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Why did Putin ignore Pakistan?

Recently, the Pakistani media literally in unison stated that the Pakistani government made a rather large foreign policy mistake. This mistake is made, according to journalists and public figures, that positions on the organization of the quadripartite summit between Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Russia were extremely poorly worked out, as a result of which the Russian president refused to participate in the summit to be held in Islamabad. The Pakistani authorities confirmed that the holding of the summit, which was supposed to be about cooperation between the aforementioned countries, is being postponed indefinitely precisely because Vladimir Putin will not be able to come to the capital of Pakistan.

After such an information surge, everyone began to wonder why this Russian president decided to ignore the Islamabad summit of the so-called “Dushanbe Four”. In this regard, there are several opinions that need to be voiced.

Photo: Alexander Miridonov / Kommersant

Opinion is the first, or rather, the official explanation of Putin’s decision by the presidential press service. Dmitry Peskov said that the Russian president was not going to take part in the summit in Islamabad, and therefore did not even quite understand why this information caused such an unhealthy excitement. However, there is information that the Kremlin press service may not be true. The fact is that if Putin had not originally planned to arrive at the Pakistani summit, then why did the Pakistani authorities and the Pakistani newspapers report with such regret at the last moment? Has the Russian president decided, until the last moment, to hide from his Pakistani counterpart the fact that he is not going to attend the summit in Islamabad? Somehow it looks unlikely. And, as we know, Putin is used to warn his foreign colleagues in advance that he cannot come to this or that meeting for certain reasons. Camp David is a prime example ...

The second opinion. Putin, of course, was going to go, but at the last moment his decision was forced to reconsider, since he was clearly not impressed by the position of official Islamabad on the construction of a gas pipeline from Iran to India through Pakistani territory. There is information that Gazprom was planning to carry out active work on financing the construction of this gas pipeline (IPI) in exchange for a stake in the project, but the Pakistani authorities said that they are not yet ready to consider the Gazprom nominee when implementing such a large-scale project. As a result, in Islamabad they started talking about organizing a tender, which, apparently, was regarded by Gazprom as an act of evil will on the part of Islamabad. At the same time, Putin was allegedly outraged by this incident, which affected his decision to refuse to travel to Islamabad.

By the way, representatives of one of the Pakistani parties are talking about this. According to them, the refusal of Vladimir Putin’s visit to Pakistan, which could be a landmark for building partnership relations between Pakistan and Russia, is due precisely to the fact that official Islamabad cannot clearly explain its position in terms of the project for the construction of a gas transmission system. Namely, this project is capable, in the opinion of one of the deputies, to bring additional revenues to the Pakistani treasury.
It is noteworthy that the Pakistani media do not see a reason to criticize the refusal of Vladimir Putin to come to their country, but many Pakistani newspapers quite actively criticize the position of official Islamabad, claiming that it was Islamabad that broke a promising summit.

The third opinion, which is particularly often expressed in Russia. This opinion is connected with the fact that Vladimir Putin weighed all the pros and cons of his possible visit to Pakistan, and then suddenly realized that it was better not to go to this country, since it is possible to invoke the ill will of India. On the one hand, there is logic in this judgment, but on the other hand, it is hardly worth saying that Putin remembered the possibility of complicating relations with India right now, when the summit in Islamabad should have already begun.

It is worth noting that the last high Russian state official who flew to Pakistan was Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Fradkov. This event occurred in the 2007 year. At the same time, it should be noted that before Fradkov from our high-ranking state officials in this country, Alexey Kosygin was already in the 1968 year. In other words, Pakistan (politicians), endowed with greater powers, somehow did not like Pakistan at all. This has its own explanation: Russia (the USSR) has another ally in this region, with which partnerships are built - this is India. However, in the modern world it is already difficult to say that we will conduct a partnership dialogue with this state, but we categorically refuse to conduct such a dialogue with its neighbor. India, of course, is our strategic ally, but then with Pakistan it is quite possible to begin constructive cooperation based on mutually beneficial principles.

By the way, if you go back to the visit of the Russian prime minister in 2007 to Pakistan, then just by the way they met Mikhail Fradkov, we can say that it is impossible to neglect the possibility of establishing mutually beneficial relations with Islamabad. This is despite the fact that Pakistan has a huge influence in the Muslim world.

Recall that Pakistani hospitality was simply overwhelming for Fradkov: his portraits with the words “Welcome, Mr. Prime Minister!” Were hung everywhere. The main news Pakistan's publications were full of headlines that “Russia is the greatest civilization”, “Russia is a stable partner”, “Russia and Pakistan are doomed to productive cooperation” and all that sort of thing. Of course, there were frictions over the same preference on the part of Russia for close ties with India, but the result of that short trip was quite productive: agreements were reached on the implementation of joint projects worth more than $ 2 billion.

But then Russia's interest in Pakistan began to fade away systematically: whether the economic crisis intervened, or a series of unrest in the Muslim world had an impact. The fact remains: in Russia, the feasibility of cooperation with Pakistan itself is highly skeptical. In recent years, we have managed to develop a stereotype that Pakistan is the sphere of US interests, and therefore Russia has nothing to do there. But the world is changing, the Pakistani authorities after the destruction of Bin Laden by the Americans in Abbottabad without coordination with them, as well as after the air strike on the positions of the Pakistani military personnel to Washington, too many questions. The scandal with the film “Innocence of Muslims” and thousands of anti-American protest actions in Pakistani cities have driven another wedge between Washington and Islamabad.

In this regard, the Russian authorities could well take advantage of the situation and begin a more active promotion of their interests in Pakistan. It would be very good for Russia to get such a regional partner, which, by the way, is today, together with Iran, Afghanistan and India, the so-called observer in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. And to say that India will be totally against today is somehow unconstructive. That's what we need a thoughtful foreign policy.

But it is obvious that the Russian authorities are thinking in the same direction. In particular, Vladimir Putin has already sent a letter to his Pakistani counterpart Zardari, in which he says, in particular, the following:

"I am confident that in the future we will be able to find opportunities to organize our personal meetings. We will always be happy to receive you in Russia."

And here is the train of thought of the Russian leadership. The Russian leader makes it clear that contacts between Russia and Pakistan are more than possible, but it would be better to reach agreements either in Russia or on a neutral territory. Still, the Indian background proves itself in this matter. If official Islamabad understands that Russia is ready to go for rapprochement, but is not going to give up partnership with India, then the meeting of Putin and Zardari or Putin and Prime Minister Ashraf can be expected in the near future. If the Pakistani president has decided that Russia needs to choose: Pakistan or India, then we will not see fruitful contacts for a long time.

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  1. Ragnarek
    Ragnarek 3 October 2012 09: 19
    Russia did not come and the meeting did not take place. Well, it's nice that the country has strengthened its diplomatic positions. I recall with horror the times of Boris Alkash and Andryusha Kozyrev
    1. Satanail
      Satanail 3 October 2012 10: 16
      What strengthened the position? Refusal to come this bike and it is not known what will turn out. I think he played up the elections in the United States or was afraid that there would be an attempt on him. To harm one nation, but the world to another. From all the information that I analyzed, our Pinocchio and Pinocchio broke away from the puppeteer ... You can also interpret such an act as undermining the interests of the country ...
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 3 October 2012 10: 26
        Quote: Satanail
        Refusal to come this bike and it is not known what will turn out.

        Oh yes, probably Afghanistan will protest or Pakistan will cut back what it has there, but no Tajiks will stop supplying us with guest workers laughing
        Quote: Satanail
        I think played along with the elections in the usa

        Well, it’s even funnier, you don’t even need to comment wassat
        Quote: Satanail
        or was afraid that there would be an attempt on him.

        So here it is, where the dog rummaged, just like an attempt, it was precisely frightened wassat
        Quote: Satanail
        To harm one nation, but the world to another.

        As for the world holding, I finally under the table. Who is the world holding belay An Amer-in-chief of the Amers, Tajik, whose hope of staying in power is Russia and its base. A Pakistani who is overthrown by the Taliban not today tomorrow, who, by and large, is not much different from the Taliban. And this is the world holding out lol
        Quote: Satanail
        From all the information that I analyzed, our Pinocchio and Pinocchio came off from the puppeteer ...

        Yes, well, analyze and take tests are a few different things, not everyone can understand hi
        1. Satanail
          Satanail 3 October 2012 10: 37
          Oh yes, probably Afghanistan will protest or Pakistan will cut back what it has there, but no Tajiks will stop supplying us with guest workers The attitude towards ours will change and the share of turnover with Pakistan will fall, including weapons ...
          Imagine how Romney is now discussing this topic, he is discussing everything connected with Russia, pouring on us you know what.
          Do you think his guard is still strong? The world that holds these are the owners of state corporations ... Remember all the actions against the ruling elite in recent times.

          It is difficult for me to conduct a dialogue with a person who does not know history and does not have imaginative thinking, I made this conclusion from past comments. As you wrote, there can be no dialogue between us.

          Apparently the archangel and Troll are not comrades) Love and kiss the gnoputin in the ass)
          1. Alexander Romanov
            Alexander Romanov 3 October 2012 11: 50
            Quote: Satanail
            Imagine Romney discussing this topic right now.

            Introduced and what?
            Quote: Satanail
            he discusses everything connected with Russia, pouring on us you know what.

            But what when it was different?
            Quote: Satanail
            The attitude towards ours will change and the share of turnover with Pakistan will fall, including arms.

            What weapons, whom are you going to arm there in Pakistan, who in Russia can’t spit on Pakistan.
            Quote: Satanail
            Do you think his guard is still strong?

            Well, yes, Putin’s guards, just suckers like freshly recruited conscripts fool
            Quote: Satanail
            The holders of the world are the owners of state corporations.

            What do corporations have to do with Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan, what kind of nonsense negative
            Quote: Satanail

            It’s hard for me to have a dialogue with someone who doesn’t know the story

            Excuse me, professor, probably the level of my knowledge does not reach your
            Quote: Satanail
            figurative thinking

            Quote: Satanail
            Apparently the archangel with Troll is not comrades

            Mr. Troll agrees, I’m not your friend, but you might not have called me an archangel. You know, I'm much more modest laughing
            Quote: Satanail
            Love and kiss in the ass gnoputin)

            Well, here I’m not a competitor in servicing other people's asses, you have imaginative thinking and you can do it much better wink
      2. Kostyar
        Kostyar 3 October 2012 17: 36
        And I think that Putin learned that they want to bang him there and did not come ..., he is now one of those whom the Americans want to clean by any means !!!
      3. crazyrom
        crazyrom 4 October 2012 19: 33
        Quote: Satanail
        What strengthened the position? Refusal to come this bike and it is not known what will turn out. I think he played up the elections in the United States or was afraid that there would be an attempt on him. To harm one nation, but the world to another. From all the information that I analyzed, our Pinocchio and Pinocchio broke away from the puppeteer ... You can also interpret such an act as undermining the interests of the country ...

        Let me fix it: bike-> boycott, played along -> played along, this -> this.

        Quote: Satanail
        What strengthened the position?

        The fact that without us there is no meeting. They would have said earlier: there is no Russia and to hell with them, we will meet three together. And today they can’t.
    2. Farvil
      Farvil 3 October 2012 13: 39
      Yes, shame for my country was not much to go. But now there’s nothing to be proud of.
  2. Strashila
    Strashila 3 October 2012 09: 26
    With Pakistan, no negotiations have yet apologized for the slaughter of our soldiers at Gorbi.
    1. JonnyT
      JonnyT 3 October 2012 17: 26
      Quote: Strashila
      for the slaughter of our soldiers at Gorbi.

      Quote: Strashila
      for the slaughter of our soldiers at Gorbi.

      And you can in more detail, I just do not know anything about it!
      1. Alex_g23r
        Alex_g23r 4 October 2012 23: 51
  3. Hammer
    Hammer 3 October 2012 10: 01
    In my humble opinion, it is imperative to establish relations with Pakistan, but without fanaticism. No one asks to shout at every corner that "Pakistanis and Russian brothers forever!" This is unnecessary and moreover harmful. But good neighborly relations need to be established. In light of the upcoming US-led NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Pak can help us make the process of returning the Taliban there less painful for us, and returning to Afghanistan (in humanitarian terms) can help.
    But of course, not to the detriment of relations with India. Like it or not, India is our strategic partner that should not be lost under any circumstances.
  4. aksakal
    aksakal 3 October 2012 10: 04
    It’s still incomprehensible with Pakistan ... And rightly so, there’s nothing to embrace right away, as soon as Pakistan has a little friction with the States. Need to wait and take a closer look
  5. understudy
    understudy 3 October 2012 10: 14
    In the presence of, let us assume, friendly relations with India, even a hint of "embrace" with Pakistan is contraindicated. For "For two hares ..."
  6. baltika-18
    baltika-18 3 October 2012 10: 18
    Miller is a friend of Putin, to hell Pakistan.
  7. baltika-18
    baltika-18 3 October 2012 10: 20
    Miller is a friend of Putin, to hell Pakistan.
  8. Averias
    Averias 3 October 2012 10: 42
    One thing I can say. Putin never does anything for nothing. He knows how to think and calculate, and how he knows how. In matters of geopolitics, he is always on guard. I didn’t go - so it’s necessary.
    1. take it off
      take it off 10 October 2012 20: 27
  9. core
    core 3 October 2012 12: 04
    I think the right thing of our president, what kind of mutt is corrupt Turkmenistan and Karzai, what to talk about with them, and with Pakistan only two-way relations and negotiations, and I think that the Pakistani leadership has apprehended this message adequately, and there will be a meeting and negotiations .
  10. Flooding
    Flooding 3 October 2012 12: 37
    Well, prerequisites have arisen for changing vectors in relations between Russia and Pakistan. Let diplomats scratch their turnips, scratch what and how, and what to play on, and what prospects (if any).
    But from which side is Afghanistan and Tajikistan here? Absolutely the right position, if you build relationships, then bilateral, poor Pakistani relatives working part-time with Uncle Sam, let them stand outside the door.
    1. wax
      wax 3 October 2012 15: 42
      Yes, Tajikistan is superfluous there. Russia is out of system in this four, but it would be reckless to promote Tajikistan’s entry into a company with Pakistan and Afghanistan (Amer’s protorates). The decision in the end is correct and, I think, pre-calculated, effective. Bilateral relationship with Pakistan? The door is ajar. Well done Putin, you can’t say anything.
  11. Gorchakov
    Gorchakov 3 October 2012 12: 56
    He didn’t go to a country that has been under the absolute influence of the CIA for a long time .... A country that plays an important role on a geopolitical chessboard, a country in which there are vague and dubious dramatization by the project of Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, a country that presents to the whole world about disordered relations with their master - the USA, while remaining faithful to their satrap, a country that is ready to sacrifice its image for the sake of winning the United States in this chess game ...- cannot be absolutely trusted I’m from the side of the sane president of Russia ... I absolutely agree with the decision of our leader, because at the moment, his life is much more expensive than visiting a dubious country and talking with leaders of the same dubious strategic partners that the United States could sacrifice to achieve its goal ... One missile launched from Pakistan could put an end to the geopolitical confrontation ....
  12. nycsson
    nycsson 3 October 2012 13: 13
    Yeah! Something has recently become frequent with failures! He didn’t go to the USA, Obama didn’t come to the summit, and now Pakistan! Very interesting......
  13. strannik595
    strannik595 3 October 2012 14: 04
    three goblins ....... Rakhmon needs to put his finger in one place, brought the country to the handle, the entire able-bodied population in Russia plows, the republic lives in poverty, still blathers something mu-k
    1. CARBON
      CARBON 3 October 2012 17: 30
      You are too philanthropic, to break the German flag to all three, there are none!
  14. CARBON
    CARBON 3 October 2012 17: 25
    In my opinion, a harmful and unpleasant state.

    Jackal, at the feet of his bosom friend!
  15. vovab1963
    vovab1963 3 October 2012 19: 10
    the word was forbidden and mine will pass as for beginners with this word. and where is my avatar. I don’t seem to have control too and the program too, so I am also for ours. so I ignored the evening milking and ours
  16. segamegament
    segamegament 3 October 2012 19: 46
    Well, pindocs do it in a much more different way ...
    1. zadotov
      zadotov 3 October 2012 22: 46
      It’s rather our option, you just can’t see the mountain of corpses, in the American picture there would be a machine for the production of green waste paper
  17. Botanologist
    Botanologist 3 October 2012 20: 28
    I personally do not see anything wrong with establishing relations with Pakistan. Of course, you need to choose a format that does not harm our relations with India, but as a partner, Pakistan is much better than as an enemy.
    And what formats and what areas of cooperation?
    I believe the first step is politics. To normalize relations with India (Pakistan). Any ideas on weakening American influence.
    The second step is security. Agree on Afghanistan, work on the impact on the Islamic world. Cool down our Caucasus so that there is no support, etc.
    Well, then - the economy.
    In short, a lot of work.
    1. zadotov
      zadotov 3 October 2012 22: 41
      it is unlikely that relations with India would be affected by the meeting, because in the eternal dispute over Jammu and Kashmir Russia did not show much activity, and if you get in there, God forbid, there’s a cool mix and China with its Tibet and a hell of a bunch of players besides Pakistan and India , it’s a very significant geopolitical node. While Pakistan has cooled a little to the United States after the well-known events, but not for long, Lovely scolded only to laugh. Putin fired a bullet and waits, especially since Tajikistan has become complaisant (afraid of the bitch of Sirian)
  18. borisst64
    borisst64 4 October 2012 11: 43
    population - 190 million people
    Export ($ 30,9 billion in 2011) - textiles, rice, leather products, carpets.
    Import ($ 39,35 billion in 2011) - oil, petroleum products, machinery, plastics, vehicles, iron and steel, tea.
    Army - 1,45 million
    Has a nuclear weapon.

    It is impossible to ignore such a country, and it is better to be friends with it.
    1. CARBON
      CARBON 4 October 2012 23: 29
      Out of these 190, 20 no one knows what Pervez Musharaf is, 70 knows, but they saw him in a coffin by a white turban. Since 40% of the territories have power, their own, local, we can say the workers and peasants, approximately like Makhno-power)
  19. knn54
    knn54 4 October 2012 17: 45
    Everything there has long been captured by China.
  20. psdf
    psdf 4 October 2012 18: 04
    Quote: borisst64
    It is impossible to ignore such a country, and it is better to be friends with it.

    And they are not ignored. Just friendship can also be done in different ways.
    In this case, to be friends does not mean going on a whim, fitting into other people's muddy initiatives.