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Modernization kit "Berezhok" for the BMP-2

The upgraded car was presented at the joint international OSU "Don-Antiterror" in September 2012. The attention of many participants was aimed precisely at the modernization of the famous BMP-2 - BMP-2M “Berehok”. Now the developers are upgrading the BMP-2 vehicles, which are in service with the Algerian army. There is unconfirmed information on the conduct of this modernization for the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

Modernization kit "Berezhok" for the BMP-2

The Russian army is still in standby mode - the BMP-3 practically does not enter service, the Kurganets-25 BMP is still a promising project. The military can only look at the armament of the Interior Ministry units.

"Berehok" is Tula KBP in the composition of:
- modern management system weapons with a panoramic sight and thermal imaging channel;
- modern RK universal type;
- automatic grenade launcher.

The installation of weapons on board the machine is done very well, which allows us to speak of greater efficiency in carrying out the tasks set in comparison with the Terminator fire support vehicle. Containers with missiles are covered behind armored screens, which reduces the likelihood of damage to the weaponry by shrapnel or small arms. The design of PU and main units is noticeably simpler, which leads to cheaper costs and increased reliability. The grenade launcher mounted on the upper part of the turret received considerable angles in the vertical plane and a circular one in the horizontal plane. The BMP-2М Berehok wins at the Terminator and in the vertical corners of the main armament complex 1.5 times (against 45 degrees). The upgraded vehicle can be the most modern, inexpensive and reliable model of light armored vehicles for the departments of law enforcement agencies who are able to perform their combat missions at any time under any conditions.

BMP-2 launched into the series at the beginning of 1980, and until the end of the decade mass production of infantry armored vehicles did not stop. The mission is to transport infantry units to the front of the theater of operations, increase the mobility of infantry units, provide protection and support for weapons, even when the enemy uses nuclear weapons. The Russian military department has today 5 000 machines BMP-2 and its modifications.

In connection with the end of the factory life, there was an urgent need to modernize the combat vehicles, to change the BMP-2 in service with another machine, you can not even dream in the coming years. One of the options for the modernization of infantry combat vehicles becomes MK "Berezhok".

The analysis of the use of BMP-2 and modern solutions in the creation of foreign analogues showed the need to improve all the basic characteristics of the machine and its weapons. The highlight is the use of infantry fighting vehicles for delivering effective strikes against major combat tanks enemy equipped with protection of dynamic type.

The main disadvantages of the BTR-2 are:
- firing at night, 800 meters against 2000 meters in modern infantry fighting vehicles;
- reloading anti-tank complex "Competition", associated with the probability of hitting a crew member and the lack of fire in the movement;
- OMS of non-automated type, will not allow the use of fully modified weapons.

The updated combat vehicle "Berezhok" is the brainchild of the state unitary enterprise "KBP". According to the developers, the car in this modernization has acquired firepower comparable to that of 3-4 BMP-2.

This upgrade immediately interested the foreign users of the BMP-2. The first to become interested were the Indian military, from which she received positive feedback. The first foreign contract for the MK "Berehok" developers concluded with the Algerian representatives in 2005 year.

Installed equipment and weapons:
- SUO from MK "Berezhok" - all daily, automated. It has an automatic pairing. Unification with the Bakhcha complex;
- ATCM "Cornet" with an effective range of 5 kilometers. Has the ability to fire at any time of day on lightly armored objects;
- gun caliber 30mm. Destination - firing at lightly armored objects and infantry of the enemy;
- AG-17 automatic type grenade. Purpose - striking areas;
- UTD-23 engine with increased power in 370 hp Increases the speed of movement on unequal roads - 44 km / h. Specific thrust at maximum speeds of more than 60 percent. Reduced, though slightly fuel consumption - about 5 percent.
- Commander's sight combined type (day / night). Unification with gunner’s sighting equipment;
laser rangefinder for sight. Additionally, it is used to guide guided missiles;
- modern stabilizer units installed weapons. Improved shooting accuracy;
-Digital BV and a set of sensors for calculating parameters such as ammunition, catch of cannon tilt, angular velocity and characteristics of the atmosphere.
-Subbalant armor-piercing projectile "Trident". It became part of the main ammunition. It has improved penetration characteristics.

The Kornet complex was equipped with a laser-beam semi-automatic guidance system. Rocket armor penetration to 1.3 meters. Such indicators will allow the machine to be used to defeat modern main tanks with dynamic protection. Multiply PU is used. Execution of 2 container with missiles. Combat effectiveness increased due to improved rate of fire and maximum damage. There is the possibility of a salvo strike on the target (2 missiles).

Increases the overall firepower of the 30mm AG-17. Ammunition - 300 ammunition. Stabilization of the vertical plane. The use of a grenade launcher in combat conflicts significantly increases the effectiveness of fire and the defeat of lightly armored objects, enemy manpower. Effective application distance to 1.7 kilometer.

In the course of the modernization, the commander received a panoramic sight, slightly changed its location with a grenade launcher, PU "Cornet" received armored protection. This modernization and became known as CM "Berezhok".

The main purpose of the car remained unchanged, additionally having the opportunity to solve problems of countering air attacks and the use of main tanks.

The effectiveness of MK "Berezhok" can be appreciated from the following example - when attacking a stronghold with reinforcement of a BMP company, the use of weapons on the enemy’s movement led to a reduction in the loss factor by more than two times, the costs (lower consumption of ammunition) reduced almost 2 times.

The requirement of the possibility of overcoming water obstacles leads to poor security of the machine. The BMP will suffer greatly even from manual weapons (armor-piercing bullet), but to talk about the detonation of a high-explosive charge or the use of BMP guns / machine guns. Increased vulnerability on the battlefield.

The experience of using infantry fighting vehicles in military conflicts - Afghanistan, Chechnya - remained unaccounted for in Berezhok. In some other versions, this issue is given a lot of attention. However, one thing remains the same - the neglect of the life of an individual soldier. The lack of a receiving level of comfort with a close internal accommodation of the crew.

Modifications of the infantry fighting vehicle:
- BMP with AG-17 "Flame - BMP-2";
- Afghan version with improved armor - BMP-2D
- modification with combat module "Bakhcha-U" - BMP-2BM "Bakhcha-U";
- Modification of the “Berezhok” MK - BMP-2М “Berehok”;
- modification with ATGM “Attack” - BMP “KUV B05C011”;
- Czechoslovak modification - BVP-2;
- Indian modification - Sarath;
- special modification for Finland - BMP-2;

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  1. Mikhado
    Mikhado 6 October 2012 12: 32
    Regarding the declared lack of security - offhand: anti-splinter lining (modern ballistic fabrics), including floor anti-mine; if possible constructively - "anti-mine" seats with shock absorption and footrests; outside - hinged quick-detachable armor, with loss of buoyancy, onboard containers with remote sensing for light vehicles (if the ones for BMP-3 are suitable), the same grilles. In general, PARTLY it is possible to strengthen, even if not comparable with special modern solutions. A question of money and expediency.
    And I still didn’t understand - was the issue of fierce gas contamination resolved when firing from 30mm? It seems that there is such a problem - several bursts and at least get out of the car.
  2. grizzlir
    grizzlir 6 October 2012 12: 34
    The Berezhok BMP-2M wins against the Terminator and 1.5 times (against 45 degrees) in the vertical angles of the main armament complex.It is very incorrect to compare the BMP-2M and the Terminator. Let's say the Terminator is based on the tank and has good protection against RPGs and ATGMs. Protection from cumulative ammunition of BMPs is several orders of magnitude worse.
  3. Prohor
    Prohor 6 October 2012 17: 29
    There is unconfirmed information about the implementation of this modernization for the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia ...
    I’m in a loss !!! Who else in the world is making armored vehicles for internal use with missiles and automatic grenade launchers ?! I think the very existence of internal troops is a shame for Russia!
    (I'm not talking about the people in these troops, but about their mission ....)
    1. Ratibor12
      Ratibor12 7 October 2012 05: 07
      Quote: Prokhor
      I’m in a loss !!! Who else in the world is making armored vehicles for internal use with missiles and automatic grenade launchers ?! I think the very existence of internal troops is a shame for Russia!
      (I'm not talking about the people in these troops, but about their mission ....)

      You, my friend, go ... from, God forgive me!
      Internal troops have existed since the time of Tsarist Russia. And not in vain. The territory is huge. A lot of peoples. Suggest conclusions or do you make them? In other countries, the same internal troops are simply named differently:

      1) USA - National Guard.
      Number: 450 thousand. The structure includes two tank divisions, fighter and bomber aircraft, and parts of the Coast Guard.
      Application example: Los Angeles riot of 1965. The photos of the burning city and the dozens of guards sleeping on the ground are impressive. “... The end of the matter was that the President of the United States brought in regular troops — paratroopers — and they did everything there in three days there as they should ...

      2) China - People's Armed Police -
      Initially, the NVM troops were part of the Ministry of Public Security (IOB). In total in NVM - under 1,3 million. Armored vehicles available.
      Example: Based on the results of events on Tiananmen Square, HBM were removed from the MOB of China. Ineffectively worked.
      In February 2000, in Liaoning Province, mobile NVM units aimed at blocking a two-thousand-strong demonstration failed to do their job, as a result of which they had to attract PLA units (People's Liberation Army of China) from nearby locations.

      3) India - Federal Reserve Police Force or Central Reserve Police Force -
      They are still fighting the Naxalites there. In general, "... in addition to the regular armed forces in India, more than a million people are constantly" under arms "in various paramilitary formations and units of the armed police ..."
      As for armored vehicles, BMP-2M is better than this Chakra:

      Example: The events in Kashmir that began in 1989 showed the true level of CRP. Three battalions of the Central Democratic Party were stationed in the valley since 1956, another 12 were deployed for the elections. In fact, it was the ineffective actions of the Central Democratic Party in the suppression of the riots that provoked the uprising, for which the reserve police were absolutely unprepared. They had to be promptly removed from the state and replaced with battalions of the Border Security Forces (also the Ministry of Internal Affairs). No less helplessly showed itself the CRC in the fight against intercommunal clashes that swept India in the early 90s.

      In short, large countries with a motley population simply need internal troops !!! And, as practice shows, even units specially designed for this do not cope - they also have to attract an army to help.
      In general, BBs are not only fighting. One VV eshnik recalled: “... Personally, I had a chance to participate in quarantine during the cholera epidemic in the Astrakhan region (to be honest, the occupation is not pleasant. The local police refused to serve at the checkpoints exposed around the affected area) ...”
      During the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the "zone" was provided by explosives units stationed in Ukraine and some sent from other regions and republics.

      To make a conclusion about the futility or harmfulness of explosives, especially against the backdrop of fighting in Syria, can only:
      A) Dur ... ak
      B) "Called Cossack"
      1. Tumbleweed
        Tumbleweed 28 August 2022 13: 37
        Bravo! Where did you get such a wealth of knowledge?
    2. Pimply
      Pimply 7 October 2012 07: 28
      Well, as it were. The National Guard in the United States performs the functions of BB, MAGAV in Israel, etc.
    3. Pixel
      Pixel 31 October 2012 16: 12
      VV has to face a serious adversary, and inside the country, an example is the war in Chechnya and Dagestan, these republics are part of the Russian Federation, which means that VV in the case of the appearance of illegal armed groups will be there so to speak at ease.
    4. Philip Staros
      Philip Staros 12 October 2016 22: 00
      Americans. Their "BB" are called "National Guard" and have their own, special, Abrams models, aviation and everything else.
  4. bask
    bask 6 October 2012 19: 50
    BMP 1 2 At least m. Passed stage. And the installation of new weapons is not a modernization but tuning. There will be DMP 2 on one anti-tank mine. The car and crew will end. The walls are rummaged. RPG is the same story. That's what the fighters are driving at 21 century on horseback.
    1. Ratibor12
      Ratibor12 7 October 2012 05: 28
      BMP-2 is a technique for the Great War and for a large Army. In war, all these armored shells (which is 8 mm for an armored personnel carrier, and that is 800 mm for a tank) are consumables. They should be in the army like nasr ... ano. If there is a small number of super-duper-mega rattles, then everyone else will have to go in carts or on buses (like the Jews in 1973).
      I would like this:
      1) The Great War - a massive, reliable, simple technique (the same BMP-2). Moreover, the quality will be worse than pre-war. I hope you understand why?
      2) Limited (guerrilla) war - heaped up heavy crap on the base of the tank (the same Jews).
      But then the same can be said about all other weapons. For example, a cannon for a big war and a cannon for counter-terrorism operations will also be very different. So what are two weapons systems to create? Alas, you have to use what you have. This happens almost everywhere.
      1. Philip Staros
        Philip Staros 12 October 2016 22: 15
        They combine something like that ... In the Soviet / Russian tradition, in some cases there are "expensive" and "cheap" (tanks, for example), but the main thing is the OLD ones in the storerooms for total war and new ones - for current needs.
        Nevertheless, they are right - and among these "new" "super-machines" are needed to minimize losses in limited collisions - for "total quality superiority" of the local.
    2. Hon
      Hon 8 October 2012 08: 49
      Do you suggest abandoning buoyancy?
  5. Nikodim72
    Nikodim72 6 October 2012 20: 33
    in the future, you’ll probably have to extinguish the discontented inside the country? probably allow this scenario, once armed with this miracle.
  6. bask
    bask 6 October 2012 20: 41
    You want to say nikodim. That BMP "2 want to be used as police equipment. Against the unarmed crowd ,,,, this is a chyudo car ,,,,.
    1. Ratibor12
      Ratibor12 7 October 2012 05: 13
      Quote: bask
      You want to say nikodim. That BMP "2 want to be used as police equipment. Against the unarmed crowd ,,,, this is a chyudo car ,,,,.

      An unarmed crowd, as shown by recent practice (Libya, Syria), in a matter of days turns into a very, very armed. Yes, so that yesterday, it seems, both BMPs are redundant, and today tanks and artillery are insufficient ...
    2. Hon
      Hon 8 October 2012 08: 51
      In Chechnya, the BB fought with an unarmed crowd?
    3. EGOrkka
      EGOrkka April 2 2015 15: 53
      and the war begins, that they will retrain from the UAZ?
  7. Pimply
    Pimply 7 October 2012 07: 30
    And again on the same rake. It doesn’t occur to them that tanks should fight tanks, and an infantry fighting vehicle is a means of delivering and keeping the INFANTRY safe and sound under enemy fire
    1. Insurgent
      Insurgent 7 October 2012 23: 29
      Very weak protection BMP2 which did not eliminate what kind of preservation of infantry dshk there will flash it like paper
      1. bask
        bask 7 October 2012 23: 37
        I pushed ahead, but it turned out that plagiarism Wrote exactly that in the first comment. Read ,, Hit a anti-tank mine end of the crew and the landing ,,
        1. Hon
          Hon 8 October 2012 09: 00
          The invariable requirement for infantry fighting vehicles is buoyancy, western analogues that have preserved buoyancy have comparable reservations to our infantry fighting vehicles.
    2. bask
      bask 7 October 2012 23: 31
      Rather, the BTR is a delivery vehicle to the battlefield. The BMP should directly participate in the battle. Covering with armor and supporting with fire !!! But who will cover and hold ,, Berezhok ,, is not clear.
    3. Hon
      Hon 8 October 2012 08: 56
      And no one offers BMPs to fight with tanks, it just might turn out that the BMP turns out to be one on one with the enemy tank, it would be nice if the BMP were not completely helpless in such a situation. In addition, anti-tank systems can be used to destroy pillboxes.
      1. Hon
        Hon 8 October 2012 16: 50
        ATGM * to be precise
  8. Zomanus
    Zomanus 7 October 2012 10: 29
    Inside the army is good. Under all agreements, we must keep a limited number of troops in the western part of the country. And Vovans do not fall under them. And just at the expense of them it turns out to keep enough strength. And if a civil war starts, no guns will help ...
  9. Comrade1945
    Comrade1945 7 October 2012 13: 13
    I don’t know how you friends are, and I, as I see the ren-tv logo, lose all desire to watch this video.
  10. borisst64
    borisst64 8 October 2012 14: 34
    I did not immediately understand what it is, ALL DAILY. And then it came to light - it was ALL-HOUR. I think there is a weak translation of the article.