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Ukrainian possibilities of modernization and creation of helicopters

The main company engaged in the production of aircraft engines in Ukraine for airplanes and helicopters (Motor Sich association) was engaged in the modernization of helicopter technology. The company has already demonstrated a modernized - Mi-8MSB. The next in line will be the upgraded Mi-2 - Mi-2MSB and its military version of SME-2MO.

Ukrainian possibilities of modernization and creation of helicopters

Mi-2MSB will be presented before the end of 2012. And although the money from the state to carry out a complex of works on the modernization of the helicopter fleet is allocated by the state, there is no clear definition for a renewed helicopter.

Mi-8T Modernization
Mi-8MSB will receive new engines of its own production "TV3-117 WMA GMS 1B 4E". According to the developers, engines and reconstruction will greatly improve the basic characteristics of the helicopter:
- reduced fuel consumption;
- The warranty period will be 16 years;
- increase the flight range;
- increase speed characteristics.

Mi-2 Upgrade
The Mi-2MSB will also receive new AI-450M engines that have 460 horsepower, instead of the installed GTD-350 (350 hp) engines. The basic characteristics, as well as with the modernization of MI-8MSB, will greatly increase. In the course of the work, it is decided to upgrade the control system, upgrade the glass cabin, increase comfort, change some design elements, some systems and components.

According to the representatives of Motor Sich, the cost of one upgraded helicopter will be less than its predecessor more than 2 times. At this time, more than a dozen of Mi-2 are being upgraded at the merger capacities. The Ministry of Emergency Situations is already ready to purchase several dozen modernized helicopters to provide for the Emergency Ministry units.

Major modifications:
- A helicopter for the Ministry of Emergency Situations, rescue version of MSB-2С;

- helicopter for the Ministry of Emergency Situations, fire version of MSB-2P;

- helicopter for the agricultural sector SME-2X;

- helicopter for medical institutions MSB-MD;

- helicopter of general purpose transport and passenger MSB-2.

Military modification of the Mi-2MSB
For the military department of Ukraine "Motor Sich" further modernization of the Mi-2 helicopter. The upgraded Mi-2MSB will receive two armament farms, on which it is possible to place blocks with NUR "B8В20А" or block-containers with universal rapid-fire installations "UPK23-250". Presumably the military modification will receive the name of SME-2MO.

The main purpose of the upgraded helicopter will be to accomplish the tasks of the operational-tactical plan, the destruction of ground armored vehicles and enemy personnel.
The prospects for the helicopter are broad enough:
- anti-helicopter;
- reconnaissance helicopter;
- helicopter to provide surface ships.

Perspective - the newest Ukrainian universal helicopter
These solutions, namely the modernization of helicopter technology, has one goal - the creation of the newest Ukrainian helicopter (from scratch) by the Motor Sich association. Approximate funding for the new helicopter will be one billion dollars. The newest helicopter will be universal - its modifications will be both civilian and military. Government funding for the helicopter is likely to take place, but neither the exact dates nor the volumes are yet precisely known.

In the meantime, the developers themselves do not have an exact idea of ​​what the new helicopter will be like if the state program of helicopter support and state funding is adopted, although several concepts of the future helicopter have already been developed in the association:
- a multi-purpose medium helicopter with a weight of about 5 tons;
- A multi-purpose medium helicopter weighing about 7 tons (the latest data);

According to the union’s management, Ukraine is not going to compete with Russia in the helicopter market, especially since Russia is more specialized in the heavy helicopter market. The decision to create medium-sized helicopters is based on the demand for such helicopters on the Ukrainian market. In the long term - the creation of the Ukrainian newest heavy helicopter.

In general, the creation of helicopters in the association is mainly associated with the unrealized idea of ​​creating helicopters in the enterprise at the end of 1990. Then, specifically for this, they bought a license for Ka-226. For this helicopter at the factory created aircraft engines. But it was not possible to launch the helicopter into mass production at the time.

At this time there is no complete clarity, where there will be a main production site for helicopters. At first, the production of helicopters was planned to use the power of the Vinnitsa aircraft factory (the Vinnitsa aircraft factory is involved in the helicopter remodeling, at least for Mi-2 helicopters), but now it is no longer among the possible sites for the modernization and production of helicopters. Work with the Mi-2 / 8T helicopters is being carried out at the experimental site at Motor Sich. New components for modernization, such as details of the design of the fuselage, cockpit and interior space, will be produced at the Sevastopol, Kherson and No. 140 plants.

According to representatives of the association, according to their calculations, on average, the Ukrainian aviation market is ready to purchase 500 units of low-cost medium-sized helicopters. The civilian sector needs 300 units, government services and security agencies (except aircraft) in 150 helicopter units.

Currently registered (civil sector) in Ukraine about 200 helicopters. In just the past five years, more than 200 MI-2 / 8 / 26 type helicopters were removed from registration.

The condition of helicopters in the service in the armed forces (like any other military equipment), to put it mildly, “does not shine”. Almost all helicopters are at least 20-year-old. In total, the Ukrainian military has 150 helicopters, most of which require repairs of various levels of complexity.

It would be desirable to hope that carrying out these upgrades will allow the association to acquire the necessary experience, build the necessary capacities and carry out the required repairs to military helicopters.

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  1. viruskvartirus
    viruskvartirus 3 October 2012 09: 48
    “The state of helicopters in service in the armed forces (like any other military equipment), to put it mildly,“ does not shine. ”Almost all helicopters produced at least 20 years ago. In total, the Ukrainian military has 150 helicopters, most of which require repair of various difficulty levels. " Well, why the helicopter of our president is more expensive than that of the world's leading leaders laughing
  2. Splin
    Splin 3 October 2012 09: 57
    The technical task for the military helicopter has already been received. It will be a light attack helicopter, like the AH-1 Cobra /
    1. kotdavin4i
      kotdavin4i 3 October 2012 11: 34
      Quote: Splin
      like AH-1 Cobra /

      Have a good day Dan - but is there more information? Crew accommodation, tandem or near? on the basis of a helicopter will it be designed from scratch?
      1. Splin
        Splin 3 October 2012 11: 43
        Greetings. So far, only yesterday information appeared - not even official, so from sources in the Ministry of Defense. Nothing else is known yet, just the base from the Mi-2 and it will be in the same class as "Ansat-2RTs"
        1. Chicot 1
          Chicot 1 3 October 2012 14: 00
          I would venture to suggest that it will be almost a complete analogue of the Ansat-2RTs. Both externally and in terms of the tasks assigned to it. However, this is not surprising. Attack helicopters are not very diverse in this ...
          1. Splin
            Splin 3 October 2012 15: 25



            We see you are right. Just why buy even Russian at market prices, than create your own
            MSB-8 has only the Russian fuselage. Otherwise, different cars with Mi-8
            The scheme for creating an attack helicopter of Ukrainian production has already been tested on the Mi-24, so the question is only in the fuselage. Well, it seems that they will create it in 2 years.
    2. Civil
      Civil 3 October 2012 11: 37
      Ukrainian helicopter, interestingly interesting .... we will wait a long time
    3. Krilion
      Krilion 3 October 2012 12: 04
      if that happens, then most likely only on paper ...
      1. montemor
        montemor 3 October 2012 13: 12
        this is enough to sell to the Chinese request
    4. Chicot 1
      Chicot 1 3 October 2012 13: 55
      I have to upset you a little, dear Splin... AN-1 "Sobra" and its modifications (variants) is not such a "light" helicopter. Nevertheless, its takeoff weight, albeit insignificantly, exceeds the 4500 kg limit established for light helicopters ...
      1. Splin
        Splin 3 October 2012 15: 15
        Quote: Chicot 1
        4500 kg milestone for light helicopters ...

        You yourself see the upgraded MI-2 pulling 4 tons of weight, while the Cobra’s motor is twice as much.
        I did not say that the Cobra is light, it’s just that they make percussion out of multipurpose ones.
        Mi-24 does not count.
  3. Manager
    Manager 3 October 2012 10: 13
    Helicopters are a good thing. Good luck
  4. kotdavin4i
    kotdavin4i 3 October 2012 11: 36
    As an Emergencies Ministry, I liked the modernization of MI-2, but one thing is preferable for us on the basis of helicopters with a coaxial system - they are more stable when hovering, it is easier for pilots to control them in case of wind gusts.
  5. bamboo
    bamboo 3 October 2012 12: 27
    I want to laugh straight)))
    they want to purchase for themselves)))
    LAUGHED !!!!! laughing
  6. Splin
    Splin 3 October 2012 12: 35
    Quote: bambu

    Motor Sich Helicopters modernized 16 Mi-2MSB
    Vinnitsa has already upgraded 16 Mi-2 helicopters to the MSB-2 version. Vyacheslav Boguslaev spoke about this at the Aviasvit-XXI air show. The essence of the modernization is to replace engines, redesign the layout of the cabin, replace the dashboard and equip the "glass cockpit". The takeoff weight of the MSB-2 will be increased to 6 tons. The first customers of the helicopter were the Ministry of Emergency Situations and medical aviation. Motor Sich Helicopters are developing a military modification with weapons, but the pace of this work will depend on the needs and wishes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Boguslaev said.

  7. mongoose
    mongoose 3 October 2012 12: 51
    we'll see, but I think that the next "overhaul" is far from the first
  8. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 3 October 2012 13: 43
    This material proves once again that the multi-purpose light helicopter is a very popular class of rotorcraft in many fields and fields of activity. Including to a large extent and in the military ...
    And in my humble opinion, the approach of Ukrainian specialists to the modernization of the Mi-2 is quite balanced, reasonable and promising. I would like to wish them success in this matter ...
    1. Zynaps
      Zynaps 3 October 2012 18: 45
      and here the fact is that the neighbors - Poland, which back in the days of the USSR handed over technical documentation for the production of Mi-2 (since their capacities were fully loaded) - they are developing this topic and have a profit. so purcoy would not be pa? moreover, with the arrival of Salamatin in Ukrspetsexport, and now the Moscow Region, the military industry took up a little and orders went. we will look further.
  9. Kir
    Kir 3 October 2012 17: 34
    Good luck in your endeavor !!!, but why the agricultural option in such a color is unclear, and there is one more sign (- a general-purpose transport-passenger helicopter), and where is "a picture or text.
    And what about the percussion "I liked" "TUROK", it has a removable "nose", at least it seems so.
  10. zadotov
    zadotov 3 October 2012 23: 13
    you can’t teach the old dog new tricks