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Military Themis (special case)

They assigned me as an investigator. Well, the work routine - who came across, knows. Either a fight, a break, then a classroom injury. Nothing interesting, and it takes time away from the service - every now and then, we must go to the prosecutor’s office. Then another "prosecutor" warnings of "issuing" were "hung".

Somehow faced with "himself." It turned out that his son "was sick" Airborne. Asked for a "stabilization" gift from D-6, if possible. The commander wisely decided - it is necessary to be friends with the scattered ones! and issued a "stable". Moreover, some rare - blue-white, in my opinion. I do not know how the son, but the prosecutor was delighted!)

"Friendship" was getting better. It also turned out that the prosecutor’s office lacks translators to work with the Germans - all kinds of complaints, statements, polls, and so on. the commander doesn't mind if I work for them a couple of times a week. In short, the prosecutor was very happy to me and favored in every way)

What is it for me? The service continued, I was the commander of the assault platoon with all the consequences, so to speak. My assault landing consisted of 3-x reconnaissance assault groups (according to the All-Ukrainian Naval Forces - Airborne Intelligence))). Hence the specificity of combat training. And somehow we had a TSU together with our special intelligence. As a result, the outfits of the internal service of one military unit were disheveled. All would be nothing, even the "prisoners" of senior officers (fell under the arm) would have forgiven, but had to take with them weapon - so that later they would not shoot in the back (the experience was already there). And this is a crime. "Case" in the prosecutor's office.

The prosecutor invites me. He says - there worked on your similar ones, judging by the form, - like a construction battalion. But I do not believe that the best company in the army is capable of such. In short, conduct a preliminary inquiry.

I returned to the PPD in a light panic. Report, talked. By the way, the commander recalled that we are friends with prosecutors, otherwise I would not be charged. It is clear that the weapon was thrown back, controlled "reception". The article "The Abduction of Weapons" has disappeared. The next day I arrived there (from the prosecutor's office) to make sure that the weapons were in place. It remains to write a denial of arousal due to the lack of an event. The commander of the military unit n / n and the prosecutor did not mind)

Then, together with the guys from special intelligence, we spent a lot of interesting "lessons". Much more criminal, but we gained experience and more in the field of view of the prosecutor's office did not fall)))

Then there was a case when, during the exercises, one of the staff translators fairly drank it and started shooting PM from anywhere. I got into a soldier - a man walked with a pot of water, did not touch anyone. The bullet hit the shoulder. Rather, in a padded jacket in the shoulder area. He struck a padded jacket, rolled down the sleeve and fell into the palm. Penalty pipets! Actually, the case started. In fact, everything is correct. But - the soldier really did not suffer, but the translator got his own way. I had to order an examination that the bullet from the PM at 3-x bounce 300 m. Will not fly (but it flew!))). The case was closed. The translator then brought brandy and demanded that I drink it myself, since This is a measure of his personal gratitude to me personally, Kick!)))

But the most interesting case was later. Gunner tank I shot the BMP with the regiment’s political officer, in my opinion, but I don’t remember for sure. That is, the BMP before shooting jumped out in front of the tank. He fired. The crew and troops of the BMP are corpses. All the corpses are on the gunner. Among them - the political officer.

Paper came from the regiment - a crime. At that time, the commander of the military unit was an inquiry body. The prosecutor is obliged to do something. This "friendly" prosecutor invites me. You are a tanker by training, he says you are not interested, just tell the opinion of a graduate of a tank school (I wrote this out of harm))).

I recall that the misalignment of the line of sight with the barrel at a distance of 1000. is some meters there. Those. the operator under certain conditions could not see this BMP. The prosecutor seized on this thought. As a result, they made the guilty zampolit, not the operator. Though it was a pity for the dead, but it’s necessary to be friends with the head in the army. Gunner justified.

Our prosecutor's office "lived" with the commandant's office. Sometimes I had to help with translation. How do you refuse? While the prosecutor’s office will initiate a case, the commandant’s office can arrange an “expulsion” in 24 hours!))) Joke. But one night they were called to the commandant's office — they were the ones who represented all our power. I come.

Our Soviet fighter (either drunk or gone off the roof) escaped from the unit, climbed into the house of the Germans, killed the mistress and locked himself in the basement.

Here are representatives of the city and the police. I ask - what's the problem? Do you have experts, let them take !. Ah, no, the Germans say, we have specialists, but we will not shoot Russians. This soldier is your problem, and you decide!

After long conversations, they decided that I needed to call me))) But another division arrived. The crank was poisoned with ordinary YDG and calmly taken away. The Germans were surprised by the simplicity of the problem. And with our poverty - brilliant! Not Alpha, after all, but gray workers, pahari from an automatic machine)

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  1. Prometey
    Prometey 3 October 2012 12: 09
    Honestly, it’s sad to somehow read all this. The mess is indestructible. And that goat that was fired by drunk had to be condemned all the same. Already got this drunk trash.
  2. peter-tank
    peter-tank 3 October 2012 13: 58
    Quote: "I remember that the misalignment of the line of sight with the barrel at a distance of 1000m is some meters. That is, the operator, under certain conditions, could not see this BMP."
    For the T-80 (T-64) tank, namely they formed the basis of the GSVG tank weapons, the distance between the axis of the barrel channel and the aiming line is slightly more than half a meter. This is on the tower. Further, at a point remote from the tank at 1600 m, these imaginary lines should converge. The sight field of view is 20 degrees.
    BMP can not be noticed only in conditions of poor visibility, and not because of a mismatch in the axis of the bore and the aiming line.
    1. s1н7т
      3 October 2012 23: 29
      how smart you are! And for what a fighter in prison ?! Because the ZKCHR regiment decided to go out where it is not necessary ?! The fighter was already pushing the button when this horseradish popped up. The prosecutor did everything right. And no one delved into the details, thank God. Or are you against it?
      1. peter-tank
        peter-tank 4 October 2012 20: 09
        s1n7t Yesterday, 23:29 PM ↑ new
        0 how smart you are! And for what a fighter in prison ?! Because the ZKCHR regiment decided to go out where it is not necessary ?! The fighter was already pushing the button when this horseradish popped up. The prosecutor did everything right. And no one delved into the details, thank God. Or are you against it?

        I agree, not really stupid.
        A fighter (judging by your words) and nothing to do with. There is a violation of TB by the political regiment. An offensive infantry fighting vehicle in an offensive in general in the third line should go, if without dismounting, then just behind the tanks.
    2. crazyrom
      crazyrom 4 October 2012 18: 29
      As I understood from the story, when the gunner (or whoever shoots there) decided to shoot, closed his eyes, pressed a button (or yanked something) until the shot occurred, while the shell flew X meters, this is 1-2 seconds. if an APC was driving, say 60km / h, it is almost 15m / s, it could easily jump out of an obstacle and drive 20-30 meters before hitting. In this case, there’s a big chance that it’s just bad luck (+ stupidity of an armored personnel carrier).
      1. s1н7т
        6 October 2012 22: 14
        About "pulled something" - it's great!))) And the BMP (not the armored personnel carrier) there was nothing to do at all - an ugly violation of TB! That ZKHR regiment took with him the crew and the landing machine. For what?! Common sense is resting.
  3. Kortik
    Kortik 3 October 2012 14: 39
    Is the special intelligence of the Airborne Forces supposed to practice their skills on ordinary rifle units? It's like an adult trained man beating a frail teenager. Is it possible to "fight" with troops of equal training such as marines, special forces and other specialists, they have little guts. And I ask what is here
    brag? What did they beat and defeat the obviously weak opponent?
    1. peter-tank
      peter-tank 3 October 2012 20: 39
      This has happened in my memory. In the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany, at divisional (regimental) tactical exercises, the reconnaissance battalion of the division (reconnaissance company of the regiment, army company of the Special Forces) periodically "chewed" in the areas where combined-arms battalions and artillery divisions were located.
      1. s1н7т
        3 October 2012 23: 30
        If not a secret, in which army did you serve? I am in the 20th and the 8th.
        1. peter-tank
          peter-tank 4 October 2012 20: 02
          In the 20th Guards OA, 32th Guards
          1. s1н7т
            5 October 2012 21: 54
            Can you say the year?)
          2. s1н7т
            5 October 2012 22: 37
            32 Guards TD - almost native)
    2. s1н7т
      3 October 2012 23: 40
      Hmm. "Regular rifle units" in the GSVG were units of constant combat readiness, if anything. And the same guys served there, like ours. Well, if the service of the troops has failed, then this is not our problem. There is no point in "fighting" with equals - in war they usually do not intersect. Although once they "fought" with a company of "rangers" from West Berlin - they won))) The Yankees even expressed doubts that all of us were conscripts.
      And at the expense of the "frail teenager" - and if we do not come, but the "Rangers", what will this "teenager" do?
      Something like that.
    3. воронов
      воронов 16 January 2013 01: 56
      Yes, in general, the article is nonsense, continuous boasting
  4. s1н7т
    4 October 2012 00: 02
    For the sake of historical justice, I’ll add - there was no special intelligence of the Airborne Forces in the GSVG, just like the Airborne Forces. There were DDR (by the number of divisions), companies of the Special Forces and battalions of the DShB (by the number of armies), a brigade of the Special Forces and the brigade of the DShB throughout the Group. These are the VUSs we had - reconnaissance of the Airborne Forces and Special Forces of the Airborne Forces, no more.