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Bucha - why is Zelensky talking about genocide, although the videos of the NG of Ukraine refute this?

Yuri Podolyaka

The city of Bucha today is in the world's TOP-the news. Official Kyiv is trying to present the events that took place in it as a genocide. And in Europe and the US prefer to believe it.
Meanwhile, the shooting of the National Guard of Ukraine, whose units were the first to enter the city, shows a completely different Bucha.


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  1. Real Pilot
    Real Pilot April 4 2022 11: 32
    It remains for Scholz to say that "this is ridiculous"! Or is there "other"?

    Oh, and it’s stupid to inflate this agenda about genocide by the Ukrainian authorities. Then, after all, 8 years of Donbass will emerge in the context, with all the consequences. A little later just when the smoke settles.
    1. Myths
      Myths April 4 2022 11: 43
      We will emerge. There will be silence on the media platforms. This is for their use. Fuel must be added to the fire, otherwise the faith of even the most frostbitten and stoned patriots will collapse. Their Nazis do not care about the lives of civilians in the cities, they have mixed Natsiks and everything into a mess. This is an example of what they are doing, these .... with civilians, let the population there think what awaits them with this regime.
      1. Tatyana
        Tatyana April 4 2022 13: 31
        Quote: RealPilot
        It remains for Scholz to say that "this is ridiculous"! Or is there "other"?
        Scholz's task is to remove the blame for WAR crimes from Nazi Germany - the Third Reich - and shift the blame for them to the USSR and Russia as the successor to the USSR.

        Not only Olaf Scholz is fighting now and Germany fought with Russia during the Second World War! Namely.

        The current German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is the grandson of SS lieutenant general Fritz von Scholz, about which Olaf Scholz prefers to remain silent.

        The lists of NSDAP members from 1936 include the name of a certain SS Untersturmführer Friedrich Karl Max Scholz.
        The Austrian turned German Friedrich Karl Max Scholz, better known as Fritz von Scholz, was born in Austria-Hungary and fought in the ranks of the Austrian army in WWI - on the Eastern (Russian) and Italian fronts. He was awarded two medals and promoted to the rank of lieutenant. After the war, imbued with the ideas of National Socialism, Fritz joined the Austrian branch of the NSDLP, where he proved himself an ardent fighter for the national idea. The country's authorities initiated his arrest. Therefore, Scholz fled to Germany in 1933, where he joined the SS. After that, his career took off. - By the beginning of WWII, Fritz was already a Sturmbannführer and commanded a battalion of the SS Regiment "Der Fuhrer", which was staffed mainly by his countrymen.
        - Scholz managed to distinguish himself in France, having earned two Iron Crosses during the campaign, and already in the rank of Standartenführer in the summer of 1941 he went to the Eastern Front.
        - On Russian soil, Fritz von Scholz served in the ranks of the elite SS Panzer Division "Viking". It was based on thugs-volunteers from Norway, Denmark, Finland, for which the unit got its loud name. With fire and sword, they walked through Ukraine, the Rostov region, the Kuban and the Caucasus.

        See details -
    2. credo
      credo April 4 2022 11: 53
      The Anglo-Saxons do not change the methods of warfare (including information warfare), if they have been worked out earlier and bring the desired result.
      As an example, the Yugoslav Srebrenica.
      1. -z-
        -z- April 5 2022 01: 06
        Bucha is a film directed not by Banderasts and not even a Fascist, it is the development of Gondon but. Only something belatedly they released it. Probably, the information about our departure from Bucha came to them late.
    3. Borik
      Borik April 4 2022 12: 03
      The Nazis have already done their dirty deed, the lie was thrown up and the West took it on faith. Now try to get rid of her. You think the general population of the local population will be shown and explained that this video is a fake, but this is the truth. There, in the West, people will not bother with these explanations; this will destroy all their myths that Russian murderers are sadistic monsters and Ukronazis are white and fluffy, and only the local population should believe in this. And this has been planted for more than one century among everything they consider themselves to be the "civilized world"
      1. ANB
        ANB April 4 2022 12: 34
        . Now try to get rid of her.

        Ours are responsive. Today the Russian Federation is gathering a meeting of the UN Security Council on Bucha.
        1. VeteranS
          VeteranS April 4 2022 12: 48
          And it is no coincidence that information appeared on the Internet that England, continuing to spoil, is against holding this meeting .... What would it be for?
          1. -z-
            -z- April 5 2022 01: 14
            Naglia always and everyone crap - this is the tradition of Gad Briten, and indeed of all arrogant sraxes. My acquaintances have not called me a gentleman for a long time, because. At the same time, I ask why he offends me, because the main feature of a gentleman is lies and naughtiness
            1. -z-
              -z- April 5 2022 01: 17
              Sorry: there was a sketch - not shaky, but disgusting.
          2. Awaz
            Awaz April 5 2022 05: 54
            because they know the truth. If reasoned refutations are provided, there will be big trouble for all of them there. But, to be honest, they will cover it all up anyway, like the execution by NATO in Srebrenica. They even admitted there that they shot them, but the Serbs are still to blame for this, because they tried to resist the genocide
      2. Myths
        Myths April 4 2022 12: 49
        Unfortunately, we also have those who take it all on faith, and everything else for them is lies and propaganda. And yes, throughout history, the ogs considered others barbarians, and themselves "civilized."
  2. fuel oil
    fuel oil April 4 2022 11: 50
    Our resource and the West is incomparable informational. They will show it there as it should be for a Western layman, they are already showing it. ... Barryzhnichestvo on human lives.
  3. BMP-2
    BMP-2 April 4 2022 11: 52
    Because the bird is a talker. Although, probably, it is more correct - govovrun.
    1. Ross xnumx
      Ross xnumx April 4 2022 12: 09
      Yes, there are various govovrunov bred like fleas on an old dog.

      an outright lie from Dmitry Komarov, who became famous for his cycles of reports “The World Inside Out”.
      He voices fake material ... No shame, no conscience ... There are many corpses, but I won’t show them to you ... There were, they lie there ... It seems that behind the camera the Nazis are holding him at gunpoint (or his family )...
      And there are dozens of these on the Internet ...
      1. Radius
        Radius April 5 2022 05: 58
        Komarov was pulled out because he has media fame in Russia. I don't know if they forced it or bought it...
  4. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx April 4 2022 11: 53
    Bucha - why is Zelensky talking about genocide, although the videos of the NG of Ukraine refute this?

    Because it is not necessary to negotiate with the scum. It's a Nazi, a Nazi gang leader... Never try to find out what they want. There is a huge experience of WWII, which recommends talking to these geeks only in an ultimatum form.
    1. Alien From
      Alien From April 4 2022 11: 56
      And a little bit more, more than 30 years of appeasing the West has ended. Fire battery, fire battalion!
  5. tech3030
    tech3030 April 4 2022 11: 53
    Who appointed Podolyaka as an expert at VO? According to the principle of others, so let at least this one tell?
    1. jonht
      jonht April 4 2022 12: 13
      Well, don’t look at Y. Podolyak if you don’t like it, now there are a lot of different experts, you can choose another one for yourself. For me, it more or less balancedly presents the material and misses with minuses, and pluses with victories. So as they say "freedom of choice". hi
      1. tech3030
        tech3030 April 4 2022 12: 21
        Why are you so tight? Where did I write that I don't like him? Do you read my thoughts? The question is why there are no officials on this site and the blogger carries the truth. If he is so knowledgeable why is he only a blogger?
        1. House 25 Sq. 380
          House 25 Sq. 380 April 4 2022 12: 36
          Officials of a private site??
          What are you talking about?
        2. jonht
          jonht April 4 2022 12: 40
          Well then, tell me at least one author "here on the site" who is the "official" .....
          Probably, my friend, because "this site" is not "official"? Not?
          And if suddenly it became "official", then the question is when?
          And as for thoughts, it’s kind of like your phrase “By the principle of others, so let at least this one tell?”
          Here are the official ones:
          Rutube ➡
          Telegram ➡
      2. Kwasar9000
        Kwasar9000 April 4 2022 12: 22
        He lies all the time, but does not "serve".
  6. Woodman
    Woodman April 4 2022 12: 32
    This is how you watch the video and remember the "killer argument": they say the population of Ukraine does not greet us with flowers.
    Well, here are the shots from the Ukrainian National Guard - the flowers are also not visible ...
    And it seems that "their" came ...
    But do the population need such "their own"? ..
    1. BMP-2
      BMP-2 April 5 2022 00: 21
      Out of season, Stirlitz thought...
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. The comment was deleted.
  9. Altmann
    Altmann April 4 2022 14: 39
    I need to stop moaning and writing, or my grandfather was an SS general. It doesn't solve the problem. Abroad, for example in the Czech Republic, they firmly believe that Russian soldiers did it. What's really is that I don't believe, but I'm alone. Your propaganda is very weak and I can get up to three years in prison for this contribution, but I still call on Glory to Russia. am
    1. stankow
      stankow April 5 2022 00: 15
      They don’t believe in Serbia, they don’t believe in Hungary, in Bulgaria they just laugh at fakes;)
    2. fuel oil
      fuel oil April 5 2022 08: 01
      I categorically welcome you. The problem is the limited resources of our resources to bring the Russian point of view. I am sure you purposefully searched for information, wanting to get a picture from different positions and points of view. friends...Water wears away the stone.In the end, just tell us about this site.Good luck!
  10. sagitovich
    sagitovich April 5 2022 01: 30
    In Ukraine, this lie is believed mainly by those who want to believe it. They will try to "Maidan" less when our troops enter settlements. And those who know what Russian soldiers are like do not believe. Calm down and keep believing that everything will be fine.
  11. steelmaker
    steelmaker April 5 2022 08: 18
    The civilian population, which reacted loyally and supported the Russian army, was left to their own devices. Our General Staff thinks that such behavior will add Russia's authority? Like in the movies - Russians do not leave their own?
    1. Repellent
      Repellent April 5 2022 08: 33
      Quote: steel maker
      Our General Staff thinks that such behavior will add Russia's authority?

      The General Staff, you see, does not deal with entomology... don't kill yourself like that, you'll never get killed like that...
  12. Knell wardenheart
    Knell wardenheart April 5 2022 11: 06
    Well, generally speaking, here Yuri overlooked a little - there are 2 bodies on the video. One at the very beginning of the video, as he said. The second is in the remains of a blue passenger car, it is shown for several seconds.
  13. Igor Mudretsov
    Igor Mudretsov April 22 2022 22: 38
    Proof from the Turks breaking the main evidence of fake throwers:

    I am posting for fixing and distribution further.