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Next, for American values!

In Syria, the civil war, intensively fueled by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, the countries of the European Union and the United States, does not stop. Militants and scumbags from all over the world flock to the Syrian border, ready to sell their unworked hides for an ration, fifty dollars a month, and, most importantly, for the opportunity to shoot from the corner. Many are fighting for the sake of an idea: to have time to shout out before their death: “Allah Akbar!” The flow of terrorists of all nations, stripes and shades to Syria’s borders is unstoppable, and the city of Aleppo has not been cleared by the troops of Bashar al-Assad.

Recently, not just a wave has passed across the Arab world, but the ninth wave of protests against all American has swept. The reason was not even the film “Innocence of Muslims”, made by a resident of sunny California N. B. Nakul, but rumors about the film. In this movie, the prophet Mohammed was shown incorrectly, and in general it was shown that it was already blasphemy. Moreover, the editor Mr. Nakula, he, apparently, is also a producer, who is now sitting under arrest in the United States for violating the prohibition not to surf the Internet or indulge, has deceived both the actors and the hired director, having voiced the film after the shooting. I wanted to make a film provocation of him, which I later became frightened of (I even went to the police station myself; the best defense was a camera with a grid and an assistant sheriff with Smith-and-Wesson).

As a result of anti-American protests because of rumors about a film that everyone has heard about, but which few people have seen, despite the 14-minute video on Yutyube, people died. The protesters were especially noisy about the murder of four American employees of the Consulate General in Libya, in the city of Benghazi, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, one of the active fighters for the formation of "democracy" in Libya: he was the coordinator during the actions against Colonel Gaddafi And the very revolutionaries whom the ambassador helped to overthrow Comrade Gaddafi, have now killed one of their first assistants.

American flags were burned almost all over the world - also because of a bad movie. Starting with the countries of the "Arab Spring" - Libya, Egypt, Tunisia - and then, across the oceans, ending Australia. In the States themselves and in Western Europe they began to talk: they say, the West ran into what it fought for.

Meanwhile, in the east - also conflicts. Near the islands, which in Japanese are called Senkaku, recently purchased from a private citizen for 26 with more than a million dollars, now and then Chinese ships appear. The Chinese consider these islands their own and sincerely outraged: how could this Japanese government buy their islands from some Japanese? In China, there are anti-Japanese demonstrations, the Chinese smash Japanese cars, beat them indiscriminately, even Honda policemen. Meanwhile, the Japanese and Taiwanese (Taiwan, of course, acts in the island conflict on the side of China and also sent ships to the islands) fired each other from water cannons. For now - from water cannons ...

At the same time, the whole world knows that the defense industry in China is growing at 10-11 every year. And this is only official data, in which the Americans strongly doubt.

Leading Chinese search engine "Baidu" exploits the scenario of peaceful protest: published a picture with a Chinese flag over the islands.

The Egyptian newspaper Al-Vatan, which recently responded to the French caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed, is also engaged in peaceful protest, only on another issue. By the way, the latter hardly appeared by themselves, although the French newspaper had been practicing religious cartoons before. In our opinion, the pictures appeared at the right time and right time, that is, after the film Nakula, with a purely capitalist goal: to mow the euro. The publisher of the newspaper "Charlie Hebdo" decided to make some extra money on the scandal. And he did it: the circulation in 75.000 was sold out in a matter of hours, and additional 75.000 copies were printed. If Nakula sticks out in the chamber and is afraid that radical Muslims, whose hands are long, will kill him, then the French, while grading, consider the profit. Meanwhile, French schools and offices in Muslim countries are closing because people are afraid of pogroms. This is the price of Western “freedom of speech”.

Editor-in-chief Stephan Charbonnier explained its position is not financial interests: “Our readers could have seen Muhammad in a wheelchair already 20 years ago, long before the famous cartoons. Then extremists use these drawings because they need to use something ... ”Glavred believes that if we prohibit and remove this and that, then“ we will have nothing to depict, we will release a newspaper from 16 blank pages ”.

However, doubling the circulation speaks for itself.

So, the Egyptians answered "Charlie Hebdo" peacefully. Publication in Al-Watan composed from a whole twelve-page caricature campaign under the heading: "Caricatures Fight Caricatures."

These cartoons are not weak. For example, one of them has glasses, in the glasses of which the burning twin towers of the WTC are displayed. Signed to the cartoon: "Western glasses for the Muslim world."

Another caricature depicts two portraits of Muslims: causing negative emotions and neutral. The portrait, depicting a Muslim with a mad look, a bloody knife in his hand and a tousled beard, is highlighted by a hand torch painted in the colors of the American flag.

Spain immediately entered the war of caricatures. The satirical magazine El Jueves also published a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad - not only that, the editorial staff said it did so in solidarity with the French colleagues from Charlie Hebdo, who are now threatened by Muslims. Cover picture portrays police identification of criminals. Caption: “Does anyone know what Mohammed looks like?”

José Luis Martin, a member of the El Jueves editorial board, said: “We say that we always walk along the blade of a knife. This is our professional duty. I hope that nothing will happen to us. ”

Hope, as they say, dies last.

Alarmists do not believe that nothing will happen to you and all others.

Cartoons are caricatures, and in Europe things are bad. In Greece - a general strike. "Universal" meansthat now flights have been canceled at airports, the railway communication is paralyzed. Closed shops, pharmacies, all government agencies. Even journalists and meteorologists are on strike.

With regard to individual demonstrations and protests, those in Greece are held almost every day, often accompanied by petty pogroms and looting. The country has almost 25% unemployment, comparable only to the crisis effects in Spain, and the Greek government plans to lay off hundreds more thousands of government employees due to the total economy regime.

Greece is about to fly out of the European Union. One hope is for Germany and France and the new financial “repair” mechanism - ESM, which was recently approved by the German Constitutional Court and in which, by and large, only Germany has thoroughly invested. (By the way, and the economic strengthening of Germany against the background of the Eurozone crisis, the alarmists are already calling the next “fifth Reich” ...)

In Spain, too restless. The other day the Madrid police opened fire on demonstrators. Shooting was conducted, however, rubber bullets. Protesters in the evening on September 25 surrounded The parliament building in the center of the capital, 9 people were injured, including 1 policeman. The Spanish Congress of Deputies now sits in a building on Neptune Square behind a double row of barriers and in a police cordon (up to 1300 law enforcement officers stand in the reinforcement).

The crisis situation in Spain exactly resembles the Greek one. Activists in Madrid put forward social demands and called for the parliament and the government to be dissolved, as well as the rewriting of the constitution.

In Italy, it's a bit of a mess too. There, they have long been protesting against the same economy policy, budget cuts, a stifling tax policy, because of which temperamental Italians began not only to go to the square to protest, but also to hang themselves.

Fly across the ocean.

At the 67 session of the UN General Assembly in New York, Mr. Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, called for the establishment of “red lines” for Iran’s nuclear program, which he suspects of enriching uranium to produce nuclear weapons. When Iran moves beyond the “lines”, the international community should give Iran a tough answer, Netanyahu believes. Washington doesn’t approve of Netanyahu’s ideas, but alarmists have no doubt that there will still be an Israeli-Iranian war, with or without America’s participation. And it is also quite possible that Mitt Romney will win the November 6 elections, and not the relatively peace-loving Obama - and Romney considers Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel and support the Jewish state in actions against Tehran, in principle, is ready - and then the war will surely break out if not the third world, then the largest of the local (or rather, regional, because the whole Middle East will blink).

In the meantime, large-scale 12-day naval exercises IMCMEX-2012 took place in the Strait of Hormuz. Experts consider them not only a demonstration of the power of the coalition forces, but also a prologue to striking Iran.

In the maneuvers participated ships from 25 countries (according to other sources - more than 30) led by the United States. On this occasion, the first vice-president of the Russian Academy of Geopolitical Problems Konstantin Sivkov сказалthat "the exercises are designed to work out the joint actions of the naval forces, aviation, marine corps from around the world in solving the rather difficult task of unlocking the strait. I believe that still the main goal of the exercises is precisely this. ” And twenty-five countries, according to Sivkov, mean a very strong coalition, which the United States put together for anti-Iranian purposes.

In September, the Luxembourg Club members at the meeting in Geneva have a lot they said that a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities will still be inflicted. And it can happen just after the inauguration of the new US president. This is foreseen by retired generals.

A well-known expert, the head of the Institute of the Middle East, Yevgeny Satanovsky, too believesthat "the maximum likelihood of a worsening of the situation in Iran is between January and July, but this does not mean that it will not happen earlier."

And what about Iran itself? And he, too, gives rise to alarms around the world. Alarmists are afraid of the so-called preventive strike. That is, Iran will not be attacked yet, and Iran will already respond.

Iran can deliver a preemptive strike if the situation aggravates. Brigadier General of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Amir Ali Hajizade expressed on the topic of a possible war with Israel and America. Tehran itself will not begin such a war, but it can preemptively strike at Israel - at the moment when it “raises a hand” for an attack. And at the same time Iran attacks the US bases in Bahrain, Qatar and Afghanistan. And in general, according to the general, the enemies of the Islamic Republic are not able to appreciate all of its military power.

But Iran accurately assesses the forces of Israel (we say this with irony). The deputy commander of the IRGC, Hossein Salami, said that Israel does not pose any threat to Iran, because it is not even able to deal with the Palestinians. “It is enough for an infantry battalion to smash the backbone of this so-called state in one day, the width of which in some places does not exceed 24 kilometers,” said Salami.

The general bravado makes us assume that Comrade Ahmadinejad has an atomic bomb on the way, and the President of Iran successfully leads the workers of the IAEA by the nose. Nuclear weapons are another excuse for alarms. And alarmists beat her - especially the American ones. In the USA, these alarms are at the same time a pretext for a fierce election controversy.

Obama accuses Romney of being aggressive and ignorant of geopolitical realities. How, Mr. Romney, you called the number one enemy of Russia? Russia, not al Qaeda? Yes, Mr. Romney, you are far from geopolitics, you have nothing to do in the White House. (In vain, Obama did not add right away that Mitt Romney is in favor of the interests of a rich handful of multimillionaires: after all, they, industrialists and financiers, are unleashing war on the planet).

However, the aforementioned al-Qaeda is successfully fighting on the side of the Syrian "rebels", whose activities are fully endorsed by both Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary.

"Double standards", what else to say. And Romney simply cuts the truth-womb in the eye. Russia, Iran, China are all enemies. Well, still North Korea. But Syria is an authoritarian regime, after the presidential election (in case of victory) Romney and his friend McCain, who learned to fight in Vietnam, will quickly restore justice - according to the Libyan scenario. In the end, Romney, after all, is in favor of increasing the Pentagon’s military budget. And an increased budget must be spent ... Not to fight with China right away ...

Neither Romney, nor Obama, nor McCain learned a fresh lesson taught by the American administration in Benghazi: you are not loyal to those whom you have seated on the throne, to whom you have organized a “revolution”. And not only they are not loyal, but in general they hate you all fiercely.

The Americans are leaving Afghanistan - recently 33.000 soldiers and officers were taken out of there. There it seemed to the Americans that it was hot: Afghan fighters from the security forces, whom the United States instructors, on their own grief, undertook to teach the craft of countering terrorism, took the bad habit of these same instructors and in general any Americans to kill. Americans don't want to teach Afghans anymore. Is this not a tacit admission that the Karzai government is about to fall in Afghanistan and the Taliban will take power?

In Pakistan, outraged by the film N. B. Nakuly, Americans are also considered to be of the last kind. But Mr. Panetta was not so long ago in Pakistan, he persuaded the local authorities to support the brave America in the fight against the Taliban, rather, did not persuade, but demanded ...

But the strikes of the UAV on Pakistani territory are already compared by other Americans with terrorist acts. Such conclusions are contained in the new study: "Life under the drones: death, injuries and injuries of peaceful Pakistanis during the operations of American drones."

The authors of the study are employees of law schools at Stanford and the University of New York. They put the goal is to establish how dangerous US airstrikes are for peaceful Pakistanis and whether international norms are not violated here.

Answer: yes, dangerous, yes, violated.

The authors conducted more than 130 interviews. Among the respondents were victims of air strikes, relatives of the wounded and dead from UAV attacks, eyewitnesses to the operations, current and former members of the Pakistani government, representatives of the largest parties in Pakistan, lawyers, doctors, humanitarian workers, human rights activists and the press. The researchers concluded that “unmanned wars” are comparable to terrorist attacks.

The report on this subject states: “Pilots fly over populated areas in northeastern Pakistan around the clock and without warning, striking homes, vehicles, and public places. Their presence causes a constant feeling of anxiety in men, women and children and causes psychological trauma. ”

Pakistanis are afraid to come to the aid of the victims, as drones regularly attack rescuers. Moreover, the relatives of the victims are afraid to attend the funeral of loved ones: the UAVs strike at the funeral participants.

Finally, it is simply impossible to judge the actual results of the “unmanned war”, so you have to ... invent them. The US government rarely admits the killing of civilians, and also constantly underestimates the number of civilian casualties. The illusion of fighting terrorists is created: in official reports, all dead men who have reached the age of majority are indiscriminately referred to as “militants”.

As a result, the authors of the study called on the international community to condemn the administration of Barack Obama for air strikes in Pakistan.

So, the whole world is fighting, protesting, and if it does not fight and does not protest, then it prepares for wars or protests, in some places very like terrorist acts. Alarmists believe that all of these are signs of impending planetary war. Whoever says that they will fight because of the Muslim faith, against which a fierce democratic ideology will come out, who claims that they will speak about the world domination of America (option: China), it still seems to some that the third world is an ordinary big war for the redistribution of the remaining oil and gas resources.

In all the “anxieties” for a troubled future, with which the Internet is filling, one line is visible: the new world order. After the war, some new master of the planet should appear or one of the old ones should establish itself - for example, America, which has not part with the dream of hegemony, strengthening its military forces in the APR according to the new strategy and stubbornly climbing to the Middle East and Africa, although signals from Libya and Egypt seem more than understandable.

In November, when the Americans choose their own president, much can change in the world. If openly belligerent Mitt Romney, a lover of warships and a seeker on airplanes, comes to power, then the era of George W. Bush with Iraqi rhetoric will return. Mitt Romney from Barack Obama will be different in that it will do without double standards. If Obama speaks of a reboot with Russia and is building a European missile defense at the same time, Romney will clearly designate America’s enemies and say: “These missiles are for you, comrades.”

In the meantime, the situation in the world is being forced on ... again, the Americans. There are few deaths in Benghazi, few protests around the world.

The other day in the subway of New York, posters appeared, through which the following slogan passes through the refrain: “Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.

The authors of the newest advertising idea are the “Group for the Protection of American Freedom,” a public organization of anti-Islamic orientation. Her representatives statedthat the purpose of advertising in the subway - to condemn the attacks and violence, behind which are radical Islamists.

Moreover, the "authoritarian" representatives of the New York Metro tried to ban provocative banners, but activists filed a complaint against their oppressors. The verdict of the court (in the States the courts work as conveyors) stated: the prohibition of advertising is contrary to the principle of freedom of speech, and at the same time freedom of religion, approved by the US Constitution. And the posters were set up at ten subway stations.

Americans who claim to be the world hegemon have not been taught anything by either 11 of September, the death of the ambassador to Benghazi, or protests across the globe. The alarmists, truly afraid of the third world war, cannot imagine it without the approval of “American values”, on the way of which stand the Middle East and North Africa (despite the “Arab Spring” and even in spite of it), and China, and Russia. West and East - these are the two poles of a possible global battle, about which Western generals dream day and night, lighting Cuban cigars and laying out cards with Brzezinski schemes on tables in cozy underground bunkers ...

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  1. andrei332809
    andrei332809 2 October 2012 08: 24
    interesting review. a fire in a madhouse, not a planet. Yesenin said there, stop the Earth, I’ll go down
    1. Sakhalininsk
      Sakhalininsk 2 October 2012 08: 45
      I agree with you, but I would probably clarify with the place, this more and more creates the illusion of a fire, not in a madhouse, but in a brothel, and at the time of the flood.
      The United States is actively planting chaos in the world, they do not think that the evil they sowed will very soon return to them, and even the oceans will not save.
      1. INTER
        INTER 2 October 2012 09: 34
        They play out, play out! yes And in the Muslim world, they sow confusion, it is dangerous to us in the first place, well, and then to them. Because we are closer. And they will not judge their stranger, but rather they will think their Muslim, alien Jews and Christians. I would not want to, but I think that’s everything. stop
  2. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 2 October 2012 08: 40
    Probably all the same good values ​​in America, I read, but I did not see the values. Maybe the value of America lies in the destruction of other countries, one way or another, the US is an antiquity that has absorbed all the vile things of this world.
    1. vorobey
      vorobey 2 October 2012 09: 55
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      Good probably all the same in America values, read, but did not see the values

      Hi Sanya, as I did not see here, look.

      Utah’s Secured Money Act posed a direct challenge to the unsecured money system, which today is printed money, unsecured by nothing but the promises of politicians. Although, in accordance with the constitution, American states are not allowed to create their own currencies, they are allowed to use gold and silver coins as a means of payment. Currently, more and more states are seeking to exercise this right.

      and one more thing

      A few days ago in Manhattan, the first 10 ounce gold bar was discovered, inside of which was tungsten. This meant that fakes, which were previously found only in the UK and Europe, crossed the Atlantic. The good news was that only one fake was found.

      And now there are at least ten of them - made all of the same cheap tungsten, covered with a thin layer of gold. These bars were recently sold in Manhattan to unsuspecting dealers.
      1. lesnik
        lesnik 2 October 2012 13: 09
        so there was a scandal when China returned the same "gold" to the Americans. I don’t remember exactly, but there seemed to be a broadcast on Ren-TV, about that. When purchasing gold in America, China made an examination and rejected the entire batch, there was also tungsten covered with gold
  3. kotdavin4i
    kotdavin4i 2 October 2012 08: 52
    Hmm, indeed, the people of the Earth are going crazy, and it’s a pity you can’t immigrate anywhere else in parallel reality. Do Americans really understand that if a religious war breaks out, then kirdyk to everyone, in spite of nuclear weapons and everything else, will no longer be the enemy on another continent, in another country, the enemy can be anyone passing by ...
    1. Busido
      Busido 2 October 2012 15: 33
      Quote: kotdavin4i
      what if religious war goes

      There will be no winners. A real stone system flavored with mutations, epidemics, degradation of posterity. And nobody will pray to anyone else, since the concepts stabilizing this world (mercy, forgiveness, love) will disappear.
      If we forget - "Love your neighbor as yourself", then I think even the most ardent supporter of "kill them all" will remember repentance by looking into the eyes of a 5-meter ant. Our race will weaken and give way to a dominant position to other species, at the best option. And whoever says that this is nonsense and fantasy, then rehearsals of this can be met now, in some places, when, rats are pasyuki, up to half a meter in length and 30 centimeters at the withers.
    2. Bekzat
      Bekzat 2 October 2012 16: 04
      Greetings to all, they do not understand San Sanych, their rulers, and even a simple layman, have eaten Coca-Cola and hamburgers. They have units, ONEs who understand everything, but they are either crushed like bugs, or ridiculed.
      The United States is like a woman who has psychosis in the last stage.
  4. erased
    erased 2 October 2012 09: 22
    The United States is increasingly showing its position. They are ready to fight remotely with the whole world. So you just have to be ready for anything. and wait for the development of events.
    1. baltika-18
      baltika-18 2 October 2012 10: 28
      Quote: erased

      The United States is increasingly showing its position. They are ready to fight remotely with the whole world. So you just have to be ready for anything. and wait for the development of events

      The United States will not fight with the whole world, their goal is to cause a massacre on the Eurasian continent and in Africa, by any means. An old Jewish strategy tested over the centuries.
  5. Ascetic
    Ascetic 2 October 2012 14: 00
    The philosophy behind the creation of the United States is characteristic. The founders of the United States saw themselves as bearers of messianic Protestantism and liberal democracy in the new "empty space", easily overcoming the obstacle in the form of Indians who were equated with "subhuman." At the same time, when the United States wanted to conquer New Mexico, they talked about "Manifest Destiny" (explicit purpose), which consisted of "The bearing of universal values ​​of freedom and progress to wild peoples." The ideology of expanding the boundaries of influence required the adoption of the Monroe doctrine, today this concept has spread to the whole world
    Vice President Dick Cheney proposed reformulating the American Idea, theorist William Kristol was able to express it in his The Project for New American Century (PNAC):
    "The twentieth century was the century of America, and the twenty-first century should become the American century."
    Or in such a “religious” way, not so long ago, Bush declared to the whole world: “The God said me - strake Iraq” (“The Lord told me - hit Iraq”). Ideas at the level of fascism or "Islamofascism", which people in the West like to talk about. Bush finally tied his country with a belt of a martyr.

    In any case, it’s always useful for the United States to organize a war by someone else’s hands. Moreover, they always plan their development strategy for many years to come.
    The field of activity is very wide. But the decision has already been clearly made, the action itself has already been potentially programmed. The possibility of introducing a new currency is potentially great - AMER0. Biden warned about this not in vain.
    at the same time, the dollar remains the main world currency, and the US Federal Reserve - the main responsible for the state of world markets. And that means the United States can continue to issue dollars to provide higher incomes for its citizens at the expense of the rest of the world. The United States is not going to give up this policy, although it was quite predictable - they can’t do anything else.
  6. Limonad
    Limonad 2 October 2012 14: 07
    do not buy American goods, do not buy American cars! this contributes to the pentagon budget! throw your iPhone! use only pirated Windows! don't pay (don't buy) for American music! forget about Coca-Cola and a hamburger! don't eat this american der-mo!
    something like this ...
    it just doesn’t work!
  7. kav8206
    kav8206 2 October 2012 15: 04
    Well, why it doesn’t work, I drive a German car, I have a Korean phone, a pirate Windows))), I have never bought music in my life, I don’t even think about Coke and hamburgers (a healthy stomach will come in handy for me) ... something like that. .
  8. sergant89
    sergant89 2 October 2012 19: 09
    INTER] it is dangerous to us in the first place, and then to them. Because it is closer to us. And they will not judge their stranger, but rather they will think their Muslim, alien Jews and Christians. I would not want to, but I think everything goes. yes All right, dear comrade, oh how true, there is such a religious discord in the Caucasus that the old people have already stopped listening, there is no talk of respect, and there are no words about Christianity (and there is a drop in the ocean there), these are not empty words, but real knowledge of the situation on the spot.
  9. Raiven
    Raiven 2 October 2012 21: 35
    Reminds events which were before 2MV. I am not a panicist or a pessimist, but events continue to conflict. Which is not clear.
  10. Allegedly
    Allegedly 2 October 2012 22: 02
    Part of the US elite, a very large part of them, wants to unleash a new world war in any way and at any cost. It is already clear that with any outcome, state debts will be reset. And then, when a bloody bath begins around the world, they are sure that they will be able to agree so to speak during the play, bribery, blackmail, as they always do.
  11. hommer
    hommer 2 October 2012 22: 26
    [quote = Ascetic]

    The philosophy behind the creation of the United States is characteristic. The founders of the United States saw themselves as bearers of messianic Protestantism and liberal democracy in the new "empty space", easily overcoming the obstacle in the form of Indians who were equated with "subhuman"

    Let me illustrate your statement:
  12. hommer
    hommer 2 October 2012 22: 32
    And who does not agree with American values, this is what happens to them:

    Or here is another method
  13. mda
    mda 11 November 2012 14: 31
    For that fought for it and ran