Russia worse in this regard? .. The Romanians would have kept their precious metals with bills in their own savings banks, then Mr Bade would not have to swallow Valocordin after the PACE session.

Army in the garden

A new round of scandal took shape this week, which was connected with the exercises of the Western Military District military in the Prionezhsky region of Karelia. It would seem that there can be nothing reprehensible in conducting exercises by the Russian military on Russian territory, but just what to do if the territory is Russian, but still private ...

Recall that in September, a resident of the Karelian village, Shuya, saw people in the form of Russian servicemen boldly marching through the streets of the village. It seems that this local resident should have been happy for the beauty of the order and the bearing of the fighters, but only in the heart of Vladimir Ustinov (that is the name of the aforementioned citizen) was bleak. The fact is that the soldiers marched not only through the streets of his native village, but also through its fields. All right, they would march and go to a special training ground, where different kinds of exercises should take place. But it was not there ... About 4 thousands of soldiers and officers decided to settle directly on the farmland of farmer Ustinov, organizing their own landfill here: having fenced off the territory with trucks, digging out pits, setting up tents and fitting armored personnel carriers ... In general, during the exercise, as claimed Ustinov himself, these same 4 thousands of servicemen managed to completely trample the fertile peat layer and destroy the entire crop that the farmer planned to collect. But instead of the agricultural harvest, Vladimir Ustinov had to remove garbage and fertilizer of a completely different kind - from the land that is in his ownership.

Well, in general, the scandal could not go especially far, because who among us would listen to ordinary agrarians, but the head of the Prionezhsky region of Karelia, Mrs. Chechil, added fuel to the fire. In particular, Chechil said that it was she who gave permission to the military units to conduct exercises on the territory of the Ustinov farm ... It turns out that the powers of the regional heads in Karelia are so wide that they can easily manage the property of any person living in the republic. But the question is: why did Svetlana Chechil not give the go-ahead to the Ministry of Defense to conduct exercises in her personal courtyard; in their own kitchen, the soldiers would have soups and porridge cooked, in their bedroom they would be housed by the separation of soldiers most tired of the exercises, and the garage would provide for the repair of armored vehicles ...

Today, Mrs. Chechil decided to justify herself, but in a very original way: she stated that the exercises were a matter of national importance, and Ustinov did not do anything special for the Prionezhsky region ... It’s a transparent hint to farmer Ustinov about the missed opportunity to “agree”, with timely implementation which soldiers would march past his private lands?

The other day the court ruled on the illegality of the actions of the authorities in relation to Ustinov’s private property. And the head of Prionezhsky district also wants to appeal this decision. Apparently, Mrs. Chechil can not understand that she is an official, the head of the district, and not a noblewoman and mistress of all land plots without exception on the territory entrusted to her, which she would like so much ...

Distribution of elephants and gifts

After visiting the Russian president of Tajikistan, the president of this Central Asian republic received several gifts from Vladimir Putin at once. The first gift for Emomali Rakhmon's 60 anniversary was the sniper rifle, and Vladimir Putin’s reassurance that Russia was ready to shelter new labor migrants from Tajikistan on its territory was a gift. In the end, how many more areas are not tiled, how many walls are not plastered, and even Olympstroy will now unfold in full. So the second gift should have pleased Emomali Sharipovich much more than the first one, which probably happened.

What caused such an unexpected fraternal love of Vladimir Putin to Mr. Rakhmon? The fact is that the Tajik president decided not only to extend the period of the Russian military base in Tajikistan for 49 years, but also to assign it the most genuine diplomatic status. Now the military, who serve on the 201-th military base, will be outside Tajik jurisdiction.

In general, both presidents were generous with gifts - this is the conclusion that suggests. And after all, there is nothing to be done here: we want to have an outpost in Central Asia, which means we will get ready to receive guests from Tajikistan in large quantities. Soon, the festively decorated trains of Dushanbe-Moscow and Khujand-Moscow, hung with balloons and bright ribbons, would be pulled even more towards our capital, which, with the addition of territory in the south-west, became truly elastic. A sort of Moscow stretch. Now the logic of the authorities becomes clear when they decided to increase the area of ​​the capital city: it turns out that they just waited for new labor migrants from Tajikistan who would need to be located somewhere.

Now, besides the well-known Moscow districts (Tagansky, Presnensky, Mitino, Chertanovo or Sviblovo), there may be new geographic names: Rakhmonovo, Monadboevo and Tursunzadoevo.

Be careful, the doors are closing! The next station is Saidbukhronuddinovo. Further, a beautiful female voice duplicates the text in the Tajik language. And what do you want - you need to make mutual concessions ...

"Bears rode a bicycle ..."

Another progressive proposal on how to deal with a large number of accidents on Russian roads, made the Russian lawmakers. This time, the representative of the Federation Council, Ms. Zabolotnaya, representing the committee on social policy, distinguished herself. Tatyana Vladimirovna took the initiative to register in the traffic police not only cars and motorcycles, but also ... bicycles. At the same time, the senator is confident that putting bicycles on record with the traffic police can somehow reduce the number of deaths on the roads.

If the initiative of the senator from Primorsky Territory is received positively, then each Russian bicycle will have to receive a unique registration number. It is not entirely clear whether Tatiana Zadorozhnaya plans to install license plates on tricycles, which are also some kind of vehicles, which are set in motion by the force of children's muscles.

An even more complicated question may arise with tandem bicycles, because if something happens, the inspector may not ask the question (the main one may sit behind his back) ...

In general, the initiative of the senator from Sovfeda is quite reasonable, and therefore you should not be surprised if when you visit the circus you suddenly see a bear pedaling a bicycle with the number series “EKH” ...

Part II. "Spies there, spies here ..."

One hundred forty kilo explosives

What causes frankness on the Internet

Nowadays, the Internet is very helpful to the police. The terrorist has now gone such that he cannot keep his mouth shut. There are two reasons for this: a potential murderer wants to scare his enemies and become famous even before committing a black case - and therefore he talks about his plans on the Internet, regularly writes a diary, and publicly admits to sympathies with other terrorists, and yes even letters to university authorities writes - with threats, of course. And he didn’t know, innocently, that he had been on the police hook long ago.

One Spanish kid 21, a resident of the city of Palma de Mallorca, decided this week to end the hated students and generally repay to society for all the almost deadly offenses that it damned caused him. The police do not name the name of this young man in the interests of the investigation.

For five months, patient police officers watched and followed an angry student. Finally, he was arrested when he bought as many as one hundred and forty kilos of explosives in order to lift the entire Balearic University into the air. The student also made an order and purchase of bomb components through the Internet, where he had previously written about his great sympathies for outstanding Americans Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. These guys are in 1999 year killed at the Columbine School 12 a man and injured 23. The Spaniard decided not just to repeat their feat, but to advance to the front ranks of the terrorist heroes, beating even the legendary Breivik.

On the acquisition of components of an explosive mixture of a vengeful student and tied up vigilant Spanish police. It happened on October 3. In the heavy package with 140 kilograms of substances necessary for the manufacture of explosives, was all that is needed - from ammonium nitrate to the flask.

According to the investigationInstead of comic books, representatives of the young chemist regularly read the blog of the young chemist, the boy was well versed in explosive ingredients. He was going to decompose a few bombs filled with striking elements around the university and then put in action. When the bombs were activated, he could die, but his hatred for students, teachers and the whole society was so great that he was ready for a just cause and die.

A prisoner was confiscated from the arrested person, on the pages of which the young Spaniard wrote about hatred towards society and gave plans for the organization of the massacre.

By the way, at first the hater planned his fellow students to just shoot. About this police стало известно from the diary. The young chemist was looking for different ways to get a gunshot weapon - both illegal and legal, but he failed. The arms dealers avoided the student, at every step stumbling about their blood-mass plans, and they did not give him a legal license for the trunk. That is why he decided to make a bomb.

It should be noted that those cogs that previously somehow or other but fastened Western society were completely screwed. To take the boy and solve problems in the traditional peaceful way - go around the corner with the offender and nakostylyat him, or get a slap in the face from him - but no, you must certainly lay a hundred and forty kilograms of explosives at the university. Even I no longer feel sorry for myself. A society whose members lose the instinct of self-preservation is doomed. Comrade Buchanan is right: the West will not live to the end of this century.

Russian with a gun

One step from student to terrorist

For more than a month, Russian Denis Telyakov, a student of ESL language school in Alberta, has been in a Canadian hospital. 18 August Russian arrested by police, accusing him in threats to a fellow student. According to Elena Romanova, Denis's sister, the reason for the arrest of her brother was just an unsuccessful joke to the leadership of the ESL school and one of the students. With the latter, Denis had a “love triangle”: a Canadian liked a student from Russia, to whom Denis was not indifferent. Telyakov answered gruffly to his fellow student, and the school principal decided that these words were a real threat. What Denis said, the police did not disclose, so in stories a white spot is formed. Denis himself, alas, cannot say anything, and the headmistress and fellow student, apparently, do not want to.

The fact is that in the preliminary detention cell of the Calgary Remand Center, while Dennis was 24-year-old was sleeping, two cellmates decided to dance on his head. They probably did not like the fact that Denis was coughing in his sleep. One of the hooligans already confessedthat a Russian student was beaten for no reason. Now both Canadian villains face 15 years in prison.

And Denis can now only move his fingers and toes, open and close his eyes. He breathes through the tube, and the head can not tear off the pillow. English, which he was going to improve in Canada, he completely forgot.

If everything is more or less clear with the scumbags from the camera, then with a fellow student - no. Probably, the conflict spring straightened, sending the guy to the bullpen to meet the tragedy, because of the classic Russophobic move by his rival. Canadian threatened Denis: "I will write that you are a Russian terrorist, and you have a gun." The headmistress who caught a piece of conversation must have taken the said “gun” for truth, and the Canadian in love with her did not argue with her. Where Russian, there and pistols, and bombs. All Russians are armed by default, all are bandits and are carrying terrorist plans aimed at joining Canada to the Soviet Union. That is why the police do not inform the general public that they were there for “threatening statements”, the headmistress with a Canadian student is reasonably silent, and the prosecutor’s office did not find anything punishable in Denis’s joke immediately takes charges from him.

The Canadian boy who invented the pistol of the “Russian terrorist” is not in a hurry to invent a Kalashnikov assault rifle, a pouch with charged stores, a kilo of trotyl and detonators in the wardrobe of a Russian girl he is in love with. Even the portrait of Anna Chapman on the wall in her room does not prompt him to the right thought ...

Russian Texan Spy Network

Point in favor of Mitt Romney

This week in Houston (Texas), vigilant FBI agents immediately took eight Russian spies. All these cunning guys and girls turned out to be, however, Americans. However, there were four Russian passports on the eight.

“Russian spies” from 2008 to 2012, according to the FBI version, shared by the US Department of Justice, were engaged in supplying microelectronic chips for traffic lights to Russia. Savvy Russian guessed chips from American traffic lights to put on such things, which in Russia are used for guidance in anti-submarine defense systems and a lot more for what. So much for the “dual-use” microelectronics, which cannot be taken out of the United States over the hill. Buy at every corner of it in the United States can be, but it is strictly prohibited to export.

This is how valiant FBI agents exposed the Russian Texas network called Arc Electronics, led by Comrade Fishchenko (who now shines from about 12 to 75 years in prison).

First, it became immediately clear to the scouts: if the Russians are interested in traffic lights in America, then something is unclean.

Secondly, on the website of the Moscow-based company Apex System, with which Comrade Fischenko cooperated, the efbeer people noticed two indecent images: on one there was an aircraft carrier, and on the other, a rocket. There are no such pictures on the site, but American agents claim that the Russians have “removed” them.

Third, Fishchenko is already bad because he allegedly concealed something from the US authorities. He allegedly stated to the American authorities that he did not serve in Russia in the army, but in actual fact he served, and not just in the construction battalion, but in the Soviet military intelligence in Berlin in 1980 year.

Fourthly, in the sticky hands of the agents, there was a little letter in Cyrillic, in which the Russian efesbeshniki directly complained to Comrade Fishchenko and his companions, who were arrested now in full, that here at servicemen from military unit 35533, who are connected with Arsenal, and this company is already connected with the companies of Comrade Fischenko, technical problems have arisen due to poor-quality American chips, and it is necessary, they say, to send more of these chips.

Well, the Americans could not get past such a clue. Both the chief and employees of Arc Electronics instantly changed their status from suspects to defendants. With American laws, this is easy.

The United States Patriot Act of 2001 alone provides a variety of government agents with the ability to exercise the widest range of powers: monitor bad citizens, access their personal records, monitor financial transactions, block bills, get into training, medical and general files Whatever information you can, listen to phone conversations and read emails and Skype messages (which Microsoft bought for a long time and with giblets). Demonstrators of any kind can get into the terrorists according to this act - from pacifists to defenders of ecology and animals, not to mention traffic light spies.

And in order not only to climb files, monitor and eavesdrop, but also legally separate spies and terrorists from society, in 2011, the United States introduced another legislative document, the Authorizing Act on National Defense. He transfers all sorts of anti-state affairs into capable hands, for example, representatives of the army or special services, and completely removes the legal procedure from the case, i.e., allows indefinite detention of any person, including an American citizen. To imprison a person, according to this law, all that is needed is the approval of the American government that these and those comrades are terrorists. It is preferable to Russians who have 64 teeth in their mouths, and all grind the file.

The FBI presented the prosecutors and the main evidence: they say, Russian spies tried to hide the military purpose of microelectronics. To get this proof, the agents, of course, used democratic American laws, giving them the right to enter into the life of the “objects” by the very least do not play about. In the dialogue between the two defendants, Posobilova and Savina, promulgated by efbeerovtsy, the efbeerovtsy did not like the fact that the first one warned the second that, they say, fishing boats passed through the electronics application certificates, and not vessels that could be part of the anti-submarine defense.

The head of the FBI’s Houston department, Stephen L. Morris (he had been investigating the espionage case for two whole years) did not consider Russia to be a friend of America. Mr morris says: “While some countries are going to use our technology for economic gain, many countries hostile to the United States are seeking to strengthen their defense capabilities and modernize their weapons systems at the expense of American taxpayers.”

Participants in the case have been charged with conspiring to illegally export technology, money laundering, and also obstructing the administration of justice. And so that they no longer interfere, comrade Posobilova, the first of them, who appeared before a fast American federal court, not only chained up handcuffed, but also chained to the chair at the waist and ankles. Finally, in order to finally approve the new old priorities of the Cold War, a well-known expert on Russia, a professor of the US Army Military College, national security specialist Stephen Blank, spoke in the press. is he saidthat the Russian company with which Fischenko cooperated has a business with the Russian military and special agencies. Blank believes that illegal efforts to get chip technologies from the US are spreading more and more, and this has been the case for the last 12 years. In his opinion, this is an integral part of the policy of Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding the program for the modernization of armaments.

But the main evidence of Russian espionage turned out to be a comparison by the Americans of the accounting documentation of the company Fischenko and the budget expenditures of Russia passing through the Ministry of Defense. Analysis as black on white written in the Washington Post newspaper, citing the respected Associated Press, revealed "a striking similarity between the fluctuations in the gross income of Arc and the defense expenditures of the Russian Federation over the past few years." So it says in court documents in the case of Russian spies.

But at the same time unfortunate naturalized Americans, who, for convenience, can be declared Russian, attributed Attempts to obtain data on US nuclear weapons and American policy toward Iran from innocent American citizens. Also, our businessmen for some reason were interested in information about the leaders of the CIA and congressmen.

Eh, they didn’t dig there! .. They collected information about the CIA, and the FBI collected information about them.

Our Foreign Ministry has promised to tackle the difficult fate of the spies, who have been in prison for half a century, and in the best case, half a month (this is the secretary).

Meanwhile, as they say, Mitt Romney was very successful in the first round of election debates with Barack Obama - such that the incumbent president even dropped in the rankings. "Spies are there, spies are here," and Romney warned: the number one enemy is known is Constance Bonacier Russia. Obama is still talking about a "reset" with Russia, and for some reason, Black Sea ships were shown on the big screen at the Congress of the Democratic Party fleet, symbolizing, in the opinion of the Democrats, American naval power. Something is clearly not converging here ...

We say - Obama, we mean - Putin

The case of Roosevelt and Brezhnev lives and wins

Not only with a powerful American fleet and traffic lights spies pierced Comrade Obama. His misfortune also lies in the fact that the following fact was revealed recently: in the idols of the US President not only F. D. Roosevelt, but also V. V. Putin. How so? After all, this latter is a staunch supporter of totalitarianism that journalist Kim Zigfeld was proven a whole collection of items: a) throwing Mr. Gudkov out of the duma; b) the infringement of the rights and freedoms of D. Medvedev, the Prime Minister; c) the final strangulation of the Internet in Russia; d) undemocratic foreign policy, which the president of Russia diligently emphasizes, for example, giving a puppy not to the British prime minister or the German foreign minister, but to Hugo Chavez, calling the elections in Belarus “free and fair.” Moreover, Comrade Putin expelled the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) from his barbarous country.

But Vladimir Putin is far from America, but Obama ...

We, who had been reading Western propaganda, thought that it was Putin and his authoritarian supporters who liquidated Radio Liberty, cleverly depriving him of a license for frequencies — and it turns out that Comrade Obama did it right from the White House!

“What did Obama do in response?” - Writes a journalist. “He conceived to outdo Putin and closed Radio Liberty, which literally served as the voice of America in Russia.”

So is Obama really an agent of the Kremlin? After all, in the opinion of an American journalist, he “deprived tens of thousands of radio listeners in Moscow alone of access to at least some vague hint of the truth. Russia's democratic supporters were deeply shocked and condemned Obama’s policy of appeasement, saying that he betrayed not only their trust, but also American values. ”

But this is not all that the traitor Obama did, along the path of authoritarianism and asphyxiation of freedoms, following the direct and inflexible course of his elder brother, the ideologist V. Putin: “Meanwhile, Obama has gone even further. Through Hillary Clinton, he promised Putin to continue to actively fight against any Western economic sanctions related to the human rights situation in Russia and to discourage any future attempts to take such measures. ”

And you say - EUROPRO and forty-five million dollars for the Syrian opposition! Obama gives these millions and EuroPRO builds only for cover ...

Comrade Obama has already reached the full Moscow condition. Previously, he quietly worshiped one of his idols - Franklin Roosevelt, who in America is sometimes called the local Brezhnev, a lover of concentration camps and a man who, like Leonid Ilyich, sat on the throne until his death, also considering himself to be something like a king. Now in the red corner of the Oval Office hangs a portrait of V. V. Putin. Comrade Obama is taking correspondence lessons of totalitarianism from the president of Russia, hoping to stifle the able-bodied population of the United States in the anti-crisis grip of the Gulag. Not for nothing is the Department of Homeland Security of America buying hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition and special equipment, but there are still torturers in Guantanamo, and the Food Order Directive, adopted by 16 in March 2012, can take effect at any time - and pass on sole control President all sources of energy, all civilian traffic and to introduce a military appeal for any purpose ...

Everything is thicker, everything is still. The process is irreversible

American Spiespay

If Comrade Obama ever gets together to put the conscripts under arms - in full accordance with the "Order" of March 16 - then he will have only one problem. However, he can not solve it.

Recently in the United States published a report called "Too fat to fight." Military experts writethat the number of fat men of military age in America is growing at an appalling rate. The current number of obese Americans between 17 and 24 have passed 25% and is undermining the plans of the Pentagon.

In the event of a serious conflict, including internal conflict, there will simply be no one to mobilize. Due to obesity, three quarters of potential draftees will be rejected. The rest will not pass the draft board due to past incidents with the law. Those few units that are still allowed to repay a debt to their homeland will be forced to do yoga or fitness in order to lose a kilo of 20-30 overweight - this is to squeeze into hebchik.

Moreover, these warriors are at risk: overweight leads to an increase in injuries and non-combat losses. And the Pentagon spends a billion dollars every year on their additional medical care - right now.

Michelle, Barack Obama's wife, is said to have tried to teach army fat men to mind and chew lettuce leaves instead of donuts, but they didn’t heed her, rightly pointing out: “You suppress honey and honey with Barack there and we, therefore, can not? "

As a result, when a socialist revolution happens in America, the thin and hungry will go into opposition, against which Obama will be able to put up several battalions of swollen half-and-half centner warriors. We don’t even imagine how these fighters for democracy make a forced march, pushing each other, slipping on cheeseburgers and Coca-Cola puddles, breaking arms and legs and forcing the hearts of Pentagon financiers responsible for spending on medical care ...

Bombs for democracy

Think Syria? You are mistaken!

While Romney is gaining points on the spy scandal with the Russians, whom Obama so much welcomes (a long-time Kremlin agent and Putin's drinking companion, according to rumors), the current US president has decided to raise the rating using several other methods. Having climbed into Libya once before without the permission of Congress, Obama was going to squeeze bombs there again.

The Republicans seem to have pecked him completely. Say, and weakly combating terrorism, and ambassadors are killed when it is, and the Arab Spring was encouraged in vain - there are solid “Muslim brothers” who take money from America to kill Americans - and all this to say nothing about suspicious friendship with Russia, which even McFaul is not capable of understanding with his mind.

In short, B. Obama decided to make a strategic move with a knight, that is, "drones". He decided this on October 2; the decision was secret, known only in the highest circles of the CIA and two or three guys from the Pentagon. But freedom of speech in America is such that on the same day Comrades Eric Schmitt and David D. Kirkpatrick of The New York Times told the world about the secret mission of the CIA and the Ministry of Defense in fraternal Libya, ripe for full and final democratization.

Obama is going to fatally punish those militants who were involved in the deadly attack on a diplomatic mission in Benghazi. Since the Libyan government does not want to punish anyone, he will punish Obama. The joint operations command is already making target packages containing detailed information about the suspects (top secret, the suspects are the Ansar al-Shariat grouping). So far, no decisions about targets have been made, but it is generally assumed that the Pentagon, in collaboration with the CIA, will organize air strikes and carry out a special raid - similar to that which was carried out to destroy bin Laden.

Unmanned reconnaissance aircraft are already flying over eastern Libyan land.

The Libyan people, of course, will object to the American bombing, but why did the Libyan people have to overthrow and kill Gaddafi? What we have - do not store, lost - we cry.

* “Either something happened, or one of two things!” - a phrase from the cartoon “Investigations are driven by buns”.
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  1. +9
    7 October 2012 08: 44
    Romanians, in my opinion, are insolent, they themselves occupied Bessarabia, they were for the Nazis, and now give them gold! Obama will now sweat pretty much to widen the gap with Romney. In Spain, this kid is generally funny: 140 kilos of explosives)
    1. +9
      7 October 2012 08: 59
      Dummies have never in their history been distinguished by either intelligence or ingenuity. The Danube hyena its entire history either with an outstretched hand or with an outstretched tongue .... moreover, the second almost the entire history of the main thing is that the ass was fatter and the biological residues were no more for tasty licking laughing
      On gold and claims ... send them out loud using an unambiguous gesture with the middle finger .... briefly and to the point, so as not to speak with those who do not deserve a word.
      1. +30
        7 October 2012 09: 12
        Quote: Sakhalininets
        send them out loud using an explicit middle finger gesture

        middle finger is not our method. in our opinion, these are half-hands
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        7 October 2012 12: 30
        Quote: Sakhalininets
        send them out loud using an explicit gesture

        We must not allow ourselves to behave this way; these are not our methods.
    2. MI-AS-72
      7 October 2012 09: 16
      During the Second World War, among the occupants in terms of cruelty, the Romanians were in second place after the Germans.
      1. Neutral
        7 October 2012 12: 07

        - Branzuletka! squealed a frontier officer in a short coat
        with a dog collar and large metal buttons
        on the convex back.
        - Branzuletka! - the others cried out, rushing at Ostap.
        Ilya Ilf, Eug. Petrov

        In August 1916, Romania nevertheless decided to support the Entente, and send its gold reserves out of harm's way - to Moscow. Two "gold" echelons were sent to the Russian capital. The second never reached Moscow, mysteriously disappearing along the way. But the first was "mothballed" by the new Bolshevik government ...

        I will not comment, everything is painfully clear anyway.
        I will also refrain from the powerful saga about the participation of the proud descendants of the Romans and Dacians in WW and WWII at night.
        As for the "second echelon" (I did not know before), I have to admit: Romania is truly great.
        To declare war on Germany and to muzzle half of the national gold reserves from ourselves - or perhaps for the sake of this and to declare war on Germany - this, you see, is unique ...
        1. 0
          9 November 2012 22: 51
          Quote: Neutral
          Only those who hinted at Russia's debts persistently forget about the debts of their states to Russia.

          It is time to bring claims to the general people.
  2. +10
    7 October 2012 08: 53
    thanks. The review as usual is very good. no need to comment. the only thing about madam chechil was very surprised and reminiscent of a joke.
    the soldier lagged behind his own and in the darkness went out to the village. knocks on the last house and asks for shelter. the hostess says:
    - I won’t let you go. I am a widow, and you will begin to pester with all sorts of nonsense.
    "Mom, what are you? What nonsense? I'm tired of death."
    launched a soldier, fed. he sits near the stove, picks a spear in his teeth, grinds:
    -What are you talking about stupid things, mother?
    1. ughhh
      7 October 2012 11: 52
      Overview - lovely, laughed plenty, thanks, men.
      1. atamura
        8 October 2012 09: 44
        The analysis, as written in black and white in the Washington Post newspaper, cited by the reputable Associated Press agency, revealed "a striking similarity between the fluctuations in gross revenue" Arc "and the defense spending of the Russian Federation over the past few years." - this was especially surprising, in truth, stupidity knows no bounds
  3. wolverine7778
    7 October 2012 09: 13
    Meanwhile, Romney confidently catches up with Obama for the sympathies of the Americans what
    1. Shumer
      7 October 2012 11: 06
      Five points per picture laughing drinks
    2. 1946095andrey
      12 October 2012 14: 57
      the picture is good)) +
      13 October 2012 14: 31
      Obama looks like Shoigu on this poster, huh?
  4. survivor
    7 October 2012 09: 36
    .... "The current governor Nikolai Denin, who was kept by a sacred amulet in the form of a crust of a member of the United Russia party," .....
    as it is very fresh and peccant))
  5. bask
    7 October 2012 09: 39
    And I like the photo of Amer’s ,,, bag. Yes, and see the autumn aggravation. everywhere Russian ,,, spies ,, seemingly .. Atavism of the Cold War according to VV.
  6. +2
    7 October 2012 09: 44
    Among other things, Power everywhere wants to show that it is akin to God. What is in Russia, what is in the USA. It’s hard for a simple person to fight her. Either they suddenly became spies, now they almost died in the cell, then at once ceased to own their land at the whim of a bureaucrat.
    On a beautiful ball, the Earth is more and more fun.
  7. GG2012
    7 October 2012 09: 52
    In a large photo, General Obamych has a suede tunic.
    Ndy !!! Cost is worth a costume!
    What is this clever man thought of ??? !!!
  8. +3
    7 October 2012 09: 54
    Recall that a lawsuit to the Bryansk Regional Court was filed by the Communist Party candidate for governors Vadim Potomsky.

    So you guys are lucky if they choose Potomsky !?
    Here he drives a communal apartment in the Leningrad Region and there has not been such a mess for a long time !!!
    The city of Bryansk is a big city, there is a big swing !! The deputy is a millionaire and a communist, but the party is falling smaller under Zyuganov!
    1. 0
      7 October 2012 11: 46
      Believe me, and the old is no better. in any case, a ride!

      Does the Bryansk court really use some forbidden potion, which is brewed in tightly closed cabinets, in order to then neutralize the effect of party crusts, tokens, special passes and other things with its help?

      there for money and nepotism such a potion is brewed ......... Baba Yaga will envy !!!
      1. 0
        7 October 2012 19: 32
        I observe with interest the elections in Bryansk - it's cool. I drove the whole city - only 2 of dull banners for the Potomsky, 1 for Denin.
        Campaign, the guys decided to stupidly throw or buy.
        And the judge is GOOD! Everyone would be like that!
  9. +2
    7 October 2012 10: 00
    It seems to me that the espionage scandal in the United States is part of an advertising company for American traffic lights that something similar already happened with game consoles, although then no one was arrested. what
  10. 0
    7 October 2012 10: 26
    And what is the title of "Officer Obama" in the photo? Colonel General?
    1. 0
      7 October 2012 11: 14
    2. +1
      7 October 2012 12: 53
      Quote: erased

      And what is the title of "Officer Obama" in the photo? Colonel General?

      Judging by the gaps, this is a general - corporal of the first rank wassat
    3. 0
      8 October 2012 18: 58
      Four Star General. This is American.
      1. Akela
        9 October 2012 21: 30
        Or the army general
  11. +3
    7 October 2012 10: 52
    I am always amazed at the zero-fat people. Roosevelt, like Putin, took the country on the brink of civil war and the socialist revolution. Unlike GDP, he managed to create a coalition government, attracted communists to his team, banned the export of capital, released inflation - and most importantly - led the country out of the crisis! But they cannot forgive him - rapprochement with the Soviet Union!
    1. wax
      7 October 2012 13: 52
      No, money comes first in America. Even middle-income Americans, when it comes to F.D. Roosevelt, cannot forgive him for socialization. I say firsthand. But it was precisely thanks to this set of measures that the USA got out of the pit.
      1. Zynaps
        8 October 2012 00: 17
        you can't explain to the rednecks that the state policy should be flexible. otherwise they would not be rare. among them the number of those who read the novel "Grapes of Anger" by Steinbeck or "Iron Heel" by Jack London reaches 0.0% about the American Holodomor of the Great Depression no one pokes their brains. about how bankers drove hundreds of thousands of people from the land and from their homes, too, do not remember (except for the university left). and that in those years, America's most beloved folk heroes were bank robbers like John Dillinger. if Roosevelt had not arranged the socialization of the United States, no Hoover would have saved America from revolutions and upheavals.
    2. Zynaps
      8 October 2012 00: 10
      in fact, Roosevelt made the United States a superpower - brought it out of a state of self-isolation. the influential stratum of those who like to boil in their own slops in the pre-war USA was very large and influential. but there was a time when Argentina could compete with the USA for world hegemony.
  12. +7
    7 October 2012 11: 08
    Bryansk judicial alchemy

    Usually alchemists with treasured crusts behave like in a fairy tale and live like in a fairy tale, unlike the vast majority of compatriots

    “I’m gonna grace ...”
    It’s necessary to file a counter-exchange - turn off the gold of Ostap Bender shamelessly robbed by Romanian border guards, then we’ll consider the question .. maybe .. Romanians will be in a stupor what

    "Bears rode a bicycle ..."
    Then it’s necessary to register and issue numbers for baby strollers, scooters, black clothes and trolleys. This is where there is scope for corruption trade. thieves numbers

    Russian Texan Spy Network
    At first, our traitors Yeltsinoids gave their secrets openly, now they have to return secretly.

    We say - Obama, we mean - Putin
    Now in the red corner of the Oval Office hangs a portrait of V.V. Putin.

    Let's see how he will sing after the election and what will happen to the portrait

    Everything is thicker, everything is still. The process is irreversible
    How British soldiers lose weight
    My webpage

    Bombs for democracy
    Shaw? Again? Phrase from the cartoon "Once upon a time there was a dog"

    1. Neutral
      7 October 2012 12: 12
      Bombs for democracy

      The mulatto desperately needs to show the electoral beet that he is not a weakling, but cooler than a Mormon, and since Syria does not work out in any way, the sweetest thing is to bomb someone in a distant, distant desert and report at full throat about some then another "great victory", reinforcing the screeching pictures of CNN.

      That's who they intend to bomb - a question. Heavy long-range aircraft are not chasing after the Islamist detachments in the desert. To destroy the bases of Islamists in Derna and other settlements, warning in advance about the raids, is also absurd. It turns out - and the messages of dear komitet_libya are also confirmed - by raising the mulatto's rating, at the same time they will try to help the Libyan "democrats" finally take control of most of Libya, which to this day does not want to know them, kills and generally lives under the green flag on the laws of the Jamahiriya ...
      1. Zynaps
        8 October 2012 00: 22
        Obama did not have such a task. a cunning white behind the scenes put the black president at the helm of the country in the midst of a powerful crisis with a single goal: to reduce the level of consumption of the spouted electorate. eating three throats and reselling debt obligations of citizens and companies is becoming more problematic.
  13. +2
    7 October 2012 11: 09
    I feel sorry for Denis Telyakov, I didn’t suffer for anything!
    I really liked the photo of the American Rimboid. The face is courageous and decisive, only the helmet is too small!
  14. 0
    7 October 2012 11: 12
    Apparently, Mrs. Chechil can’t understand in any way that she is an official, the head of the district, and not a pillar noblewoman and mistress of all land plots in the territory entrusted to her, whatever she would like ...

    Our bureaucrats have long considered themselves pillar nobles, and we are lowing animals. So no wonder. Our bureaucrats are the very characters who want revolutions. For in the chaos of connections, you can get even more money and grab a dough and float to the top. Isn’t that so? During the privatization, were all the factories and mines not former Komsomol leaders hapanuli?
  15. +3
    7 October 2012 11: 13
  16. +5
    7 October 2012 12: 37
    regarding Libya:
  17. +1
    7 October 2012 13: 05
    The article is definitely 100 pluses, laughed heartily !!!
    The general broke at all!
  18. Yariath
    7 October 2012 13: 41
    IMHO, Romania must be given the opportunity to sue for the gold exported to the Russian Empire in some international arbitration. What for? - To create a precedent that could be used in our favor. Why am I doing this? I think it’s not a secret for many that back in World War I, the tsarist government paid the Western allies with gold several impressive defense orders, which they (England, France and the USA) did not fulfill under various pretexts, including "revolutions", simply appropriating the gold for themselves. Japan also "took protection" of the gold caravan, in fact, until now it has not returned. Taking into account the past century, the interest on unplanned deposits can bring Russia astronomical income.

    Does the Kremlin know about this? Of course, there are accounts in special folders in the presidential safes where the funds of the Russian Empire were transferred. But these expensive papers are waiting in the wings - namely, the will of the country's leadership (and here, sorry, the will is paralyzed by purely personal interests) and the corresponding precedent (after all, it is necessary to collect not from the third world countries, but from the key world players - Great Britain, the USA, France and Japan), since the matter is not simple, either legally or politically. In general, we will take into account the information and see how the situation develops. I would personally rip everything off from such "allies" - they owe us three times in this century: for the First World War, the robbery of the Revolution, and a liberal "worthy and free" life. soldier
    1. Fayter2007
      11 October 2012 03: 39
      In Ukraine, Yushchenko has already sued in international arbitration with gypsies (Romanians) for the territory near Father Zmeiny ... he blew everything. So sho dumb in court to sue ... better to just show a gesture ...
  19. +2
    7 October 2012 13: 56
    huge plus per article
  20. cool.ya-nikola
    7 October 2012 14: 35
    Alexey and Oleg for
    ironic retelling and satirical analytics of the main world news over the past week.
    - + and many THANKS! And the analysis of the events covered, the presentation of material, as always brilliant!

    About "Romanian gold"
    Quote: Neutral
    return the gold of Ostap Bender shamelessly robbed by Romanian border guards
    I fully support! Only under such conditions! ...

    Now Muscovites understand who you owe the eternal Moscow traffic jams? At your traffic lights are American chips! ...
  21. StrateG
    7 October 2012 15: 28
    but a member was still struck with the help of the aforementioned Galina Shkobeneva.

    The article can now be cut into quotes, it is so interesting for author's statements
  22. Zlaya kotleta
    7 October 2012 17: 04
    Good article.
  23. kov
    7 October 2012 17: 50
    Obama was painted, it’s just like a memorial.
  24. +2
    7 October 2012 18: 29
    for the article is a huge plus! and Romanians shish with butter!
  25. Van
    7 October 2012 19: 21
    Tatyana Vladimirovna took the initiative to conduct registration in the traffic police not only cars and motorcycles, but also ... bicycles.

    Yeah, soon they’ll also require rights to walk, and they’ll attach a number to their ass .... laughing Insanity grows stronger every day. fool
      13 October 2012 14: 47
      There were already numbers on bicycles in our country!
  26. 0
    7 October 2012 21: 18
    The author is beautiful !!! He needs to write feuilleton))) Everything is clear !!! good
  27. +3
    7 October 2012 22: 10
    Review six points, smiled: "but the member was still hit with the help of the aforementioned Galina Shkobeneva." Perhaps there will be a quick and right trial, just as soon as the judge bang on a member and order, the main thing is that according to what is needed. I read the section on spies and recalled the article in the October issue of "Top Secret", the author Grigory Pasko, that bastard, that he was selling secret information to amers, and then it was exchanged for those that Anka Chapman had handed over with Anka Chapman. Here he shed crocodile tears about the innocent convicts, the article seems to be called in the "Traditions" Smersh, although what has to do with "Smersh" and I don’t understand the security counterintelligence service that is guarding the state secrets. And the authors for the review are a plus, well done!
  28. DrekerexeN
    7 October 2012 23: 53
    Personally, I hope that the raid will be like in Mogadishu ...
  29. +2
    8 October 2012 10: 26
    Amer Tolstoy, but to us in the study of the times of the USSR ... handsome and an excellent student would have come out. lol
    1. 1946095andrey
      12 October 2012 15: 04
      in DESNA)))))) in a year since 1980))))
      1. 0
        14 October 2012 23: 41
        In Ovens, 73 is not terrible -------------- wald.
  30. +1
    8 October 2012 12: 52
    For the news five with a plus! Smiled!
  31. moron
    11 October 2012 19: 30
    Romanians donut hole, not gold, rest
  32. 1946095andrey
    12 October 2012 15: 02
    in fact, democracy as such does not exist .... there is freedom of choice, and when a choice is made we become its hostage .... there is no democracy and should not beat ....
    she is chaos ....