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Will Yulia Tymoshenko be heard in the West?


Yulia Tymoshenko, who recently held the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine, and is currently serving a prison sentence, called on Western leaders to find ways to prevent the holding of parliamentary elections in Ukraine to be held at the end of October this year. She expresses confidence that they will be held with great violations and fraud. Tymoshenko expressed her point of view in addressing international organizations, democratic states and all Ukrainians. This message was made public by Tymoshenko’s daughter, Eugenia, in Washington.

The former prime minister describes a situation that today has a place to be in the political life of Ukraine, saying that the country is ruled by dictator Yanukovych along with his family. They are not reforming, but are engaged in corrupt practices, racketeering and theft, the politician says. Therefore, she calls on democratic forces to immediately oppose the holding of elections, because numerous falsifications will give the current government unlimited freedom of action.

In addition, Tymoshenko also offers her own vision of solving the problem. The message presents a program to protect democracy from dictatorship, which, according to the author, is related not only to Ukraine, but also to other states. This program includes the following actions: the need to create mechanisms for investigating corruption crimes of government officials and their closest associates at the international level, as well as the seizure and confiscation of their assets, which are obtained illegally. It should be noted that at present, Ukrainian law enforcement agencies against Tymoshenko are investigating several criminal cases related specifically to corruption.

In addition, Tymoshenko is sure, it is also necessary to hold trials of dictators and their closest associates in the states where they committed crimes. And what's more, for all of them all democratic states should be closed. At the same time, Tymoshenko says that democracy is able to eliminate dictators quickly, bloodlessly and within the framework of international law.

Recall that the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko, according to Ukrainian legislation, cannot take part in the upcoming elections, because she is in prison on charges of “gas business”. Recall the essence of this case is that the politician received seven years of imprisonment because, being at the post of prime minister, using power, he organized the signing of contracts for the supply of gas with Russia unprofitable for Ukraine. Despite this, it was formally she who headed the list of the alliance of the united opposition, which was formed on the basis of the Batkivshchyna party.

In addition, it should be noted that this is not the first statement of Tymoshenko and election fraud. A little earlier, she stated the same in her message addressed to European politicians. In September, it was announced again by Tymoshenko’s daughter, Eugenia, at a meeting of the European Parliament. In this message, the politician urged the European Union to recognize the Ukrainian parliamentary elections as illegitimate.

Currently, the United States of America is discussing whether it is possible to carry out certain sanctions against those individuals who are involved in the arrest and conviction of Tymoshenko, in particular, the ban on entry into American territory. Note that these sanctions are provided for in the framework of the resolution of September 20 2012, which was approved by the Committee on the problems of international relations of the US Senate. This document calls on the Ukrainian government to take measures to free the “political prisoner” Yulia Tymoshenko.

Representatives of European countries, which sharply condemned the verdict of Tymoshenko, repeatedly called on the government of Ukraine to take measures to ensure that it was released. So, for example, at the beginning of this year, José Manuel Pinto Teixeira, head of the European Union’s representation in Ukraine, made a statement that the upcoming parliamentary elections would be recognized as legitimate only if opposition leaders directly participated in them, at the same time it was meant that the ex-premier should be released. But later, however, he added that no special conditions were put forward by the EU ...

Earlier, in 2011, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted a resolution regarding Ukraine, which urged the Ukrainian head of state to apply all legal methods and methods at his disposal to ensure the release of opposition leaders, as well as to enable these politicians to participate in upcoming parliamentary elections. election. If Yanukovych does not listen, then Ukraine was threatened with the introduction of international sanctions.

Then the representatives of European democracy said that the EU and US sanctions against Ukraine will directly depend on what election results will be presented at the end of October. As noted by Jose Manuel Barroso, the choice of the head of state to Ukraine, which took place in the 2010 year, was generally in line with European international standards. This was one of the prerequisites that the country could hope to strengthen democracy. At the same time, the situation that developed after, in the opinion of the Western politician, clearly indicates that the democratic norms in the country are not being observed, and Ukrainian justice is clearly distinguished by selectivity. And if at the very beginning representatives of the European Union doubted their attitude to what is happening in Ukraine, considering all events with opposition leaders only to be accidental, then at present they are already sure that the Ukrainian government does not strive to achieve European values ​​and norms.

Thus, to say that the sanctions against Ukraine will definitely be imposed, it is too early. But, as noted by Senator Richard Durbin, the author of the resolution on Ukraine, the United States of America and the European Union are closely watching how the situation will develop in Ukraine. He also expressed the hope that the problem of opposition leaders will be solved in the very near future.

However, it is necessary to note again that after the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, the Yushchenko-Tymoshenko team used similar methods of dealing with their political opponents, but then the West closed on such “childish pranks” of the new Ukrainian government.

Strangely enough, it seems that representatives of the Ukrainian government are absolutely confident in their abilities on the world stage and do not “heed” the insistent appeals of the West towards Tymoshenko. So, in particular, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs they say that none of these resolutions, together with all the sanctions against Ukraine, can be taken seriously. In addition, a significant number of Ukrainians believe that the West, first of all, needs to deal with its internal problems, and not to go with its moral teachings to others.

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  1. PSih2097
    PSih2097 4 October 2012 09: 02
    What kind of ugly she became after getting on the bunks ...
    1. PISTOL
      PISTOL 4 October 2012 09: 06
      She was always like that) now you can see her true face and habits)
    2. ughhh
      ughhh 4 October 2012 09: 31
      I think it's a double. The original would be afraid to make such statements.
      1. INTER
        INTER 4 October 2012 10: 02
        Probably in prison can’t use makeup) Or do not give it to do. wassat
  2. sichevik
    sichevik 4 October 2012 09: 17
    Popular wisdom says --- Panas are fighting, and at lackeys forelocks are cracking.
    So in Ukraine, the oligarchic clans fight for a place at the trough, and ordinary Ukrainians suffer ...
    Tymoshenko accuses professor Ya of corruption and dictatorship, but in the recent past, with what pimple what were they doing? Under Orangeism, raiding, nepotism, and the industrial admixture flourished in Ukraine. enterprises, reprisals against opponents ... I'm not talking about the fact that this pimple pimping the SS gave the title of Heroes of Ukraine and equated Bandera to veterans of the Great Patriotic War.
    BARKAS 4 October 2012 09: 32
    Earlier for such prisoners in some countries they built a separate prison where they lived with complete comfort, a service team and a regiment of protection, now you look at Julia and in the first it becomes a pity for jailers.
  4. ded_73
    ded_73 4 October 2012 09: 40
    Hear, hear !!!!! Yanyk is not needed not by Europe, nor the USA, nor Russia. Drain it very quickly. One way out is closer to the northern neighbor, but there are problems too. As they say, there will be no war, but there will be such a struggle for peace that there will be no stone unturned.
  5. Captain Vrungel
    Captain Vrungel 4 October 2012 10: 00
    What will change in Ukraine after the elections? It is worth looking at the lists of candidates for deputies, the same perennial feces changing (like chameleons) the color of party flags, supporting the fluctuations of parties alternately crawling into power by the "prostitute" method. The fact that power has been seized by an organized criminal group from the region, that the vertical of power and laws, including those on elections, are not built. That already there is falsification and rejection of unwanted candidates and members of electoral commissions from the lists, it becomes clear for whom the "green" corridor is being prepared. If we take into account that this party force launched and now modernized and improved the "fuck you" system (the author is a former trash (dog handler), a suspect, closely related to Kuchma, and in the present, a lawyer to all lawyers "in law"), the result is obvious. Vote, do not vote, in any case the bandits will remain in power. If Timoshchenko has an analytical mind, charisma, he can ignite the masses with his speeches, and with his cunning fool an opponent, and another frank bone-speaking ignoramus and boor. That doesn't make it easier for the people. Both are fighting for the sole power for themselves and their clan. The crappy principles of building a state for oneself do not exclude the appearance on the horizon of "defenders of democracy" as part of the AUG with a mattress pad on a flagpole. One calms down. DO WE NEED IT?
    1. ded_73
      ded_73 4 October 2012 10: 12
      Five points!!! Nothing to change. Because the love of banknotes is much stronger than love, excuse me, for the motherland. Therefore, the rich divide her, and the poor are offered to love her!
    2. Skavron
      Skavron 4 October 2012 10: 23
      That's right. Here Semenych probably sang about present Ukraine then:

      Like in a vague parish,
      Fierce, evil province,
      Fell out well done
      All thorns and thorns.
      Ah, he scooped up grievances, scooped up
      Full handfuls
      Well, the grief that sipped
      It’s never worse.
      Drink poison, even pour it over!
      Fortunately, they don’t take money.
      How much rope weave -
      You’ll stick your whip anyway.
      Chases losers
      In the world with a cat,
      Life flows between the fingers
      Thin spider web.
      And which led led
      Those blown away by the winds
      Straight to the prison.
      Don’t hope for mercy here -
      Bite the bullet and endure!
      How much rope weave -
      All the same, you meddle in the whip!
      Oh, dashing side
      No matter how I scour you
      You are red frontal place
      Yes, a slimy rope ...
      And the Devil Satan himself hanged
      Goal heel licks.
      Oh, annoyance, mother is honest! -
      Neither live nor survive!
      You do not howl, do not cry, but laugh -
      They will not forgive tears now.
      How much rope weave -
      All the same, shorten!
      Thoughts are more dreary at night.
      Carpenters do not hesitate.
      Do not have time for the morning -
      It hurts too early.
      You do not regret it, do not regret it -
      Well, what do you need a delay?
      On your rope
      There is not a bundle.
      Better lie down and get warm -
      I supposedly will not oversleep ...
      No matter how much the rope
      And you poke your nose in the loop!
    3. daem00n
      daem00n 6 October 2012 00: 19
      Defenders of Dermocracy as part of AUG will not come to Ukraine - the Black Sea is small for them wink
  6. Skavron
    Skavron 4 October 2012 10: 27
    I have long had such a desire, I agree that it’s cruel, but I want the entire supreme parliament + cabinet + president to drive into one building, block the exits and crush this evil from the pulimets.
    No one person in this Caudle can be attributed to those who think for Ukraine and the people. Everyone thinks only of themselves.
    1. ded_73
      ded_73 4 October 2012 10: 35
      And let's hang? He always considered himself a person calm enough and kind. And here .... Believe me, my hand would not flinch. Yes, they forgot the opposition.
    2. MURANO
      MURANO 4 October 2012 10: 36
      Quote: Skavron
      . Everyone thinks only of themselves.

      And if you were there, you would become Robin Hood? smile
      Why all this nagging? Better not blame anyone, and if you live poorly, look more often in the mirror. There is the author of all our victories and failures.
      1. Skavron
        Skavron 4 October 2012 11: 00
        Murano, probably from BP himself? laughing

        I live not bad, not rich, but enough for life and leisure and hobbies. This time.
        I do not whine and do not complain, it seemed so to you. These are two.
        And three. If the rulers will not only think about their enrichment, I, in principle, do not mind that the rulers would be enriched, but let the people enrich first, and after themselves. Rich people themselves will introduce a successful state top manager to the rank of president for life.
        1. MURANO
          MURANO 4 October 2012 11: 07
          Quote: Skavron
          Murano, probably from BP himself? laughing

          God forbid! smile
          Quote: Skavron
          but let the people be enriched first

          The problem of the people is that he wants everything at once. And he doesn’t understand that, figuratively speaking, he is now in the apartment in which the repairs are going. And there is nowhere to go.
          1. revnagan
            revnagan 4 October 2012 11: 44
            Quote: MURANO
            The problem of the people is that he wants everything at once. And he doesn’t understand that, figuratively speaking, he is now in the apartment in which the repairs are going. And there is nowhere to go.

            No, the problem is that the repairs were started in order to enrich the contractor at the expense of the tenants. And such repairs in such conditions can drag on for decades. And when do you live in a new apartment? Negligent contractors by the ears and to the trough. one year - "repair"? With the fact that the Soviet government left the new country working enterprises, a fleet, infrastructure. Without a civil war, without devastation. But now all of Europe should be envious. And where is Ukraine now? Enough! You can't p. ..t, don't torture me..pu.
            1. MURANO
              MURANO 4 October 2012 11: 55
              Quote: revnagan
              . Twenty-one years - "repair"?

              It has just begun. Time is needed.
              Quote: revnagan
              .And when to live in a new apartment?

              But don’t have to wait. Live and earn now. At all times, purposeful, ambitious people earn money, and lazy and stuck in the past look for the guilty.
              Without personalities. smile
              1. Skavron
                Skavron 4 October 2012 12: 59
                Quote: MURANO
                It has just begun. Time is needed.

                Well, what for !!!
                not a repair began, but a complete reconstruction of the house. Those. one team of builders sees it this way, then another comes and begins to radically change and break everything, then the first ones come back and so it can endlessly ...
                But the tenant pays ...
              2. biglow
                biglow 4 October 2012 18: 09
                what does making money have to do with the political situation?
                1. MURANO
                  MURANO 4 October 2012 19: 53
                  Quote: biglow
                  what does making money have to do with the political situation?

                  The poor are always more interested in the political situation than the rich. Because they are used to having someone pay money and take care of their old age.
          2. Skavron
            Skavron 4 October 2012 12: 56
            Quote: MURANO
            The problem of the people is that they want everything at once

            Of course not. The problem of the people is that they want to work, but no working conditions have been created. Rather, these conditions are created, but not everywhere and not always, in accordance with the current economic situation.
            I can throw a lot of examples, from this the essence will not change.

            That is why I believe that the current government (I do not share the power and the opposition with one another stand) could already take care of creating normal working conditions. Or a complete change of all who led Ukraine in the last 7-10 years.
            1. MURANO
              MURANO 4 October 2012 13: 39
              Quote: Skavron
              that he wants to work, but no working conditions have been created. Rather, these conditions are created, but not everywhere and not always, in accordance with the current economic situation.
              I can throw a lot of examples, from this the essence will not change.

              So everywhere and in all countries there are those who are dissatisfied. And most of those who are dissatisfied are hired people. They all have them. Where more, where less. And nothing will change. Until a particular person chooses a different path for himself.
              1. Skavron
                Skavron 4 October 2012 16: 32
                Well, this is understandable, they will probably be dissatisfied in Paradise))

                Quote: MURANO
                And most disgruntled-hired people.

                Well, how? Everyone to be masters and founders?
                It somehow does not logically come out.
                1. black_eagle
                  black_eagle 4 October 2012 18: 38
                  Work, work and work again! Already once ground with tongues in 2004, helped?
                2. MURANO
                  MURANO 4 October 2012 19: 47
                  Quote: Skavron
                  Well, how? Everyone to be masters and founders?
                  It somehow does not logically come out.

                  They won’t all. Because they don’t want to. They don’t want to live better. It’s like with cubes on their stomach. Nobody would refuse, but not everyone goes to gyms. Or at home. But everyone can.
                  The choice is up to the person.
                  1. Skavron
                    Skavron 4 October 2012 20: 06
                    And if everyone wants to? Well, purely hypothetically, let's imagine ...?
                    Bullshit will come out my friend, bullshit.
                    1. MURANO
                      MURANO 4 October 2012 20: 09
                      Quote: Skavron
                      And if everyone wants to?

                      They don’t want to. This is one of the paradoxes of life. smile
      2. biglow
        biglow 4 October 2012 18: 06
        If you choose Nesko how can you change the situation.? Only total stripping
        1. MURANO
          MURANO 4 October 2012 19: 45
          Quote: biglow
          If you choose Nesko how can you make a difference.?

          Well, why, there’s a great choice. And if you don’t decide, then don’t take part. I think there are more important things in your life.
          Quote: biglow
          ? only total stripping

          This we have already passed. Not seriously.
  7. The gentleman
    The gentleman 4 October 2012 10: 28
    may the underpoliticians forgive me, all kinds of democrats, but if some trash begins to spoil public peace, then this person must be "removed" from society
  8. askort154
    askort154 4 October 2012 10: 54
    "... called on the leaders of Western states to find ways to prevent parliamentary elections in Ukraine ..."
    Julia openly calls on the West to intervene in domestic politics
    sovereign state. It is a pity for the stray, believing this polit-swindler.
    1. Kaa
      Kaa 4 October 2012 18: 18
      Quote: askort154
      Julia openly calls on the West to intervene in the domestic politics of a sovereign state. It is a pity for the stray, believing this polit-swindler.

      The prosecutor's office is enlightening the so far lost American senators - "Deputy Prosecutor General Renat Kuzmin in his letter, which he sent to the lower house of the US Congress - the Senate, on the tough resolution on Ukraine, adopted recently, accused Yulia Tymoshenko of killing four people, and compared the Ukrainian opposition with Al-Qaeda. According to Kuzmin, he appealed to the Senate because the situation with Tymoshenko "was misinterpreted by some American politicians." He also compared the investigation of Yulia Tymoshenko's criminal cases with the Al-Qaeda attack in the United States on September 11, 2001.
      “I can’t imagine, for example, that the US Senate can demand that the US stop investigating the murder of citizens on September 11, 2001, only because the prosecutor has established the involvement of an influential opposition politician in this heinous crime. I can’t imagine that the US Senate, for similar reasons, may demand that Sweden stop investigating the murder of Prime Minister Olof Palme. The Senate is clearly not stopping the search for al-Qaeda leaders. And therefore, I don’t understand why the Senate recommends that Ukraine stop the investigation into the killing of four people. ”He also reminded the American side of the Lazarenko case.
      “The Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine only in 2011-2012 appealed more than 20 times to the Department of Justice and the US State Department for help in interrogating former Ukrainian Prime Minister Pavel Lazarenko, who expressed his willingness to testify to Ukrainian investigators. However, we did not receive a response to any request. We are deprived of the opportunity to obtain important evidence of the killings in Ukraine ”
  9. hohryakov066
    hohryakov066 4 October 2012 12: 17
    In addition, a significant number of Ukrainians believe that the West first of all needs to deal with its internal problems, and not crawl with its morals to others.
    Golden words that fully convey the essence of all Euro-visits.
    1. MURANO
      MURANO 4 October 2012 12: 26
      Quote: hohryakov066
      Golden words that fully convey the essence of all Euro-visits.

  10. Bashkaus
    Bashkaus 4 October 2012 12: 44
    And I honestly feel sorry for the woman ((
    I was in Sevastopol in the summer at the dacha of relatives, we constantly kicked from corner to corner a white cap with the inscription-rebus "against the background of a red heart the inscription I DUMA and Krasnaya Yu. A sort of three-story meaning 1-I think (I am not a vegetable) agree sublime appeal ? 2- I love Duma and Yulia.
    So that Julia Schelma, which must be driven by a filthy broom, is true.
    But on the other hand, imagine what a life lesson it is. Millionaire, the second person in the power of the state, colossal opportunities, luxury, etc. And all this suddenly turns to dust before our eyes, there is no more power, no more money, no more freedom. Only a small camera.
    In such cases, only 3 options
    1-shoot yourself
    2-be devoured by his own anger and powerlessness and die like that
    3-get an enormous lesson from life and improve, conscientiously ride out the term and enter the freedom of a completely new person.
    So Julia, take courage ...
    1. Норд
      Норд 4 October 2012 15: 54
      Sergey, you have found someone to regret.
      This lady, if she suffers from anything, is a lack of attention. It is difficult for comrade-in-arms to carry ...
  11. Ahmar
    Ahmar 4 October 2012 13: 00
    and what a nasty thing!
  12. nitrid
    nitrid 4 October 2012 13: 26
    Found someone to regret - she will not regret you.
    It remains to be hoped that she will receive an enormous lesson from life and improve, conscientiously squat term and enter freedom a completely new person
    But judging by her formidable appeals, Yu .. will not be corrected.
  13. Pedro
    Pedro 4 October 2012 14: 31
    It seems Yanyk has already chosen the "vector" of development.
  14. i-gor63
    i-gor63 4 October 2012 15: 12
    And let the "democratizers" set up a no-pollution zone above us, there will be fair elections. And in general, repairs in an apartment do not begin with the demolition of load-bearing walls.
  15. 3 points from Ilyich
    3 points from Ilyich 4 October 2012 15: 14
    As Gleb Zhiglov said: "A thief should be in prison!"
  16. baltika-18
    baltika-18 4 October 2012 15: 56
    Very much I love Julia.
  17. aspirin02
    aspirin02 4 October 2012 17: 59
    A thief should sit in jail !!!! Down with the American puppets and orange rot !!!
  18. speedy
    speedy 4 October 2012 19: 33
    Now it doesn’t matter at all whether the West will hear this swindler or not - the realities have changed. Yesterday, on several channels, the issue of Ukraine’s entry into the customs union was discussed, and in the context that there is no other choice (Europe does not expect, Turkey is out of control, but a NATO member), and you need to hurry - every day of delay - lost profit. So any dissatisfied screech of the West against the current government will only accelerate the process. And they won’t let Yulia go, if they weren’t Julia - these guys had suffered a lot from her in previous years, but they have a good memory. Yes ... the West is not in that form now to be afraid of it, so we’ll all be in the elections and choose the best of what is wink shorter for those who are not afraid drinks
    1. Skavron
      Skavron 4 October 2012 20: 07
      And if released, you will have to either bring down or sit
  19. tambu
    tambu 4 October 2012 23: 11
    "... the politician declares ..." she is not a politician, but a prisoner number ... xs what .... "A thief should be in prison ..." ....
  20. not good
    not good 4 October 2012 23: 21
    There is a parallel between Tymoshenko and Khodorkovsky. Both of them plucked power into their heads, not very reckoning with the laws. Of both, the West tried to make the banner of the struggle for democracy. After sitting, having set free, no one will be needed.
  21. Axel
    Axel 5 October 2012 00: 08
    Orange rot is better than Donetsk Caudle
    1. Rosant
      Rosant 5 October 2012 00: 49
      The West wants to make AntiRussia out of Ukraine. Orange is a tool for the implementation of these plans. And without Tymoshenko, the orange front will fall apart. Therefore, the West so supports it, therefore, it should always be in the spotlight.
      1. daem00n
        daem00n 6 October 2012 00: 23
        There is (was) one more symbol (Yusch), he is simply out of work now and not in prison, but he was cunningly tricky.
  22. Alex-UA
    Alex-UA 8 October 2012 16: 45
    Julia, where have you been, I had to steal gas khadyl, well, not so much hіba trіshki, but scho is not possible.