Russian ruble went to boarding?

Russian ruble went to boarding?One of the main topics for discussion at the last summit of heads of government of the CIS countries, as well as at the 3 investment forum held in Yalta, was the question of what principles to develop and expand the Free Trade Zone within the Commonwealth.

It is worth recalling that the Free Trade Zone (or FTA) itself legally took shape in 2011 year. At the moment, in addition to Russia, the FTA includes such CIS countries as Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia and Moldova. In Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, agreements on entry into the FTZ are at the stage of parliamentary ratification. During the Yalta meeting, agreements were reached that the Commonwealth Free Trade Zone may join Uzbekistan by the end of December.

But the expansion of the FTA begins to encounter the first pitfalls. The zone, although it is called free, but in fact there is at least one big obstacle to full-scale economic contacts between member states. This big obstacle can be characterized by such a phrase as the lack of a single currency. On the one hand, it may seem that this is not at all a fundamental thing, because there are such an FTA on the planet that integrate various states on the basis of their national currencies. For example, we can name a number of countries that signed the so-called Bangkok 1992 Agreement: India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Laos and Korea, but in this regard, national currencies play a certain role in paired mutual settlements, but in the general conjuncture the supranational currency prevails. This option is still the US dollar.

As part of the FTA of the Commonwealth of Independent States, there is still no general concept of using the single currency, but it is obvious that such a problem needs to be solved. Many economists say that the common currency in the Free Trade Zone should be introduced in the near future in order for the effectiveness of this economic entity to increase substantially. But if we talk about the single currency of an FTA, which one should be chosen as a basis? It would be strange, at least, to talk about the introduction of the US dollar as such a currency, because the use of these currencies significantly hampers the development of the Free Trade Zone.

In this case, you should pay attention to the words of the Chairman of the Belarusian Council of Ministers, Mikhail Myasnikovich, who during the Yalta Business Meetings Forum stated that it fully allows for the use of the Russian ruble as a single currency. However, it is worth noting that Myasnikovich was talking about the currency of the Customs Union, but if we consider that the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia is an economic union that, as you know, is not going to lock yourself in, it is quite likely that the Russian ruble could play the role of a single currency for the FTA of the CIS.

However, in this case there are serious enough opponents to give the Russian ruble such broad powers. So far, Ukraine looks like such an adversary, which does not see the ruble as a currency that can be trusted. In principle, no one is going to say that the Russian ruble is the pinnacle of financial stability in Russia, but according to Dmitry Medvedev’s apt remark, “if you don’t want to pay with rubles, you can at some point come to the need to pay in yuan.” This is the root problem, which over time can lead to an economic deadlock. This deadlock will look like this: in the absence of a consensus in the search for a single currency among those currently used by the CIS countries and, in particular, the FTA, you can get a serious dependence on the external financial system. And if the states of the FTA are going to move away from the dollar and the euro in mutual settlements, then you can easily become dependent on the very Chinese yuan, which has been gaining momentum lately. Well, if a new dependence on foreign currency is formed, then it is quite possible to doubt the advisability of this kind of economic integration. It turns out that the economic platform of the FTA will fall into an obvious dependence on the economy of the state, which is not included in this FTA. In this regard, the issue is solved in two ways:

or try to convince China to join the FTA, but this is an option from the category of those whose probability is close to zero, and with the efficiency of development of the economies of the CIS countries themselves, this will cause obvious problems;

or, nevertheless, to seek and find opportunities for giving one or another currency of the CIS countries the status of a single one for both the Customs Union and the Free Trade Zone. And, it must be admitted that the Russian ruble is much more likely here than any other currency.

It should be said that the issue of endowing the ruble with the status of the single currency of the FTA lies in two dimensions at once: economic and political. The same Ukraine, obviously, is afraid of becoming dependent on the Russian financial system. However, the problems of both these planes can be solved by taking just one step. This step was marked by the Chairman of the Board of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus Nadezhda Ermakova. She said that even within the framework of the Union State of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, the introduction of the Russian ruble as a single currency, which is printed exclusively in Russia, can affect the reality of the independence of Belarus. At her suggestion, the Russian ruble can be made a single currency (for the time being the Union State), if several emission centers are created.
The idea of ​​Nadezhda Yermakova is quite sound, but only then it is necessary to move on to a new stage of integration, which can be called economic trust, and better - mutual control. It is possible to create an emission center of the Russian ruble in addition to the Russian territory in Belarus, including, but then reliable guarantees should be provided that all created emission centers will work as excellent Swiss watches - in full coordination of all mechanisms with each other. Otherwise, you get a famous fable about the swan, cancer and pike.

But the question is: is the Russian leadership ready to respond positively to this kind of idea, because if you try to hold the reins of economic regulation only in one hand, then our partners in all the unions within the CIS may continue to have ideas that Moscow just wants to tidy up hands of the economy of neighboring states. And about the fact that such an opinion by certain forces will be cultivated, we can speak with a great degree of confidence. But on the other hand, if these same reins are distributed right and left, then our Rus-Three and all the other horse-states of a single team can run into separation, which will turn the idea of ​​economic integration into dust at the first stage of its implementation.

It turns out that the idea of ​​creating a single currency has matured in the Union State of Russia and Belarus, in the Customs Union, as well as in the Free Trade Zone, but so far no one wants to make concessions. It turns out that in order to realize this idea, it is necessary to move on to systematic discussion of it at the state level with the assistance of experienced lawyers and economists. Since we decided to integrate economically, we need to get down to business, rolling up our sleeves.
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  1. +23
    1 October 2012 08: 13
    It's time to abandon toilet paper printed by the US Federal Reserve. Papers of a bankrupt state are actually cheaper than paper spent on their production. Refusing to use worthless wrappers, we drive another nail into the lid of Amer’s coffin, and the sooner the overseas reptile dies, the world will be calmer.
    1. +10
      1 October 2012 08: 38
      the idea of ​​creating a single currency has matured

      "Putin announced the possibility of creating a single currency for Russia and Belarus"

      January 1 2004 years
      1. +3
        1 October 2012 09: 16
        the central bank will pump in dollars to balance currency fluctuations now for Belarus
        1. +4
          1 October 2012 12: 33

          Now there is a process of submission to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Russian Federation, bills have been submitted to the State Duma, it's just that this process is not the fastest, but the beginning has been made.
          1. +3
            1 October 2012 21: 47
            Exactly. Evgeny Fedorov (see details on introduced the bill, let's see if we have enough strength to push through, or they will crush it like 10 years ago. Let’s hope that this time will pass, today the situation is not like 10 years ago, Putin is completely different but America is even different.
        2. +2
          1 October 2012 16: 04
          the central bank will pump in dollars

          Chef, everything is lost, everything is lost! The cast is removed, the client leaves!

          In my opinion now, right now, the opposite is true!
          The Central Bank is buying up!
          Otherwise, ruble appreciation stops cannot be explained. They regularly try to make it cheaper!
          Clearly, it is beneficial for the state. But instability !? It's a shame for the power
          (the lower limit is 32.15, and before the weekend the course broke through 31!)
          If the ruble is released into free swimming (long promised), something will be interesting.
      2. adolph1
        2 October 2012 00: 41
        just when they came up with the euro! But the Americans will ruin everything for us too!
    2. +2
      2 October 2012 15: 52
      And I can’t wait for American candy wrappers in the toilet to go to the wallpaper. laughing
  2. +13
    1 October 2012 08: 31
    Emission center in Belarus and Ukraine? Brotherhood brotherhood, but after the recent gas scandals can they be so trusted? I think not, they will print such a thing there that then there will definitely not be any confidence in the ruble.
    1. freedom
      1 October 2012 20: 07
      I think that the center can be both there and there. It is different who and how will exercise control.
  3. +5
    1 October 2012 08: 37
    A very competent approach to unification.
    Integration - to be!
    One way or another, we will have a future with a plus sign. But the United States and Co. will increasingly envy us.
  4. snek
    1 October 2012 08: 43
    Single currency? For almost ten years now, Belarus and I have been discussing a common currency. Here's a reminder:
    Alexander Lukashenko first announced the prospects of introducing a single currency from January 1, 2004, but plans were soon postponed for 1 year. However, in 2005, as well as in 2006, the single currency never appeared. On February 2, 2006, at a press conference in Minsk, Director of the National Bank of Belarus Pyotr Prokopovich announced the expected introduction of a single currency from 2007, which also did not happen.

    And the bunny, although it dipped, is not going to leave.
    And here is the single currency for all FTZ countries - dreams, dreams.
    1. Van
      2 October 2012 20: 52
      In my opinion, the single currency has existed for a long time and its name is "Credit".
      What is not an option, it can be both national and supranational, and it can cost as much as the states that supported it support it.

      The idea is of course idiotic, but it is, the thoughts in the letter ... what
  5. +15
    1 October 2012 08: 45
    It's a sensible idea, it's quite difficult to sweep it. After all, the presence of an emission center only in Moscow cannot but be alarming. I immediately recall the beautiful scam from the Gaidar government in the early 90s, when the mechanism for exporting inflation to the countries of the former USSR was first activated with the help of a printing press, and then, with the help of the same press, these countries were pushed out of the ruble zone. Where is the guarantee that this will not happen again? Again, the dependence of the currency on Russia, the risks of excessive economic expansion of Russia using this leverage .... How is it in our Rush? "I'm getting a point!" -))))). At the same time, I do not deny the advantages, they are quite large, but these risks need to be neutralized.
    And I ask you not to forget - we have Marchenko in Kazakhstan, you have Kudrins and Co., influential financiers. There are suspicions that they are agents of influence interested in preserving the current alignment - the dominance of the dollar. They write different articles, like "yes, the dollar is a bad currency, but the rest are not currencies at all, so long live the dollar!" They will not sit idly by. There will be sticks in the wheels from their side in addition to the existing ones and indicated in the article under discussion.
    1. Green 413-1685
      1 October 2012 10: 10
      In general, the emission center should be located in Moscow for at least one reason that the main burden of the content of this entire project will fall on Russia and its economy. Do you also want to have equal benefits with equal economic instruments? Then be kind and invest on an equal footing, and you can pull it? For objective reasons, neither Kazakhstan nor Belarus will be able to provide this "pleasure" on an equal basis with Russia.
      And in Belarus, the political factor in the form of Lukashenko also mixes with the economic factor. Already give this figure a printing press, no general interstate agreements and oversight commissions will hinder, he has already turned one idea of ​​the Union State into a farce.
      1. +2
        1 October 2012 12: 46
        Quote: Green 413-1685
        In fact, the emission center should be located in Moscow for at least one reason that the main burden of the content of this entire project will fall on Russia and its economy

        - as a percentage of the size of the economy, it would be fair for everyone to invest. The distribution of emission rights could be done in the same way. I think that it would be enough for the countries joining Russia to simply grant the right to issue the ruble, in case of a "surprise" from Russia in the form of Gaidar. Green, sorry, we need some kind of insurance too.
        I think it’s worth delegating some powers on the sovereignty of Russia. Printing currency in Russia is one of the facets of delegation. The main thing is that these delegated powers should not turn into that claw, because of which the whole bird’s abyss. It may be better to turn from a bird to a lizard before diving, then there is the opportunity to delegate more sovereignty, as much as is needed for a truly effective union.
        Well, there professionals sit and discuss. We only have to trust them - we don’t have other professional financiers, there’s nothing to choose from. I think they’ll agree.
        1. Green 413-1685
          1 October 2012 13: 58
          The fact that guarantees are needed is understandable. But here a problem simply arises, for example, your Nazarbayev gives the impression of a sane pragmatic politician. And how do you tell Lukashenko to negotiate and trust the machine? To him are any contracts and rules, both written and unwritten to the side and seven Fridays in the week. In the morning he screams that your ally is ready for you both into the fire and into the water, kisses the gums with all sorts of saakashvili during the day, and in the evening he asks for your money in the blue eye and demands a tantrum in the media that you want to deprive Belarus of sovereignty and in general you are imperialists and want to enslave everyone. Well, purely a clinic. It is also very similar to Ukraine. In the west, there are Bendera farmers with congenital cerebral edema, who are ready to freeze their ears for evil grandmother, and in the east the criminal oligarchy is in charge, comparable to our time 91-99. , with multi-vector Janek from whom it is also unknown what to expect. And judging by how they freely interpret the state. gas contracts, they also all side contracts. Well, here's how to trust these two seriously, even a pipe, even a machine?
          1. +3
            1 October 2012 18: 02
            A little off topic, but nonetheless. My friend (Maltsev Gleb) was shipping through Belarus. There he was stopped, the container unloaded, opened and a fifth of the cargo seized. Allegedly for examination. Then they began to say that smuggling (although all the necessary documents were present), then that the goods were underestimated in value. The container was closed, loaded onto the platform and sent. Comes to Alma-Ata, the customs demanded a customs clearance according to the documents - nowhere to go. In short, my friend hit 40 greens. He made an inventory in the presence of customs, appealed to the chamber of commerce, the union of entrepreneurs, customs, and hired lawyers. All to no avail - all shrug. It should be noted that Gleb always worked transparently, without gray schemes. And it’s good that his business is promoted. And if all this for credit funds? Then write-gone.
            How to call it all? Replenishment of the budget of Belarus, arbitrariness of bureaucrats who want to warm their hands? Won now, and in the future will lose. Naturally, neither my friend, nor our circle of friends-friends will allow the transit of their goods through Belarus.
    2. M. Peter
      1 October 2012 20: 16
      And how was it in the days of the USSR?
      Not to lie, the ruble was still being printed in Kiev and Almaty.
      Maybe I'm lying, correct.
  6. +2
    1 October 2012 08: 47
    Here, of course, there is a question.
    To what extent do the ruble mean a single currency?
    Just as a general and uniform means of settlement within the organization?
    Or is it the single currency, as the official means of payment of the member countries?
    If the second, then there are many difficulties ..... for example, when we tried to create a single currency for a union state, Minsk was ready for a single currency only if they also had an emission center and a printing press .. What we could not do , since this would mean the possibility of creating an uncontrolled money supply .... the one that .... this is hardly possible.
    And you can make payments in rubles now .... nothing really prevents this ...
  7. +3
    1 October 2012 08: 56
    Ukraine, which does not see the ruble as a currency that can be trusted.

    Yeah, but you can trust the Ukrainian hryvnia laughing
    Nadezhda Ermakova. She said that even within the framework of the Union State of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, the introduction of the Russian ruble as a single currency, which is printed exclusively in Russia, may affect the reality of independence of Belarus.

    And what, the dollar is printed in Belarus? belay And the fact that if not for the support of Russia, Belarus would now be independent? And where would their economy be if not for cheap Russian energy and the absence of customs barriers.
    (Now Belarus comes running with his German flag and sprinkles poison with everything wassat )
    1. Stary oper
      1 October 2012 18: 56
      now Belarus comes running with his German flag and sprinkles poison with everything

      This is not about me, by any chance, dear? :) If yes, then we will assume that I "came running" with a three-liter jar of "poison" under my armpit ... :)
      But seriously, it’s unpleasant to read when former compatriots (I mean people with a common Motherland - the USSR) speak so disrespectfully of each other, some accuse others of dependency, those in turn of imperial ambitions and so on. All our republics as a part of the USSR even had different potential then. But each republic had something that the rest needed. Resources, production, or agricultural products (the same cotton, tea, etc.) And it was this unity and specialization at the republican level that made our country self-sufficient. The fact that there were certain problems is a different matter. Remember, after the collapse of the USSR, without exception, all the republics plunged into economic chaos. Why? The main reason - a single economic organism was dismembered.
      The West has reached its strategic objective - it has destroyed the USSR and with it the socialist system. But the tragedy also lies in the fact that he managed to bring confusion and schism into our consciousness. And now we are increasingly grappling as the most implacable opponents, and everyone believes that he is now defending his national interests.
      But once the Kazakh poet Dzhambul Dzhabaev wrote about the besieged Leningraders: "Leningraders are my children, Leningraders are my pride ..." And I am sure that he was sincere in his words ... This is our greatest loss. ..
      This is my "jar of poison" ...
      1. +1
        1 October 2012 20: 57
        Quote: Stary oper
        This is not about me, by chance, my dear? :

        No, dear. This is not about you. There is a seropathon on this site with the nickname "Belorus" and the German flag, which hait both Belarus and Russia.
        And as for you, I completely agree with your post. +
      2. 11Goor11
        2 October 2012 01: 32
        Eugene, just a balm for the soul! It would not be better to say.
    2. 0
      2 October 2012 15: 55
      The dollar can be printed everywhere, before it was printed to Chechnya, too, only if it would go into motion. laughing
  8. +1
    1 October 2012 08: 59
    A single currency is perfect, this is a step towards unification. But what about the fact that prices for all main resources are set in dollars, at the stock exchange. The mechanism of action of the single currency is not clear. It is necessary then to completely exclude any mention of both the dollar and the yuan.
  9. 0
    1 October 2012 09: 37
    Quote: baltika-18
    A single currency is perfect, this is a step towards unification. But what about the fact that prices for all main resources are set in dollars, at the stock exchange. The mechanism of action of the single currency is not clear. It is necessary then to completely exclude any mention of both the dollar and the yuan

    - alas, there is such a practice, and it will be very difficult to break it. Habit is a terrible thing. A habit on a global scale - generally silent.
    Well, at first - even though the main resources are quoted in dollars, but the countries that unite countries trade among themselves in rubles and gradually accustom the main and largest buyers of these resources to pay for the purchased goods in rubles, for which they will have to purchase and keep these rubles in zashniks. There are many ways to do this. Some discounts can be provided in case of payment in rubles and other. The next step is to withdraw the ruble for quotation on the Forex interbank exchange, all the more so as resource consuming countries from Eurasia, forced to operate with rubles, will need to quickly exchange rubles for another currency that they currently need. But here we will have a serious ambush. Forex - the territory of the Anglo-Saxons. Only Anglo-Sacian currencies are quoted there, exceptions are made only for the euro and the yen. The remaining currencies are Anglo-Saxon, even the New Zealand currency is quoted there, i.e. The currency of New Zealand is hard currency! My shocked state is a small state that I don’t even know what it offers to the global economy, but the currency is already hard currency! But the yuan on Forex is not there! Will an exception be made for the ruble - the big question! I doubt it. But there is still the possibility - if Putin is able to use all the levers he has for this. Through Gazprom, push Europe, through wood, the Finns. For Amers and the British - I do not know what, but this is his question for Putin. Called a cargo - solve the problem.
    1. 0
      1 October 2012 18: 27
      If you don’t get hung up on exchanges, you can offer to conclude long-term contracts in rubles to the same Ukraine, to make a good discount on current prices in rubles - this will be the payment for the introduction of ruble settlements, but either greed does not allow it, or uncertainty in its own currency , or the partners rest on their hands and feet, well, in this case, it’s necessary to do more discounts and that’s it ... the process will go on by itself - tomorrow, others will catch up - on the rise ... Maybe there is still a hegemonic non-irritation factor ... for now?
  10. borisst64
    1 October 2012 09: 39
    What’s between just people, what’s between states — as far as money is concerned, friendship is aside and only calculation!
  11. +1
    1 October 2012 09: 48
    single currency, I think it’s good ...... only competently it is necessary to take everything into account
  12. General_Nogay
    1 October 2012 09: 49
    With people like ours in the economy we will not go far!
    1. 0
      3 October 2012 04: 25

      You are probably talking about these people?
      We are not only in the economy, we are at the same stop and we will hand over tickets!
  13. Goldy
    1 October 2012 09: 51
    yeah let Belarusians print rubles, the second FRS will be at hand and debts above the roof
  14. 0
    1 October 2012 09: 54
    Quote: Goldy
    yeah let Belarusians print rubles, the second FRS will be at hand and debts above the roof

    - a matter of mutual trust, Mlyn! He is the hardest! Belarusians have their own fears, Russians have voiced it -)))))
  15. +2
    1 October 2012 09: 58
    There is nothing wrong with the emission center being in Russia, but the control would be carried out by the whole Commonwealth. The question is purely technical. Yes, this is somewhat contrary to the principles of sovereignty. But real integration, with the possibility of creating a real union state in the future, in itself implies some limitations; otherwise it is simply colonialism with known consequences.
    1. +1
      1 October 2012 18: 30
      I absolutely support you, expressed my idea ... we are not gathering colonies, but a country ... Why say Tver is not sick about the lack of an emission center there?
  16. Tsar Ivan the First
    1 October 2012 10: 07
    love here gentlemen, we are on the verge of good events, still they will create what we are striving for, and the Ruble will play a role, both in politics and in the Economy))))
  17. +4
    1 October 2012 10: 09
    There are no problems in adopting a single currency.
    It is necessary to introduce the gold equivalent of the unit of account, let it be the ruble, bunny or tenge, no difference. The guarantor will be the state with the largest gold reserves.

    Then most likely it will be a ruble. You can enter the aggregated unit "oil and gas rubles. The main thing is that there is real commodity support for a single unit of account in the FTZ.

    You can combine the gold reserves of the participating countries and create an interstate central bank, where the board of directors will include representatives of all participants.
    Then the IMF will get a kick under w ... y, and the CBR of Russia will not work to save $, but to develop the industry of Russia.

    And all the oligarchs will be highlighted, for which they spend dimensionless loans from the budget
  18. 8 company
    1 October 2012 10: 22
    When Russia begins to export high-tech products, not raw materials, then everyone will run after the Russian ruble without any meetings, discussions and approvals. For example, the Chinese yuan is already not weak making its way into the global financial markets. Guess why.
    1. +3
      1 October 2012 10: 44
      In order to supply high-tech products, the first thing you need to grow is personnel (engineers, designers, programmers), and in order to grow them, you need to provide real financial investments in this area and provide high-salaries to working personnel. And so with us it was only under Stalin. Khrushchev ruined it all (or rather, he began to destroy it, but Gorbach completed it), and as a result, a research associate at our institute in Kazan has a salary of 4200 r, and a senior researcher as much as 4700 r. Young people will not bite on this, and if they learn, they will tend to flush abroad. So it’s not a quick and easy business, but you have to start!
      1. +1
        1 October 2012 13: 05
        Quote: str73
        and as a result, a research associate at our institute in Kazan has a salary of 4200 r, and a senior research associate already as many as 4700 r.

        - Kinder-surprise-billionaire, such a goldfinch, the owner of Facebook (or Twitter) has openly begun to download programmers from Russia. There was hype up to the deputies. One deputy even remembered that Microsoft also launched such an action in the zero days, but Gates was quickly explained that at the same time they won’t be able to make a big gesheft on the software sold in Russia and download highly qualified specialists from Russia and there will be problems. Gates understood. Will that goldfinch understand? Most likely, Putin will have to repeat the Hermitage trick to strangle this facebook, some Magnitsky thread will appear again - (((((. Therefore, with you, STR73, I agree, with such salaries we will constantly chase those who want to profit from a free fish. to increase salaries for scientists and provide them with everything necessary for interesting and useful work.
    2. M. Peter
      1 October 2012 20: 22
      Russia and in the USSR was a producer of raw materials for the assembly shops of the Union of Ukraine and Belarus. We have kept ours, we have built something of our own, the main thing is that you "assemblers" do not piss off yours.
      But when everything works in a single organism, the ruble will be the currency that everyone dreams of.
      1. 11Goor11
        2 October 2012 01: 45
        In Ukraine, not only "assembly" is the same raw material and a lot of food.
        But this whole situation is like a horror movie, part of the body came off in a living way, remained alive, lives worse, but resists coming back.
  19. anchonsha
    1 October 2012 10: 35
    There are many doubts about the single currency in the CIS. But here’s what to take into account - does the USA make any concessions to anyone in the world in the form of permitting the placement of emission centers in terms of dollar weight? Of course not, since the United States would have paid with its welfare immediately because of the stupid and disproportionate throwing of dollars. We have the same ruble money backed by gold and currency reserves. Naturally, Russia needs a cool economy, as in the USA, Germany, and Small Britain. Then Ukraine would have had no questions with the ruble - it would have enjoyed using it, but again on the terms of profit, just like with gas - to make it cheaper by their standards, but more
  20. 0
    1 October 2012 10: 53
    And what is difficult to take all the currencies at once, and somehow derive the arithmetic mean? You can even translate the GDP of each country into bucks (euros, yuan) for convenience, then display the exchange rate value of such an average currency. The currency itself should not be printed, but called the standard. Then, relative to this standard, the real value of the currency of each individual country will change. To be calculated among themselves taking into account these fluctuations.
    Of course, there is a temptation to get attached to a specific product (gold, wheat, oil, whatever), but fluctuations in the market for a particular product can be too serious. And so - a certain average price of the current hryvnia, bunnies, rubles and tenge, fixed on 1.01.2013/XNUMX/XNUMX. Then I buy lard in Ukraine, transfer rubles there, but taking into account the fluctuation of the ruble relative to this virtual currency.
  21. 0
    1 October 2012 10: 57
    Before introducing a global currency, one question must be answered:
    But what if the venture succeeds?
    Wouldn't it be worse?
    Well, let's imagine that it was possible to agree with several countries and even the procedure for issuing was legally fixed and Russia cannot print rubles as much as it wants.
    And while the dollar is staggering.
    And suddenly there will be such "happiness" that foreigners want to make at least part of their gold and foreign exchange reserves in rubles?
    And all this mass of unsecured dollars will be thrown into buying up rubles.
    Trillions of dollars.
    This is where the question arises of what to do:
    1) Do not sell rubles
    2) Sell, but at the same time raise the ruble and lower the dollar
    3) To print rubles in huge quantities, not allowing to raise the ruble.
    Whatever option is all bad.
    1. 0
      1 October 2012 12: 53
      Quote: Andrey_K
      And suddenly there will be such "happiness" that foreigners want to make at least part of their gold and foreign exchange reserves in rubles?

      - Only the Chinese can make this surprise. At some point, ten years ago, they decided that the euro was a worthy currency, and to diversify their gold reserves and buy the euro a little for dollars. What was happening on Forex, you had to see! The bureaucrats from the central bank ran like scalded, with bulging balls and viciously hissing at the euro not to grow in the know. Export from Europe began to slowly fall to one side ... In short, they survived this, we just need to turn to their experience and apply it. Everything new is well forgotten old. Just to learn history, to gain experience and skillfully adapt to the current situation.
      1. 0
        1 October 2012 23: 24
        It’s just that, no other currency in the world has such a capacity to absorb the "unexpected savings" of the rest of the world.
        Speculators or simply frightened bankers, if they rush to transfer reserves from the dollar to "another reliable currency", will not seem enough to anyone.
        Some kind of dead end.
    2. serge
      2 October 2012 19: 06
      all this mass of unsecured dollars will be thrown into buying up rubles ...
      The dollar as an international currency is now provided only for oil payments. If the dollar is excluded from oil calculations, it will not stagger, but will collapse down with a swift jack, and there will be no problems exchanging it for rubles. If there are extra rubles abroad, then they simply do not need to sell strategic enterprises for them, as the United States and the European Union do.
  22. 0
    1 October 2012 11: 52
    There was a good article - to make a unit of equivalent fuel as a single currency.
    in my opinion the idea is very worthy
  23. +1
    1 October 2012 11: 59
    If Russia is ready to sell gas and oil for rubles, then the ruble would be in demand in Ukraine even without any supranational projects like TS with a common currency. But Russia is not yet ready to abandon the shareholder, and statements to create an exchange in Moscow, where oil and gas will be sold for rubles, have quietly gone into oblivion.
    1. 0
      2 October 2012 07: 56
      Creating any exchange in our country is a problem.
      1. 0
        2 October 2012 16: 06
        But it would be necessary! hi
    2. Alexander
      2 October 2012 19: 18
      Belarus and Russia are paying for gas in rubles.
  24. The comment was deleted.
  25. +1
    1 October 2012 14: 28
    Quote from rudolf
    The dollar exchange rate in Belarus is about 8 bunnies. Salaries range from an average of 500 to 2 rubles. And this despite the fact that the denomination has already been held twice, the extra zeros were removed. If not for this, the salary was in the tens of billions! That is, the printing press works without stopping in three shifts and the bunny has long been cheaper than the paper on which it is printed. Granting Lukashenko the right to issue a common currency is tantamount to giving the smuggler a kilometer of the border! And he will never agree to other conditions. The introduction of a common currency was spelled out in the agreement on the creation of a union state

    - there, above, Green, colorfully described this problem -)))). Let the professionals think, this is their bread. We can only express their support that on the right path is towards unification into the Eurasian Union, but these difficult moments are already theirs, professionals, a question. We are not helpers here. And if you listen to the VAF, then we, amateurs, shouldn’t even make any wishes, because amateurs, and therefore generally no right to vote, be silent in a rag, the pros will come up with everything for you, including the question - is it on the right track? and decide, they know better what we, the people, need! -)))))))
    1. +1
      1 October 2012 16: 13
      Quote: aksakal
      Let the professionals think, this is their bread. We can only express their support,

      Not a financier (even one portrait of B. Franklin is absent from the crib), but why, as a first step, does not allow free circulation of all currencies in the territories?
      And see the result.
      (In my opinion, the result is clear, but several emission centers are even more than inadequate)
      1. 0
        1 October 2012 18: 41
        Quote: Cynic
        allow free circulation of all currencies in the territories

        How do you think this? In the store, the price tag is ten lines with different currencies, at the cash register there are ten cash boxes and real-time price changes ... horror. And just now to buy bunnies to you, no one forbids ... well, you never know.
        1. 0
          1 October 2012 19: 47
          Quote: El13
          The store has a price tag of ten lines with different currencies,

          Well, you don’t need to exaggerate, electronics are around, but seriously, it’s more likely that 2 ... 3 currencies will go in the beginning and what do you think mainly? And then I think only one, I wonder which one you think.
          1. 0
            2 October 2012 15: 20
            Yes, there is nothing to think about, the Russian ruble will "cut" in our space of the CU, the CIS, the Eurasian Union ... in short, in our halo, but we need political will and a little to moderate the pride of other rulers. It is rightly said that this is a loss of part of sovereignty, but this is a necessary loss to make a leap in economic growth, but this is for the long term, and those kings need here and now ... so we are marking time, although everything is obvious to everyone.
            But with walking in stores 2-3 currencies ... IMHO, not a real scenario. Arriving in Ukraine, at the border I changed as much as I needed - I went on, as needed, still changing, the benefit of exchangers is a dime a dozen. What is the point of forcing sellers to track courses and print price tags ... it's all about retail, e-no. Here we are talking about big trade, I think that it needs a transition to a regional currency, that it is held back by the dollar laying, or rather, shears its unreasonable tax and feeds the states.
  26. 0
    1 October 2012 16: 10
    So it turns out that everyone shares the skin of a dead bear. But once everyone lived in one country, they used the same rubles. I think that we only need to make a decision on the rules for exiting the FTZ. To not be like in Uzbekistan. He wanted to come, he wanted - he went out ... The entrance is the ruble, the exit is two. Otherwise, everyone will again pull the blanket over themselves. And as regards all sorts of Gaidars and Kudrins: there will probably be some NAD-national governing body, which will include representatives from all participating countries. Only his authority should be real. Well, the fact that the center in Moscow, who would doubt it. The Russian economy is still the largest and the strongest.
  27. 0
    1 October 2012 18: 49
    We regain state control over the ruble, we untie the price of the ruble from the dollar and exchange oil prices. We nationalize natural monopolies and strategic large enterprises. We make access to the domestic market of foreign products difficult, stimulating our own production. When we build the real economy, and not the economy of the pipe, then we will line up for copying and merging with us and there will be no problems with a single currency. In the meantime, we will observe the pathetic attempts of integration, and the integrators themselves do not know what they want.
  28. +3
    1 October 2012 18: 52
    News in the forest: opened the hare exchanger. Changes the ruble to the ruble twenty kopecks. Beasts in surprise. How so? What is the hype?
    The fox exchanged, everything is fine. I did not throw a scythe. The money is real, here is the ruble and 20 kopecks. Beasts stretched. A wolf, a deer, even a hedgehog came.
    They think when the scythe will go broke. But he changes everything and changes. The news finally reached the Bear. I came to figure out what's what:
    - Oblique, are you changing?
    - I'm changing!
    - A ruble per ruble twenty?
    - Yes!
    Exchanged, real money .. The bear is not understood.
    - Oblique, what’s the business?
    - Well, you see, I take the ruble and change it to twenty ruble
    - Do not hold the fool, I see. Oblique, did you even consider profitability?
    - Yes, what for me this profitability, you look but what turns !!!
  29. bask
    1 October 2012 18: 59
    Greetings to Karabin. I completely agree with you. + Creation of enterprises producing goods. Subsidizing agriculture. And a complete ban on the export of capital for ore, deposits only to Russia .. industry. There is no ban on working in the Russian Federation.
  30. Stary oper
    1 October 2012 21: 01
    There will be no single currency in the CIS. Everything will remain as it was. That is, there is no single country - there is no single currency. It is possible that in the FTA they will settle in rubles, but on the same basis as they are now calculating in dollars or euros. Why? Here's an example with the EEC and the euro. And the economies seem to be incomparable with the economies of those countries that create free trade zones, but very little time has passed and the problems have come out. Namely, everyone wanted to live like others, but work as they used to. :) And now there are only two ways for the so-called problem countries - either to reduce sovereignty and delegate more rights to the European government, or to leave the euro zone. It is clear that going according to the option of reducing sovereignty is to step on the pet corn of national self-consciousness. Moreover, creditors insist on a policy of cutting costs. This is where a reasonable question arises: "Why the devil did we climb into the euro zone ?!"
    And the exit of these countries from the euro area will lead to the fact that the euro will lose its attractiveness and may even cease to exist. At best, stay the currency of 3-4 countries. Now shift the situation to the listed republics that are part of and are going to the FTZ and decide for yourself whether in principle a transition to a single currency is possible?
  31. adolph1
    2 October 2012 00: 39
    We won’t give! It will be the same as with the euro!
  32. Orey
    2 October 2012 17: 25
    This is of course very interesting .... only the ruble is absolutely dependent on the price of oil. As soon as the price of oil decreases, devaluation occurs. The authorities of the Russian Federation have repeatedly stated that in the event of changes in oil prices they will not support the ruble with foreign exchange reserves.
  33. +1
    2 October 2012 20: 17
    I don’t understand what our people are afraid of? The ruble zone of interests. To call it that. And who is not with us is against us. Do not want to-call me, uncle, banana nem. Ruble is the official currency.
  34. 0
    2 October 2012 23: 00
    A rolling stone gathers no moss. You can’t sit still, you have to act, I hope the security analysts will be able to calculate the pros and cons!
  35. +1
    3 October 2012 00: 23
    While in Russia at all levels of power there will be non-professionals such as in the picture ... no currencies and associations will give anyone any sense ... No further talking room ... And the authorities in Russia are showing fantastic tolerance for non-professionals in their midst ... And this is understandable ... everything is there ... Emptiness and hopelessness can be seen from all these gatherings at a high level ...

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