Anti-personnel mine POM-3. Modern weapons for modern warfare


Mina POM-3 in working position. Photo t/c "Star"

A significant role in the current Special Operation is assigned to the engineering troops. With the help of available technology, incl. of the newest types, they solve a wide range of tasks. In particular, they are responsible for creating minefields around enemy positions and on possible routes of withdrawal. According to the latest reports, the engineering troops began to use modern POM-3 anti-personnel mines to fight the enemy.

Modern weapons

Just a few days ago it became known that the Special Operation uses the latest remote mining systems "Agriculture". A video recording of their combat work was published somewhere on the territory of the Kharkov region. Details of this event were not reported. In particular, the type of installed mines remained unknown. However, new information is now emerging, likely to complement the existing picture.

According to the latest reports from various unofficial sources, mine-explosive barriers based on anti-personnel mines POM-3 "Medallion" appeared in the Kharkiv region. Such weapon can be installed by different mining systems, incl. the latest "Agriculture". It is quite possible that it was the Medallion products that were used in the recently shown launches.

Locations of such minefields, number of mines used, etc. unknown. However, the consequences of using such weapons are obvious. A large number of “smart” mines appeared near the positions of Ukrainian formations, capable of selectively hitting manpower. This seriously limits the enemy's ability to maneuver, withdraw or advance. In fact, any attempt by the enemy to change position will potentially lead to losses.

It is curious that the Ukrainian media have already rushed to accuse Russia of using "forbidden" mines. However, such a reaction has no basis and is banal propaganda aimed at the emotions of the public. Mina POM-3 fully complies with the requirements of the Geneva Convention. In addition, Ukraine itself actively mined various areas of Donbass, which makes its accusations look like hypocrisy.

Mina in position, Kharkiv region. Photo Telegram / Dambiev

Anti-personnel "Medallion"

The POM-3 anti-personnel fragmentation mine was developed at the JSC Scientific Research Engineering Institute (NIIII) from the NPK Tekhmash. Development work with the cipher "Medallion" was carried out in the first half of the 2015s, and in XNUMX the developer company spoke openly about it for the first time. Later, the appearance of the new weapon, its technical features and some of the characteristics became known. By the end of the decade, the mine began to be shown at open events; it also became the subject of press publications and television reports.

To date, the "Medallion" has passed all the necessary tests and was adopted by the Russian engineering troops. Apparently, in the future, products of this type were used in the course of various exercises, which made it possible to work out various practical issues and accumulate the necessary experience.

Now POM-3, along with a number of other new models, is used in the Special Military Operation. These mines solve standard tasks for their class. Being in position, they are ready to hit the enemy's manpower - in order to cause maximum damage and / or prevent his movements. How effective such a weapon turned out to be in a real operation is not yet known.

smart mine

The POM-3 product is a remotely installed anti-personnel mine with a non-contact method of target detection. During its development, some ideas from older projects and a number of new solutions were used. All this made it possible to obtain all the necessary capabilities and provide advantages over older mines.

"Medallion" is made in a cylindrical case with a diameter of approx. 65 mm and 200 mm high. On the bottom there are six spring-loaded supports, with the help of which the mine takes a vertical position on the ground. Also on the side of the case there is a casing of the pin seismic target sensor. When the ammunition is cocked, the pin goes into the ground.

Anti-personnel mine POM-3. Modern weapons for modern warfare

Split layout of the "Medallion". Photo

The target sensor receives ground vibrations and converts them into electrical signals. The electronic control unit of the mine processes them and compares them with signatures in memory. POM-3 is capable of detecting moving objects and isolating manpower. In addition, the distance to the target is approximately determined. It was reported that the mine will be able to distinguish military personnel from civilians. If the seismic picture matches the signature of an enemy infantryman, a command is given to trigger the warhead.

Mine electronics provides a number of new opportunities. Yes, non-recoverability is guaranteed. When moving or tilting the cocked ammunition, an undermining is performed. With the help of radio control, the operating time of the mine is set, after which it self-destructs. It is possible to change the operating time of a cocked mine or return it to the transport position.

POM-3 is equipped with a "jumping" fragmentation warhead with semi-finished submunitions and expelling charge. Fragments are formed by crushing gear-shaped rings, inside of which the main charge and fuse are placed. Before undermining the main charge, the warhead flies up 1-1,5 m up. Crushing fragments ensure the defeat of manpower, incl. with protective equipment, within a radius of 8-12 m.

It was reported that the Medallion mines are used with standard size KPOM-3 cassettes. Such cassettes are compatible with all modern mining equipment, land and air. Probably, POM-3 is also used in the cluster warhead of the ISDM "Agriculture" ammunition. When using old cassettes and barriers, the installation range is limited to tens of meters. Modern ISDM are capable of laying a minefield at a distance of up to 10-15 km.

Modern remedy

The ways in which anti-personnel and other mines are used and the results they achieve are well known. Modern products POM-3 "Medallion" cope with these tasks. At the same time, a number of design features and equipment of such mines ensures the growth of certain characteristics and increases their overall potential.

Visualization of the warhead. Graphics t / c "Star"

An important feature of the "Medallion" is the possibility of remote installation, incl. using the most modern mining systems. Due to this, the barrier with POM-3 can be organized in almost any area, incl. in territory occupied by the enemy. The sudden and rapid appearance of a minefield in the tactical depth of defense would be an unpleasant surprise for his troops.

The advantages of POM-3 over other mines of domestic and foreign development are achieved through a "smart" control unit. By ground vibrations, it determines the presence of a target and the possibility of its effective destruction. Thanks to this, the mine does not unmask itself with target sensor threads. In addition, the selectivity of the action increases, which affects the effectiveness and collateral damage.

The widest possibilities are provided by remote control of mines. Depending on the needs, the barriers can be reconfigured or turned off. In particular, this simplifies the clearance of the remaining barrier after occupying the relevant territory.

With all this, POM-3 poses a minimal threat to the civilian population and infrastructure. In this regard, the new Russian "Medallion" is much better and safer than any other mines, especially outdated models.

Testing in practice

Judging by the last news, in the current Special Operation, the Russian engineering troops are testing in practice all the new developments that have come into service in recent years. In particular, advanced remote mining systems and ammunition for them are being used. One of these innovations is the POM-3 smart mine.

Products "Medallion" have a number of important differences and advantages over other anti-personnel weapons, and right now demonstrate them. According to known data, new opportunities are used to block enemy formations in the Kharkov region. The exact results of this application are still unknown. However, there is every reason to expect that POM-3 will show its best side.
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  1. +7
    April 2 2022 04: 24
    It's a good thing, I guess. But, how was the photo taken with the parachutist? A civilian took a picture? How does selectivity work? It turns out that they can safely walk past her in civilian life, like terbats?
    1. +9
      April 2 2022 14: 50
      easy to walk in civilian
      In the United States, mines of this type, in addition to a seismic sensor, have a magnetometer. If you come across a fleeing bum with a bag of scrap metal, he will not be lucky laughing .
  2. +6
    April 2 2022 04: 30
    It was reported that the mine will be able to distinguish military personnel from civilians. If the seismic pattern matches the signature of an enemy infantryman
    I'm totally confused!
    1. +2
      April 2 2022 09: 04
      Not only you....
    2. +3
      April 2 2022 10: 57
      Quote: Vladimir_2U
      If the seismic pattern matches the signature of an enemy infantryman
      Probably waiting for a drill step. Joke. Most likely, if someone runs - an infantryman, just walks - a civilian. But this is purely speculation.
      1. +8
        April 2 2022 11: 25
        Most likely, if someone runs - an infantryman, just walks - a civilian.

        Maybe the gait of a heavily loaded infantryman is different from a civilian.
        1. +5
          April 2 2022 19: 23
          And how would you distinguish an overloaded infantryman from a simple obese civilian? laughing
    3. +4
      April 2 2022 13: 15
      Quote: Vladimir_2U
      It was reported that the mine will be able to distinguish military personnel from civilians. If the seismic pattern matches the signature of an enemy infantryman
      I'm totally confused!

      Civilians move in a straight line and evenly. The military - carefully and with an eye to possible threats. The seismic signature of such movements is fundamentally different, and the difference recognition algorithm is quite feasible on modern computing microsystems.
      1. +3
        April 2 2022 13: 33
        Quote: km-21
        The military - carefully and with an eye to possible threats.

        Almost like mushroom pickers! laughing
        Well, maybe it went through "rifts" - it froze, in principle I agree.
    4. 0
      April 7 2022 17: 51
      The walking of a civilian and a military man is probably different, on which a lot of things are loaded, excess weight kills ...
  3. +3
    April 2 2022 04: 52
    I wonder why 6 supports. Euclid taught us that it takes three to make a plane. everyone remembers the taganka, the three-legged stool and other newspaper tables. otherwise shakes.

    the enemy must be beaten, but Pomki and her friends are evil. she is smart in the picture, but so ... what will she, Chapaev with a saber, cut down, and let the shepherd through? funny
    1. +9
      April 2 2022 05: 34
      Quote: Sadok
      I wonder why 6 supports. Euclid taught us that for a plane you need three

      "In the time of Euclid, the roads were not mined." laughing A mine under the hull has almost no space, unlike a stool, and duplication, where without it.
    2. +21
      April 2 2022 09: 09
      After landing, the mine cylinder lies on its side. Further, by opening the six petals of POM-3, it is transferred (guaranteed) to a vertical position, and cocked. With three petals, there is a great chance to stay lying on your side. And it can tip over more easily (and work) with a weak lateral impact (a gust of wind, a shock wave from another mine).
    3. 0
      April 2 2022 09: 47
      That's it.
      The key phrase is "with a checker".
  4. +6
    April 2 2022 06: 46
    Yes, the declared selectivity is very interesting.
    Would the authors of this mine dare to test its "intelligence" and walk nearby "in a civilian way"? recourse
    1. +10
      April 2 2022 10: 18
      I think they checked it and repeatedly in tests.
      I’ll tell you a terrible secret, when the mine was just being developed, instead of the warhead, there was a mass-sized metal blank. Only the operation of the recognition unit was checked. It is very possible that a technological channel was used during the tests, informing about the operation.
      And then, most likely, soldiers, and children, and women, and old people, and animals walked around the mine. If the mine recognizes the signatures of surface vibrations, then first these signatures must be recorded, while even cows and horses were driven past there.
      And then they tested it for work by comparing the signatures.
      1. +1
        April 2 2022 11: 55
        "Most likely" the mechanism is made much simpler (do not forget the old Soviet school of designers - the simpler ...).
        And signatures - the percentage potential is always calculated, if it does not go beyond the critical - it's good.
      2. +1
        April 3 2022 10: 22
        Sounds soothing. But I would not wander in such places.
        1. +4
          April 3 2022 16: 54
          Quote: mmaxx
          Sounds soothing. But I would not wander in such places.

          You won't believe - by any minefields are not worth wandering lol
          1. 0
            April 3 2022 17: 56
            I believe. But there are a lot of smart words here. Like, a civilian should not be afraid. Or a child.
            So, for educational purposes, I set up and buried a lot of things.
            And here is the dream of a sapper. Shot in that direction and everything. There are all sorts of signatures .. You also need to stick GPS or Glonass. Shtop put herself on the map.
            1. 0
              April 10 2022 06: 14
              They also have self-destruction. So there is no point in recording yourself. Now the war game is too dynamic to save itself for centuries. I read something about three days. Re-install if necessary. Again, the economy, like the military commissar, must work.
              1. 0
                April 10 2022 06: 58
                The minefield map is sacred. And then let it self-destruct.
  5. 0
    April 2 2022 07: 06
    The pin that enters the ground presses the supports (petals) to the surface (possibly flexible)
  6. +3
    April 2 2022 09: 36
    Specialists. Two questions.
    1. How is the sensor pin driven into the ground? Igniter?
    2. The parachute does not separate during installation? In the wind, he (if he doesn’t pull out a mine) will hang like a flag. Like "I'm here."
    1. 0
      April 2 2022 11: 51
      So they answered you, for this you can thunder under the article (especially during hostilities).
    2. +1
      April 3 2022 17: 59
      There are no parachutes. It just falls. For old modifications, both the legs and the shooting of the wires were triggered by a fuse.
      I won’t say for sure about the pin, but most likely it is clogged with a squib. Otherwise, it's hard to imagine how.
      1. +1
        April 3 2022 18: 56
        Why is there no parachute? In the photo in the article with him.
        And as for the squib, then (in my humble opinion) it is he. Keeping a compressed spring in a warehouse for years is tantamount to the fact that at the right time it simply will not work normally.
    3. +3
      April 3 2022 18: 48
      There, in a special glass-compartment, mines, there is a trained, combat hamster, which, after installing a mine, hammers a pin into the ground, digs in a parachute and then, guided by the sun or stars, at night, advances to the location of its unit. laughing
      1. +3
        April 3 2022 19: 04
        and then focusing on the sun or stars, at night, moves forward to the location of his unit
        You have incorrect information. The hamster is relocated with an explosive machine to the nearest mink. In its absence, it digs out a small infantry shovel. laughing
  7. +2
    April 2 2022 11: 20
    It was reported that the mine will be able to distinguish military personnel from civilians. If the seismic pattern matches the signature of an enemy infantryman, a command is given to trigger the warhead

    It sounds cool, but I'm very skeptical about it. From the point of view of a seismic sensor, a military one can be distinguished from a civilian one by the pressure on the ground (depending on which there will be one or another picture of the speed of movement and other things), by the characteristics of the shoes, it is possible (because shoes with different soles will give different sound data). There are no other options - the heaviness of the body, the stable characteristics of the shoes, the synchronism of oscillations is possible (in the event of a military group penetrating, according to the coherence of their step).
    For all these parameters, it is possible to find a fairly effective countermeasure, if such a system actually takes place. For example, you can more flexibly share the load between the participants, use some third-party devices (for example, carts, wheelbarrows) to transport goods. However, I will note that identification by the ground pressure parameter does not seem effective to me, because civilians will also move with loads - backpacks, luggage, etc., and the method of such identification itself will be terribly inaccurate and inefficient.

    If we consider identification by the stable characteristic of shoes, this is a more correct solution, however, it is highly dependent on the characteristics of the ground. I also note that the characteristics of shoes can be quite easily changed by improvised means - external winding, for example. This will reduce the noise profile of the sole in a completely unpredictable way. Changing from military to civilian shoes is also an option. I note that in the conditions of hostilities, often, civilians can use military (or shoes similar in characteristics), especially in rural areas.

    Much more interesting is the concept of identification by a group step with a combination of some force-vibrational conditions. This may already be more likely to distinguish military from civilians (for example, small groups of military). However, in this case, counteraction is also possible - the transition to an asynchronous step, an increase in the distance between those walking, a decrease in pressure on the ground and the noise characteristics of the sole.

    All this is nothing more than a hypothesis, of course. Such an identification mechanism seems to me a very controversial, but relatively effective solution.
    1. 0
      April 3 2022 16: 56
      Quote: Knell Wardenheart
      Such an identification mechanism seems to me very controversial,

      That is, in your opinion, they didn’t carry out tests and launched them into production and into service, for the mind of a Lazarus?
      1. -3
        April 3 2022 17: 34
        In our opinion, such decisions are quite controversial in terms of the voiced advantages. And the civilian population will suffer more losses, and bypassing the initiation measures can be quite easy. Regarding decisions on adoption, there is such a thing as administrative pressure. If someone's pipes are on fire and some plan needs to be submitted, real miracles happen, sometimes. But I'm not saying that the weapon is "not a cake" - I'm pointing out that there may be _problems.
        1. 0
          April 3 2022 20: 05
          Quote: Knell Wardenheart
          But I'm not saying that the weapon is "not a cake" - I'm pointing out that there may be _problems

          The T-34 was at the beginning not the right word "not a cake" - but they decided not to wait for the T-72 feel
    2. 0
      April 3 2022 16: 58
      That's it.
      1. -3
        April 3 2022 17: 43
        The acoustic profile also does not guarantee efficiency in the context of the declared "sparing" functions for the civilian population. Combatants will be able to dampen their acoustic profile using the maximum available materials, which will reduce the effectiveness of this solution (and bring them as close as possible to the same parameters for non-combatants). A combatant differs from a civilian from the point of view of primitive sensors (not all) only in the mass of the metal worn, in the stable and standard characteristics of footwear, in the statistical probability of group movement, and finally in weight. Of all this, in artisanal conditions it would be difficult to get around only the mass of wearable metal. Beyond these parameters for a primitive sensor, military = civilian, and maybe some kind of large animal. That is, the "sparing regimen" parameter is not met at least, as a maximum, a sufficiently large and affordable range of cupping or restrictions, as far as I understand this issue.
        1. 0
          April 3 2022 18: 36
          Everything is much easier. You need to look for the "key" sound, and not sort through everything.
          Which one? Yes, I have no idea :)
    3. +2
      6 May 2022 20: 00
      Well, you are like small children, by God. Recognizes - does not recognize.
      They told you that there is a signature and intelligence, so believe that everything is so.
      You didn’t read the TTZ on the ROC, did you? And I didn't read. So everything they say on TV is true.
      "Write not 200, but 20. Why pity them, infidels" (c)
  8. +6
    April 2 2022 11: 31
    We also have heavier intelligent mines.
    Engineering ammunition M-225 with a cluster warhead to destroy manpower and lightly armored vehicles. It is equipped with a combined target sensor, which includes seismic, magnetic and thermal sensors. The detection radius from the laying point is 150-250 m. If the mine is on alert, then when a target enters the detection zone, the sensors inform the control panel about the nature of the object (person, vehicle), the number of targets, speed and direction of movement, the distance to the hit point . The control panel processes the incoming signals and issues recommendations to the operator: which of the mines on alert it is advisable to detonate, and which mines in the passive mode it is advisable to transfer to the alert mode. If the targets are simultaneously in the affected areas of several mines, then recommendations are given on which of them should be blown up. The mine can be made autonomous by connecting the control unit of the Okhota anti-personnel mine set to it.
    Engineering ammunition M-225 is a cylinder 60 cm in diameter, about a meter high and weighing about 100 kg. The mine is installed underground to a depth of 60 cm from the mine cover. The mine includes forty submunitions deployed on a platform with a jet engine. The height of the shot is 45-60 m. The zone of continuous destruction of one mine is a circle with a diameter of 170-190 m. The radius of control of a mine by a radio remote control is up to 10 km, a wired one - up to 4 km. The remote control can operate for up to 100 minutes at a time. The time of combat duty is 30 days.
    Each submunition has a height of 16 cm and a diameter of 6,5 cm. Two types of submunitions are used: fragmentation and cumulative. The radius of destruction of manpower by fragments - 17 m, armor - 30 mm
    1. 0
      6 May 2022 20: 07
      Dear rivas!
      Your link leads to the wrong place.
      If according to the subject, then here:
      A fundamentally new type of anti-personnel / anti-vehicle guided mine. Due to the fact that this mine is not in service with the Russian Army, its name is given according to the factory nomenclature.
      This quote.
      On this, your wet fantasies can be stopped.
      IMHO a dumb brat is much more dangerous than a trained agent. For it creates false illusions, which then break on the forehead of the war. And they lead to a moral defeat due to the lack of faith in a just cause.
      Which leads to cognitive dissonance: "And we were told that this is how we are them, but that's what ...".
      And this is sabotage, whatever one may say, and undermining the morale of the people and the army, which are always united. Comrade Stalin was absolutely right in this case.
      Our army is strong, motivated and armed. But please don't need starships.
      You work for the enemy.
  9. 0
    April 2 2022 11: 50
    It is possible to change the operating time of a cocked mine or return it to the transport position
    - a very useful feature when clearing mines.
  10. +3
    April 2 2022 13: 29
    The introduction of high-tech products to the broad nationalist masses, and the name of the engineering complex is apt. good
  11. +3
    April 2 2022 15: 18
    The mine has small eyes that carefully examine the people passing by: an unfortunate homeless person or an evil military man, and if necessary, the god mode is turned on
    1. The comment was deleted.
  12. -5
    April 2 2022 18: 54
    Quote: Alex K_2
    I think they checked it and repeatedly in tests.

    Not well. Try to think again. You are reading the usual lies.
  13. 0
    April 2 2022 19: 34
    What an amazing design! It is necessary to apply more widely, in order to gain experience and achieve success as soon as possible.
  14. 0
    April 2 2022 23: 08
    Anti-personnel mine POM-3. Modern weapons for modern warfare

    About mines, this is ... informative. And why don't Kirill, let me put it this way, write what is real - from AFVs, as well as engineering equipment, artillery systems, and small arms are fighting there? I forgot to include in the previous sentence one concept - "" from modern " those that the Minister of Defense periodically reports to all of us? About 70 percent in particular?
    Here someone can ask a "tricky" question, in his opinion - when did the Minister of Defense report to you, that is, did he report something to me, or should he report? Here the answer is simple - he periodically reports about this under the camera, on the central TV channels, which means - to you and me. And he can report to the president anyway in the form of an overview report, signed by him (at least I assume so), or orally - by phone. Without any TV. sad
  15. 0
    April 3 2022 16: 12
    It's impossible to read. In pursuit of the signs stuffed in the article and the volume of "water" in it, Comrade Ryabov has already surpassed himself.
    1. +1
      April 3 2022 17: 02
      He's just warming up!
      My eyes don't bleed from his articles.
  16. 0
    27 May 2022 11: 01
    A bunch of amateurs have gathered and let's practice wit. as in Chekhov's story about the book of proposals on the railway. station - I don’t know who wrote, but I read.
  17. 0
    3 February 2023 17: 16
    why are such mines not protected by our defenders?