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What are the soldiers silent

Why did not a TV show with sharp criticism of Defense Minister Serdyukov

Passions around the incident connected with the recent visit of Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov to the Ryazan Airborne Training Center have not ceased. Personally, the Union of Paratroopers and the Union of Military Sailors addressed the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev, with a request to apply measures to the presumptuous minister. Serdyukov is accused not only of unacceptable boorish behavior in relation to the Russian officer, but also of the authorized disintegration of all the Armed Forces of Russia. Now the unrest began not only in the ranks of the armed forces.

Although there were no particular changes on the part of the ruling side, it can still be assumed that the President’s apparatus did not leave such appeals without attention. It became clear that the ruling elite prefer not to inflate this scandal even more. For at the last moment, a program on a military theme with the title “What Soldiers Are Silent” was removed from the national broadcast channel's grid.

The details of this message are as follows: on the TV channel “Petersburg” they show the cycle of programs by the writer Dmitry Bykov “Oil Painting”. The release date of the next series of this cycle was planned for October 24, even for some time you could watch commercials on this show on TV. What should have been told in the part that was canceled at the last minute?

Everyone knows that service in the Armed Forces has not been popular in recent years. Military reform remained in its infancy, and what is being done, it leads to an even worse situation. The country's defense ability falls from year to year. Now the Russian Federation is unlikely to be able to compete with other countries in an arms race.

The program, dedicated to all these problems, was filmed in advance, in the commercials on the screens of their televisions, viewers could recognize the program participants.

However, on Sunday, the expected transfer took place in a slightly different capacity. All experts and military observers who spoke sharply and negatively about our army were cut out of the frame. But instead of them, viewers saw the Deputy Chief of the General Staff, Colonel-General Vasily Smirnov, and several other people who are hardly recognized by the general public. The conversation took place about what is happening in the Armed Forces of our country. Smirnov told everyone that the defense of our country is as strong as ever, the troops are on excellent alert and everything is fine with us.

What really happened, why could not see the original version of the program "What are the soldiers silent"? The journalists asked Dmitry Bykov himself.

The author of the acclaimed cycle told that there is nothing strange in replacing one version of the program with another, the usual working routine. They called for the transfer of some military representatives of the General Staff and wanted to know whether there was a conflict between them and Serdyukov. But in the end, many of the invited guests did not come to the shooting program. We decided to make a plot with those who came to the shooting program, it turned out very sharply. However, just before the release of the footage, it was broadcast from the Ministry of Defense that the Colonel-General Smirnov himself was able to find time for the St. Petersburg channel and agrees to dream about the program. Then, the second version of the program turned out, where the deputy chief of the General Staff told all the spectators that there was no conflict between the General Staff and the Minister of Defense.

Here, eat, please! And you thought that all the townsfolk honestly talk about what kind of Serdyukov boor, how publicly insults his subordinates? Or that the military reform, most likely, ended, not having time, how to start? Yes, the colonel-general cannot say such things to the whole country without writing a letter of resignation before this. Smirnov wants to stay in his place and retire with dignity, he does not need such incriminating statements. Therefore, it is somehow hard to believe in the words of Mr. Bykov that the initial version of the program will be shown on television, but only later.

What do those who directly filmed in that scandalous part think about the show not shown on the channel?
Viktor Litovkin, one of the participants in the program at the first shootings, the executive editor of the Independent Military Review, said that there was a discussion in the studio about the problems of military reform. Many were convinced that nothing good for the country would come of it, and the current Minister of Defense is the main culprit in all failures. But Litovkin has a slightly different opinion on this matter. He believes that Serdyukov also had reasonable instructions, for example, about reducing the number of bureaucratic officers or converting military districts into operational-strategic command centers. Although stupid, of course more. The author of the cycle of these programs Bykov liked the footage. However, later, on the eve of the show of this discussion, Litovkin was called from the channel and was told that a new version of the program had been shot.

They did this in order to prevent a new scandal around the current defense minister, in order to save his already tarnished reputation. But since everything happened in a big hurry, it turned out very ridiculous. After all, before the main program, they showed the film “What the Soldiers Are Silent About,” where very scary things were shot without embellishment, about how the young guys in the barracks are beaten, tortured and disfigured. And then Smirnov appears and talks about how everything in our army is good and beautiful. It's funny, honestly, as if everyone is being held for fools.
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