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The new look of the Ukrainian army ... Is there hope?


Increasingly, in periodicals specializing in military topics, one can find sharply negative publications regarding the state of the Ukrainian army, that such a army simply cannot have a future, because the situation is hopeless and the only thing to count is the repair and modernization of existing military equipment. ... Meanwhile, this year much more funds were allocated from the state budget for the development of the Ukrainian armed forces than in previous years - an example about 16,5 billion hryvnia. At the same time, it was planned to spend about 2,5 billions directly on the development of military equipment and weapons. But here the question arises: well - the money was allocated, maybe in the future, it will be allocated, but will it be enough to make the Ukrainian army more efficient, modern and efficient? Indisputable is the truth that everything is known in comparison. Unfortunately, the current level of development of military developments leaves much to be desired. In order not to be unfounded, let us give a small example - if at the beginning of the 90s of the last century there were about seven hundred programs for the development of weapons and military equipment in Ukraine, now there are only three dozen. Yes, in principle, it is understandable. Most of these programs had to be abandoned, because the state simply did not have enough money.

But, according to representatives of the Ministry of Defense, the leadership is looking to the future, so the State Space Agency, the National Academy of Sciences, as well as many other structures are actively involved in military developments. And such cooperation has already brought certain results. So, for example, among the recent developments, which have already been created by Ukrainian defense industry enterprises and are being put into service, are BTR-4 armored personnel carriers, the Oplot T-84 tank, ZTM1 automatic guns, and Dozor armored vehicles -B ", Malachite ground-based radar stations, Bars-S parachute systems. In addition, the new generation of Skif and Sapsan missile systems (though the last only project), as well as the Adros optical-electronic suppression system, anti-tank and aviation rockets and other weapons and military equipment.

By the way, this whole technique is very modern, meets the new requirements. So, in particular, the BTR-4 is suitable for use in any climatic conditions (from -40 to + 55 degrees) and at any time of the day. Tank T-84 can carry out combat operations with both static and moving ground targets. True, it is necessary to say at once that the “Stronghold” is currently in service with the Ukrainian army in a single copy, although there were prerequisites for getting more 10 machines of this kind by the end of this year. Meanwhile, a large consignment of "Oplotov" will be sent to Thailand. Apparently, they need more, and their somehow manage ...

The Sapsan boasts a firing range of over 250 kilometers. In addition, in the presence of the Ukrainian armed forces there are two military transport An-70, which under certain circumstances could serve as a good basis not only for the Ukrainian, but also for the Russian military aviation.

Despite the fact that a large number of weapons and military equipment, which are created in Ukraine and have good export opportunities, potential buyers are somehow not in a hurry to buy Ukrainian equipment. And the reason for this is ridiculously simple: when these same buyers are interested in whether there is such a technique in the presence of the Ukrainian army, there’s nothing to say ...

In such a situation it is very difficult to say that the armed forces of Ukraine will have good prospects in the near and more distant future. Moreover, the representatives of the military department keep all the achievements of the Ukrainian "defense industry" under a great secret. And it remains only to assume what can surprise the military engineers, designers, scientists and the manufacturers themselves. Nevertheless, certain information on this issue appeared in the press.

So, in particular, as it became known, Ukraine is actively developing high-precision weapons. As part of the "Perspective - 2012" exercise, launches of the high-precision artillery 152-mm "Flower Garden" projectile were launched. It can be used against armored vehicles, as well as other well-protected objects, because this projectile is equipped with a laser homing system. As noted by the deputy head of the Central Research Institute of Arms and Military Equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Igor Chepkov, the launches were carried out successfully, as evidenced by the defeat of the targets set from the first time. According to experts, the Ukrainian “Flower Garden” is in no way inferior to its foreign counterparts - to the American mine of the Kopperhead caliber 155 mm and Russian “Krasnopol”. At the same time, the Ukrainian projectile is much cheaper, so it is more accessible to equip the army. Also, it makes it possible to quite successfully compete in the international arms market.

In addition, there are other developments of high-precision ammunition, electromagnetic weapons, laser guns, communications equipment, thermal imagers, radar tools, UAVs. It is clear that for the success of such a fundamental development requires an impressive amount of money. But now it's not about that.

Currently, the Ukrainian army is testing new uniforms, more precisely, its experimental party. The whole kit is a prototype of how the soldiers will look in the future. Thus, the kit will include a combat helmet equipped with a night vision device and a micro video camera, a light bulletproof vest (splinterproof), a GPS receiver, a microcomputer with a monitor to which commands will be sent, a portable radio station, sensors for measuring body temperature, heart rate, pressure.

An important activity of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex is the production of unmanned aerial vehicles. In this case, the experience of other states, in particular, America, Israel, and France, which demonstrated the high efficiency of the use of UAVs, not only during combat operations, but also for receiving intelligence information, was very useful. In addition, the advantage of these devices is that there are no pilots on board. Thus, if the drone will even be shot down, it will not cause people to die.

As for the Ukrainian development of UAVs, several teams are engaged in them at once. Periodically, they present the results of their work at various exhibitions, but, as a rule, the matter does not go beyond that, because there is no money and it is not foreseen ...

I remember a few years ago, the military department acquired an Israeli-made drone for the Ukrainian army, not regretting paying more than six million dollars for it. But, as it turned out, this device was significantly inferior to the Ukrainian models, and besides, it had a number of flaws, so it did not find its use in the Ukrainian army. So the money went nowhere. Meanwhile, at the moment, three Ukrainian UAV models are being tested at one of the landfills. And immediately the question: why was it to throw away such money for utter nonsense, if it could be invested in domestic developments? But as they say, after a fight they do not wave their fists ...

A few words should be said about another development of the Ukrainian "defense". So, a certain time ago, the unique “Missing” anti-missile system was developed. Its main task was to deceive the enemy and divert its main forces aside in order to avoid a threat to its troops. Paradox, but now nobody even remembers this project. In the same way, as well as the created domestic analogue of the American car "Hammer" - the Step jeep. At the very beginning of development, in 2001, great hopes were placed on it ... Yes, and about the Vepr, an automatic weapon, which was intended to replace Kalashnikov assault rifles, it was also as if everyone had forgotten.

Some time ago, the possibility of strengthening the Ukrainian fleet American frigates "Oliver Perry", which the US military was ready to transfer to Ukraine. Of course, it was possible to accept them, but their maintenance and armament required such funds that were equal to almost half of the national state budget. Therefore, I had to refuse.

Currently in Ukraine at the stage of creation is its own corvette. In the future, four of them are planned. According to the military leadership, they must enhance the combat potential of the Ukrainian fleet. But, again, whether this program will be brought to its logical conclusion is unknown.

According to former defense minister Alexander Kuzmuk, in the first years of independence many weapons and equipment were relatively new, which could not but rejoice, because there was no need to invest large amounts in the development of the defense complex. In addition, this money was not much. But already then it was necessary to work for the future, because over time, the AME is aging not only physically, but also morally.

Actually, the negligence of managers has led to the well-known results: many enterprises of the military-industrial complex came to a complete decline, since the production facilities were not updated. Most qualified engineers and designers quit. Fortunately, now the situation is changing a little for the better, but in order to achieve some success, it is necessary to intervene by the state, creating a program for reanimation of the Ukrainian defense-industrial complex under his leadership.

But on the other hand, it turns out to be utter absurdity: after all, talented designers and engineers, who can help the Ukrainian defense industry rise, still remain in Ukraine. What is worth, for example, the creation on the basis of the American "Hummer" of the Ukrainian "Watch" or the completion of the same "Hummers" with weapons and necessary devices. But the problem also lies in the fact that it is almost impossible to promote their production into mass production.

Ukrainian weapons and military equipment in the army are already far behind world standards. This is indicated by the military themselves. In particular, those soldiers who are in Afghanistan as part of a peacekeeping mission, argue that the quality of uniforms and shoes leaves much to be desired, body armor too heavy, even compared to Lithuanian ones. Most peacekeeping missions completely changed their small arms, except, of course, the Ukrainians ...

Meanwhile, military experts say that there is no money from the state treasury in order to purchase new weapons and equipment, money for modernization and repair of what has been in service for many years is hardly available. The existence of the T-84, even in a single copy, helps to preserve tank school (the only question is how?). Many say that the Oplot is the most advanced tank, and that in the coming years it is unlikely that anything more effective will appear. But here is just the case when it is not about quality, but about quantity. How is it that a single tank, even a supernova, to ensure the security of the country, is not entirely clear ...

In addition, in the conditions of modern war, the emphasis is on high technology, so there is a real need to pay attention to promising cyber development, in particular, electromagnetic guns, air transport protection systems against missile strikes ...

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  1. Sheva777
    Sheva777 6 October 2012 09: 33
    As many as 10 tanks this is serious (
    1. bistrov.
      bistrov. 6 October 2012 10: 50
      Quote: Sheva777
      As many as 10 tanks this is serious (

      By the way, these 10 tanks were produced by the plant. Malyshev and transferred to the troops, so to speak, on credit, to participate in a military parade even under Yushchenko. After the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense was unable to pay for them, the plant demanded that the tanks be returned back and now, in all likelihood, the tanks have been sold to the same Thailand. Well, think about what kind of rearmament are we talking about? The previous Minister of Defense of Ukraine Yezhel voiced the collection of money for the construction of the first "Ukrainian" corvette, but the people have no money, and the Ukrainian billionaires who robbed this people turned out to be absolutely deaf to them, and in all probability they were right. All the same, this money would have been simply plundered, as the funds that Claire Chumachenko collected (this is Yushchenko's wife, an American, who does not know) for the so-called hospital of the future, were stolen. high-ranking officials, when, without an appropriate bribe, the sergeant major will not give the soldier either the required uniform or new boots, and the company commander will not let the soldier go on leave, the officer will not be appointed to a higher position without gilding the pen of the chief on whom it depends. For example, in order to enter the Khmelnytsky Border Academy, you need to give a bribe of about 10 thousand dollars, then this money goes to the very top, the commander of the border service Lytvyn, the brother of that same Lytvyn, "lover of truth", the head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Here's where to start! With the introduction of elementary order and legality, and not to demonstrate ostentatious exercises with outdated equipment and explanations at what "high level" is the defense capability of Ukraine. This is how real things stand, gentlemen, or gentlemen, that's as it will be. Therefore, I don’t believe in any real rearmament of the Ukrainian army, just as I don’t believe in this "project" called "independent Ukraine", which was organized and carried out fraudulently and was essentially directed against the people of Ukraine.
      1. Kievan
        Kievan 6 October 2012 13: 40
        Quote: bistrov.
        , on credit, to participate in a military parade under Yushchenko.

        even under Kuchma ...
      2. nnz226
        nnz226 6 October 2012 20: 21
        Regarding the Ukrainian corvette: The ship is not only the hull, but also the filling (weapons, engines, auxiliary mechanisms, electronics of all kinds: radar, GAS, communications, BIUS, etc.) and according to the system of the USSR Ministry of Justice, 90% of the above was done on factories located now on the territory of the Russian Federation. And what will the Ukrainians "trough the corps" be stuffing ??? Because of 1-2 guns cannon factory do ??? I doubt it ... so, in order to become a "great naval power" independent, you have to bow down either to NATO or to the Russian Federation. Will there be enough money for bows and purchase of the "filling" of the ship?
        1. wax
          wax 6 October 2012 23: 11
          Everyone knows that Ukraine will not be able to develop and produce, like the USSR, but they continue to play dreams. Determine, guys: either NATO, or the Russian Federation. If NATO, then the role should be clear to you, if the Russian Federation, then full interaction in the Slavic community with a reasonable division of labor.
        2. Splin
          Splin 6 October 2012 23: 32
          Quote: nnz226
          A ship is not only a hull, but also a filling (weapons, engines, auxiliary mechanisms, electronics of all kinds: radar, ASG, communications, BIUS, etc.) and according to the system of the Ministry of Industry of the USSR, 90% of the above was done in factories located now at the territory of the Russian Federation.

          No desire to upset you, but all the components will be of Ukrainian origin. Apart from weapons. The series is very small to establish its own release, so everything will be bought in Italy and France. Russia. when Yushcha became "in a pose" and refused to sell naval weapons and deck helicopters. Therefore, on the first 4 corvettes there will be Augusta, or if they manage to develop their own.
          1. viktorR
            viktorR 8 October 2012 13: 16
            Yeah, you couldn’t buy 10 tanks of your own production, but you’re talking about some helicopters and weapons from Italy and France ... It’s not very pleasant to look at it. Some kind of circus and not Moscow Region, some kind of circus, not the military-industrial complex, and some kind of circus, not statehood ... It seems that Ukraine, in truth, got self-aspiration early on.
      3. andrey777
        andrey777 6 October 2012 21: 50
        I have no words!!!
        1. Bismark
          Bismark 15 October 2012 22: 02
          Kharkov Tank Repair Plant 2010. crying
      4. Bismark
        Bismark 15 October 2012 21: 59
        Tank Repair Plant 2010
        1. Kars
          Kars 15 October 2012 22: 13
          Quote: Bismark
          Tank Repair Plant 2010

          Tank repair plant in the Urals 2012
  2. Kars
    Kars 6 October 2012 10: 07
    1. Kievan
      Kievan 6 October 2012 13: 44
      but what does Yezhel (first on the right) and like Kuzmuk (second on the left) do in the photo?
      1. Kievan
        Kievan 6 October 2012 21: 41
        I'm definitely popular ... 5 minuses just for the question laughing
        1. viktorR
          viktorR 8 October 2012 13: 18
          Just in case, they probably put))).
          PS I did not set, if that ...)
    2. Flooding
      Flooding 6 October 2012 14: 02
      enlighten, in the photo in the article what is installed on the towers? Something reminiscent of PU.
      1. Kars
        Kars 6 October 2012 15: 22
        if it’s not about the barrel of an adjacent tank, then smoke grenade launchers.

        But with the KAZ Drozd system
        1. Flooding
          Flooding 6 October 2012 16: 53
          It would be much more interesting to see the fastening on a live tank KAZ "Zaslon".
    3. Melchakov
      Melchakov 6 October 2012 14: 36
      Quote: Kars

      Not bad.
  3. vozn_ser
    vozn_ser 6 October 2012 10: 12
    Yes, the entire defense industry is supported by enthusiasts. sad

  4. snek
    snek 6 October 2012 10: 16
    Unfortunately, the current level of development of military developments leaves much to be desired. In order not to be unfounded, we give a small example - if in the beginning of the 90s of the last century in Ukraine there were about seven hundred programs for developing weapons and military equipment, then at present there are only three dozen of them.

    Yesterday there was news on the website saying that Ukraine ranks 4th in the world in the ratio of arms exports to GDP. Plus, if my memory serves me right, Ukraine is in 12th place in the arms trade in the world, so everything can not be so bad.
    In general, in my opinion, Ukraine just needs to decide what kind of army it needs. It seems that she will be able to adequately staff and train an army of XNUMXth.
    1. andrey_sk
      andrey_sk 6 October 2012 12: 34
      I agree. 100 thousand contract soldiers (minimum of command staff, maximum of ordinary and junior officer) are the most for them. It seems that they are going to do so by 2017. And weapons for their needs in Ukraine can produce (except for combat aircraft).
    2. Allegedly
      Allegedly 6 October 2012 21: 45
      The contractor is hired by the Ministry of Defense, hires ... Hire a mercenary. A mercenary can serve for money, he can fight, but he will never die for money ... soldier
      1. andrey_sk
        andrey_sk 7 October 2012 00: 07
        Nobody wants to die, conscript too.
    3. Valter
      Valter 6 October 2012 23: 57
      The last canned equipment from warehouses is exported, while there is something to sell that will be sold to everyone who needs to decide on a contract army? Pid .... su Yanukovych, who purposefully destroys the country, or the population (far from the people), who cares: even if you crush him, even if you shoot at the streets, you have already reached slavery, all the same ..... no one would think to assert their rights and now only with the help of weapons, but this is fantastic, no one will do it here, What tanks, when from the Malyshev factory .... I have no choice where to make them? This fucker .... th population shook everything, moreover, stupidly rushes to the polls for sweets from the ... parties of the ruling party, or those who were already in power, and again by mutton chooses the same faces that successfully destroy everything . The only question is who will take these fertile lands first (although already land (they started selling black earth)
    4. gladiatorakz
      gladiatorakz 9 October 2012 18: 42
      The answer is for snek. There should be three armies in Ukraine, as in Russia. Professional 100 thousand and maybe less. Aviation, Navy, Air Defense, Tankers, Special Forces, Airborne Forces, MP. The second is conscription, one year of military sports camps for all men from 17 to 30 years old. You can organize in each region, even divide the year into parts, to whom it is convenient. Training: shooting, physico, tactics, engineering, etc. So that men do not forget that they are warriors. Shoot, run, sway. In general, the health of the nation. Best willing to take on a contract. The third is the Cossacks. Create a law on the Cossacks. (normal) About rights and duty. Curator of GUR MO. By analogy with PV. In Ukraine, create three Cossack troops. Land, targeted state aid at first. And in 15-30 years we get a powerful screening of the borders. I ask you not to confuse the Cossacks of clans and mummers (security service of the Russian Orthodox Church, the UOC and others) The same in Russia. A barrier is very necessary in the Far East, the Caucasus.
      1. Glockxnumx
        Glockxnumx 20 January 2013 01: 04
        Pretty original thought
  5. Aeneas
    Aeneas 6 October 2012 11: 09
    No money .... Stronghold is a product for export, and the adoption of this tank into service was just an advertising campaign for a foreign consumer. The Ukrainian army has a lot of T-64s. which are upgraded to the level of Bulat. not much inferior to the Oplot, but many times cheaper. Strictly speaking, Oplot was produced not 10, but more than 300, if we take into account the "almost Oplot" T-84UD sold to Pakistan. plus several hundred MTO "like Oplot" sold to China and Pakistan for installation on their tanks. The Thai contract is very timely for the promotion of the Oplot ... Under the Soviet Union, in Ukraine, there are many repair plants in all directions, and therefore the main reports of success are the repaired and modern versions of aircraft, air defense systems, radars for the Armed Forces. However, which do not come in mass quantities ... But it is interesting to see something new ... Artyom created and produces new anti-tank systems and tank missiles, mainly for export, based on the R-27 he makes an anti-aircraft missile fucking the Belarusian Stiletto air defense system. Sapsan and corvette are very ambitious projects, taking into account Ukrainian finances. If it turns out "in iron", and they are already building something there, I will take off my hat and start a mean man's tear crying In general, a new technique for the Armed Forces of Ukraine will still have to wait (once again).
    1. Flooding
      Flooding 6 October 2012 13: 59
      Quote: Aeneas
      Strictly speaking, Oplot was produced not 10, but more than 300, if we take into account the "almost Oplot" T-84UD sold to Pakistan. plus several hundred MTO "like Oplot" sold to China and Pakistan for installation on their tanks.

      Aeneas, strictly speaking, the T-80UD. Which can be called the Stronghold exactly to the extent that the T-72 can be called the T-90. Not to mention the fact that by doing so you belittle the work of the Ukrainian defense industry, the creators of Oplot.
      1. Aeneas
        Aeneas 6 October 2012 15: 04
        mdaa, T-80 UD ... However, the continuity of the T80UD - T84 - Stronghold is obvious. as well as the continuity of the T-72 - T90. More or less different from their "progenitors", Oplot M, and T-90MS.
  6. beech
    beech 6 October 2012 11: 29
    good luck to your neighbors !!!!
    1. wax
      wax 6 October 2012 23: 14
      In terms of the military-industrial complex, this sounds ironic.
  7. Orik
    Orik 6 October 2012 11: 29
    Let's guys unite and then we will create and produce the best weapons together. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus is Holy Russia!
    1. Melchakov
      Melchakov 6 October 2012 14: 46
      Quote: Orik
      Russia · Ukraine · Belarus

      As well as Transnistria, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Kazakhstan as part of the Eurasian Union. Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia (maybe ..) Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan to the Customs Union and CSTO.
      1. patsantre
        patsantre 6 October 2012 14: 59
        This is what you have already called the USSR. Ukraine and Belarus - we have no one closer to them.
  8. Trevis
    Trevis 6 October 2012 12: 12
    All this is nonsense, Ukraine itself can not do anything and is worth nothing.
    1. gladiatorakz
      gladiatorakz 9 October 2012 18: 44
      Trevis. Change the flag. And a profile picture. There is the face of a warrior, not slobbery.
    NAV-STAR 6 October 2012 14: 26
    The Ukrainian elite is under a cap of amers who will do anything to prevent the unification of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.
    But, they jump, the harder they squeeze us, the stronger we shoot.
      OSTAP BENDER 6 October 2012 14: 41
      NAV-STAR! The Ukrainian elite is an anti-people Jewish-Masonic group, which the people of Ukraine do not care!
      1. NAV-STAR
        NAV-STAR 6 October 2012 14: 49
        OSTAP BENDER exactly !!! And the more nashig citizens understand this, and begin to figure out where the legs grow, the faster the order will be.
  10. dimarm74
    dimarm74 6 October 2012 15: 51
    Ukraine needs its own more or less strong army in order to maintain sovereignty and non-aligned status. And Russia is interested in this. It is advisable to lease air defense systems (S-400) and modern combat aircraft to Ukraine, as Ukraine will not be able to pay for them in the near future. And unification under the current ruling elites is not possible, we must really be aware of this.
    1. baltika-18
      baltika-18 6 October 2012 16: 47
      Quote: dimarm74
      And unification under the current ruling elites is not possible, we must really be aware of this.

      That's right. Our ruling elites do not need this. And in the Ukrainian defense industry, the Soviet potential was still preserved by some miracle. But without funding it will end, how much more this mess will last.
    2. andrey_sk
      andrey_sk 6 October 2012 17: 42
      Ukraine needs its own more or less strong army in order to maintain sovereignty and non-aligned status

      Is anyone threatening them? Well, besides some of our inadequate fellow citizens?
      1. wax
        wax 6 October 2012 23: 21
        Switzerland needs a more or less strong army in order to maintain its sovereignty and non-aligned status - it also sounds great, doesn't it?
        1. andrey_sk
          andrey_sk 7 October 2012 00: 05
          Truth. But I didn’t say that Ukraine does not need an army at all. Enough to keep the Romanian camp within the bounds of decency, for this a lot is not necessary. And comparing Ukraine with Switzerland or Sweden is incorrect, Ukraine today has too many other problems that need to be addressed. And the absence today of a serious external threat and the need to spend money on a large army and weapons is very good for them.
      2. vitya29111973
        vitya29111973 30 January 2013 02: 40
        The third adequate comment on this site. Thank!!!
    3. Allegedly
      Allegedly 7 October 2012 01: 55
      Transfer the S-400? Who? Maybe send them straight to the States? Wake up, the US Ambassador is presenting shoulder straps to young officers (the graduates of the SBU Academy are an analogue of the FSB Higher School). Previously, the United States allowed itself this only in Latin American "banana" countries. There is no such thing even in self-respecting Western countries
  11. Kolyan 2
    Kolyan 2 6 October 2012 17: 29
    Trevis Today, 12:12 ↓ -4
    All this is nonsense, Ukraine itself is nothing

    I think that you should not have said so. Ukraine has the potential, though if it doesn’t.
  12. wow
    wow 6 October 2012 20: 19
    HOPE!? This is not even funny. Ukraine has long had no potential.
  13. Lustrator
    Lustrator 6 October 2012 21: 04
    The thieves' authorities have the only priority - to rob. By any means.
    They don't even have a basic idea of ​​what needs to be done to maintain the army's combat effectiveness. The only thing that thousands of these grumbling bureaucrats can do is produce loud documents, calling them promising names. And our so-called. The "people" have long forgotten how freedom, respect and equality are obtained by blood and hard work.

    Ukraine gained even independence by peace, and everyone immediately forgot how many people were ready to give their lives for the freedom of their native land in the past ...

    You need to start with yourself: change your attitude - then you will find like-minded people, and together all the obstacles are overcome;)
    1. Allegedly
      Allegedly 6 October 2012 23: 28
      As for the government, you can check my words over time, and God forbid that I turn out to be wrong, but unfortunately the next government in Ukraine (mind you, I speak respectfully about Ukraine, because it is worth it) will be even worse. For each (slightly above average) official or relative of a relative fellow and friends drinks . The new power will come with whole clans, relatives, friends, like-minded people, just acquaintances, friends of friends and so on. Ukraine, like Russia, is Asia, and no European-style renovations of the soul will help. And each next power will steal more than the previous one ...
      1. andrey_sk
        andrey_sk 7 October 2012 00: 12
        Nothing, I have friends from there with whom I communicate - there is such a scent that in a month there will be fun. Yanukovych will certainly try to rig the results of the parliamentary elections - let's see what happens. I think if they don’t sweep him away, they’ll scare him specifically. We are waiting, s)))
  14. rocketman
    rocketman 7 October 2012 14: 17
    The Sapsan boasts a firing range of over 250 kilometers. In addition, in the presence of the Ukrainian armed forces there are two military transport An-70, which under certain circumstances could serve as a good basis not only for the Ukrainian, but also for the Russian military aviation.

    I guess I don’t know something. Just a couple of days ago it was replaced on duty - and there were no AN-70s in the three Ukrainian transport air brigades, but now there are already. Well and speed, however! And the article is illiterate. What, only in tanks is happiness? What about air defense? What about aviation? And it’s not fighter, at least something is there, but bomber and assault? And finally, when will a single ACS appear? Here we have to start with this, and not with the fact that we are cutting combat units, and the number of generals remains constant.
  15. Voin sveta82
    Voin sveta82 7 October 2012 16: 54
    Theft and corruption are better than we do in Russia ..)))
  16. pinachet
    pinachet 7 October 2012 17: 09
    you can develop a lot of good things, but the main thing is that the weapon should be in a large series and used in the army to identify shortcomings and train the military. And even the best tank in single copies is just a piece of metal.
  17. Pedro
    Pedro 7 October 2012 17: 37
    Ukraine does not need an army at all. And one of the neighbors will protect the territory. The one who doesn’t like the attack on Ukraine the most.
  18. kov
    kov 7 October 2012 17: 51
    Regarding Armored personnel carriers, Btr-4:
    1. Splin
      Splin 7 October 2012 19: 12
      Horses, people are mixed in a heap ... The conversation is about the BTR-4E, but also the BTR-4 "Ladya" and the BTR-3E and the BTR-7 are shown.
      1. Allegedly
        Allegedly 8 October 2012 01: 17
        The conversation is not about the BTR-4E as such, but about the appearance of the Ukrainian army. So accept both people and horses, receive and sign ...
  19. Allegedly
    Allegedly 8 October 2012 01: 22
    I found interesting information on Stronghold & Comrades, please love and favor, I am waiting for comments and I am ready for discussions.
    1. CRONOS
      CRONOS 8 October 2012 20: 31
      And what kind of setup on the T-84 tower is and why are they needed?
  20. VadimSt
    VadimSt 8 October 2012 04: 10
    Quote: Wax
    Everyone knows that Ukraine will not be able to develop and produce, like the USSR, but they continue to play dreams.

    Do not confuse the political "directions" of the current elites (their mother ...) and the engineering and technical potential! In Ukraine and Belarus, even under the USSR, a powerful military-industrial complex and the corresponding scientific potential were created. Naturally, he, like in Russia, went through hard times, but he did not lose his abilities, which is proved by many promising developments.
    In general, some people, when they say Ukraine, have a feeling of nausea - almost 50% of Russians live in Ukraine, but they don’t care about Russia when it comes, for example, to problems in relations with people from the Caucasian national republics. Is this Russia?
    1. Cheburatino
      Cheburatino 8 March 2013 17: 46
      The backlog was created not in Ukraine but in the USSR. You have people who can design a normal tank, and not a rework, but what next? Can you press the USA, Russia, EU, Israel (which the USA supports) on the sales markets? There is no sales market, no tanks. Good tanks are bought only under political contracts, prime ministers and presidents drive. Who will go from Ukraine, and what will he offer to the buyer? "We have a good tank, take it"?
      There are countries that buy tanks on the principle that the cheaper the better. But they buy the modernized T-64 and its contemporaries. Even the T-72 is already too much for them. It is understandable, they have a struggle of clans not armies.
      Really need to look at things. What the USSR could do, maybe today Russia, but not Ukraine at all. Though a pity.
      Soon there will also be a FTA with the EU, the beautiful return of an agrarian power.
  21. Alex-UA
    Alex-UA 9 October 2012 13: 59
    In my opinion, there is no Ukrainian army as a combat-ready formation, the Ukrainian army can only confront the NATO forces for 48 hours, according to a friend of the officer. But during this time it is possible to drive from Polny to Rostov by car, with stops for sleep, breakfasts and dinners.
  22. david210512
    david210512 7 November 2012 17: 29
  23. Marek Rozny
    Marek Rozny 30 January 2013 03: 46
    As for the military-industrial complex of Ukraine: before the new year in Kazakhstan, the AN-72 of the border troops of Kazakhstan crashed. The plane was completely renovated in 2012 in Ukraine. The main cause of the disaster is the failure of key aircraft devices. So think about how much you can trust their defense specialists. Although there are no questions regarding the BTR-4, the car is good.
  24. Sunscorpion
    Sunscorpion 30 January 2013 04: 24
    It's a shame for the country, but you can not argue with the facts. A few examples:
    1. Recently in the news: ... The landing was carried out from 600 m ... I look. AN-2, 20-25 special forces man. They are dressed in what is garazd, though it was cold. At first I thought the guys decided to complicate the airsoft. Comments of the commander: ... The landing was carried out for the first time in 20 years. Of course we lagged behind the neighbors, but quickly catch up. Night jumps are planned ... I almost broke a tear. Who does not believe - see news feeds. The shame is the same as having recently been stuck with a South Korean high-speed electric train bought for Euro 2012, which is pushed behind by our old diesel engine. Exactly worked until the winter. Only 20 times repaired.
    2. The only diesel submarine in the summer of 2012 first went to sea after a major overhaul. Personally seen in Sevastopol. The president was coming. Guarded apparently. Most of the time it rusted at the pier (1970). Changed the batteries. They didn’t buy in Russia, a small rollback is visible, they bought three times more expensive from Greece (repair 2,8 + 2,5 million dollars + 3,5 million Greek batteries). They did not fit. About 15 years lay under a tarp on the pier. I asked the guys that they bothered how much it can be stored there. They said max. 3 months. In summer. It became sad.
    3. Plant named after Malyshev. Just a city. One of the largest in Europe. It was. For what they did to him, they must be shot without trial. Now there is practically no production, but a lot of office space. This is in the remaining buildings. The rest either demolished or fell apart. The equipment for the most part was scrapped. Including foreign latest at the beginning of the 90s machines. Now there are 5 workshops left. If a strong pripret will be able to produce up to 100 tanks per year. Actually - 10-20 for yourself and 30-40 for export.
    4. Aviation. During the division of the union, Ukraine received about 2700 aircraft of all types. Somewhere 2400 were on the wing. The rest are at different stages of repair. A little over 20 years have passed. There are 100-120 aircraft left. Of these, 30-40 flies. Experts argue. This is a serious matter. With this amount, each board counts.
    5. Poor army, about 184 thousand in 2012. I don't want to comment. But there are a lot of militia - more than 300 thousand. If, together with the tax militia, customs officers and internal troops, the people of Ukraine are reliably "protected". But we have no problems with the generals. The exact data are classified (honestly), but there are more of them than in all countries of Western and Eastern Europe combined - from the answers of the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada to journalists (excluding Russia).
    PS Found it by accident in 2009 - 461 in the state (446 in fact). According to the staffing table, there are 755 thousand people in all power structures, 683 thousand people are available, taking into account the shortage, in the army - 200 thousand in the state and 186 thousand live bayonets. Now 683-186 = 497 thousand. We take 46 million / 497 thousand = 1 security officer for 93 inhabitants. Russia smokes nervously on the sidelines. Such a "democratic" (I apologize for this word) state has not yet been made for you.

    Of course there is hope, but the army ...