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The concept of Eurasianism - a threat to the Russian people

The concept of Eurasianism - a threat to the Russian peopleIt justifies the Soviet model of national policy and the importation of migrants.

What is Eurasianism and why is it needed? This ideology was extremely popular in the 90-ies, mainly due to the efforts of Lev Gumilyov, its largest popularizer. From his words, it turned out that Eurasianism is a kind of symbiosis between Russians and Turks. Gumilev, a specialist in Turkology, always wrote about the latter with sincere sympathy. From the pages of his numerous works they appeared as “wide-chested batyrs”. Russian such compliments did not get. However, Gumilyov argued that the Russians and the Turks are complementary to each other and, as a result, should live in a single state.

The popularity of Eurasianism among the patriotic intelligentsia was understandable. The Soviet Union (and with it the doctrine of internationalism) collapsed. Only completely unscrupulous people aimed at stuffing their pockets could be patriots of the Yeltsin RF. Until Russian nationalism has not yet thought of. More precisely, “nationalism” personified the RNU, which was strongly supported by the authorities, replicated the practice and rhetoric of Nazism, which made it impossible not only to come to power, but even to rational dialogue with it of any sound forces.

Under these conditions, Eurasianism became the “holy crutch” of patriotism. I remember that I myself read Gumilyov enthusiastically in my student years. He was like Tolkien - an equally fascinating guide through the fictional worlds. However, very quickly I realized that there was no real content behind the theory of Gumilyov. She relied on the hypothesis of some kind of drive - the force that arose as a result of the flare on the sun. Next came the 1500-year life cycle of the people who received the original "solar charge". At first, the people were furious from an oversupply of energy, then, passing through a series of standard stages, quietly died away.

But stories Known nations that existed longer than 1500 years - the Jews, the Chinese. Regarding the Jews, Gumilev wrote that he was a special people, existing in the urban landscape and therefore not influenced by the cycles discovered by him, but he said about the Chinese that they were several different nations united under one name. According to his scheme, the almost extinct “old Chinese” people managed to reach the “flash” of passionarity, get a new energy and “start living from the beginning.”

It seemed to me, a student, that everything here is far-fetched. Indeed, there is no evidence of passionarity, “a flash on the Sun” - a hypothesis not based on anything ... However, Gumilev books were good because they could draw political conclusions from them, and these conclusions were unfavorable for the Russian people. According to Gumilev, it turned out that the Russians had gone through most of the passionary cycle and, therefore, had to give way to other peoples in the near future. Does this mean that we will be replaced by “wide-chested batyrs” or someone else does not interest me much. The thesis is important: it is time for the Russians "under the grass".

I realized then that, according to my mentality, Gumilyov was “ill” more for the Turks than for the Russians, and began to consider him a lobbyist for global Turkic interests. Not without reason, the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev effectively used the ideas of Eurasianism, effectively using them to assert the domination of the Kazakhs in his state and weaken the role of the Russians, who at the beginning of 90's were almost the majority in Kazakhstan.

Eurasianism as a phenomenon, however, arose earlier than Gumilyov - back in the 20s of the last century. As far as can be judged, the Soviet authorities considered Eurasianism as a reserve ideology. Under certain conditions, she was ready to abandon communism, but she needed an ideology that would justify preserving the Soviet model of national politics. The latter, I remind you, implied a rejection of the creation of a Russian national state and the primacy of ethnic minorities over the “people-godmord” (Lenin's expression).

In connection with the strengthening of the USSR after the victory in the Second World War, Eurasianism was forgotten. A new wave of interest in him came in the 90-s. Today it can be considered part of the official ideology of Russia. For example, the economic union that the authorities are trying to create in the post-Soviet space is called the Eurasian Union. The Russians were even trying to impose a Eurasian identity at one time. Say, what are we Russian? We are Eurasians! .. It did not work out.

Today, the concept of Eurasianism in its pure form is a threat to our people. It justifies the Soviet model of national politics, the massive importation of migrants, the denial of Russian rights to the simplest. And everything is under the label of “symbiosis” of Russians with “wide-breasted batyrs”, which, in truth, is not and never has been. If the states of Central Asia have a “symbiosis” with anyone, then with their kindred Turkey.

Today we see that the ideas of Eurasianism gradually fade away, for they are being replaced by the propaganda of radical Islam. Yesterday's Eurasians, with unwavering lips, say: “Allah Akbar!” And demand the introduction of Islamic religious militia in Moscow. This may seem strange, but in fact there is nothing strange.

The Soviet national model implied a weakening of the Russians due to two factors. The first is the split of Russians into three nations: Great Russians, Little Russians, Ukrainians, and Belarusians; the second is the incitement of all the other peoples of the country against the Russians. It was for this purpose that the USSR provided for the creation of a great number of ethnic states — the union republics, autonomous republics, autonomous regions, and autonomous districts. There was a period when even national areas existed. A strange thing, but the USSR refused to build a single nation on the basis of the Russian people, although this could be done easily. From the point of view of strengthening the Soviet statehood, this would be the right step.

Today, for the same purpose, the massive importation of migrants and the promotion of radical Islam lobbyists are used. The goal is simple - in no case to prevent the emergence of the Russian national state. Now Russians in Russia 80%. The delivery of migrants leads to the erosion of the ethnic balance, which means that it again allows us to say that Russia is not a Russian state, but a multinational one. Although no one doubts, for example, that Germany is a country of Germans, Georgia is Georgian or Armenia is Armenian.

We again want to build the USSR, this time within the borders of Russia. However, the Soviet national model cannot exist in principle for a long time and will collapse just as it did in the USSR, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia. But this problem does not bother anyone. After all, the ethnic collapse and disintegration of Russia will cost the Russians the next tens of millions of lives. And the goal is only this: to bring the disappearance of the hated Russians from history closer. This is the essence of Eurasianism, if you look at it under a microscope.

At the same time, the very word “Eurasianism” does not frighten me. As a bait for the post-Soviet states, it is quite suitable. The only important thing is that Russia itself was not an unintelligible “Eurasia”, but an ordinary modern national state like Germany or the USA. Then our neighbors (completely the national states of their peoples!) Will treat us with respect, and it will be easier to negotiate with them. First and foremost, an alliance should be concluded with those with whom we were a single nation a century ago, with Ukrainians and Belarusians.

And the “wide-breasted Turks” ... They are good guys. It is possible and necessary to talk about cooperation with the national states of the Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Kyrgyz and Tajiks, but only when our own national state stands behind our backs. For a large empire, within the framework of which a demonstrative disregard of the rights of the pivotal Russian people (namely, Russia is now), is carried out, it will always be defeated in a clash with the nation state (albeit small). And no Eurasianism can hide this sad fact.
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  1. apro
    apro 7 October 2012 09: 08
    The Eurasian Union SCO group is not a customs union designed to become the forerunner of the USSR2. The struggle for the ruble as a regional currency does not imply closer ties; if Russia and Belarus in Kazakhstan move to a single state, then for the rest, the role is only to work for rubles.
    1. valerei
      valerei 7 October 2012 21: 17
      I understood what I said?
      1. apro
        apro 7 October 2012 23: 27
        But what is not clear? There is a systematic pressure on neighboring states with the goal of economic influence and there is no unification of a single state except with Belarus and Kazakhstan. USSR2 if it will only be based on three states as more independent at the moment and with sane leadership.
  2. volcano
    volcano 7 October 2012 09: 09
    Uryapatrioty ..
    Well ka ..... unfasten the author ...
    Well ..... shout about our multinationality .....
    Well ...... shout that this is the power of Russia .....
    You can talk about anything, BUT the truth is one ..... The strength of Russia in RUSSIANs and no one else ..... all the rest are just residents .....
    1. alexng
      alexng 7 October 2012 11: 36
      And much depended on you that you were born Russian? Learn from small children. They have much more wisdom in this regard. Ancient eastern wisdom says that you can never make enemies out of your neighbors and make friends who are very far away. In the past two centuries, the United States has not been at war with its neighbors, but has tried to maintain normal relations with all of its neighbors. And if you listen to the "smart" "Uryany" people, then one should be afraid even of one's own shadow. Cowardice is always hidden behind whining. Yes, there are problems and always will be, but these problems need to be solved, and not to dissolve snot.
    2. Per se.
      Per se. 7 October 2012 13: 05
      Quote: volkan
      .Power of Russia in RUSSIAN and no one else ..... everyone else is just residents .....
      A Russian who loves Russia is ready to give his life for her. Stalin was a Georgian, but it was under him that a superpower, Pushkin, was built - from the "arap" family of Peter the Great, we can go on with examples for a long time. Here we are no longer talking about "uryapatriots", but stupid nationalism, when nationality is stuck out like a fashion brand in clothes, without representing anything, without a branded rag. It is necessary to revive the empire, and it can only be multinational, like Russia itself, whose strength was in religious tolerance and in steel alloy with other peoples of our Motherland.
      1. apro
        apro 7 October 2012 13: 15
        Quote: Per se.
        It is necessary to revive the empire, and it can only be multinational, like Russia itself, whose strength was in religious tolerance and in steel alloy with other peoples of our country

        You can’t better tell us what is needed is a supranational idea such as communism that is understandable to all and accepted by all.
      2. vvvvv
        vvvvv 7 October 2012 15: 31
        The author has read Tolkien ...
    3. mark021105
      mark021105 7 October 2012 16: 45
      P. I. Engelhardt - a hero who died at the hands of the French invaders.
      Karl Karlovich Sievers - Russian general, hero of the battle of Borodino
      Alexander Khristoforovich Benkendorf - a wonderful Russian officer, the hero of the 1812 war
      Faithfully and truly - Karl Fedorovich Baggovut (Karl Gustav von Baggenhufwoodt)
      Mikhail Bogdanovich Barclay de Tolly
      In the service of Russia. Peter Khristianovich Wittgenstein
      Peter Ivanovich Bagration
      Hero of the Soviet Union Tuychi Erdzhigitov
      Hero of the Soviet Union, Major General Sabir Rakhimov.
      As part of the Soviet troops, more than 200 thousand Jews were presented for various state awards, and 107 were presented for the highest award - Hero of the Soviet Union.

      This is so offhand ...
    4. Alexei
      Alexei 7 October 2012 17: 20
      Quote: volkan
      You can talk about anything, BUT the truth is one ..... The strength of Russia in RUSSIANs and no one else ..... all the rest are just residents .....

      I do not agree. Try not to suffocate from your own exclusivity (unless of course you are the purest parody Russian, which is unlikely).
    5. Vasilenko Vladimir
      Vasilenko Vladimir 7 October 2012 20: 15
      I have one grandfather, a Pole, a second Cossack (from s) on the maternal side, a grandmother from the Russian nobility, who am I?
    6. aksakal
      aksakal 7 October 2012 23: 46
      Unfasten, so what?
      "Strange thing, but the USSR refused to build a single nation on the basis of the Russian people, although this could easily be done. From the point of view of strengthening Soviet statehood, this would be the right step.. "- I mean, we, Russians, are in charge here, and you are of the second grade here, so I get it? Could you then build the USSR? Wouldn't your gut burst?
      "No wonder the president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, seized on the ideas of Eurasianism, effectively using them to assert the dominance of the Kazakhs in his state and weaken the role of Russians, who in Kazakhstan in the early 90s made up almost the majority."- he has committed a horrific crime. Atu him!
      "Moreover, the word "Eurasianism" does not scare me. As a bait for the post-Soviet states, it is quite suitable"- Generally a song! The wolf hunting season is open, congratulations!
      Volkan, do you seriously take this sneeze? Do you seriously believe that such a policy, if it becomes official, will succeed in achieving something in Central Asia. What influence do you have with such a sneeze?
      On the last thread about the Mistral, I asked questions about Eurasianism. I repeat it:
      ... "I hope that Russia will not turn away completely towards the East, which will be very regrettable both for us and for her." - I wonder what the forum users will choose:
      1. Recognize yourself as Eurasians, not Europeans or Asians, namely Eurasians, begin to form their own identity and their own, Eurasian scale of values, and then become one of the poles of power.
      2. To recognize the Russians as Europeans, but at the same time the Europeans themselves will not be recognized as such - they are not going to do this, at best - non-European, and therefore - second-class people.
      3. Recognize yourself as Asian. The pluses here are you are trending, you have time to drop onto the bandwagon of an economic train that is rapidly leaving for the East .... I can’t say whether Asians recognize Russians as Asians, I’m delaying.

      And now I’ll explain that I mean by Eurasianism: here the author (I don’t want to call the author, let's just use a paper scraper), and so, here the paper scammer deliberately contrasts Eurasianism and Russianness, like we were given the choice, we can be either Russian or Eurasian. Itself invented, and he proves this garbage. No one has made such a choice.
      If you are observant enough and you are lucky enough to travel around the world, then you would see that the Chinese are sharply different from the neighboring Kazakhs and Kyrgyz, and the Georgians, if they were wrong, are much closer in mentality to the Russians than to the neighboring Turks. I can easily sit down with a Georgian and have a drink, with the Turks I can take a sip and take my leave. And with a Ukrainian it is easy to condemn a bottle of vodka by eating lard (and what Kazakh lads doesn't like lard?) In other words, there is such a supranational "nationality" - a Eurasian. And the recognition of this does not in the least prevent the Russian from remaining Russian, and the Kazakh - Kazakh. It is about unification on the basis of mental closeness, called Eurasianism, that's all.
      And everything else is bullshit. Volkan, a little confused by your not-so-distant position - ((((((
  3. andrei332809
    andrei332809 7 October 2012 09: 10
    Yes, it will be difficult to collect a country like the USSR back. and the Turkic peoples for the most part pretend that they were not good from Russia. and bai manners are becoming increasingly popular
    1. alexng
      alexng 7 October 2012 11: 38
      This is just a teenage disease and it will pass soon, i.e. puberty disease.
    2. s1н7т
      s1н7т 7 October 2012 16: 11
      Duc help them in this. This is how the war in Transcaucasia began in the 80s - "someone" began to raise the national "elite". Ours ignored, because - perestroika, damn it.
  4. Rezun
    Rezun 7 October 2012 09: 30
    Afftor climbed far!
    I can recommend rereading Stalin- “For the Russian people!” The easiest way is to draw dividing lines, but it reminds me personally of the habits of an ostrich.
    1. vvvvv
      vvvvv 7 October 2012 15: 32
      The author introduces national discord - this is my conclusion during a cursory reading of this clumsy propaganda of anti-Eurasianism ...
  5. bask
    bask 7 October 2012 09: 34
    The USSR was a super Eurasian deja. I for such a UNION!
  6. erased
    erased 7 October 2012 09: 53
    If in "Russia" the main nationality is not Russians, then why such a name? Maybe just a "Multinational Federation"? Okay. let the word "Russia" be foreign, it is correct to write "Rusia", but they called it that because of the fact that Russians live in it (correctly, the Russians or the Russians).
    The land included many lands with their peoples, but they also became Russian over the centuries. Without losing your roots.
    And what is happening now is a war against the ethnic group of the Rus and against Russia itself.
    If a Slavic guy from Kiev says that he is Ukrainian, and the guy from Minsk is Belarusian, then there is nowhere to go. The united people were divided into parts, and did so at the beginning of the 20th century. And now they’re just finishing it.
    Fucking thing.
    1. s1н7т
      s1н7т 7 October 2012 16: 12
      Who are the "Rus", can you say? With reference to sources, it is desirable)
      1. s1н7т
        s1н7т 7 October 2012 18: 29
        Someone "minus"))) And about the "Rus" and their role in the formation of Russia there is nothing to say, right?)))
    2. 11Goor11
      11Goor11 7 October 2012 17: 02
      Our enemies need a territory free from the worthless population, however a small handful of slaves will not hurt them, but what methods to achieve this cherished dream is a secondary question. In my opinion, they practice many of these methods at once.
      As for this article, the difficulty for us is that we can only guess whether this is the author's sincere point of view or a commissioned article, they say, "we will remain on our Central Russian heights, but one whole people, and say goodbye to all strangers!"
      Is this not yet another application of the idea of ​​sharing and dominating?
  7. valokordin
    valokordin 7 October 2012 09: 58
    For super power Eurasian Union SSR
  8. glorious glorious
    glorious glorious 7 October 2012 10: 11
    Extremely reactionary article. The author mixed Russian chauvinism from the past Soviet times, got to the bottom of the religious feelings of other peoples. Eurasianism salvation for Russian ...
    1. erased
      erased 7 October 2012 10: 24
      From whom to escape?
      1. v53993
        v53993 7 October 2012 10: 36
        It is necessary to escape from the crazy USA, and all together.
        1. erased
          erased 7 October 2012 12: 04
          Garna is a goal, but "together" scares. Who are you together with?
          1. s1н7т
            s1н7т 7 October 2012 16: 13
            Hm. This is elementary - with neighbors on the planet.
    2. in reserve
      in reserve 7 October 2012 11: 00

      glorious glorious
      The author mixed Russian chauvinism from the past Soviet times, got to the bottom of the religious feelings of other peoples

      Isn't the author right when he says that they are making a second alliance out of Russia, that is, they are destroying "Russianness". Why should the Kazakhs have a national state with a religion that they themselves have chosen, but the Russians do not? A little that your nat. minorities start screaming Russian Nazism, Russian chauvinism, and the like. Eurasianism is murder for the Russians.
      1. mark021105
        mark021105 7 October 2012 16: 50
        Quote: in stock
        destroy "Russianness"

        Who destroys ??? I would agree with you if a law was suddenly adopted stating that the state language in the Russian Federation is some kind of "Indian". What are you talking about???
      2. s1н7т
        s1н7т 8 October 2012 02: 36
        In stock recently, it seems?) The author is in no way right. What does the Kazakhs have to do with it? What does the national state? What the fuck is religion ?! Russians are a multinational people! Remember this (if the brain remains)!
    3. Beck
      Beck 8 October 2012 09: 41
      The author of the article in his work did not analyze the current balance of power, but expressed his personal inadequate attitude.

      To begin with, Russia, as it were, does not have its own clear statehood. Nonsense.
      Russia has existed for a thousand years and inscribed its name in the pages of history.

      Rivalry, not enmity, in the economic power of states has gone from the beginning of time. At the moment, economically strong Europe is in the west. In the east, China. On the other side of the USA ball. How to face these challenges. You can, of course, individually. But how much time and effort will be needed. You can tear yourself up. Together, resisting incomparably, several times, is easier, more adequate, more reasonable.

      The Eurasian Union is just a name, an economic union. Eurasianism does not abolish such states as Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and does not abolish other potential members. The historical experience of our peoples is represented by the former USSR. Eurasianism will not send the Russian people into oblivion. Eurasianism will successfully resist the economic expansion of other economic players in the world.
  9. v53993
    v53993 7 October 2012 10: 33
    Friendship between nations has never done harm, rather the opposite. A split always comes from outside.
    1. 11Goor11
      11Goor11 7 October 2012 20: 12
      That's right, and at first all sorts of well-wishers "go over the ears": "Oh, if you separate, then you will immediately heal happily!"
  10. Magadan
    Magadan 7 October 2012 11: 18
    Our ancestors, the largest country in the world created by the Eurasians. The Saltykovs, Sheremetyevs, Yusupovs and many other great Russian surnames are descendants of the Tatars. For our History, we certainly are not ashamed, but all of it is Eurasian. So let the author promote his European and universal values ​​in another forum.
  11. dirty trick
    dirty trick 7 October 2012 11: 46
    It seems that the author wants us to have everything as in Europe:
  12. baltika-18
    baltika-18 7 October 2012 12: 44
    Although by nature I am more internationalist than nationalist, I am forced to admit that I saw two very sound thoughts in this article. . And the fact that they were passionary, proves that Rome fell. Second, this is a phenomenon of universal religionization of society, an extremely dangerous phenomenon that will lead not to unity, but on the contrary will further fragment the peoples not only in the post-Soviet territory, but e and Russian.
    1. mark021105
      mark021105 7 October 2012 16: 54
      "All the destruction of empires, states and other political organizations occurs through the loss of morality." Ivan Efremov.
  13. Gorchakov
    Gorchakov 7 October 2012 13: 53
    Russia, as if someone didn’t want to, can’t be ruined .... I would advise you to return the column on nationality to passports and tighten sanctions for inciting hatred on religious and national grounds .... Russia is strong in unity ... In addition, it is necessary for all the peoples of Russia to condemn those who allowed this situation in our territory in the 90s, so that it would not be in the habit of others to do this from now on ....
  14. sergey261180
    sergey261180 7 October 2012 14: 01
    The author of the article is absolutely right. Eurasianism is one of the tools to destroy the Russian nation. If someone naively believes that this is speculation, let him listen, for example, to a lecture on how this is done by General Petrov KP
    1. s1н7т
      s1н7т 7 October 2012 17: 09
      Who is the "Russian nation"? Mordovia is not included there? And the residents of Donbass? Or is it just for Muscovites ?!)))
      1. sergey261180
        sergey261180 8 October 2012 16: 49
        Whose will you be? Mordvo Donets? laughing
        1. Vasilenko Vladimir
          Vasilenko Vladimir 8 October 2012 18: 23
          gentlemen "russkie" at least one of you will answer who you are and how do you define "friends" ?!
          1. sergey261180
            sergey261180 9 October 2012 16: 50
            You, non-Russians, do not understand. There is really a way of defining Jews from the film "Shirley-Myrli", but it does not fit the Russians. laughing
            1. Vasilenko Vladimir
              Vasilenko Vladimir 9 October 2012 22: 07
              so where do we descendants of nobles and Cossacks
  15. Ascetic
    Ascetic 7 October 2012 15: 09
    Eurasians strongly proclaim the primacy of culture over politics. They understand that The Russian question is a spiritual and cultural, not a political issue. ...
    they truly feel that Europe is no longer a monopoly of culture, that culture will no longer be exclusively European, that the peoples of Asia will again enter the stream of world history.
    Eurasians spontaneously, emotionally defend the dignity of Russia and the Russian people against the desecration to which they are now betrayed by both Russian and Western people. The upper layer of Russian society, struck by the revolution, agrees denationalize and stop considering themselves Russian. With such a reactionary-internationalist attitude, this layer proves its long-standing isolation from the Russian soil and from the spiritual foundations of the life of the Russian people
    Eurasians stand outside the ordinary “right” and “left”. They do not connect Orthodoxy and the Russian national spirit with a particular state form, for example. with the autocratic monarchy, and agree to the republic, if it will be Orthodox and national, and the president will be a "posadnik". Eurasians are not democratic, but popular, and take into account the importance of the masses in the future order in Russia. They see, in contrast to the "right", that a new popular stratum has advanced in the front ranks of life and that it cannot be supplanted.
    Eurasians love the Turanian element in Russian culture. Sometimes it seems that they are not close to Russian, but Asian, Eastern, Tatar, Mongolian in Russian. Genghis Khan, they clearly prefer St. Vladimir. For them, the kingdom of Moscow is the baptized Tatar kingdom, the tsar of Moscow is the Orthodox Tatar khan. And in this kingdom close to the heart of the Eurasianists, one can feel the insurmountable paganism of the Asian tribes, that unresolved Mohammedanism. Christianity did not completely triumph in the Eurasian kingdom. The love of Islam, the propensity for Mohammedanism are too great among Eurasians. Mohammedani is closer to the Eurasian heart than the Christians of the West. Eurasians are ready to create a united front with all East Asian, non-Christian religions! against the Christian faiths of the West.
    Russian people will easily abandon Dostoevsky and defeat Vl. Soloviev, betraying reproach to his memory. Now others are ready to renounce all Russian religious thought of the XNUMXth century, the Russian messianic idea itself in the name of the stubborn and nihilistic affirmation of Russian Orthodoxy and Russian nationalism. But it may be most necessary for us to affirm the tradition and continuity of our spiritual culture, counteracting nihilistic and pogrom instincts, overcoming our Tartarism, our Bolshevism. Russian people need to inculcate a noble reverence for the creative efforts of the spirit, respect for thought, love for human quality.

    Nikolay Berdyaev Eurasians [/ b
    My webpage

    IMHO. I personally would have contributed the works of Russian philosophers Berdyaev and Ilyin to the compulsory curriculum of schools and humanitarian universities.
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 7 October 2012 15: 14
      And the article is harmful. The author deliberately replaces the political and economic aspect of the Eurasian policy of unification with a spiritual and moral threat to the Russian people. Again, back to Berdyaev
      Quote: Ascetic
      The Russian question is a spiritual and cultural, not a political issue. ...

  16. uzumaki
    uzumaki 7 October 2012 15: 33
    In order to understand what Eurasianism is, it is enough to look into the face (face?) Of its main apologist - Dugin.
    The descended, overgrown grandfather is the leader of the Eurasians.

    (C)"Tell me who your friend is and I will tell you who you are"
  17. de_monSher
    de_monSher 7 October 2012 15: 44
    However, stories are known of peoples who existed for more than 1500 years - Jews, Chinese

    Nuuuuu ... about the Chinese, you bent of course. The Chinese are completely heterogeneous. The author forgot about the Manchus, about the state of Xi-xi, actually - the Mongols, etc. etc.

    With Jews, too, the matter is dark ... *) It could not have done without the Phoenicians - obviously ... *)
    1. s1н7т
      s1н7т 7 October 2012 17: 12
      Quote: de_monSher
      The author forgot about

      The author simply does not know))) Dumb, rabid populism, in short.
  18. s1н7т
    s1н7т 7 October 2012 16: 49
    Moronic article. The author has nothing to do with the story.
    It is probably worth recalling that the Russians went with Russia. First Russia - Kiev. Among the tribes that created it, the Slavs accounted for about 25%.
    One can safely say - Russia was the first Eurasian state!
    And as an author, interestingly, he will comment on the historical name - Lithuanian Rus?)))
    10-11% of the population of the Russian Federation in the State Duma is a certain Zhirinovsky - Russian, shopipets!
    It seems that they want to divide us again - into Russian and non-Russian, into Muslims and Christians.
    And we are all Russians! And the Turks, and the Slavs, and the Ugrians, and the Jews, etc. Well, it happened historically.
    It’s cool to remember that when he lived in Transbaikalia, once a month a Turk-Mskhetian brought a lamb - for free, simply because his ancestors were from Baku, and I (Russian Pole))) came from Nakhichevan - a fellow countryman, like, from Azerbaijan! Horseradish with it, with meat, another thing is important - fuck, what nationality are you, we are all countrymen, neighbors, relatives, friends. That was our strength. We were deprived of it - divided. Now they are trying to finish off one by one.
    In short, I - for the Union, no matter how you call it - even Eurasian.
    1. de_monSher
      de_monSher 7 October 2012 16: 58
      Horseradish with it, with meat, another thing is important - fuck, what nationality are you, we are all countrymen, neighbors, relatives, friends.

      Not only that, they also forced to fight with each other. I support you fellow countryman = even though he was originally from Uzbekistan =, in all your promises ...
      1. s1н7т
        s1н7т 7 October 2012 18: 15
        Well, that means that the Union is still alive, no matter how many Chubais would like the opposite)))
        1. de_monSher
          de_monSher 7 October 2012 18: 23
          Much more alive than even thought. Would you listen to the mood in the outback of Uzbekistan itself.

          And the objective reality is such that a change in the economic and social order is urgently needed. In fact, neither the United States nor China (that is, neither the pure West nor the pure East) can do this - they are the “shoulders” of the current world order. So, you will have to create a new way of life here - exactly in the middle ... *)) The main thing is that this should be done in an evolutionary way and not in a revolutionary way.
    2. Ascetic
      Ascetic 7 October 2012 17: 37
      Quote: c1n7
      Horseradish with it, with meat, another thing is important - fuck, what nationality are you, we are all countrymen, neighbors, relatives, friends. That was our strength. We were deprived of it - divided. Now they are trying to finish off one by one.

      For example, you can establish a blank fence between your neighbors in the country and look at each other by wolves; or you can, if not friends, seek compromises to work together, to upset greedy strangers who open their mouths to our common historical homeland, who seek to quarrel and devour us one by one. We are forced to live together Therefore, we are Russian historians and not Europeans — universal people who the liberals want us to do) and not savages — Asians with whom they represent us.
      We are Eurasian in spirit and this is our uniqueness
      1. de_monSher
        de_monSher 7 October 2012 17: 59
        For example, you can install a blank fence between neighbors in the country

        Wow ... * ((the worst thing is the speed with which the "national" elites have grown. Well, statesmen are simply businessmen who make big money for themselves, in their position. Therefore, cautiously, I sympathize with yours, Russian , or the same Kazakh, current leaders. I really want to believe that they are not only in words, but also in deeds - statesmen. Although, damn it, and the pitfalls are seen, dofig and more ... * (
        1. s1н7т
          s1н7т 7 October 2012 18: 26
          These "elites" were helped by our sworn "friends" to grow. That's why the "speed" is such.
          Lenin's fatal mistake - national republics. They became the very weak link that brought down the Union.
          I am on nationality, their history and culture do not encroach)), but the state should be supranational.
          1. de_monSher
            de_monSher 7 October 2012 18: 42
            Supranational government bodies are undoubtedly a blessing. But how to get rid of national lobbies at the same time - that’s the question ... *)

            For example, my Father, at one time did not receive general epaulettes, almost exclusively because he was Uzbek. So he remained a colonel, despite a combat biography and impeccable data = well, maybe my grandfather, deceased, was Mulla, played a role =. This is no offense and no offense ... indeed, there are no grievances, no regrets - give him at least a platoon now under his leadership, he’ll hasten to command him despite his 70 years old ... he served not by shoulder straps, but by vocation but nevertheless then it was so, now it’s another bias.
            1. s1н7т
              s1н7т 7 October 2012 20: 54
              Quote: de_monSher
              how to get rid of national lobbies at the same time - that’s the question ...

              Hm. Stupidly laws and rules, probably. By the way, the first commander of the VKS of the USSR, in my opinion, was the Chukchi, major general.
              1. de_monSher
                de_monSher 7 October 2012 21: 28
                By the way, the first commander of the VKS of the USSR, in my opinion, was the Chukchi, major general.

                That is understandable. I just imagine how offended he was - the academy was behind him, and in the captain's rank he got a colonel's post in Germany - but you don't, you didn't become a general ... *) In general, I turned the wrong way about what was not given by nationality. It is he himself, sometimes, can express his own, some insult ... *) but, most likely, there was a factor that he once expelled inspectors from his unit. We came to check the district, and some devil climbed to him = and its part of the district did not obey =. The duty officer, out of fright, let the inspectors go, and some of these figures tried to make too loud a "noise", to get involved in their own business. Well, he put them out, pretty cool ... left the oldest of them to sit and rest at the checkpoint, the rest - nafih, almost a kick in the ass ... *)

                As for the supranational state - at the current stage of development of society, they will still be "torn apart". They will be torn into pieces, into shreds - definitely ... *)
                1. s1н7т
                  s1н7т 8 October 2012 02: 49
                  I am sure that nationality did not play a special role in the USSR Armed Forces. Well, not counting the "striped flights" to the academy for Jews - in the formative years of Israel. But the character - yes. I seem to be Russian, but I also had problems from this. And a classmate, a Kazakh, it seems, was the only way to make a career in the Airborne Forces)))
                  And at the expense of dreams - yes, tear, scum.
    3. uzumaki
      uzumaki 7 October 2012 18: 50
      "By the way, our Rus was also invented by the Swedes in time immemorial. The Finns still call Sweden" Ruotsi ", that is, Rus. The first Rus were Swedes. And the first Rus was an export-oriented trading company selling furs and slaves taken from the Slavs. So, at least, all ancient sources say. "

      (c) Oles Elderberry
      1. s1н7т
        s1н7т 7 October 2012 20: 50
        Indeed, elderberry! laughing laughing laughing
        1. uzumaki
          uzumaki 8 October 2012 01: 27
          And to object to the facts, weakly?
          Or if only "la-la-la", like Petrosyan?
          1. de_monSher
            de_monSher 8 October 2012 01: 49
            And no one objects, the person is just kidding ... *) Elderberry, by the way, is a cool dude. I really liked the cycle of his programs - I watched with PLEASURE - by the way, he is so benevolent towards Russia, he seems to be = in vain minus, neighbors Russians ... look better than his programs =.

            As for the Swedes = Varyags =, I have already written about this in some thread. This is just a historical fact - when Byzantium first collided with Kievan Rus, and the Emperor wanted to find out who lives in Kiev, the spies reported to him - "Swedes!" ... *)))
  19. Vasilenko Vladimir
    Vasilenko Vladimir 7 October 2012 20: 10
    in order to create a national state - RUSSIAN, you must first decide who such Russians are, otherwise this state will be within the boundaries of the golden ring
    Russia was an empire and is and only in this version can exist
    1. s1н7т
      s1н7т 7 October 2012 21: 18
      How true!) And then we have a "national" football team - from Jew to Tatar))) Alas, some do not understand. The victims of the exam, damn it.
  20. bunta
    bunta 7 October 2012 21: 03
    I am a nationalist by nature. But I do not see a threat from Eurasianism. The Gumilev theory of passionarity does not exist.
    There is a theory of ethnogenesis - the origin, development and extinction of ethnic groups as systems. Any systems. So there is technogenesis -
    the emergence, development and nullification of entire areas of technology and types of weapons. Take the onion. Walked his path of technogenesis from
    first caveman bows to modern block sports. Through one of the main mass weapons of foot and horse, the bow became a relic (in the terminology of Gumilyov). The merit, and, I would say, the genius of L.N. Gumilyov is that he developed his theory of ethnogenesis, based on the theory of systems, when the theory of systems itself was just emerging from his short pants. Our compatriot Alexander Alexandrovich Bogdanov (see wiki) was one of the first to talk about the new science in 20 years of the last century, von Bertalanffy finally formalized it in 1937. The creation of the theory of ethnogenesis went parallel with the formation of systems theory. In the camps and on the shipments of the GULAG!
    Ethnicity is a system. Only open systems are viable. Closed systems - in the ethnos it is racism and nazism - are doomed. In the evolution of ethnic groups, the same Darwinian principles of selection work as in the evolution of nature. In the process of contact between ethnic groups, there is an exchange of cultures and customs. That is, those indicators by which the future ethnos will define itself - "we are Russian". So intolerance to deception, betrayal, we borrowed directly from the Chingizkhan ethnos (it is difficult to call it Tatar-Mongolian). In contrast to the Western European, to whom to kill the ambassador (facts from the Second World War) or deceive a neighbor - like two fingers. Neither Gorbachev nor Yeltsin knew about this when they were promised in words not to expand NATO eastward. And Gaddafi did not know.
    And passionarity is just a phenomenon, the ability of a system to change. The ability of individuals to sacrifice in the name of "illusory" ideals. Such as Navalny, Udaltsov or Chirikova. The more there are, the more chances that the system will start moving.
    1. Vasilenko Vladimir
      Vasilenko Vladimir 7 October 2012 21: 15
      about the ideals of the "daring" is a controversial question, but otherwise interesting
      1. s1н7т
        s1н7т 7 October 2012 21: 28
        H'm. About Udaltsov is just right. I'm not talking about "ideals", but about the fact that such people do not let the system sleep. For her good.
      2. bunta
        bunta 7 October 2012 21: 38
        Sveta from Ivanovo also belongs here! And these three masked blanks. The main thing is that the asses were torn from a soft place not for the sake of immediate material and spiritual well-being, but exclusively for hemorrhoids. This is an indicator that the system has not yet fallen into relic.
        1. s1н7т
          s1н7т 8 October 2012 00: 22
          Not late. The system fell into a relic somewhere in the 5th, 6th years. Now he's trying to rot. And I agree with the "proshmandovki" - I hate the ROC! Keep the light from Ivanovo for yourself - this is a product of the era, which is called "Russia". As they say, What they fought for)))
    2. s1н7т
      s1н7т 7 October 2012 21: 24
      For "the viability of open systems" - a plus, definitely. But there are no words for the "Genghis Khan ethnos"!
  21. bunta
    bunta 7 October 2012 22: 07
    Quote: c1n7
    But there are no words for the "Genghis Khan ethnos"!

    And what exactly confuses? request
    1. s1н7т
      s1н7т 8 October 2012 00: 23
      It is embarrassing that such an ethnos never existed. Nothing else)))
      1. bunta
        bunta 8 October 2012 09: 04
        Quote: c1n7

        Yes, I just show off jokingly. Sorry moa that is not so understood. wassat
  22. OLESHA
    OLESHA 7 October 2012 22: 44
    - And I am RUSSIAN and want to have mine, neither Eurasian nor European, but RUSSIAN state, and not an incomprehensible, blurred and still not occupied territory - ha! a matter of time under the current circumstances! And in this Russian state laws should be in force, the customs, spiritual values ​​and traditions that have developed over the entire thousand-year history of our RUSSIAN people should be respected. I want to live the way my RUSSIAN ancestors lived, who are now turning over in tombs from what the current “international” rulers have created with us RUSSIANS. Why should I adapt to the traditions of all kinds of "small, but very proud peoples" who come to OUR land and commit atrocities on it! I owe nothing to anyone but my FATHERLAND and the RUSSIAN people, and I have no historical guilt before anyone or for anything!
    You can say anything you want and as much as you want, but without RUSSIANS there would not be and will not be RUSSIA. Very right - everyone else is just residents!
    1. bunta
      bunta 7 October 2012 23: 19
      Quote: OLESHA
      created the current "international" rulers.

      Is there much honor to ordinary thieves? wink
      But let's decide on the scientific what exactly are being imposed on us?

      A little touch - "Good night kids". Who used to broadcast before? Aunt Vera, Uncle Volodya. Now the artist, depicting a crow and at the same time a child, turns to the presenter, who is suitable for her mother by name. In the West, this is in the order of things, for us it is a subconscious breakdown. The loss of the element of respect for the elder is becoming equal to him.
      Another example - today they are showing some new version of "Kid and Carlson" and Galustyan-Carlson says a terrible word - "turd"! Previously, the Minister of Culture would have fired from his post.
      Both Gumilev and Berdyaev are right. It is Western Europe that threatens our Russian civilization.
      And "small and proud" are given to us so as not to sleep.
      1. de_monSher
        de_monSher 7 October 2012 23: 29
        You are "given no one for anything." Where does such a stupid attitude come from? Each person, either voluntarily cooperates, accommodates other people, regardless of nationality, or voluntarily - goes with an ax to a neighbor. This attitude towards fellow citizens as "small and proud" will really bring Russia "from Moscow to the Volga." What I really do not want, I personally, as your neighbor in the "habitat".
      2. s1н7т
        s1н7т 8 October 2012 00: 45
        I think you get excited. Did you drink more than me?))) 300 gr. cognac and 6 beers. laughing
    2. s1н7т
      s1н7т 8 October 2012 00: 36
      Start by canceling the word "Russia". Then determine who is Russian and who is not. Then a small civil war awaits you. Then run to the West to reap the benefits of your revolution.
      But before that, read the Story. Maybe he’ll want to)))
      I am a Pole, my friend is a Tatar, we are Russian, peaceful people. And what is Russia without us?
      If that - I can shoot, keep in mind! And the CCM in Belarus, by the way)))
      Continue the discussion?
    3. Vasilenko Vladimir
      Vasilenko Vladimir 8 October 2012 11: 36
      aleshenka you just tell me who you personally include in this your "Russian" people are Sulanbek Oskanov, Elmurzaev Yusup, Adilgerei Magomedovich Magomedtagirov, Rais Mustafin, Mukhutdinov Timur representatives of your people? !!!
  23. Magadan
    Magadan 7 October 2012 23: 00
    Quote: OLESHA
    But I am RUSSIAN and I want my country to be neither Eurasian nor European, but RUSSIAN

    Give Russia from Moscow to the Volga !!!! So what? And here I am also Russian, and even from Cossacks, but I respect both Tatars and Chukchi and I have a lot of Caucasians friends. What will you do with people like me? I also honor our ancestors, but only our ancestors were not nationalists.
    1. de_monSher
      de_monSher 7 October 2012 23: 08
      Stupid he is yet. Young and throaty. I won’t be surprised if rodover -
      the ancestors who are now turning over in tombs from
      ... I will not be surprised if 1) "sent Cossack" = has nothing to do with your ancestors, of course =, 2) Just a morally weak man. Look ...
    2. mark021105
      mark021105 10 October 2012 23: 23
      Well, once I heard from one of the deputy chieftains of the board that "we are Cossacks, we are not Russians ..." He built a whole theory for me. I started to listen to him, to be honest ...
  24. Mr. Truth
    Mr. Truth 7 October 2012 23: 23
    The Russian people, like all white peoples, will die out without migrants.
    The fertility index is on average 1,4-1,5 per woman ... Where will this lead?
    To 3,14 here. Everything will collapse, everyone will work to retire for the last childless white old people.
    SERGIUS 7 October 2012 23: 34
    Pure water article provocation. The author should study the work of Alexander Dugin, maybe then the brains will set.
    1. s1н7т
      s1н7т 8 October 2012 00: 52
      I don’t know who Dugin is, and I don’t want to. And the author just carries the scales)
    2. virm
      virm 8 October 2012 09: 28
      I read the branch. The main message of the Zaevrozians is who the Russians are.
      But now - Even 6-7 years ago, at the school where my children studied, they were mostly Russians. Russians who are Ivana, Sashka, Leshki, etc. Now half of each class is Babajon and Suhrab. It is too - русские. And this is the result of the policy of eurogap., About which the author wrote everything correctly.
      1. Vasilenko Vladimir
        Vasilenko Vladimir 8 October 2012 09: 45
        Quote: virm
        Russians who are Ivana, Sashki, Leshki

        if you knew how many among the peoples of the north Sashek and Leszek
        1. virm
          virm 8 October 2012 10: 04
          The fact of the matter is that all the peoples of the North, Siberia, the Volga region and the Urals, as well as the Slavic peoples (Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians) are complementary to each other and make up one civilization. Russian. But under the ideas of Eurasianism, they are trying to mix us Russians - in the broad sense of the word - with the Central Asians and Caucasians. Which to our way of life, to our mentality, to our system of values ​​have nothing to do. In fact, they are hostile to us. And they are occupiers on our earth.
          1. Vasilenko Vladimir
            Vasilenko Vladimir 8 October 2012 13: 19
            for God's sake, finally give this "broad meaning" when near Moscow at 41 there was a division formed in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan it was a "wide meaning", when Kazakh families accepted children from Leningrad it was a "wide meaning" or maybe YOUR people are mad pussy and others like them? !!!
            1. virm
              virm 8 October 2012 14: 56
              Do not be nervous.
              all peoples of the North, Siberia, Volga and Urals, as well as Slavic peoples (Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians)

              Type in a search engine the Russian genocide in Central Asia (or the Caucasus).
              1. Vasilenko Vladimir
                Vasilenko Vladimir 8 October 2012 19: 18
                Have you ever been to the CA or the Caucasus?
                1. Vasilenko Vladimir
                  Vasilenko Vladimir 9 October 2012 22: 08
                  minus smiled, is that in the sense of no?
              2. Vasilenko Vladimir
                Vasilenko Vladimir 8 October 2012 19: 42

                and about the genocide in the SA, I was born 38 years and lived in Kazakhstan and I do not want the Russian Federation to repeat the fate of the USSR, and this will happen if you and your kind continue to carry nonsense
  26. Bigriver
    Bigriver 9 October 2012 17: 21
    The infamous article.
    I admit that the author sincerely and disinterestedly preaches.
    However, for such work, grants can be requested in the West.