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On the issue of adaptation of a university student enrolled in the faculty of military training

Let's start, perhaps, with the information flows, which are constantly, as they say, “washed” from the cradle of our student. Let us discard child psychology in the early stages of self-awareness as a person in society, we will not be in this article and greatly immersed in family pedagogy, although we understand how important it is in the development of a personality. We will proceed from the average and successful families, with mom and dad, grandmother and brother (sister), they have an apartment (house), parents have work and average income in the country. Let's start with 5 high school class (prestigious school, lyceum, gymnasium, boarding school and private teachers) and we, a relatively healthy boy! A sort of snub-nosed little boy!

Our children are not fools at all (fools, scarecrow), how often some “parents” shout in a state of temper, they have their own microcosm, and they live by their own laws, which, as a rule, hide from their parents, these laws are formed in their environment, based on their complex relationship with the world in which everything is different! The world of the Russian village, rural area, remote places or, as some Muscovites like to say with gusto, the “provinces” still retained their originality and purity, but, alas, 35 has been destroyed by vodka for years, which is abundantly sold and, as a rule, not certified - this world is not at all like the world of a city where boys are born on the “12” floor and in the 5 class, when they see a miracle-yudo giving milk from a car outside the city, joyfully and enthusiastically shout - “mom, mom see - COW, LIVING COW !!! ”The boys of the taiga are different from the boys of the pu tyni as boys from the sea and mountain steppe peers in its original pure vision of the world, this print with them and come to the first year of university, of course games, laughter, joy of life and football all the same. The national component in this development is very strong and important, as they say, there are warriors and shepherds, there are philosophers and traffickers, hard workers and silent people.

A fifth-grader has eyes and ears, and the ability to absorb information in such volumes that it would envy any computer and library! These eyes and ears are directed by multi-day and clever informational flows that should “help”, destroy the moral and moral core of a person in the country of Russia and develop it in the right direction for them! Much about the management unit, goals and objectives, so to speak, the “captains” of these information flows in our country are perfectly well said by the former head of the CIA USA, - SPEECH OF ALLEN DALLAS, DIRECTOR OF THE CIA, AT THE US CONGRESS IN 1945 YEAR (Allen Dallas Directive 20 / 1 from 18.08.1945)

“The war will end, everything will somehow settle down, settle down. And we will throw all that we have, all gold, all material power on duping and fooling the Russian people. Having sowed chaos in Russia, we will imperceptibly substitute their values ​​for false ones and make them believe in these false values. ... Episode by episode will be played out a grandiose in its scale tragedy of the death of the most rebellious people on earth, the final, irreversible extinction of his self-consciousness. ... Literature, theaters, cinema - everything will depict, and glorify the most base human feelings. We will support in every way, and raise the so-called creators, who will implant and grind into the human consciousness the cult of sex, violence, sadism, betrayal - in a word, all immorality. ... Honesty and decency will be ridiculed and will not be needed by anyone, will turn into a relic of the past. Rudeness and arrogance, lies and deceit, drunkenness and drug addiction, animal fear of each other and shamelessness, betrayal, nationalism and enmity of peoples, above all enmity and hatred of the Russian people - we will cultivate all this cleverly and imperceptibly, it will flourish with terry color. … We will shatter thus, generation after generation. We will take on people from childhood, youth, we will always make a major stake on young people, we will decay, corrupt, corrupt it. We will make of young - cynics, vulgar, cosmopolitan. That's how we do it. ”

I do not know about you, dear reader, but I have been analyzing this speech for a long time, and then I felt a little sad and bitter!

Well, okay, let's return to our future student, and now to the fifth grader! The term "information war" (IW) appeared in our country quite recently, and even among a specialized audience (which is a pity, it’s a pity!) Well, what does the Internet say about this?

On the issue of adaptation of a university student enrolled in the faculty of military training

1) The impact on the civilian population or military personnel of another state through the dissemination of certain information. The term "information-psychological war" was borrowed in the Russian language from the dictionary of US military circles. The translation of this term (“information and psychological warfare”) from English can sound like “informational confrontation” and “informational, psychological warfare”, depending on the context of a specific official document or scientific publication. In this sense, the term psychological warfare is also used - the psychological impact on the civilian population and (or) military personnel of another state in order to achieve political or purely military goals.

2) Targeted actions taken to achieve information superiority by damaging information, information processes and information systems of the enemy while protecting their own information, information processes and information systems. As a rule, the methods of information warfare are the release of misinformation, or the presentation of information in a way that is beneficial for them. These methods allow you to change the assessment of what is happening in the population of the enemy’s territory, to develop a defeatist mood, and, in the long term, to provide a transition to the side of the leading informational influence. An example of information warfare is also considered to be “informational-psychological operations” (a term among the US military), which is being conducted by the US Department of Defense in our time, for example, in Iraq.

"The US Department of Defense will pay private contractors in Iraq up to $ 300 million for the production of political materials, News, entertainment programs and social advertising for Iraqi media to attract local people to support the United States, ”the Washington Post wrote on October 03, 2008.

A striking example of the information war is the conflict between Israel and Palestine, which is global because it affects the interests of more than a dozen countries. The warring parties take advantage of a variety of information resources: the print press, television, radio, and the Internet. Hacker attacks are actively used in the information warfare, as the Israeli organization JIDF, Jewish Internet Defense Forces, has blocked the action of the Internet community Israel is not a country! Hosted on Facebook and has more than 45 thousands of users, but a group of Israeli hackers Gilad Team, which hacked more than 15 sites, placed the Israeli flag and the slogan “Hacked” on their pages. In turn, about thousands of Israeli sites hacked into Palestinian hackers during Operation Cast Lead, as reported by Ynet news agency, more than 750 Israeli sites were hacked in the first day of the military clash.

During the civil war in Angola in February 1988, the Cuban air defenses shot down a South African fighter-bomber. Its fragments were later issued for the wreckage of many other planes, which were shot down by Cubans.

During the NATO military operation against Yugoslavia in 1999, the Yugoslav media shortly before the cessation of the bombing reported that the country's air defense destroyed more than 160 NATO planes and helicopters. Immediately after the cessation of the bombing, the head of the Yugoslav General Staff Dragolyub Oydanich announced 68 downed aircraft and helicopters, and a year later this figure was reduced to 37 aircraft and helicopters.

I think the reader got it right! I have only one question - why in Russia has not yet been established a committee to counter IW against Russia at the state level?

A fifth-grader looks at a newspaper kiosk in a photo of Sissy's aunt, a sixth-grader looks at the blue screen for the actions of teletubbies, a seventh-grader drinks beer, because in the ad he is drunk by tough guys with cool girls, and on the Internet the site of necrophiles in Denmark, the eighth-grader plays the computer game “Call of duty ”And“ BATTLEFIELD 3 ”, where the gallant US special forces are killing the down and blood army of the“ bad and bloodthirsty ”Russians, a ninth-grader realizes that parents cannot pay for his paid sports section and tickets to competitions, expensive equipment and aryazhenie, already understands that in this world there are bankers, businessmen and bandity- sort of three "BBB", and oddly enough they are all living well, with civil servants, gays and prostitutes! Our kid gets smarter! A tenth-grader watches “merikansky films”, where power and money are cultivated, luxurious life, learns such a word as blat, a bribe, and he found out about sex in the fifth grade, but then he was still not morally ready! 11 class. Here it is, the pre-ending leap into life, the USE, there is already only thought about it, would not go the distance, childhood ends !!! The first shot of vodka, God forbid drugs! Love-carrot, hormones, I know everything - do not bother me!

What did you see in the edge far away?

Over the years, our boy has seen and remembered a lot in our country!

1. Dad often swears that they say one thing on TV, but everything else is different at his factory and the director gets 45 times more salary than the father turner!
2. Mom sighs that food prices are rising rapidly and we need to start saving!
3. If the uncle from the factory steals the amplifier, he is put in prison, and if the uncle from the TV has stolen a couple of billions from the country's budget, then he will receive 12 for years and will “suffer” in Courchevel!
4. There are shops where socks and shorts are worth 1.5 000 $
5. On TV it has become fashionable to swear and show “House-2”, where glamorous aunts and uncles prove that this is true love!
6. He remembered the old woman of the veteran, who looked at the "foreign" sausage in the supermarket and secretly wiped away tears!
7. All evening on TV everyone laughs and cheers!
8. When I went with my dad to go fishing in an electric train, my dad showed up at a beautiful elite village on the shores of a beautiful lake and ironically said that folk servants live there!
9. As the price of fuel regularly rises in the country where the bowels belong to the “people”.
10. How imperceptibly has become paid for 75% medicine and education.
11. On the TV they constantly show how to treat the liver and uncle the judge constantly judge someone every day, and the series have already become 37 per day!

Okay, stop grumbling and puffing, because a lot of our boy saw and good!

1. Clothes and shoes have become colorful and diverse! In the Chinese market, a lot of Chinese goods!
2. The range of food has increased to exotic kangaroo meat, shark fins, and in winter I eat strawberries, I don’t want to!
3. If you have money - the world is yours, fly, look, enrich yourself!
4. The Internet has opened the world to reality!
5. The range of products is finally confused - everything is there!
6. People liberated themselves - tolerance is simply amazing! There were gender parents №1 and №2
7. Every corner has a pharmacy, a hairdresser and a dentist with a bank!
8. All the stars come to us, all over the world 20 summer prescription! But go!
9. On a mobile phone now, to the chagrin of the "BBB" can capture and put on the Internet any simple one (Oh, horror! Simple citizen!)
10. The people began to strike in the open! Previously, for this they planted in a mental hospital!
11. And in our Army, the "appearance" and the teachings of brigades for the destruction of terrorists in a hut continues!

This is a “savvy” student, a little dazed from universal freedom and democracy with tolerance, who comes to competitive selection to become a reserve officer, a mobilization resource of the country, in short, “if tomorrow is war, if tomorrow is a hike!”
Based on the fact that information about the Army of the Russian Federation was formed by the information flows of KVN, TV and the Internet, where the acne and hairy youth is famously wearing a cap and jacket of a soldier of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is tupit "Moscow Radio says ... Moscow time 18 hours, for officers - 6 hours of the evening, for ensigns and midshipmen - a big hand on 12, a small one on 6". To the whole country about their defenders!

I’ll stop here and remind the readers of two remarkable thoughts, one expressed brightly the Russian Autocrat, Alexander III - “In the whole world we have only two faithful allies,” he loved to say to his ministers, “our army and navy. All the rest, as soon as possible, will turn against us. ” And popular wisdom - “You do not want to feed your Army, you will feed the enemy Army!”

Who will answer me, why, across the entire line of the Russian media, it is openly hostile, one of the country's main state institutions, its pride and glory — the Army? Who benefits? For what purpose?

In pre-revolutionary Russia, for insulting the military uniform, they dragged them for about three days in the cold, few people know that in the USA even today, for insulting a soldier in uniform, in a public place threatens to 3 years of imprisonment, and for violation of appearance and form and insignia in a movie, on stage or in a magazine - revoking a license and a fine of up to 5 $ million

You, the reader, have probably already noticed or got used to the plots of our Russian films, where at the meeting with the mayor, the governor, or at the BBB dacha, there is always a thick with a blunt physiognomy, as a rule, forever sweaty and wiping with a handkerchief sweat from his bald spot, red-faced, drinking necessarily “on the ball” an expensive whiskey colonel or general of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation! Do not hesitate, our student remembered him too! And vulgar films "DMB", where the colonel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation for a small need without taking off his pants, standing by for themselves, and a stupid and always drunk general shoots after a picnic at soldiers with a machine gun? In! The series about the moron, Ensign Zadova not forgotten? And this, too, was watched and looked through the central channels of Russia by our student, the future defender of the Motherland! Our proud MO sued the producer and director? The FSB asked them how to understand this and who paid for it? (just asked ?!)

Who and by what right from the silent "Heaven!" Disgraces the Russian officer, I ask you, dear reader? Defender of the Motherland!

Why did the military men proudly in our country go in the form of a fashionable fashion designer only on May 9 and February 23? And why in a working camouflage robe, and not in a jacket and trousers? Is it time to start smartly and gradually, do something? Or do Russian women give birth again?

It’s difficult, very gradually, the zombie student’s adaptation takes place at a military faculty at the university, he sees a machine gun for the first time, because the initial military training at the school is violence against the soul of a humble boy (ha ha, read, reader, again from the fifth grader). He learns that Nakhimov is an admiral fleet Russian, and not brandy of cognac, hears about Captain Gastello Nikolai Frantsevich, learns that the Absheron Regiment in the Battle of Kunersdorf in 1759, stood knee-deep in blood and survived!

It is sad that now rarely one of the students of 2 university course call the name of at least one of the 44 Front Commanders of the Great Patriotic War, and absolutely ah, when the Heroes of the Great Victory is only one or two strong!

But the first day has passed and everything is interesting further, because it’s not for nothing that boys play “War” and Cossack robbers as a child, and here they give you a machine gun and show you a tank, explain how to work at a radio station, manage a battle, set a mine , collect a parachute and put on the OZK. It is necessary to learn a lot from yesterday's schoolboy, so that in war and in a critical situation not only defeat the enemy, but also save the lives of his subordinates! Defender of the Fatherland honorable duty, it was not without reason that the central thread of the favorite movie “Officers” sounded the phrase - “There is such a profession, to defend the Motherland!” Studies, after which there is no right to err, for the commander’s mistake in war is human lives!

The eyes of a young man gradually open at the military department, it turns out that everything is different from what KVN and TV showed! He gradually becomes an officer of Russia!

He passes through the fire, he goes himself, he has exceeded his level of fear!

And water!

Learns what real dirt is and what it is. Tanks not to be afraid of!

He sees our small weapon and proud of him!

Learns to hit the enemy with the first shot!

Walking on the ground [/ b]

And through the air!

Blows up

And knocks!


And commands!

He sees and hears our honored veterans, he is proud in his heart that these are his veterans !!!

Gradually, he adapts his attitude to the Army in a positive light, well, a normal person who has passed this severe school of life cannot see only black (although honestly this color can be found there), but you can find these colors everywhere and always, combination of black and white. A lot of useful information that correctly deformed the dirty informational lies that the enemies poured, hoping to “wreak havoc” in the minds of our young people! The study and the service were tempered, they formed a look, forced to take a fresh look at the dirt, which is poured on the Army, on the sugary-glamorous young people who did not see all this, did not feel it and hardly ever understand how it is to take it from the tired march. Comrade machine gun and support him in the last meters, choking with fatigue! How to drag a wounded comrade, how to stay to cover the waste, how to cause a fire on yourself! Who has been trained in the military department already, at least, understands it, analyzes it, prepares for it! The task is completed - yesterday's boy realized, realized, thoughtful! Years will pass, he will become a successful businessman and sooner or later the situation of a glamorous and expensive evening of presentation will develop, promising and smart businessmen, the elite of the district, region, city and in the noise of a presentable conversation will surely find someone dismissively saying "These stupid fighters! If you loudly and bravely say “No, you are not right at the root! They are patriots, professionals, those who are ready to protect us and you, to close the Motherland from death, to protect mothers, sisters, children !! Those who will kill the enemy mercilessly! Those who will die for YOU !!! Defenders of the native land from foreign trash! ” Who gave you the right to insult them ???? !!!! - YOU BECOME A REAL MAN !!!

The conclusion is simple: The adaptation of a university student at the military department was a success! For a student, for our country!

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  1. predator
    predator 1 October 2012 06: 51
    The human brain, the minds of people are capable of change. Having sowed chaos, we quietly replace their values ​​with fake ones and make them believe in these fake values. How? We will find our like-minded people, our allies in Russia itself.

    Episode after episode, a tragedy of grandiose scale will be played out for the death of the most rebellious people on earth, the final, irreversible fading of their self-consciousness. For example, we will gradually erase their social essence from literature and art, wean artists, we will discourage them from engaging in image ... research, perhaps, of the processes that occur in the depths of the masses. Literature, theaters, cinema - everything will depict and glorify the most base human feelings. We will do our best to support and raise the so-called artists who will instill and hammer into the human mind the cult of sex, violence, sadism, betrayal - in a word, all immorality. In government, we will create chaos and confusion.

    We will quietly, but actively and constantly contribute to the tyranny of officials, bribe takers, and unscrupulousness. Bureaucracy and red tape will be elevated to virtue. Honesty and decency will be ridiculed and will not be needed by anyone, will turn into a relic of the past. Rudeness and arrogance, lies and deceit, drunkenness and drug addiction, animal fear of each other and shamelessness, betrayal, nationalism and enmity of peoples, primarily enmity and hatred of the Russian people - we will all cultivate this cleverly and inconspicuously, it will bloom terry color.

    And only a few, very few will guess or even understand what is happening. But we will put such people in a helpless position, turn them into a laughing stock, find a way to slander them and declare them to be the scum of society. We will dig up spiritual roots, vulgarize and destroy the foundations of popular morality. We will shatter thus, generation after generation. We will take on people from childhood, youth, we will always place the main emphasis on young people, we will begin to corrupt, corrupt, and corrupt it. We will make of them cynics, vulgarities, cosmopolitans.
    This is how we will do it.
    Author A. Dulles. “Reflections on the implementation of the American post-war doctrine against the USSR”, 1945.
    1. Varnaga
      Varnaga 1 October 2012 07: 04
      Oh, God! Show me at least one researcher, intelligence officer, historian who saw the original of this document? By the way, his massive stuffing took place just after the collapse of the USSR, in order to justify him not through the influence of internal contradictions, but to blame some "external" forces for it. And as you know, the invented enemy is much more terrible than the real one.
    2. aleshka1987
      aleshka1987 1 October 2012 13: 24
      Doesn't the "Protocols of the Sages" remind you?
  2. bairat
    bairat 1 October 2012 07: 38
    Who and by what right from the silent "Heaven!" Disgraces the Russian officer, I ask you, dear reader? Defender of the Motherland!
    Without delving into the abysses of geopolitics, I note that the blackening of the army is very beneficial to the employees of military enlistment offices selling military men. I think they are deliberately conscripting former criminals, drug addicts, mentally unhealthy and simply sick people into the army. As a result of this, we constantly hear on the news of accidents and crimes in the army, the parents of conscripts are nervous and the demand and prices for military men are growing. Just a business.
  3. Nechai
    Nechai 1 October 2012 09: 25
    Quote: bairat
    Without delving into the abysses of geopolitics, I note that the blackening of the army is very beneficial to the employees of military enlistment offices selling military men

    employees of military registration and enlistment offices in the position of SIX, serving the local rulers. Read the guidance documents. The military commissar is just a deputy to the draft commission. It was the case turned to the military personnel of the 2nd branch of his RVC for advice. So the order with the schedule of diseases ONLY at the head of the department. He lay in a safe, virgin clean, this was during the call ... And he did not use it, and did not know. What for? Doctors determine the degree of validity. Here on it - this figure and complete the team. Deferred persons and scoundrels do not reach them after the draft board. There is a senior draft doctor and the chairman of the commission for this. And no one ventures into their affairs. Yes, neither knowledge nor experience in this DO NOT HAVE ....
    Quote: Varnaga
    And as you know, an invented enemy is much worse than the real one.

    Of course, the explanation of what is happening solely by external intrigues is from the evil one. For many centuries the rulers in Russia, both "their own" and aliens, have been using a simple formula: The Russian peasant must blame and repent, do not understand his present strength, so that it would be more convenient to manage him, pull the strings and laugh at him, because he is a servant and a slave !!!
  4. volcano
    volcano 1 October 2012 10: 39
    Hmmm ... when I watch modern films about the military, I am always amazed how even they distort their uniforms ... That is, they don’t know how a soldier of his native Army dresses up ...
    Well, what are all stupid, so yes ..... do not feed bread .... In the Army, of course, not without it, but the average officer will give odds to the average "civilian" both in intelligence and wit ...
    Well, and character is in general .... it’s in the Army and is tempered, and not at parties, auto parties, etc ........

    It's just really fashionable nowadays to hang out .... to hammer in kosyach ... and to hammer your brains with all sorts of Gabans ... "the life of celebrities" ...

    And in the Army, everything is simpler ... and thoughts are more mundane and this is more correct ...
    God forbid to overcome this situation so that our youth would still understand
    What is right in this life, and what is garbage in the head and the substitution of values.
  5. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 1 October 2012 11: 36
    powerful article, print and hang in schools need ....
    1. taseka
      1 October 2012 19: 15
      drinks It seems to me that my article in schools will be banned by tolerant tipsters pushing Russia to juvenile justice!
  6. thatupac
    thatupac 1 October 2012 12: 55
    From jackets of practical use zero. Even recent smells, that is, newly-spirited perfumes, are better understood in life in the Army and in the service than amateurs legally deflect from the Army. It has long been necessary to cover military departments. In the departments, as a result, they didn’t train officers, but Mr .. but cowardly with stars on uniform. The state only spends money on it. It would be better if they helped grandmothers ...
  7. datur
    datur 1 October 2012 13: 06
    I am RUSSIAN but GERMAN ORIGIN !!!!!!!!!!!! wink FOR THE MOTHERLAND !!!! ALL RIPPING !!!!!