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This year, Russian special forces, celebrating their professional holiday in October, have a reason to celebrate the anniversary. Army special forces marks 60 years.

The military way of each of the reconnaissance units of the Russian Armed Forces is worthy of a separate story. Over the past decades, army intelligence officers have shown themselves to be courageous warriors, patriots of their country, professionals of the highest standard. It makes no sense to list all the wars and local conflicts where they had the opportunity to participate in carrying out real combat missions. One thing is indisputable: they performed their military duty with honor, without dropping the military glory of intelligence, remaining faithful to the letter and spirit of the oath until the end.

Courage cast in metal

A mournful obelisk is installed on the territory of the Tambov intelligence brigade. On its steel plates are the names of 149 soldiers of the compound who fell during the performance of combat missions, starting with the Afghan events. “Behind the river,” the reconnaissance aircraft of this compound spent nearly four years. Their assets include dozens of “covered” “spiritual” caravans, dangerous raids, effective ambushes. 67 military units for Afghanistan were awarded military orders, 156 - medals. After Afgan, the compound did not have long to rest in the winter apartments. Already at the beginning of the 1990s, the intelligence officers were transferred to troubled Tajikistan, where they took under guard a number of strategically important military and government facilities. And after some time the North Caucasus flared up ...

For two Chechen campaigns, four officers of the compound were awarded the title Hero of the Russian Federation. Major Alexey Tuchin, captain Dmitry Elistratov, senior lieutenants Alexey Rodin and Andrey Samankov. The officers Tuchin and Rodin became the knights of the Golden Stars, unfortunately, posthumously.

For participation in combat operations in the North Caucasus, dozens of brigade servicemen were awarded orders and medals. A lot of officers who visited the Caucasian advanced, and today serve in the compound. Among them are the cavalier of the orders of Courage, the commander of the brigade, colonel Konstantin Bushuev, the commander of the detachment, lieutenant colonel Sergey Gordeyev, and the chief of staff of the detachment, major Sergey Sirotin. Orders of Courage were marked by the commander of the headquarters of the unit, lieutenant colonel Sergey Aleshin, squad commanders, lieutenant colonels Oleg Marzak, Yevgeny Mityukov, major Pavel Scherbakov, company commanders, major Majors Victor Gulyaev, Vadim Kolupayev, Viktor Gorkavchuk. Combat awards are officers Sergey Evtukhov, Dmitry Shushpanov, Ivan Solovey, Vyacheslav Konkov.

In recent years, the scouts also stood out hot. Brigade units participated in the operation to force Georgia to peace, acting on the part of Abkhazia. The results of the combat work "Tambov" were the capture and destruction of a large number weapons, ammunition, military equipment of the enemy, including anti-aircraft and artillery means, boats of special operations forces (foreign-made equipment with noiseless jet engines), equipment. For the successful performance of combat missions during the operation to force Georgia to the peace of 436, the military personnel of the compound were awarded state awards of the Russian Federation and awards of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. Our scouts and awards of the Republic of Abkhazia are marked.

Combat training - new momentum

The military experience of those who took part in the performance of special-purpose tasks does not go to the reserve, does not dissolve beyond the prescription of days and events. He becomes an important component of training intelligence. By the way, it was purposeful combat training that the commander of the brigade, Colonel Konstantin Bushuev, called the main priority of the present day formation. And the fresh impetus to this work, according to the brigade, was given precisely by the current reforms, when the Armed Forces come to a new qualitative look.

The results of the update in the team are already visible. An important outcome of the reforms, according to the commander, was, for example, better, more modern security. It became better with fuel, with the arrival of new technology, means of communication. Today, the car park is almost completely updated in the brigade, including the new “Tigers”. But even literally a couple of years ago almost all the equipment here was with a developed resource or on the verge of it.

“We don’t have to complain about insecurity,” says the brigade commander. - Moreover, new technical means are not only being tested by us, but are also fully used in the course of planned combat training.

Praise in the brigade new means of communication. The radio stations arriving here not only work in a modern digital format, but also have a high level of reliability: wear-resistant, do not get wet, do not fight. Such wonders as unmanned aerial vehicles have moved from the category of fiction to everyday reality. As the officers said, it is not difficult to learn how to work with UAVs, and the devices are already fully used in the course of their daily activities. How many soldiers' lives could be saved in the same Afghanistan, in the Chechen campaigns, using such an all-seeing eye?

As there was a shortage of a device for detecting “stretch marks” when performing tasks in the Caucasus, where our fighters died and received injuries from traps set by the militants. Now the enemy will have less chance of luck. Special equipment will help our units to track installed stretch marks.

The reconnaissance-signaling equipment, which is also being mastered by the intelligence officers of the Tambov brigade during the daily combat training, will help to act more confidently in the course of combat operations.

“The main emphasis in the formation is now placed on combat training,” emphasizes Colonel Bushuev. - The main efforts of the commanders and the entire staff are aimed at this. Especially since our connection now has a status of constant readiness. This makes us to be, as they say, in good shape, fully consistent with its purpose.

Without reference to circumstances

Of course, as the brigade officers admit, new equipment is not everything. A real scout, a professional, must still be prepared. Nowadays, it has become more difficult to train a soldier: the transition to a one-year conscription period has an effect. But to despond, to lament the circumstances is not in the rules of intelligence. Here they are trying to plan the training program in such a way as to make combat training as rich and effective as possible, to achieve the desired effect in a short time.

“Emphasis is placed on practical work,” says Major Sergei Evtukhov, Chief of Staff of the detachment. - The main attention is paid to combat disciplines, the development of training tasks in practice.

An aid to high-quality combat training of personnel is their own training ground, which allows the brigade to fully develop all types of training: tactical, special tactical, engineering, fire. For example, you can shoot here from all types of weapons that are in service with intelligence.

Even the entrance to the “field” in the brigade is associated with one of the elements of combat training - physical. 17 kilometers (distance to the landfill) are usually overcome by a forced march. In addition, at least a week a month, each detachment of the brigade in full force moves into the field, where in the "real dive" mode it works out the issues of combat training. On the ground there are not only training places, but also a shooting gallery. There is one more shooting range at the point of permanent dislocation. Classes in a number of disciplines are held in the educational building, which is also equipped with the necessary educational and material resources.

Concentrating on a full-fledged combat training helps and much smaller compared with previous years, the separation of personnel to perform unusual tasks. For example, dresses for dining here have already become history. Service soldiers conscription outsourced. Civilian specialists prepare deliciously, there are no complaints about food by military personnel.

Fully implemented in the compound and the program of airborne training. Gone are the days when officers, in order to accomplish planned jumps, had to be dumped on the lease of aircraft in flying clubs or, at best, adjusting to BTA with its permanent fuel deficit. Today, interaction with military transport aviation has been debugged much more efficiently, all applications of intelligence officers are processed by aviators in the required volume.

- According to the results of the training period, personnel completed more than four thousand jumps from a Mi-8 helicopter, aircraft

An-12 and An-26, says Major Andrei Galkin, Airborne Brigade Commander. - All established standards worked.

At the same time, as Andrei Valentinovich admits, the weather was not always in the hands of parachutists. Sometimes it took a long time to wait for the “windows” in the sky covered with clouds. But the airborne complex, equipped in the territory of the brigade according to all the rules of this science, was not empty. Time itself worked for the interests of the brigade.

Our people in the local government

Tambov land team settles down relatively recently. Prior to this connection was stationed in the Ryazan region. Moving to a new place, as many say today, was for the better. First of all, in social terms. For example, it is no longer necessary, as before, to take children to school by bus for several kilometers. In the regional center with educational institutions there are no problems.

The bases for the deployment of the brigade were the funds of the former military school of chemical defense. The staff of the military service is located, as it should be, in the barracks. The officers are accommodated in three hostels. There is also a garrison housing fund, and right behind the fence of the location of the brigade, though slowly, a multi-storey residential building is being built.
It is important that the intelligence officers from the very beginning of their arrangement in Tambov were well received at the level of local authorities. Concern about the connection showed regional leadership. Moreover, the initiator of the interaction is personally the governor Oleg Betin. Congratulations to the holidays, gifts, encouragement of advanced soldiers, assistance in solving social issues of servicemen and their families - for all this, the administration of the Tambov region can say sincere thanks. By the way, it was the leadership of the region that helped with the installation on the territory of the brigade of the monument in honor of the soldiers killed in the battles. In turn, intelligence officers never remain in debt when it is necessary to help the region. For example, on the days of the celebration of the 65 anniversary of the Great Victory, the soldiers of the Tambov brigade provided guards of honor during the opening of the monuments. Participated military units and in the fight against forest fires. They extinguished the fire, cut down the clearing, helped to evacuate the inhabitants of the settlements, who found themselves in the most dangerous directions, under the threat of fire elements.

Today, the union has the right to expect a new stage of interaction with local authorities. The deputy commander of the brigade, Colonel Alexei Kondratyev, who won the elections to the city duma from the United Russia party, was appointed mayor of Tambov. The city leader is elected here from among the deputies, and the people's deputies, without thinking twice, approved the colonel for the post of governor. As colleagues Alexey Vladimirovich joke, the zamkombriga is now "delegated to power" from the Armed Forces. And you can be sure: this combat officer and experienced leader will cope with a new range of tasks as successfully as he once did with combat missions. Well, the fact that he will not forget about his native brigade is beyond doubt.

Professionals are becoming

The Tambov Brigade multiplies its victories year after year. The scouts of this compound more than once led the championships of the special forces of the Armed Forces. Twice recently, the base of the brigade has become the venue for such competitions, which indicates the confidence of the command.

Much attention is paid to the connection sport. The total amount of time for physical training here can reach 5 hours per day. Nobody has been released from the crosses - neither the staff officers, nor the military servicemen. The commander-in-chief himself sets the tone in sports work - a big fan of an active lifestyle. He also declared a real war to smoking: lovers of smoke can only be given a couple of places on the territory of the brigade.

Today teams in main sports are formed in the compound. Sports teams constantly perform at regional tournaments, win prizes. They are proud of the brigade with their masters of sports, Major Vadim Bondarenko (master of sports of international class in military pentathlon), Major Nikolai Kozhevnikov (Greco-Roman wrestling), candidates for master of sports Private Sergei Antokhin (light altetika), Sergey Sergeev (boxing), Dmitry Dmitrienko ( Army hand-to-hand combat), Ruslan Mironov and Vladislav Kochetkov (both are combat sambo). Gymnasium, sports grounds are not empty here in any weather. And in the locations are equipped with sports corners.

The brigade today has something to strive for in terms of improvement, strengthening its positions. The pace of combat training is increasing, the level of military discipline is not decreasing. The scouts are counting on re-gaining the right to reward, established by order of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation. This year, this right has bypassed Tambovites: the cause was a tragic incident, when people were killed because of a fire in the headquarters building ... But the sad events served as a serious lesson. Conclusions were drawn, control and supervision strengthened. A number of officials suffered severe punishment.

Today's brigade is painstaking and hard work, real service, which only men, soldiers, and soldiers can do. What is interesting, despite the harsh conditions, the number of people willing to serve in this unit is only growing among the draftees every year. There are many forums on the Internet where potential recruits are no longer discussing how to get rid of the service, but what to do to get into this particular connection.

It is a lot of officers choosing service in army intelligence. And they don't come here for romance. As the commander of the unit, Colonel Konstantin Bushuev, admits, having devoted his entire officer career to service in intelligence, romance passes quickly. What remains? There remains a professional interest, the desire to win, the desire to be first, to be better.

By that, our army intelligence lived and will live - a fusion of courage, duty and professionalism.
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