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PACE has prepared a new tough report on the situation of Russia

The situation with the reaction of Russia is going to respond to the next PACE meeting looks extremely tense. The Speaker of the State Duma stated that he was originally going to go to Strasbourg to convey to Europeans a report on the development of parliamentarism, but then decided to abandon the visit to the PACE session, as he learned that the report of the Swiss Andreas Gross and the Romanian Giogri would be the highlight of the program. Frunda about how bad things are in Russia. In particular, this report of European parliamentarians, as it became known, contains evidence that Russia urgently needs to reject the sentence of Pussy Riot, stop the prosecution of human rights organizations, abolish the death penalty completely, withdraw the troops from Transnistria. It would seem, quite a bit and in the report there may appear words about who and what products Russia should buy, at what price to sell oil, gas, coal, and what clothes to wear for the European Union. Sheepskin or sheepskin coats, hats with earflaps and felt boots, but pick up a balalaika and sing Kalinka, so as not to destroy the European stereotype about the classical representative of the Russian nation.
Obviously, if PACE focuses precisely on a report on the state of affairs in Russia, then the crisis in this organization is clearly present. Many Russian politicians spoke of this, who stated that in fact PACE is a big dummy that is trying with all its might to attract attention.
State Duma Deputy Vyacheslav Nikonov says that the overwhelming majority of Europeans do not even know about the existence of such an organization, and what reports at its sessions are heard, and there is no reason to say. At the same time, in our country it has recently become customary to consider the position of the PACE on our issue. And if Russia to the PACE is so indifferent, then PACE finds itself a field for active work, dedicating the work to Russia.
If so, then the PACE, as well as its reports, should simply be ignored or, to put it even easier, to spit from the high bell tower. If it was overly active to respond to the ideas of the Romanian and Swiss deputies, then Russia would no longer exist. But Russia is, and its role, unlike the role of PACE, continues to grow in the world, which makes some representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly nervous.
It must be said that the Russian delegation will still travel to Strasbourg, but without Naryshkin. The head of the delegation will be Alexei Pushkov.

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  1. ShturmKGB
    ShturmKGB 28 September 2012 10: 32
    Pushkov will be able to put "in place" PACE, if, of course, they give something to say ...
    1. INTER
      INTER 28 September 2012 10: 34
      Pushkov will be able to put "in place" PACE, if, of course, they give something to say ...

      But will they give? And what do they want us to give them oil gas and everything else for nothing. Transnistria, say, we’ll remove it if Nato removes its bases from all over the world angry
      1. urzul
        urzul 28 September 2012 10: 49
        It is strange that they did not say anything about South Ossetia, yesterday I hung up a new map of the Russian Federation in the office, South Ossetia is designated as a sovereign state
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 28 September 2012 10: 55
          Quote: urzul
          It is strange that they did not say anything about South Ossetia, yesterday I hung up a new map of the Russian Federation in the office, South Ossetia is designated as a sovereign state

          Andrei, why is it strange, just the topic of South Ossetia, European citizens are fed up with the order and beat in the topics promoted by journalists. All they need is to just show Russia in a bad way and that’s it.
    2. spender
      spender 28 September 2012 10: 37
      In general, you need to go and also perform, defending your position, and not bury your head in the sand. And the ghouls need to talk about violations of human rights in European countries (there are enough facts) ... Russia can place these resolutions in toilets about what they decide there and what resolutions are passed by them, but it cannot be "silent". IMHO hi
      If Russia pays for PACE membership, then you need to stop doing it, but be sure to stop publishing with publications
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 28 September 2012 10: 50
        Quote: spender
        What they decide there and what resolutions are passed is their business, Russia can place these resolutions in toilets, but it is impossible to "keep silent".

        Alexei, yes, PACE as the OSCE no longer plays any role, all their time has gone and what they will take there, frankly, they don’t give a shit. And not only stop paying, but actually leave these organizations. They were not created for us, but against us!!!
  2. urchik
    urchik 28 September 2012 10: 34
    the time has passed when Russia was shown how to live!
  3. sergey32
    sergey32 28 September 2012 10: 35
    We survived, the Romanian will teach us how to live in Russia. Let him take a piece, pi ... in and other evil spirits and shut up.
    1. Ruslan67
      Ruslan67 28 September 2012 18: 34
      Well, it’s just normal for a long time that Romanians are not a nationality, but a profession, the experience of getting stars from them can be great and only one who can listen to the question will learn?
  4. anfreezer
    anfreezer 28 September 2012 10: 35
    PACE ... graze from the word ... already. And the head of the delegation - Zhirinovsky .. And we have fun and are scared laughing
    1. ughhh
      ughhh 28 September 2012 11: 37
      aahhh! Zhirika in PACE! 5 points!
      1. Alonso
        Alonso 28 September 2012 12: 20
        I support! I recall his speech in the Council of Europe in '99. how everyone sat there, flowed around)))
  5. Check
    Check 28 September 2012 10: 36
    "If you overreact to the ideas of Romanian and Swiss deputies"
    what kind of bugs, no, I don’t see.
    apparently the last time can be promoted only because of a collision with Russia.
    I honestly admit, I generally hear about such an organization for the first time)) I don’t even know how to upset or hammer on it, but it's interesting to listen to what nonsense they are there))
  6. urzul
    urzul 28 September 2012 10: 38
    It has been a long time since they have spoken so publicly about the oppression of "freedom" in Russia, apparently we choose the right freedom.
  7. afire
    afire 28 September 2012 10: 38
    Bravo! 500 points
  8. Imperial
    Imperial 28 September 2012 10: 40
    Well, Euros need to show the deputies that they say they chew bread for good reason. But the crisis, Greece, the half-life of Spain, you know this is too complicated. But to work out the number of Moska for an encore, it’s always welcome.
  9. andrei332809
    andrei332809 28 September 2012 10: 42
    it is necessary to send a company of paratroopers to the session so that they explain the "party policy" to the Eurogeys. it won't reach the west in another way
  10. volcano
    volcano 28 September 2012 10: 47
    What is the point of this PACE to us ??
    Are we playing civilization ??
    So the game is one-way .... we are bad, they are the ultimate truth ???
    The question is, are we masochists ??? We pay that they would suck us ??
    We’ll sell our policy in Europe (thanks to gas) And all sorts of PACE ..EC ... let them go through the forest ...

    And the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in general must be said .... who blathers in our direction ...... the valve will shut the fuck ....
    Understand your European madhouse, but do not meddle in ours ... homosexuals
  11. Che
    Che 28 September 2012 10: 51
    Respect to Pushkov, give heat to these universal people. Just do not let close behind))).
  12. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 28 September 2012 10: 54
    let's also start to climb into intra-European affairs ... do not confuse foreign and domestic policy ... these 3 women have already made so much noise ....
  13. understudy
    understudy 28 September 2012 10: 58
    To the crap from these Europeanized "common mankoff" - they scare themselves with their own "tough reports". Public masochists, damn it ...
  14. Averias
    Averias 28 September 2012 11: 07
    Here's a thing I noticed others. The worse they have, the more they yell at us. And figs with them, let them yell. When will the pink glasses be removed? The troubles themselves do not turn around, in Europe there is already an opinion that it was time to pay attention to Russia from a different angle. US policy is beginning to bewilderment. I was in Germany, Switzerland and England, and strangely enough, ordinary citizens have a very good opinion about Russia (there is of course dissatisfaction with our rich in England, but this is a special case). And so everything is fine, I haven’t heard bad words from anyone. The Germans generally say that it's time for us to be friends.
  15. Su24
    Su24 28 September 2012 11: 19
    "Russia needs to urgently abandon the verdict of Pussy Riot, stop persecuting human rights organizations, completely abolish the death penalty, and withdraw its troops from Transnistria."

    Do not even think to point out to us, o ... ora! Sorry, could not resist.
  16. BARKAS
    BARKAS 28 September 2012 11: 26
    For countries such as Romania, reports on Russia are the only thing they are allowed to do, and they are practicing otherwise no one will know about the existence of such a state in Europe. The same applies to the Baltic states.
  17. arthur_hammer
    arthur_hammer 28 September 2012 11: 49
    it is necessary to close this fucking organization, and such "fighters for rights" as Alekseev should be expelled from Russia
  18. Vanek
    Vanek 28 September 2012 12: 15
    Obviously, if PACE focuses specifically on a report on the situation in Russia, then the crisis in this organization is clearly there.

    I howled like a wolf, grabbed a plant
    And grabbed a spouse on the head,
    And he fell, apparently with a concussion:
    In an empty head, I got something in there

    Mikhail Krug.
  19. Nechai
    Nechai 28 September 2012 13: 53
    "PACE has prepared a new tough report on the situation in Russia" - The Russian leadership gently sent PACE on a long hiking route.
    "State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin refused to go to Strasbourg for the PACE session due to the deafness of parliamentarians
  20. Gorchakov
    Gorchakov 28 September 2012 14: 27
    There is nothing to do in this PACE ... Once again, listen to what will not be performed on the territory of Russia? They just need to be ignored .... or stupidly sent to V.V.Zhirinovsky .... Pushkov, of course, a smart guy, but delicate, and Europe needs a shake-up .... I think that Wolfovich would be just in place ... ..
  21. Bigriver
    Bigriver 28 September 2012 16: 24
    "... This was also expressed by many Russian politicians, who said that in fact PACE - it's a big dummywho is trying with all her might to attract attention "

    I have about the same 15 years. This is an invented pressure tool, such as: oh-oh-oh-oh, PACE is all gored belay
    PACE, along with the OSCE, are supposedly such institutions of the pan-European brain. Brain juice, as if winked
    And this, supposedly brain, body rots, and he draws attention to comets sweeping the sky and thinks about them. A disease of the body and mind, however.
  22. Khabarov
    Khabarov 28 September 2012 17: 01
    It's a shame when, for our hard-earned money, they slander us. For a long time already I have been thinking ... who do we need there, in this pass ?.
  23. PSih2097
    PSih2097 28 September 2012 21: 27
    PACE has prepared a new tough report on the situation of Russia

    But AFFTOR - does not know the Russian language ...